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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 4, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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y1we5y yi0y "action news", delaware valley's lead willing news program, with meteorology goodies melissa magee, jeff saturday night i'm walter perez. cold weather is making a come back. latest coming up in a second. philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson the third is remembered, nearly two years after his murder. but the big story on "action news" is unprecedented
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claim by a sitting president. president trump fired off a series of tweet is accusing former president obama of wiretapping. mr. trump has offered no his claim which isime to being roundly denied. we will get latest from abc's gloria riveria. >> reporter: explosive tweet from donald trump, president offering no proof but accusing his predecessor barack obama of spying on his campaign. quote terrible, just found out other bam a had my wires tapped in trump tower just before the victory. trump cited no evidence to backup the claim, just more tweets. this is nixon/watergate. bad or sick guy. white house aids cannot complain the basis of trump's allegations whether intelligence briefings or news report. story posted friday to conservative news site breitbart alleged eavesdropping on trump's campaign. >> well, it is clearly all about deflection. now president is throwing this out here to get to us start talking about this instead of, paying attention to what is really going on with their
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contact with russia. >> reporter: president obama's spokesperson firing back saying neither president obama nor any white house official ordered surveillance on any u.s. citizen. any suggestion otherwise is simply false. the statement does not address whether any independent justice department investigations have authorized surveillance. republican senator lindsey graham addressing the tweets during a town hall. >> unaudible. >> reporter: president has been trying to change the subject but russia continues to dominate headlines. most recently with the attorney general jeff sessions , who during confirmation testimonyied that he met with rus campaig admits that wasn't the whole truth. >> retrospect i should have slowed down and said but i did meet one russian official a couple of times. that would be ambassador. >> this is now fourth person with the trump had these questiy
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forthright bit. >> reporter: sessions will russia this monday. calling for new hearings. gloria riveria abc news, meanwhile across the country and right here in our area ralliesn support of the presifo examp hue came out tominy statek in bucks. "action news" reporter bob brooks has more. democrat all my life, i changed. >> he needs to know that we are all still behind him, no matter what they try to do to him. >> you can hear they were fired up in neshaminy state park in bensalem, it is no secret pre president trump rally. despite cold, windyared people a penatessors and they showed up in support of the president and job he has don far. >> ever since he has won, the election, things have gotten better. just the heart, people feel optimism. yes, optimism for sure. >> reporter: rally was hosted
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by people for trump and founder local businessman jim worthington, on rallying for worthington said it is time for a divided country to come together. >> well americans. this isn't about being againstyt he move forward if everybody is not trying to work together. >> reporter: we have asked trump supporters about his arack owebam on of wiretapping p tower during the campaign season. >> we don't know. investigate it. they want everything elsenn vet gated. >> reporter: my los snthem says not jumping to conclusions on that or any other accusations just yet. >> just keep an open mind, on these things. >> reporter: one thing they could not stress was hopes that both sides of the aisle can come together and start to work together, in moving forward. reporting from bensalem bob brooks, channel six "action news". well, world news saturday
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will have much more on the rallies across the country and latest on the wiretapping allegations coming up at 6:30 right here after "action news" pennsylvania state democrats are still dealing with a sign's tack, that shut down the computer system yesterday morning. statetablish a software is to lawmakers were taken over by hackers who were holding data hostage and in many cases they demand a ransom of digital currency like bit coin but democratic caucus officials are not saying what, if anything, is being demanded in this case. the fbi and state attorney general are investigating. okay. moving to the accu weather forecast. it was a pretty sunny day but cold, nonetheless. thinks developing into the coldest week we have seen in a while. meteorologist melissa magee has our first check of the accu weather forecast. >> just when you thought winter was over, mother nature said, not just yet, it is still winter, outside, certainly felt like that today we only had a high in philadelphia, of 36 degrees,
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12 degrees below the average, making today, the coldest day since february 10th. as we look at the temperatures outside across the region right now philadelphia is coming in at 32. twenty-eight in reading. thirty-one in lancaster. just 13 in the poconos. thirty-five up the coast in cape may. here's the problem today. the winds are quite blustery out of the northwest. current wind chill in the poconos 4 degrees below zero. teens for allentown and reading. twenty-one out in lancaster. same thing on the 95 corridor in philadelphia we are coming in at 22 in beach haven. as we go throughout our saturday evening we have you covered. extra layers, certainly needed 7:00 p.m. that temperature is 29. clear tonight at 8:00 a temperature of 26. at 9:00 p.m., 27. 10:00 p.m. 26. twenty-five at 11:00 p.m. under mostly clear sky. it is even colder tonight sun drops, some spots dropping into the single digits. less wind on the way as we get in the second half of our weekend but quick rebound in temperatures for monday, we
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will take a closer look coming up with the full and exclusive accu weather forecast. >> roller coaster ride, continues, thanks, melissa. stay with six weather throughout the weekend. find same storm tracker six live radar scans we use to track severe weather here on "action news", facebook, twit ter, they are valuable weather resources as well thanks too our team of meteorologists. follow each of them for regular updates. tomorrow marks two years to the day, since philadelphiapd , during an aempted robbery at a game store in north philadelphia today dozens cam out to honor his memory and his sacrifice. "action news" reporter janet r eyes is live at 22nd district headquarters with the details, jeanette. >> reporter: well, walter it was a somber afternoon as dozens of people honored life of sergeant robert wilson. they described him as a man, who is selfless protective of others and he spent the last moments of his life, doing just that.
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>> he laid down his life, protecting the citizens of this great city. >> reporter: it has been two years since 30 year-old sergeant robert wilson the third was killed in an attempt ed robbery inside of a game stop while getting a gift for his son. >> bravery, current, and valor , they are some of the words that described sergeant wilson. but to those that knew him best, caring, charming, fun loving, was sergeant wilson. >> reporter: dozens of officers including wilson's partner and police commissioner richard ross lined up outside 22nd district station where the eight year veteran worked. bright colored balloons were inr his grandmother constance wilson said a prayer. >> it just happened today i all over the house. daybecause f the house is like a museum. >> reporter: wilson's partner said time does not make pain go a waste but memories,
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painful as they may be, gave him new perspective on life. >> rob's last conversation was about life, and what we were have a chance tohe future. fulfill that. i had that chance. i will take everything more seriously and more personally. >> reporter: and the the two brothers accused of shooting sergeant wilson to death, they are set for pretrial hearing next month. their trial has not yet been scheduled or set. reporting live from north philadelphia jeanette reyes for channel six "action news". >> sergeant wilson a true local hero, thank you. new jersey state police are investigating a stabbing inside harrah's casino inside atlantic city think morning. officers were called to the casino at 33:30 on reports of the fight. investigated say it started as a scuffle inside a bar area. one person was stabbed in the arm, and security guard who tried to break things up was stabbed in the back. so far no arrests have been made. the action cam on the scene here in new castle delaware, as a woman was arrested after a high speed
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chase, that started, at bwi airport in maryland. investigators say that the woman stole a transport van, at the airport this morning, and then led police on a two state chase. the chase ended when the woman turned on to a deadened road just off of route 202 in new castle. the suspect wasted. in word the much more to com search is on for this driver who struck and killed a pedestrian in pottstown. the latest on the manhunt. also, blue rocks fans, flocked to fraud liz stadium to buy a ticket at the same price as this morning's low temperatures. we will explain and why this did it. sixers are dealing with another injury. jeff skversky has sports when "action news" comes right back fraudly
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police in pottstown are hoping someone has information , about a hit and run that ended with a death of the pedestrian. chopper 6hd over the scene here last night at 8:00
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o'clock where the victim was hit in the southbound lanes of route 100 near shoemaker road. police identified victim as 24 year-old donald pardon he will of pottstown. he said he was walking to his job at a nearby wendy's when he was hit. witnesses told police they s a pickup truck anyone with any information is asked to contact the pottstown police department. >> the nissan crashed into a parked overnight in north philadelphia. the vehicle then on its side just before 3:00a on north fifth near york. man and woman inside were trapped, and had to be freed by fire fighters. they remained hospitalized inst. no word why the driver loss control in the first place. these folks bundled up and braved cold for the love of beer. annual philly craft beer festival, was held at navy yard today. forbes traveler magazine calls it one of the top 10 festival of the kind in the u.s. along with lots of beer to drink there were food trucks there as well for everyone to
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enjoy. and here's local cub scouts enjoyed friendly competition today during a pinewood dish i in doylestown. boys from cub scout club 71 with a few people from the living center have been working on these cars fors. today the rubber met the road. several senior citizen who put parts together said they were cub scouts as when they were younger and being part of this project was a whole lot of fun
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well, these baseball fans may be bundled up but thinks our first sign to show is that spring is around the corner this long line is for tickets to the blue rocks season open inner april. fans were given the chance to
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buy tickets today, with the price, linked to the morning's temperature. so it was 25 degrees at 9:00 a.m. when tickets went on sale so as part of the promotion fans bought their tickets not for $25 but 25 cents each. they got an even better deal three years ago when tickets first went on sale outdoor temperature was 4 degrees. those fans paid four cents for their tickets. my question is, fit is below zero do they owe them money. that is what i want to know. >> negative nine do they owe them $9.09. >> here's a ticket, nine bucks >> time for a check of sports. jeff skversky is here. what is with the injury bug and sixers. incredible. >> they have been unlucky and hopefully jahlil okafor's knee the one he had surgery on is not a big iss yet another sixers big man is hurt, jahlil okafor woke up with pain in his right knee. okafor is not playing tonight, against the detroit pistons. with the exception of the dario saric every single one of their stars has missed time with an injury.
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early on tonight, right out of the gate, saric to rashaad holmes early first. right now sixers are up nine- two. before their game today sixers unveiling a statue of hall of famer billy cunningham at their practice facility in camden. cunningham latest sixers coach , last sixers coach to lead them to an nba title in 1983. what does cunningham think of the sixers rebuilding process? he is a fan of okafor and joel embiid but the injuries, leave lots of question marks. >> those are two keys, we just don't know, is embiid hard to put your hand around, what your nucleus is and how you will build out. you need that core, once you have that core, then you candy side what kind of team, and how you want to play. the flyers are in washington tonight against the best team in hockey alexander ovechkin and washington capitals. they won a team record 14
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straight at home. flyers enter played four points out of the final playoff spot. college hoops second ranked villanova at georgetown, super man, and borat had a baby, would it look like. that miguel bridges able to leap tall buildings and, the d in the single bound. gist jenkins, 19. second half they are lights out, josh hart, drops 21. georgetown in 67 years. they finished they open up the big east tournament thursday at noon time. st. joes trying to win their finally at duquesne. final minutes, down by one, charlie brown, nails it. and, give him a hug. st. joes nine game streak. hawks 63-60. it is senior day at lasalle, jordan price among three seniors, saying good bye plores era begins bye to the the game losing streak.
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bj johnson with the three. lasalle 56-54. they go on to the a-10 tournament as the seventh seed now. delaware looking to march on in their conference tournament facing number one seed unc wilmington. blue hens, well, they marched no where. delaware goes down 91-82. ending the season just 13 and 20. last year, would not have been too kind mt. airy native and former phillies first round pick jesse biddle. he had tommy john surgery. phillies traded him away. then he was cut. today he is back on the mound for first time in a year and a half against, who else, but the phillies. pitching for braves he strikes out two. does not allow a run in one inning. now back to baseball, top prospect coming up big in the seventh. phillies bk around in the inning.nn with the rbi double. phillies win, seven-four. eagles, lock up back you safety jaylen watkins to a one year contract. he played in all 16 games for
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the eagles last year, free agency starts, on thursday. eagles coach doug pederson checking out nfl combine. doug, you better look up or you will miss this university of washington receiver john ross the third runs the fastest 40-yard dash in combine history. a whooping 4.22. ross has had major needs for a eagles, catch him if you can. what an unbelievable time. >> that is flying. >> fastest ever atfl combineeag. we will see if he is on the board at 14. >> i they he is 5-foot 10 or 11 that might be a distraction but ju m >> thanks, jeff. much more to come tonight, meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast when "action news" comes right back myore
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time for a check of the accu weather forecast with meteorologist mel melissa the theme is if you do not like cold weather wait a few days and it goes away. >> things will turnaround. it is cold today but it will not last very long as we go through the next several days, walter. mother nature is something this time of the year. here's storm tracker six live double scan radar. it is dry right now. no issues with precipitation but it is cold outside. we will show you the picture. action cam outside earlier today in university city, close to drexel drexel university. you can see we have clear skies, folks are out and about but they are bundled up, as temperatures are well below where they normally should be for this time of the year. we will recap the month of
6:25 pm
february, and it was a pretty warm one. in fact warmest on record here in the city, average temperature here in philadelphia for the month of february, 44.2 degrees. normally we are close to about 35.7 degrees. we were a good 8.5 degrees above average for the month of february. today, it is colder, then normal, 32 degrees in philadelphia our high was 36. well below normal. thirteen in the poconos. thirty-one in lancaster. at the coast in cape may 25. twenty-seven up i-95 corridor in trenton. winds sustained there 10 to 20 e picking up higher gusts from the northwest. 30 miles an hour gusts in philadelphia. poconos. an hour in the 28 miles an hour in atlantic city. the current feels like number, wind chill number in philadelphia is coming in at 21. teens or less below zero up in the poconos right now. here's satellite six with action radar. we have clear skies. core of the cold air out across canada spilling into portions of new england and
6:26 pm
mid-atlantic region as well and that colder air is reaching our area, tonight. so over next 12 hours, clear, winds will slowly start to slack up but it is a much colder night, dropping down to just single digits, north and west, 9 degrees for overnight low, 17 degrees in philadelphia with that northwesterly wind at eight to 16 miles an hour. here's the setup on our sunday we have a barrel high pressure situate add cross the region, so the good news with this ridge of high pressure right on top of us, winds will relax sunshine and a few clouds. high temperature tomorrow coming in at 39 degrees. but still below average. we should be closer to about 48 this time of the year but without winds and won't feel so bad outside. up in the poconos tomorrow, we sunshine, less wind, it is still a cold day, high temperature coming in at 30 degrees. the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast showing you by sunday, not as harsh tomorrow, still cold, and plenty of sunshine, high temperature coming in at 39
6:27 pm
degrees. then mother nature does this flip again because we have a quick rebound by monday, up to 52 for a high but overnight monday into tuesday we're tracking a couple of showers. so by tuesday, a warm front lifts through and it is milder day up to 55 for a high but it will be wet with that precipitation overhead. wednesday on some sunshine turning windy throughout the day. high of 57. colder by thursday. breezy as well. high up to 48 degrees. and then on friday, clouds, some sun, and afternoon shower , it is possible and in at 52. as we get into next saturday mostly cloud which rain or snow shower possible, in at 48 . so we're cold today but we're backup above average as we start next week, walter. >> sixty-five next week. how about that. thanks, melissa. world news saturday is next here on channel six. don't miss "action news" at 10 on phl17 tonight. then we're back here again on six abc at 11:00. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you right back
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here at 11:00 o'clock.
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weom tonight." breaking news. president trump maki aouacf, a the bombshell accusations unleashed in a blizzard of tweets. esident obama's aides firing ck brian ross standing by. west wing chaos. the heated exchange inside the oval office. why the president went "ballistic" and why top aides didn't get on air force e. winter whiplash. the blast of bitter cold for millions from the northeast. plus, the new developments in that multicar pileup tt turned deadly. > the shocking twist in a old col. the former students accused in
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connection with the death of this high school teacher and beauty queen. how a podcast may have helped detectives.


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