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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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especially in the shade. but by tomorrow, our temperatures are going to gain close to 20 degrees off of where we are today. and you can see spring has sprung across much of the country. it is 66 in chicago right now. 67 in cincinnati. 70s in omaha, st. louis. raleigh, 66. and that warm air will continue to spread to the north and east. but on the town this evening for friday night, there's a chill in the air. still need the winter gear. 39 at 7:00, dropping to 37 at 9:00 and mid-30s at 10:00 and 11:00 with just a few clouds.ove the nicest weekend since november 5th and 6th. temperatures running around 20 degrees above average and this is normal from mid to late april. so, as can you see, no excuse not to be outdoors and enjoy this weekend. we'll talk about the temperatures going into next week. of course, we can't sustain this or could we?
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let you know coming up in just a little bit with that full accuweather forecast. brian? >> all right, adam. thank you. and with a picture-perfect holiday weekend ahead, rely on as you make your plans outside. you'll find the latest forecast information in case there are any last-minute changes and your our meteorologist to keep informed as well. follow them each on facebook and on twitter. "action news" has learned the identity of two brothers after a neighborhood dispute. they're trying to figure out who opened fire killing the 23 and 24-year-olds. vernon odom has the latest. vernon? >> reporter: the investigation, sharrie, is intense tonight. both victims died of at least two gunshot wounds each in the chest and in the right side. tonight, police are asking for the public's help. >> i was asleep. i just heard gunshots and i
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pushed my kids to the floor and laid on top of them. we didn't look out the windows. we just laid flat. >> reporter: she lives uptears from the two men shot and killed outside this apartment house just before 11:00 last night. it happened after a loud argument was overheard near the corner of easts upland and boyer. police identified the deceased as a 24-year-old and his brother. both just moved in weeks ago. >> they just move in like a month ago. >> reporter: really? in yes. >> reporter: they both got killed. >> that was sad. i heard this morning. >> reporter: police say the two brother dollars have records for drug arrests but nothing extensive. they're searching for surveillance video at this hour but have no serious leads on the two males seen fleeing the scene. >> at this time, we don't have a motive for the shooting, nor do we have any identified suspects. but we are asking anyone with any information to contact police. >> reporter: as of this hour, sharrie, police have not been able to find any murder weapon. they do know it was a
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semiautomatic handgun that was used. live at police headquarters in center city, i'm vernon odom, "channel 6 action news." >> okay. vern. thank you. well, a man who shot two security guards at a willingboro vfw post is still on the loose. the unidentified gunman reportedly got angry when he was asked to leave an event there last night. the post commander said the man came back inside and then opened fire. william matthews was shot in the head. his wife tells us he is very lucky and doctors told her he's going to live. >> they said he's very blessed or fortunate because it didn't hit his brain. he's fine. it shot and it came down here, and it ricocheted and they had to get the bullet out. >> well, the other guard, mark peterson, was shot in the arm. both victims were airlifted to the hospital and are expected to be released today. police are hoping to get leads as to who the gunman is. a victim was stabbed several times late this afternoon in
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collingdale, delaware county. chopper 6 was over the 500 block of mcdade boulevard as police laid out crime tape just about one, hour ago. no word yet on any arrests here or what led up to the stabbing. a former student is suing a bucks county boarding school in the wake of a grand jury investigation into sexual abuse. the 29-year-old woman who has not identified herself claims the solebury school did not do anything when she told the athletic director sexually assaulted her when she was student. now, she says the relationship continued even after she graduated. earlier this month a, a grand jury report found nine adults abused students for decades there because of the statute of limitations, this victim is the only one who can still file suit. she does not want to press criminal charges. delaware state police say an uber driver is accused of stealing from his passengers last summer, and they're looking for more victims. 26-year-old sadam ala dala
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picked them up from their homes at the beach and drove them to restaurants. he would then return them to bethany beach and fenwick island and then stole from them. he is facing 11 theft charges. president donald trump capped off the week in charleston, south carolina, this afternoon at the unveiling of boeing's new 78710 dream liner. the president toured the aircraft with the new governor there in south carolina along with the ceo of boeing. the plant is not unionized and workers there just voted this week overwhelmingly against an effort to make it a union shop. now, the president, as i said, met with boeing's ceo dennis muhlenberg who is a member of trump's manufacturing jobs initiative. the president taking a moment to tout his america first efforts to keep jobs and workers here in the u.s. >> we're seeing companies open up factories in america.
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we're seeing them keep jobs at home. ford, general motors, fiat chrysler, just to name a very, very few. so many more already. they're keeping and bringing thousands of jobs back in our country because the business climate they know has already changed. >> the president is now heading to florida where he will hold a campaign-style rally tomorrow. meanwhile, the president is also looking for a new national security individualer. he had offered the job to vice admiral robert hoeward but he turned it down. less than two hours from now, hundreds of penns student also stand on their feet for 36 hours straight for the kids. it's a thon weekend in state college, the largest run student philanthropy in the world looking to conquer chilthood cancer again.
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live now, hey, bob. >> reporter: brian, i'll tell you what, i am so honored to be back here covering thon 2017 for my school penn state and for everyone of our viewers at "action news" and everyone back at the studio. millions of dollars will be raised to fight childhood cancer and there is one beneficiary. that is a fund that helps finance families who are putting their children through a cancer battle at the penn state hospital behind me. it is rocking. as you can imagine, they've been working all year. this is not just a one-weekend event. they work all year. >> this is the most pure example i've seen. it's a reason why i've been a part of it and the reason why i thank all the volunteers. we have 16,500 students this year, which is awesome.
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super excited to see everybody's work come together. >> i think the best part about thon is everyone comes together no matter what organization you're part of, what year you are, where you come from in the country or around the world. >> the entire place unites under one cause and just the energy, the entire time for 46 hours is unbelievable. >> all right. and that's bob brooks right there in the middle of it all. don't forget, 6abc will be following thon all weekend long. you can watch the entire event livestreamed on, also on the free 6abc news app. and be sure to follow us on facebook and twitter for live updates through sunday afternoon. >> all right. it is time now for a first check of the "action news" traffic report today. >> all right. let's go live to matt pellman in the "action news" traffic center. hey, matt. >> hey, happy friday, brian and sharrie. we, of course, thank you on a friday afternoon. beer dancing around some traffic troubles like this one in old city. it's a truck that flipped over right there behind the sign on the ramp from the ben franklin
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bridge and sixth and seventh streets to go east on the vine expressway. vine expressway, of course, leads to you 95. that's your see those 95 signs right there. so, yeah, the ramp is partially blocked. you do see one lane of traffic getting by coming away from the ben franklin bridge. coming away from sift street to get on to the eastbound side of the vine. this is partially blocked creating extra congestion through old city this evening. we're also watching a crash on the vine itself eastbound by broad street. lucluckily, that's off to the s. and just plenty of slow speeds as we head out an a friday afternoon. 4 miles per hour, just 4, on the westbound side of the schuylkill near south street. in usher darby township, there's police activity blocking providence road. use baltimore to get around that. and this is the blue right on the southbound side from villanova on down to brum y'all. lot of people getting out of the town in advance of the holiday weekend and if you're using the turnpike do that, watch out. there's a broken down vehicle on
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the eastbound side just past 476 mid-county. so speeds from the 20s coming away from valley forge because there, the left lane is blocked. let's grab the ipad. the commuter report, heading up toward the blue route. lot of congestion because of a minor crash off to the side. but that's going to slow you down as well. so plenty of slowdowns. we will check them again in the next half-hour. >> okay, matt. thank you. next on "action news," target terror plot. we have the details about the suspect accused of trying to plant explosives inside the popular retailer. plus, a warm welcome home for a local soldier back from duty in iraq. the action cam is at philadelphia international as he's greeted by emotional family members. and ducis rodgers live in clearwater with the phillies. hey, ducis. >> hey, there, sharrie, the first full day of full-squad workouts. 62 phillys on the field today.
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find out which new player pete mackanin says is already playing dividends. and a live look at the closing numbers on wall street this friday afternoon. three green arrows. the dow up, the nasdaq up, s&p 500 as well.
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a man accused profiting to blow up several target stores along the east coast is behind bars. the u.s. department of justice says 48-year-old mark barnett from florida built at least ten explosive devices and paid another man $10,000 to place the disguysed bombs on the -- disguised bombs on the shore she was. but instead of going along with the plot, the man went to authorities instead. investigators say barnett thought the exmotions would cause target's stock prices to drop allowing him to buy cheap
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shares in the company before it rebounded. well, californians are preparing for a big storm. the southern part of the state is expected to get hit the hardest. there will be scattered light showers in the region north of sacramento where the damaged orville dam continues to release water. as a result of the storm, there have already been flight delays and cancellations. the first week of spring training is now in full swing. today was the first day of full squad workouts giving fans a glimpgs of all the phillies players in action. "action news" sports director ducis rodgers is live in clearwater with the team. hey, ducis. >> hey there, alicia. 10:00 in the morning, they were on the field here in clearwater for the first workout and there was a lot of the energy out there today. it sounds like the fill oohys are ready to rise in 2017. with the gang all here, the manager gave his players this messive.
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>> work hard, enjoy the fight to get to where you want to be. don't be late. do everything right. follow the rules. and compete. >> reporter: everything but say your prayers and eat your vitamins. the first full squad workout had a little bit of everything and it left the skipper upbeat. >> you could kind of it see it had their eyes. you can feel they're going to be a better team had year. and they're all eager and working out with a lot of energy and everybody's in a great mood. >> reporter: mackanin already sees the addition of howie kendrick paying dividends especially with miguel franco. >> he spent time about using the big part of the field and with bases loaded trying to drive in one. and you -- good chance you'll get more but if you try to drive in four you might not get in any. >> he know a lot about playing the game the right way so i know
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he bring a lot of energy. >> these guys can play the game. i've seen some guys -- i've played against them for a few years now, guys like franco, herrera, even hernandez, the second baseman, they've had great years. and to try to come in and build on that. >> reporter: having a veteran like howie kendrick can only help this team. coming up in the 5:00 hour, we'll introduce you to a small player who's open to -- hoping to make a big impact on the coaching staff. reporting live from clearwater, ducis rodgers, "channel 6 action news." brian, over to you. >> all right, ducis. thank you. we've got breaking news here now at 4:00. philadelphia police are investigating a man who has beenstruction by a vehicle. this happening in south philadelphia just about 15 or so minutes ago. police telling us the man is in his 60s and was struck by this vehicle at broad and bigler streets in south philadelphia. the striking vehicle did stop as we take a look through chopper 6. but philadelphia police are investigating this. the man was taken to the hospital, jefferson hospital. said to be with serious injuries.
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as we get more information on this, we will pass it along. in the meantime, the american cancer society is commending actions taken by the delaware river and bay authority. the agency recently adopted a smoke-free policy for the cape may lucifery. no one is allowed to smoke or use tobacco inside the terminals, offices onboard ferries, even in the parking lot. the special recognition ceremony was held at the cape may ferry terminal this afternoon. five philadelphia libraries are getting makeovers you will cluing the historical library in north philadelphia. today crews are hard at work. we got a look at the progress they're making. they're updating the computer lab and building separate spaces for teens and young children. the area's residents rely on that library and others to apply for jobs to do their homework, and of course, so much more. it is slated to reopen this fall. all right. time now for the accuweather forecast and the weekend can't start soon enough for us. >> not soon enough. what time is it? meteorologist adam joseph stan
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standing by says break out the short sleeves. >> you've got some time. then you can enjoy the weekend. from wilmington, delaware, a little hayes in the 8 -- haze in the atmosphere. across the area, that sunshine is going to soak us not only the rest of this evening or this afternoon but also going into your saturday and hl sunday. but thatson, it's not as warm today as it will be over the upcoming weekend. 44 in philadelphia. 44 in reading. 44 in millville. a light westerly wind. so there's still a chill in the air. this is typicalfor this time of year and then we are going to bust way above normal like much of the eastern half of the country starting tomorrow. in addition, as we look at satellite and radar, we have a few high clouds veeming in from the north andest, ahead of a warm front. you can see a storm coming out of the glove of mexico. this looks like it's going to aim right to the north and east but it's going to slide to the south and we'll just get a
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little bit of cloud cover with that on saturday night. but for tonight, it's not as cold. we're going to be about five to six degrees above where we were last night. 27, allentown. 32, philadelphia. 29, millville. above freezing for dover with just a few clouds around. we look at future tracker 6, again, this would measure any precipitation or cloud cover. you can see there's none of it here at 9:00 tomorrow morning. 36, allentown. 41, philadelphi philadelphia. as we get into the lunchtime hour and thereafter on saturday, by 3:00, we're already getting to 60 or above across much of the region. and then close to sunset, some high clouds are going to come in. clouds will time perfectly this weekend during mainly the overnight hours of saturday. that's going to hold temperatures in the 50s possibly for lows saturday night and then sunday morning at 9:00 a.m., we're already in the mid-50s. philadelphia to the south, upper 40s for the lehigh valley. and then here it is. mid to upper 60s for sunday
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afternoon. and as you can see, no cloud cover and no precipitation. so some of the records we're tack traing on sunday, 68, philadelphia. it's going to be very close to this, the same for wilmington, trenton, allentown, and reading. those records will -- may hit or be broken in a few locations. as we take a look at that 4day at four forecast here, 64 degrees with spring fever on saturday. again, late high clouds. 67 running at records on sunday. and then a cold front comes through, so it turns much cooler and breezy on monday for president's day. it's sunny but that number is still close to nine degrees above normal. and then quickly turning cloudy tuesday. we drop to 49 degrees. still above normal, but if you are going to miss the 60s after monday, tuesday, don't worry. they're coming back. in the next half-hour. >> yay. >> thank you, adam. all right, up next here on "action news," a heartwarming story for your friday afternoon. the action cam is there for a local soldier's emotional
4:22 pm
homecoming. plus, trump targeted a famous philadelphia eatery stealing thousands of dollars part of which was meant for a good cause. coming up, see how competitors are stepping up to help out. and in big talkers, we'll 2 why some local students are calling their school's prom dress code sectionist and de-- sexist and degrading.
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now,town township police had a rather unusual visitors this morning. someone found that goat on eagle road and dropped it off at the police station. the department posted this picture on their facebook page in hopes of tracking down the owner. a lot of people found the situation rather funny. got a good laugh out of it. the goat's owner was eventually located. government day was celebrated today in cheltenham township. dozens of kids spent the day getting an inside look at government operations. they toured a police station. this one without a goat.
4:26 pm
but they did look at cells and police cars and they met this dog, k9 unit there. there was a scavenger hunt and a mock trial. after nine months of serving in iraq, a local soldier landed at philadelphia phillies today -- philadelphia airport today. [ cheers and applause ] yes, welcome home. sergeant timothy lorento got a round of applaud a as he arrived this morning. the chester county native was treated by his mom, dad, siblings and a young niece right there carrying her own mini american flag. well, this coatesville family say they are thrilled and relieved to have their hero home. >> to have him back home, have all three kids home, you know, just celebrating everything, it's everything. lorento's mom is planning to redo the holidays now that her son is back. he'll be here for 30 days on leave. lots to celebrate this
4:27 pm
weekend. welcome home. still ahead, if you've got a three-day weekend, stick around. we'll show you some ways to celebrate the holiday for free. plus, a famous south philadelphia restaurant is closed today after it was targeted by some very experienced thieves. a live report is coming up. and four months after a montgomery county native saved his life, an elderly man gets to thank his firefighter hero face to face. 80 two men say they could not have done it without each other. . the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. to take advantage of this offer on a volvo s90, visit your local dealer.
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it's 4:30, and "action news" continues with the touching thank-you from the national park service to a south years family for making their rangers cry. plus -- sexist and degrading. those are just two of the words being used to describe a local high school's prom policy. what girls required to do before buying tickets to the dance. plus, a skydiving instructor keeps a falling toddler from crashing to the ground, no parsuit needed. but we begin with a complicated crime that put a south philadelphia restaurant out of commission today. people looking to pick up one of the famous roast pork sandwiches from john's roast pork were sorely disappointed today. customers were not allowed inside the business this afternoon because of something that started outside this morning.
4:30 pm
"action news" reporter gray hall live on snyder avenue with details on this elaborate break-in. >> the owner of the restaurant told me he thought his building was pretty secure but these crooks were quite creative and they found a way in through the roof. >> they came -- i just can't believe it. this is like a fortress but they came in through the roof up here. he's guys were pros too because they had tools. they had wire cutters. >> reporter: the owner of john's roast pork in south philadelphia says his restaurant is closed for the day after crooks broke in early friday morning. he said the criminals were well prepared and had to use special tools to get into the exhaust fan located on the roof. he's amazed that someone managed to fit through the small opening. >> we have surveillance cameras so they were smart enough, they took the dvr. they didn't touch the cameras. they took the dvr, so there's no surveillance tape. >> reporter: the burglars got away with.
4:31 pm
about $5,000, $3,500 from the register and $1,500 he planned on donating to a bone marrow registry. a cause near and dear to his heart. he received a bone marrow transplant while being treated for leukemia. >> that's the first thing i thought of because, again, it's just -- oh, it's -- again, it's really -- we made lemonade out of lemons. again, no one got hurt. >> reporter: when neighborhood restaurants heard about the break-in, they stepped in and opened their hearts and wallets. owner of pat's steaks in south philadelphia donated $1,500 to replace that stolen charity money. >> adam heard about what i'd done and he came down with a check for 1500 as well. and it's -- this is what we do in philadelphia. we help friends out. that's what it's all about. >> reporter: all right. so back out live. he tells us that he will upgrading his security system. he estimates that he lost
4:32 pm
thousands of dollars because he had to close down for today, but he promises he will be back open tomorrow. live in south philadelphia, gray hall, "channel 6 action news." brian? >> turning lemons into a lot of lemonade there in south philadelphia. gray, thank you. police were called to south philadelphia in the intersection there a few hours later today for a report of a large fight. chopper 6 over the scene, near 20th street and oregon avenue around noon. two 14-year-old boys were reggieed for leachtly assaulting one of the officers trying to break up the fight, that officer was not hurt. the manager of a north philadelphia bar lost his life early this morning while drying to fight off an armed robber. police say the gunman walked into monique's lounge just after 1:00 a.m. with a hooded t-shirt covering his face. with -- when 46-year-old eugene farmer realized what was about to happen, he confronted the robber. farmer was shot twice in the ensuing struggle. the gunman then robbed the bar tender of $175 before stealing
4:33 pm
the dying manager's wallet and car keys. farmer's father who comanaged monique's said his son was a father of two, a computer whiz and a hard worker. >> a human being that took a life for a mere pennies turn himself in. he robbed my family of a young man that had a very good future ahead of himself, a loving father and a loving son. >> well, because there were no cameras inside the bar, police are relying on surveillance footage from nearby businesses. detectives are also trying to figure out why a gunman broke into a woman's home and pistol-whipped her this morning. this happened along the 2100 block of strauss street in philadelphia's rhawnhurst section. police say he did not take anything after hitting the woman in the face. but the intruder is now in custody. students walked out of school in germantown this afternoon to send a message of
4:34 pm
unity. they called it their march of hope. students of all ages chanted and held signs as they looped around the block surrounding depaul catholic school. they said they wanted to show that they stand together in the face of what they call a divided nation. the students atal catholic school in lansdale are so excited they're literally doing flips. they can't wait for the polar bear plunge in sea isle city tomorrow. the principal will be jumping in the atlantic ocean along with dozens of other faculty members, parents and students. they're hoping to raise some money for tuition assistance programs for families there at modern day. >> that's a big plunge. >> if i believe correctly, you did it. >> i did. when i it, it was 29. tomorrow they're going to be spoiled. 60s? >> best day possible. >> it's a great event. a great cause. let's take a look outside live at the benjamin franklin bridge. 44 degrees which is typicalfor this time -- for this time of
4:35 pm
year. westerly wind at 6 miles an hour. the place to be today, bear creek. you see a lot of folks out there skiing and snowboarding. feeling like 39 but this weekend, i'm getting a lot of boos from the skiers. this is the map they don't want to see. the 24-hour change. we're 7 degrees warmer yesterday than we were today. it is 24 degrees warmer in charleston, west virginia, 26 degrees warmer in pittsburgh. and that warm air will continue to flood to the north and east. we'll talk about those 60s for the week and the near record highs. and 60s to take over even more of that seven-day forecast than just the weekend coming up in just a little bit. >> all right. thanks, adam. a new exhibit is underway and it is just in time for the holiday weekend. betsy ross house kicked off president's day weekend with an up close view of flag-making and its history in philadelphia.
4:36 pm
ross was one of many flag-makers in the 18th century here in philadelphia. and historians say flag-making has been a thriving industry in philadelphia for more than 2 1/2 centuries. as part of the exhibit, there is a real-life embroiderer on hand. it's all in partnership with the flag ladies of the defense logistics agency. >> well, it is not uncommon to forget about a library book and return it a little late from time to time. but one man in northeast philadelphia turned in a book more than seven decades overdue. "action news" anchor monica malpass live in the newsroom with the details on what happened to him. monica? >> reporter: that's right, brian. the man believed his father must have checked it out as a child and for whatever reason it didn't make its way back to the library for more than 70 years until now. coming up at 5:00, when the book was spezed to be returned to the library and what librarians did when the current owner finally handed it over. and tonight in "healthcheck," it is fitness friday. ali gorman introduces to us a different kind of yoga class
4:37 pm
that's bringing a new challenge to some of those traditional poses. we'll have those story more coming your way on "action news at 5" and we'll see you guys then, sharrie. >> sounds good, monica. see you in a bit. some of the area's brightest minds are together in one place to kick off the delaware valley engineers week. the event started with the center city lunch ceremony. this one recognizing john none as the engineer of the year for his work as a forensic civil engineer. the gathering will honor thousands of local engineers for building the systems that make our society work. well, a lot of us sent or received valentine's this week, but one south jersey family sent a whole lot of them. this is the card that julie leg and her three children sent to the rangers at all 59 u.s. national parks. her husband jeff died last year and the family from south harrison township, gloucester county, wanted to thank the park service for, in their words, providing some of their most treasured memories as a family.
4:38 pm
well, the park service posted that letter on facebook and said, in case you're wonder, yes, park rangers can cry. >> wow. touching tribute. >> yeah. >> great letter to read there today. still ahead, fashion police. rutgers university says it's sorry for booting students from a job fair over the color of their clothing. and speaking of a dress code controversy. students at one school until philadelphia are upset over a prom policy that only applies to girls that they've started a petition. and later -- there was not frosting at this little girl's first birthday fiesta, but there was a lot of messy fun. the epic reinvention of the cake smash photo shoot coming up. and meteorologist adam joseph with the full accuweather forecast when "action news at 4" comes right back.
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montgomery county native
4:41 pm
new york city firefighter dave plucked jim duffy from an apartment inferno and lowered him down five stories on a burning rope. now, fast forward four months. the two are back together at the manhattan rehabilitation center where duffy recovered. the 81-year-old says god sent him a savior. >> i was looking out the window and on ground -- people on the ground were yelling, he's coming. he's coming. he's coming. so then, all of a sudden, he appeared at the window. and i said, thank god. he's an ainge. >> i had to grab him out, and i just held on to him and because he was calm and just did what i told him, it was a very successful operation. >> of course, the two of them standing there what a great sight. lee got his start, by the way, as vun yore firefighter at the willow grove volunteer fire competent before -- company can before joining the new york city fire department. an indoor skydiving instructor for houston who works
4:42 pm
in a company called ifly maybe should change his title to icatch. this is video of a teacher catching a toddler with one hand seconds before he humbled -- tumbled head first toward the nor. jessie says he was getting the child's parents ready to go in the wind tunnel when he saw the boy start to fall out of the corner of his eye. >> it all happened really quick. and next thing i know i'm holding the kid in my arms and the mom and dad are look at each other and it ended well so took time to next and pose for the camera a little bit, make my buddies laugh. [ laughter ] >> pose for the camera. yes, for that incredible catch. the instructor couldn't help but flex a little. he credits skydiving with honing his cat-like reflexes. big talkers now and we start with one of two big flops over a dress code. first, a rutgers business school where the dean is now apologizing after students were turned away at their career fair in new brunswick for what they were wearing or more specifically the color.
4:43 pm
navy. the school lists respectable attire which clues dark gray or black suits. that's it. students say they weren't let in because they were wearing blue suits, colored shirts, brown shoes or other items that violated what they call the strict new dress code. so they created a petition to get it changed. again, rutgers has apologized saying it's now helping the students who weren't admitted get in touch with the recruiters that they missed the chance to meet. now to a prom dress code controversy. one that only applies to the female students. archbishop ryan high school is using all of the dresses you see behind me as exchanges of what not to wear to the big dance saying if someone shows up in, say, one of these dresses, they will be turned away and not given a refund. now, students are calling the rules sexist and degrading. they too have started a petition that now
4:44 pm
has close to 700 signatures. archbishop ryan's handbook also includes pictures of dresses that do make the cut, like that one there. they say nothing low cut, no see-through fabrics, and when it comes to the slits, they say they're included in the length. students have to submit a photo of the front and back of their dress before they can buy tickets. the dress code, by the way, also applies to the dates of male students. the arch disis released a new statement saying the policy is not new. if teals like -- feels it's giving students enough time to prepare and the goal here is to ensure modesty. finally, you've probably seen cake smashes for first birthday photo shoots, but stella? in ah, she's skipping the fondant and frosting and going to town for her taco smash. yep, sour cream, guacamole, beef, cheese, corn tortilla, this kid is all about it. a photographer in cedar rapids, iowa, tells me when she found out that stella's party was
4:45 pm
fiesta-themed, well, lindsay, the photographer, says it was her chance to run with the taco smash idea she's been dreaming of capturing on film. stella's mom jordan says one of her baby's first foods was rice and bees and they've been going out for mexican every wednesday since she's born. and let me tell you, you can tell her taco form is perfection. [ laughter ] and photo shoot courtesy of lindsay in iowa is going wildly viral. >> stunning dexterity on the taco. >> sweltering. >> thank you. >> alicia, thank you. let's get a check of the roads right now. >> matt standing by on a friday with the update. hi, matt. >> hi. southbound on the new jersey turnpike, some beefy delays this afternoon. let us show you the speeds. it's all because of this. a smashup here. a vehicle ran off the southbound side of the turnpike into the trees. now you're looking at 21 and then 9 miles per hour on the
4:46 pm
southbound side of the new jersey turnpike through burlington county. if you want to stick with southbound 295, it's a little bit better. but still congested with a lot of speeds there in the 30s. you might want to think about coming southbound on 130. a little bit out of the way, but it's clear there. what's not clear is the northbound side of 130. in cinnaminson everything's blocked off right by the rite aid. that's because of an accident that brought down a pole. southbound 130 is okay at the moment. before we leave new jersey, in galloway township, there's an overturned vehicle that brought down a pole, shut down at jimmie leeds road. i know at lot of you are down the shore or in that general vicinity this weekend. back to old city where a truck flipped over earlier this afternoon on the ramp from the ben franklin bridge and seventh and sixth streets. just barely squeezing by. ands croo the board, streetspeeds are very slow this afternoon. we'll talk more about the big delays in the 5:00 hour. >> all right, matt.
4:47 pm
thanks very much. take a live look outside on this friday afternoon as we make our way into evening and why not? all thoughts turn to the beach this weekend as we head up into the mid to upper 60s. a live look at cape may this afternoon. meteorologist adam joseph has that exclusive accuweather warm-up seven-day forecast coming up.
4:48 pm
4:49 pm
everyone is talking about weekend plans. make sure at least some those plans are outside. >> i think 90% of them should be outside. even saturday evening eat outside as well if you can. pretty warm going into saturday evening. take a look at this shot this morning. this was taken by bob watts. he's one our editors here at the station. a fantastic photographer. this is from the national wildlife refuge in oceanville, new jersey. they always say red sky in the
4:50 pm
morning, sailor take warning. that's not the case this upcoming weekend but an absolute spectacular way to look at that picture and begin our weekend. and by the way, if you get any great shots this weekend, share it on our social media pages. we like to see them. we also like to share them. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, lot of sun today. a few high clouds. but overall, nothing to track. and that's going to be the case to the weekend into early next week. right now it is seasonable. there is a chill in the air with that westerly wind. 44 in philadelphia, trenton, the atlantic city airport. 30s up in the poconos and dover 46 degrees. satellite and radar, we had high clouds breaking in from the north andest. this a front that continues to push to the north and that's what's going to usher in and allow us to really pump in the heat both saturday and on sunday. so for tonight, just a few clouds around the times and not as cold as last night. last night was about six degrees colder than this these numbers from the suburbs to the city.
4:51 pm
so in the city right around 32. upper 20s to the north and west. and there's that wind shift after that front to the southwest by tomorrow morning and that's that warmer direction. in fact, as you look at the day planner here for your saturday, a very warm afternoon. 38 degrees. a little chilly start in the morning. judging ten degrees by 10:00. another 8 to 10 degrees or so by the lunchtime hour, 56. and then lower 60s in the afternoon. and mid-60s for some us. the high tomorrow we're going for in philadelphia, 64 degrees. and again, that's going to repeat itself on sunday. so we're going straight to spring with that jetstream going off to the north this weekend. that jetstream right along the u.s.-canadian border to start and you can see temperatures 15 to 25 degrees above normal from the midwest, the great lakes, the southeast, the mid-atlantic, even going into the northeast. so as we take a look at these numbers and compare them to records, not really near the record on saturday. we're going to be shy about five
4:52 pm
degrees, that record back in 2011 at 69. but on sunday we're going to be very close to it here. the old record, 1948 of 68. right now we going 67 for philadelphia. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, mid to upper 60s both days with spring fever. a few high clouds coming in late saturday, saturday night. and then a backdoor front comes in from new england. so the winds are going to shift here out of the northeast monday. it's cooler at 53. but still sunny and that 53 is still way above average for this time of year. a cool tuesday at 49 degrees. but another warm front comes through at morning showers. wednesday, 55. and turning very mild again at the end of next week. we're looking at low to mid-60s. >> wow. >> going into next weekend. as well. >> i'm liking it. >> it is february. >> yeah. >> just reminding you. >> no complaints. >> none at all. freebie friday coming up next.
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as we head into this holiday weekend, freebies abound. first the valley forge visitor center is celebrating georgia washington's 285th birthday. there will be cupcakes, samples of martha washington's great cake to try, crafts, games and more from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. that is on monday. also, on monday, admission to the constitution center is free. there will beemed and guests, lincoln, roosevelt. and also, on monday, all u.s. national parks are waiving entrance fees. and now just a few little freebies for you just a couple of goodies. pure leaf tea is offering all kinds of free samples. we'll show how to grab those. and if you're looking for
4:56 pm
something good to read, free biz mag is offering you a free one-year subscription to ebony magazine. we'll show you how to get all these freebies on have a great warm weekend, you guys. >> you know we will. thank you. and finally at 4:00 here today, you've heard of the maternity and paternity leave. well, now there's paw-ternty leave. it's offering paid leave to new dog parents. it's designed to give anyone who gets a puppy or rescue dog time to bond with their new fur baby. the company thinks it's the first in the united states to offer that particular benefit. no doubt going to be popular at that office. >> absolutely. pretty cool. different. that's it for "action news at 4". now for brian taff, alicia vitarelli and adam joseph, i'm sharrie williams. join me along with brian tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news at 10:00" on
4:57 pm
phl17. in the mean time here, rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what's happening at 5:00. coming up next, the gunman police in south jersey are looking for after an altercation escalated to a shooting if in veteran's hall. a high school sued. the sexual abuse claims it has a 29-year-old woman taking her alma mater to court. and it is a weekend for the children. penn's thon starts in about 60 minutes. we're live in state college where the countdown is underway. those stories and more coming your way next at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
right now, police in burlington county are looking for a shooting suspect after somebody opened fire inside this veteran's hall. what started as an altercation ended in gunfire landing two security guards in the hospital. friday night -- the big story on "action news" is the search for that gunman. >> that's right. both victims should be resleased from the hospital in a matter of hours. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic is live at willingboro police with more on the
5:00 pm
investigation. nora? >> reporter: rick, monica, detectives here are working hard to track down the man who opened fire at the local vfw veteran's and foreign barps police say they still aren't sure exactly what started the prolt at the post but it ended with two guards shot, one of them in the head. it was ladies' night at vfw post on creek view road in willingboro when police say at about 11:30 thursday night, a dispute involving a male guest led two security guards to eject the man. diana matthews' husband was one of those guards. >> my husband, you got to leave and ushered him out the door. well, my husband thought it was over at that point. he came back in with the gun. >> reporter: the security guard peterson was shot in the arm. diana's husband william matthews was shot in the temple. >> he was shot in the head. they said he's very blessed or fortunate because it didn't hit his brain. >> reporter: both guards suffered non-life-threatening injuries. the gunman escaped in the chaos but police are using surveillance video from inse


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