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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 1, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EST

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music from hank the knight nutley. "action news" continues at 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers, the entire "action news" team, i'm ji jim gardner. goodnight. ♪ ♪
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it's an all new show with fresh viral videos "right this minu one man's joyride in a pricey super car makes another guy furious. >> he's the owner of that
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beautiful mcclaren. >> the crazy story about this driver at 4:00 a.m. easy, girl. >> outdoorsman find a deer trapped in a tree thanks to -- >> a couple extra pounds. >> see if offering an apple will help get her unstuck. >> actually, an apple is the reason i have survived. a popular youtuber is back. >> with another one of her videos. >> how her man got the short straw on nose waxing. >> it's torture. plus, the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini. and just in time for new ways to watch "moana." ♪ >> see this live-action take that is simply amazing. >> this is the kind of thing that will just blow her mind. that beautiful, white car you see there is a mcclaren
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super car. and the guy you hear yelling, we believe, is kirk kepper, the owner of that beautiful mcclaren. >> park the car now! [ bleep ]. >> oh! >> that's a bit of a confrontation, don't you think? this is in baton rouge at hotel indigo. >> dude, just get out of the car, hand over the keys and let him go. >> first of all, you grabbed a gun -- >> you grabbed a gun? >> don't touch me. >> oh! >> so the guy who gets out has got a piece on him, and he's claiming that he was protecting the car from someone else who was looking at it. so he grabbed his gun and got in
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the car to move it. kurt says, no way. this guy is an employee of the valet service. and was out joyriding at 4:00 a.m. in the morning in his car. that's kirk's claim. >> so the benefit of the doubt situation is that guy saw somebody threatening around the car and decided to move it. and the other guy is that guy was an employee out enjoying a joyride all night. >> those are the two sides. kirk says, #joyridetojail. the hotel posted a comment on kirk's page saying the management team at hotel indigo takes the security of our guests very seriously. we are very distressed this happened. this was an alarming incident. one we have never experienced before at our hotel. we have taken steps with the appropriate authorities since this is an ongoing investigation, we are not at liberty to make any further comments. we called baton rouge police and they told us 22-year-old kenneth
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smith was arrested for unlawful use and aggression with a firearm. >> you park my [ bleep ] car now! it's one thing to be stuck between a rock and a hard place, and this video, this doe is stuck between two trees and needs a lot of help to get out. a group of hunters came across her -- she can't get out because she's got a couple of extra pounds around the hips. >> i've got a hatchet under my seat. i could chop that tree down. >> they get the hatchet out and she's a little scared. >> don't slip, bro. >> she's wiggling around and making noise. then one of them says, do you have an apple? they want to feed her and help calm her down because they know this is disturbing to her. you can see her moving around. >> no, that will make the situation worse! >> well, actually, oli, an apple is the reason i would have survived, okay? finally, once they get enough of
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that tree chopped off, they just start pulling. >> watch your head there. here. >> she's out. >> there we go. >> boom! >> she's gone. >> this video was sent to us by the southwest wildlife foundation. martin tiner and his wife susan, we have seen them do rescues before. this great horned owl was brought to them and look at the big, beautiful eyes on this bird. when he was brought in, they said it was probably hit by a car. they said it had no broken bones, but its beak was tweaked and it had balance problems and broken feathers. so they nursed it for a while. then back in january they finally leased it and just posted this video. that is my favorite shot right there. when he pets it on the head like it's a dog. and the bird doesn't do anything. it looks at him with those big, beautiful eyes. >> tell me when you're ready. >> owls can rotate their heads about 270 degrees. just looking at them like, thank
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you so much, i like staying with you. thank you for nursing me back to health. but you can let me go any time. here you can see them releasing him back into the wild where he belongs. tina young is back with another one of her tina videos. >> it's a nose wahair waxing ki because that is a thing. >> are we going to try it? >> i do my best to maintain. >> i trimmed this morning. >> this is a thing. there are a lot of people that instead of trimming, like you guys do, go in there with wax and -- you're not supposed to do that. >> yeah, your nose is there for a purpose, right? >> i'm going to get alfred to tie. >> is she going to do this to her maen? >> she is. >> she's going to try it. she's still going to try it. she's just going to do it on her man. >> but that's not her trying. that's torture.
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>> you guys are on to something. he forces her to also do it as well. >> okay. >> oh, my god. oh, my god, it's in. oh, my god. >> down in there. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. >> finally, once it is over -- >> no, don't just pull it. you have to be creative with it, like a baby tooth, like attach it to a rocket or an arrow or something. that's a new genre of video coloring. >> while you take out the trash -- >> ow! >> after she shows you her nose hairs -- >> oh, my god. >> oh! >> now it's his turn. >> oh, wow. oh, look at the eyes water. >> yeah, his face is so red instantly.
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that's love. he still loves her after seeing that on a stick. >> well -- christine who watches on 33 yy-tv in youngstown, new york, is the latest winner in the ipad giveaway. >> you can win, too. be 21 years old and be a legal resident of the u.s. or canada. >> the "rtm" buzz word is coming up. >> standby for the "rtm" mini ipad giveaway. tom shepherd is back. he's the guy who basically maguivered this. he was wearing a chute down the road. and most people fired back, hey, bro, build a better one. so he did. >> everybody's got an opinion. >> especially on the internet. >> that was prototype one he had to work with. >> version two of the backpack propeller thing.
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so what e the did was quite incredibly, he signed up at the local community college for a welding course. so he got to work measuring, cutting, bending, mounting, wiring, plugging, welding, oh, yeah, welding. >> that's not easy. >> it's an outdoor frame and a carbon fiber propeller. >> he better get an "a" at the end of the semester. >> aluminum fiber outside with the skrus tightly ll screws ti. if there's a hard break, it will stop the motor. >> a kill switch. >> mash the throttle. let's see if this works. >> we'll see if this works or not. >> mayday! >> roll! roll! it's on fire!
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>> it's on fire! >> i'm so sad that that happened. >> minor setback. a little bit of electrical work and he'll be at it. >> it was working up until that point. so the post analysis? >> i should have done power testing with the watt meter before running it at full power. that was dumb of me. i'll do that next time. >> discovery channel canada has actually noted this project and they want to send out a crew to do a five-minute segment on him. which means, through failure, you will move forward. >> what an interesting thing. annie is turning 1. >> so mom and dad decided a special photo shoot was in order. >> but see her reaction after tasting the . >> why would you do this to me? and it's a wide open parking space. >> how do you think it's going to go, everybody? >> terribly. >> of course. >> watch it go from bad to worse. >> oh! >> we're done. and spoils the experience.
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closed captioning provided by -- nasacort stops more of what makes you miserable. scooters are a very fun and economic way to travel around the world. from dash cammers in australia, you're cruising arnd keep your eyes peeled further down the road. >> oh! >> uh-oh. >> he would have been able to stop but it looks like he grabbed a fist full of front brakes. that just made the whole ju cart wheel on him and over he goes. well. landed flat on him as e thing is, he was far too close to the car in front of him. >> it looks pretty bad, but rert say the rider was okay with scrapes and bruises. no serious injuries thankfully. now over to thailand where scooters are a popular means of transportation. now here's a girl cruising along on her scooter. looks like she notices these two
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guys whipping by on their scooter. oh! >> say that again? >> yeah. >> too much going on. >> she drifted to the left. i think because she saw those guys approaching quickly. but then kind of moved back into the center of her lane when this guy going way too fast drilled right into the back ofher, knocks her down, flying merely gets >> the haircut in the wake of th>> prettymuch. they looked like human pinballs. >> he pops back up, so does she. mom and dad decided a next special photo shoot is in order. annie has an allergy to eggs. so mom found an egg-free cake recipe. mom and dad said, okay, it's a pinterest failure, if you look at it, it doesn't look good but it tastes good. let's see annie's review.
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>> that is not the reaction you want after you just spent hours baking a cake for your child. >> it's the worst cake i've had in my entire life. >> they did this because they wanted to capture a moment and memory. they got what they setut parentf those memories over the years. >> david nixon jr., aim 4, about to make a memory of his dad, david sr. right there. he's doing his whatever he's learning -- karate. >> now put your hands up, let's go. >> fight like a man, not like a lady. >> so he's like, straight punches, okay, dad. >> oh! >> one, two, three! you're out! >> yeah, pretty much. >> man down! >> yeah, man down! more like dad down. that's what you get for telling
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fate meet palm. oh, you'll see what i'm talking about. we head to china for a doozy. here we are trying in a bmw trying to back into a wide open parking how do you think it's going to ,>> of course. >> the 250-point parking job. >> stop, stop, stop! no! no! no! too much the other way. now w going toe along the side no, no, we're not yet. we're going to keep trying to figure this out. move forward, move back, move forward, move back. there's not that much driving talent here, but they try to get involved, almost like an airport, sort of guide them in a little bit. straight, just straight back. you can straighten the wheels. you can see behind them. just go straight. >> exactly. that's what the guy in red is doing as the car finally finishes one the guidance of our good samaritan. >> stop! what are you doing? >> no!
2:34 am
>> to get -- we're done. why didn't he just pull in in the first place? the other man is like, really? okay. >> that guy could have gotten really hurt. he was inches from getting smashed. >> absolutely he was. now, if you watch it again, you can kind of get an understanding about what happened. as the guy finishes up with the parking, the car lurches forward. that person has left it in drive. and you see another car so they panic. however, they don't hit the brake. they floor it. bang, bang, amazing. once again, ladies and gentlemen, we certainly attach our faces to palms. >> this is #worstdriverever. >> #untilnextweek. one of our favorite artists to check out on the show is tika. >> so good. >> she's incredible. the things she paints on her body, she uses her body as a canvas and this time is doing something i totally didn't expect, which i say every time.
2:35 am
so she does the fine detailing on her chest, but then she starts filling in with lots of white and textures. then while she starts painting on her arms, you can see, what are these things supposed to be? she gets closer and closer. swh when she starts filling in the black, it becomes more obvious what she's made. i have to say, i don't know where she got the idea, but yet again, i'm impressed. >> i that's amazing. i love how she rs into the background when she adds the negative space. ll truck in texas -- front of a >> yes, she could. >> that's not a logo. that's her body. you wouldn't know that was a person if that's what you saw first. >> she's so good. she is so good and impressive every single time.
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and dvd on march 7th, each releasing a live action video of some of the songs from the movie. like this one. ♪ long as i can remember >> that's angeline, she's 14, and she's going the vocals herself. ♪ but i come back to the water no matter how hard i try ♪


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