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tv   World News Now  ABC  February 13, 2017 3:00am-3:50am EST

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this morning on "world news now" breaking right evacuations under california. >>dreds of thousands of people urge bracing for more parts of the northeast getting hit with another winter storm. foot expected ins, we're tracking i a newtest fle oo prime japan. and's awar mm powerful performances and plenty of tributes. the big winners and the red carpet glitz and glamour on this monday february 13th. from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to everybody, onsat ama the grammys. so many won >>e tv and i mean to mess up again, can we start over? >> are you pulling an adele? >> from abc this is "wor all over again.formans we andhaps. >> and everything everyone's talking about. >> yes. top story is breaking news mandatorycuations below tallest dam.
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>>r off theps any mome the main spillway was damaged by heavy rain. if therelease uncontrolled flood waters on towns below the dam. >> the state operationr is that situation right now as residentsroads,sooms as far as s 6 m insay mane and dau used a rescue. both drivers h try to acurrent.o serious injuries. meanwhile, new england, conditionsno isastern seaboardm virginia north. >> yeah. more snow is expected to arrive overnight, and you can see why. this is a scene there above schools in boston and other communities closed for business see the storm over upstate new york and new england as well. >> reporter: that new winter blast slamming the northeast. 50 million in the path of a growing storm. some in bracing for blizzard conditions.s working overtime. snow covered streets making travel treacherous. already, schools cancelled in
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boston. the mayor there telling ers to stay off the roads.take thisnarled, too. 1400 flights delayed and 800 more can tarmac for two hours to get can see rain arch for a o his father who is in the hospital. >> snow mobile disappeared. >> rep outgain. monday. bl in maine and high winds all the way down through wash gonls? twotcross ands a w itavy we winds, you can bet there's going to be power out day. newsmassachusetts. >> should mention winds have caused a lot of power outages in the washington, d.c. area and people spent the night in the dark. let's get the latest forecast now from >>morn in g,sstor the coastline bringing blizzard-like conditions in northern new england and blowing snow. snowfall in the today. northern new england about two feet of snow in portland and bangor and on top of that, blustery winds stretching all the way down to the d.c. area. in the south, a separate storm
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system bringing rain in texas today, and out west from the pacific northwoolent k to long range ballistic missile, a violation of the resolutions. japanescanada'sministerpr women in the workplace. they are participating in a white house round table discussion organized by the president's daughter focusing on bolstering the number of women in the workplace and addressing barriers facing female entrepreneurs. today, the senate is expected to vote on two more potential members of president trump's cabinet. senators will decide whetherconfirm banker steve minuchen and shulkin. steven charged with fore closing 50,000 homes. another facing scrutiny after voter fraud in new hampshire but offering no proof.
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>> throwing fresh fuel on a fire storm of controversy feeding into the larger issue of illegal immigration. >> reporter: the trump team doubling down on more unproven claims of massive voter fraud. >> voter fraud is a serious problem in the country. >> reporter: steven miller telling george on this week that trump narrowly lost in new hampshire due to illegal voters. >> i can tell you this issue of bussing voters into new hampshire is wnown for anyone working in new hampshire it's real it's >> you claimed again there was illega voting in new hampshire. do you hce? >> george go to new hampshire, talk to anyone working politics there for a long everybody's aware of the problem >> if issualkeven? i >>op operative who worked forntwan it ca pr miller repeating other in two whore >> rep o vection sttest immigration b nats o in the agents conduct a series of raids aimed at rounding up people who are in
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hundreds of p across seven states but immigration officia inzest they are routine and targeted arrested under president obama. south of the border 20,000 people marched to demand respect for their country and my grants here in the united states. the marchers protested plans for a wall and increased deportation of immigrants. calm returned to greece's second largest city after the discovery of a 70-year-old unexploded bomb under a gas station. the american-made device forced evacuate yesterday. it was defused and moving to droppn nazi occupation of greece in world war ii. the university of connecticut women's basketball team. >> the traight win hosting sou99 cameoint win over smt t91st victory. tonipn2, a man sui servigce thed baby bump.ultiess p pleut
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you kendis breathing. >> it was
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>> that's bruno mars and good time with a f tky good. >> very, very good. there was also another emotional had a- ♪ h ♪ >> reporter: adel and beyonceage. "hello again. >> i know it's i'm sorry. i can't do it again like last year. i'm sorry for starting again. can we please start it again. i'm sorry, i can't mess this up him. ♪or education ♪ behindter: the cro her the entireloutll hailunt. on. by the way queen bee ditched co party night major by keys. per winning best nd dad for the n started with ening two categories that sound like the same thing. album of the year for 25 and record of the year f hello,
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bowing down to the queen. >> my idol is dor you, you move my soul every single day, and you have for 17 years, i adore yo and i want you to be my want her to be mommy. >> like we all do that, but to see s priceless. who won five grammys on the night. what an amazingshow. favorite moment? >> the bruno mars prince tribute.eup.performance, and so many problems throughout. in the next half hour the grammys were not the only big award show this weekend. the big winners at the baftas. first, one woman's warning after nearly tricked into giving away thousands in an online dating scam. you're watching "world news now." digestive issues. i'm joy bauer, and as a nutritionist i know probiotics can often help. but many probiotics do not survive your stomach's harsh environment. digestive advantage is different.otein shell is tougher than your stomach's harsh environment, imes better than the leading
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probiotic, to get where you need it most. get the digestive advantage, and enjoy living well. ,$8drwleinshopping to do.
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amorncans hunf ousandollars a hrythlse s h and baby to come and be we're get marry rigbefrie w be an army online meo asked her to pay for w honora of $3400. that was her red flag. her sweet heart was a scammer. foreign criminals use imaate a fal s a says scams like this cost victims an average of pay attention to addresses. military has addrees they c write letrsne criminals cheatedtims these. i abc news new york.oney. always giv e inight. oh you lost your fortune? >> no. >> no? that's n matters of t loving them ce on. >> for the size of their bank accounts. let's net get it twisted. lulu's hailoats. uhh help me! (doorbell) mom, check this out. wow. swiffer sweeper, and dusters. this is what i'm talking about. look at that.
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one pill fights congestion for 12 hours. guess i won't wh 4 hoursen just one mucinexoo sll. (coughs) cough doesn't sound so gin 4 hours when youd this. monday mix. >> $100,0 blueberries.e stole these blur berries, i don't know how, and the hamilton police are asking for them back. it happened on p. and 11:30. they took a commercial truck and trailer and drove off. found the truck, no trailer or blueberries. if you have seen the blueberries -- >> if you see anyone with blue
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fingers. footage emerged of shoveling. take this is what wasstorm. mother nature and it's tough t in does. who needed fanc youalk anir ho shoveling got doechbne. this story, come on, cheating blaming tipping his wife off cheating. he once logged on from his wife's phone, logged off, but the app sent messages about ride locations andf. this newspaper, a cheatersout there, heads up, don't do this.yied out the exggedhe app s you have to new update fixing it for the iphone. >> if you're going to least get the new don't tattle on yourself. >> don't use somebody else's phone if you're going to spoiled mop key. this is java when they stop combing, like all right, bring me more. she has her fur looking perfect, as you can see, and why she insists on the highest standard of p it's -- feel se
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ning on "w news now," president trump is back in washington after spend weekend in florida with the prime minister of japan. a hostile act by north korea overilure of the count rescues on the west coast as heavy rains trigger flash floods new this half hour, a mass uation in o of a world wale to take cover, board busses, and town. what was found, >> sin thnigheyonde's p with her bump, what? the weird, the whacky on the red carpal tunnel on monday, february 13th. ♪ ♪ ld news now." after spt his >> it was the second trip to the
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vacation th a wee japanese prime minister abe ballistic missile into the sea of japan. abc's david wright with what we are learning sealed by a north korean istic mie. unde th america stands behin's first missile test since president p took office launched in the sea of japan just as trump wn to dinner with his japanese counter part. the missile posed no threat to the u.s., but it was a crucial a post ward war ii treaty trump rail against on the campaign trail. >> you have the maniac in north a, if he acts ba >> ridate trump accused japan off the s.ho is now turning attention back to the targeted travel ban intent on rescuing the policy one way wr or perhaps do that, we reporter: the administration doesn't want t>> we capuable.eportele for the initial policynd madth the executive order.
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>>, great job. these are the defendantsnot in ig presid mccar s wapress se honkinthe products from the briefing room >> and reporter: the prime minister of canada set to visit he's been pretty pointed about the fact canada takes a welcoming approach to immigrants and refugees. later this week, you have the prime minister of israel coming. benjamin netanyahu's visit sure to put a big focus on middle east policy. david wright, abc news, palm beach.syr peoplnia. out of their hom is now faing andould u the main b sllit anyway to relea firefighters sprang into act >> cars swept away while crossing a road. tefohi >> vehicle trapped in water withiver insid dri swept a>> reporter:l rushing water sh into a wall and pu downstream.ely
3:19 am
r: experience for this 81-year-old swept away in six feet deep fast moving flood water near sacramento hanging on to a branch until the california ushes in. this rescuer lowered into the water, struggling to keep head above the surface as he's secured and gives a siing on tiger above. >> if we were not there within a matter of minutes, the worst could the northeast today, particularly new i think lap. the snow started in the afternoon, but overnight, expect strong winds and another blast of snow. >> boston and other ancell cam tran at the national forecast. cam?ing, eva, kendis. england thanks to the powerful nor'easter. we have blizzard-like conditions in northern new england and gusts over 50 miles per heavy snowfall as well, and es will see 6-12 inches of snowfall in northern new england, portland to bangor, 2 feet of snoefl.ll lar the fda iswhethe the plane wao ion bow melting chinved ou abundance of caution a minutes.
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switching gears to a special mom from utah who dressed in ot miss t on spec liscleol boyvent. >> whitney, a single mom, 5-year-old son lucas. dad and do day. she shared this on facebook, already, as you can understand, racked thousands of comments and tens of thousands of likes. it's great. >> so many single moms out there relating to her in that situation. big moments from last night's grammys. where itui control.> "world news now" weather
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this big plume of black smoke is from a boat fire. that. witnesses boat t in oklahoma, crews used t oklahoma city.dis injuries homes. the cause of the fire is under 70,000 residents of a city. >> ordering emergency evacuationafter a massive bomb from the world war i, was dried under atation thousands to leave immediately. busthhed during excavation , bomb d dedes agjust bore all ams are on ork g it in just 30 minute fo the largest evacuation in greece since the end of the war. this 86-year-old resident, that hembin the allies showered this part of southern gre nazi
3:23 am
occupation. officials hail abc news, london. well, when we come back, the grammy moment that brought beyonce to tears. >> who had a flash with them at the big show? more than one person. the skinny and a bonus round next. ves megared omega-3s... but did you urred advanced 4in1... just one sel delivers of two ared
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ot.r a good --s.>> half beca and gentlemen.brhe'sant with it was the trust fall seen around the world chair going back. and then sann't exactl two children. people were e care it was fabulous, look at the, they are alld, >> jason saying good-bye, the queen has spoken, bow down. . >> a >> she's so cute. so little -- beyonce accep award there looby. >> hh,bsolutely. she was in t. speaking ostopped
3:25 am
the show. >> yea i know it's live tv, i'mwearing and i'm sorry.mess this up.i'm y. sho de the beginning all over ain.r, her performance was a little off key blam problem, but she sounded the same when she restarted it over the first time. that was the only half as bad the second time. i fe like you sing note and fix it the ne but, you know, peopl mixed reactions.on album oyoe recof the should have won for at least onear, gi performanc was not happy about was som there's some people hoping thece did not work for the entire session. >> you couldn't hear him. >> yes. >> it's supposed to be and you can't hear the actual
3:26 am
guy in the band. >> rihanna was my favorite. i'm going with her. while she lookedpet,in she came equipped for night. seemed as if she was doing a drinking game every time she'd lose, break out the flask. let's do it. wo't imagine she's the 's sharing. >> sharing is caring. >> yes. then there was some unusual outfits. >> iwars. he's always dressed crazy, right? >> yeah. interesting. then there was also this person who walked the red carpet in a make america great trump dress there. jennifer lopez looking amazing >> i don't know how i feel about that a bow. >> it's got to always. ryth place at the grammys, we have a bonus round. >> what? >> your first bonus round. >> never seen one. >> wait until you see it.
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heartburn with fast- acting, long-lasting gaviscon. bonus time. grammys were not the only big award show. in london, they have the baftas, as big as the oscars.nce william and duchess kate, in mcqueen. >> of course. it's an early coronation for lala land. it took best picture. they are seen of an indicator who wins at hollywood academy weeks from now on abc hosted by jimmy kimmel. >> teasing the network? >> yeah, uh-huh.>> if you missed this you were super lucky, surprise pers at the mall of america. >> yes. recognize these fellas? biyz ii men kicking off the celebrn.
3:30 am
adoring fans were there treated to the hits like mo-town philly and i'll make love to you. >> is that appropriate for a >> it's valentine's day. give out roses. >> oh. >> mall of america opened in august 1992, and, of course, >> middle school dance, i remember. >> end of the road -- >> first slow dance to end of the road. >> thank god it was not the other song. >> they would not play that. >> let's hope not. on the fifth anniversary of whitney houston's death -- >> this video begins in her kitchen where she cranks it up with houston's i'm every woman. >> listen in. >> not a bad impersonation, even her son and her husband, rustle
3:31 am
westbrook, of course. good moves. >> surprised how much she's moving. i ca >> but >> this is how moves li now" informing insomniacs fo two decades.decades.
3:32 am
making news in america t on the damag after toosnow and rain in expanding no idea retu after a weekend in florida and facing n korean missile test. expect tough questions today as a anms of fraud. time th stuns as adele dominates arammys and t tribute that caught everyone by surprise. >> sorry.
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