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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  February 19, 2017 11:45pm-12:00am EST

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tonight on sports sunday. it's the all star break in the nba, but we're not taking a break talking sixers. breaking down the issues facing this team. plus spring training in full swing. one on one with the phillies manager. >> as we grow into the season, i hope things improve. and hit the ice with the flyers who have gone ice cold. sports sunday starts now. >> this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. welcome to sports sunday. do you still trust the process? i'm just jeff skversky with our own jamie apody. the sixers at the all star break, but there is a lot to talk about. a bizarre last few weeks for the sixers. the way they have handled the
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joel embiid, ben simmons and jahlil okafor situation, feels as though they have not been 100% forthcoming in the scenarios. should the fans be a little bit upset? >> here is my thought on it. they don't necessarily have to be forthcoming. i feel like the -- if they're totally truthful with everything here, i feel like fans will then take it a certain way. you talking about jalil oh kafar. >> but they're not game planning against other teams. these are guys out. benson has been out. jahlil okafor, it's not been greatly handled. maybe close to trading, don't have him travel to charlotte. then solo to boston. the way they have handled a lot of these situations, including okafor has not been great. >> what does he have to do with the fans? i think he should be upset. here's a guy who is basically being a true professional here. he knows that he's on the
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chopping block. sounds like ten or 11 teams he says are interested in him and talking with. and when things fall through he has to come back and play for the team as if nothing happened. imagine playing for an organization you know doesn't want you. i think he should be upset, not the fans in that situation. >> the general manager, still working on trading him before thursday's deadline. but how about embiid? doesn't sound like he agrees with it, saying he's too talented. >> i have known him since high school and respect him a lot. and i give him a lot of credit for acting like a professional. the way you look at what he's gone through. and i don't know what i was going through. >> embiid hasn't played in 11 straight games. says he wants to be back in the game this coming friday after the all star break against the wizards. what about ben simmons? set to have another ct scan
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thursday. the sixers never said it was healed, just that it's progressing. they fully expect him to play is season. do you think something is going on? >> i don't think brett brown is lying in this scenario. but i feel that the sixers have not been 100% forthcoming. if the foot is not fully healed, tell people that. that it's not fully healed and he's progressing as expected. we don't have a timetable. just add that so there's not a feeling of deception. >> i think that maybe they shouldn't play him the whole season. >> that's a good point. >> so facilities opened, spring training. no buzz. i think a huge reason is for the first time in a long time, no howard, just a couple of young guys. a couple of veteran role players thrown in there. it's weird, isn't it? >> it's a little weird. but this is the future. this entire city is rebuilding. every team is rebuilding here. the biggest things to watch, that middle of the order.
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franco and joseph, they could combine for close to 60 homers this year in the middle of the lineup. something to be excited about. >> sounds like you're optimistic. ducis rodgers has been in clear water and asked about the manager's bold expectations for these guys. >> reporter: all right, pete, publicly put it out in august and see if you can take off from there. why put that out publicly? >> first of all, june or july. but as a manager i want to be realistic. but i want to remain positive. i feel if we can get off to a decent start, playing 500 baseball as we grow, i think we can do more damage than that. so rather than telling everybody that we're going to win our division, which is a little bit out of the -- not out of the question, it could happen, but i want to be as modest as i can about our possibilities. and i think, as we grow into the season, i think that things -- i hope they're going to improve
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and i look forward to improve. >> looking a the your roster, you've got about six, seven, possibly eight guys who could be starters right now for this team. good problem to have? >> always a good problem. never have enough pitching. pitching and defenses so important now. for us, we need the offense as well. but pitching keeps you in games. >> reporter: what's your overall feel of a guy's mind-set in camp? >> i know talking to the guys and looking at them. they're very excited about the camp. there's always competition. we have pretty darn good players, i think, that i believe are going to make improvements at the big league level. if they do that and the guys are triple aaa push, that's a great predicament to be in. >> set the bar pretty low for the phillys. hope they can overachieve. might have a shot. the flyers, high expectation. talk about the orange and black coming up. >> yeah, on thin ice. plus there's a pop quiz at the
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phillies spring training. sports sunday is coming right back.
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>> action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. challenge all givens. the flyers, yes, heading down a bad road on thin ice. lost 12 of the last 14 road games. lost that wild card lead too. as we sit here tonight they are four points out of that final spot coming into that vancouver game apartment i don't like that sound. flyers in vancouver finish up the three game trip. they were up 1-0. so there's that. and then in the second, broke it open. giving the flyers a 2-0 lead. a minute and 27 seconds after that, schenn on the power play, 3-00. right now holding on 3-2 in the third. >> here's the bottom line. the flyers had been free falling.
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and with the march 1st deadline coming up to trade guys, would you think about moving players, pending free agents, the goalies, the guys up for free agency. >> i think they might have to start thinking about selling. last year at this time they had such a hot streak to get into the playoffs. there is no semblance of that necessarily happening right now. you know why not get something for one of the goalies or you even dare i say claude giroux. underachieving. >> struggling. worst year in six or seven years. >> agreed. so something to think about. let's move on and talk about. >> the temple owls. college hoops, the temple owls. >> same situation as the fliers. february and into the madness of march. got to be frustrated with how they close it out. blew a ten point lead.
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went up three, and adams goes to the hoop and scores with under three seconds to play to put the huskies up one. desperation shot. short. losing 61-62. your alma mater lost three of the last four. >> have not been to the sweet 16 since 2001. >> that's depressing. >> and might be professional baseball players making millions, but might not know everything about the profession. giving a pop quiz. take a look at this. >> we got a couple easy ones. >> okay. >> what's a frozen rope? >> frozen rope. line drive. >> human rain delay. >> when a pitcher takes forever between pitches. >> can of corn. >> easy ply ball. >> you know where that comes from? >> does it say it in here. i can tell you. in the old days they went into grocery stores stores and cans ,
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they would knock them off the shelf and catch them. history. what's a deuce. curve ball. >> he's a catcher. knows that one. >> i have no idea. >> what's a rathman? >> you got me? >> boy, that sounds like someone hung out to dry between first and second base. >> a slow outfielder who appears to be running a raft rather than running hard. what's an uncle charlie? >> curve ball. >> it's a power curve ball. yellow hammer, the hammer. all kinds of nicknames. >> the term undress him. >> undress him. you throw a breaking ball and he buckles in.him. >> it happens to a catcher sometimes. >> oh. when you get run over? >> yeah. >> come on. there's two terms for that. >> slide into a catcher with such force that at least one piece of his equipment is jarred loose. man overboard.
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>> man overboard? i have no idea. >> a runner who has slid past the base. >> okay. don't be that guy. >> don't be that guy. a man curist. >> uncle. i don't know. >> groundskeeper. get it. i get it. >> what's a butter cup? >> a butter cup. great question. i have no idea. >> what's a butter cup? >> i don't know. rees's? >> is that where it's hit off the end of the bat like a pool cue? >> a bat we are no power. >> swinging the wet newspaper up there. got it. >> that was you in little league, huh? >> yes, it was. brad made me -- pitchers like that made me look like a butter cup in t-ball and little league. >> as far as you got. >> that's how i ended up here. >> for sports sunday, jeff skversky, i'm jamie apody. thanks for watching. see you next week, butter cup.
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