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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 10, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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city ethics board. today he said he would not run for a third term. >> this is a decision i'm making i believe in the best interests of this office and in the best interest of my family. >> reporter: seth williams' ethical problems scuttled his reelection board. he was fined a record $62,000 for failing to report $160,000 worth of gifts and cash he has accepted as d.a. among the gifts not reported, $45,000 in roof repairs, new windows and other work in his home in overbrook. more than $11,000 for various trips from key west to san diego and thousands of dollars worth of phillies and 76ers tickets. >> so my decision to accept gifts and fail to report them brought much embarrassment shame and adverse publicity to me and unfortunately to the office for which i love. >> reporter: after repeatedly apologizing the d.a. departed not answering shouted questions concerning reports of a long running federal probe.
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david thornburgh of committee of 70's took on the day's news. >> he broke the law according to the board of end thick they fined him the biggest fine in their history. he admitted that what he had done was wrong apologized profusely and now he's leaving office after he serves his term out. >> reporter: there have been repeated calls for williams to resign before the end of his term next year. outside city hall today, this woman who voted for him cool of the idea of the d.a. staying. >> no. >> reporter: why not. >> no, he should go. >> reporter: why not. >> you're not to be trusted. we can't trust you. if you do things like that we can't trust you. >> reporter: well, the d.a. did not take questions as we said. he did concede that what's occurred here has raised questions about his character and fitness to serve as the d.a. in some minds. he made no mention though of resigning. he said he ambulance to use the balance of his term to try to regain the trust he has lost o live in center city, john rawlins channel6 "action news." sharrie.
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>> all right, big news for mr. williams. john, thank you. now seth williams leaves behind a crowded race. right now there are four democrats and one republican vying to replace him. the city's primary election is in may. >> we are following breaking news from gloucester county new jersey. a car crashed into a chinese restaurant in glass broach the view from chopper6 shows the vehicle shattered the front windows of the building on mullica road. we do not know what caused the driver to lose control. remarkably no one was hurt. >> this weekend officers from across the region will gather to remember the corrections officer killed signed a prison in smyrna, delaware. funeral services for lieutenant steven floyd are this weekend. the viewing is tonight followed by tomorrow's funeral at delaware state university. floyd was killed when prisoners took four staffers hostage at the vaughn correctional center. he's being remembered as a hero for warning fellow
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officers about the unfolding takeover. >> yesterday's snowfall is now causing a major safety concern which is bound to clog rush hour traffic in center city philadelphia. police have closed down and market street near city hall because of falling ice. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at 13th and market streets near the problem area with the latest. vernon. >> reporter: good afternoon, rick. that that segment of market street you see behind me has been closed down for about two hours now and remains so. when it will reopen tonight no one seems to have an answer for that yet. that question remains very much up in the air. no one has been reported injured by this falling ice so far. >> around 2:00 this afternoon ice chunks some of them as big as a baseball started falling from the top of the lowes hotel building at 12 and and market. police immediately closed down the block from 13th to 12th and it has reneighborhood way since. >> we have large chunks of ice
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falling from the building. it's very dangerous. >> reporter: shut down between 12th and 13th. >> yes. >> reporter: smaller pieces have be continued to fall. this new york city woman in town for a wedding the party scheduled for the lowes hotel tonight did get a piece of the action. >> i just got bonked in the head where the bride and groom are staying. >> reporter: with the ice. >> with the ice. >> reporter: are you hurt. >> i'm not. >> reporter: rick, sharrie at this hour we're still waiting to hear from the lowes hotel management about what they plan to do about this hazard. we've not heard from them so far. the situation continues. much of that one square block of market street still shut down at this hour. live in center city, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> all right, vern,. >> thanks vern. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> meteorologist adam joseph is outside with a check of the forecast. the weekend not too bad, just got to get through today t-hm, adam. >> got to get through today. a lot of clouds coming in over the weekend. the temperatures warm but also
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part of the weekend on the wet side. how it feels, the wind chill 22 in philadelphia, so very winter-like but look to the south. 28 degrees so it warms a little bit there and all that bitter cold air is in northern new england right now. 14 below for quebec as well as caribou maine. as we track those wind chills as we go through the evening and overnight hours we're going to have that light southerly wind but notice those wind chills actually go up a little bit late tonight, early tomorrow morning as a warm front passes through to change our wind direction. and you can see a little band of some snow showers with this front to our west. there could be a snow shower or two up in the poconos or lehigh valley but for the most part most of these will dry up as they push through here this evening. so, it does turn milder over the weekend but it comes with a price. it will be rather cloudy over your saturday as well as sunday and then even on sunday we're talking about some rain pushing in. we'll take a look at that on future tracker6 and also show you those numbers for both saturday and sunday, rick, coming up in that full
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accuweather forecast. >> all right, adam, we'll check back in later. thank you. of course we invite you to stay with throughout the weekend. in addition to storm tracker6 live radar you'll find constantly updated hourly forecasts and don't forget facebook and twitter great ways to follow and connect with each of our meteorologists. >> ♪ >> president donald trump welcomed japanese prime minister shinzo abe to the white house today with a warm embrace. the two starting the day with a hug there. the leaders spoke in the oval office followed by a joint news conference. they're spending the weekend at trump's mar-a-lago club in florida. now, during that press conference the president says next week he will be unveiling new security measures he says will keep the u.s. safe. he didn't offer many details during that press conference only to say there are tremendous threats to our country as he puts it and says he will be pushing for additional security and very rapidly. >> we are going to do whatever's necessary to keep our country safe.
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we had a decision which we think will be very successful with. it shouldn't have taken this much time because safety is a primary reason -- one of the reasons i'm standing here today, the security of our country, the voters felt that i would give it the best security. >> as you know, trump's travel ban has been blocked by a federal judge in that seattle. a ruling that was upheld last night by the ninth circuit for the appeals. president trump said today he has "no doubt that he and his ban will prevail in that federal court case." the president also said that he had what he calls a very, very good conversation with the president of china that they are in the process of getting along very well and that will also benefit our country's relationship with japan. sharrie. >> okay, alicia. part of a heavily traveled bucks county road is still shut down 20 hours after a crash happened there. easton road going northbound is closed at oxford drive while crews clean up
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4,000 gallons of spilled gas. it came from a fuel tanker that collided with a pickup truck in warrington last night. dozens of people were moved to an emergency shelter after their homes were evacuated. and they were not allowed to return home until 3:00 in the morning. >> speaking of going home, let's check our "action news" traffic report on a friday night. >> let's go live to matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center. hey, matt. >> hi, guys. >> happy friday. >> same to you. everybody wants to get home quickly on a friday but i'm not sure that's going to happen. we've got some complications along the way rick and sharrie. here on the vine street expressway westbound side extra backed up this afternoon coming away from 95 out through the schuylkill expressway. just up ahead on the ramp from the westbound vine to the westbound schuylkill there's an accident on the side that was blocking a lane for awhile. so, extra slow going on the westbound side of the vine. eastbound also starting to fill in from the schuylkill out to 95 with normal friday afternoon volume. and vern told us about the situation in center city with the closure of market street.
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it's just a block but you really can't have market street closed during rush hour without some major implications. so, stay down on chestnut and walnut. expect gridlock through that area of center city close to reading terminal market. meanwhile here in king of prussia this is the ramp from 202 southbound to 422 westbound. had a serious accident here that just cleared out a couple minutes ago so we're starting to recover. still backed up though as you get onto 422 westbound. and of course we're backed up on 295 southbound here in camden county. had a crash here near the black horse pike but it too is gone. still though slow going from 73 down to 42 and in wilmington watch out for a crash along delaware avenue near pennsylvania avenue. let's grab the ipad do the commuter report on this finally friday effect plymouth meeting a minor crash on ridge pike bile allentown road. we'll check it again rick and sharrie, coming up in the next half hour. >> matt see you then much much more still ahead on "action news" this afternoon. hundreds of account statements were allegedly sent to the wrong customers.
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a south jersey bank reveals the reason for the mixup coming up. >> plus, chairs go airborne in an indiana courtroom. find out why the suspect accused of throwing them got so violent. >> and a florida golfer proves his putter has more than one use. coming up he explains exactly how he managed to cheat death during a wild encounter on the course. >> ♪ that has more ski mountains to choose from than any other in the country. ♪ and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here.
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>> ♪ >> near 200 amtrak passengers got stuck on a train for hours overnight in below freezing temperatures. the train headed from washington, d.c. to boston and dime a halt in the bronx because of an overhead electrical problem many people tweeted complaints about the loss of heat broken bathrooms and lack of information from the crew. things were finally back up and running five hours later.
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amtrak's chief operations officer has apologized. >> well, things got dangerous this week when chairs became projectiles inside of an indiana courtroom. suspect jordan roads rhodes was an hour and a half later for a hearing about a probation violation he told the judge he wanted to speed things up and then be sentenced. while rhodes was waiting to be taken to jail, he started cursing and throwing chairs. he's now facing even more charges and even more time behind bars. here's a look at today's closing numbers as we close out the week on this friday and all of the indexes today hitting new record highs. the dow up nearly 100 points to close, the a nasdaq up more than 19 points on the day. the s & p 500 up more than eight points this friday. >> well, a bank in new jersey may have that sent customers' personal information to the wrong address. a potential printing mistake may have resulted in hundreds of people receiving someone else's bank statements. about a dozen branches are
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locate throughout cape may county. the bank's ceo said everyone's money is safe. they're working to notify all after affected customers. >> with valentine's day coming up next week retailers are raking in the cash. the national retail federation predicts americans will spend $18 billion on the lovers of their life this holiday. more than 4 billion of that will be on jewelry alone. the next most popular gift is flowers and that comes in at $2 billion and if you break it all down, the average consumer will spend $136 on their significant other. >> loving this story today. these young men are now officially yg's which officially means young gentlemen. 155 new inductees took the pledge today and also filmed a very special public message. >> ♪ >> the ygs are grade iii
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through seven and they came together at the philadelphia club of jazz and performing arts in south philadelphia o the young gentlemen program created through the community alliance was designed to inspire at-risk youth through music and performing arts. >> some of these are my friends. some of them are from other schools. it's nice to know i got other kids like me who have the same goals. >> i wanted to get into a good college and i think that the yg's will help me get into one. >> love their attitudes and enthusiasm. this program started a decade ago in williamsport with the goal of positive reinforcement and self-esteem boosting and as you can seem mayor kenney helped lead the yg pledge for this new crop of young gentlemen from thurgood marshall robert morris and william rowan elementary schools k they're hoping their new psa will help them expand to other schools. great guys here. >> and a great program. thank you alicia.
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25 high school students who love playing ice hockey will be able to attend west chester university for absolutely free thanks top a special scholarship program announced today. two checks totaling $500,000 were presented to the university on behalf of the ed snider youth hockey foundation the give something back foundation a national char r students who participated in the hockey program can apply for the scholarships starting this spring. the youth hockey foundation was created by the late philadelphia flyers chairman ed snider who died last april. >> time for a check of the accuweather forecast as we eye the weekend. >> yes, meteorologist adam joseph says might want to keep the umbrella handy this weekend, hm. >> yeah, the second half of the weekend but we're not going to need the winter gear as temperatures are going to go back above normal saturday and sunday and as we take a live look right now you see that glistening off atlantic ocean. high clouds burning in but this will set up for some pretty spectacular sunset
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pictures here this evening 'cause the cirrus clouds are made of ice crystals which those longer wave lengths can bounce and refract off of them. if you catch something great this evening share it on one of my social media pages and sometimes i share them on the air. temperature in philadelphia 32 degrees, dewpoint at 12 so dry air in play. winds out of the west at 14. wind chill is 10 degrees colder than the actual air temperature and that ocean mighty cold at 39 degrees. wind chill in the teens for allentown, 21 lancaster, 25 in wilmington. southern new jersey it doesn't get much better there. low to mid-20's. as we look at satellite and radar there's that ribbon of high clouds that are pushing in from the south and west. there's a little bit of precipitation along this. as that that boundary passes through this evening overnight there could be a couple snow showers especially towards the lehigh valley and the poconos so we'll keep snow shower northern areas tonight. otherwise it is rather cloudy, 23 allentown, 28 philadelphia, 29 in dover and 30 degrees in
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cape may. future tracker6 as we go again at 8 o'clock this evening, there you can see some of those snow showers confined well to the north while the rest of us it's a cloudy end to the week and as we go into your saturday we're going see some filtered sunshine through that cloud cover tomorrow. so, don't be surprised if you see it peak through from time to time but despite we're not going have full sun here on your saturday, temperatures go from the 30's at 7 o'clock to the 40's around the lunchtime hour and then 50's in the middle part of the afternoon tomorrow with an official high coming in right around 52. now, since we had all that snow especially up in the poconos where they got 9-inches, a lot of folks maybe heading there this weekend. mostly cloudy, not bad, 40 degrees on saturday but on sunday, there could be a mix of sleet, freezing rain in the morning, changing over to rain on sunday of 38 degrees, so definitely maybe get up there saturday and maybe head home beat the traffic before the system comes in on sunday. as we take a look at that four
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day at 4:00 forecast, 52 degrees, milder with limited sun here tomorrow. raw, rainy, some fog, really not a nice day here sunday of 46 degrees and then the sun comes back but we are wind whipped on monday, a large low develops in new england. we could see 50, 60 miles an hour winds on monday of 43 and then for valentine's day lots of sun looking pretty good no complaints at 48 degrees. the seven day coming up in the next half hour. >> okay. >> looks pretty good. >> uh-huh. >> thank you, adam. well, a golfer in florida says if it weren't for his putter he may not be here today. he was preparing for a 10-foot putt near a golf course pond when an alligator suddenly attacked him. he says the alligator charged onto his foot and pulled him into the water. that's when he realized he still had the putter in his hand. >> so i started hitting him right in his eye socket. hit him about three times and he let go of my foot. and i crawled back. by that time the guys were there. >> he says the alligator was
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dragged out of the pond about an hour after he was put in an ambulance. his advice for other golfers is that they should always keep a club in their hand. good advice. >> making light of it now, right. >> yeah. >> good for him though. >> still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 on the heels of a deadly viral outbreak a south jersey puppy store is closed for good. we have the latest on the investigation. >> and still ahead, a home invasion rescue. philadelphia police respond just in time to free victims who were tied up and robbed. the story coming up. >> and meet the school superintendent hoop became a social media superstar for giving kids a snow day coming up in big talkers. >> ♪
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>> ♪ly. >> tonight at 11:00 an "action news" investigation has found that a convicted felon is working at a main line car dealership with access to customers' private financial information. here's wendy saltzman with a preview. >> reporter: the feds say he bilked senior citizens out of
4:25 pm
millions of dollars in an international telemarketing scheme. >> the tactics were truly egregious. this was just lying and stealing. >> reporter: so why is he working at a local car dealership after he was convicted in the scam? >> when i seen that going on, i didn't want to be a part of it. >> reporter: we track down the man who is facing a sentence up to 70 years behind bars. >> can you tell us what happened to the millions that you stole from these people? >> reporter: how he stole the money and could more people be at risk again? we'll have those answers as part of our exclusive "action news" investigation tonight at 11:00. >> well, the family of a man who drowned in north wildwood system begging a judge to close a portion of the beach. today lawyers argued whether a portion of her ford inlet beach should be permanently closed to the public. in 2012 brad smith was walking along the beach when the sand gave way and he was swept into the water. there were two similar deaths in 2009. engineers confirm the shore line was unstable and cop
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collapse at any time. north wildwood is asking the motion be dismissed. a judge did not make a decision today. a puppy store in new jersey is now closed after a deadly and highly contagious canine virus was discovered. according to the burlington county humane spca the puppy barn in mount holly was placed under mandatory quarantine after and officials discovered parvo. animals from the store were taken to the burlington county animal shelter. an investigation is ongoing. >> the wilmington police department is welcoming in its newest graduates. 18 officers joined the force today and will start their first street patrols monday. each will that spend at least six months working side by side with more senior officers. police chief bobby cummings says this class has specifically been trained to deescalate and focus on
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community outreach. students took to the ice today to give back to other children who live a world away. the action cam was at the rink in warminster as the skateathon got under way. children from the quaker school at horsham are learning that even though they have and special needs, and often need their own support, they can still help others. money raised is going to bring clean water to an orphanage in guyana. >> here's a question. what do spiked shakes and scoops of ice cream have in common? both are free if you stay ground. >> plus it was a story that made international headlines. a south jersey teenager sued her own parents for college tuition. now after more than two years of battling it out in court the case has been settled. we'll tell you if her family was ordered to pay thousands next. >> ♪
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>> hello again. brian is off. i'm rick williams. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with the reason some parents are upset over what's now aunt popular doll's clothing. >> plus she's dancing her way into her 11th decade of life. so what is this super spirited super centenarian's secret of living until 110. hear it from her coming up. >> maybe it's dancing. speak of dancing this is not a
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kevin bacon script it's real life. oklahoma city canceled an annual valentine's event because of a law that makes cutting a rug illegal. what's behind the dance ban? >> but we begin with a violent home invasion robbery that was stopped by vigilance. police say two women are safe right now thanks to their neighbors' decision to speak up when they heard something happening next door. "action news" reporter annie mccormick has the story from west philadelphia. >> the screams came from this home in the 2100 block of south 66th street. after two women inside became victims of a violent home invasion. >> kicked through the door. they put a knife to her throat. they started asking where the money is. >> it happened around 2:00 a.m., three armed men ransacked the house fought with one of the victims. both are vietnames ese and speak limited english. >> having difficulty. they start punching her in the face. they threaten to kill her at which time they tie her up an
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and. >> reporter: while both women are upstairs police officers arrive to their rescue after neighbors called 911 much police arrested the three men on the spot. two relatives of the victims who did not want to appear on camera spoke to "action news" moments after the victims arrived back home safelily. >> neighbors called already because they heard the dogs. she okay thank god. >> the neighbor called the police and the police came rescued them. >> the officers did an excellent job getting in this house making sure these women were unharmed and also taking these three violent individuals into custody clearly armed with two handguns that we know at this point. >> reporter: relatives gave us an update about the condition of the woman punched by intruders during the crime. >> she's very calm. i thought she would be more panicked or something but she's very thankful that she wasn't like, you know, hurt or anything. >> reporter: police say they also found jewelry and cash on the suspects that they believe that they stole from the home. they also say that all three men were armed, two with a gun, one with a knife. all three are expected to be
4:32 pm
charged. reporting in west philadelphia, annie mccormick channel6 "action news." >> police in philadelphia's west oak lane section say a killer is still on the loose right now. detectives say someone stood outside of a home on the 6700 block of north 15th street just before midnight and opened fire through the windows and the door. an 18-year-old was shot in the stomach and the chest. he managed to make it to a neighbor's home before collapsing. the teenager was rushed to the hospital but he didn't make it. police say a white suv was seen speeding away from the scene but they need help identifying the gunman. at least four people were hurt in a two-car crash in north philadelphia today. chopper6 hd was over the scene near front and venango streets. that's where two cars collided just before 11:30 this morning. we know at least one person was taken to the hospital by ambulance. but police have not yet said how bad the injuries are. we're also waiting for information on a cause. >> a south jersey college student who sued her estranged
4:33 pm
parents for college tuition has lost her court battle. "action news" investigative reporter wendy saltzman first reported on the battle between caitlin richie and her divorced parents. richie had that asked a judge top force them tom pay $16,000 for her out of state tuition at temple university. in d.c. 2014, mara mcgarvey and matthew richie refused and appealed. today a judge found in the parents' favor putting an end to the lengthy legal battle. the philadelphia police department is drafting its first ever tattoo policy. this after an officer was photographed in september with tattoos that some said resembled nazi symbols. the officer was cleared of any wrongdoing. the department will not discuss what the policy will prohibit or what officers with tattoos will have to do in the future until this new policy is implemented. >> a decision on the future of
4:34 pm
several properties on jewelers' row in center city is on home. tam meeting today the philadelphia historical commission tabled its decision on whether three buildings on the 700 block of sansom street should be designated historical. toll brothers wants to knock the buildings down put up a 29 story tower in its place. the company has already obtained a demolition permit but can't move forward until the commission makes a final decision. breaking news now. from bridgeton, new jersey, cumberland county where authorities are on the scene investigating the report of a police-involved shooting this afternoon. details are sketchy but here's what we know. the incident was reported just before 4 o'clock in the 200 block of south avenue, again this bridgeton. preliminary information is that app bridgeton police officer shot and wounded a western. no word yet on the person's condition but we believe he's been transported to the hospital. no reported injuries to police. the situation is now under investigation. as you can tell by the yellow tape which is indicative of a crime scene and looks like some officers are still scouring the area looking for
4:35 pm
more evidence. we'll keep an eye on the situation in cumberland county bring you more information on this what we suspect to be a police-involved shooting as more information becomes available to us. >> turning now accuweather. meteorologist adam joseph joining us and it is cold outside. >> yeah, but it's not going last. >> okay. >> we'll warm up here over the weekend. as we take a look at those temperatures across the region, 32 in center city. you can see the clouds thickening up, a little sliver of sunshine still lingering on right before it sets in the next 40 minutes or so. as we look at the dewpoint at 12, it's pretty dry and winds out of the west at 14 miles an hour. spring mountain decent amount of sun still there and a lot of skiers and snow borders taking advantage of the fresh powder. they were making snow last night with the air temperature 27, winds southwest 17, wind chill there only 19 degrees and in camelback a crystal clear sky. they could pick up a few snow showers in the poconos a little bit later tonight. the temperature that were 22 degrees but just a wind
4:36 pm
chill kind of biting on any exposed skin of 10 above but again, we are tracking changes. warmer changes. wetter changes for the weekend. we'll have that complete seven-day forecast coming up in just a little bit. >> adam thank you. some of the best designers in body art are in the delaware valley this weekend. the philadelphia at a time too many arts convention kicked off today. it's the biggest tattoo convention in the country and is in its 19th year in philadelphia. world famous tattoo artists will be in one place and there will be live demonstrations. there are daily -- is that what you have. >> yeah, i got that one. >> so glad we got to see it. there are daily contests and performances. the at a time too many convention as rick knows runs through sunday. the university of delaware is dealing with a spike in flu cases. this comes as officials say the first state is actually reporting low amounts of flu activity. "action news" anchor monica malpass live now in the news room with more on this story today. hi, monica. >> hi, sharrie, that's right.
4:37 pm
this happened when students came back after winter break to school and tonight there are more than two dozen confirmed cases on campus. new at 5:00 what school officials may be the cause behind this spike in illnesses. also, new at 5:00, it is the ultimate loss for the family of a police officer when the death of their loved one happens in the line of duty. how a philadelphia police graphics artist is now using his talents to help bring them some closure. a very sweet story. we'll have those stories and more coming your way on "action news" at 5:00 and rick, i'll see you then. >> see you then monica. thank you. a group of local students have their eyes on the scripps national spelling beach students from the pennsylvania virtual charter school in king of prussia took part in the spelling bee here today. they're competing for one coveted spot to represent the school at the regional level. the winner of the regional level heads to washington, d.c. later this year. good luck. today in camden, volunteers had their building skills put to the test. they were challenged to complete a construction job at rutgers university or a
4:38 pm
canstrction. whoever gets the most creative will be crowned the winner during a judging session tomorrow. then the food bank of south jersey will distribute all of those cans to local families. they expect this friendly competition to provide more than 25,000 meals. how about that? >> now to a story that has had many of us spying today. a bucksmiling today. a bucks county woman showed off her dance moves during her one-tenth birthday celebratio celebration. >> ♪ >> rosie esposito put on a little performance for her family and friends and wore sparkly crown while she blew out her birthday can tell us. after that she took a spin with not one, no the two but three different gentlemen on the dance floor. when asked the secret to her
4:39 pm
longevity she said a positive attitude is all you need. >> we're a big family and we're all, you know, very happy. we sing, we dance. we pray. >> well, rosie's party was held at her current homo, pickerring manor in newtown and she told us this year, this birthday, this celebration was like her sweet 16. >> wow. she looks wonderful. >> she's awesome. >> she had a great time. >> 110. happy birthday. >> happy birthday rosie. still ahead, what's better than spiked milk shakes and ice cream. how about free spiked milk shakes and ice cream. >> calling kevin bacon. an oklahoma city has canceled an valentine's day event because of a law that makes dancing illegal. inside the real life version of "footloose" coming up. >> an underwear outrage. why some parents are threatening to boycott the american girl doll line over what the dolls are now wearing. we'll be right back.
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>> ♪
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>> ♪ >> things have been getting heated on the floor of the senate recently but that's nothing compared to what happened in south africa yesterday. a brawl broke out right before president jacob summa was set to deliver his state of the nation address. lawmakers opposed to president summa battled it out with security guards dressed in white for several minutes. before the fight the opposition party had been screaming for the leader's resignation claiming he's corrupt. >> there are close calls and then there's this. daniel miller found himself trapped up to his nose in a water hole after his excavator fell on top of him while working solo in australia. look at this image. miller was pinned for hours unable to call for help. he was only rescued when a neighbor came looking for him later this evening but despite his ordeal miller was not seriously hurt. >> wow. >> big talkers now and a big flap over a popular doll and
4:43 pm
its undergarments. american girl addressed the underwear controversy in this post on facebook. now, if you're not one of the parents outraged over this decision, here's what's going on. the company is now making the dolls with the undies sewn on. they are no longer removable. so o-the dolls used to look like this and the undies came separately. but now they are attached. so, apparently parents are upset even promising to boycott the company saying the underwear will that interfere with the doll's outfits especially the bathing suits s american girl writes we would never change our doll without careful consideration showing how the underwear does not affect the swimsuit lines saying this new design should not hamper a girl it's ability to create limitless play opportunities. a good conversation about this on my facebook page right now. remember "footloose" where dancing was banned at the school? in oklahoma this is real life.
4:44 pm
there's a ton called henrietta and it's valentine's day dance has been canceled because the town has a ban prohibiting dancing within 500 feet of a church. a woman who lives there by the name of robby kenny and she noticed a business was hosting a dance and called them out saying guess what, you're 300 feet from a church and that is illegal. even the mayor says it's such an old law she's never seen it enforced. she's even had to dig it up to find it. but the dance could go on as scheduled because antipolice chief says he has never enforced that law but there's one woman who says i'm sticking by it. so, listen, you know kids love a snow day and in the bethlehem area school district the superintendent dr. joseph roy is being hailed a hero and he's become a sort of social media superstar for giving kids the day off. it all started with his tweet where he officially cancels classes for the day. that's when he's hailed the
4:45 pm
g.o.a.t. greatest of all time. memes from his students started popping up one of him as a saint with a caption i feel as i just got truly blessed. another student tweeted thank you jesus, thank you dr. roy, i owe you my life. another student said not all heroes wear capes and then in a nod to the salt bay phenomenon, this meme with no school, two-hour delay and blessings and the say. dr. roy says he's just doing his job. >> hey, kids need their snow days apparently. >> you got that right. >> it's a big deal. >> they're loving this guy now in thanks alicia. >> let's get another check of the roads this friday. >> matt pelman in the "action news" traffic center with an update on a friday night t.g.i.f., hm, matt. >> you know who doesn't love a snow day, the traffic report because it's always a mess. we're thankful that this afternoon is a little bit quieter out there. roads are dry and we're feeling blessed that's for sure rick and sharrie. as we look live at the schuylkill expressway not such a blessing are the big travel times and big eastbound delays
4:46 pm
right here by montgomery drive as you head towards center city. the good news is, though, it's just volume this afternoon. lots of it but no accidents at the moment on the schuylkill expressway. we had an accident getting onto the schuylkill from the westbound vine that were on the ramp but that cleared out. what is not cleared just yet is that falling ice along market street. so, a block still closed between 12th and 13th. stay on chestnut and walnut and expect delays in that area. delays in camden on 676 southbound near collings avenue there's a broken down truck taking out the left lane. still feeling the effects of that truck that flipped over last night in warrington. then we had the big fuel spill. northbound side of 611 blocked at valley square boulevard by the home depot. stay on limekiln pike or valley road would be another local alternate. couple issues on 295 and northbound in burlington county a crash approaching florence is taking out a lane giving us speeds in the 20's. southbound route 73 a crash on the shoulder so slow there as well. we'll check it again sharrie and rick coming up in the 5 o'clock hour.
4:47 pm
>> we'll see you then. thank you, matt. >> meteorologist adam joseph has your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast when we come right back. stay with us. >> ♪
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
>> measlemeteorologist adam josh here to talk about the weekend. >> rain second half of the weekend. any of the snow if you still have it in your backyard tell your kids they have about a half hour before it gets dark to enjoy it. as we take a look at the action cam in fairmount park here you can still see a dusting to a coating of snow around the city of philadelphia and that sun trying its best to warm us today but did very little with the core of the cold that passed right after the storm. as we look at storm tracker6 live double scan, you may think, okay, what is all this? what's going on over here in the western areas with some of
4:50 pm
that snow? it is a warm front that's going to pass through. a lot of this not reaching the ground with the dry air in place so as the warm front drifts through tonight, could you see a flurry? sure. but any of the confined snow showers so to speak would be up closer towards the lehigh valley and the poconos as it passes by. 32 degrees is the high so far for today in philadelphia. it's 33 in millville, above freezing in wilmington. 33 in cape may. a deeper snow pack to the north and west holding temperatures down a little bit more, 28 in allentown, 29 in trenton and the poconos just 22 degrees. but you factor in the wind. two in the poconos but feels like 10, 17 in allentown, 22 in philadelphia, and where it is above freezing right now, it's feeling well below freezing when you factor in the wind for southern new jersey and delaware. there's the front coming in from the west. you see a little bit of white here north of washington as this front passes through. overall bringing a lot of clouds for the second half of the weekend but again, clouds tonight. if you see a floating flurry
4:51 pm
around, don't again be surprised. any snow showers far north of philadelphia, 23 in the suburbs, 28 for center city. as we take a look at the forecast for your saturday, much milder, yes, we're going back into the middle 50's in southern areas. 52 philadelphia, 40's for the lehigh valley. a lot of clouds but some breaks of sun trying to get through that cloud cover. then new low pressure comes in from the west on sunday. it will be in the form of rain for most of us but lehigh valley sunday could start as a wintry mix and the rainfall intensifies as low pressure develops in new england bringing another winter storm for central and southern new england on monday. but for us on sunday it's kind of raw and damp. wintry mix in the poconos. light rain for the rest of us. about a quarter of an inch. even areas of fog with temperatures only in the 40's. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 50's for one day tomorrow with limited sun, kind of a yucky day here on sunday of 46. then we're and wind whipped on
4:52 pm
monday. take a look at these wind gusts on monday afternoon. 52 philadelphia, 57 in lakehurst, 53 miles an hour in the poconos. it's all because of the storm that develops in new england. we're sunny and dry, though. valentine's day looking good at 48 and then some sun, a lot of clouds wednesday 45. and we'll watch the coast here on thursday, something's going to develop but is it too far to see or does it clip us? we'll watch that for thursday before we dry out on friday. >> good thing we don't live in the new england area. >> they'll get hammered again monday and then again maybe next thursday. >> thank you adam. >> freebie friday is coming up. free ice cream and free milk shakes.
4:53 pm
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>> it is freebie friday. we start with tasty sweet treats ahead of valentine's day. grab this while you can tonight. punk burger on east passyunk celebrating its second
4:55 pm
birthday by giving away a special limited edition yards chocolate love stout cake shake. yes, spiked shakes for the adults. they leave out the alcohol for the kids. grab your free shake until 7 o'clock tonight and happy birthday punk burger. get a free scoop of ice cream from baskin robbins when you download the app and sign up for mobile deals. now if you don't have any plans for valentine's day check it out. legos stores are hosting an adults only valentine's day build from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on valentine's day grownup lego fans 18 and up can build a valentine's day themed rose mini model and who knows you might meet someone to give that little rose to on valentine's day at your local legos storm. and blue cross river rink winter fest is hosting a sweet party from 3:00 to 5:00 free samples of various local stouts, free sweet treats and wine samples all those and a bonus deal or pets right now
4:56 pm
on >> an indiana k-9 police officer could not keep his paws. it's ridiculously cute. knobe wasn't able to hide how much he loves his partner officer. this happened during their and be official staff portrait photo shoot. the chocolate lab refused to stop licking his buddy's face the entire time. he did that finally get his act together long enough for the photographer to get one good shot in. the officer says this is nothing new for knobe. in fact, the big dog's favorite place to be is as you see on his lap: >> all right. those are partners, of course. >> that is. that will do it for "action news" at 4:00 for rick williams brian taff alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm sharrie williams. join me along with adam and ducis rodgers tonight and every night for a full hour of
4:57 pm
"action news" at 10:00 on phl17. >> now here's monica malpass with a look at what's coming up at 5:00. monica. >> hi there. see you in a moment rick. coming up next at 5:00 developing news out of center city. police have a block of market street closed to foot and vehicle traffic because of falling ice. we are live at the scene. also, new at 5:00 a man arrested for murdering a south jersey woman in her own home. the months old murder mystery that police in that burlington county say they are closer to solving tonight. those stories and more coming your way next at 5:00. >> ♪
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
>> meteorologist cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. >> ♪ >> friday night. the big story on "action news" is developing news. danger on the streets of center city right now police have closed off a block of market street because of falling ice. "action news" reporter vernon odom live near the scene with the latest developments. vernon. >> reporter: good evening to you monica and good evening to you rick as well. still no word from police as to when market street between 12th and 13th will reopen tonight, if at all. the problem continues to be falling ice off the top of the lowes hotel building here in
5:00 pm
center city complicating traffic and still no word from the hotel about why this major hazard took place. the ice started raining down on 12th and market from the top of the lowes hotel building around 2:00 this afternoon. and has continued to come down intermittently ever since. police blocked off the street between 12th and 13th. despite that, the wind blows smaller pieces of ice beyond the police lines. this tourist for a wedding got hit. >> i just got bonked in the head. with the ice. >> with the highs. it's fallen off the top. >> it's fallen off the top. >> reporter: are you hurt. >> i'm not but it was a small piece. >> reporter: philadelphians who walk this way every day and every night going home were quick to take note of the potential danger that existed. >> i walk past here every day and didn't never think that would happen until it actually happens. >> surprised to see the ice falling from the building. >> reporter: stunning. >> yeah, a little bit, a little bit, yo


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