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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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understand there is not enough staffers to open it. >> the workers were told they could stay home to support this movement. now business may super a bit today but the staff inside tells me this is a worthy cause. signs like these greeted customers throughout philadelphia. many closed up shop to support the day without immigrants. businesses are asking all undocumented immigrants and citizens to stay home. >> this is a clear demonstration that our communities are no longer afraid and are trod fight back. >> treeya is open. >> $1 is going to to the citizenship coalition. >> without the kitchen open businesses will take a hit but he says it's worth it and says employees that don't show up for
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work will not be penalized. >> the economy would be pouralized without the working immigrants. and they see this is an increase in raids from immigration force in country. more than 600 people were arrested in the raids and officials say they are routine and have been happening for years even in sanctuary cities like philadelphia. and the crack down after president trump's promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. >> i think that more than ever now they are ready to fight back. >> all right so back out live we should mention that kids participated in the movement and they skipped school. we reached out and they don't have the attendance numbers yesterday and should have them by tomorrow. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from students about this movement. live in center city gray hall channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you.
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>> meanwhile, president trump launched a vigorous defense and likened his administration to a finally tuned machine. he hosted a news conference to name alex costa as his new labor secretary. this after yesterday's andrew -- and the president called his first weeks the most productionive any president ever had and blamed the press for spreading fake news. and the economy as dire. >> i inherited a mess. it's a mess. at home and abroad. a mess. >> now the president was repeatedly asked about allegations that his staff routinely spoke with r intelligence during the campaign and eventually said he had no knowledge that anyone had and
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took aims at leaks doing his administration and earlier in the day he vowed to find the leakers and make them qu pay a big price. conference tonight at 5:30. a judge is allowing a criminal complaint against governor chris christie to move forward. the complaint says he failed to is associated from creating traffic jams on the george washington bridge. oh is due on a criminal summons and he says the evidence in which he based his ruling is utter nonsense and the governor has always denied knowing of the scheme in advance. and a fire sent five people to the hospital overnight including throung children. and an "action news" viewer took this video showing the flames tearing through a home on edding street at 5:00 this morning. two men remain hospitalized this afternoon and the three children have since beereleased. and 40 crews responded to this
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blaze and one man jumped from the roof of the home where the fire started and another was able to run out. the action cam was there as medics transported one of the two men in the home to the hospital and he suffered burns to his arms and face. >> the bless that everybody is safe. you know what i'm saying and i thank god that everybody is safe. and we didn't lose nobody to this tragedy. >> and the cause of the fire is still under investigation and fire officials say that the damage is overwhelming and both of the men that were still in the hospital are expected to survive. and that little glimpse of good news this afternoon. >> they'll take the good news. in may the men that took over the prison in smyrna delaware had a hit list for officers. they had a list of 17 guards they wanted to be fired or retire or else.
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the or else was interpreted as a threat everyone on the list. and that was one demand while they held workers hostage. lieutenant steven floyd was killed in the attack and we are told his name was not on the list. two major heroin busts including one in philadelphia. josh shapiro says that a man was charged with possession and distribution and they found 125 grams of heroin at the suspect's home and investigators in johns sound and allatoona arrested five people and charged them with operating a heroin ring and seized $100,000 worth of heroin in that bust. they took 113,000 doses of heroin off the streets of
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pennsylvania. it only takes one dose to kill. >> now attorney general, shapiro went on to say that her oh oh win addiction is not a crime but a disease. and meteorologist, adam joseph is standing by with a first check of accuweather. >> the winds and windchills and a lot of cloud cover and now we are starting to lose the peak intensity of the daytime heating the clouds are starting to break apart. 38 in philadelphia today and the same for allentown clocking in at 32 in trenton and near 40 in wilmington and atlantic city so far 36 miles per hour and it's that direction out of the northwest that brought in that very cold winter like air. this is a typical february day, windchill right now 27 in the city of philadelphia and just 6 in binghamton and 17 in pittsburgh, and even down to the
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south windchills down in the 30s for the state of virginia. if you step out this evening, we'll lose the cloud cover and the stars take over and temperatures slowly drop from the mid-30s to the low 30s at 10:00, 11:00 and clear and cold for the rest of the overnight with the low temperature going down to 26. and everyone is chatting about this weekend because the sunshine comes back and take a look at saturday at 3:30. 60s invading the mid-atlantic and we'll show you how warm the temperatures get saturday and sunday and beyond that with the full accuweather forecast. >> you can ditch the gloves for sure this weekend. thank you. a delaware county wawa may have become the most popular location in the area. the store in concord township reopened today serving beer and offering restaurant style seating. john rawlins live at that location at naaman's creek road and john you have a good view of the new offering there.
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>> reporter: we do it's very nice here. what is different about this picture? we are at the wawa in concord township. the tables ta is for sure. but the difference is what is in that cooler. >> welcome to the only beer in wawa you can now pick up beer at this this concord store. >> our first store to have beer in the state of pennsylvania. [ applause ] >> the wawa sells beer in virginia and florida, the locally based company is just now ditching its toe in pennsylvania beer sales because of pennsylvania's evolveing and archaic licensing. the store is big enough to meet the law. >> we don't have stores as big as this. the restaurant license would be challenging to do in existing stores. they have no current plans for a second store but if this rollout
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is successful that could change as part of opening day craft brewers offered tastings and wawa offering brews from nearby zip codes. >> 2 sp is a lagger from where wawa is based. >> and i like it. i could get used to it. >> others not in the beer market like the idea of sitting don't. >> we comb here and usually take it back to the office or sit in the car but it's nice to sit and have lunch. >> reporter: well, wawa has 224 stores in pennsylvania alone, this is the only one with beer in it at this point. it's something of a laboratory and they will see if it's popular and i think it will be and then see if it is profitable and then there could be other stores in the future that have beer but for now only one in
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concord township. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> all right john he is off the clock can he have one of those now? >> enjoy john. >> time for a first check of the "action news" traffic report today. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center. you know the traffic center hops at this hour of the afternoon and we start barley i mean barely moving on the roadways. here on the super highway 1, starting to stack and the pennsylvania turnpike is heavy because of people avoiding the turnpike connecter bring that remains closed because of the structural issues and montgomery county worchester township we are watching a crash along german town pike close to quarry hall road. and on the big picture a number of accidents as well. one on the main line along 30 at bryn mawr avenue by the library and one in haverford township along route 3, westchester pike
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and glenolden, delco, one at oakley. a fuel spill is associated with that one. and lets go the computer report on this thursday almost friday. traveling southbound on theelt boulevard there is a crash south of rahn street. still ahead on "action news" at 4:00 a popular stroller is facing a recall. the defect that has injured nor dozen babies. the clock is a towneeds your help in a
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surveillance video captured an unusual robbery earlier this month in south philadelphia. the video shows two suspects crashing a vehicle into a lewes wholesale on south 7th street. they took an undisclosed amount of money and a third suspect stayed in a second car and intentionally blocked traffic
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and the suspects ran away. anyone with information is asked to contact police. now a look at today's closing numbers. the dow is up today and the nasdaq and s&p 500 were winning street and nowy are both down. the4.5 points and the s&p down on the day. and brit tax is recalling nearly 37,000 trollers because they can injure infants, the click and go attachment that can attach the car seat. they haveved 26 reports of injured children and the consumer product safety commission is urging customers to stop using the attachment tpany for repairs. l the tail recall posted on our website at 6abc.comou can find a link of models affected here and theltroller
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is among those being recled a bucks county community iis close to winning a contest and there is only a few morep bristol bureau to help them become the most inspired small town. they are second out of five in the running, second place almost first, the grand prize money would pay for a main streemakeover. tith 14,000 knoxnominee and bristol is so close to winning. they will be featu series of economic revitalization. and bristol is holding strong number one spot to north adams, achusett is a real effort and called raising the bar will decide which businesses will get the money and the much needed boost. they are a small, hard working down and a lot of pride in their mom and pops.r will be revealed next week and the voting closes in seven hours, to help them out head to
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and it's veryone on social media is contacting us here saying help bristol bureau win this thing.alicia. and speaking of social media, it has encircled every aspect of our lives, but they predict that 2017 will be a big year for the big three, facebook instagram and twitter. and how they are using the sites and a deeper reach into an unlikely community. >> and tech is becoming great tools and letting people have more access to their physicians. >> we are taking a social media trends for 2017. what is new and what people are downloading tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> tickets for the highly demanded garth brooks show went on sale this morning. today the 40 by 40 foot banner was displayed outside of the wells fargo centn anti march
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24th to 26th appearances. his first appearances in philadelphia since 2001 when he came for the wawa america tour and the last pennsylvania tour on the world tour. they are in the business of supplying energy and on this brisk winter day beak oh delivered to people that could really use it. peco employees went to septa regional rail stations and gave away free handrmers. peco helped riders stay warm in the chilly morning temperatures and shared information about energy and also money saving tips for the winter. wife and i decided to take a jog this morning. >> how was that? >> ill-advised. time now for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> adam joseph is standing by. >> he was nott enough to war his body up. >> jusaying. get out and get the fresh air you will want to do that during it's upcoming weekend.
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the ben franklin bridge looking a little dark in spots and overall the sky is going to brighten up with patches of blue as the clouds begin to erode than will be the case as we go into the evening and overnight hours. the clouds are dominant today as well as the northwesterly wind and clock information at 30 miles per hour and reading gusting to 31 in philadelphia and 36 in millville and lancaster and just over that 30 degree threshold. and we talk about the windchill and it feels like the 20s area wide and when we didn't have the sun and the clouds and the wind felt it today on exposed skin and this is the last day we'll chat about windchills possibly for the next seven to 10 days as we look at satellite and radar, and clouds coming down off the great lakes and the spin over new england where they got whacked with snow once again in maine, it's a pretty quiet picture here in the eastern half
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of the country, in addition to it being quiet. it's exceptionally warm in st. louis right now and 70 in witch to and4 in omaha, and 37 here and all of this warmth to the south is moving our way. nd it is again very unusual to see that kind of warmth spread out across a good chunk of the country in fact. spring has sprung three weeks early with every area you see in read from virginia down into the deep south all the way back to texas. trees are already budding again way ahead of schedule. we are not talking about winter we are talking about early spring. what does the groundhog say? six more weeks of winter. as we look at the forecast mostly clear and brisk and cold. 26 in philadelphia and 25 in dover. as we take a look at the forecast tomorrow. lots of sunshine and we are back up to normal a happy friday and take a look at this four day at 4:00 forecast that someone just tell me on twitter, hey i can't
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have a foot of snow on the ground in february i may as well have 60s over a weekend. you'll get it. 46 tomorrow and on saturday 19 degrees above average and sunday 65 degrees. and 60 on monday 10 degrees above average. and it returns in the seven-day forecast i'll have that in the next half hour. >> you are always throwing shade at the groundhog. >> i do it for fun. >> it is funny too. >> it is. the countdown to thon at penn state. "action news" is there as local dancers pack their bags for the experience of a lifetime.
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a new program to keep students busy after school is in the works in philadelphia. the goal is to create a list of after school programming hoping to improve literacy and academic performance and health among the students. >> today the chester community charter school was parked with sized
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grandmas and grandpas. kindergartners dressed up as 100-year-olds. and da of wallythe celebration because he recently turned 100 and shared his with the younger students. ion is building as penn state students are getting ready for their massive yearly fundraiser thon begins tomorrow evening. three dancers packed up their cars to drive to universit park. now, they got a special sendoff from their classmates and a police escort to thepennsylvania turnpike. dancing at thon is known as a privilege. only 308 students are chosen out of thousands. it's the largest student run philanthropy in the world. to data has raised more than $136 million for the fight against childhood cancer.
4:26 pm
6 abc is your thon headquarters, "action news" will be at penn state for thon all weekend long and our live reports start tomorrow at 4:00 and you can also watch the entire dance marathon live >> it is so much fun to watch. so insp great job. >> still ahead here thieves taet a other done donetist office making off with electronics. i'm nydia han with clothing 70% off and a way to buy high end kids clothed for 80% off and make money too.
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to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer. "action news" continues. >> hello again 4:30 and "action news" continues now with what sounds like an outrageous order from a judge to a mom. stop getting pregnant. why her reasoning may change your mind. >> and fighting reasoning may fight filth. hey are an a team and thy fan base. he is talking about philadelphia. and what said about the brotherly love baseball team and its fans. listen up researchers may have found a way to predict autism before the age of 1.
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now we begin with breaking news chopper 6 hd flying over the concord mall in the 4700 block of concord pike in talliville. this is where firefighters were dispatched to a fire this is about 3:40 this afternoon just about an hour ago. there was apparently a fire inside of that macy's they did manage to cut a hole in the roof and appeared to have gotten the upper hand on this. once we regain that picture we'll bring you the latest. now to delaware county where three computers were stolen from an upper darby doctors office. computers containing personal information for thousands of patients. vernon odom has more now. >> reporter: good evening
4:30 pm
sharrie police here tonight continue their hunt for a pair of computer thieves that remain at large this hour. and they struck early, before rush hour on tuesday morning. and they got away clean. but after this story runs it may not be the case for long. >> this is video of a burglary in progress and quickly the picture goes out because the hooded thieves pulled the wires on three wifi computers that were their targets. one of the suspects actually removes his hood. and both of them have hoodies up and you can't see them one guy takes his hoody off and you can see his face. so hopefully we can identify this idiot. >> the bandits were inside four minutes with three stolen apple computers containing some 1,000 patients personal information but all supposedly password protected files.
4:31 pm
but the superintendant cannot help but wonder. >> when you have access to people's personal data it's explosive. if you have ten pieces of dat you can create havoc across the country. credit cards false nd fraud. >> the manager of rich orthodontist says they believes they were there for the computers only but not for credit card that somehow hacked could lead to massive identity theft. >> there is no way to hack into that software. no way. >> police want to know who the burglars are, if you know them call upper darby police right away and give them the critical information that will lead to an arrest. >> this was planned out and went to the computers that contained personal data of patients. >> it's not the desktop pass work it's software password and hard to break in. there is no way they can break into the software.
4:32 pm
>> reporter: brian let us hope that is true. if you can i.d. a burglar call the police here. live in upper darby, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police say that a young man was critically wounded in a knife attack in a west philadelphia home this morning it happened along the 600 block before 9:30. the victim only identified as a 28-year-old man was stabbed several times he was listed in condition and at last check police have no suspects and no motive. police in upper chichester are ask witnessed a crash on route 3 to come forward. they believe carrier someone int and then hit a truck bshed between the cab and trailer portion a dere. ly what happened. a man is seriously hurt after he fell off a hiking trail.orkedrs in snowy conditions to reach the
4:33 pm
victim yesterday. l known glen anoka falls in glen adto cut down a tree and he was taken to the hospital >> a chocolate factory caught in flames broke out at the plddie say that heavy fwas pouring from the store able hopper and there was hot spots in the roof and nobody was hurt and an investigation was underway to figure out how the fire started. meteorologist, adam joseph along with the accuweather forecast about to kick this wind and cold stuff out of here. >> i wrote a facebook post say that winter is under lock and key up in canada we won't be able to find the key for at least nine days around here. so -- if you like the warm and you'll get it. looking live on sky 6 hd it's cold today though with lots of clouds and 36 is the air temperature and the dew point 14 and the north-northwesterly wind driving the windchills into the 20s and sitting at 27 and today
4:34 pm
a rare day with temperatures below normal. so we are heading back to school. here is your question. in philadelphia how much of this year has been above normal? with the temperatures? today is below normal. has it been 72% of the time 62% or 80%? all are pretty high tweet me your best guess. the first pen to get it right gets a shout-out on the air. tricky in go around. >> thanks adam. volunteers in collingswood got to work tackling blight in the bureau and after months of legal proceedings to gain access to housesing volunteers from the carp enter society took the first swing at the rep vacations today. this house on harvard avenue is one of dozen subject to the rehabilitation act. they hope to improve safety in several.
4:35 pm
nearly 20 l doctors, nurses and health care professionals are getting ready for a life saving mission. >> they are about to head 1500 miles to haiti where medical care is limited and tonight on health check, ali gorman will introduce us to the team that is trekking to the caribbean with the hopes of making a big difference there. and we'll check in with ducis rogers in clearwater florida. until then we do back to the studio. >> t honored three people that made an historic impact on philadelphia. the newspaper hosted its seventh annual christopher j. carter black history luncheon the honorable fredericka jackson and reverend moore were the honor es forhurch and
4:36 pm
education. two different new jersey police departments are rallying around an injured officer. the toms river squad will take on the camden county force for hockey. at the pennsauken skate zone it will help to cover the hospital bills for brett hanson who worked for both departments. he is set for surgery after an off duty accidents on the garden state parkway. and why scientists think they can predict if a child will first birthday. and a state trooper battling a violent suspect in the middle of the road and high end designs and discounts for womens wear up to 70% off. the kids closed slashed by 80%. you can't afford to miss today's what's the deal.
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the state trooper was able to take down the driver that
4:39 pm
dragged him across the highway in long island. the sister station in new york shows the bloody trooper strulging with his attacker a dramatic end to a somewhat routine traffic stop. the trooper tried to arrest the driver and he took off with the trooper hanging from the window. >> he floored the car and the cruiser was going with the cop hanging out. >> and he crash foor median and the trooper restrained the suspect who is now arraigned on assault charges. an out of control car nearly kill aid mom and her child not once but twice in china. before you see this you should know they are both okay. they were knocked off a sloping road by a reversing jeep and they survived the nine foot fall and then the jeep came tumbling
4:40 pm
down nearly on top om and the woman managed to pull the child out of the way and scoot out of the way. scientists are on the verge of being able to predict which children may be diagnosed with autism months before they show symptoms, using brain scans teams found that's followeds the outside of the brain changed faster between 6 and 1 months for children later diagnosed with autism and that the brain volume of these children grew faster between one and two years old and typically developing children. the scientists focused on high risk infants would be siblings with autism. and we start with an unusual edict from a judge in new york. stop having kids. it's all the work of this judge. judge patricia gal her, she
4:41 pm
officially ordered a drug addicted mother of four not to get pregnant again. to improve the woman's chance ofs getting help and getting her family back together right now all four of those children are being raised by other people. lets say that governor christie does not like the phillies. he went to town as a guest on sports net. not just the team but the ballpark and the city and everyone that roots for the phils. >> they are an awful team and angry bitter fan base and it's not safe for civilized people to go to citizens bank park to root for the other team. have you to believe we are awful people. >> so his comments stem from a chat they were having about the fact that the phillies are using tug mug mcraw's slogan you got
4:42 pm
to believe. mcgraw made the slogan famous and if you guess that governor christie is a mets fan you are correct. >> and the phillies responded on twitter saying quote, we love our fans and appreciate their unwavering support as we bridge to a bright future. the bridge is a dig christie's bridge gate scandal. and finally the valentine's day lip-sync that sent cupid's arrow straight through t of social media. in t danny and their video is on fire.w we belong together ♪ forever yours ♪ faithfully ♪ >> in their latest four and a half minute video the couple and parents of to kids take on some of the most popular love songs of the decades, totally dressing the part.
4:43 pm
♪ islands in the stream ♪ >> i love that song. you can watch the whole thing now on don't they look cute as the bundys too. they are doing it all. >> this are married with children. >> we need that today. alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roads right now. matt standing by with the traffic. >> driveiking giving lip about the sinking speeds out there this afternoon. there are lots of them especially on 95 yes, the speeds have sank. we look southbound approaching cotman approaching allegheny, taking out the left lane that just cleared out and the lanes are open again and are you looking at speeds in the teens coming south on 95 maybe toward the circus back in town at 7:00 tonight. catch it while it's still there.
4:44 pm
and our main line the crash on 30 is still three but one on route 3 in haverford township. and a fuel spill associated with that one. and speaking of delco, and autopsy date on blue ball avenue. we told youay that a contractor unintentionally damaged it yestnd blue ball has been closed for water main work and now it closed at least six more months. so chichester avenue is the way to go instead. meanwhile income minquadale delaware, a crash near the collaron near 295, and in south jersey a crash at 295 southbound just single digits speeds on the approach to that. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. see you then thank you. meteorologist, adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather forecast next.
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spring is making a cameo around here. >> it is for a length of time. and the -- >> here is the question i posed earlier inch in philadelphihis year has been above normal? 72%, 62% or 80% of the time? >> i'm going a. >> a. >> i don't like it when are you right. a congratulationsay fs 72 he got it right for the first time as well. 34 out of 47 days this year. have been above normal and we'll add another seven days to that in that seven-day forecast. 36 right now in allentown and we had the winter chill today and it's one of those rare days that the numbers do not make it to normal, 36 at trenton and the windchills did not make it to trenton and 37 now and wilmington 38 degrees in dover. and the windchills were stuck in the 20s for most of the area
4:48 pm
this afternoon. and even up in the poconos only a chilly 9 degrees right now even below freezing and far southern parts of new jersey. a lot of clouds that spilled in and they were instability clouds, the colder winds that came from from the north and west bubbled up the cloud cover and now noticing look it's out the window much more in the way of blue compared to what you saw early in the day because of sun angle is lower and about to hit over the horizon or below the horizon and when you lose that sun finding that colder air and colder winds you don't get the clouds to erupt. mostly clear overnight tonight as we calm the atmosphere down and brisk and cold, and 21 if the suburbs, and 26 forever center city. and high pressure starts to come in here tomorrow a seasonable day and wall-to-wall sunshine. 46 degrees and back above normal here starting on friday. and then the high heads to new england and fades and a warm front comes through and we say
4:49 pm
hello to spring on saturday as we are wedged between the cold front and warm front and that means southwesterly wins and sun and clouds late in the day and the 63 is more typical of mid april not the middle of february. so if you head to the poconos over the weekend it's going to be nice up there. not as warm as here but 34 ees friday and mostly sunny and spring skiing and continue that trend on sunday. 52 degrees and expect some very slushy sloppy soft snow this upcoming weekend. as we look at the exclusive accuweather forecast sunny and seasonal friday and 46 and 63 near records on sunday and still very sunny on monday but we wind shift here on monday that drops the temperature to 54 but that is still 10 degrees above normal and sun to clouds on tuesday and a lot of clouds on wednesday as
4:50 pm
another warm front comes through 55 degrees and here we go again. a week from now the temperatures making a run back up to 60 degrees and again this friend of well above normal temperatures at this point what i'm looking at will continue until right around the end of this month. >> all right. >> so we have to wait for march for snow and cold if you want it. >> thank you. deep discounts on designer goods and kids clothing is coming up in what's the deal.
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>> we are here until march and we keep getting new stuff in too so it won't all clear out. >> different styles from clothes to shoes to hats the store is located at 1329 chestnut street. and owner ann is looking for a new space in philadelphia. we'll keep you posted. for sharrie williams and alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. we hope you'll join us phone and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. now monica malpass and rick williams with a look ahead. >> and the man under arrest for trying to shower with children at a community college. and the day without immigrants the nationwide protest against trump's travel ban. and the phillies gearing up
4:55 pm
for the first full squad workout of the season we go live to clearwater for a spring training update. (avo) this holiday... ...get the presidential treatment...
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new at 5:00 a high risk sex offender in new jersey is facing charges tonight of trying to shower naked with reteens. tonight his attorney says the man did not mean to do anything wrong. the big story tonight is the arrest of adam wolf ten years ter he was convicted of a different sex crime. nora muchanic is live at the er county courtroom tonight full story. >> reporter: wox isng held bars r without bail for an episode that happened at mercer county community college. prosecutors say he tried to entice several children into taking off their bathing suits and showers with him. >> a grown man there messing with little kids. >> adam wolf is facing multiple counts of luring and lewdness and endangering the welfare of a child. on december 7 and, the mercer
4:58 pm
county college student was swimming and wolf posed as a maintenance worker and tried to co naked with him and all the children were under 15. >> that is cruel is those kind
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