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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  February 26, 2017 8:00am-8:56am EST

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rts car. all mercedes-benz. good morning america. breaking overnight -- mardis gras horror. a pickup truck out of control plowing into a crowd of spectators. >> we have got multiple injured, multiple injured. >> the chaotic scene from the chain-reaction crash. the driver arrested. was alcohol to blame? special prosecutors? the calls from within donald trump's own party over those reported contacts with russians. >> we need to do it because they're bad people. >> why this top republican thinks the attorney general should bow out. and why donald trump says thank you, but n white house correspondents' plusa new. his first exvethin this moment, feres as lpirit awards set the stage for the glitz and glamour tonight. >> "moonlight "! >> will it be lit by moonlight?
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plus their >> >> we're right there on the red carpet. why it's not really red. and why this year's fashions are more exclusive than ever. with a vote of confidence from the host, jimmy kimmel. >> no one does oscar like "gma." thanks to jimmy kimmel for that shoutout on a sunday morning. thanks for joining us, everybody. it is oscar sunday. there it is, the dolby theater. in los angeles. a little wet there. where hollywood heavy hitters will gather tonight for the 89th academy awards. >> there's the rain drops that rob had us put on the screen. their put up shades to protect the red carpet from the rain. once the stars run the gauntlet of fans and photographers, they'll head up there for the awards. >> we're covering the angles this morning, the front-runners, the fashion. the possibility that some of the winners will get political from the stage tonight. dan, you mentioned something that maybe it's not real, the
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red carpet. we'll get to the bottom of that. >> it's apparently not we're going to be covering that as well this though.o have c brareing wsin inrowd at a pre-mardozens have been hurt. and adrienne bankert is right there on the scene with the very latest on this investigation. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning, all the pa-- paula. we're here manyatetnhe parade people were as the frighyed out. overnight, chaos during the final week end of mardi gras. at 6:42 p.m., this gray pickup truck was seen driving on carrolltonvenue. >> new orleans and north carrollton avenue. a vehicl >> later, that truck barrelling into a crowd of revelers with some of the biggest crowds. a dump truck.multiple injured. r or >> it sounded like the car was revving up the engine. and when i turned around i see everybody running towards us. almost like trampling over us. they're screaming get out the street. >> reporter: most of the parade watchers in the truck's path had to be sent to the hospital, some in critical condition right now.
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the driver, immediatelter: as ems and police officers raced to help the injured, the parade can be seen marching on just beyond the horrific scene. debris littering the streets, this car mangled from the collision. >> it happened so quickly. you didn't have time to think about it. >> reporter: one of the witnesses that we talked to said from his perspective, just feet from the truck, he saw the driver trying to swerve to avoid people. police are investigating. dan? >> adrienne, thank you. we move to president trump who is escalating, yet again, his war with the press. announcing now that he's not going to attend the annual white house correspondents' dinner where the president and the media normally exchange jokes. also this morning, there's a headline that won't make anyone in the white house laugh. a top republican calling for a special prosecutor to investigate team trump's ties to russia. david kerley is covering it all from the north lawn. david, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. the question this morning is at caa? that is, did his campaign have
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repeat russians leading up to the ivanka and jared kushner, and others at his hotel in washington, d.c., this morning, the president is battling reports again of tieing to russia. with the senior member of his own republican party now saying those reported contacts need a special investigation. >> we need to investigate their activities and we ople. >> reporter: congressman darryl issa saying the attorney general should bow out and appoint a special prosecutors. >> jeff sessions who was on the campaign and was anappointee, you're going to have to use the special prosecutor's statute. house says both chairman were asked to try to tamp down the media reports. >> we're fighting the fake news. it's fake. phony, fake. >> reporter: after weeks of sparring with the news media, he took to twitter to announce, quote, i will not be attending the white house correspondents' association dinner this year. please wish everyone well and have a great evening. he has attended in the past as a
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guest. even the target of president obama in 2011. >> you fired gary busey. these are the kind of decision that would keep me up at night. >> reporter: the white house correspondents' association responded saying the dinner will go on. it will be a celebration of the first amendment. paula? >> certainly will. david, thank you for your worthing from the north lawn this morning. a fiercely divided democratic party still reeling from losing the white house has chosen a new national leader who wants to ensure that trump is a one-term president. tom perez, the former labor secretary under presidene. becomi gloria riviera is in atlanta where it all went down. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, paula. so many demo atlanta telling me they feel like finally their par is a new page after the er. rather r insincere statements, tweeting he was happy for the new dnc chair tom perez and also his own republican party. the dnc chair came right back at it on twitter vowing democrats across the country will soon be the president's worst nightmare. overnight, the embattled democratic party
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after a contentious race for national chair tom rerzperez, former labor secretary under president obama, edging out rival keith ellison. >> we need a chair who cannot only take the fight to donald trump, we need a chair who can lead turnaround and the dem u.s. con lost not one election but a thousand elections. >> reporter: the two men now charged with restructuring the party still reeling from hillary clinton's devastating loss.orstdeow? e at after the vote was anre today. >> reporter: a key question, of seprogrees who suppo sedget behi new dnc chair?ad more to say this morning over he wrote -- the race for was, of course, totally rigged. bernie's guy, like bernie a cha say about y le >> georges.s. nearly two-thirds of the state at is the strategy going forward? do they try to take on trump in an all-out war or try to cooperate? >> i don't think the leadership
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has much choice. grass areng for opposition to donald trump across the board. those democrats in states won by donald trump who are up in 2018 in the senate, who might feel more compelled to cooperate with him. but all the energy at the grass roots now on the democratic side is for all-out opposition. >> the russia situation is not going away. we just heard that darrell issa is now calling for a special prosecutor to investigation this. is that likely to happen? >> right now. it's likely not. it's important that a key top republican has broken -- this is someone who went after hillary clinton, as well. you saw republican members of congress get pressure on health nd russia. some republicans now saying donald trump has to release his tax returns. you're seeing the energy bubble up. at this point, it's not reached president trump to buckle and call for a >> tuesday night, int session of congress for the first time. what do you expect to hear? an you exwe might not have a "you lie" moment like we saw up against tal
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about chamber whoicti this is thal first chance to lay out in more specific detail what he wants to do on obamacare and tax cuts. even though we're now 38 days in, the president hasn't said what he wants on those big issues. >> george, thank you. always a pleasure to chat with you. george has a big show this morning. he'll go one on one with the newly elected dnc chair, tom perez. and ahead of the president's first joint address to congress george will speak to the democratic leader, nancy pelosi. all coming up on "this week." we should say on tuesday night, george leads the powerhouse abc news team for live coverage of the president's address to congress. that starts at 9:00. politics may play a prominent role at the oscars tonight. >> it won't come as a surprise to a whole lot of people. this awards night could be one of the most political that we have ever seen. so, what kind of fiery attacks can we expect? chris connelly is in hollywood for us this morning. good morning, chris. >> reporter: good morning, guys. behind me, you see the stairs, up which performers, presenters, and winners-to-be will ascend.
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and into the dolby theater where, on oscar night, you'll have an open mike and millions of viewers and some people one expects, with a few things on their minds. tonight, at the 89th oscars, the talk is expected to get a little political. because it already has. >> it's our time to tell our elected officials to do their job. >> reporter: on friday, instead of the oscar party, united talent agency kicking off academy award weekend with united voices anti-trump rally. >> we must speak for those who cannot speak! >> reporter: all five directors of this year's nominated foreign language films, signing this letter, condemning nationalist politics. we want this award to stand as a symbol of the unity between nations and a freedom of the arts. actors speaking their minds from the awards show stages. >> and this immigrant ban is a blemish and it is un-american. >> reporter: at the golden globes, meryl streep using her
8:10 am
lifetime achievement acceptance speech to put then president-elect trump on blast. >> when the powerful use their position to bully others, we all lose. >> reporter: trump firing back in a tweet. meryl streep one of the most overrated actresses in holly road. tonight, streep is nominated for the 20th time. a record for actresses. she's scheduled to present, too. >> where we have a man sending us to war. >> we've got to have equal rights for everyone. >> equal rights for women in the united states of america. >> reporter: as you see, politics is a perennial topic of conversation from the stage at the oz the oscars. this year won't be any different. interesting to see the reaction in the house if things get contentious up on stage. >> thank you, chris. we'll check in with you later. we want to get to some of the other new this is morning.
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so let'soat to ron with the rest of the headlines. >> good morning to you, dan. paula. diane, robert. >> we were waiting. >> we're going to begin in houston where police are looking for the woman who fired into a crashed car, killi's a mother says a speeding vehicle ran a red light and hit her car. a third car drove up got out of that vehicle, and fire shots the. one of those shots killed damari atkins. a third grader. new details in the assassination of the half brother of north korean leader kim jong-un. malaysia's health minister says skim jong name died within 15 to 0 minutes of being poisoned at the airport. the officials say the airport is safe. safe for the travelers going through there. no signs of hazardous materials. the announcement coming two weeks after nam was killed. a military judge says
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sergeant bowe bergdahl can stand trial, despite comments from then candidate donald trump that he should be executed. bergdahl walked away from his base in afghanistan in 2009. he spent five years as a taliban prisoner. he faces a trial that could get him a life sentence. a florida man is facing arson charges for allegedly setting a fire at a country club and then posting video of it on snapchat. a teenager who saw the video called polic police say anthony stowers admitted to starting the fire. but says he didn't remember it because he was drunk. no one was hurt in that fire. turning to sports. gonzaga went int of the regular season saturday with a chance at a perfect record. guess happened? the number one ranked bulldogs 29-0 going into that game. 20-point favorites. shot out to an early lead. but unranked byu, brigham young, came back to upset gonzaga,
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winning by eight. spoiling their chance at a perfect season. finally some real dedication on the links. pga golfer shawn stefani. trying to get himself out of a water hazard. stripping down to his underwear to hit a shot out of a pond or lake on friday. >> children, close your eyes, please. >> seems he didn't want to get stuck playing the rest of the round in wet, muddy clothing. he gets regarbed there. despite the extra efforts, he missed the cut. >> i gotta start watching golf. >> there you go. >> i've been missing out. all this time, i had no idea. my new favorite sport. >> he's looking for an underwear sponsor at this point. >> he may get one, huh? >> yeah, or a wetsuit sponsor. didn't see that coming. let's get it back over to rob for the weather. >> hard to believe this happened end of february. this is very spring-like stuff weok what happened in parts of pennsylvania, will a zen -- luzerne county, a tornado
8:14 am
national weather service will check things out. hail, as well. not only there but up and down this line, this is richmond, virginia golf ball sized hail. we had severe weather blow through western parts of massachusetts with several thousands without power for a time. the tronlt pushing east. -- the front pushing east. we saw flood watches for new england because of the snow melt. all time record for the month of february. look at the changes. it is at the freezing mark, temperatures falling 20 to 30 degrees. with the winds feels like the teens and 20s in many areas. winter is back for for70 t back in thetoward the weekend. that's a look at the nationalstorning ri update.we havepstair shore sunny skies clear conditions, fog all afternoon long. today everybody is down in the 40s. the exclusive accuweather
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seven-day forecast, 46 degrees today windchills in the 30s we start rebounding by tomorrow. high around 57. coast. not because of you. but we're going to go out there and talk about california and more snow in seattle. back to the oscars now. they're making the final touches this morning for the big show tonight. >> did you know that the big carpet is not really red? >> it just appears red, right? >> kayna whitworth is looking at how it all gets put together. you're looking lovely, by the way, this morning. >> reporter: oh, paula, thank you so much. normally, i'm covering a bit of natural disaster. we have a whole different flood on our hands. in just a few hours, a flood of stars will take to the carpet. but as you mentioned, is it really red? according to "the l.a. times dwts color is called academy red. it's a bit more of a burgundy. the actual color remains a secret. why? it's specially formulated to
8:16 am
make sure everyone dazzles in their gowns and tuxes. this morning, as the nominees are waking up for one of the biggest nights of their lives, the stage of the dolby theater is getting glammed up. adorned with 300,000 sparkling crystals. overnight, some of the biggest names in hollywood, already feeling out the stage. lin-manuel miranda and dwayne "the rock" johnson feeling at home. jennifer aniston checking the mike. all in preparation for the big show. those a real statue could get a 24-karat gold chocolate oscar. famously crafted by wolfgang puck. >> we have something for everybody. sushi. pasta. miniburgers. >> reporter: 1500 guests greeted by a july. t ice raw bar.
8:17 am
mountains of caviar. 30 pounds of edible gold dust will be on hand. the dazzling room adorned with flowers flown in from all over the world. all coming together for the perfect way to unwind after a long day of glitz, glamour, and red carpet galore. so the theme of the governor's ball is magical transformation. and that edible gold dust is part of the gold dusting for the white truffle popcorn.ds fantastic. my magicpounds if >> and all i can think about is >> well apparently we have food on set later. >> we do? >> truffle popcorn. >> lots of stuff. >> popcorn, and by the way, lobster corn dogs, paula. >> yes! was such radiction in th kayna, thank you. abc has your complete coverage of the oscars. don't forget to tune in tonight when "gma's" on the burgundy carpet, should we call it now, for the stars' a the awards at 8:30. we have a big afterparty here on abc hosted by lara spencer and
8:18 am
"blackish" star anthony anderson. plus, there's more. on monday morning, tune in to "gma" for the full wrap. i feel like i'm in one of those infomercials, and there's more. coming up on "gma" this morning, an incredible rescue caught on camera. a snowboarder stranded overnight in blizzard-like conditions. telling the story how he made it through alive. every year, on the eve of the oscars, they hold the independent spirit awards. who won last night? whoes it portend for ce dance dance ♪
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oh no. oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach. sunday morning, i'm nydia han an autopsy is being conducted on the body of an olney man to determine if his pitbull killed him. the action cam was on the 5300 block of rising sun avenue. the body was found in a rear bedroom of the apartment by his brother. the victim has several by the wound to told dog was in the apartment covered with blood. let's go to meteorologist chris sowers with the latest from accuweather. >> good morning mid i can't it's colder this e a warming 57. nydia? >> chris, thank you. that's it for "action news," we're back in a half-hour. i'm nydia han. stay tuned for more good morning.
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welcome back to "gma" on this sunday morning. happening right now, a l republican lawmaker is calling for a closer look at alleged ties between russian officials and members of the trump campaign. california congressman darrell issa saying attorney general jeff sessions should recuse himself from the investigation. and appoint a special prosecutor instead. also happening on this sunday morning. a nationwide manhunt. authorities in mississippi are putting out an alert for 28-year-old alex deaton. he murdered his girlfriend and shot a jogger early on friday morning. the u.s. marshals fugitive task force has joined the hunt. and a look from hollywood. just hours away from the oscars. a lot of coverage still to come, including what the stars will be wearing on the not quite red carpet.
8:25 am
>> what does oscar night mean to you? what will you be wearing in honor of the occasion? >> perhaps my wife and i will out the matching onesies. that we wear sometimes on nights where we're going to feel slothful. she's promised to make a funfetti cake. this on nati bianca, it's official. >> it's your official cheat night, right? >> sundays are cheat nights. >> together in your onesies. the secret for happy marriage, everybody. >> i'm realizing i could get in trouble for everything i have just said. we start this half hour with high drama in the mountains of lake tahoe. >> a snowboarder buried waist-high in the snow. unsure that his calls for help were being heard. eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: this dramatic rescue after a fun day on the mountain taking a seriously wrong turn. watch as aarin yu waves for help after spending a brutally cold night on a california mountain. >> this is the first time i had been in a situation that was so dire. i was scared. i tried to keep calm. >> reporter: yu was at the top
8:26 am
of a chair lift when a snowstorm hit heavenly mountain. whiteout conditions. >> i realized something was amiss. i looked around and it looks like i was pretty distant from a groomed path a trail, or some manmade structure. >> reporter: this cell phone video showing what he was up against. stuck in chest-high snow. he couldn't get a signal to call for help. instead, sending frantic text messages. his business partner, david sutton got one of those messages immediately calling the ski patrol. yu decided to stay put. using a tree to block the wind and elements. sleeping there overnight. >> it's pitch black overnight. you can't see anything. you're just feeling your way around. >> reporter: this x dug in the deep snow, marking the spot where yu was finally found. frantically waving his arms for help. and as you can see he's doing just fine. after all that, he only has mild frostbite on his fingers.
8:27 am
and this is the craziest part. turns mile from the resort the entire time. >> wow. >> so close. yet so far. we're glad he's okay this morning. let's go back to rob with more on the snow out west.hat, a mile is a long way to go when you're talking about snow that's like this. mammoth mountain getting crus about fe-hour fi l.a. where the oscars are happening today. heavy rain this morning might be tapering off showers around red carpet time, it will be chilly, not the best weather up there. lowland snowle one to three inches. an unbelievable winter for them in portland as the next storm comes on tap. here's the local forecast. >> reporter: good morning everyone i'm meteorologist ch accuweather update. no precipitation falling blustery and colder, 46 degrees later this afternoon windchills stuck in the 30s. two questions that you don't
8:28 am
really hear on the same day. appening today and tonight. >> thank you very much. >> nobody asks me that when i'm in my onesie. coming up on "gma," the big winners at the independent spirit awards. what it could mean for who is going to t statues at the oght. dowyour poweucica. i am te, for every would-beyber attack there's a team of u.s. army cyber warriors who will not be defeated. find out more at ckt heartbung the instant it touches your tongue. and neutsource. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum ♪ smoothies! only from tums did you know 90% of couples disagree on mattress firmn ess? enter sleep number ... she likes the bed so ft. he's more hardco re. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your l ife. save 50% o sale ends sund ay! go t for a store near y ou.
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♪ yeah we're all about a good time ♪ the road to the oscars passes straight through the indie spirit awards. >> many times, they're a predictor of who will win the oscar. and abc's chris connelly is back as promised with a full wrapup for us. hi, chris. >> reporter: hi, guys. the film independent spirit awards are oscar's hipster cousin. kind of an obscure word. you might not have heard of it.
8:32 am
with films like "la la land" and "hidden figures" out of the mix, one film was really feeling the love. >> i'm here. i'm a free spirit. >> reporter: at the beach in santa monica. it's chilly out here. >> did you not see me cry on the red carpet? >> reporter: the film independent spirit awards. >> it's exciting to be acknowledged among these incredibly talented people. >> reporter: never so much "moonlight" in the middle of the day. >> moonlight. >> moonlight. >> moonlight. >> reporter: taking by s the show that honored lower budgeted films not made by a major studio. a luminous coming-of-age drama winning six awards. including best feature and best director for barry jenkins. >> it was a movie made for $1.5 million. i only say that because there was no director in me that could have made this manifest itself without the cast and crew. >> every time you step on to a platform and you see people that you respect show respect and love back towards you, it's -- it's overwhelming. >> reporter: hosts john mullaney and nick kroll setting the tone.
8:33 am
>> these films are, to quote the president, sad, exclamation point. >> casey affleck plays a morose withdrawn man from the outskirts of boston living in the shadow of his older brother. what a reach. >> reporter: he won best male lead for "manchester by the sea." >> i'm not sad and morose. >> reporter: female lead meant to "elle's" timeless isabelle huppert. >> new cinema is always independent. >> reporter: outside, the nominees took the opportunity to pose for paparazzi, show their fans some love. and mingle a bit. molly shannon who won for her soul-searing straight-from-the-heart work as a cancer patient in "other people." >> i want to dedicate this award to all the moms who would go to the end of the earth for their families. i really, truly, in this moment, feel like a "superstar." >> reporter: o.j., made in america, winning best documentary. whatever happens at the oscars an amazing year for independent film, guys. >> certainly.
8:34 am
that's so true. the oscars have been criticized in the past for the lack of diversity when it came to nominees. this year, they're making history. >> reporter: what a difference a year makes. three of the best picture nominees chronicleing the african-american experience. and not a bad chance that three acting categories might go to people of color. we're a long ways away from the oscars so white days, at least in this year. >> i say a big bravo to that. this has been a great year at the movies. i have made no bones about the fact that i'm a massive "moonlight" fan. do you think "la la land" is going to win? >> reporter: my feeling is if you were going to bet the rent money, i would go with "la la land." there are a lot of potential rivals. we'll all be waiting to see what is going to happen. there could be upsets all along
8:35 am
the way. if you were going to bet, you would bet on "la la land." >> i still can't get over "dances with wolves" beating "goodfellas" back in 1991. >> reporter: gotta move on. gotta move on dan. gotta move on. >> i hold a grudge. >> 25 years ago. gotta turn the page. the heist is over. >> this is a discussion i have had with my wife many times before. chris connelly, always amazing to have you covering the oscars for us. thank you so much. >> feels like sunday morning therapy. >> thanks for having me. >> thanks, chris. coming up on "good morning america" this sunday. fashion forward. the lengths that the best dressed at the oscars are going to to make sure their looks are ultra exclusive. and one contender will be celebrating whether he wins or not. we'll tell you why. coming up in "pop news." with diane macedo. ♪ just dance dance dance ♪
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♪ can't stop the feeling ♪ welcome back, everybody. we all have our reasons for watching the oscars. beyond who will take home the golden statue. many, like ron, rob, and dan, are highly interested in the fashion choices. >> yeah. >> yes. >> yeah, absolutely. >> for some red carpet analysis joe zee is the editor in chief of yahoo! style. he joins us this morning. thank you for join us, joe. >> good morning. it's early and cold here, too. >> i don't think you went to bed last night, that's how early it is on the west coast. how do you think the runway will affect the red carpet tonight? >> you know that the oscars is the final stop on the awards circuit. and for fashion, the most coveted. you see a lot of celebrities hitting the red carpet. the fight to be so exclusive has gotten worse every year. i hear that emma stone is going to be wearing couture givenchy. on the red carpet. she'll be the only actress
8:40 am
wearing that designer tonight. it will be interesting. and even somebody like brie larson will wear a brand-new exclusive look from oscar de la renta's new designers that nobody else can wear on the carpet tonight. so interesting the way that people really fought for that exclusive. >> who is going to be pushing the envelope the most? the most adventurous dressed. >> oh my gosh. you know i have to give that one to nicole kidman. did you see her at the s.a.g. awards? the green dress with the feathers and the parrots. and the sequins. you look at somebody like janelle monae. i hear she's going to be wearing a custom elie saab dress. she sticks to black and white. that's her uniform. she's told designers that she'll only wear black and white. >> meryl streep making news. denying claims by karl lagerfeld that she refused to wear chanel
8:41 am
because she's wearing something somebody paid her to wear. she said she's never paid to wear anybody. what's your take? >> i'm going with meryl. chanelbacked off that claim a lot. but to tell you the truth, pay-to-play has been a dirty secret for a long time. a lot of the designers do pay the actresses, especially the oscars. and the jewelry has been going on for years. >> thank you, joe, for getting up so early. you're looking dapper. have a great time tonight at the oscars. thanks for joining us. >> of course. thank you so much. and "pop news" with diane macedo is next. >> we have oscar trivia. >> we do. are your allergies holding you back or is it your allergy pills? break through your allergies. introducing flonase sensimist. more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist you may not even notice. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist
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♪ yeah we're all about a good time ♪ ♪ yeah we're all about a good life ♪ time for our special oscars edition.
8:45 am
diane, you got the stars rolling here. what's popping? >> i like this. >> very regal. >> oscar-centric, of course. if we're going to be talking about the movies we should snack like we're at the movies. i brought you a spread. >> thank you, thank you. >> we're going to start with a quiz. this year's contenders, question one, which acting nominee appears in two films nominated for best picture this year? >> mahershala ali. >> mahershala ali. >> oy -- i, okay, fine. >> let her finish the question. >> the answer is? >> uh huh. >> mahershala ali. >> and he just had baby, right? i'm not giving everything away. >> i mean, forget it. we can just not do -- >> come on. >> paula. >> don't give up, macedo. >> question two. who shot their oscar nominated role in just three days? is it naomie harris, michelle williams, or jeff bridges. >> i know, i know. >> i'm going to say jeff bridges. >> michelle williams. >> michelle williams.
8:46 am
>> you're all wrong. it's naomie harris. she only had three days to do it all. >> it was such an intense role. that's really really really, really impressive. >> you got it, diane. >> if lin-manuel miranda wins, he would be the youngest to have an egot. an emmy a grammy an oscar, and a tony. who else achieved this feat? >> whoopi goldberg. >> whoopi goldberg. >> it's a trick question. all three of them. >> no no, no. >> they've all gotten it. if lin-manuel wins this he'll set a whole new category. a mpegot. he'll win a whole new category. he has a pulitzer prize and a mccarthy award. >> a pulitzer prize? >> it sounds like a sandwich. what is it again? >> a mpegot. >> sthat a sandwich. >> i may not be pronouncing it correctly. and as paula laid out for us. we're congratulating mahershala
8:47 am
ali this morning. even before we know who the oscar goes to. he and his wife have welcomed their new daughter. >> i heard they had a baby. >> he shared the news on instagram. breaking news. we're hearing it right here for the first time. with this post. 2-22-17. #pisces. this is their first child. he says he's even excited about being tired. so you know he's pumped about this. >> i'm sorry for delivering the news ahead of schedule. >> a huge, huge, huge year for him. an incredible actor. congratulations to him and his family. >> big, big moments. and then, of course no oscar ceremony is complete without the thank you speeches. we want to thank rob and renee israel for the popcorn. we have all kinds. apple crisp sinfully cinnamon. jalapeno. i want to thank twizzlers, m&ms, and junior mints just for existing. my mother, my father, for being supportive of me. >> okay. all right.
8:48 am
all right. >> should we play the music? >> don't forget to tune in tonight when "gma" is on the red carpet. it starts at 7:00 eastern with the awards at:30. a big afterparty here on abc hosted by lara spencer and antony anderson from "blackish." great "pop news." tune in monday for a full wrap of the evening. we'll see you tomorrow. >> good morning, i'm nydia han along with gray hall. coming up on "action news" sunday morning we're following developing news, police are trying to determine if a man was killed by his own pet pitbull. close call for residents at
8:49 am
a delaware county apartment complex are forced out into the night air because of carbon monoxide leak. what happened to spring? temperatures are 50 degrees colder than forecast. oh no. oh no. oh no. i hate this belt. man oh man. mom, we have a situation. life's bleachable moments need clorox bleach.
8:50 am
8:51 am
good morning it is 9:00 a.m., february 26. in theews, developing news a man is found dead by his own brother inside his olney home. cot victim's dog be responsible? >> more than two dozen people are hurt when a driver plows into a crowd during mardi gras in new orleans. hear from those who witnessed the crash. strong storms brought in an abrupt end to our spring-like temperatures. meteorologist chris sowers is here with accuweather. >> reporter: yesterday it was like june, temperature in the 70s, lightning lighting up the sky and you remember february 25th. let's get you outside, as we look live atlantic city shot, a couple of clouds puff up here,
8:52 am
we're expecting a combination ever sun and clouds. temperatures will be colder. yesterday we managed a high of 73. it was the third time in a row that philadelphia hit 70 degrees or higher during the month of february. that had never happened before. now a cold front has come through, all of a sudden it's back to reality. feels like 27 in allentown at
8:53 am
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