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tv   Action News 1130PM  ABC  February 25, 2017 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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>> we are back with "college hoops," villanova the first to win four straight big east titles. the seniors gout in style. the seniors are the winningest class in school history playing the last game against creighton jenkins. hart slams it, 16 for hart. villanova wins clinching aur sto back g temple with a tight finih
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against tulane, ten seconds left. gets the ball back, puts itbacko overtime. temple up three, to malik, a e w time left sends it to double overtime. temple slams the door on tulane, 86-76. >> st. joe's on the road in st. louis, st. joe's down three, no time left. off the free throw miss, james demry makes a layup instead of a three point shot with no time left, what is he doing. st. joe's loses one, it's their eighth straight loss. >> two homers including the
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inside of the park homer. tyle w the ball, gets stuck. the umps are not buying it. it's a live ball. around the bases, phillies win 6-5 the first of hopefully many wins. >> pre season. we'll take it. next on "action news" at 11:30, the demonstrators are gone and tp clean up is beginning. we'll tell you about the massive amount of debris left behind at the site of the dakota pipeline protest. >> tonight we have a look at the oscar contenders before they were famous.
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>> "actionews" continues. ♪ >> saturday i'm walter perez. here's happening on "action news" at 11:30. police in burkes county shoot and kill a man. what he did to make them open fire. >> tonight the dakota pipeline
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protest site is a giant heap of trash, clean up under way. >> and we show you what the stars were doing before they were famous. >> a warm and sunny day turned into a cold won' one and the cos making a comeback. >> we had winter warmth earlier today. 27 above where we should be this time of year. that was early in the day. by the afternoon, you probably noticed strong showe through knocking our be this year. right now, well up in the poconos, 32, 49 philadelphia, 42 reading and 48 cape may. winds are picking up. this is a factor overnight tonight and into the day
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wednesday. 23 miles per hour in the poconos. coming from the northwesterly direction, that's a change into the day tomorrow. there's the cold front we had earlier today moving north and east and instability snow showers setting up on the backside o. clearing overnight and a return of wter sunday with windchill in the 20s and 30s. we look at the forecast, walter. thank you, melissa. >> firefighters were call today the tasty cake plant in philadelphia this morning. a small fire broke out in the oven. the told>> in burkes county, a g police officer shot and killed a man in his 60s that they say pointed a gun at them. the man was pointing his rieflte
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at neighbors who were having a backyard barbeque. he was angry that they were smoking. officers arrived and asked him to drop his weapon he instead pointed at them. they opened fire and the man is dead. >> a shooting this morning at 2:30 a.m. on the 800 block of allegheny two men got into an altercation outside of the bar. the victim survived the shooting and is being treated at the hospital. >> the brother of north korea's brother was assassinated be i the deadliest nerve agent in the world. a woman claims she thought she
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was part of a prank and thought the liquid was baby oil. one drop is fatal. the woman and another woman are in custody. >> thousands have protesting the dakota pipel proposal. 240 dumpstersa from t containing debris including old food, structures, tents and belongings. the standing rock sioux tribe started the clean up a few weeks ago. they need 200 more dumpsters to finish the job. someone opened fire outside of a home in howlland township today. police don't know the motivate and they have not released the names of anyone involved in the
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case. donations are pouring in for the victims of a bar shooting in kansas. the gunman yelled, get out of my country before shooting two indian men and a bystander. the suspected shooter is behind bars. so far people have donated to the families. >> here's rick williams with tonight's crime fighter report. >> he was a fun loving guy. he like today cut hair. he was a family man. he also liked to play music and also, he recorded our music for some people. jocelyn brown says her 39-year-old son joseph was well known in the area of his barber
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shop in the philadelphia logan section. >> everyone knew him in the neighborhood. he walked peacefully. >> jocelyn knows little about the events sunday, september 4th. >> all i know about that night was, joseph was with a group of friends that came to the house the next day and said they found him in front of the duncan doughnuts. >> police found him monday september 5th, shot in the chest. >> i want someone to come forward. if it's just a little something, you never know what's important. >> the city of philadelphia is offering $20,000 for reward money for thehe person responsible. all calls remain anonymous. >> some people get scared. they don't know what to say at the moment. maybe something will come out later. that's what i'm hoping for. >> for crime fighters, i'm rick
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williams, channel6 "action news." >> a rally was shown for a mural at the corner of 17th and mount vernon 40 years, symbolizing the forced evictions of puerto ricans in the neighborhood. the building owner is renovating and promised to keep the mural. people wanted to make sure the owner knows how special the mural is. >> mia andrews won the miss america pageant in university city. andrews is a 22-year-old native from philadelphia. she will act as ambassador to the city and has a shot at winning the miss pennsylvania pageant in june. much more to come in action news. tonight, we know which movies are the worst of the year.
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i'll tell you which films won razzy awards. and a special celebration for a very special woman who just turned 103 when "action news" comes back. ♪ ♪
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>> you see here dozens of people taking a dip in the ocean during the north wildwood polar day plunge. today's temperatures made it easier than previous years. proceeds go to a number of
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causes. now time for the check of the forecast with melissa magee. one day later, it would have been a lot colder. >> when we are done, you will notice the difference so bundle up. you can see it's dry. right now no issues with precipitation. we were rocking and rolling earlier with severe showers and thunderstorms thanks to a cold front moving north and east. we'll show you the picture outside, sky 6, showing penn's landing. with clear sky, temperatures fall off overnight and into the day sunday. hard to believe we are tracking the return of winter air. highs today in the 6 0s and 70s, reading, 75. dover a record of 74. philadelphia 73. atlantic city, still above
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average with temperatures above 65. right now numbers are back into the 40s in most locations. 44 allentown, 48 cape may, lancaster 43. north and west as you look at the 24 hour temperature change, colder in lancaster, ten degrees colder in philadelphia. here is satellite 6 with action radar there's the cold front moving to the east. severe thunderstorm watches have since expired. instability snow showers setting up on the backside giving you an indication of the colder air setting up working its way eastward into the lehigh and delaware valley. windy and bottoming out at 32 in
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the suburbs and 36 in philadelphia for the oafnlt low. 8:00 in the morning, as you wake up, windchill numbers in the lower 20s across the region, 21 lancaster and 24 in wild wood by 3:00 in the afternoon windchill numbers, 27 in the city and 33 in dover. tomorrow, sunny, cooler, seasonal day high temperature at 46 in philadelphia windchill in the 20s and 30s. 44 in lancaster for the high. same in allentown, 48 in dover and millville coming in at 48-degrees. 46 in trenton. big changes headed our way as we get to the second half of the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast not popping up here. sunday, high in the upper 40s. as we get to the rest of our
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workweek, monday, cloudy and milder, high of 57. as we get to tuesday, periods of rain, same on wednesday, on and off moisture highs in the 6 0s, falling on thursday, 56 and 40s returning next friday and saturday. mother nature is up and down all this week saying winter is back tomorrow. >> over all, not bad. >> february into march not bad. >> thank you, melissa. o as we get ready to honor hollywood's best with the oscars, the razzies will be held tonight. worst picture went to hillary's america, the political documentary, then batman v. superman. as the oscars get under way tomorrow night, we have a fun
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look at those actors and actresses nominated. we see what some of them were doing before they were famous. >> before she was hollywood's most nominated actress, she was mary louise streep, a cheerleader, even homecoming queen appearing on broadway in "secret service." there are not a lot of nominees that got started on "baywatch." that's best supporting nominee michelle williams at 13 years old. >> best supporting actor andgotn their father lloyd bridges.
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poverty.time viola her acting caree at eight when she her fput on a skit a at >> we lived in a apartment with these tinycl closet to write the script. >> > here comes emily stone. now she's looking for her first win, for playing an actress as star crossed lover in la la land. >>
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>> the flyers who were on the outside looking in on the playoffs do themselves no favors in pittsburg. more than 67,000 fans braving the wind and in pittsburg, largest crowd the flyers have ever played in front of, trying to silence penguin fans. third period down two, shane on the powerplay, first in three months, flyers within one. later in the third, flyers lose 4-2 the final. dave hakessal, what do you have to say for yourself? >> it's a tough result.
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it's a close hockey game. i thought our team played well, battled hard and did a lot of but we walk away with the wrong result. >> and they do that again. sixers with the big win at the big apple center of the 18 point come back, sixer center jalil okafor. nine seconds left, sixers are up one. nixes get one last shot, caramelo anthony over robert covington with .03 left on the clock. sixers lose 110-109. noel gets a standing debut for the mavericks, the former sixer center nine points in 30
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minutes, but he helps them win by 13. final seconds against columbia, jackson donahue for three? no. another shot down in front. we can't see. donahue again -- no. penn's winning streak comes to an end losing 70-67. drexel loses their sixth straight finishing the season with nine wins. yankee center fielder tyler watson kicks it to the wall and tries to claim it's stuck, but you can't kicked it there. the last guy you think would hit one, phillies win, 6-5.
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that's sports. walter, back to you. >> thank you, jeff. a high school student from colorado was asked to the properple in a special way. a string quartetsked alex to the dance. james volunteered in alex's gym class for students with special needs. >> she's a smart, funny girl. >> for her to experience this, this is not something i thought she would, or with a date or someone that went out of the way the way he did to take her to prom. >> they are planning to coordinate their attire based on their favorite color which is purple. >> a special lady is celebrating her 103 birthday in new jersey.
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her children and grandchildren brought hugs and kisses along with flowers to the royal gate nursing home in trenton. happy birthday from all of us here. castle is next. "action news" continues at 6:00 tomorrow morning. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the "action news" team, i'm walter perez. see you back here tomorrow after the oscars. ♪ ♪
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♪ (reporters speaking indistinctly) regina, your new album, "fatal impact," drops next week. what can you tell us about it? it's about love, heartbreak, and revenge. it's my best album yet. oh, my god. it's josie lang. (man) josie! here! (reporters all shouting at once) (camera shutters clicking) what the hell is josie lang doing at my release party? her album's out next week, too. having both of you here gets us more press. more press for who, me or her? regina. thank you for the invite. you know, you're the reason i'm a pop star. i've been a huge fan ever since i was in grade school. (camera shutter clicks) (indistinct conversations) ♪ (indistinct conversations)


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