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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  February 11, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a pleasant good morning to you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, february 11 i'm gray hall along with jeanette reyes. here's some of the stories we're following for you right now on "action news." final respects for a delaware corrections officer during a prison uprising, steven floyd will be laid to rest today. a man is rushed to the hospital after he is shot at least 6 times. >> we're enjoying much milder temperatures today, but tracking the return of rain. >> some are celebrating, some are not so happy. meteorologist chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: i have to tell you i did enjoy the 70-degree day, i did, but i want more snow.
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>> i took pictures of it. >> reporter: you had fun in the lehigh valley. >> reporter: let's take a look at the philadelphia international airport. it's quiet out there, one thing you'll notice it's not as harsh in terms of windchills. we had some pretty wicked windchills over the last couple of mornings. not the case this morning, the winds have relaxed and it feels better. 23 in quakertown. 27 in warrington. 32 in center city. coatsville, 24, pottstown, 23 degrees, milder numbers off to the southeast, vineland and gandys beach, 36. dover, 40 degrees, villas in cape may, 42. atlantic city, 41. woodbine, 37. cinnaminson, 28 degrees. satellite and radar we're going to see a decent amount of cloud cover out there today. peeks of sunshine throughout the day. the one thing you will notice it's much, much milder this afternoon than the last 48 hours. lots of clouds rolling in,
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temperatures today will top out in the low 50s in the city of philadelphia and mid to upper 40s for the surrounding suburbs. 9:00 a.m. 38 degrees, 1:00 p.m., 47. 50 degrees by 3:00 p.m. 5:00 p.m., 49. you can see the general idea for more clouds than sun, we could see just enough sun to break the 50-degree mark. when i come back in just a few minutes we're tracking rain, i'll have the details and bigger storm potentially next week. >> thank you so much. it will be a somber day in delaware, family friends and colleagues will say a final farewell to a corrections office killed during a hostage siege at a delaware prison last week. >> black bunting draped across the correctional center in smyrna. it was a week ago wednesday when inmates took floyd and three others hostage. floyd was 47 years old and the
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only death stemming from the intense standoff. a viewing will be held at delaware state university in dover at 8:00 a.m., funeral services will follow at noon. 6:03. new information to tell you about this morning, someone shot a man 6 times in philadelphia's olney section. at least one bullet hit the victim in his head. the happened in the 5700 block of north 19th street. police got the call around 2:30 a.m., the officers rushed the victim to einstein medical center where he underwent surgery. two cars collided in south jersey at neck road in burlington township. four cars collided at 7:30 p.m. one victim was flown to the hospital for treatment. there's no word on what led to the accident. work continues on the damaged market frankford el
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train. septa said it made enough progress that supplemental bus service is no longer needed. cracks were discovered in five dozen train cars, they were taken out of operation. they have increased the trains by 30%. from our new jersey newsroom, uber and lift are legal in the garden state. governor chris christie signed legislation that regulates the car services including insurance. the state attorney general will decide if the criminal background checks done by uber and lift are sufficient. a state judge will rule whether to proceed with a criminal case against chris christie over the bridgegate scandal. in october he ruled there was probable cause for the case to
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proceed. the higher court disagreed and sent it back to the judge. chris christie is accused of stopping traffic on the george washington bridge in 2013 to punish a mayor who did not endorse him. a student who sued her parents for college tuition lost her court battler. she wanted her divorced parents to pay $16,000 for her out of state tuition at temple university. 2013, the family refused and aappealed the decision decision to a higher court. yesterday the judge ruled in the parents' favor. a 1,000-dollar reward is being offered in return for a large piece of equipment that's the lifeline of a north philadelphia restaurant. this meat smoker was stolen from the fat jack location yesterday
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morning. it is two ton peels of equipment that handlings 700 pounds of meat for two fat jack's location. >> it's chaindz up, it's not something you're going to drive by, and say let's take that smoker it's not going to happen. >> reporter: the owner said he will use the smoker at another location and transport the meat in a refridge rated truck for now. it is worth $30,000. members of a tacony synagogue showed their gratitude for those who helped them after becoming victims of vandalism. jeff chirico has the story. >> reporter: dozens of community members gathered at the temple for a special service of appreciation a thank you to those who helped after the synagogue's windows were recently vandalized. >> we've been so overwhelmed and touched by the outreach from the community and the out pouring of support.
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>> reporter: the glazers union donated material to repair the windows that was the second time that rocks were aimed at the colorful windows. >> it's a hate crime. >> reporter: rabbi fears it is an example of growing intolerance in our nation. >> people who don't like people who are different. >> reporter: news of the vandalism spread. a community member paid $3,000 to replace the window and ten thousand dollars rolled in for the installed security cameras. >> we got donations utah, california new york. it is so wonderful that people really care. >> reporter: and supporters came to show it at a time when our
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nation seemed divided this is a night for community. >> we want to show our support representatives the sikh community. >> this temple has been part of the tacony neighborhood for 92 years and long time members say this is the first incident of vandalism they can recall arena working to make it last they are raising funds to install flood lights here, in tacony, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> how much would you pay for a cup of coffee? just about anything. >> 1.75. that's nothing. >> we have details on a cafe that's selling out of the most expensive cup of java money can by. honors for a friend, world war ii veteran he received his medals, 70 years later. cleanup continues after snowstorm in the northeast as more snow is predicted this
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weekend. >> reporter: not here, gray, no snow predicted for the immediate delaware and lehigh valleys. there could be icy patches in the poconos tomorrow. temperatures in the 30s, wig warmup on the way, big winds on the way. details coming up right after this. welcome back the time
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6:11 a.m., a bizarre story coming out of new jersey. police saved a man who had
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broken into a liquor store in south brunswick township. he hid in a snow bank, he was in the snow for nearly 45 minutes. police spotted the man and took him to the hospital where he was treated. people across the northeast are digging out from thursday's snowstorm. this is the scene in massachusetts where the heavy snow turned into ice. many people spent the day in the cold shoveling and clearing off their cars. another powerful winter storm is expected to hit the area tomorrow. >> i'm from new england and i have never been so happy not to be there. you should go there and i'll stay there. lori and i talked about when i retire we'll move to vermont remember we were talking about the 268 inches in upstate new york, i would like to experience that, but i don't know if i could live through
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that. we'll see if i actually do retire. let's get you outside, some areas in new england picked up 20 inches of snow with the storm. even though some locations here saw 4 or 5 inches we kind of missed out on what could have been a huge storm for us. many there not too sad about. take a view of penns landing, not much going on. the radars are clear, it's a nice, quiet day. no snow for the most part. we're talking milder temperatures. whatever snow you have on the ground will start melting. 52 degrees is the high in philadelphia. today, 32 degrees is the low temperature reading. 25 in allentown. millville, 38. no snow on the ground in south jersey, you have to get you mean into camden and burlington counties. dover, 40, cape may, 37. atlantic city, 39. windchills this is much easier to handle this morning than where we were just the same time
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yesterday and the day before, when we had windchills in the single digits, now we're seeing windchills mainly in the low to mid 30s, not too bad. satellite and radar, the next storm that we're watching actually isn't showing up on the radar yet. it's going to develop right in through here over the bluegrass state of kentucky. it will run straight to the northeast and move into new england over the next 24 to 36 hours. once it hits the coast, it becomes what we call ameteorolo. look for a combination of sun and clouds, easy peasy, as they say. 9:00 a.m., stop the clock, sunday morning, light rain north and west, could be a wintry mix for the poconos, wintry mix of freezing rain, everybody else looking at plain rain that will continue throughout the day.
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today, nice, combination of sun and clouds. tomorrow, gray and dreary, occasional rain and drizzle. here comes the storm i was talking about, once it hits the coast, this is a problem for new england, that picked up 16 to 20 inches of snow they can pick up an additional foot. look at the windy gusts projected for monday. 48 miles per hour in millville, wildwood. a wind advisory will be issued for most of the region. the winds ease late in the evening pull back in the 20s and 30s. we could see sustained winds easily in the 40s throughout the day with peak winds gusts 50 to 50 miles per hour. that would be on monday. today, quiet, temperatures look at the low 50s, 56 for millville and dover, atlantic city, 56. even the lehigh valley where you picked up 6, 7 inches of snow. 46 degrees in allentown. overnight tonight, temperatures are not dropping off all that much they are staying above freezing everywhere. the melting continues.
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40 in philadelphia. wilmington, 41. dover, 42. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we're well above freezing once again tomorrow. at least in the city. 46 degrees, occasional rain and drizzle, areas of fog, not a nice looking day tomorrow. monday, windy, sunshine, 43. 43 will feel like the upper 20s, low 30s with the winds. valentine's day looks nice, sun and clouds, mild, 48. the only other day we're watching is thursday, another storm runs up the coast, it's way too far away to determine what that will be. it's a big storm and we're watching. a pennsylvania veteran was surprised with a medal he earned more than 70 years ago twiel -- while serving in world war ii, he earned the purple heart and bronze star and philippine
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liberation medal. he was give the third medal during the thursday night ritual calling bingo. >> one man, he thought i was a player or something, we're going to take pictures or something. i didn't know what he was talking about. >> it took more than a year worth back and forth with the philippine embassy in washington, d.c. to get the medal to him. congratulations. by peggy lee playing ] [ goat bleat ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome!
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there's something you need to know about, there's been a data breach similar to the malware attacks that happened at target and home depot. the breach happened between october 25th and january 19. at company owned restaurant and not the franchises. customers are advised to keep an eye on their statements for unauthorized activity. l.l.bean is offering retirement bone uses with the goal of shedding 10% of it's worker force. company leaders say they are taking a ladder look at their generous shipping and return policy. the kellogg company has
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announced it is closing 39 distribution centers from direct store delveries to warehouses. the changes come as kellogg reported a 53 million-dollar loss last quarter. you heard of the mcrib, mcdonald's is testing a new sandwich of get this, snow crab mixed with mayo served with ketchup and late at -- lettuce,f it is a success it could be launched in other restaurants later this year. >> i don't know if we want this. >> it sounds good. how much would you pay for really good cup of coffee? how about $18. >> sounds about right. >> a cafe in brooklyn is
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boasting the brew as the most expensive in the country. not only are people paying that price, it is selling out, believe it or not. the cafe said it cannot keep the 18-dollar cup of coffee in stock. it's ethiopian arabic coffee grown in panama. it's been brewed in a 7,000-dollar coffee maker, called the team punk. >> the people who really wants to go wild and try something special we have that special coffee it's amazing. >> it's very aromatic, fruity, i'm enjoying it. good temperature. >> sorry coffee lovers--
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at perdue, we take some unexpected extra steps to raise
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healthy chickens with no antibiotics ever. for example, thyme. it's part of our 100% veggie diet and helps support their immune system. perdue. over 200 products no antibiotics ever. >> reporter: welcome back, 6:25 saturday morning, we saw snowfall totals, 2 inches. look what happened in maine. 2 feet of snow. hartford, 18 inches of snow. nottingham, new hampshire, 17. they will get another snowstorm sunday into monday. this will be rain for us. we have two systems driving the northern branch of the jet just like that. they merge in the gulf of maine this storm is essentially bombs out. it drops 24 millibars in 24
6:26 am
hours. up in new england it's a blizzard. take a look at this, we'll miss out on this, new england has seen one to two feet, today they will pick up another foot of snow as we head into monday. guys. >> thank you so much for the update. in sports this morning, it's a double header at the wells fargo center, the flyers face off at 1:00 p.m. the sixers tip off in south philly tonight they will be without joel embiid. here's jeff skeverski. >> reporter: joe joe is a no, no again for the 12th time in the last 13 games, could e -- embiid will be out with a bone bruise. putting his participating in the rising stars challenge in doubt. to the ice, the flyers wild
6:27 am
card has slipped and claude giroux pointed the finger at himself saying i need to better starting against san jose. the flyers have lost three straight and scored one goal as far as giroux he has two goals since christmas. >> i have to be better and play up to my standards, right now it's not the case, it's frustrating, you want to do everything you can to help the team and that's not the case right now. >> what stuff hits the fan you have to step forward, i think the biggest term that i continually heard, we, we all got to be able to better. >> after practice yesterday, the flyers hanging out with some big time fans from mcgee rehabilitation, including former directional hockey player pat mccluskey who lost the using of his legs after crash into the
6:28 am
boards 11 years ago. college hoops villanova on the road with xavier. they are on the wildcats tail, they are only a game and a half behind villanova in the standing. jay wright all smiles picking up his 500th career win. leave it to jay to downplay it. he is worried about beating scairver -- xavier, who beat them last year, a record, 500th career win. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a great day. ♪ i don't want to lie down. i refuse to lie down. why suffer? stand up to chronic migraine... with botox®. botox® is the only treatment for chronic migraine
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prison corrections officer who was killed in an inmate standoff will be laid to rest today. >> a police officer was dragged by a driver of an suv. >> plus, donald trump is meeting with the japanese prime minister in florida. >> chris what's going on? >> reporter: as we look live at the camden waterfront. sun officially rising 6:55. sun and clouds, not a bad day, as we head into sunday, here comes the next round of rain.
6:31 am
32 degrees in philadelphia. general everyone north and west, philadelphia is below freezing, be quaifl out there, some of the secondary -- be careful out there, some of the secondary roads could be icy. south and east, above freezing, millville, 38. atlantic city 39. cape may, 37 and dover, checking in at 40. satellite and radar along with action radar, you can see the shield of cloud cover all the way across the ohio valley and the great lake states there's no moisture with it, it's just a whole lot of clouds, that will continue to be the trend today and tomorrow, as we get into monday, we'll see the return of sunshine. the bigger problem on monday would be the gusty winds. today, clouds and sun, that's the call from accuweather, a milder around with a high of 52. looking ahead we have rain chances here, wednesday and thursday, i'll get into that when i come back in just a few minutes. guys? >> thank you so much. happening today, family,
6:32 am
friends and colleagues from all over the area will pay their final respects to a delaware correctional officer who was killed during a prison standoff. >> people gathered last night for visitation service for lieutenant steven floyd in dover. another viewing will be held this morning at 8:00 a.m. funeral services will follow at noon. floyd was killed last week after inmates took him and three others hostage at the vaughn correctional center in smyrna. new this morning, the search is on for a driver who dragged a philadelphia police officer in west philadelphia overnight. police say a ford explorer hit a vehicle at 52nd and market and drove away. an officer later spotted the suv and pulled it over a few blocks away. when the officer approached the vehicle, the driver took off dragging the officer along with it for a short distance. the injured officer was treated for scrapes and bruises at pen
6:33 am
presbyterian. police found the vehicle in the incident, but are looking for the driver who was behind the wheel. cumberland county prosecutor is investigating a police-involved shooting that left a man dead. it started with a foot chase at south and north freemont avenue. one officer shot in the direction of the man running from police. that man died saturday the preliminary investigation find that a weapon was found near where the man was taken into custody. he has not been identified. a new jersey state trooper who shot a man defending his own property will not face any charges. 76-year-old gerald sykes was shot by a trooper in his upper deer field home back in july. the shooting happened after a mistaken 911 call went to his address. sykes thought there were intruders outside the door, but
6:34 am
they were two troopers. the shoorps shot sykes -- the troopers shot sykes, sykes returned fire injuring one of the state troopers. albert boscov has died. he suffered from pancreatic cancer. his department store was founded by his father in reading back in 1914. his sons vow the department stores will carry on as his father would have wanted. he was 87 years old. president trump will meet with japan's prime minister at his club in florida. >> he is responding to the court's decision to uphold the block of his travel ban. >> reporter: president trump is arriving in florida with the winter white house with his guest, the japanese prime minister and his wife.
6:35 am
his travel ban on the seven predominantly muslim countries is still on hold. >> we'll win that battle,. >> reporter: a white house house source said the administration is working on an order related to terror that addressed concerns related by the court. >> we'll be doing something very rapidly having to do with additional security four our country. you will see that sometime next week. >> reporter: after the unanimous appeals court ruling thursday, he seems to be softening his tone. >> we'll allow lots of people into our country that will love our people and do good for our country. always be that way, at least during my administration. i can tell you that. >> reporter: in a surprise move late friday, the 9th circuit court of appeals said it will vote whether to reconsider the ruling with 11 judges instead 3.
6:36 am
any such vote would not happen until next week. chuck severson, abc new york. >> the president is standing behind michael flynn following a bomb shell out of washington. nine current and former government officials told the washington post that flynn discussed u.s. sanctions against russia with a russia's ambassador. flynn claims he has no recollection offing sanctions during their private conversations. it reportedly happened in december after the u.s. i issued sanctions against russia after interfering with the presidential election. protesters greeted betsy devos on her first visit to public schools. they blocked they are entry and
6:37 am
she returned to her car. >> back this philadelphia, district attorney seth williams said he will not seek a third term. williams is being investigated by the fbi for allegedly taking $106,000 in gifts that he failed to report, during a press conference yesterday williams expressed remorse. >> my decision to accept gifts an failed to report much embarrassment shame and adverse publicity to me and unfortunate to the office which i love. >> williams said he will serve out the remaining 11 months of his term. there's an arrest, but still unanswered questions in the murder of a burlington county woman. 53-year-old william jeanette is accused of strangling his girl friend shannon o'rourke.
6:38 am
his arrest stunned neighbors, they awe saw him as fremedly. >> friendly. >> we were hoping it was not him, it will provide some closure. the motive for the killing is still unknown and so is what led police to gennett. >> three people were arrested on drug charges in delaware county after a month long investigation. they were taken into custody when police executed a search warrant at a home in wallingford, yesterday. police say the neighbors were complaining about the property for sometime. detectives found heroin and crack cocaine inside the home. >> a printing mistake may have put him or customers personal information in the wrong handle. is sturdy savings bank which has
6:39 am
locations in cape may county. hundreds ever people may be getting someone else's bank statement in the mail. we've been talking about snow a lot, there is a sign that spring is around the corner. 6 flags great adventure in jackson, new jersey is hiring. they are hosting a job fair with 4,000 jobs up for grabs. it includes ride operators abbey food services jobs. applicants are asked to apply online at 6 flags before heading to the park. 6 flags open april 1. >> that means spring is on the way. >> reporter: it's 6:40 here. much more to come on "action news" this morning. he's back from retirement and squaring off with some of the world's most dangerous killers.
6:40 am
a home is in ruins after a wall of mud ran into it in washington state. chris sowers will have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment.
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a man was rescued from a
6:43 am
mudslide in reno, nevada. the reporter called 911 and got to them just in time. a mudslide destroyed a home in washington state. several feet of mud along with branches slammed into al welch's home. >> it pushed the corner out and the window out and came in through the door. >> welch is under employed and waiting for work before getting homeowners insurance. he said he will rebuilt when he gets the money. he is glad who was in the home at the time is okay. >> wow, good for him. we are not talking flooding, but we're talking a change in weather. >> reporter: the weather has been crazy out there, they went five years without getting any rain and having a huge drought. now some of the same areas picked up enough rain that's a typical average in three years. it's crazy winter they've had
6:44 am
out there. for snow lovers you may get a taste of it on thursday, and more as we head into next week, but nothing in the foreseeable future. beautiful shot of the atlantic city skyline. that would be the flavor of today. cloud skies and milder temperatures. you see 32, you can add 20 to that. way above seasonal averages. 54 degrees monday. tuesday, 62. wednesday, 66 degrees, very mild day, some areas on wednesday actually climbed all the way up to 70 degrees they had 6 or 7 record highs unbelievable. the next day here comes the snow, 48 occurs after midnight. the daytime highs were around freezing and yesterday we topped out at 34. 32 in philadelphia. dewpoint, 24. winds out of the east at 3 miles per hour. temperatures are way below
6:45 am
freezing north and west. mid 20s generally for the lehigh valley and the far western suburbs and same thing for camden and burlington counties in south jersey, glass borough is showing 28. everybody else south and east of there is above freezing. from this point north and west, we have a concern for slick spots. there were icy patches out there, temperatures in the 20s, more importantly it's black ice that's the kind of of ice appears it is wet you get on its a complete glaze, be very, very careful on the secondary roads and sidewalks. that's mainly north and west of philadelphia. satellite and radar, nothing going on, just a lot of cloud cover. future tracker 6 shows sunshine expected that will get the temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow, light rain breaking out north and west in the lehigh valley, in the poconos it could be sleet and freezing rain.
6:46 am
this is a cold rain, temperatures in the mid 40s, some of the rain will be steady to occasionally heavy at times. that will continue through the afternoon. we have a winter weather advisory up for the poconos for the combination of sleet and freezing rain. we could have treacherous traveling conditions for the higher elevations. that's way north and west of the city of philadelphia. then we get into monday, that storm that brings the wintry mix up here tomorrow, that storm bombs out across new england it rapidly intensifies on the back end. we get the winds gusting anywhere from 45 to 55 miles per hour. today is nice and quiet all considering. clouds and sun, mild, 52 degrees is the forecasted high. you can see a combination of sun and clouds. actually it's more clouds than sun. 50 degrees by 3:00 p.m., 5:00 p.m., 49. overnight tonight, the numbers stay above freezing, the melting continues. 33 degrees in reading and allentown. 40 degrees in center city.
6:47 am
the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, it's not too bad today, 52, ciefer -- kind of miserable tomorrow, areas of rain and drizzle, fog, 46. monday, windy with sunshine, 43 will feel like the upper 20s and low 30s. valentine's day 38. the only thing to watch the potential storm 40 degrees is the forecasted high. watching thursday. right now some of the models have a miss, others have snow and rain. >> i like the miss model. i would like to remind you can get the seven-day forecast and check radar at any time of the day by going to our website tesla's model s is officially the world's biggest car. motor trend puts the car to the test, it jumps from a dead stop to 60 miles per hour in 2.28 seconds. that is faster than any other treat legal car.
6:48 am
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our people scene, shia labeouf anti-trump live stream has been shut down. he was performing in new york, since donald trump took office three weeks ago. the pews seem shut it down citing public safety hazard. he was performing he will not divide for four years. there's a number of choices at the theaters this week, david daniel has a look at what's new at the box office. >> it must be great to be batman. >> reporter: the dark knight
6:51 am
gets his own toy base spin i don't have with his lego movie. the original opened with $69 million and analysts expect lego to debut almost as well leading the box office. >> you have to be quicker than that. >> reporter: kristin and an tabor i can't return with 50 shades darker. it should open in second place. >> somebody please get this man a gun. >> reporter: the weekend's final follow-up is john wick chrpt -- chapter ii. joshua reavus is expected to
6:52 am
open at $20 million. in hollywood i'm david daniel. >> [car engine failing to start] [clicking of ignition] uh-- wha-- woof!
6:53 am
eeh-- woof! wuh-- [silence] [engine roars to life] [dog howls] ♪ dramatic opera music swells from radio ♪ [howling continues]
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should see enough sun today to get up to 50. shooting for a comfortable high of 53. we'll have problems with the winds on monday and our next concern will be for thursday. here's philadelphia, we have two areas of low pressure, one through here and skirting across like this and the other one coming up the coast. the question is where do they
6:55 am
come together. if they come together off the coast, it's a hit. that will be big problems. if it comes together in the gulf of maine, it's a miss. the odds are favoring the miss 60 to 40. we'll have to watch this, part of the reason i'm talking about it on saturday, if this comes together here, it's a big, big storm. thursday is the day to watch, right now the models are suggesting a miss, but it's a close call. if you need art for your home but can't afford a pricey master piece, here's something that can fit into your pocketbook. >> reporter: why not try this solution that will spice up your space for 30 bucks. we're creating a giant mural using engineer prints a fairly simple process, engineer prints are used by architects and
6:56 am
builders, but you can have any picture made into an engineer print at your local copy center. we took a butterflies and cut it up into three equal parts it will allow us to blow up each part into an engineer print so it can be really, really large. we're rolling it up from the floor to the ceiling. we're customizing it with color and chalk. all we're doing is working on the picture and choosing areas to add pop to, areas we want to highlight. >> blends it with your finger tips. >> reporter: a high end piece of art this size cost five to $700. we created a custom piece of art for 28 bucks.
6:57 am
for more ideas go to live well network/knock it off. >> a mystery was uncovered during a renovation at a wisconsin hotel. a mural was found drawn on a wall behind a painting in room 310 of the copper leaf hotel. it was drawn right on the wall of the suite. >> we're hearing the thing that artists do do this and take down artwork in hotels or mirrors or head boards or things like this. >> the drywall has been cut to preserve the i illustration. it was dated 2009 and signed with the initial a and a with a heart in between. the hotel owners hope the artists will come forward. for now, the hotel plans to find a way to display the art and share the story. it is not encouragedded, --
6:58 am
encouraged i guess. >> you should not destroy property. we have more stories we're working on for you, there's new findings for women giving birth, you may be able to to have ice chips during delivery. >> the efforts to help a chicken born with an odd abnormality. we'll have more on huey the chicken. those stories and more when "action news" continues in just a moment. looking forward to it. yself who? it does start on the inside. your best starts inside. that's why every cup of activia yogurt is made with billions of our exclusive probiotic to help care for what's inside. activia. it starts inside.
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>> a pleasant good morning to you, 7:00 a.m., saturday, february 11 i'm gray hall alongside jeanette reyes. here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." final respects for a delaware corrections officer killed during a prison uprising. lieutenant steven floyd will be laid to rest today. >> a man is rushed to the hospital after he was shot at least 6 times. plus, a weekend mixture, we're enjoying much milder temperatures, but tracking the return of rain. meteorologist chris sowers is outside, with the accuweather forecast. you're not shivering, right? >> reporter: temperatures are below freezing, but we've lost the wind that we had in the last 48 hours that put windchills in the


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