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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 8, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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christie aleto has new information from officials and nora muchanic is in mercer county and meteorologist, adam joseph and cecily tynan has the latest track from accuweather. adam we begin with you. >> reporter: the low is beginning to take shape in parts of the tennessee and ohio valley. the low is near nashville and continuing the journey to the sound and off of southern new england, as it pushes closer to our area and hits the water it continues to develop and deepen really quickly here overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. we have the winter storm warnings if effect for every area we see in the bright pink color from salem county to areas of camden county and burlington county and all points north and west. that is where we see the most intention snowfall with this storm and quizry in southern areas where there is mixing issues for a good chunk of the storm. here is the timeline of events here.
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between 1:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. from the west to east. snow arrives in the northwestern suburbs and begins as rain in philadelphia and all points to the south and switches to snow between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. from philadelphia down to the south, heavy snow bands are developing from this time period between 10:00 and 1:00 and west to east and the snow will be ending and the sunshine is returning and the key factor with this early in the morning hours tomorrow. we'll see intention lift if the atmosphere between 5:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m., philadelphia is right here, see the bright pink colors, that tremendous lift will create 1 to 2 inches of snow per hour and dangerous whiteout conditions and the danger of thundersnow. people think we are joking after today's record high temperatures. >> i was out running with shorts and a t-shirt and records are shattered across our viewing
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area. philadelphia 66 the new record high and the old record 63. and allentown and trenton and reading in the 60s and areas to the south in the 70s. 70 in wilmington and atlantic city airport 71 and dover a new record high as with well. 71 degrees, hard to believe 70s and snow, there is a cold front moving through, temperatures stepping down by 11:00. philadelphia still holding at 42 and allentown 34 and the poconos already 27 degrees, that is why areas to the north and west when the snow moves in it starts as snow and rain and 7:00 tomorrow morning, we are already below freezing in philadelphia and still hanging on in the 40s right along the coast and temperatures continue to drop there, it's not just the temperatures it's the winds and windchill tracker showing up to 40 miles per hour and the windchills are stuck in the teens all day long. and even after the snow has
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stopped falling. there are going to be problems thursday afternoon thursday night after the storm. it's a heavy wet snow and hard to remove and tough on the back and heart when are you shoveling. and little if any melting with temperatures dropping down to the teens, anything on untreated surfaces will refreeze, i'll have snowfall aamounts coming up in the full accuweather forecast with adam. road crews across the area keeping a close eye on the forecast and getting ready to deploy salt trucks and then plows, christie is live now at the philadelphia streets department salt yard in juniata with where they just laid out their plans for the storm. >> reporter: hey there, it's hard to believe this snow storm is coming given how nice it has been today and the streets department is not taking chances and they have 50,000 tons of salt on the roads ahead of tonight's storm.
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crews will begin salting tonight and dispatch 150 trucks to keep roads as clear as possible. the city is embarrassing for snow that could come down up to 2 inches per hour at the height of morning rush and the snow could be wet and heavy and the utility companies will have crews standing by responding to power outages. >> we are not able to brine due to the storm starting off as rain, that brine will help as a break way. and we hope that the temperatures from the last few days absorbed enough of that heat it acts as a bond breaker for us. >> the salt trucks will begin treating roads overnight and if you have to be out tomorrow they are asking that you give yourself extra time to get to your destination. channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. well, the rain is also keeping delaware officials from
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pretreating the roads because they are worried about the brine washing away and they are however getting ready for the storm and the action cam was in christiana as del/dot loaded salt trucks this afternoon to prepare for tonight and staff will be reported for work before dawn, meantime people are stocking up on necessities in mercer county and nora muchanic is live in ewing as though get ready for the storm head this way. >> reporter: hey there. we are at more's market in ewing where things will pick up in the next half her or so as people get out of work. they want to make sure they have all the essentials and one man is hoping for lots of snow. >> we'll see how much we get, i plow snow i hope it's 5 to 6 inches any way. >> red bower is hoping for the west but he was someone at the market in ewing getting a jump
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on his presnow store list. >> came in for bread and bananas and chicken and downey. i'm all ready to go. i hope. >> denise was picking up things to cook up food for an elderly aunt. >> put a little barbecue sauce in it. >> so she will have something to eat when she is snowed in. >> yes yes. >> and everything is ready for the influx of shoppers preparing for snow. >> we knew it was coming and i called yet and upped the orders of bread and milk. >> what are you getting. >> stuff i shouldn't get i'm going back to the dessert i'll and picking up a nice slice of cake. >> some are excited about the snow, and others are over our wildly fluctuating weather. >> it's crazy. i have been sick for three weeks, because of this weather,
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cold hot cold hot. we need consistency. >> they have snow relate said items lined up and ready to go and so far shovels and ice melt haven't been big sellers. >> i sold two or three shovels this year because there is no snow but today they will be gone. >> back live at the check out counters they have snow melt and shovels and the focus is on food and everyone is loading up for the bad weather coming. live in ewing, i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you nora. and "action news" gets an early start tomorrow as the snow begins to fall. join matt, david and tam beginning at 4:00 a.m. they have the school closings and road conditions. >> and send us your pictures and videos as you get ready for the storm use #6abcaction.
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and don't forget to rely on storm tracker 6 live radar, available 24/7 at and follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter to be sure you get the very latest up to the second information. well, breaking late this afternoon. a $227 million settlement is reached for the viction tims of the center city building collapse of 2013. damages will be paid to the families of the seven people killed and the survivors. she was buried for 18 hours when a brick wall from a demolition project crushed a neighboring salvation army store. he say the settlement is a small mesh of justice but no amount of money can heal the lasting pain. >> their lives have been changed forever. this amount of money will never
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bring the dead back. >> well this is believed the be the largest personal injury settlement in pennsylvania history, paid by the salvation army and the new york based developer. a large police presence in east falls as authorities searched for a wanted fugitive. the u.s. marshals and police converged on the dobson mills apartments, they welcome looking for barnes wanted for theft and parole violation. but a search came up empty. if you have information contact u.s. marshals. a situation in west conshohocken that led to a leak in the schuylkill river is flowover. they received calls of a gas smell at the unit block near a tree service company. the george clay company arrived and found a material leaking into the storm drain and
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ultimately into the schuylkill river. the hazmat was called in and the leak was contained and the area is deemed safe. lets call this the calm before the storm literally when it comes to the commute. >> lets head over to matt pellman in the traffic center keeping an eye on the roads this afternoon. >> get out now, you have to contend with people on the roads, crowded conditions leading to speeds of 9 miles per hour. traveling eastbound on the schuylkill expressway passing montgomery drive on the westbound side of 76 where we have issues already this afternoon. there was a broken down school bus by south street, still 7 miles per hour there and farther west around gulph mills we have the disabled budget truck and it's attached to the tow truck and getting ready to tow it away. a little extra heavy westbound west of the conshohocken curve. a crash in hilton township,
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along diamond street and it sounds like that too is in the process of clearing out and police activity in wilmington giving us closures on third and fourth street. and a crash in newcastle at rogers road and one in newark at old baltimore pike at 273, lets do the commuter report on this hump day afternoon. look for a mine ar crash and volume on the vine street expressway. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> still ahead, a car thief saves a baby's life in a way that this mom never could have imagined. the uplifting story of hope surrounded by destruction. >> new video shows suspects helping them to kobe bryant's memorabilia at a local high school. we'll look at the crime and video coming up.
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well, this is the stunning damage, the aftermath of tornados that hit the gulf coast in norms. houses were flattened and cars tossed and smashed and power lines snapped. at least four tornadoes hit louisiana and a fifth hit mississippi. and there were more reported. e says his elderly ue miracles, mother-in-law's home completely flattened. the whole living room collapsed around here but she didn't get a scratch. and how about this story of survival. a mom by the name of amanda, strapped her 8-week-old baby durinto her car seat before the storm a move that likely saved that little girl's life.
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mom put the car seat underneath her desk and locked her arm around the handable holding hit as the building was ripped apart and she stared straight into the vortex. go. just don't let go. that was all i could think about it. just don't let go. i knew if i let go i wouldn't be able to find her. >> she held tight and she survived everything around them decimated. >> officials say it's a miracle that no one was killed in this storm system. >> unbelievable stories thank you. president trump suggested today that americans are underestimating the threat posed by terrorists and a gathering of law enforcement officers across the country he says that information he learned in the last two weeks makes it clear that the threat is quote, far greater than people understand, he did not explain the comment
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or point to any specific threat and took a swipe at the judges look agent his controversial travel ban. he call its so political, even a high school student would understand the law is on his side. >> and the closing numbers on wall street, a stop and go close, the dow tumbling to close at 20, 054 points and students at elkin parks school took part in a science fair. they worked on their assignments all semester and the projects aimed to answer important questions like what color do dogs see and do students study better listening to mozart. and emergency officials kicked off a two day
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agricultural meeting in atlantic city. the lieutenant governor is expected to address the convention tomorrow. >> i think we'll see a lot of trucks like that on the roads tomorrow as we try to dig out from a weird snow storm. >> to say the least. an interesting weather pattern, lets check back in with adam keeping an eye on everything and we mean everything. >> it reminds me of a spring snow storm coming off a warm day and bam you get hit. looking live at the ben franklin bridge we are soaked in the sunshine and temperatures in the city still breaking the record for today which was 63 and still 65 and 65 in wilmington and 67 in millville it was in the 70s this afternoon and even 70 in wilmington and where it was in the 60s a few short hours ago you are starting to see the
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northwesterly winds and temperatures are fall into the middle 50s. as we look at satellite and radar clouds move in from the west. now the two pieces of energy come together and movement on the border of tennessee and kentucky and things wind up and this rapidly deepens overnight as it approaches the coastline in new jerseyth delaware. temperatures are crashing all night long and in the 20s tomorrow morning for the northwestern suburbs and 30 or so for center city and arrives rea in fact at 4:00 in for half the morning, you see the mixture, even near thatpennsylv wilmington south, it starts as snow and stays as snow far north and west in reading and allentown and colder air by 6:00, 7:00 in the morning the rain snow line collapses south of wilmington and trenton and
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heavy rain in sou the morning commute and intense bands of intense wind driven snow and mixing issue as long the coast but heavy snow, wilmington philadelphia and trenton and then the sun returns from west to east. 12:00 in the afternoon as the snow push ofz the coast. we have updated the expected snowfall map. everything stayed the same as we put this band of 8 to 12 inches fromable entown northern montgomery and buck county including trenton, 4 to 8 for the northwestern suburbs of philadelphia and wilmington, 2 to 4 ban for central new jersey and southern parts of delaware and 2 inches far to the south, we'll see if the 8 to 12 stays there. in addition we are talking whipping winds and it feels like 17 tomorrow and 16 in reading
4:21 pm
and friday morning brutal windchills here only in the single digits, so it will go from feeling like 70 and we will drop by 50 or 60 degrees by tomorrow afternoon and friday for how it feels, we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast and heavy snow and windy and blustery and returning sun of 52 and brisk and cold and a quick warm-up over the weekend and a lot of clouds and rain late saturday and sunday as we go back foo the middle 50s as the snow melts over the upcoming weekend. >> what can we say. >> you know. having problems mother nature. thank you adam. still ahead on "action news" new clues to find whoever stole kobe bryant's high school memorabilia g scare, the cause of this house fire that sent a family running for their lives. >> and a new way a local doctor is removing tattoos with local
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firefighters are delaware ruled the house fire in christiana was an accident. called to jacobscle at 7:30 this morning and the flames torched a townhome and the family was able to get out safely thanks to the smoke alarms. and investigators say that the fire started with faulty wiring in the garage. >> tonight at 11:00 a bucks coins cemetery the focus of an investigation last year is once again accused of misplacing a loved one. here is wendy saltzman with a preview. >> a grieving mother says her son's body has been lost. >> you remember the date you had the baby and the day the baby leaves you. >> and ren the family when to
4:26 pm
visit his grave she says they were sent to the wrong blot. >> like another slap in the face and another stab in the heart. >> we confront the cemetery for answers. >> plus, how the family plans to find their missing loved ones. >> get to dig, because you will dig every marker up. >> don't miss my report only on "action news" at 11:00. >> new video shows the moment that kobe bryant's basketball memorabilia was stolen from his alma mater, lower merion high school. a group of thieves bloke into a locked case sunday night and took a jersey and several official items leaving the shelves nearly empty and both suspects wore gloves and kept their faces hidden. camden county leaders want every high school to carry the drug that could reverse a heroin
4:27 pm
overdose. nurses in the black horse pike district got narcan in case they need to save a student's life. they are calling for every school in the county to have this on hand and they laid out their proposal at triton high school. and a new laser treatment to remove tattoos and here is proof. here is the before and after photos on how it looks just two treatments in. coming up we'll tell you about the local doctor doing the tattoo removal procedure and why it's better than others offered if the past.
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y26vey y5yy
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"action news" continues. it's 4:30. with the winter storm warning for the entire viewing area, get ready we have snow coming. plus, crash test dummies got a major makeover to represent with what people really look like today. and in a popular tourist spot in the united states there is now a symbol of love for people that have come here to live and contribute to our society. now the details on our forecast, warm spring like weather to a winter snow storm a roller coaster of a forecast and we have you covered. you will likely see snow on the ground and depending where you
4:30 pm
live there could be a lot of snow. and an important note all philadelphian archdiocese schools are closed for tomorrow. and walter perez is live in lehigh county but we begin with meteorologist, adam joseph, stormtracker 6 live double scan is tracking the snow. adam you are keeping an eye on all of this for us. >> reporter: we are not the only ones being effected you see the winter storm warnings from pittsburgh and new york city and boston and coastal maine and in addition to that we have blizzard warnings for cape cod and eastern long island and we ourselves are going to see some whiteout conditions as we go into the morning rush hour for tomorrow. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan the storm right now is on the border of tennessee as well as kentucky, you can see rain and snow and we are going to see a mixture here before it flips to all snow.
4:31 pm
it goes to the south and become a beast of a storm and blizzard as it heads in southern new england as it passes by here. here is the impact scale moderate as the storm is starting to start. it's really between 6:00 a.m., 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. and we see the worst part of the storm with the snow and blowing snow, and drifting snow and strong winds and intense snowfall rates, and starts to kick back at lunch time going into the afternoon. so here is kind of a view here we are expecting if the philadelphia area, 4 to 8 inches of snow near the lehigh valley, and trenton 8 to 12 inches and buck county as well. and far southern areas like atlantic city, to 4 inches of snow. future tracker coming up in the full accuweather forecast. >> adam thank you. >> and we are going to go live to norristown where penndot
4:32 pm
officials are talking about their plans for the roads there, lets listen in quickly. >> our stockpile throughout the region we used about 35 thousand, 38,000 tons of salt. we are behind what a normal winter would be, so with this storm we expect heavy snow, the big flakes falling at rates of 1 to inches per hour that means visibility will be difficult and this will be during it's rush hour and visibility is difficult and the roads will be snow covers and we'll maintain them and they will be passable but they will be snow covered if ge. the average penndot route covers 20 to 30 miles it takes our trucks to two to two and a half hours to circle around and get back to the same part. if it's snowing 2 inches and
4:33 pm
hour you can expect 2 inches of snow before we get back. and we'll work through the night into the morning hours and through the rush hour until everything is complete. i can recommend to everybody to please drive carfully, wet snows are extremely slippery. >> an important reminder that the commute will be a rough one tomorrow and visibility extremely low and roads slippery. can you listen to this conference live online at and more on this in a live report at 5:00. and as the snow approaches, rely on stormtracker 6 live double scan to see what is coming where you live along with the updated forecast at and follow our team of meteorologists on social media to make sure you get the latest information.
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the ski resorts like here at spring mountain, they are happy to be getting snow. there has not been much of the real stuff it's mostly covered by man made snow. lets go live to walter perez at bear creek, walter the snow can't come soon enough there. businesses like this surely want it. >> reporter: you got that right sharrie. we have a live look at bear creek ski resort in macungie, there is not one flake of natural snow on this mountain. it's a challenge to keep the trails open but a good storm tomorrow will make sure this ski season is a good one. and spring mountain ski area had to employ strategy. instead of using the snow guns on every trail, wherever the temperatures dip below freezing they focus on the primary trails. they have yet to have a day to
4:35 pm
have all the trails open but the targets slopes are so thick they can open the trails avenue day since they opened the season on december 19th. the owner of spring mountain says the nice snow storm tomorrow will ensure a profitable season but -- >> they wake people up and they think about skiing and we need it. >> up in macungie they say the same thing at bear creek. there is no better marketing tool than old man winter cranking outs the white stuff. >> it takes people back to childhood and sliding as a kid and brings out the youthful side. >> and ski lovers this impending storm can't come soon enough especially after the spring time conditions. >> it's not winter until is
4:36 pm
snows. >> definitely. >> it gets mr. pumped to come out and shred. >> back out live the key to success is the timing, last season it was so mild spring mountain did not open until january 6th, this season it was cold enough to open as early as december 19th and that makes all the difference. >> thank you. several airlines issued travel alerts ahead of the suspected snow storm tomorrow and airlines are allowing people to change their flights today without paying any fees. >> i got a way to misit on purpose. >> not my problem i'll be on the beach somewhere. >> really you had to rub that in. >> and officials say when the snow starts to accumulate on the runways they are ready to start plowing, anyone with plans to fly tomorrow should expect delays and even cancellations. we want you to join the action send us your pictures and videos
4:37 pm
as you get ready for the snow storm unless you are that lady that will be on the beach. and uses #6abcaction or email us as police say a traffic stop led them to an illegal stash in delaware. they found 99 cartons of untaxed cigarette after he was pulled over for speeding if harrington. edward shelly from camden is charged with having untaxed tobacco products, they seized cigarettes and the suspect's car and cash. and a new mascot putting the end to the controversy of the old one. the red clay unveiled the conrad red wolves today. the students selected the red wolves as they did away with the high school's red skins mascot. they start to use the name
4:38 pm
immediately, the formal change goes into effect the next school year. a montgomery county man says his samsung phone burned him while he was sleeping. rick williams is live now in the newsroom with the details on this one today. >> hi brian, thank you. this comes months after the nationwide recall for samsung galaxy note 7. and the phone in question this time is a different model. the action cam went to jason smith's home and this is the marks left by the galaxy s 7 on his stomach, he laid it on his stomach while sleeping on the couch. and his concerns about the phone and samsung's response. and message for all professional football players after today's hearing on the nfl's billion dollar concussion settlement.
4:39 pm
some of stories we are covering forbe "action news" at 5:00. we'll see you in just a bit. >> see new a bit. new poster ads will pop up in 20 locates in neighborhoods for the fireman's hall museum. the museum aims to present and preserve the tradition of firefighting in philadelphia and pay tribute to the firefighters. still ahead at 4:00 today drug smugglers tries to use citrus to get marijuana in the u.s. but that did not work. and mothers in need of breast milk are finding mothers willing to donate on social media and it's a controversial move. alicia has more of this on big talkers. and adam joseph returns with the full details on tomorrow's snow storm. when "action news" at 4:00 comes back today.
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4:41 pm
we have breaking news out of southwest philadelphia.
4:42 pm
chopper 6 hd live over south 52nd street where a fire broke out in one of these rowhouses, the fire quickly spread to what appears the neighboring rowhouses and there is some report that one person was trapped inside of these buildings and we are told that that person was removed from the home and not taken to a hospital at last check and it's unclear if that person was injured in all of this. it appears that the firefighters have the upper han and tending to this building so whatever happened here did not spread to the rowhouses, the breaking news in southwest philadelphia this afternoon. we'll keep our eyes on this ing brg . u.s. customs and border protection in texas found nearly 4,000 pounds of marijuana inside of these fake key limes, the smuggled drugs were found in a tractor trailer coming into the united states from mexico last
4:43 pm
week. a k-9 team found the narcotics, the street value is said to be estimated at $750,000. a display of love for immigrants is now in the heart of new york city. the heart shaped artwork is in times square for the run-up to valentine's day. a local contest to create a display creating romantic public art. entitled we were strangers once too. as you can see since this data is used throughout the artwork to show how much the population is foreign born. and a new wave of breast milk sharing is spreading on social media connecting to help nourish babies, women that cannot nurse are having a hard time it's easier to find breast milk from their babies looking
4:44 pm
to donate. >> within an hour the replies were just -- it's a personal thing to ask. >> can i pump more and there are babies that need it. >> the fda does not support this kind of milk sharing saying that the donors and milk is not properly screens and they recommend a registered milk bank and have you to apply to be a part of and there is fees involved. and they are pleasedwer think relationship and call it special. and super sized as better more accurate standins for today's humans. the last models were created back in the 70s and 80s and researchers at the university of michigan say that since then the american population has gotten larger and we are living longer, so they updated the dummies to help car manufacturers create safer vehicles, this 273 pound
4:45 pm
dummy is 106 pounds heavy than the traditional model and an elderly dummy based on an overweight 70-year-old woman and a michigan trauma surgeon says this is a more accurate representation and critical because when he said when it came to the dummies of the past they did not look like at trauma opinions walking into his office. so 2017 update. how we are looking these days. >> keeping it real. alicia thanks. it's time for a check of the roo roads tonight and we want to show -- >> first philly phanatic surprised students -- >> here it is a problem that is happening out there at this moment. this car fire happened just a short ago, at exit 95 northbound to philadelphia international airport a car on fire as you can see. at this point it is off to the
4:46 pm
side and it is also causing backups as firefighters do their best to get the fire under control at this point. >> matt pellman is keeping an eye on that. >> we see a whole bunch of black smoke for a while but the crews got on to the scene of the fire from the ramp at the platt bridge to philadelphia international airport it sounds like you can exit 95 northbound for the airport but tricky getting from 95 northbound to the platt bridge. keep going up and over the girard point double decker bridge and the ramp from the 95 to the platt bridge temporarily blocked because of the vehicle fire and it's causing slow going here in the northbound lanes of 95 coming out of delaware county into southwest philadelphia. we keep watch that situation. and watching plenty of slow speeds and a bus accident at
4:47 pm
kensington at somerset and avoid that interests section, word of a crash is coming in at the pennsylvania turnpike. eastbound approaching the fort washington interchange. slowing there as you come eastbound from valley forge passing mid county and plymouth meeting and fort washington, and the pinpoint connecter bridge is closed and extra slowing along route 1 and langhorne and fire department activity at the senior center along oxford valley road and trinity episcopal a crash closing upper new york road stick with meetingous or 2012 to get around that. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> sounds good thank you. adam joseph is standing by with the accuweather details on the snow coming our way tomorrow. despite the record highs today.
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we are wougoing from record today to snow in a few hours. we are awaiting thicker clouds from the west and overtaking the region tonight and before that happens, 66 degrees today in philadelphia. breaking the old record by 3 degrees set back in 1925, this is 24 degrees above average and typical to late april. this is more of a march or april snow storm when you go from temperatures like this, the warm ground like this and temperatures crashing overnight with several inches of snow by tomorrow morning. temperatures in the mid-60s tomorrow and philadelphia and wilmington and 67 in millville falling into the 50s north and west and even mt. pocono and down to 42 degrees after being above 50 this afternoon.
4:51 pm
there you see sun hanging on here before sunset and the thicker clouds coming in and a band of snow near cleveland and we widen out the center of the storm many parts of tennessee and kentucky and the moisture starting to blossom over the last couple of hours here an indication that the storm is starting to fire up and continue to deepen tonight and tomorrow morning. 4:00 tomorrow morning still in the 40s in parts of new jersey and delaware as it begins as rain, begins at rain in philadelphia and starts as snow in the northwestern suburbs and temperatures crashing into the 20s at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, snow is stick on the roads and heavy at times all points north and mixing with rain heavy at times and southern delaware and new jersey and 10:00 in the morning, below freezing with the bands of snow continuing to wrap around the deepening storm a nor'easter and blizzard for parts of new england and long island and 3:00
4:52 pm
in the afternoon it kicks out and returned tomorrow afternoon. a coating to 2 inches near cape may county and a small area of 2 to 4 inches and the numbers quickly jump up, the 4 inch line near wilmington and towards long beach island and lancaster are you in the 4 inch ban and we have added today an 8 to 12 inch area near trenton and the lehigh valley and northern montgomery and we'll see if that stays here or even going farther south and west and includes princeton and quakertown and tomorrow morning major delays and low visibility and snow covers roads and school cancellations more than likely. stay off the roads, that is th worst of it 7:00 until 11:00 a.m. when the sun returns. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast tomorrow near 32 and again morning heavy snow. and blustery and windy and quick
4:53 pm
warm up this weekend into the 50s and stays above average nice monday through wednesday of next week. more "action news" after the break.
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4:55 pm
more americans than ever have tattoos, but many admit they don't still love it when it was freshly inked. it's getting easier to remove it with the help of a laser. >> lightening up here pretty good. even on the side. >> five years ago abby got these chinese letters tattooed to her wrist. >> it looked cool and i thought it was a nice expression. >> but it didn't take long to get in the way for this music teacher and conductor. >> students ask more about the tattoos than the piece of music we are studying.
4:56 pm
>> and abby couldn't remember what the letters mean and then she heard about the lighten laser and it sees the tattoo ink as an invader. >> the ink particles are too large to completely eliminate. success depends on the wave length and the ink's color and density. it uses it's nano second and a peco second. that is one trillionth of a second. >> we use the nano second technology in earlier treatments and change to the peco second technology. we are frequently seeing much faster results. 40% fewer treatments. christina got sick of seeing her name on her arm. >> it was turquoise a challenging color but after two
4:57 pm
treatments you can't even tell what it was. >> the character starts after this and four treatments it's much lighter and fading faster with each treatment. fewer treatment means less time and less discomfortable and less cost. >> interesting stuff. alicia thank you. >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 today. for sharrie williams, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph i'm brian taff, i hope you'll join me for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00. >> rick williams and monica malpass are coming up next with "action news" at 5:00 s
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it may not seem like it now. a winter storm is on the way and the delaware valley could take a direct hit. crews are preparing for a messy morning commute. looking live at double scan live radar at this hour, the system is hovering over the midwest and expected to arrive overnight and only gets worse as the morning goes on. >> wednesday night and the big
5:00 pm
story is the winter storm warning in effect for most of our viewing area, right now several communities are under preparation. and the archdiocese schools of philadelphia will be closed tomorrow no word yet from philadelphia public schools and we have live team coverage of the system moving in. we start with cecily tynan. >> double scan live radar showing the system is beginning to get its act together now across the my mid west and the low pressure is north of nashville and 1 to 3 inches not a big deal for them but what happens is this low pressure tracks to the east and as it reaches the coast it gets a fresh injection of energy. known as balming out at the coast and you get the rapid intention case you get heavy snow on the northwest flank. winter storm warning is posted
5:01 pm
for our viewing area all the areas in pink, south


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