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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  February 25, 2017 1:37am-2:10am EST

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alive this morning, her boyd discovered this afternoon. police say it's possible she knew her killer as there were no signs of forced entry. >> the son came home from work came running outside, screaming someone killed his 57-year-old mother. >> rubbing fant to talk, kevin didn't want to show his face, but said he lives near the woman who lost her life. >> she was suffering from trauma to her head and lying in a pool of blood. >> the second floor of the victim's home was ransacked. several items including various electronics were missing. they stood silently as police removed the victim's body. it is unclear how long she was
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dead before discovered. >> she didn't deserve it. she had a cane and all. why would someone want to hurt her? >> no weapon was recovered, but police are combing surveillance video to hopefully pin down who her killer is. anyone with information is asked to call homicide detectives. christie ileto "action news" wphl-17, jim? >> a victim is recovering tonight after falling down a ravine in bryn mawr. >> medics transported the patient to an ambulance. authorities have not said how the patient fell into the ravine. >> it was an parent love tr triangle that led to a shooting ilast night. dakota is accused of shooting
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terrance ferguson after spotting ferguson in his car with his girlfriend. he followed the two 'fro easton. >> the owners of the pizza place on injuriesy shore have been prosecuted for not paying taxes to the irs. he is going to prison 15 months. his wife mary will serve three years probation for lying. >> it's something of a legal victory for bill cosby tonight. a judge ruled only one additional accuser can testify at cosby's assault trial. prosecutors wanted to put 13 women on the stand to boeing sister charges that cosby drugged and assaulted andrea at his home in 2004. it may be in the 6 0s, but folks still donned their ice skates at
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the rink in philadelphia. it was an extraordinary day with temperatures in the 70s, higher elsewhere. let's go to cecily tynan with accuweather. >> amazing temperatures today, temperatures you see in the middle of may, not the end of february. philadelphia tieing the record high of 74, reading 77, allentown 77. that's the highest temperature ever recorded there in february. a monthly record, trenton 75, poconos, bad news for the ski resorts, 57-degrees, also a record. temperatures show you a wedge of warm air across the east. tomorrow, we should be in the 70s for the third day in a row unprecedented for february. to the west, colder air is invading and between the two air masses, we have a ribbon of
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weather, showers and thunderstorms rolling through tomorrow. we have details on the timing and cooldown behind the system in the accuweather seven-day forecast, jim? >> thank you, cecily. >> a natural gas pipeline won approval today in cherry hills. the 22-mile project through federally protected woods millville to cape may county. environmentalists say they'll sue to block the ruling. the pipeline would allow a colburning electricity plan to switch to natural gas which is cleaner. >> president trump began what was a controversial friday by addressing the political action conference. he blasted the media saying the fake news crowd doesn't represent the people, and we are going to do something about it. later in the day, several
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mainstream news organizations including the new york times, los angeles times and cnn were barred from attending an off camera press briefing in the office of sean spicer. the white house acknowledged rance priebus talked to james comby asking to dispute reports that members of the trump campaign contacting russia. the fbi is in the midst of a probe into those alleged contacts. >> the balance of power in delaware's senate is up for grabs tomorrow. the seat is being held for bethany long the lieutenant governor running to place her, republican john marino and libertarian joseph. >> if marino wins, it would be
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the first time republicans control the state senate in 44 years. >> they held a fundraiser in holmes delaware county to give back to the men and women that serve our country. it raises money to help homeless veterans find places to live. representative was on hand to lend support. >> most philadelphia police officers have compassion for those they serve, but a couple of cops from the 15th district have made a strong impression going above and beyond. "action news" reporter jeff chirico has the story. >> there is more to the job than locking everybody up. >> as they start their shift, they load their squad car, not
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with gear, but things for the needy. >> we see the families, kids that are out, we give them gifts if we can. >> during the patrol the officers see t stitt ee worst. they respond with their best. they cooked and served the homeless, bought sixer tickets with their own money and took ten kids off the street. officers bought these kids a gaming system santa couldn't deliver. >> if i see a little boy on the street and i buy him something, he's so happy. the officers not only give donations, they give their time. when a resident complained these bricks were being stolen, the officers returned on their own time and cemented them in. >> a positive example of police officers. seriously, what they did was way
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above and beyond what they should have to do. >> they say it's all part of the job, protect and serve. their supervisor hopes the officer's random acts of kin kindness change feeling toward police. >> we are human being, we care and w we are willing to be the part of the community. >> jeff chirico, "action news," wphl-17. >> coming up, a penny for your thoughts. another department store is closing more than 100 stores. >> calling it a season, ben simmons won't be taking to court. ducis rogers hears from the sixer g.m. >> showing you the skyline on this unusually warm february night. tomorrow, spring like to stormy, then it gets cold. i'll explain in the seven-day forecast. >> reporter and registered nurse
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sally gorman joins us for a special report. >> can knowing more about your dna help you get in better shape? with just a bit of saliva, their scientist can guide you to the best exercise plan for your body. i'll explain in health check. >> thanked and more when "action
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>> investigators in malaysia revealed today that assassins used vx nerve agent to kill the half brother of kim yun june. it is banned my almost all countries. the murder was 11 days ago. after learning about the toxin, the airport says they'll
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decontaminate and remove any shred of the chemical weapon. >> another department store is closing stores. j.c. penny will shut down 130 to 140 locations over the next several months. the closure list won't be made pup until next month. they cited the growing retail workers. 6,000 worker will be offered retirement. >> the dow jones average is on the hottest streak in 30 years, gone up 11 days in if a row setting a record high every time. the blue chip index 20,821. >> residents of bristol borough took time to celebrate their success tonight. dozens of cars led by the fire department wound through the streets honking and waving, sharing the borough's win in the
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contest. they beat out other towns for a $2.5 million prize and they are proud. septa is showing off brand new busses, all electric. 25 will be deployed routes 29 and 79 in south philadelphia. passengers will be able to charge devices with inseat ports. a grant is helping to pay for the busses. a british company says its genetic testing kit can give you the information you need to get in better shape. allie gorman has the details. is this true? >> it depends on who you ask. this is the test, you can buy it online. researchers use it to test your
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dna to find the diet best for your body. not everyone is sold on the science. >> why do some people have an easier time getting lean or building muscle? >> it's a question many ask especially if you struggle with your weight. >> i can't get rid of these five or ten pounds. >> sweets is a big issue for me. >> what about your genes? >> there is a lot of great research that exist. >> dr. dan reardan is head of a dna testing company that aims to answer the question. for $250, you can buy a testing kit. they spit into a test tube, mix it with a preservative and mail it to the fitness gene laboratory and scientists then test 48 variations. >> if the goal is getting fit or
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losing weight, we can guide people using their dna as a background. >> for dustin, it confirmed things he suspected. he has a tendency to gain weight but responds well to exercise. somsome results are confusing ad cancel each other out such as his response to saturated fat. >> for deanna, it's tougher for her to lose those few extra pounds, but high intensity training should help. >> we caught up with kelly. her results were what she expected. >> she had two copies o of a gene looking at muscle strength, her results recommend resistence
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training. she thought fitness training was interesting but there are caveats on the report, such as no gene acts alone. >> the science is still young. there is a lot that they don't understand about how all of these things interact. that's why there are many skeptics. dr. charlie alka-seltzer says genetic testing holds promise in the future, but -- >> looking at 43 genes is not going to give us enough practical information to apply to a real world situation to help someone lose weight faster. >> he says at this point a simple blood test may provide more practical information. the science is in the early ages, but argues -- >> we have enough understanding to apply the principles to people's lifestyles. dr. reardan says the test is
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best for those that don't know where to start or for those looking to fine tune their fitness. he said if you buy the test, you might be more motivated to do what it says, eating healthy and exercising. >> i was going to ask if there is a gene variation that says best thing to do is lie down on the couch and take a nap. >> no, and not one to eat ice cream all day either. that's what you want to hear, right? >> i would rather take a nap on the couch. >> oscars are two days away. jimmy kimmel is warming up for hosting duties. it's the first time he has had the gig. crews are in the final stretch. red carpet and bleachers for fans and photographers. here is a live picture outside the theater on hollywood
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boulevard. they are putting up a plastic roof over head because the forecast sunday calls for rain. >> they are going to freak out. >> they don't like it. "6abc," your home for the oscars, "action news" on early 5:00 sunday. then live coverage from the red carpet at 6:00, 89th academy awards begin at 8:30. if you want to catch up on the nominees, so you are prepared for the oscar party or pool, head to "6abc".com. oscar night we stream live video from the red carpet and show you the most talked about moments. it is the 89th oscars. the high in hollywood on sunday is 59. it's cold and rainy. they can't handle that in california. >> we had the opposite today. >> what are you wearing?
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a raincoat? >> no, they'll be wearing designer stuff. >> tomorrow, you don't have to bundle up, raincoat late in the day, winter coat on sunday. it's quiet right now but things get rocking late tomorrow afternoon and early sunday morning. we have a surge of winds out of the southeast. it's mild out there, 59 in allentown, 63. cape may 48 and wilmington 54. satellite and radar showing the heat buster a classic cold front potent system rolling through late tomorrow afternoon but ahead of it, we have the third day in a row of temperatures in the 70s, never recorded in philadelphia in february. three days in the 70s in february, 74 philadelphia, allentown, 70, wilmington 72
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cooler along the shore, 59-degrees and then the storms come in. future tracker around 3:00, a broken line of potent thunderstorms beginning to approach the western suburbs, the poconos should be hitting philadelphia around dinner time, around 5:00, and then it's a fast-moving system exiting the coast around 7:30. then lightning and heavy downpours. if you are headed outside or grilling, be prepared to head inside. the storms could be dangerous. behind it, back to february. the seasonal high 46 and with wind gusts, 5 miles per hour, windchill stuck in the 30s and morning windchills in the 20s. hopefully, you didn't pack away the winter coat yet, you need it sunday. the seven-day forecast, good
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amount of sunshine until the late afternoon. wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour with the storms, the high 74. sunday, 46, monday, clouds up and warms up, 57-degrees. tuesday, as we end the month of february, it's mild, but wet. periods of rain, a high of 60 bumping it up to 65 with more rain for the first day of march wednesday and temperatures trend back down, thursday, windy and cooler, 56. friday, 48-degrees. if you like 70s in february, you have one more day. if you miss the cold weather, it returns on sunday. something for everyone. >> thanks, cecily. >> a trip to broadway by way of broad street. ♪ >> the philly pops presented music from some of the most memorable broadway hits, into the woods, phantom, les miz,
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brought to you by allie mozzie and hugh pa yai pa narrow, runng through the weekend at the kimmel center. ♪ ♪
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>> not that it was a huge surprise but disappointing news. >> absolutely. sixers top pick will sit out the season. today the team gave us the news, ben simmons will sit on the shelf until summer league play. a c.t. scan of his broken bone in his foot shows it's not healed. in the meantime, they'll take it slow with him. >> he's heart broken. he wants to play. unfortunately, that's not going to happen. >> when it cam bak back with the result, it caught me off guard. it wasn't something i was expecting. >> know well who was traded to
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the mavericks was on his way today. >> it's emotional. i deal with it the best i can. i'm on the move. there's a new chachte chapter iy life, and i'm ready to start that. >> noel out, jalil okafor stays. fourth quarter, off the bench, sixers up 18. a bit later, robert covington makes the highlight reel, 25 points. sixers wi
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>> the flyers take their game outdoors tomorrow night in pittsburg. fliers got to check out the ice conditions during practice this evening. the outdoor games are not a new concept but the novelty of them has not warn off. >> i grew up playing on the ice and now i play in front of 65,000 people. it's exciting to have family and friends come to watch. >> former football coach mike pettington died. he required in 1999 after winning four straight titles.
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>> phillys and yankees, asher with two hits in two i innings. phillies lose 9-4. penn wins at cornell, 69-66. finally tonight, northwestern, rut gar's women's basketball game, she stops to tie her shoe. what are you thinking? northwestern still won the game. >> thank you, ducis. students at sadderton area high school are dancing the night away for an important cause, holding a minithon to raise money for cancer research. >> "jimmy kimmel live" followed by "nightline" hosting his last year's oscar special with matt
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damon and ben affleck. "action news" continues tomorrow morning at 5:30 with gary hall. for ducis rogers, cecily tynan and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. ♪ ♪
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it's an all new show with great viral videos "right this minute." >> show them how cool your fins are. >> a surfer jokes about something ominous. >> what could it be? >> the moment he thinks jumping a shark is a good idea. a teen woozy from the medicine is upset. why the dental procedure is the latest of her worries. >> because i don't have legs. >> yes you do. >> i have a fish tail. kids love playing in the sand box, but -- >> now the sandbox is in a cardboard box. the vr experience that makes for a cool commercial. >> oh, wow. plus, bonus giveaway day means your chance to win an amazon echo or a new ipad


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