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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 23, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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massage parlors. "action news" is there. >> if you liked today, you will love tomorrow. "action news" next. ♪ ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program, with jim gardner. >> breaking news, the big story on "action news" is hit and run in the kensington area of philadelphia. a 43-year-old man is in critical
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condition after being hit by a hit and run driver. >> the male was feet from his property. he lives on the corner across the street from the variety store he came from. neighbors describe him as a real nice guy. >> the real nice guy suffered head trauma and both legs are broken. police are looking for the man that drove off in a silver four door vehicle with a sunroof and shattered vehicle. >> children playing across the banks of the cobbs creek found a dead man's body tonight. police have not said what killed him. >> it's not often police in north palmer county are dealing with a murder but that's what they are dealing with tonight. the scene is the 25th hundred
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block of nazareth road. this was about 8:15 tonight. they took a suspect into custody but have yet to reveal the motive. >> after two and a half hours a blaze was extinguished in gloucester county in logan township. nobody was hurt. >> change of pace here, if you were exercising or socializing, it was a night to be outdoors. you don't expect to say that february 23rd, but you don't expect to break temperatures across the tristate area. tomorrow will be warmer. let's get the latest from cecily tynan and accuweather. >> jim, we had six record highs set or broken across the region.
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allentown, 71. reading and wilmington, 73. atlantic city airport, 73. dover 74. and the poconos, 63. philadelphia two degrees short of the record, 73 is above normal and even now mild. in trenton, allentown, 60. cape may ocean temperature 43. currently 48-degrees. we have changes on the way. satellite 6 and action radar showing showers across the poconos right now. there is a storm system in the wings bringing heavy snow across the plains returning us to winter over the weekend. i have details on the timing of that in the full forecast. jim? >> let's switch to "action news" reporter dann cuellar who knows how to take advantage of the
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night high atop logan circle. tell us your story. >> normally it would be unheard of to be on a rooftop lounge in february without a winter coated, but that's where we are, the assembly rooftop lounge where even now at 11:00 at night people are enjoying the remarkable weather as so many across the city were earlier. the notion of a warm evening in february brought endless possibilities, to sway your child on the swing or letting them play in the sand box, or nearby on the baseball diamond, a throw to first and -- >> in fairmont park we found people playing badminton, nearby people riding horses. >> normally we do it in the arena. >> at the art museum -- the rolling team is doing their winter training.
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are you kidding? >> it's the end of winter training. more like summer training. >> along the trail there were tons of people in tee shirts or shirtless running, walking and jogging like another day in spring -- except, it's not spring. >> it's hard to believe. it's a wonderful day. >> finally at the assembly rooftop lounge the place was packed with people enjoying views of center city on a warm night in february. >> we are usually closed in the winter months, but it's going to be 70-degrees so why not open. >> look what happened. >> it's great. >> it's one of my favorite places to go. once i saw how nice it was outside i road by to see if it was open and it was. >> it's february and it's amazing. >> you are up here on the rooftop. >> without a coat. >> without a jacket. it's amazing. >> yes, it is amazing.
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the good news is, at the end of a pleasant day, another is on the way, so if you missed out today, you ween won't want to ms out tomorrow. who knows when we'll have another couple of days like this in february. live in center city, rooftop lounge, dann cuellar, "action news," back to you. >> president trump has called for expanding america's nuclear weaponry arsenal. trump said he wants the u.s. to be top of the back. trump told reuters they have fallen behind in its weapon capacity. in december candidate trump -- no, he had won the election, he said then that he was willing to engage in a nuclear arms race. >> conflicting statements today about immigration. president trump told a group of ceos at the white house that immigration is a military
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operation and about getting bad dudes out of the country at a rate no one has seen before. speaking in mexico city after meeting with mexican leaders, john kelly vowed the u.s. won't use the military to enforce immigration laws and there will be no mass deportation. the philadelphia city is amazed at the beverage tax, $5.4 million more than twice what was projected. the teamster locals sei paye checks are down by half. canada dry and franchise owner jeff brown says they have to cut employee hours for jobs. >> the justice department is saying they'll step up enforcement of recreational
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marijuana. just tonight a medical grow house was approved in the town's industrial park. that's where christie ileto is lye tonight, 414 milton road. christie? >> the grow house will be in the industrial park. it was a personal victory for jennifer mckee. >> we are excited. we have a lot of work. >> as the board of commissioners approved med garden growing in this vacant building, jennifer mckee couldn't help but think of the man that inspired her to start the journey. >> my dad had prostate cancer. it was something we felt passionate about. >> governor wolf signed the medical marijuana bill into law last april. the state is processing
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facilities but this didn't come without concern from receipts rs at thursday's meeting. >> we spent 35 years making sure our kids weren't exposed to this. now it's down the street from us. >> people will want to see where this is at. >> mckee's father survived his cancer battle but she wants others to have help that he didn't. >> any relief we can provide to the sickest people in pennsylvania, is a good thing for all of us. >> now the facility would have around the clock surveillance with motion detecteddors. mckee has three weeks to submit her permit application and they have 90 days to review. crlt channel6 "action news."
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>> pamela red outlined the progress the city has made saying for the first time in decades, camden is experiencing positive growth in every sector and made note of businesses coming back to the city of camden. the men and women that serve and protect the residents of philadelphia were honored in northeast philadelphia. the fraternal order of police held their ceremony and dinner. several officers that went above and beyond the call of duty received special commendations and mayor kenney was there. >> a mother and daughter that survived the boston marathon bombing received an honor tonight. celeste lost her legs, sydni struggles with ptsd. they were awarded with the
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father jim humanitarian award that recognizes those that help others with disabilities. >> still to come after authorities swoop in to arrest remaining pipeline protesters, we'll show you what the site looks like now. plus a computer maker reacts to a laptop explosion. cecily? >> 73-degrees today. a temperature crash sunday and a heat buster will bring us storms. i have details on the timing of that in the accuweather forecast. >> h investigator chad joins us tonight. >> a prosecution den disguised asthma sawj parlors. police are cracking down. >> sixers send one of their big men packing. ducis rogers breaks down the trade when "action news"
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continues tonight. ♪ ♪
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>> this empty field is what is left of the site where thousands
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of people spent nearly a year protesting the dakota access pine line. today the army core of engineers cleared the demonstrators making two dozen arrests. native americans have been protesting since april. days after he was inaugurated, president trump signed an order to allow construction to be finished. president trump today vowed to bring the full force and weight of the government to combat human trafficking calling it an epidemic not talked about enough. while meeting with activists he said he would order his administration to discuss how to send resources to this cause. >> if you think massage parlors are in urban areas only you would be mistaken. >> these alleged prosecution
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parlors are pref leapt. there are hundreds in our area. if that website is true, they are next door to grocery stores, kid's play zones and schools. lunchtime two weeks ago, lower marijuana police move in on this building serving a warrant, investigating a suspected prosecution operation. the rock hill road establishment in bella goes by the name "therapy zone." a number of things are happening consisconsistent with prosecuti. >> those things are security cameras and doors where clients must be buzzed in. >> we encountered one family fee inside the establishment. she's a russian citizen. >> "action news" has been investigating therapy zones in
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similar businesses. apparently finding a massage parlor with sexual services isn't difficult. we found a with eastboun a webs. for a small amount you can see the women and price. there are 230 massage parlors including 80 in philadelphia. ashley and kate gordon are part of the department's new human trafficking unit. they say the women in the parlors are often the victims of human trafficking, coming to the u.s., heavily in debt and forced into prosecution. >> it cost 80 or $90,000 for me to come here and i'l i'm tryingo support my family at home and here. >> no one comes who owns the
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house. >> marijuana police questioned several johns that left therapy zone. the johns admitted to receiving sexual favors and told police during initial visits they were asked what they wanted, given a price and assigned a number for booking appointments. women discarded condoms in the trash kanyas of other businesses. >> the women that operate the business are dropped off a door or two away. >> putting erotic massage par parlors out of business is tough, its supply and demand. they close one, another opens up. here they continue to investigate allegations of human trafficking. >> we have to disrupt the organization today and follow it up to see with where the money's traveling, who owns it and that
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sort of thing. >> attempts to reach the owners of therapy zone were unsuccessful. the site promotes illegal behavior so we didn't report it. >> good decision. this is the scorched shell of a laptop that a phoenixville man says blew up in his kitchen yesterday. bob tells us his batteries caught fire damaging the counter top, melting medication and burning important paper work. >> unplugged it, grabbed it, threw it into the sink and put the water on. >> h. p. recalled lithium batteries last month but it's not certain this laptop was included. they'll replace the computer and pay for all damages. good business. >> yes, least they can do.
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>> another day tomorrow like today even warmer. >> warmer than today. another warm day saturday. stormsbring an end to the party for a while. storm free tonight. a few sprinkles across the poconos. it's warm. it's humid as well with wind off the south off the ocean. philadelphia 58. allentown 60. reading 61. wilmington 54-degrees. satellite 6 and action radar showing the snow across the plains. this area could get 6-12-inches of snow, low pressure riding up to the great lakes. we are in the warm sector of the storm. it pulls up two more days of unusual weather for february. problem tomorrow morning like this morning. we'll likely have patchy fog. very warm. kids don't have to bundle up. my daughter was asking if she
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could wear shorts tomorrow. i said go ahead. 8:00, 67 and temperatures back up to the 70s. philadelphia if we hit 75, not only is that a record for the date tomorrow, it's time for the second warmest day ever recorded in february. 70s across the board except along the coast, temperatures in the upper 50s. saturday, future tracker showing if you want to go outside, enjoy the morning and early afternoon. we have a lot of clouds. it will be warm, temperatures in the 70s again and by 4:30, a line of not only rain but potential gusting thunderstorms across the western suburbs hitting philadelphia around dinner time, around 6:30. it's a quick hitting system, 8:00 moving off the coast, skies are clearing, sunshine is back on sunday. temperatures are more typical of late february. the exclusive accuweather
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forecast, a repeat performance of today. morning fog, record warmth, 75-degrees, afternoon sunshine. saturday, more clouds and sunshine. periods of rain in the afternoon. 74-degrees the high. behind this system a lot cooler sunday. 46-degrees, windchills in the 30s. it will feel about 30-degrees cooler. if you are headed to oscar parties, wear a coat. monday, 54-degrees, increasing clouds. tuesday looking rainy but mild with a high of 60. march, 67-degrees and thursday breezy and cooler, with a high of 54. march comes in like a lion and out like a lamb is not going to be appropriate this year. >> we'll take it. thanks, say cecily. >> tonight in center city artists show how they can create
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music with recycling. ♪ ♪ >> these musicians are playing on recycled, remixed and repurposed instruments. the enlt calle event called recd design. >> after graduating from rutgers was invited to be part of fashion line and showed off his line tonight in philadelphia.
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>> the four day jimmy v basketball classic got under way tonight in morrisville. 50 teams made of 600 athletes play to raise money for cancer research. named for the coach that died of bone cancer in 1993. social media not being nice to the sixers. >> thumbs down for the trade. it was expected to happen by the trade deadline. what was not expected was to have nerlens noel the odd man out. he got traded to the mavericks. he got the news at noon today. when they couldn't get the deal
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for okafor they went with plan b. >> when it happens, there is a human side that is sad. i have been with these guys either for a long time or enough of a time where we are all grateful for their effort. >> a conditional first round draft pick and two players, andrew, the 32-year-old center won't be here long term. justin an derson 23-year-old guard. >> sixers are more forthcoming with joel embid status saying he will miss the next four games with the nagging knee injury. he hasn't played all month. they told him privately he would be out for months but publicly, said it was day to day. >> i was told that i was going
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to miss like four weeks, so i wasn't happy with the way it was handled. >> don't make him upset. >> flyers will be in pittsburg saturday to face the penguins outdoors. they were indoors for practice. they are coming off last night's losses to washington. >> saturday played at heinz field near 60-degrees. how one skates in that, we have no idea. >> hard working and looking for the lucky bounce. >> the game i played before on the ice hasn't been the greatest. we try to keep it simple out there. >> and be careful. still ahead, another tough night for the local basketball team and one philly shines in exhibition play. highlights in clear water next.
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>> the games have begun in clear water, phillies in the university of tampa in exhibition play. roman quinn, a taste of the big leagues last season, two for three from the leadoff spot, solo homer and steals a base. >> in college basketball, delaware loses 70-65. >> drexel home of james madison, dragons turnover leads to an easy bucket. drexel loses 70-61. >> another tough night for college basketball. >> indeed it is. thank you, ducis. a fun lesson in black history
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for youngster in germantown. at the beginning of the month students chose a person to research. tonight they had cardboard cutouts and presented research on those like john washington carter and barack obama. "jimmy kimmel live" live next on channel6 followed by "nightline." jimmy is airing his 2015 after the oscars special with john travolta. news continues tomorrow morning. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. ♪ ♪
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thank you, so much. i couldn't be happier. i'll meet you there. i'm leaving in five minutes. come in! the limo's on its way right now. >> hey, neil patrick. great job. unbelievable. you killed it. the oscars are dead now. nobody can host them again. >> you're so sweet. thanks. and good luck to you tonight. are you ready? >> well, almost, almost. one thing i got to do beforehand. hey, do you remember the first time we met? >> ah -- >> it was at a party. >> christmas party. >> that's right. >> that's right. in 2002 -- >> 2003. white elephant gift exchange. you brought something to the white elephant and i wound up with it and i was going through my hope chest today and i hung onto it. recognize this? >> wow. that's crazy that you still have that. >>


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