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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  February 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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in pike creek who after she was sexually assaulted in her apartment was driven to several atm's where the suspect forced her to withdraw money. it was the same circumstance with a different woman at the top of the hill apartments in north wilmington on february 13th. "action news" reporter vernon odom is live at new castle county police in minquedale t vernon are police recently confident we're talking about the same attacker. >> reporter: yes, jim, they're quite certain and they are proceeding tonight in that belief. they have video of him at various atm locations across the county and each time he appears to me be wearing the same ski mask. >> extremely shocking. >> reporter: neighbors say armed robbery and sexual assault are not supposed to happen here at the arundel apartments in the pike creek section of suburban wilmington. but it did last night. a mask robber lay in wait in the common area inside this building then at gunpoint forced his way into a resident's apartment where she was sexually assaulted. he then forced her to drive him to various atms where he took her cash.
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she then managed to escape and called police. >> detectives are actively investigating the kidnapping and believe it is the same suspect who committed the kidnapping at the top of the hill apartments on february 13th. >> reporter: that february 13th incident took place at the top of the hill apartments north of wilmington. the similar sexual assault and robbery routine. >> during the ordeal, the suspect assaulted the victim by striking her in the face. detectives further learned the suspect had unlawful sexual contact with the victim while in the vehicle. >> they appear to be random at this point in time. the mask remained on the onset throughout the entire county. >> reporter: the police have ordered extra patrols as they search for this suspect. residents remain on edge here in pike creek. >> i've never had any issues living here, never so i'm kind of shocked that it even happened. >> i'm shocked because that's not the kind of thing that goes on here. i mean, there's been drug activity, there's been, you
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know... but it's not something that i've ever heard of happening in this apartment complex. >> reporter: jim, tonight there is a $20,000 reward posted for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in this case. police are hoping for a tip call or several of them. live in new castle county police headquarters, i'm vernon odom channel6 "action news." >> thank you vernon. also from our delaware news room, wilmington police respect investigating a shooting of man this afternoon. the incident happened along the 800 block of vane very much ere avenue. philadelphia authorities searching for two men who beat a man and left him tied up in his home in juniata parent the incident happened friday night in the 4200 block of nielsen street. police say the victim was working in his garage when two armed masked men approached.
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police say the men dragged the man to a second floor bedroom tied him up gagged him pistol whipped him. the victim's brother found him yesterday after he didn't show up to a family function. this presidents' day 2017 included not my presidents' day rallies and demonstrations across america. in philadelphia, they called it a counter the executive orders protest. "action news" reporter walter perez is live at thomas pain plaza across from philadelphia city hall. walter. >> reporter: well, jim, it was a very loud protest clutching on a string of trump's policies they're concerned about. joining with picks as you mentioned some 28 cities from across the u.s. today. >> i feel like it's really important to express how i feel. >> reporter: and approximately 200 people who felt the same way gathered across the street from city hall. this was philadelphia's edition to the not my presidents' day protest across the country. picketers held a rally then
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marched to independence mall before returning to thomas paine plaza in opposition to a string of president trump's initiatives including the travel ban and mr. trump's plan to repeal the affordable care act. >> he makes stuff up end lies. so, that's why i'm here. i don't think he should be president. >> we do need to protect this country. i am proud to be an american but at the same time you have to have sympathy for those who are in dire straits. >> reporter: the protests came on the heels of the president's campaign style rally in florida this past weekend. approximately 9,000 people came out to cheer the commander-in-chief as he described his first month in office as a run away success once again bad mouthing the media's coverage of his administration citing reports of a chaotic white house mr. trump responded by saying "on the white house is running so smoothly." regardless the protesters here in philadelphia say their concerns about this administration continue to pile up. >> we don't think he is
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qualified to serve in that office. and he embarrasses me to the rest of the world. >> he's the face of me to the rest of the world and i'm embarrassed by that. >> reporter: now, mr. trump has addressed protests like these in the past saying they're filled with professional protesters who would gather and march regardless of his policy ideas. reporting live from center city, walter perez channel6 "action news." >> president trump's next pick for national security adviser has roots in our area. armarmy lieutenant hr mcmaster seen on the left here with the president was announced this afternoon in florida at mar-a-lago. mcmaster a philadelphia native and valley forge military academy graduate replaces michael flynn. flynn reply signed las resignedr misleading the white house with his communication with russian diplomats. world news tonight with david muir will have much more
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on trump's pick for national security adviser and the protests staged across the country today. that is next at 6:30 right after "action news." a seventh candidate entered the race for philadelphia district attorney. former first assistant d.a. tariq el shabazz made the announcement this morning in chestnut hill. current d.a. seth williams is not seeking a third term amid that fbi investigation into that gifts he if i would report. el shabazz says williams' issues are separate from his career. >> that was the ma then in fact tapped me to come into the district attorney's office as a deputy. that was the ma and that allowed me to be the first assistant and allowed some he to make protocol that are making it one of the most progressive offices on the east coast. >> the race to replace williams now includes six democrats and one republican. el shabazz joined by michael
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under mri rich negron joe can carr department ni republican grossman. atlantic city councilman frank gillian jr. is running for mayor. he kicked off his unite our ac campaign in front of a crowd at gourmet rest today. in addition gillian and three others are running on his ticket. council members george tibet moses delgado running for reelection. firefighters conducting controlled burns at several locations in south jersey today all for the purpose of using fire to prevent fire. this is the way it looked in warren grove ocean county but we also have the scene in tab knack chem burlington county. that's where new jersey correspondent nora muchanic was today. >> reporter: it seems counter intuitive but the
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firefighters from the new jersey forest fire service are out setting fires part of the prescribed burning program designed to clear away leaves twigs and other debris from the forest floor in the pine glands it's equivalent to like gasoline on the ground. it has been dry for about a 10 day period with very low humidity, high winds. >> reporter: that makes the debris on the ground floor like tinder fuel for a wildfire. >> if a spark hits it, if there's fire, if there's lightning, if there's human interaction that can spark up. >> reporter: so the forest fire service carefully identifies specific areas and conducts these prescribed burns under closely controlled conditions. >> we specifically locate these blocks of woods around improved property, houses, cranberry farms, things of that nature that we need to protect. >> reporter: using a hand held torch to ignite the ground cover the forest fire service is literally fighting fire with fire. >> it does seem a little destructive but it's the disturbance caused by the fire is very important.
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>> reporter: the controlled burns help the cycle of life particularly the pine trees. >> the cones don't open and release the seeds until they're and subjected to the heat. so the fire produces heat, cleans the forest floor makes a nice seed bed. >> reporter: and from this new trees will grow. controlled burns like this are expected to continue through the end of march, the forest fire service says they'll burn between 10 and 20,000 acres this year. ly in the pinelands i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." >> coming up tonight a faulty zamboni sickens several players on a delaware hockey team. what better way to spend presidents' day than with a trip to the national constitution center. ahead we'll show you the special activities to celebrate the holiday. cecily. >> we are live on sky6. really a beautiful skyline shot as the sun has set on an unusually warm presidents' day weekend but i'm tracking even warmer temperatures later this week. i'll have the may-like temperatures on the way in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> and sixers trade talk with the deadline looming this
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week. ducis rodgers with that many story when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ what's more magical than playing pot of gold... with top prizes of $50,000? the answer's winning... on the spot. oh, yes!! play pot of gold, the new game from the pennsylvania lottery. and you could win... on the spot. keep on scratchin'!
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>> skating club of wilmington reopened its doors late this afternoon. saturday night. a zamboni that zamboni malfunctioned filled the rink with carbon monoxide. there was a tournament going on at the time. the valley forge colonials had nine players and a coach go to the hospital. the zamboni was fixed today and carbon monoxide detectors have been installed inside is the rink. it should come as no surprise that the national constitution center was at the
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center of activity on this presidents' day. if you want to learn about the presidency where better to go? "action news" reporter john rawlins was there. >> george washington he was the first president. >> reporter: it was all about presidents today at the constitution center. at this table crayons and drawings of commanders in chief while across the lobby. >> now your vote is counted. >> reporter: voting booths where you could exercise the franchise and pick your favorite past potus. >> john adams. >> barack obama. >> andrew jackson. >> we want to make sure that as they get older, that they understand that the presidency is a very important office. >> reporter: the president's job spelled out in section two of the constitution. what do organizers want kids to take away from today's events. >> for the little guys we want them to start noticing people. we want to say who is the president, who has been past presidents. they get to meet abraham lincoln today, john adams and they get to learn a little bit more about what the job of the president is. >> reporter: the presidents came to life today.
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meet jefferson, lincoln and teddy roosevelt. but there were more than articles and amendments. there was trivia. >> i'm going to go like for five. >> reporter: finally there was a picture frame, this picture frame where future presidents could drop in for a photo op and talk about what they plan to do in 2048. >> bring america together and make it good. >> reporter: bring america together and make it good. not a bad legacy. john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> and a group of children spent this presidents' day giving back to the community. jack and jill members from the new castle county chapter volunteered at the sunday breakfast mission in wilmington. they assembled 402 hopes totes with toiletries and snacks. the bags will be distributed to homeless and children who are aging out of the foster care system.
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>> major trades going on, all kinds of trade talk. how does this all affect the sixers? >> does it involve the sixersly? you're right it does involve them. for weeks the sixers have been talking trades with the pelicans. they weren't able to get anything done. the pelicans satisfied their big man fix elsewhere. new orleans required demarcus cousins today from sacramento for three players and a pair of draft picks. sixers are still stuck with jahlil okafor for now. the nba trade deadline is thursday at 3:00 p.m. the sixers reportedly still want to deal him. sixers still might make out because of that trade. by trading cousins the kings become a worse team. if they end up being so bad and they have a top 10 pick the sixers can swap first round picks with them. this is due to a trade that was made back in 2015. the sixers also have extra picks headed their way in 2019. just 23 games remain in the flyers schedule. the next one is wednesday night at home against the capitals. the flyers two points out of a playoff spot. last night they got their
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second win of the past seven games. the flyers jumped out to a two-nothing lead on vancouver. wayne simmonds had an early at a. he now has 25 goals on the year. brayden schenn also netted one. flyers held on to win three-two. they're looking to make a push the final seven weeks of the season. >> i think we definitely know we're a playoff team for sure. i mean, it shows. i mean, you know, we got a lot of heart and it's a big test for us next week playing these really good teams. >> after wednesday's game the flyers will head to pittsburgh to fails the penguins. this is time lapse video of heinz field transformed for the stadium series outdoor contest. that ice may melt. phillies spring training continues in clearwater first exhibition game is thursday. pete mackanin says he wants his team playing .500 ball mid season. is that a lofty goal or a modest one. he feels it's the ladder. >> as a manager i want to be realistic but i want to remain positive. i feel if we can get off to a
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decent start to where we're playing .500 baseball as we grow throughout the season i think we could do more damage than that so rather than telling everybody that we're going to win our division, which is a little bit out of the -- not out of the question, it could happen but i want to be as modest as i can about our -- our possibilities and i think as we grow into the season, i think things -- i hope they're going to improve and i look forward to improve. >> college basketball. temple's men's team is not having a good season but the women certainly are. jaime apody reports from campus. >> reporter: last week they broke into the polls for the first time in over a decade and today after a.m. convincing win against number 22usf the temple's women's basketball team ranked 23rd in the nation. >> it's exciting you know to be voted on but people actually respecting your program and what you've been able to accomplish its a great feeling knowing that all our hard work has got approved by a lot of people, no the just
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in that philadelphia, not the big five, not the american but all over the country. >> reporter: so what's next for the lady owls? wednesday they've got, you know, just a little game, no big d.c., it's just against uconn the number one team in the nation for a whole bunch of years in a row. they've got a little bit of a winning streak going, yeah, real easy. >> they've only won 101 straight games. >> reporter: huskies last lost a game november 2014. that streak now 13 games longer than the storied john wootton streak. is u. couldn't beatable. >> yeah i see it all the time. why not us. they've been on this streak for almost three years now. eventually they have to loss. >> as long as we got somebody who is behind us like coach anything is possible. >> reporter: if you were to do this and knock them off and
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end this ridiculous winning streak, i mean, forget the rankings that would really put temple on the map. >> we would be on "good morning america," right. [laughter] >> reporter: in north philadelphia, jaime apody channel6 "action news." >> nothing wrong it wie you that. and that's sports. >> they would sure be on "action news." >> cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continues in just a moment.
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>> 58 degrees today. but after this weekend it was freezing. >> 70 yesterday but wait until thursday, friday and saturday. it's going to make. >> what's going to happen. >> we're looking at thursday and friday probably temperatures in the mid 70's. that's typical for the middle of may. >> yeah. >> february is taking a
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vacation right now. storm tracker6 live double scan showing it's dry out. we do have some high thin clouds and they will be thickening up tomorrow but really creating a beautiful sunset. april sent this to me on my facebook page from green lane really looking nice out there. the sun setting on what will likely be the our warmest presidents' day on record. sunday we set a record high of 70. today still 13 degrees above normal but felt cool compared to saturday and sunday. the high 58 degrees. loads of sunshine and tomorrow will be cooler than today, probably the coolest day of the work week but temperatures running about 16 degrees above normal o allentown 48, atlantic city 47 and wilmington 51. temperatures right now still pretty mild. 54 degrees in philadelphia. allentown 47. cape may 51. and wilmington 52 with winds out of the north so that will pull down temperatures in the
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20's and 30's tonight. it will be seasonably cool and satellite6 and action radar showing we are clear right now but you can see there are more clouds trying to advance from the west. this is ahead of a disturbance that will cut into the great lakes. so what that will do is bring us more clouds tomorrow and then open the door in the middle of the week for much warmer air to move in. so, tonight will be on the cool side. typical for this time of of the year 32 do you say jrue he is in philadelphia t-allentown 27, wilmington 32 and atlantic city 33. mostly clear and tomorrow a lot of high thin clouds. so we'll get that filtered sunshine not as bright and sunny as today. 11 o'clock 41. should reach the low 50's by 4 o'clock. so, again, cooler than today but still above normal and then late in the week this is when we get another blow torch. we have low pressure very strong system that will be cutting into the great lakes. high pressure off to the east so the combination of the two pulling up a surge of winds out of the southwest. we're looking at three days of temperatures in the 70's and two out of those three
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temperatures likely will be in the mid 70's making another run at the records. so, the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast tomorrow a milky white sky filtered sunshine a high of 51 degrees. wednesday a warm front moves through, lots of clouds early in the day, maybe an isolated shower, some sunshine late in the day, the high climbs to 63 degrees and look at this on thursday, back into the 70's. 73 degrees. the record high 75 set way back in 1874 will be a record territory on thursday, likely a new record on friday, the record high is 74 calling for a high of 75. and saturday transition day. hitting 70 ahead of a cold front that will bring us some rain midday and afternoon maybe even a thunderstorm behind that system a reality check for sunday. much cooler, 48 degrees so you may a winter coat if you're heading to any oscar parties on sunday night. monday it clouds up with the possibility of some drizzle on monday night and a high of 50 degrees.
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this february will likely go down as one of our top 10 warm midwest februaries in history. >> you know what's going to happen we'll see some buds coming. >> we already have some daffodils and tulips already starting to bloom. >> really. >> not good. >> i haven't seen them but you have. >> i've heard about them actually. >> okay. abc's "world news tonight" is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. if spring cleaning is on your to do list in the coming weeks why not take a scan at your cell phone plan as well. consumer reports magazine recently took a look at some of the smaller carrier options. what they found may have you switching a lesser known carrier could save you a bundle. only tonight on "action news." for cecily tynan ducis rodgers the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. we hope you'll join us at 11:00.
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tonight, several breaking stories. president trump's new pick after firing general flynn. tonight, his new choice for national security adviser. general h.r. mcmaster. what we know about him already. our team standing by. also breaking, several tornadoes. four confirmed. more than 100 homes hit. a train blown right off the tracks. we're there tonight. two officers suddenly facing fire. responding to an accident, when a man pulls out a gun. one officer dead tonight. the major new headline at this hour after two girls are discovered dead in the woods. their final snapchats, and tonight, the new development involving this man. and the airport security breach. tonight, the new surveillance right here. 11 people passing through the security checkpoint in new york city. why was there no tsa officer right there watching them walk


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