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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 4, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ ♪ ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with meteorologist melissa magee, jeff scaversky and walter perez. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> it turns out the battle is far from over regarding president trump's travel ban. 10s of thousands have demonstrated and now in a court of law where a judge ordered the borders reopened. government attorneys are taking
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their fight to the appeal's court to have the order overturned. >> i'm walter perez. the big story of the night involves president trump's travel ban. a judge blocked the ban and tonight the department of justice announced it will appeal. jeanette reyes has details. jeanette? >> walter, it's been an emotional roller coster the past week for people on both sides of the issue but the last 24 hours have been met with a sigh of relief for protesters. president trump vowed the fight is not over. >> protesters took to philadelphia streets voicing their opposition to president trump's immigration ban from several majority muslim countries.
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>> the demonstration came within a busy 24 hour period in which a washington state judge blocked the governor. the move was met with praise from citizens and lawmakers. >> a week ago today i asked that the administration cease enforcement of the order until a more thoughtful policy could be reinstated. i'm pleased the order is halted. >> not everyone is celebrated. donald trump tweeted because the ban was lifted by a judge many very bad and dangerous people may be pouring into our country, a terrible decision. >> every time i get on a flight and see someone like that, it makes me feel uneasy. john rank says intentions are good but things are being done too quickly. >> hopefully, trump eases up a
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bit. >> adequacy groups have urged travelers affected by all of this to immediately rebook their flights before the window closes. reporting live at philadelphia international airport. jeanette reyes, walter? >> protests have spread far and wide. another protest took place at the nation's capital and were joined from london and paris and in around a mosque. >> what was said about vladimir putin is making headlines tonight. >> do you respect putin? >> i do. >> why? >> i respect a lot of people. he's a leader of his country.
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i say it's better to get along with russia than not and if they help with the fight against is isis. >> putin is a killer. there are a lot of killers. do you think our country is innocent? >> vice president mike sens pens in philadelphia today inside is building that once served as united states congress. pence's arrival drew protesters that picketed outside. bob brooks has more. >> he walked into a standing ovation. mike pence greeted by 120 members. the main focus of his speech was supreme court nominee neil
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gorsuch. >> by the grace of god, i believe neil gorsuch will take his seat as ju justice on the supreme court court. >> after he was nominate today the 10th court of appeals, he was given a rating of well qualified the highest possible recommendation. he says the judge is working hard to gain approval of the senate. >> he's met with 12 senators in both political parties and making himself available to meet with all 100 members of the senate if they are willing to meet with him. >> most agree with his nomination. >> he's an originalist and texturallist, important qualities. >> he's one of the biggest stars on the bench. brilliant. >> outside protests continued.
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pencils acknowledged there could be a fight mounting in the senate to stop gorsuch from getting through. >> several announced opposition within minutes and are threatening to use a filibuster to stop him. this would be an unwise and unprecedented act. >> he and president trump will do everything in, in their power to stop a filibuster from happening. >> bob brooks, "action news." >> vice president mike pence sat down for an interview with george stephanopolis airing tomorrow morning. in the next half hour we have a preview with what the vice president thinks about president trump's travel ban. we have a bit of a warm upcoming. melissa magee is here with a
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first look at the forecast. >> walter, we had a cold snap starting friday with a high of 35. today in philadelphia, 36. normal is 42. we'll be cloiser to that tomorrow. temperatures outside, 31 in philadelphia, 27 in pittsburg, 27 in richmond, 34 in washington d.c., 26 in charleston. looking at the windchill across the region, 13 in buffalo, the current windchill numbers, 23-degrees. we are tapping a southwesterly wind flow. the wind is helping our numbers tomorrow. storm trammer 6 radar 3d tracking moisture across the great lakes. this is cutting to the north. we tap the southerly wind ahead of the moisture meaning, it gets milder sunday. windchill in the 20s tonight.
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extra layers will be needed. milder for us sunday and the threat of rain returns in ex-week. we have a closer look in the full day forecast. >> thank you, melissa. police return to a neighborhood in pallington where a woman was shot. police were called to the 300 block of north holly street just before 8:30. the victim was found unresponsive in a second floor bedroom. she had suffered a gunshot wound to the abdomen. she was taken to the hospital and found dead a short time later. >> officers were called to 120th street this morning where a man was trying to burglarize rittenhouse pet spry. >supply.>> a woman walking in cr city was hospitalized after being struck by a pole during a
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car crash on chestnut street. the driver struck the pole which crashed down on to the victim. he was taken to jefferson hospital where she's listed in critical condition. >> a man stole money from a girl scout selling cookies. nine-year-old anastasia and her mom think the thief got between 50 to $100. people nearby tried to chase the suspect but he got away. >> he took the money and broke out from my pocket, my apron pocket and he ran around the corner into the alley. >> i say think about your choices and what you are doing with your life and if this is the kind of person you want to be. >> anastasia's mom jennifer
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reported the crime to police. there is a surveillance camera in the area the theft took place but we don't know if it was operating at the time. >> they involv volunteered to bt hostesses and dishwashers among other thing. city team is dedicated to feed the homeless in chester. saturday, they try to create the feeling of being out on the town. there was a backlash against what was destined to be a blockbuster movie 6789 now it appears the behind the scenes video is not what it appeared to be. >> and a man that attacked soldiers at the louver yesterday. the museum wasted no time opening back up to the public and "action news" ha has sports
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from santander bank. >> tourists in the louver in paris had armed patrol and soldiers patrolling outside. the louver reopened a day after an attacker attacked soldiers at the museum. he was shot four timed and hospitalized. his father spoke out saying his
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son is not a terrorist. >> 40 cars derailed this morning in suffolk, virginia. it happened 20-miles from its destination. a warehouse was damaged by coal that spill frd the train. the city says the train repairs are expected to be extensive and ongoing. >> an independent animal cruelty expert determined that leaked video showing a dog forced into the water during the filming of a dog's purpose was misedited. american humane is the group responsible for overseeing safety on the set. a veterinarian concluded that the dog was stressed but suffered no lasting effects. pita called the report incomplete. tonight we have wild video of a laptop going up in flames.
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it was all caught on camera and it didn't happen once, it happened four times. here's marcy gonzales. >> two teens home alone say the laptop next to then exploded. >> we were in shock. we didn't know what to do. >> the camera rolling as the teens unplug the laptop and bring it outside. three minutes later, it burst into flames again, and three minutes again. you see devin use a fire extinguisher, but it exploded a fourth time. it came from the laptop lithium battery. in 2006 the battery was recalled because of fire. a hundred thousand recalled by hewlett packard. it's not just computers.
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they are suspected to be the cause for the recall of hover boards and cel cellphones. the laptop is on the way to dell. dell will conduct a complete investigation. marcy gonzales, channel6 "action news." (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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>> most libraries are warm and inviting. there is one in russia that's ice cold.
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it consists of 420 books, but they are walls with etchings of more than 1,000 short phrases forming a labyrinth. people from around the world sent their wishes to be etched on the wall. the wall won't be aaround long. it's expected to melt by the end of april. >> cool idea. >> great idea. >> time for a check of the forecast. warm tomorrow and nice temperatures coming during the week. >> it gets milder tomorrow. temperatures are below average today. it's better tomorrow. we track the warm up next week. you pay attention. >> i'm listening. >> i like that. storm tracker 6 double scan radar, you can see it's dry. we have no issues with precipitation. it's chilly today. sky 6 live and hd from temple university camera looking at the center city skyline, a partly
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sunny sky turning cloudy. the system cuts up to the north comes tomorrow. hello, february. we take you through the month. when we started this month the average high was 41-degrees. by the time we close the month the high will be close to 47. sunrise, 7:09, by the end of the month, 6:36. sunset, 5:21 beginning of february, by the time february 28th rolls around, sunset 5:52 anindication days are getting longer. we have been below average as temperatures are mild this winter so far. 31 in philadelphia after a high of 36. 19 in the poconos, 28 at dover, cape may, 27. we have southerly winds. despite that, chilly.
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we have windchill in the city of 23. same for reading, 11 in the poconos. trenton 30 and 26 in beach haven. satellite 6 with action radar, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy across the region. the clouds are moving in thanks to the disturbance moving across the great lakes. we have a cold front over the west ohio valley with precipitation moving north and oohs. as it travels east o, cloudy, 20 in the suburbs and 2 in philadelphia for the overnight low. sunday, mostly cloudy with the area of low pressure riding north. the tradeoff, a southwesterly wind coming in. temperatures tomorrow in philadelphia, 45-degrees. a flurry or sprinkle north and
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west of the i-95 corridor and up through the poconos. once the disturbance moves out, clouds yielding sunshine tomorrow afternoon. the seven-day forecast, a milder day tomorrow, high of 45. sun monday, high temperature 46, a mix of monday night as temperatures hover close to the freezing mark. tuesday, 55 for a high, periods of rain likely. wednesday, a high of 62 with falling temperatures throughout the day. thursday, much colder, 35, clouds and sun, 34 and 43 next saturday. a reminder, coming up on monday, we'll air our february winter weather out look. tune in at 11:00 to see how the february of februarmonth of feb.
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>> does that involve anyone seeing their shadow? thank you melissa. sports is next on "action news." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> a gail la was held for a great cause. the event raises money for awareness about the warning signs and conditions that lead to sudden cardiac arrest in children. it goes to simon's fund created in memory of a couple's son that died at three months old. ducis rogers served tonight. >> jeff skversky, brian talkens, making it a travesty. >> eagle fans not happy.
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brian dawkins was so emotional, he would scream after making a play. eagle fans showing the same emotion after taryn owen fails to be elected to the hall of fame. other awards tonight, penn charter star matt ryan wins mvp beating out tom brady. the falcon quarterback would rather win tomorrow his first superbowl. atlanta and new england, superbowl 51. >> the process i have allows me to be comfortable in big situations and do the things you prepared yourself to do. i feel like that will help us out on sunday. >> maybe this will help out too. prayers at st. phillips.
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they have been handing out flyers in church wishing number two good luck in the superbowl tomorrow. the sixers are in big trouble tonight. jalil okafor and joel embid ruled out for the game in miami. okafor was supposed to start but his knee is giving him trouble. the hottest team in the nba, white side white hot. deon waiter, he's troubled too. ahead 17 in the first. second quarter, back on the sixers. gets within five. goes south and down as many an 34, sixers blown out 125-122. >> flyers coach dave hacksol is
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not ready to go back to the future. they are benched against l.a. for the second straight game. flyers trying to take down the king, send them back to l. a. second period picking up scoreless. sean on the break away off the post. flyers 17 shots on goal. later in the second, flyers turn it over. michael caught off guard, makes the save, 27 shots in regulation stopped. in overtime, take a shot who wins, former flyer jeff carter says he got lucky. flyers lose 1-0 in o.t. wasting a great effort. >> he's been amazing. we have to find a way to win the game. after a performance like that, iit's tough. >> afterwards he would not commit to playing monday against


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