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tv   Action News at 4PM  ABC  February 23, 2017 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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and an 18-year-old student. as they investigate this case they issued a search warrant for the suspect's phone to see if she sent out videos or images to students. >> maya johnson was fired from her job. at presbyterianville able school. claiming that johnson sewed them a picture of her dressed in lingerie and accused of pulling down her pants and showing her buttocks. >> this made the students feel uncomfortable, luckily the students reported it to the village who conducted a thorough investigation. >> police say they first learned about the illicit picture from child services and they found out about the sexually provocative video and flashing incident. they say that johnson worked for
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five other facilities where she had access to children. >> we'll follow-up with those places and let them know of the situation and make sure no one else has come in contact with her and she behaved in this manner. >> they are grateful that our residents immediately alerted us to the behavior of this former employee and their actions enabled us to act quickly if termnating her and reporter her to human services child line. earlier this month, police arrested nina scott a teacher at the school for allegedly having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old female student. they say the two cases are not contacted. all right so back out live, we can tell you that johnson is out of jail tonight, we can tell you that her attorney had no comment for us. the alleged incident happened in january and it's still not clear what johnson's role was with the
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students. gray hall, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. well, the city announced today that proceeds from philadelphia's sweetened beverage tax doubled expectations. mayor jim kenney says it raised $5.7 million in january alone. but just days ago officials evidenced it would bring in $2.3 million and now they say the gains are higher than first reporter and it will pay for an expanded free k program. some celebrate the increased revenue some are still struggling with the tax. the full story tonight at 5:00. time for a first check of the forecast. some of you saw record setting high temperatures. and by the looked of it you enjoyed is from eating outside and being outside. >> sit in the sun for a couple
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of minutes, i had to do it. lets head outside to adam joseph with more outdoors. >> a couple of minutes. >> that is all i time i had? >> time tomorrow and we are all being spoiled with the 70s and records falling as well. as we look at the map everywhere we see the asterisk and the orange it's a tide or broken record that includes mt. pocono and the lehigh valley and reading and wilmington and dover and the atlantic city airport. but here in philadelphia as well as trenton we won't hit the records since the records are much higher than the numbers set back in 1874. as we look at these temperatures not bad this evening falling from the 60s to upper 50s and late tonight fog develops and lows only drop to 56 degrees, you can see the 70s still stretched to cincinnati, st. louis and wichita, there is
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colder air lurking in the northern plains, today's high of 72 we'll do better by it by 3 degrees and tomorrow 2 degrees warmer than today. there you see that huge drop the second half of the weekend. falling 26 degrees from today's high, we'll chat about the big change over the weekend and the thunderstorms coming along with it if the full accuweather forecast. >> thank you. of course stormtracker 6 live double scan radar continues to track everything happening outside of your door from rain to sunshine. and the one of many resources available to you 24 hours a day 7 days a week at and we invite you to take advantage of updates by our team of meteorologist on facebook and twitter. two men were shot when gun fire erupted at west oak lane. the action was on scene when the police responded to the 2700 block of 77th avenue, they found the victims a 25-year-old and
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20-year-old inside of a home on the block, each shot in the leg ain third victim was found a block away with an injury to his arm. police believe he may have cut his arm on a shattered piece of window, each victim was taken to the hospital in stable condition and we still don't know exactly how this unfolded. >> on the heels of that deadly prison takeover in smyrna, delaware, correction officers and state lawmakers hope to improve working conditions for employees. vernon odom is live in dover where they discussed the issue at length today and in depth, what is the story? >> good evening brian, embattled state correctional officers are getting a lot off their chest this afternoon as they describe a lit any of known dangers after the takeover last month. >> make a prescription on a prison.
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what we have is not a prison but a three ring circus. working conditions in delaware prisons, the chance for employees, especially security guards to speak to power obvi s obviously triggered by the takeover that left a correctional officer dead and anothers injured. the hostage homicide situation at the smyrna prison rocked the first state. issues raised were understaffing and poor organization and a higher management that doesn't care about short comings that breed dangerous conditions for those on the frontline. >> these officers work at vaughn. >> in the compound there are no cameras, where the incident took place in c building, d building and f, and victor building there are no cameras. >> we are stretched beyond our means to carry out operations such as running programs, come
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sayy and religious services, all of those things are essential. that are rights to the inmates. >> pending before the senate a proposal to increase across the board for the department of personnel by using existing overtime funds. >> we have been screaming for help for a long time. nobody is listening. for an officer to have this conversation. brian late today this development, the department of correction announced the mass resignation of medical staffers at the vaughn correctional center, 29 staffers including 8 recommendingstered nurses all 29 worked for a private contractor that company says it can quickly fill the vacancies, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> lots of environments on that today thank you. a tractor trailer overturned and landed on the doorstep of a
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transition shop in cinnaminson on the southbound lanes of route 73. you see it flipped on its side coming to rest half on the road and half on the grass, one person was taken to the hospital. >> the nba trade deadline has come and gone and that means that sixers fans can take a brief break from the rumor mill and face the reality of who is in and who is out. the latest player on the move nerlins noel. jaime apody is live at the practice facility to break it all down. >> we thought jahlil okafor was the one traded but it was nerlins noel. the sixers send noel to dallas with a first round pick so actually a second round pick the next year and year after and small forward justin anderson and bowgut he won't be here next
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year. noel came back on the court to say good-bye to his teammates and friends including joel embiid, his best friend and left the facility without comments, he went through most of the practice and then removed from the court when the trade went down, embiid is happy for his friend who gets a chance to start in dallas, something impossible here. i asked him what it was like when he to pull noel off the court. >> to walk out an hour and a half later and ask nerlin to come over and see me. they understand and didn't catch anyone wildly off guards, when it actually happens there is a human side of this that is sad. i have been with these guys, either for a long time or enough of a time where we are all grateful for their effort. >> now, the huge story out here
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despite embiid going through the full practice, team doctors advise he miss the next four games, the sixers targeted march 3rd for his return date. and ripped into the team for not being forthcoming. and embiid was told he would be out a few weeks and embiid is not happy and neither are the fans that think they gave noel away today and didn't find a trade partner for jahlil okafor. and they think they may be taking the rest of the season. and a lot of hard feelings and jahlil okafor is still here. jaime apody, channel 6 "action news." >> all right trust the process but bumps if the road there. thank you. it is time now for a check of the "action news" traffic report today. lets go live to matt pellman in the traffic center today. >> speaking of bumps in the road
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i have a couple for your thursday ride home. 95 northbound side already substantially backed up here by penn's landing, there was a broken down vehicle at the vine street expressway to start the afternoon that got us off to a bad start, we are backed up extra and a broken down truck at the gore point but that one is not occupying lanes, slow speeds 16 miles per hour and single digits on the schuylkill and that is just volume at this point, and rittenhouse hardware 20th is blocked for repaving work and 18th or 22nd is alternates and a water main break in morristown and camden avenue would be an alternate in mount laurel a crash at arc road at the cvs and a downed poll from an earlier wreck in a.c., 322 west bend avenue. and newark delaware a vehicle
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into a house. i would avoid bent lane near briar lane. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> see you shortly thank you. >> coming up members of president trump's cabinet take the plan across the border and hear what they have to say about fear in mexico. and robbery foiled a pair of armed men held an employee at gun point that is until a customer walked in in time to save the day. see how the entire crime unfolded.
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from president trump's immigration crack down and the promise of a wall between the two countries. that was the topics of the leaders on the side of the border.
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rex tillerson arrived for talks amid growing tensions. joining him was homeland security chief, john kelly. targeted with executing the plan for immigrants for deportation. the president said this would be a tough trip as leaders talk through an imitation of his enforcement plan. >> we reiterated our joint commitment to maintaining law and order along our shared border by stopping potential terrorist and dismantling the moving of drugs and people into the united states. >> but when it comes to the president's plans and the wall and the promise that mexico would pay for it. they were quick to say they would not accept it. there is concern and much irritation among mexicans. of note from that meeting today to ease concerns, kelly vowed
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there would be no mass deportations and use of military in our country's immigration enforcement. >> thanks. tonight at 11:00 the results of an "action news" investigation that uncovered possible prostitution be human trafficking. investigative reporter chad pradelli has the preview of tonight's special report. they appear to be dens of prostitution in suburban neighborhoods and many go unsuspected for years and we found suspected operations hiding in plain site and found a website dedicated to reviewing the sex parlors and now a main line police department has launched a raid in an effort to stop alleged prostitution and shut down the business. we'll take you inside our investigation that is tonight on channel 6 "action news" at 11:00. >> a robbery victim's friend unknowingly came to his rescue this week in quincy,
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massachusetts. two armed men held the gas station clerk at gun point for several minutes, he was stuck in the corner as the robbers argued and then the victim saw a friend pull in the parking lot. >> the guy opened up the door and said come in here and i stood in the doorway, and said why would i come in here. >> we got to go, we got to go, left with nothing but my keys. >> the friended chased the suspects down the street and got away in a get away car. the owner of the gas station was impressed and offered that friend a job. >> that is what friends are for. the hebrew academy in bryn mawr hosted the startup fair. it gives tech companies the opportunity to show off their products and services and used the event to recruit interns and collect resumes, following the trade show there was a panel discussion on innovation and
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technology. >> 72 degreed out there right now. it's pretty nice. >> i agree with you. wish we were doing the show outside. adam you talk for three minutes that gives us plenty of time. >> run fast. as we take a look. many folks enjoying the outdoors and the only way you can tell it's winter is by looking at the ground, it's brown and not stopping barbara and her friends from hitting tee time here in phoenixville at river crest this afternoon. a beautiful day to do some golfing and walking and just read a book outdoors, these temperatures are may like right now. 72 philadelphia and 72 in wilmington. 73 dover and 71 in allentown and lower 70s in reading and so everyone in the 70s with the exception of the immediate shore. as expected there it is only in the 50s because of that wind coming in off the very cold ocean temperature.
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morning fog, that is gone, that sunshine burned off quickly by 10 or 11 this morning. cloud tods the north and west with the front and as we swing to the north and west it is still winter somewhere in the lower 48. and you see a storm developing near wichita sending snow from denver north of omaha and to minneapolis. those areas were just in the 70s and now they are prepping for a half foot to foot of snow. as that storm carves from the south right through the midwest and the great lakes. so they are getting whacked with winter once again after feeling this spring spell that we are now getting. spotty shower to the north and west tonight and then the fog redevelops again. and these lows, balmy in the 50s for most locations and 40s to the south, future tracker 6 at 11:00 we could see the shower late towards the poconos and the lehigh valley and then the fog is rolling in from the south off
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the ocean 9:00 tomorrow morning it burns off like today. going into the afternoon tomorrow and with that sun back to work on our friday. we are looking at a forecasted record breaking high in philadelphia of 75 degrees tomorrow and the other records will more than likely not be tied or broken for allentown or trenton or the atlantic city airport. look how balmy it is going to be. as we look at the four day at 4:00 forecast. fog to record warm and of 75 degrees, saturday we start with sun and end with clouds and by late in the day, watch for a line of downpours and thunderstorms with the cold front ahead of it. 74 degrees and cold winds usher in behind this sunday dropping the high back to normal of 46 and back to normal 54 a quick turn around monday and sun to clouded and we'll let you know how far up the temperatures go in the seven day in the next half hour. >> thanks adam. oscar night is almost here
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the biggest stars of hollywood will be on the red carpet this sunday and the famous red carpet is rolled out and the stage is getting set. the dolby producers say this is a show that covers a lot. whether you like old fashioned movies or latest and greatest films, the oscars have something for everyone and the host jimmy kimmel will lead it all. we are the home for the oscars this sunday, watch the red carpet coverage beginning at 6:00 and then the 89th academy award begins at 8:30 here on 6 abc.
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someone who bought their power ball ticket in lafayette, indiana woke up a millionaire. the winning ticket was sold in a gas station in that city. the jackpot jumped to $435
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million, the first time in three months that it went over $400 million. no word if the winner came forward to claim the prize. they hope it's someone local. philadelphia international airport will get some state help in funning an on going runway expansion project. the state will contribute 8 $800,000 to the project to lengthen one runway. the money the state is kicking in is part of a $6 million earmark for airport projects statewide. well, another 9 foot tall replica of one of philadelphia's tallest buildings was unveiled today. the lego investigation of one liberty place. jim kenney was on hand to display the small piece. it's the first completed
4:27 pm
landmark lego land philadelphia display. the model is made of more than 17,000 legos and took more than 930 hours to complete. lego land will open april 6th. >> my kids would knock it over in 6 seconds and love it. >> they say that music soothes the soul than is what happened today in wilmington a piano filled the hallways of the ai dupont hospital for children. internation international pianist goldstein performed for the patients and their families. he is taking the stage tomorrow at the delaware symphony. >> still ahead at 4:00, philadelphia reacts to president trump's decision to roll back transgender bathroom protections. >> i'm nydia han, comparison shopping for a mattress can be tough we have new ratings from
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consumer reports next on what's the deal.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, sharrie williams and brian taff. >> hello again 4:30 and "action news" continues with a question. what are the words yaz and squad -- have in common? two of the 300 new terms added
4:30 pm
to the oxford dictionary. and the billboard raises eyebrows in north carolina. why a sign some say is sexist is allowed to stay up. >> and we hear the excuse the dog ate my homework, you heard the argument, the dog shot my girlfriend. that is the defense a man used when his partner took a bullet to the leg. >> we begin with the local reaction to president trump's stance to transgender rights. he reversed guidelines issued under barack obama and that means public schools are no longer required to allow transgender students to use bathrooms of their choice. during his campaign he said people should use the bathroom he feels appropriate and now he says it should be up to individual states and not the federal government. that decision was made less than
4:31 pm
24 hours ago, we know how philadelphia plans to deal with the new directive. sara bloomquist is outside of a school in center city with the full story. >> reporter: well, the school district of philadelphia enacted a policy last year allowing transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. today school officials say that that policy will not be impacted by the trump administration actions overnight. the philadelphia school district's current policy adopted by the school reform commission last summer allows transgender students to use their bathroom of choice, referred to by the pronoun of choice and participate on athletic teams of their choice. today dr. william hite says the policy will not change. >> it's important for us to ensure all the young people are safe and they are respected, and regardless of their identity, their gender identification, we
4:32 pm
are going to make sure they have what they need in order to be educated. >> overnight the white house reversed guidelines under president obama and public schools are no longer required to let transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice. mayor kenney strongly condemned the action. >> anybody that understands, you know children are children, needs to stand up and say no, you are not going to target any child no matter who you are or are where they come from or race ethnicity or religion, no child should be a target. >> many parented say they are appalled by the discussion and glad their school district protected transgender students and their choices. >> it's a really bad idea. but not unexpected i would guess. it's what we expect the trump administration to be doing. >> i feel like there is more to come. this step does not bode well for
4:33 pm
the rights of everyone in our city and country. >> reporter: again, the trump administration believes this is a decision best left to individual states as well address school districts, there are many other school districts in pennsylvania and new jersey who already have policies similar to the one here in the philadelphia school district. the impact of this won't likely be felt for sometime because a federal judge already temporarily blocked president trump's directive. live in center city, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news." >> okay sara thank you. a vehicle slammed into a house on the 200 block of bent lane in newark delaware at 3:00 this afternoon. investigators say that the 26-year-old driver suffered a medical emergency prior to the crash. the driver and the child a passenger were both taken to nearby hospitals and the conditions are not known at this time. fort fatally people that were
4:34 pm
inside of the house were not injured and investigation into the crash is still ongoing. a 63-year-old restaurant worker managed to scare off two would be robbered last week and it was caught on camera. surveillance video shows the gunman walking into clays restaurant on elm wood avenue one acted as a lookout while the other approached the employee. and instead the worker lunged at the gunman sending him running back to the door and the victim escaped to the back and the would be robbers escaped without getting any many. meanwhile, police are investigating a robbery and attempted sexual assault of a woman while she was jog, the 28-year-old victim was running along south park drive when a man came up behind her and pushed her to the ground and the woman says he tried to sexually assault her and she fought him off. the man ran away with her
4:35 pm
personal items. the day may be bright and sunny now but it didn't start out that way. the action cam was out near the fog covered state capital in trenton, new jersey, this morning and the low clouds did not seem to bother the national bird of ours. from our bureau chief photographer, brian, he captured the incredible video of a bald eagle looking for breakfast through the fog today. >> that sight never ceases to be inspiring. just soaring. >> i was at the elm wood zoo with the kids and they have an exhibit when you walk in the bald eagles when you walk if. it's remarkable. absolutely breathtaking and today the weather is just as nice as we look at the action cam in center city and sky 6 hd here you see the fog burned off quickly here during the mid to late morning hours and the sun
4:36 pm
is this control moving the temperature to 72 degrees and winds 8 miles per hour. and cape may, it is much colder there. you can see the wind whipping off the water there. creating some white caps. 51 that is it. if you stroll the boardwalk or promenade. and it is much warmer in the poconos than the shore. they had record highs, that brilliant blue sky in camelback and spring skiing but detrimental to the end of the ski season. 63 there with the winds from the west-southwest at 12 miles per hour. and more records to fall here possibly tomorrow and more warmth for the weekend and a big change into sunday with the seven-day forecast. >> thank you adam. it is said to be the most comprehensive collection devoted to the water color arts in the united states. right here in the delaware valley, the landmark exhibition exploring the water color
4:37 pm
movement is featured at the philadelphia museum of art it traces the water color movement from a small but dedicated group of painers in the 1800s it will be on display until may 14th. the unseasonably warm weather may be a welcome site but for some of you it's triggering allergy problem a month too soon. >> reporter: you know if you step outside it feeled more like april than february. but that means that pollen counts are spiking if the northeast. how can you keep your spring allergies under control if you feel them come on before winter is even over. and harsh words from pope francis why the pontiff says that some christians are better off being atheists than continuing the lives they currently lead.
4:38 pm
we'll see you back here then. >> thank you. fifth graders from bethany christian school donated more than 1,000 jars of peanut butter to those in need. part of philabundance spread the love campaign. at the 3600 block of south galaway street and they helped to pack up boxes of cereal and took a tour of the facility. it was a day full of celebrations at the philadelphia zoo. amanny a baby gorilla had her 6 month checkup. she celebrated and played with special toys and ate treats donated by peco. and the zoo black and white lemur's celebrated their first birthdays today. >> if you need help figuring out
4:39 pm
what the words mean are you in luck. they are two of the 300 terms defined in the oxford dictionary. and we are not sure if their relationship will heal. the reason he blamed his dog for shooting her. >> meteorologist, adam joseph, returns with the full forecast from accuweather when "action news" at 4:00 continues next.
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well, a man in florida says his dog is responsible for shooting his girlfriend inside of his florida home. 23-year-old brian murphy tells police he brought his dog diesel into the bedroom when he saw a flash and heard a bang. he thinks that diesel jumped on the nightstand and the gun went off. and hit his girlfriend in the leg. >> you see a dog fire a gun?
4:42 pm
in a cartoon maybe? >> murphy's girlfriend suffered non-life-threatening injuries and she told police she was asleep at the time and doesn't know what happened there. >> okay. in health check at 4:00, ben franklin may have been right about early risers being healthy. in finland they compared early birds tonight owls, morning people tended to eat healthier food and ate earlier in the day and more regularly. eating earlier may help with weight loss and lower the risk of diabetes and heart disease, the study looked at two days of eating for each volunteer. we start with a billboard on a highway in winston-salem. it readed real men provide and real women appreciate it.
4:43 pm
it sparked a protest and not politically motivated but meant to start a discussion. she calls a sign a jab at women that demand equal ilt. >> it's a blatant statement about silencing women and just accept the way things are. and the group is asked to remain anonymous. yes, a new crop of worded and phrases are inducted in oxford dictionary making all the ones that didn't make the cut a little jelly. yes made the list alongside jelly not the spreadable jam. but short for jealous. and fun tastic. and on the list cat lady the woman that loves living with all
4:44 pm
the felines, and friends giving. and hater aid. a drink consisting off negativity. and squad goals, the dreams and ideals and goals you want your group of friends to accomplish. and drunk text. those that get sent after too many glasses. the embarrassing kind. it's a great list and oxford says it's time to celebrate with hashtag chest bump. because a fist pump is so 2016. that is what all the cool kids are doing. >> okay. alicia thank you. lets get a check of the roaded right now. >> matt is standing by with the update for us. >> i have a feeling that drivers have words about 95, worded i would never of course say. as we look outside live a crash since last we spoke in the northbound lanes near the work zone at girard avenue and pushed off to the side in the work zone
4:45 pm
and heavier than it was before, jam solid northbound from the walt whitman bridge and speeds like 4 miles per hour heading up to the accident at girard avenue, we are looking at extra slow speeds on the northbound side of 95 at penn's landing. you may want to stay on the numbered streets and columbus boulevard instead. a crash in wynnewood along argyle road and one involving an overturned vehicle in delco. and in east nottingham chester county where market splits an accident at hickory hill road. and pulling the car out of the house and bent lane is to be avoided and a crash at tatum avenue and newcastle one at route 9 at the budget inn.
4:46 pm
that water main break in moores town closing church street chestnut avenue is an alternate. we'll check it again in the 5:00 hour. >> thank you. adam joseph standing by with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. coming up next.
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i went out for a jog in long sleeves and long pants. it's a hard habit to break. >> it's beautiful, it's warm and may like out there. but 30 years ago how old were you? >> 8. >> i was 9. >> i'm a lady i'm not telling. alicia either. >> 30 years ago today we were
4:49 pm
digging out of 7 inches of snow but up to 20 inched of snow in some of the suburbs, yes it was the blizzard of 1987 on this date. the wet, sloppy snow and you would want that compared to today? >> of course i'm not telling you that. not me. >> 85% of my viewers said the same thing on twitter. we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan in fact on that date in philadelphia we saw at one point 5 inches of snow an hour during that storm. 73 degrees was the high but did not reach the record of 75 degrees set back when recorded just about started here in philadelphia. in 1874, the low this morning 44 degrees above that normal of 29. here are some of the records, we have record tying highs for allentown and atlantic city airport and record breaking in wilmington and 73 for reading and record breaking in the
4:50 pm
poconos. anyone skiing will have a sun burn and didn't need much winner gear at 63. we look at the temperatures, still holding in the 70s in much of the area, the exception at the shore cape may at 57. and inland a few miles, the atlantic city airport 65. there could be a spotty shower in the far north western suburbs, otherwise the fog developments again like this morning with lows between 50 and 54 degrees, once that fog burns off, mid to late morning the sun goes to work and since we are going to be at 54 in philadelphia, nodes temperatures quickly go up to 75, that would be record breaking for the city tomorrow. and near records for all the surrounding locations in the lower 70s and again another cool day at the shore of 58. this ridge of warm and that has bubbled up the eastern seaboard with may like temperatures we sit around for tomorrow and again on saturday. the second half of the weekend
4:51 pm
on sunday. cold front coming through pushing the jet stream back to the south and the chilly northwest wind sets non-back to normal in the 40s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast 75 and fog to record warmth tomorrow and saturday late day rain and thunderstormed come in at 6:00 a line of downpoured and thunderstorms with the front that comes in saturday afternoon and evening. and a cold blustery day on sunday and back above normal monday as clouds build and showers late monday and tuesday 60 and some sun and warm the first day of march on wednesday. 67 and breezy and cooler on thursday 54 degrees. no signs of winter as we go into the beginning of march. >> my neighbors lawn has flowers all over it. croc crocuses. >> you know all about flowers and trees. >> right i'm a professor i know everything. >> we are not going there.
4:52 pm
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there. to save more money ask for a price guarantee. and ask for free delivery and haul away service. i'm nydia han, channel 6 "action news." finally at 4:00 what happens when you combine siberian tigers and modern day technology. according to the drone footage, bouncing and trouncing. and this video from china shows the chubby tigers chasing the intruder, because the cat and mouse game did not go on for long, one tiger took a flying sleep there and knocked the drone out of the sky and they tore the gadget completely apart, chewing it until it starts smoking. >> you called them chubby. i would never call them that to their face.
4:57 pm
>> that will do for "action news" at 4:00. i'm brian taff, join us tonight and every night for a full hour of "action news" at 10:00 on phl 17. >> here are rick williams and monica malpass with a look at what is ahead at 5:00. >> thank you. coming up next on "action news" at 5:00, the numbers are in match the first month of philadelphia's beverage tax. the multimillion-dollar haul and you they are trying to fight the law and an electronic device exploded in a man's kitchen. and a frightening landing in europe. the problem for this plane in the final minutes of flight that made for a scary scene on the runway.
4:58 pm
>> he really ran naked down ... >> rachael: we are rolling old school with luke wilson and "foreigner". plus the story behind the first meal i ever made for oprah! next rachael! ♪
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if you take medication, you may sometimes suffer from a dry mouth. that's why there's biotene. and biotene also comes in a handy spray. so you can moisturize your mouth anytime, anywhere. biotene, for people who suffer from dry mouth symptoms. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it has been more than a month. since philadelphia's beverage tax took affect and the numbers are in. the city is celebrating a successful new program but opponents are still trying to
5:00 pm
fight the controversial law in court. the big story is the controversial haul for the city thanks to mayor kenney's tax. john rawlins is live with more. >> reporter: the latest chapter in the debate. they want the 1.5% an ounce tax on sweetened beverages to be used for a variety of things including the expansion of pre-k. they say it's a laudable goal but it will hurt workers. $5.7 million more than twice expected for month one. the mayor a proponent. >> people are complying with the law and the world did not come to an end. kenney has harsh word for the beverage industry saying it is being hurt by the tax. it was reported that canada dry sales were off 45% and


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