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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  February 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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norristown and was informed the investigation when he was put on leave he is held on $7-50,000 bail tonight. and the claims came to light months ago but it wasn't until the lehigh county da started to investigate that the teacher decided to step down. walter perez is live at whitehall high school with the details. >> reporter: hey guyses you know this investigation is in its infancy despite the fact that the teacher was suspended three months ago, but those that know the details are absolutely outraged but a teacher would rather resign than submit to the year long process of termination. the school board accepted his resignation earlier this week but the 29-year-old now former music teacher's problems are far
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from over. originally he was suspended by the school district last object. after being accused of inappropriate contact with the high school. and it's not long before the case found its way to the da's office that since launcheded an informal investigation. and no charges are filed again him and the content of the exchanges between him and the students involved are not yet released but some members of the local school board make no bones of their view of the resolution. i never want to see this guy teaching in any school district ever again and reaching out to the district attorney ez office to make sure there are charges against him. including texting and emails and snap chat exchanges. but there is no evidence that anything physical cured. >> i think that teacher i am
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realizing i thought he was a cool teacher and did his job and a good teacher to hear something like that was shocking. >> my kids when kindergarten to 12th grade in whitehall it's sad. >> and he was a teacher at a local church and school officials are contacted the church officials to let them know about the allegations. reporting live walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> all right developing news now fast food executive andrew pusner redrew from consideration. citing hi employment of an undocumented worker and his history of demostic abuse allegations as red flags, he was denied wrongdoing and today took to twitter making announcements
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official that he was honored to have been considered. in washington president trump made a public of about face of a cornerstone of israel and palestine easing up on a two state deal. vernon odom is live with the reaction. >> reporter: good evening monica, the palestinians and the israeli, often at violent logger heads since the late 40s with president trump be able to broker a lasting solution? >> israeli prime minister netanyahu back at the white house with a new sheriff at the helm. confident that his relationship with president trump will be far better than the ice cold two term standoff with president the example the long sought dream of a solution between israel and the palestinians and
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the one and two state. >> i like the one that both parties like. i can live with either one. >> the persistent refusal that recognize the jewish state that is the reason we don't have peace. >> and different takes from the news conference from activists. a strong rebuke from palestinian born novelist, saying a two state solution is dead in the water any way. >> and donald trump made it clear that u.s. doesn't have fixed policy except to allow free rain to israe pleases. >> and the first netanyahu president conference is seen by the jewish leader of philadelphia a positive start. >> i am heartened by the fact that we are connecting israel
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with peace whether or not it's a one or two state solution is not something i can analyze. >> monica i'll be back in the 6:00 edition of "action news" with more reaction and analysis from our two local activists on the palestinian israeli issue. live in northeast philadelphia, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you vernon. today president trump also lashed out from a report of "the new york times" detailing can't between members of his campaign and russian intelligence officials. the report came hours after the resignation after trump's former national security geyser michael flynn over similar allegations. >> philadelphia police say that armed robberies at a bank and a laundry mat less thank two miles apart are connected. and now they are trying to track down the three alleged thieves.
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police say that the same man robbed long's laundry matt over the weekend and the suspects are credited armed and dangerous. the i.ey event in pleasantville held in honor of black history month. parents and teachers walked asking the community to support their education. and this year's theme was education this means war. philadelphia is losing a little bit of love but just for a few months. the iconic love statue is about to get tlc of its own before returning home. gray hall is live near dillworth park with the story. >> reporter: hi monica, people coming to center city may be wonder where is the love? thankfully the move is only
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temporary and the love will return by the summer. since 1976 love is on display in philadelphia with the iconic love sculpt tour, a day after valentines day crews start to take the love away from dillworth park, where it has been for a year. it's home is across the street at love park that is being renovated. >> it makes me love philadelphia more and it's part of it for brotherly love. >> representing love and peace in philadelphia. >> the feeling you get from happiness from people standing under the word love. it means what it is love. >> it took crews a couple of hours to remove the 600 pound sculpture and the city understands it will be missed but the sculpture needed tlc because people show too much love. >> they scratch their initials into it and graffiti and
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stickers and all of that takes its told. >> and they will repair it and use a more durable paint. the last time it was refurbished was 1998 and many saw the love leave they were sad but they promise the love will return. >> the city and country need more love. absolutely. this country is so divided. i hope that soon god or the people see the light of day and start loving one another again. because we need it. >> reporter: all right so back out live, if you wonder about the cost to repair love, it's about $50,000 that includes transportation but the good news is love will return this summer back in love park. live in center city, gray hall, channel 6 "action news.." >> all right thank you. wednesday night and let get a check of your "action news" traffic report. taking it live to matt pellman, how are you tonight? >> we are not doing
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though, those on the move in south philadelphia and signs of problems, there are flashing lights because of an accident from a ramp on broad street on the northbound lanes of 95, the accident and attraction it's causing is causing slowing as with you come north of the airport speeds in the 30s from the scene up near broad street but onchuylkill expressway westbound at south that has cleared. we have the downed pole and wires in chester blocking 320 and there is also an accident in minquadale, delaware at 13 at rogers road and slowing at the southbound lanes of 95, stim with 495 southbound with speeds in the 60s instead. and bitter news in gloucester county, the crash closing delsy drive is gone. go ahead and use that. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. more ahead on "action news" at 5:00. a warning from consumer reports
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about alternatives to hearing aids and ali gorman tells us why spending more could save you more in the long run. and the cause that brought the actor in front of a national committee today. and the colder winds bringing a sprinkle or flurry and we are talking about windchills and near record highs in the matter of days in accuweather. d
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actor ashton kutcher testified on capitol hill for efforts on ending modern slavery, he talked about the company he cofounded that created software to fight human trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children. kuch ever is the father of tand their right to pursue happiness. and the actor shared stories of his travels to save young trafficking victims. and you have seen the ads on late night tv devices for hearing loss. but do they actually work? ali gorman is here with new advice from consumer reports. >> if you have problems hearing, it's tempting to buy something
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that is a quick fix. especially because prescription hearing aids are rarely covered by insurance, and some cheaper options are sold in drug stores and online and consumer reports say beware some can do more harm than good. >> having trouble following conversations at a noisy restaurant straining to hear a co-worker in a cafeteria and consumer reports looks at sound amplifiers, cheaper alternatives. most of them are a fraction of the price of prescription hearing aides and some app if iers cost less than $50. and consumer reports says be careful with penny safer models. >> we found that cheap ones are not that effective with helping people with hearing loss and they would potentially damage people's hearing further like overamplifying loud sounds like
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a siren for instance. >> this sounds world solution 50 plus did a little better but it's complicated. when tested in a lab by a professional hearing aid researcher, both showed promise with a mild to moderate hearing loss and protected against over amplify case of loud sounds. >> consumer reports says that some amplifiers may be worth a try but check the return policy before you buy. and the best thing you do is see a hearing specialist first for a full exam. about 36 million americans, have some form of hearing loss and there are many different types and amplifying sound won't help all of them.
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monica back to you. >> thank you. a new nationwide health initiative has given philadelphia high marks for qual of life. the city health initiative raided the country's 40 largest cities and the philadelphia got a silver medal and the city earned high marks for transition and safety and healthy food accessible. and they cited the alcohol and food sales for area of improvement. only five cities were rated higher, boston, new york, washington, d.c. and chicago and los angeles. coming up tonight on "action news" at 11:00 a "action news" viewer is back from the trip of a lifetime. here is nydia han with a preview. >> a big part of our troubleshooting is done by our call to action volunteers not only did they get the canceled trip reinstated but turned it into a top notch luxury
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vacation. >> an amazing group of volunteers, hats off to each and everyone of them. i love them. >> find out how the "action news" troubleshooters solved this one, a happy ending bus news you can use.
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from our delaware newsroom tonight a lot of excitement at newark high school today. when legendry boxer, roy jones jr. stopped by to talk to members of the football team and he honor aid special request from players because his theme song is his own song, can't be touched. the 48-year-old boxing champ is in philadelphia because he will face bobby gun-for the cruiser weight championship. e departments will nship and beginning next month. it meets once a week for the next 10 weeks. >> we need to have -- to be a positive influence on people and let them know why we do what we do. we need the positive bonds and
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to build bridges with our residents. the sessions begin march 15 and and if you are interested apply online at >> the countdown is on to hollywood's biggest night and the oscars are less than two wreaks away and the foundry is ork getting the stars of the night ready, the oscar statuettes. the awards are cast in bronze and sanded and buffed the coated in 24 karat gold. they look like the first oscars awarded in 1929 we are the home for the oscar telecast. right here on channel 6 "action news" february 29 and. you'll get a chance to see garth brooks return to philadelphia. the last time he played in philly was back in 1998 here is he is with wife, tricia
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yearwood, he returned in 2001 for welcome america to focus on his family. next month, brooks and od will be able to play four shows at center. >> phill wrap for not being a country music town but this tun knows its country music very, very well and the sweetest people to play for and they sing sing sing. it's going to be fun. >> three shows ared out and tickets for the fourth one on march 26th go on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00. >> terrific. still ahead a check of the forecast for you. looking live outside philadelphia international airport a nice evening at the airport. and we have the check of the accuweather forecast hopefully the nice weather continues, we'll check with add emwhen we come right back.
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time nor accuweather atting "action news" big board. adam joseph is in for cecily tynan. >> tomorrow a bump in the road with the winter winds around and today temperatures 9 degrees above normal. we hit 53 this afternoon before the colder winds came in and brought sprinkles and a couple of wet snowflakes across the area and we are still hugging the coast here with a little bit of green in the form of some
5:26 pm
lighter rain showers. at times you mix in snowfl[ake or t about off the coast and we are dealing with snow showers north of the lehigh valley and you can see here it's drying and that is the trend as we go into the overnight hours and the clouds are also part ways, a little bit later on tonight. winds are picking up and wind speeds and wind gusts over 30 miles per hour. and lancaster, last hour was 40 miles per hour. and 36 in dover and these winds will even turn stronger as we get into the day on thursday before they ease as the end of the week. the chills they coming down into the 20s right now north and west. still holding on to the 30s from trenton to philadelphia and wilmington to the shore. but even there the numbers are falling back into the teens on . satellite and rittered with t it's off the coast and developing a pretty big storm for central and northern parts of new england
5:27 pm
where they will beng snow in the form of a foot or so for parts of that area while we miss out on another new england storm. partly cloudy and 26 and 28 in wilmington and 26 in millville and 32 for cape may and the wins at times gusting to 40 during the day tomorrow. and windchillsmidmorning only id going into the upper 20s and despite tomorrow's high it should be around 39 or 40 degrees, it's going feel like the 20s the entire day. then on friday southerly winds start to take over and we get back up to 44 for the high during the week and you can see thng in the wings and that pushes to the north here for the weekend. so the five-day am 5:00 forecast, windy and cold tomorrow, feeling like the 20s and back to normal on friday and partly sunny and the weekend winner. 60 degrees on saturday with high clouds and near record highs on sunday and 65 and the record is
5:28 pm
68 doctors and e holiday on monday, a lot of sunshine and a high of 60 degrees, the numbers close to 21 degrees above normal. we'll let you know if it lingers into the next week. >> fingers crossed adam. quick break and we'll be right back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. pressure is increasing on it's trump administration and the president himself to explain its ties to russia in the wake of the region nation of national security adviser michael flynn. and what detectives are saying tonight. e sure that riders the extra watch win using trains, and buses and trolleys. and now the details, president trump is lashing out at a baltimore shell report that members of his campaign had repeated contact with russian
5:31 pm
officials before he was elected and this comes after the resignation of his national security adviser, michael kenneth moton is live in washington with more. >> reporter: good evening, rick an incredible moment at the white house today. president trump did not get one comment about the news report he did not address the content but called out the leaks by the media. >> and "the new report that peo outside of his campaign had repeated contact with russian officials. >> people are trying to cover up for a terrible loss that the democrats had under hillary clinton. >> the times report did not say that they knew they were talking to russian officials. and they did not say in cooperated with the hack of the daemz or anying to do with it.
5:32 pm
on exnational security adviser, michael flynn that discusses sanctions with the russian ambassador they said he resigned because of an erosion of trust. >> i think it's very, very unfair what happened to general flynn and the way he was treated and the documents and paper that was illegally leaked. i stress that. illegally leaked. >> partys on both sides are calling for an independent investigation. >> nonpartisan commission outside with subpoena power to find the truth. >> if there is contact between the trump campaign and russian intelligence officials outside of the norm that is not only big league bad it's a game changer. >> as outrage grows, republicans and democrats have introduced a bill that would make it tougher to pull back sanctions against
5:33 pm
russia. kenneth moton channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. we are learning more about the russian spy ship that is quote, loitering in international waters off the east coast. within the past 24 hours, the ship passed delaware and has arrived just southeast of montalk, long island. i detected in the mid atlantic. it made two previous trips use the same route in 2014 and 2015 and the department of defense tells "action news" that they are not concerned with the ship's current moms because the ship is not in u.s. territory. and world news tonight with david muir has more on the russian spy ship and the fallout with the recent revelations with russia and adviser flyn all that on "action news" at 6:00.
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and a boy is dead and philadelphia police are trying to find out who pulled the trigger and why. chopper 6 hd was over the scene of the 1500 block of ban croft street and they found the victim with two bullet wounds to the back and the teen was rushed to the hospital but did not survive his injuries. and police areooking for a man that fired a shot outside of the house on caster after enough, they do not believe anyone was hurt and investigators think that suspect was aiming for three men in particular and eventually left the building without contacting police. a long time defense attorney is now convicted of raping a client when she was unk. a montgomery county jury found him guilty today. the 57-year-old took the stand in his own defense and maintains that the encounter with the
5:35 pm
22-year-old woman was concsens l consensual. and she told the jury she believed she was drugged. the u.s. marshal service has captured two fugitives in philadelphia and that is thanks to tips from 6 abc viewers, photos of more than 30 suspects are featured at and you can see the photos of the men and women on the run. there say reward for tips that lead to an arrest. and someone fired a deadly weapon toward customers standing in line at a food truck in pennsville township. police say that a pellet from an air riflele powerful enough to pierce the skin flew at the trailer. they found the pellet lodged in the food truck and believe it came from a car at the nearby traffic light. and many folks simply don't
5:36 pm
pay ahe soundings and they are rolling out the< campaign to always lore they step. annie mccormick shows us. >> septa calls this a safety blitz this is people that greeted riders during the morning rush hour at thed trans, handing out pamphlets people started to step off the platforms or close to the edge on the yellow line and we want to warn people to pay ita tension to where you are. >> a man here distracted by his cell phone fell on the tracks and luckily is he okay. >> and this man walked off the
5:37 pm
cecil be moore station. and he was okay too. >> i look up. every 5 seconds look up. >> have you a system. >> i keep it low so i can hear the outside plus the music but i recommend at least taking one ear bud out. >> we checked in with riders and the teens said that they are pros at multitasking. but others say they see people distracted on the trains and buses all the time. >> someone walking and almost falling down the steps looking at their phone, all kinds of stupid stuff that is on them. >> it wakes people up to oh my gosh that could be me because my head is buried into my phone. >> this is the first one in 2017. reporting in frankford. channel 6 "action news." >> a popular trade school in delaware county is doubling down on its efforts to find jobs for
5:38 pm
the students, that was the goal of this career fair at the william son college of the trades in media, today. representatives from 90 companies arrived on campus to meet with the seniors and past graduates and organizers say that thanks to an improve economy students with trade skills lime carpentry are in big demand these days. time for a check of the traffic out there. >> traffic was fair on the schuylkill here in king of prussia. and then it wasn't. a vehicle flipped over here in the eastbound lanes right by 202 but as is often the case crews got out of here quickly and uprighted it and towed it away and all that is left is a police officer on the shoulder. at 422 and 1222. we are still recovering at 4 miles per hour as you use the on
5:39 pm
ramp to get on the eastbound side of the schuylkill and that put extra traffic on the eastbound turnpike. normal westbound slowing on 422 and further west in pottstown a crash at arm and hammer boulevard taking out the right lane, speeds in the 30s as you travel westbound through the pottstown area, crash on 95 by northbound is gone and plenty of slowing by the ben franklin bridge and this is 95 in delco and i want to point out here. now shut down indefinitely a contractor is work on the overpass and accidentally cut through and damaged a support beam. this is a big problem in delco, and chichester avenue, the way to get around it blue ball avenue now shut down indefinitely. still on "action news" a bicyclist didn't take the advice of others, we'll show you his incredibly close call with a
5:40 pm
speeding train. and the phillies continue to shake off the rust in clearwater and we'll head to florida and ducis rogers live in spring training. >> you may have noticed the winds whipping outside and the winds in the northwesterly direct and we talk about a big turn around in the weather department in the accuweather forecast. >> when "action news" comes right back. stay smart around the boat ramp.
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incredible video out of australia, a train driver nearly missed a motorcycle right there, a motorcyclist was on the tracks, check that out. the rider bailed out at the last second and caught on the train's front camera, the rider was with a group seen off in the distance. the biker on the tracks dropped his ride and bailed into the bushes just in the nick of time. >> wow. all right sports time to talk a little bit of baseball and spring train that is. jaime apody is here with sports. day two pitchers and catchers at spring training and position players required to report tomorrow. it's all quiet amidst the palm
5:44 pm
trees and ocean breezes, ducis rogers is there with another polo shirt. not that much news coming out of camp this far. >> no news is good news, i'm sure that is the way the manager likes it no drama but a slight bit of news concerning freddy galvis, he pulled out of the baseball classic, the team says he was a bit fatigued he played winter ball all season and speaks of galvis he is the longest tenured philly on the roaster. there is no ryan and no jimmy and no chase. >> the first time here i was like 20 years old, like seven years ago. so see those guys around and you don't see nobody and it's different but we start to go from here and try to win some more games. >> it's different not having
5:45 pm
chooch and howie and chase. and when i got my feet wet they were here to learn from. it's different switching roles but a g different. i think the changes is at the right time and it's going to be good for us. >> so just are the new guy snz coming up at 6:00 find out how they plan to money ter the younger players. the guys required in the offseason. what is the story from here in clearwater. jaime back over to you. >> i see clouds. i feel bad for you. thanks ducis. >> the sixers trying hard to trade him. left him home and apparently not abe to get what they wanted for him to bring him back. the bizarre and frankly uncomfortable. okafor is joining the team in boston and coming off the bench against the celtics after not
5:46 pm
playing again the teams and trying to work out a deal. okafor admits he thought he would be dealt and the a weird situation and joel embiid is officially ruled out of the rising stars challenge all-star weekend but will aten the event in new orleans. and against calgary with flames comes south jersey native. an all-star the first seasons in the league but not playing his best hockey as of late but johnny hockey is a guy they have to target tonight. >> shifty and goes side to side, just as quick as he goes north south and for him that is how he plays the game and make sure i stay in front of him. >> he has the best nickname too, johnny hockey. ricky newscast good jaime prego
5:47 pm
or something like that oh! >> this is the first at the phillies home and garden show. 11 chandeliers are hanging throughout as part of the design the shine challenge. they were created by students at area technical schools and you can vote on your favorite. >> the future of our children was the subject of city hall today. and mayor jim kenney met with the labor restives and others and talked about how to increase student patchtation in the trades and kenney suggested apprenticeships. differently. so we wired the wagner's house with 150 meg internet. which means that in the time it takes mr. wagner to pour a 20oz. cup of coffee, tommy can download 40 songs,
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here is eye candy from mother nature, this is a fire fall at yosemite national park in california. every year at the sunset hits horse tail falls at the right angle making it look like the water is on fire. the water has to be the right temperature and the sky has to be clear. and it's rare. and people gather just in case to catch the stunning show. >> that is pretty cool. >> speaking of stunning the weekend is something to remember. >> don't want to skip during the week but i would love to skip
5:51 pm
the next couple of days because of the weather for the weekend. trying to save hi job here. >> you feel a cold coming on? >> i actually do. look agent stormtracker 6 live double scan you can see we have showers passing through parts of burlington and ocean county now they pivoted through philadelphia way rain drop wet snowflake. we look at the acts cam down the shore here this afternoon a lot of clouds late the day and the wind did not kick up until late in the day and this may the place you want to be this upcoming weekend. winds now are picking up out of the northwesterly direction, 32 philadelphia and 36 throughout the day of delaware and 37 in lancaster, and 37 in the poconos. 40 to 43 miles per hour. someone on twitter said the storm surge hit me in the face and we opened it up in beach haven and the winds cranking.
5:52 pm
windchills they are falling as well 20s now north and west and 34 wilmington and 36 in millville and 37 is all it feels now in cape may. as the front is pushing away it is not only taking some of the clouds away with us, it's also starting to develop a storm in the open waters of the atlantic, you see the convergence of winds right here, this low will crank up and lift to the north and bring yet again a foot or more of snow for northern parts of new england and maine and what it does for us is bring up the wind machine once again during the day. and 26 to 30 and winds sustained 10 to 20 miles per hour. and the winds are out the entire day tomorrow. all day winds sustained 15 to 20 and gusting from 35 to 40 miles per hour. i know a lot of you arennoyed
5:53 pm
by the wind this winter season we just need to get through tomorrow. we are in the teens early tomorrow morning, so many layers to start your thursday and even in the afternoon feeling winter like with the windchills in the 20s across the board and teens only in the poconos. then as we get into the weekend and even into next week the jet stream is going way up into canada with the bubble of warmth takes over the eastern half of the country, we are talking about the places in the northern plains and deep south and northeast temperatures for us in the 50s and 60s as this ridge builds, and becomes the muscle maker and throws all the winter air under lock and key into canada. the exclusive accuweather forecast windy and cold tomorrow and all bets are off for any kind of winter air, 45 on your friday, and weekend winter saturday, 60 degrees and sunshine in control as well. nearing records here on sunday. 21 degrees above normal of 65
5:54 pm
and still balmy for the holiday of 60, even though we go back into the upper 60s it's rare for this time of year and this pattern could chang by the end of the next week and into the beginning of march but overall a pretty amazing forecast for february. >> unheard of thank you. this reminder, is your complete resource as we move through the winter, check in with stormtracker 6 live double scan radar for real time view of changes on the way and follow our meteorologists on facebook and twitter for the advice and updates.
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5:56 pm
the public was invited to septa headquarters today to learn about the the improved service, proposals included new roofs and others to improve efficient and to improve bus
5:57 pm
route 49 and the north south bus would operate from beaury town to fairmount and the other ideas is to offer unlimited stop service along the roosevelt boulevard. >> and now jim gardner is standing by with these stories at 6:00. a catholic teacher is facing multiple charges of sexual assault involving a minor. and two are struck by a car while riding their bikes. and police are trying to track downandits behind two violent robberies in the city. for adam joseph, jaime apody and rick williams, i'm monica malpass have a great night tonight.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. >> wednesday night joe biden takes a new job in philadelphia. and not even the police commissioner escapes the scrutiny of the philadelphia parking authority. but the big story on "action news" is the arrest of a teachner norristown on multiple charges of textual assault involving a minor. 32-year-old michael barbee is a teacher in the early learning program of saint francis in norristown. john rawlins live at the learning center tonight. what are the details? >> reporter: well, this happened rather quickly jim, a little 3-year-old girl complained to another teacher last wednesday, the 8th of february and police
6:00 pm
interviewed barbee on the friday and he was arraigned on saturday. and he faces multiple counts of indecent assault. a 3-year-old girl says he covered her mouth when he touched her and he initially told them he did not touch the girl in a sexual nature but after agreeing to a polygraph he admitted to indecent contact with the 3-year-old and parents reacted to the news. >> was friendly and the kids liked him. i liked him you never know. >> this parent told us he removed his daughter from the center because they were uncomfortable by the suspect. >> shocking this could happen and you know, i'm just wondering, you know if it happened to my daughter


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