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tv   Action News Weekend 6AM  ABC  March 4, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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you, 6:00 a.m., saturday, march 4, here's some of the stories we're following for you on "action news." a witch hunt president trump responds to the questions that continue to swirl about him and his cabinet and ties to russia. plus, massive pileup leads to a dozen cars smash into one another on a pennsylvania road leaving one person dead. and young hero we have the story how a south jersey boy saved the day when his mom got sick. a pleasant good morning to you, again, meteorologist chris sowers has a look at the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. chris, i'm not happy with you. did you talk to old man winter. >> reporter: i told you i know what it is, i break out all the spring colored ties it turns cold again. if that was the case i would have done this three weeks ago. >> nice tie.
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>> reporter: thank you gray. let's go live on sky6 live hd looking at the philadelphia international airport. it's quiet out there, it's a little windy. we have clear skies, we're not tracking any weather systems out there, just a blustery breeze. cold temperatures. normally in the beginning of march it's not too unusual to talk about highs in the 30s, but the fact that it's been in the 70s 6 times this month, it feels colder than it is. we're down to 9 in the poconos. 5 below in the poconos. 19 in millville. feels like 17 degrees in dover. bundle up this morning, heavy winter coat add layers, gloves, hats, scarves keep yourself warm. satellite and radar not showing much of anything out. there it's going to be a nice looking day, blustery and cold. the normal high 47, 48.
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36 degrees with the wind feels like the low to mid 20s. i'll be back along in just a few minutes, we're tracking rain in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast and milder temperatures. >> thank you for the update. you can stay on top of our colder temperatures by going to throughout the weekend and beyond. there you will find the same storm tracker 6 live scans that we use to track fear weather on "action news." plus our weather team will keep you yp -- updateed on facebook and twitter. schuylkill county snow squalls caused whiteout conditions, 35 vehicles were involved, 35-year-old man from hazleton was killed. 6:02, new information this
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morning, philadelphia police want to talk to a man, they are actually talking to a man who said he was shot, but they don't know where it happened. the man said he was shot in the stomach in the 2100 block of scattergood street in wissinoming this morning. police say they turned up no evidence of a shooting there. the man got to a 7-eleven on harbison avenue. someone took him to the hospital. else in serious condition. this morning democrats are calling for wider investigations into the alleged ties between president trump and the russian government this comes as new indications come to light about moscow's meddling in the election that made trump commander-in-chief. >> reporter: president trump arrived for another florida weekend trailed by more key ques about his -- more questions about his campaign contacts with russian officials.
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trump and this man russian ambassador to the united states who met with trump's top people. attorney general jeff sessions did not disclose two meetings with him during senate testimony. now he says, in retrospect i should have slowed down, but i did meet one russian official a couple of times. >> reporter: likewise campaign foreign policy advisor, carter page. >> did you have any meeting with russian officials inside russia or outside russia. >> reporter: did you meet him in cleveland, did you talk to him? >> i'm not going to deny that i talked to him. >> reporter: jared kushner joined flynn with a meeting with the ambassador in december. the president tweeted out this
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14-year-old photo of democratic minority leader chuck schumer heating donuts with vladimir putin writing we should start an investigation into senator schumer and his ties to russia, a total hypocrite. police confronted protesters gathered near a florida hotel where donald trump addressed the republican national committee. >> you have one minute to move or you will be arrested. >> we know officers arrested one woman, but the demonstration remained pretty much peaceful. 100 demonstrateors expressed discop -- discontent.
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keystone pipeline will not use u.s. steel. there have been 122 bomb threats called into jewish schools and organizations in 36 states since january 9. police arrested juan thomas in st. louis and charged him with making 8 threats. he appeared in federal court. he is a former journalist who was fired for fabricating sources and quote his next hearing is wednesday. new jersey governor chris christie offering a reward to track down those responsible for targeting jewish community centers is in the state. governor christie announced the state is offering ten thousand rewards for any leads related to bias crimes. a jewish community center in cherry hill was the target of
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bomb threats. two furniture delivery men was targeted by a masked men in reading. police say the man who worked for a rent-a-center were bam -- am busheled yesterday afternoon. one man got away, the other was shot twice. neighbors ran outside when they heard the commotion. >> i rushed inside my house with my kids and wife, i heard bullets. >> we heard a whole a bunch of police cars coming in ambulances and fire trucks. >> neighbors say the alley needs more security, the gunman remains on the run this morning. a man child by -- the family of a man child by vineland police filed a 31 million-dollar lawsuit. barred and another man was involved in a pistol whipping
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robbery that led to a shootout. his family claims that was not possible due to injuries he received in a car accident four years earlier. there's a contract on the tainl in -- on the table in a ys long dispute in upland school district. they need working without a contract since 2013. the terms include wage increases and benefits savings and work rules. you do not have to be an adult to be a hero. a kid in south jersey proves he had the bravery to save his mother. jeff chirico met the mother and son. >> i wasn't worrying until she started choking and then i got very worried. >> i was going in and out of a fog. danielle had a severe asthma attack as she got rocco ready
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for school. unable to breathe she handed her cell phone to her son who lived up to her favorite superman hat she said call 911. i called 911 arena explained everything that happened. >> reporter: he gave the address. as they waited for medics he returned to his mother, his brave instinct helped keep him calm. >> you're vomiting and you have an inhaler in your mouth and you can't breathe and you get panic attacks, he was rubbing my back. >> reporter: rocco's mom was preparing him for this incident since he was four. you knew what to do, right, bud? >> reporter: the evesham township police praised the first grader as a hero on his
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facebook page. >> i hug my mommy a lot. >> everyday. >> sometimes i don't want to let go of her when i have to go to school. >> reporter: danielle who is doing better is not surprised by her little hero although rocco is getting used to the title. >> i'm a real hero. >> reporter: how does that make you feel, happy a little nervous. >> reporter: in marlton, new jersey, jeff chirico channel 6 "action news." >> way to go, rocco, brave and smart. students danced the night away in an effort to raise money for the children's hospital. the 6 hour dance marathon wrapped up two hours ago. they are getting down there. 900 students took part in the all night dance event. we learned that they raised are $45,000 for chop, congratulations for all of them that participated. filling that big mac attack got
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easier, we'll explain. you have to stay up to benefit from the big discounts at costco. the sixers notch a w in front of the home crowd. >> reporter: we are cold this morning, down to 24, windchill close to ten. the good news things will warm up, though, next week. i'll let you know when in the seven-day forecast coming up next.
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cameras in the seas off the coast of scotland. the trawler is taking on water. five fishermen were on board, the boat started to sink quickly. they jumped into the water and pulled on board the boat before the trawler went down. thankfully the fishermen were not shutter. 6:14 is the time. so glad you're waking up with us, chris sowers is tracking the cold this morning. >> reporter: old man winter made a comeback, he arrived yesterday in the form. snow showers, the blustery wind, windchills were down into the 20s most of the time yesterday. same deal today. it's going to be blustery and cold and just not feeling like the season, actually. temperatures will be far below the norm. that's a beautiful shot of cape may, a few clouds over the horizon, sun getting ready to rides, is that the sun or reflex
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off a boat. flip it over to the radars we're clear, we have clouds upstairs, that's about it. two weeks ago you remember how warm it was we hit 70 degrees three times consecutively in philadelphia. across the county there were 1400 record highs set. this past week, 118 it turned much, much cooler. the record lows were somewhere in the 50 to 55 area there. it was much, much colder this week as opposed to two weeks ago. next week looks to be a little chilly, as well. we'll warm up, but it will be colder than two weeks ago. 36 degrees is the high temperature we're shooting for today. 24 is the present temperature reading, the low for today, the both numbers below the seasonal averages. it's been sometime since we've seen that around here. 20 in allentown. ten in the poconos. 19 in millville. it feels like 15 degrees in philadelphia. 9 in allentown, five below with the wind in the poconos, feels
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like a blustery 13 degrees in trenton. cold stuff is up here across the great lake states and new england. this looks cold, but it's not all that balanced. it is smierld to the -- there is milder air out to the southwest. it's cold today, and chilly tomorrow, and things start to warm up. with the satellite and the radar nothing is going on. the jet stream has carved itself out across the eastern half of the united states and retreats we is get into next week. warm shot of air punches north and we see milder temperatures in here, monday, tuesday, wednesday, look really, really nice with highs close to 60 degrees, if not warmer. for today, 36 degrees, if we're lucky i see models as cold as 34. it will be blustery out there today. reading, 32.
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trenton, 35. dover, 39. cape may, 38 degrees, but it's a little deceiving when you factor in the winds it never feels better than the mid 20s out there. 2:00 p.m., it feels like 25 that's the peak windchill it starts dropping when the sun sets. look at the temperatures, 10 in reading, 10 in allentown. windchill values 3 to 5 degrees above in lancaster. philadelphia, 17. millville, 10. cape may, 16 degrees overnight tonight. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, again, these cold shots are transient in nature, they get in here quick, but move out quickly, as well. cold today, tomorrow that's blustery, chilly, the normal is 47. that's a cold one. monday, tuesday, wednesday, 52, 62 and 57. increasing clouds monday afternoon starting out with morning sunshine. tuesday, breezy and mild. lots of clouds, showers up to
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62. if you manage to see sunshine it will be a little bit warmer. wednesday, sun, breezy, 57. thursday and friday, it's pretty close to the seasonal averages 48 and 49. it's cold, but it doesn't last long. >> the franklin institute chief astronomer is the subject of a children's book written by children. later afternoon they presented him with the product. the group of young authors are from the young writers workshop near new castle. mayor kenny was on handle for the event and presented him with a city citation. congratulations. out! geico also gives you 24/7 access to licensed agents! booooyah.
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>> time 6:21 so glad you're waking up with us. there's good news if you're preparing to buy a home. ratessen down after holding steady for more than a month. 4.10%. the rate on 15 year morgues stand at 3.32%. get ready to pay more for a could costco membership. they will raise the membership fees by $5 to 60 bucks. executive memberships increase to $120. the fee affects 35 million people. this is the first time costco has raised its membership in 6
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back, everyone, 6:25 saturday morning, where was this stuff in january and february, right? look at the highs, 38 degrees down the shore. windchills in the 20s. if you're heading north, 24 is the high, windchills in the single digits all day long. over the next week to ten days we'll see quick-hitting cold shots. there's a lot of cold air starting to build across canada. the arctic reservoir beginning to fill. the overall weather pattern is still like this, that's mild pacific air racing across the
6:26 am
country. there's enough cold up here, we'll see cold shots move in from two to three days at a time. the pacific jet will hit it and push it back into canada. we'll warm up for two or three days. another cold shot comes in at the end of the next week and the pacific jet will push that into the provinces of canada, as well. we'll call it transient over the next two weeks. >> the flyers play the capitols in washington. the sixers tip off in detroit. a newcomer led to the sixers winning on the home court. here's ducis rogers. >> reporter: good morning, there was a lot of focus on the players the sixers got rid of at the trade line. last night they focused on the players they acquired. okafor suffers a rib contusion, but he returns. sixers go on 16 run.
6:27 am
third quarter, coming out party for justin anderson. he gets under the skin of anthony. sixers up 1. sixers lead by 3. under 30 second to go, dario finds anderson for a floater, 19 points for the newcomer, sixers win 105-102. they said the home crowd helped. >> it was awesome, they had our backs, we just kept fighting hard, everyone from the starters to the bench, you can tell everyone wanted to win this. it felt good, the energy in there, it felt great. >> the nfl season ended a month ago, they had to wait for their draft season, eagles pick 14th as part of the draft.
6:28 am
eagles and saints, birds are the favorites to land him, before the saints are asking for a first round pick in return. 17 touchdowns in the past two seasons. spring training baseball, they have the right idea. phillies taking on the minnesota twins, danny santana tags jeremy hellerson in the second inning. phillies lose 4-3 the final. that's a look at sports, i'm ducis rogers, you have yourself a terrific weekend!
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its side after hitting a parked vehicle, two people are rushed to the hospital. a school bus comes under a hail of gunfire it's a miracle, no one on the bus was hit. the search is on for who opened fire. winter returns, the brisk, cold temperatures, yup, they are back across the region. meteorologist chris sowers is here to help you plan your weekend. chris, winter is back. >> reporter: supposed to be gone, the good news is, we can seep the finish line, spring is right around the corner. the cold that's here it's not going to last very long, maybe another day or so after today.
6:31 am
we warm up in the 50s and 60s. mid to upper 30s is not too bad. the winds will make it blustery, but we have experienced worst before. beautiful shot of old city you can see sunshine shining down on the buildings. sunny skies, it will help out a little bit, temperature will be very, very cold compared to wednesday. temperatures started 60s and 70s. wednesday, 74. thursday, 62 arena free falling down -- and free falling down to 40 degrees yesterday for the high. windchills in the 20s. the high this afternoon is 36 degrees we're starting out in the mid teens when you factor in the winds. feels like 35 below in the poconos, 9 in allentown. 15 in philadelphia. 17 in dover. satellite and radar the angle of the sun this time of the career is quite a bit higher than january or february. again with hardly any cloud cover out there.
6:32 am
should help things out a little bit. 36 degrees is the forecasted high, a ton of sunshine. gray? >> thank you so much for the update. you can stay on top of our colder temperatures by going to throughout the weekend. you'll find the same storm tracker 6 live radar scans that we used to track severe weather right here on "action news." you can follow our team of meteorologists on facebook and twitter for valuable information. >> it is now 6:32 we have an update on breaking news we're following from union city new jersey, we have learned one person has died an another injured in this massive fire. the newest information coming in, one person has died. our sister station wabc reporting that the original fire scene is a three-story dwelling, but embers made its way to saint
6:33 am
joseph and michael parish. the church steeple has collapsed. the fire started at 1:00 a.m. crews on the scene, again, the most updated information coming from union city, new jersey the fire one person has died. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. it was a frightening scene on the streets of philadelphia. someone fired over 40 shots and a school bus was caught in the crossfire. amazingly nobody on the bus was hurt. police are looking for four men who may have been involved in the shooting. dann cuellar has all the details. >> reporter: these are images of the school bus parked in the intersection of 19th and wingahocking. police say the yellow bus was struck 8 times in the shooting that broke out at 4:30 p.m. >> some of the bullets went in the passenger side and through the bus and and and exited the s
6:34 am
side of the bus. >> reporter: a dice game was going on in front of a corner store and things went south when a vehicle arrived four men exited carrying semi automatic weapons. all hell broke loose. >> based on on ballistic evidence, we know that 42 shots were fired from semi automatic weapons. >> reporter: a 45-year-old woman driver and 27-year-old driver and 13-year-old girl was on board the bus as it passed through the intersection. they managed to escape the barrage of gunfire. >> all thee females luckily and miraculously were not injured. they were not struck by gunfire. >> reporter: incredibly despite all the shots that were fired, the man on the street that was the target escaped, instead a 58-year-old man they were talking to was shot. >> he was shot through the ear. he was fortunate. >> reporter: despite the fact nobody was hit, residents were
6:35 am
upset something like this could happen. >> it makes me want to cry. it brings tears to your eyes, they the innocent ones. >> reporter: four men evaded police. they are being sought. the 58-year-old man is in stable condition at einstein medical center. dann cuellar channel 6 "action news." >> new information to tell you about this morning, philadelphia firefighters rescued two people trapped in this overturned nissan you will -- ultima that veered into an empty kia at 2:40 a.m. a man and woman in the nissan were trapped for ten minutes before firefighters eventually got to them. both of them in the hospital in stable condition. this morning fbi investigating a cyber attack that targeted pennsylvania senate democrat also computer
6:36 am
system. the -- dams computer -- did he democrats computer system with ransom ware. the malicious software was discovered yesterday morning. they have not said or if any ransom is as demanded for the return of the data. drexel university cyber crimes expert said thieves go after everyone. >> you'll not get documents or access your e-mails. the only thing you can access is a screen in front of you asking you to pay ransom to unlock, decrypt your computer. >> governor tom wolf's office said the state's network has not been infected because it's separate from the senate democrats computers. president donald trump is at his florida state blasting
6:37 am
democrats who are calling on jeff session to step down. sessions under fire for congressional testimony where he did not reveal two meetings he had with a russian diplomat while working as an advisor to trump's campaign. the justice compartment said sessions will amend that testimony on monday, but not in person, before lawmakers and democrats say it's not enough. >> the administration clearly cannot be trusted to investigate itself. >> i want to know from him why he falsely denied that he had that meeting. >> president donald trump tweeted pictures of democrat nancy pelosi at the stable with the same ambassador in 2010 as well as chuck schumer with vladimir putin in 2003. they say their meetings happened in front of the press. on january 11 president trump told abc news that neither him or anyone had contact with
6:38 am
russia leading up to or during the campaign. sessions and another form trump advisor admitted they did. vice president mike pence is on the defense for his use of a private e-mail account to conduct state business while he was the governor of indiana. the indianapolis star reported that he use his private aol account and it was hacked on the campaign trail. he insisted that he complied with allstate public records laws, he said there's no comparison between his use of a personal personal account and hillary clinton's practice for using a private server while secretary of state. there's an update for all drivers who cruise the 276 bridge to cross the delaware river -- who use the i276 bridge to cross the delaware ridge. the bridge is on track to reopen in april. good weather has helped speed up the progress of the repair work.
6:39 am
it has been closed since january 20th when crews found a fractured beam. philadelphia emergency director is resigning she has been with the city since 2007 and director for the past 6 years. she is taking a job as director for national center for security and preparedness associated with the university of albany. the city will look for 'replacement. camden county hero scholarship fund handed out awards including the purple heart between police and firefighters and civilians. karen rogers oversaw the event in berlin. trooper sean cullen died after being hit by a car helping victims of a vehicle fire. his family was given the public safety purple heart award in his
6:40 am
honor. from books to the big screen we'll have a review of a film of faith. cows on the move. police turn into cowboys while they round up cows. >> look at the image also of the sun. detailsen 0 what the pictures tell us about the center of the universe. this is a live like over wilmington, delaware. meteorologist chris sowers has on a spring tie, but guess what, old man winter says not so fast. we have the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" continues. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums
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is making waves. kalahari resorts & conventions in the poconos. book your african adventure now! is, this is security video inside a wisconsin bomb i meant depicts a 5 -- it depicts a man drunk. he asked and wanted to check on his 2 1/2 month old baby that he left in a car during a snowstorm. moments later, he can be seen walking in with the infant car seat. the infant was in the car for three hours. officers say the baby was hungry, but otherwise okay. >> mom was putting in 14 hour days, when mom found out about it she was crushed, upset angry and horrified. >> he has been charged with
6:44 am
neglecting a child. he was out on bond from a previous incident. a las vegas family has learned to leave the bee extermination to the experts. they try to get rid of the flying insects with a fire. this is what's left of their home. they tried the home fire remedy to remove the bees living in the kitchen exhaust pipe that led to the roof. breaches in the pipe set the roof on fire. it caused $120,000 in damages. fire department suggests they higher professionals to remove bee infestations. police spent their afternoon chasing runaway cows that escaped from an overturned truck. police shut down several roads as they spent hours trying to wrangle in cows. that's not texas?
6:45 am
>> reporter: how is the forecast? >> cold. mother nature reminding us it's winter we get you outside, temperature are blustery. there's a beautiful shot. temperatures down into the teens and 20s this morning, air temperatures and then of course you factor in the wind and all of a sudden it feels like the single digits and teens. it's a colder morning we've seen in quite sometime. the radars clear. we'll keep it that way over the next few days. the next chance is tuesday, that's in the form of showers only. the good news it's cold, but we don't have to worry about dodging any rain drops later on. one of the warmest winters we've seen in quite sometime. if you take december 1 to february, it ranks 6th. we have 130 years of records and it is the 6th warmest. atlantic city tied for third. we have a couple of cold shots
6:46 am
here and there, that's about it. the warmer days outnumber the colder ones. 23 degrees in philadelphia. dewpoint, 6. the pressure is rising. wind out of the west at 8 miles per hour. that gives us a feels like temperature of 17 right now in philadelphia. 19 in fleetwood. 18 in pottstown, 18 in quakertown. look at martins creek, are -- 15. glassboro, 22. vineland, 19. cinnaminson, 22. browns mills 20. you factor in the winds it feels colder. for as cold as it's been, it could be worse. there's philadelphia, the cold stuff is up here to the north across the u.s./canadian border across the southern provinces of canada. 30 in cincinnati that's cold. we're in the 20s. get a load of these numbers to the north. we missed this by maybe 5,
6:47 am
600 miles. the low pressure went like this instead of diving to the south. i know some of you out there are probably not too happy with this, it could be worse, we are catching a break, later this afternoon we'll stop the clock at 1:00, 22 degrees with the wind we'll see sunshine, but it will be blustery and cold. 18 in allentown. 3 in the poconos. that continues to be the trend in the afternoon and early evening hours. around zero at 5:00 p.m. that's the windchill. allentown, 15. philadelphia, shoulding -- holding strong at 22. everybody drops down into the single digit windchills overnight. the numbers relax in the afternoon as we start to see improvement. it will be chilly tomorrow, as well. 36 degrees, windy and cold, windchills in the teens and 20s all day. look at the gusts out of the of the north, 25 to 35 miles per hour.
6:48 am
a lot of sunshine from start to finish. 36 degrees is the forecasted high. we hit that around 1:00 p.m., 2:00 p.m. with the winds it feels like the 20s. speaking of cold look at these numbers, ten across places like vineland, millville, allentown, reading, 17 for center city. wind diminish a little bit, windy out there, gusts ranging from ten to 20 miles per hour. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, cold out there today, still swat chilly tomorrow, 36 this afternoon, 39 for tomorrow. 52 increasing clouds for monday. we start warming up again. tuesday very warm. 62 degrees, breezy and mild, a few showers, wednesday warm, 57. thursday and friday, we'll call it seasonable, the numbers are pretty much where they should be for this time of the career, 48 48 -- this time of year. 48 and 49. it's cold for couple of days, but it moves on. >> we got snow yesterday. >> reporter: we had a flurry.
6:49 am
i called it a blizzard. i said there's my blizzard. >> thank you. take a look at this right here, these are images of sun. it gave detailed glimpses on the sun surface it's known as corn ual hole in the sun's southern hemisphere. there will be pictures taken around the clock to monitor its actions.
6:50 am
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at theaters weekend, the wolverene is back and this time he is task washington, d.c. caring for the mutants of the future. a teenager who seems to have it all lives the day of her death over and over. here's david daniel with what's new at the box office.
6:52 am
>> plenty of x men fans are expected to turn out for logan the final wolverene movie. he finds himself caring for an aged professor x and a girl with powerses like his on. 65 million to 70-month-old for the domestic debut. >> i'm looking forward to this. >> i know you. >> reporter: two other films open wide the shack is based on on a best selling novel about a man who meets god after losing a child. they expect ten to 12 million-dollar opening. the teen drama before i fall about the girl who keeps repeating her last day alive could bring in $5 million. >> i want to make a difference. >> reporter: in hollywood, i'm
6:53 am
david daniel.
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when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums smoothies. it starts dissolving the instant it touches your tongue. and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. ♪ tum -tum -tum -tum smoothies! only from tums saturday morning, if you're not a big fan of the cold that has suddenly hit us over the past couple of days. the good news, this is your saving grace. you see all this cloud cover, everything is moving west to east across the lower 48. here's philadelphia right here. currently we're seeing the jet stream looking like this, this is icy cold across the mid atlantic and the northeast. with that pattern beginning to level out, the jet stream will shape out like this next week. this is all mild air knocking the cold back into canada and things will feel better as we
6:56 am
start the workweek. the jet stream cold across the mid atlantic and the northeast and it lifts to the north, we'll see a warm shot of warmer air, we'll be back in the 60s, not the 70s, but one or two days in the low to mid 60s. not too bad. >> if you want to freshen up your kitchen but you don't have a budget for full scale makeover here's a project to give your countertops an update. >> reporter: maribel countertops are gorgeous, but they are a budget buster. if your old countertops are looking lifeless, try this dyi trick that will give it a look of marble for less. we're going to use this special primer that will adhere to plastic. once it dries we'll give it a
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sanding and roll on the white base color. for the best results we sanded in between. using a sponge we're dabbing the surface and using water down paint and variance in color. >> this will do it own thing. wherewhereas a paint brush willk contrived. i'm going to drag my leaf and then comes the liquid magic, water, spray it on, it releases the paint to do its own thing. it cracks and runs it takes it from craft paint into marble veins. we knocked off the look of authentic marble for only 70 bucks. that's a dyi win. go to live well
6:58 am it off. tune in to new york it -- knock it off sunday night at 7:00 p.m. on the live well network. one kid has his dad for creating this super cool dream come true. we'll introduce you to a pair of new jersey brothers whose skills have made their internet sensations, those stories and more when "action news" continues. in just a moment.
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you, 7:00 a.m., saturday, march 4. here's some of the stories we're following for you right now on "action news." a witch hunt, president donald trump responds to the questions that continue to swirl about him and his cabinet and ties to russia. massive pileup on a pennsylvania road that leaves a person dead. a young hero we have the story of a south jersey boy who saved the day when his mom got sick. old manner winter is sticking around. let's take you outside live, sky6 live hd, it is cape may, sunny and beautiful. don't let that picture


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