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tv   Action News at 600 AM  ABC  February 21, 2017 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this tuesday february 21st and breaking right now. >> the search for a missing four-year-old is over. philadelphia police say the story of a child being abducted was completely made up. >> new this morning, two pennsylvania teenagers are behind bars accused of brutally killing two disabled men, one of them with a sword. >> also breaking, make it three straight weekday commuting days with an
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overturned truck. chopper6 is live over the latest one. >> which is why we're going to say good morning first to karen rogers with more on that before we head over to dave murphy to help you out with accuweather. good morning. >> good morning. we want to get back to that breaking news. chopper6 live on the scene, yet another overturned tractor-trailer and we can see it right here. this is the ramp in west conshohocken from the blue route northbound to the schuylkill westbound. i showed you this even before police arrived on the scene. now we've got chopper to show us. we have police here set up flares. weaver seeing traffic is squeezing by on this ramp at this point and we're hearing that the tractor-trailer was empty. the driver was not injured according to state police. there you see all the flares set up as traffic kind of squeezes by. right now we've got pretty light volume. if this is still out here in an hour or so you know here in west conshohocken this is going to be a mess on the ramp from the blue route northbound to the schuylkill westbound and if they go to upright that tractor-trailer, they're certainly going to have to block that ramp for at least a period of time. we have to see when they're able to do that. right now we know crews are on the scene blocking partially
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that ramp from the blue route northbound to the schuylkill westbound yet another overturned tractor-trailer. let's go to the maps and show you other issues in the area. here's at view of that where you see police on the scene with that many tractor-trailer. here's the vine street expressway. it was closed overnight for construction. we can see right now everything is moving fine but crews are going to return again tonight at 11 o'clock and shut the vine down in both directions. live on i-95, this is your southbound traffic here at cottman and only a touch of volume here. no big delay. no problem just yet on i-95. dave, the big problem is yet another overturned tractor-trailer. >> crazy wonder what's up with that. all right karen we're off to a colder start this morning than yesterday. take a look at satellite. i'm already seeing some high thin clouds beginning to pop over the terrace here and it does look like we'll give up sun and transition to a clouds and sun mix. 35 degrees in philadelphia, 28 in allentown, below freezing in trenton and reading and millville, 35 in wilmington. not much wind so we don't have to worry about wind chill but it's cold enough where you want that winter cohere's how
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it's going to go by noon we improve to 46. of the afternoon is still above average. normally we would be at about 45 for a high today but we're going for 53, a little cooler than yesterday but not much wind clouds gathering as we go through the day. not a bad afternoon for this time of year. it gets better and better in that accuweather forecast, matt. some very nice numbers ahead in that seven-day. >> thank you david. breaking news they say it was a lie. police had been searching for a missing four-year-old since last night. now they tell us a man has admitted to making up an elaborate story about a child kidnapping and a carjacking. it all started along the 4600 block of north sydenham street late last night. investigators say a delivery driver had told police he had been carjacked and a four-year-old boy was still in the car. they found the car a short time later but the child was inside spark -- or the child was not inside. no one. packinsparking an intense searc.
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police say he told them hall not carjacked at all and there was no missing glide for the second time in recent days a woman has been kidnapped and robbed in northern delaware. the most recent incident happened sunday night at the arundel apartments in pike creek. a woman says she was approached by a man with a gun sexually assaulted inside her apartment and then driven to several atms to get money. investigators say they heard the same sort of details from app separate victim thtis time at the top of the hill apartments in north wilmington back on february 13th. if you think you have any information are you asked to contact new castle county police. two teenagers are charged in the gruesome murders of two and disabled brothers in lancaster. police say the teens broke into the brothers' home and demanded money and then stabbed them repeatedly. court documents show one of the victims was murdered with a large sword. a third resident of the home who was a caretaker managed to escape and called for help. authorities arrested the suspects, juan cristo-munoz and joshua proper in the
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basement of the home. police say their clothes were bloody and that they were in possession of several knives. >> a multi alarm blaze injured a firefighter and left two families homeless in allentown. crews were called to the home at 10:00 last night. a neighboring home was also damaged by smoke. officials say the firefighters' injuries are minor. no word yet on a cause. >> ♪ president trump is scheduled to visit the smithsonian's national museum of african-american history and culture in washington, d.c. today t while the new national security adviser is already getting to work. president trump introduced army lieutenant general h r. mcmaster yesterday. mcmaster is from the philadelphia area and is a well known and highly respected military strategist serving as a commander in both iraq wars. the 54-year-old replaces michael flynn who resigned last week. president trump is also expected to meet with vice president mike pence today. pence was in brussels yesterday and spoke at nato headquarters.
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he reassured the european union of president trump's commitment to the military alliance. european leaders are worried because of president trump's critical statements on nato during the campaign. >> it is 6:06 and it already feels a bit like spring. maybe that has you thinking about summer adventures. if so save up because gas is expected to be pricey this summer. stacey delikat is in for maribel aber. she's live at the nasdaq in times square. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. yeah, that's right, gas prices could be at a more than two year high at the start of the summer driving season. the average for a gallon could be around $2.85 by memorial day and that's the estimate from gas buddy t rising prices are expected as oil continues to trade higher. refineries set to do that maintenance which typically disrupts production and pushes hi prices hire. stocks will begin the holiday shortened trading week at new highs as the dow nasdaq and s & p 500 rose on friday. as for today's trading right now futures are pointing to a higher open and it will be a
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busy week for that economic data with reports on new and existing home sales plus the minutes of the last federal reserve meeting all due out. amazon has made it easier to get free shipping even if you don't have amazon prime. the company has lowered its minimum for free shipping to $35. now, that is down from $49 plus if you order books up to $25 value you could also qualify for free shipping. the move comes after wal-mart cut its minimum for free two day shipping to $35 from $50. so, good to know if you don't have amazon prime, you can still get your stuff for free. >> thank you stacy. >> matt and tam. >> i was thinking the other day it's great to have these great temperatures. >> yeah. >> but a snow pack could be an issue for plants in the spring. >> it can be and i also worry a little about the aquifer although new york state has had a fair amount of snow, so hopefully a lot of that's getting into the underground there. we'll see. storm tracker6 live double scan and we are looking at a precipitation free morning.
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as we take a look outside there are some high clouds that are beginning to streak in from the west but over by the shore it looks like mainly blue skies and i do thin you're going to start out with plenty of sunshine early on. grab the winter coats, though. this morning is colder than yesterday. we're at 35 degrees currently in philadelphia. that's actually an improvement. we were down to 34 a little bit ago. 28 degrees, though, in allentown, a little bit below freezing in trenton, reading and down in millville. obviously winter coats a good idea. winds are light this morning. here come e are going to start t high and thin. we'll get some early suthrough l thicken up a bit and i think overall we're looking at a mix of clouds and sun today. up in the lehigh valley we'll call it partly sunny. a cool high of 50 but even that is several degrees above the average high and with light winds cool but pretty pleasant today. down the shore a high around 50, partly sunny, not much wind and then in philadelphia, we'll go for a high of 53. now, yesterday we got to 58. but it was pretty blustery and chilly. today not as warm 53 degrees
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but with lighter winds. i don't know, today might actually be the more comfortable day. cool but nice is what we'll call it and again more clouds later than what we've got early. mostly cloudy then overnight, a spotty shower around, 42 is the overnight low. and then we're off to the races. we'll get into the 60's tomorrow and as we head into thursday, friday and maybe even saturday, the 70's are possible all three days because we've got a jet andront all out to the west slog towards the east but it will take several days to get here and that's going to allow us to pump more and more mild air ahead of that front right into the region. several records may be threatened on thursday. in philadelphia a record high of 75 set back in the 1800s. we're going 74 so it will be close and wilmington trenton allentown and the airp city coue records fall on thursday. more records could fall on friday. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, 53 today, partly sunny. tomorrow clouds to sun, 63, still not bad. if that was the high water mark this week we would be happy but no, we're going to go for 74 on thursday and the
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75 on friday. now, friday afternoon there could be some showers around. then on saturday, an occasional shower or thunderstorm, most of the rain in the afternoon but still pretty mild with a hig a high o. sunday breezy and cooler. the sun roars back behind departing front. we drop to 50 for a high. cooler but still not bad. oscars on sunday night. >> very exciting. 6:10 now. happening now authorities identify people on board a plane that crashed into a mall overseas. >> new this morning teenagers taking picture at a popular new york tourist spot end up taken away on stretchers. karen. >> chopper6 live on the scene. yet another tractor-trailer overturned here in west conshohocken. we'll have the latest on this breaking news an slow go on i-95 when we come back. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. taking a live look there, the battleship new jersey as dawn starts to peek there, light blue over the horizon. it is 6:13, 35 degrees. >> what would a morning commute be without a tractor-trailer crash, karen. >> right. if we made it too easy for you, you wouldn't need to watch to figure out what to do. this is west conshohocken. an overturned tractor-trailer. here's the tractor-trailer that flipped over. the way it flipped over they still allowed room for traffic
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to squeeze by. as you can see on this ramp, it kind of flipped over more into the grass than onto the lanes here. we're hearing the tractor-trailer was empty. state police are telling us. and the driver was not injured. this has been out here a little bit. chopper6 is lie on the scene. they've got another tractor-trailer nearby. we can see they have the cones and flares kind of set up. traffic is squeezing by on this ramp. it is a busy ramp in west conshohocken. it's early yet but if this stays out here within another hour for sure you'll see it create major problems. traffic kind of squeezing by this ramp in west conshohocken from the blue route northbound to the schuylkill westbound with that overturned tractor-trailer. if it sounds like deja vu it is the third day in a row weekday that we've had an overturned tractor-trailer on a ramp. we had one here, you can see the mess that was all over the ramp, that was monday in new jersey between exits four and five on the turnpike, same spot yesterday we had an overturned tractor-trailer so seems every day we've got an overturned tractor-trailer. chopper6 pretty busy with that
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one. let's take a live look at your roads. this is i-95. we're looking live approaching allegheny. starting to slow up a little bit southbound as you head towards center city you're slowing approaching allegheny to girard. not a major delay just yet but that kind of volume just kicking in right now. in cheltenham an accident on brookside road at manor involving a deer so watch for that one and in newark a water main break from yesterday still restricting traffic here in delaware on 72 southbound. today partly sunny, 53 for your, rather nice tempes above average. i want to look ahead to thursday and friday. 74 on thursday, 75 on friday, so it's going to feel like spring again by the end of the week, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. strangers jumped into an icy pond in new york's central park saving seven teens. the boys went out to the ice last night even though there were signs that said don't do that and started to take pictures hoaring around.
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witnesses saw the boys fall in. the teens are expected to be okay. >> we learned overnight that four americans were killed when a plane crashed into a shopping center in australia. the crash happened shortly after the charter plain plane took off from an airport near melbourne. the crash happened an hour before the mall was set to open so people were not inside. the four americans were all passengers. the pilot was also killed. evacuations are under way in parts of northern california this morning. a new round of downpours swelled creeks and rivers to potentially dangerous levels. a levy break along the san joaquin river forced about 500 people from their homes the leak is contained but the evacuation order remains in place for now. an animal follows a doctor to work. when the doctor realizes this is no nott he darts back out the door. what is happening here coming up only at 6:30. >> in today's tech bytes the pope issues a warning about the dangers of texting. >> the tech friendly pope says
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>> hey everybody it's shoshanna at soul beats studio with "action news"'s fitness tip. an awesome move that will
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combine multiple muscle movements. pop that right hip up engaging that right oblique extending the left leg. i want you to lift that left arm up, then raising that left leg all the way up to the top lowering back down hold that right oblique tight and give me three sets of 15 here. then at the very top drop the right hip and press it up engaging that oblique again. all these muscles will be burning and you will be feeling great. >> ♪ >> no, david it does not work on the set. >> watching david try to do it. >> to see the extended version of today's tip go to's tip. it's there right now. >> watch david do the weather and see how he does with that. let's taking ou take you out heo chopper6. overturned tractor-trailer t the ramp at this point still opened on the blue route northbound headed to the schuylkill westbound in west conshohocken yet another overturned tractor-trailer and this one causing a problem. we're hearing the trailer was
6:21 am
empty and there you can see some trucks are able to get by at this point. we'll have to see if they shut it down when they go to upright the tractor-trailer. let's take you outside and check on 422 right now. there's a live look at trooper. eastbound beginning to slow approaching 23, dave. >> all right karen on the big board we have al hat and a heavy coat on the kids this morning. this afternoon keeping a fairly decent coat handy. this morning temperatures are colder. we talked about this yesterday. some spots below freezing like trenton allentown reading millville. 35 right now in philadelphia and wilmington, not a lot of wind out there but certainly on the chilly side to start out. and as we take a look at the daily forecast, 34 degrees by 7 o'clock. 46 by noon. kind of chilly during the morning with clouds gathering and then a high of 53. now that's a little cooler than yesterday but still well above average. the average high today 45 and without much wind that's not bad afternoon to get out to the mark and get stuff done. by 5 o'clock you're still at 50 and then by 7 o'clock back down to 47 degrees. tam. >> okay, thank you, david. in health check, losing weight difficult enough. but keeping it off is even
6:22 am
harder so what are you to do? a new study says don't considering it the end of things when you finally hit that gstead about a maintenance program. the study followed two groups of people both lost about 9 pounds on a diet. one group continued to take part in group meetings and talk on the phone to a dietitian. the other group they were on their own. after about a year the group on the maintenance program still kept the 9 pounds off. >> relationship between a customer and a contractor can be a rocky one. that is when the "action news" troubleshooters move in. our nydia han has details on her and special report coming ucomingup on "action news" at 1. >> reporter: she paid a.m. contractor $85,000 top build a.m. second story addition but she can't live in it. >> i have kids. i don't want to feel that my house is going to burn down. >> reporter: she isn't the only one complaining about this contractor. hear all sides and see how the troubleshooter help resolve at least one of these cases tonight on "action news" at 11:00. >> phillies about to enter
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their second week of spring training. their first exhibition contest is slated for thursday. there's a familiar face at camp this year. former closer brad lidge is working with the pitching staff as a special instructor. >> the national zoo bids farewell to bao bao the bear. >> vandals hit this couple with racist graffiti. hear why the couple gets fined.
6:24 am
6:25 am
>> the national zoo in and washington is packing up its three-year-old pan a today cub
6:26 am
bao bao and sending her off to china. over the past several weeks thousands of well wishers have gone to the smithsonian national zoo to see the panda one last time. there has been a longstanding agreement that all pandas born at the zoo respect sent back to china for breeding. fans will be able to watch her departure on the zoo's facebook page. >> i just tweeter out a link a little while ago if you want to do that. interracial come much couple in connecticut says it was bad enough that their home was that vandalized by app racial slur but worse they say is that the city is fining them for not cleaning it all up. the slur was spray painted on the couple's garage door over martin luther king jr. weekend more than a month ago. heather and lexene charles say their home has been vandalized multiple times. they say they decided to leave the hateful display this time as prod to police to investigate the problem more seriously. >> racism is alive here in our neighborhood. >> i'd like to find out who did it because. >> reporter: because it has to stop. >> it had as to stop.
6:27 am
>> the city of stamford has issued the couple a blight citation which carries a 100-dollar daily fine. police also say they have put muscle into the investigation but can only do so much when they have no witnesses. >> time right now is 6:27 and breaking overnight a missing child search in philadelphia that lasted for hours turns out to be a hoax. >> later see the near-miss between a man and this run away minivan much that's coming up on "action news."
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>> its desperate search for a little boy is suddenly called off when police find out what they're dealing with is not a real story. >> a second woman is abducted outside of her northern delaware apartment in a matter of days. police believe the same man is behind both attacks. >> also we've got breaking traffic news. chopper6 is live over the
6:30 am
scene, a tractor-trailer overturned on the blue route. >> good morning everyone, it is 6:30 on this tuesday morning. we'll get to david in a moment but first karen rogers and traffic. good morning. >> yeah, we want to get back to that breaking news with chopper6 live on the scene of a tractor-trailer. you can clearly see how it flipped over right here. this is west conshohocken, the ramp from the blue route northbound to the schuylkill westbound. traffic is squeezing by here. state police have told us the trailer was empty and the driver not injured. out here an i look at the scene looks like we're seeing a few more tow trucks that have arrived so maybe they're getting ared to think about when they can upright this tractor-trailer. when they do that they'll need to shut down that ramp for sure. this is a busy area in west conshohocken. not creating a big jam yet but we expect that's going to happen in a little bit as people try to head outer to the blue route northbound to the schuylkill westbound in west conshohocken. this is the thirekday we've hads problem. overturned tractor-trailers on-ramps. they were in new jersey. this one in a busy area in west conshohocken.
6:31 am
let's go to the schuylkill expressway right now and check a different area of the schuylkill. this is at montgomery drive and you can see that that eastbound traffic it's that time of the morning starting to jam up from the blue route to the conshohocken curve and it's heavy again from approaching montgomery to girard eastbound on the schuylkill, westbound 20 minute ride from the vine to the blue route so heavy there as well. in norristown a new accident hearing a vehicle ran into a pole over here on sandy hill road between fairfield road and marshall street. fire police are on hand directing traffic at the scene to help you around that. also another weird accident here where a vehicle ran off the roadway in mansfield township in burlington county right on 295 northbound at florence columbus and we're hearing that there could be a vehicle fire reported with this accident scene right there so that's a big one just coming in. dave kind of weird we're suddenly having these problems. weather certainly no issue out there. >> no, it's not. maybe a little sun glare in a bit. as you take a look at satellite we have high clouds from the west and we're going start out fairly bright with high clouds filtering in and then we'll see more of a mix
6:32 am
of clouds and sun through the majority of the day. 35 degrees currently. it is colder this morning. we talked about this yesterday. not a lot of wind out there but 35 degrees in philadelphia, 28 in allentown, 35 in wilmington. there are the winds. most of them in the single digits and a couple spots reporting calm winds so not big on wind chills this morning but you still want your winter coat and extra gear just because of the early temperatures. it does get better later today. 34 by 7 o'clock but 46 by noon and your high is 53 around 3 o'clock. and that is well above the average high of 45 so even though it's cooler than yesterday we don't have as much wind and that temperature still not bad. speaking of not bad temperatures still looking at that warmup towards the end of the work week w it looks better than it did yesterday. details coming up in accuweather. matt and tam. >> thank you david. breaking this morning there was a feverish police search for hours last night for a four-year-old little boy. they've been told he had been taken by a carjacker. authorities are now saying this was based on made-up story. this started along the 4600
6:33 am
block of north sydenham street last night. investigators say a delivery driver claimed he was carp jacked and that a four-year-old boy was taken as he was sitting in the back of the car. the car was found a short time later but the child was not in the car so of course that sparked an intense search. the man eventually admitted to police that he was not carjacked and there was no missing child t why he made up the story is still not clear. and we just learned that philadelphia police officers did not come under fire while responding to a call in the city's olney section. chopper6 was over fifth and champlost street last night where officers responded to fired shots. they found shell casings but no victims. they chased the suspects into nearby fisher park. they were nat abl not able to gt their hands on the suspect. >> police believe a man abducted a woman for the second time in less than a week. "action news" reporter coastal katherine scott is live with
6:34 am
why the police think they're connected. >> reporter: the latest victim was treated and released from the hospital. while the search continues for the suspect police call striking similarities between this latest attack and one that occurred last monday and they do believe the same person is behind them. new castle county police believe the same suspect could be behind two abductions that took place less than a week apart. >> look out for a 2012 gray honda civic. >> reporter: the latest one happened around 7:45 sunday evening just as the victim arrived home to the arundel apartments in the pike creek section of women on. >> shocked. nothing like that happens around here its a really quiet area. >> reporter: police say the masked man waited in a common area inside the building then at gunpoint pushed his way into her apartment where she was sexually assaulted then forced to drive to various atms where he took her cash. she managed to escape and call police. >> definitely feel safe around here all the time so it is very scary knowing that something like that happened so close. >> reporter: back on february 13th in the parking
6:35 am
lot of the top of the hill apartments in wilmington, police say the suspect forced the victim into her own car and made her drive to an atm to withdraw money. while she was in the vehicle, police say the suspect struck her in the face and had unlawful sexual contact with her. in both incidents police say the suspect spoke to himself about his intentions and his plans. >> my girlfriend said i don't kind of feel safe around here like as of right now. she just wants him to be caught so we can like live our lives. >> reporter: a $20,000 reward is available for anyone with information leading to an arrest or conviction. we're live in the satellite center katherine scott, channel6 "action news. matt. >> thanks, katherine. two eight crimes in montgomy county sound straight out of mission impossible. this is video from inside lansdale meats and deli on north broad street. police say that burglar broke through a roof vent and used a rope to to drop down into the store. he stole cash and a
6:36 am
9-millimeter pistol looks like this. police say another burglar used trope rappel 40 feet from a costco skylight and swipe fine jewelry from inside the king of prussia store last week. detectives are now trying to determine if both incidents are connected. >> i feel bad for the owners. yeah. and i hope that they find whoever did whatever and i think it's awful that somebody would do something to such good people. >> police entered the stolen weapon into a national stolen firearm database. >> happening today, pennsylvania governor to tom wof will hold his first town hall on facebook live. he wanted to give his social media followers a chance to ask questionsabout his state budget proposal. he claims his plan will save taxpayers more than $2 billion but republicans respect criticizing it for increasing state spending. governor wolf's live streamed event will get going at 2:00 p.m. both matt and i have tweeted out links to his facebook page if you want to join in. >> accuweather now, dave murphy chil little chilly to st.
6:37 am
>> storm tracker6 live double scan shows us that we're dry. taking a look outside lots of sunshine with high clouds beginning to filter in over the ben franklin bridge. looks like early sun and then transition to a clouds and sun mix through the day. as matt mentioned it is chilly is it a start out. today's numbers are colder than yesterday and the in some spots like allentown, reading, tren tour you're right around or a little below the treatment. not a lot of wind. winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour so cold enough for winter coats but we're not talking about a brutal wind chill or anything like that. here come the clouds. you can see there's some thinning of the clouds out to the west. we went back and forth between periods where the clouds might be thicker and the sun breaks through. staying chilly but not that bad. starting out cold at 8 o'clock 35. 46 by noon and we spend several hours this afternoon in the 50's with a high of 53 and again with lighter winds than yesterday, yeah, clouds
6:38 am
and sun mixing. that's still not a bad forecast high for this time of year. normally we would be at about 45 degrees so 53, yeah, sure, i think we'll take it. and numbers fairly even across the region, too. 50 is your high in allentown, 51 in reading, 52 in wilmington, 51 in trentothe lowi the way down to the shore this afternoon. and then things change. tomorrow we get up into the 60's as winds start to turn out of the south. after that thursday, friday and maybe even saturday some in some neighborhoods with this frontal boundary out to the west and the related jet stream pattern slowly pushing toward the east we're going have several days to just continue to pump this warm air from the south and we actually think on thursday and friday we'll get well into the 70's, well into the 70's in february and close to that on saturday, maybe even 70's in a couple of spots on saturday as well. thursday's forecast high is 74. friday 75 and you can see how in both cases we're right around the record so record territory for both thursday and friday and really nice improving numbers.
6:39 am
these are better than what we showed you yesterday. your seven-day from accuweather, 53, partly sunny today. tomorrow not bad, clouds in the morning, maybe a couple of spotty sprinkles or showers. i think we're mainly dry and then some sun coming back and a high of 63 and if that was the best day of the week we'd be fine but we're going to get better. thursday near record warmth, partly sunny, 74. that's a gorgeous day. friday 75 degrees with clouds, some sunny breaks and a shower possible moving in in the afternoon and evening. then saturday, a shower or perhaps a thunderstorm, most of that in the afternoon. but still a mild high of 69 degrees. then an front comes through and behind it we're breezy, bright on sunday with lots of sunshine but cooler with a high around 50, still a bit above where we'd expect to be this time of year but closer to normal. and monday mostly cloudy, a shower and 48. still no sign of late february snow. >> okay, thank you, david. it is now 6:39 and security breach. the t.s.a. is reviewing how nearly a dozen people made it through airport metal detectors with no agent there is to screen them. karen.
6:40 am
>> we're looking live at a jam on i-95. this is the betsy ross bridge. already jammed southbound as you're trying to come to the city from cottman to girard. we'll have more on that breaking news in west conshohocken with an overturned tractor-trailer partially blocking a ramp and a vehicle fire in that new jersey when we come right back. >> new on "action news," a doctor thinks a dog followed him to work. what he learns next has him sprinting right back out the door. that story right after the break. >> ♪ ught a dog
6:41 am
6:42 am
na. followed him into his good dog. seconds later cameras show dr. steve paleti dart out the door. that was no dog, that a you a
6:43 am
coyote. >> put my hands up and jingled my keys and the coyote took a step back and basically i came back here and pushed the exit button and took -- took a run for it. >> goodbye coyote. now the doctor says the animal actually continued following him until a squirrel offered a distraction. >> maybe he wants to be a pet now. but i wouldn't be the were unwho wanted to discover any further about that. let's go to karen rogers taking a look at your traffic. good morning. >> good morning, everybody. we've got breaking news. another day with an overturned tractor-trailer. so choppe is looking live on the scene. it's fortunate i guess the way this tractor-trailer flipped over. it's mostly on the grass and we're seeing even this big karrier is able to get by so it's not creating a big backup right now but we can see they do have the heavy duty tow trucks on the scene. they'll need to shut this ramp wnrthis tractor-trailer. thiswest conshohocken. the blue route nohbto the schuyn area o conshohocken that
6:44 am
would be jammed anyway. not seeing any extra jam at this point because traffic is able to get by but when they shut this down that's going to be another story. breaking news overturned tractor-trailer state police telling us it was empty so it's not a day where we're looking at debris all over the road and the driver was not injured but i want to show you it's been three workdays in a row that we're talking about an overturned tractor-trailer on the ramp. the other two happened yesterday and monday and they were new jersey on the new jersey turnpike. today's overturned tractor-trailer is west conshohocken. looking at the big picture starting to slow down. here's that overturned tractor-trailer. it's slow in that area of west conshohocken but not really terribly heavy. 9 miles an hour on the schuylkill westbound approaching the boulevard to past belmont 12 miles an hour on the schuylkill westbound as you're heading through university city. i- slow speeds like 18 miles an hour southbound near girard. let'stao some problems in the area. norristown hearing about an accident where somebody drove right into a pole. the pole is kind of leaning
6:45 am
down and police are on hand directing traffic on sandy hill road near fairfield road. mansfield township in burlington county we have an accident here where a vehicle ran off the roadwa and we're hearing a vehicle fire involved with this accident on 295 and northbound you're seeing speeds of 41 miles an hour. a minute ago i took this picture and you can see from new jersey dot showing us that there were some flames shooting up, emergency workers on the scene on 295 and northbound with an accident involving a vehicle fire so you want to watch for one. meanwhile weather-wise it's dry out there. we'll have sunshine early little more clouds later 53 for your high so no weather related problem for the happened full of accidents we're seeing tam. >> thank you, karen. made public shows a minivan plowing into a gas station mini ma of the in new york city at a mobile gas station in the bronx on sunday the minivan just narrowly missed hitting a customer. police say the man only suffered minor injuries. there's still no word on what caused the driver to crash
6:46 am
into the store in the first place. fleece have not said if she's going to face charges. hundreds of people showed up to honor a california police officer who was killed in the line of duty t a vigil was held at the whittier police department last night for officer keith boyer. a suspect opened fire on boyer and hisartner patrick hazel in the l.a. suburb yesterday morning. officer hazel and the suspect were also hit during the shootout but they are both expected to survive. investigators say the suspect is a gang member who had recently been released from jail. >> authorities are still trying to account for the 11 people who passed through an unstaffed security checkpoint at new york's j.f.k. airport. some of them even set off the metal deal ticket and just kept going. officials say three of the travelers boarded a flight to california where they will be screened when they arrive but they are still trying to track down eight other people. the t.s.a. says it is confident the incident presents minimal risk but does plan a review of the breach.
6:47 am
6:48 am
6:49 am
>> time for a preview of "gma." >> the new national security adviserlocal guy.let's turn nown roberts who is going get us ready for "good morning america." hey, robin. >> reporter: matt and tam, good morning. yes, president trump naming his preplacement for national security adviser philadelphia's own general h.r. mcmaster. receiving praise from both sides of the aisle this morning this as vice president pence has now returned from his overseas trip top reassure
6:50 am
european allies about the u.s. commitment to nato. we'll have the latest on that as well as that deadly plane crash in australia killing four americans and an australian pilot after the pilot declared catastrophic engine failure. we'll have more details for you coming up. and angelina jolie opening up exclusively to abc news. george spoke with her this morning from cambodia where she's promoting her new film. we'll also hear what she has to say about her new passion project her children and her divorce with brad pitt. that's all coming up and matt, okay, taraji p. henson was not here yesterday. >> no. >> rep looking for taraji p. carpet.eduled to interview her i guarantee you i'll hug her for you and give you a shout out on the red carpet. >> robin i owe you the world. >> you're making his day over here robin. >> reporter: going to happen. it's going to happen. tune in. y exciting.ter] >> robin thank you. >> the trouble is there's going to be a long list of
6:51 am
people. >> but she said on the air, that was great from robin. thank you. >> now i'm going to watch, too, especially closely as she names you on the red carpet. >> i don't know. >> maybe. >> let's take a look outside right now. one could hope. is the 30 bypass at 322.this that's you were eastbound traffic pretty heavy from past 340 to 113. it is a slow go on the 30 bypass. route 42 in new jersey northbound traffic here at creek roapretty heavy from coles road to 295. not a major jam but starting to slow down right there and mass transit back to normal schedules today, dave. >> all right karen on the big boards we have the kids bundled up because we have temperatures down in the 30's. a couple outlying suburbs in the upper 20's. not much wind but cold enough for the extra gear. this afternoon a coat still a good idea but it's not going to be that bad. if you have plans to head out to the market or something like that hold off until the afternoon? 34 by 7 o'clock, by noon 46 but we climb into the 50's quic. not as mild as yesterday's 58 t with less wind going to be okay out there.
6:52 am
that's again above that average high of 45. clouds gathering a bit as the day goes on. by 5 o'clock still holding i don't and to 50. by 7 o'clock 47. matt. >> thanks, david. children in a massachusetts town are welcomed to give high-fives to police officers, just not at school every friday morning. the northampton police department had instituted a high-five friday program where officersreeted students on their way to school but some residents were concerned the weekly police presence may be interpreted negatively by young people of color or undocumented children, so the police chief and the school superintendent decided to cancel the event. the police department says it will still gladly accept high-fives and fist bumps on request. >> new this morning, kids are taught if they have a problem go to the police. that's why fifth grade student lena draper reached out to the merion ohio police department on facebook. her needs were unusual. she was looking for help with a math assignment and the department said that's okay lena we got you and offered some tips. the only problem is math may
6:53 am
be not their forte. the answers were wrong but to be fair to them they were asked to do the math equations that were solved by doing parentheses exponents multiplication division addition and subtraction lena don't even ask these anchors. i don't know if we could help you either. even though they didn't get it right they get an "a" for effort. where things come from?
6:54 am
how they get here? what they're packed in? it's a lot of stuff. and these things add up. that's why we recycle. [vo:]it's nice to know that raymour and flanigan is proud to be a leading recycler- 17 million pounds of recyclable materials every year. turned from trash into treasure. so in the future, we will all have a more beautiful world. ♪
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>> ♪ >> top stories here at 6:55. a woman has been kidnapped and robbed in northern delaware for the second time in recent days. police in new castle county are concerned the same man is behind both attacks. reports of a carjacking and kidnapping turn out to be a lie according to philadelphia police. they spent hours searching for a missing four-year-old boy. they now say a pizza delivery driver who claimed he was carjacked with a child still in his car made it all up. >> vine street expressway a new problem. you see that and disabled vehicle right in the center lane. so that's a tricky spot here. this is the vine street expressway eastbound at eighth street. no police on the scene but somebody stuck in that center lane. meanwhile with chopper6 overhead in west conshohocken this is the ramp from the blue route northbound to the schuylkill westbound where we still have that overturned tractor-trailer in west conshohocken. the ramp is still opened, dave. >> all right, karen. we are looking at satellite and cloud cover getting a little bit thicker out to the
6:57 am
west. looks like we'll transition from a bright start to more of a clouds and sun mix today. and we're also looking at above average temperatures. little cooler than yesterday. not much wind but we'll see a high of 53 well above average. and boy do the temperatures zoom from there. >> wow. >> in the 70's later this week kids. >> okay we'll do the show outside on thursday and friday. >> i'm in. >> all right, sounds good. all right, for karen rogers, matt o'donnell, dave murphy i'm tamala edwards. have a great tuesday. >> ♪ right when you feel a cold sore, abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. without it the virus spreads from cell to cell. only abreva penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells. you could heal your cold sore, fast, as fast as two and a half days when used at the first sign. learn how abreva starts to work immediately at
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good morning, america. happening now, the bull's-eye of that western storm hitting. breaching levees sparking fears of mudslides. as a record warm-up causes big trouble in the east, seven teenagers falling through thawed ice in central park. >> if i didn't grab them a second later he was gone. >> inside the daring rescue. new details about president trump's revised travel ban. in a surprise announcement of a new national security adviser. >> h.r. mcmaster will become the new national security adviser. >> vice president pence tries to soothe rattled nerves overseas. new images of that plane
7:01 am
crash that killed four american tourists and a pilot ripping through t


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