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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 10, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EST

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one federal the other judiciary and they represent the system checks and balances. it was the judiciary that checked president trump but he could still win the fight. the big story to b tonight is a defeat for donald trump. a three judge panel has refused to reinstate his ban on seven predominantly muslim counties. two oaf th of the judges were democrats. one a republican. they rejected the president's argument that the courts don't have the ability to rule on the president's decisions. >> trump responded, see you in court. he questioned the court's motivates when he spoke with
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reporters outside testify oval office. >> it's a political decision. i look forward to seeing them in court. we have a situation where the security of our country is at stake. it's a very serious situation. we look forward as i said to seeing them in court. >> in their ruling the judges said they took into trump's campaign call to ban muslims from the u.s. and there was no evidence that any foreigner from the seven countries was responsible for the terrorist attacks in the u.s. trump may appeal to the supreme court. >> chopper 6 is over scene of an overturned tanker truck. the hazmat spill has forced evacuations. the road is blocked. evacuees are being sheltered at
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aner buy school. authorities have not said what led to the crash or how long it will take to clean up. a wilmington police car was involved in a wreck with a civilian car tonight. it happened three hours ago at the scene of 4th and rodney. anxious news was there as the driver was taken to hospital. the driver was treated for nonlife threatening injuries. bone chilling temperatures are with us with winds up to 20 miles per hour. it will make it seem a good deal colder. for all of the frigid facts and figures, let's go to meteorologist cecily tynan. >> the system a fast mover near noafs right now, a foot and a half of snow to new england. the moisture out running the cold air, but the cold hair is here now. the windchill with the system
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feeling like 14 in philadelphia. barely a cloud in the sky. clear skies, temperatures dropping off quickly and we have a bit of a breeze. tomorrow morning, you head to work, kids heading to school tomorrow, windchills philadelphia area south five to ten degrees, north of philadelphia, 0 to 5, lehigh valley, and poconos near zero. with the cold air, be careful. any slush on untreated sur surfs could be icy. we'll climb out of the deep freeze. i'll let you know when in the seven-day forecast. >> thank y now to christie ileto at philadelphia. the problem isn't snow but cold. >> tha right, jim. the melted snow from earlier has started to ice over because of
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these tumbling temperatures. if you have been out this evening, you know how bad it feels out here. it's the elements starting to cause headaches for residents and drivers. >> we saw and heard a lot of this around the city. car batteries were casualties to mother nature's deep freeze. >> a lot of people had started their cars yet. during the cold weather, the battery is at its weakest. >> aaa is expecting it to be wez busier after temperature in the teens, spring like temperatures, snow and then this. >> the problems, tomorrow morning, temperatures are dropping overnight. when temperatures drop overnight, batteries lose 60% of its life. >> others try to cope with working in this blustery freeze. this is probably the windiest day i have been on my bike.
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i was blown across the lane on to the sidewalk. >> how are you doing? >> cold. >> wind gusts peaked high as 50 miles per hour. >> awful. i'm crying from the wind. >> drastic change from yesterday, right? >> yes, it was. i played golf yesterday. >> i think we are all kind of wishing for yesterday's 60 and sunny. the big concern overnight, that of black ice. if you are headed out the door tomorrow morning, drive carefully and give yourself extra time on the road, christie ileto, "action news," wphl-17. >> jim? >> schools will be open tomorrow after today's snow day so will state offices and places closed today. many youngsters used their free time to sled and play. the system blew out of here by
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the afternoon. >> in philadelphia, a corner store hold up went wrong for the would be band it tonight. the overbrook store owner pulled out his own gun and shot the suspect who burst in demanding money. it happened at 8:00. the suspect is being treated for multiple gunshot wounds. >> jeff sessions is the new attorney general tonight. he was sworn in by vice president pence in the oval office with sessions right and president trump looking on. the confirmation fight ended with the sessions win last night. >> president trump signed three orders aimed at cracking down on gang violence, drug trafficking and violence against police. dann cuellar sought reaction to the last order.
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tell us about the order cracking down on violence against police and the reaction you heard to it tonight? >> that's right, jim. you see a wall depicting a mural of officers killed in the line of duty. the president's executive order is getting mixed reviews depending on who you speak with. that should qom as no surprise but even a prominent law enforcer here says the president's order is not a panacea for stopping violence against police. >> i applaud the effort but we need more than a piece of paper. >> a time of attacking police officers at a five year high, the president's order seeks to stop violence against the police. that doesn't stop a nut who wants to blow away a police officer. >> asa, a organizer for the
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black lives matter movement blasts the president for not talking about the people killed by police, some of them wrongly. >> officers should be honored if they were in the line of duty and murdered. he failed to mention the black and brown bodies, poor people, unarmed men and women. >> malcolm jenkins one of many nf players that protested during the national anthem. you can support police and hold them accountable simultaneously. he goes a step further. >> his a administration is antiblack. this is a time to stand up and resist. >> we at the police departments in america need to have a better relationship with the communities we serve. >> newly confirmed attorney
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general jeff sessions is charged with the scope of the forces. i'm dann cuellar, channel6 "action news." >> trump adviser kelly an conway is mired in controversy tonight one day after president trump blasted nordstroms for dropping his daughter's clothing line, conway said, go buy things from ivanka's store. you >i'll give you a free commercia. >> ethics rules block the white house from this. > still to come,
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penn state takes steps to keep greek students safe in the wake of a fraternity death and sixers create magic in orlando. cecily? >> i'm tracking warmer air this weekend. it comes at a price. i'll explain in the forecast. > tonight we are exposing problems at the pump. we have undercover video you have to watch. wait until you see the drama when we ride along with the gas station inspector. >> plus double joy for george clooney and his wife when action news continues. ♪ ♪
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>> penn state is banning alcohol at all fraternity and sorority party after the death of a student, 19-year-old was found in the stairwell. he fell after drinking too much. members of his fraternity waited 12 hours to call police. >> we have time now for the "action news" troubleshooters. pennsylvanians are paying the highest gas tax in the country. consumers want to be sure they are getting what they pay for he pump. >> jim, gas is what we buy regularly but we never see what we are getting for our money. the gas goes into the vehicle and that's it. are gas stations playing by the
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rules? inspectors are supposed to check each push every 18 months. what we find with our ride along may surprise you. >> we get hundreds of complaints every year from consumers that purchase gas. >> they invite the troubleshooters to come along on their inspection. at the first, no problem but here, pump jump. >> as soon as you pick up the pump, before you squeeze the nozzle, it starts changing you. >> so you are paying nine cents for gas you never got. >> that's right. >> the owner promises to get the problem fixed immediately. when the inspectors return, indeed, no more pump jump. >> when we arrive all the pumps
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appear to be in use. seconds later, two shut down. >> the attendants claim they can't get them back on which means the inspectors can't do their job on the pumps. it's happened twice before. >> it's as though they don't want us to test for some reason. >> they were instructed not to use them or tamper with them until the inspectors return but within the hour the station manager opens those in question and some that say do not remove are gone. then the attendant uses the pumps to fill up customer vehicles. >> who opened the pumps? >> we have it on camera. >> who cut them? >> the manager says he did e it. >> why did you take the tag off
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the pump? >> wayne got bills to pay. he told me i cut the tag because i have to pay the bills. >> he faces charges filed by buck county consumer protection. >> i had a electrical problem. the only way to test it is to turn it off. it may set itself off again anyway. >> he isn't a first time offend are. he pled guilty three other times. it turns out that they were taiben from the consumer. >> now he says pleading guilty doesn't mean you are guilty. it means you don't feel like going to court over one pump. he's pleading not guilty to the charges against him and feels he has a good track record being in
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business 45 years and has 52 pumps. one pump was out of calibration, it was giving away too much gas in favor of the customer. we have information on how to be a smart consumer at the pump online. >> stocks are pu pumped up on wl street. all three indexes were up today. the dow rose 118 to 20,172. the new jersey woman who hadn ag person has died. adelle dunlap was 114. the funeral home says she died sunday. neither she nor her three children could come up with an explanation for her longevity. now the oldest american is 113 delphine gibbon of huntington county pennsylvania.
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abington has a new police chief. living goode has been on the force more than 40 years since 1990. he served as the deputy under police chief william kelly. health check at 11:00, researchers found that women are more likely to skip mammograms after receiving a false positive. that's when the test highlights a concern about cancer even though nothing's there. it could happen 10% of the time. those women that experience false positive mammograms had a greater risk of being diagnosed with late stage breast cancer. it could be a consequence of them waiting longer to be screenedded again. >> he was once hollywood's most eligible bachelor.
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tonight he's an expectant father. george clooney and his wife are expecting twins. julie chan said clooney told her the babies are due in june. >> those will be good looking kids, and well-dressed. >> absolutely. >> let's get the forecast. the snow is out. cold is in. >> baby it's cold out there. double scan showing we are drying out nicely. we have one little streak of flurries across cumberland county. lake effect flurries showing how strong the winds are. we are seeing lake effect snow surviving the long trip from the great lakes. wind gusts 22 miles per hour in philadelphia. i want to show you before we go to the wind gusts, the action cam was taking a look at the ben franklin bridge. we have snow on the ground.
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center city 2.8-inches of snow. an under chiefer for areas to the south so fast moving. the winds are over achieving, right now, wind gusts 22 miles per hour. cape main, 60 miles per hour. they have diminished to 28 but the windchill is 14 in philadelphia, 11 in allentown. feels like eight in atlantic city and six below zero in the poconos. the storm system long gone bringing a foot of snow to new england. temperatures are tumbling. shouldn't be any problem ton main roads tomorrow. side streets could have patchy black eyes. >> 8:00, 17. windchill in the single digits.
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future tracker showing as we head through the day, we have thin high clouds moving in. this is the flavor of the weekend. i don't think we'll see much sunshine this weekend. a lot of clouds and possibility of light rain sunday but temperatures are climbing. the seven-day forecast, it's brisk and cold tomorrow with increasing clouds. the afternoon high 32-degrees. bundle up with windchills in the teens and 20s. saturday, up to 49-degrees. it comes at a cost, mostly cloudy and sunday, 46. periods of light rain could start as freezing rain in the poconos. monday, behind the system, windy, 47-degrees. windchill in the 30s thanks to wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. wednesday, sun and clouds, 47 and thursday, mostly cloudy with
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a high of 32-degrees. bitter cold overnight. the freeze will ease over the weekend. >> chef samuelson is the owner and chef at several restaurants in new york including red rooster. he was born in philadelphia but was adopted by a family in sweden. he shares his experiences in a new book detaili his experiences in harlem. >> there was a discussion at the constitution center on term limits for congress. they argue calling a convention to change the rules. the event was part of ,$8drw
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>> the flyers held a moment of silence for a high school hockey player who collapsed coming off the ice and died monday. nick bond played with the skating club in chestnut hill. while singing the national
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anthem lauren hart wore their jersey. >> the flyers hanging on to the final spot in the conference. flyers had one goal -- one goal tonight. that's more than the previous two combined. >> flyers on the powerplay. wayne simmons cleans up his mess. 1-0. islanders score the next three goals. islanders on the rush.on gets i. nocialg wins 3-1. bruins hold the final wild card spot. >> it's a tough losses against a tough opponent. >> the sixers enter the night having lost five straight games. no coincidence that joel embid
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still not in the contest. sixers up 110-109. sixers down one, mcconnell in the lane, sixers up with five seconds to go. mcconnell, not done yet, fuels the pass. sixers win 112-111. >> pete rose on the philly wall of fame? it could happen. the phillies asked for permission to include him
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>> temple needs to improve its record if it hopes to make the tournament, hosting smu tonight. a season high 30 points. owls struggle offensively. temple goes down 66-50. delaware edges e lan at home. drexel hosts williams and mary. rodney williams with ten. drexel win, 79-661. that's sports. >> thank you, ducis. finally, buck bucks borough is n competition for the top five business revolution. the show is co-hosted by
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investor robert of shark tank. residents got together at the moose lodge to cheer their success. the winner gets a million dollars grant to help grow their small business. "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline." "action news" continues at 4:30 with pamela edwards, david murphey. >> i'm jim gardner. have a good night. ♪ ♪
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