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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 6, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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darby police. dann you've got the full story. >> reporter: that's right, jim. police say that if not for newly installed surveillance cameras, a day care worker may have gotten away with shoving that child down that set of stairs. she has been identified by police as 52-year-old sara gable of folcroft. she is in serious trouble police say. she's been arrested following the horrific act and faces a slew of charges tonight. police say the incident happened here at the childcare of the future day-care center in the 700 block of secane. police say the owners had just installed a new camera surveillance system and turned it on and watched in horror. it was friday afternoon around 5:15 that the camera in the stairwell captured a day care worker throwing a four-year-old little girl down a set of steps like a rag doll. >> apparently for no known reason, she takes this child and just throws her down a set of steps. >> reporter: she then picks her up and realizes she's on
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camera and very gently then walks the child down the steps of the day-care center. the owners immediately called police who after seeing the video took her into custody. the day care worker is identified as 52-year-old sara gable of folcroft, pennsylvania. she has been fired from her job. >> common sense would dictate you don't throw a child down a set of steps. i mean, that's the bottom line. >> reporter: now, fortunately the little four-year-old girl suffered only minor injuries to her knee and was back at the day care today. the suspect meanwhile has been charged with simple assault harassment and endangering the welfare of a child. bail has been set at $25,000. live here at upper darby police headquarters, i'm dann cuellar channel6 "action news." >> thank you dann. if you want to see evidence how quickly a fire can ignite and spread to literally consume a big structure then take note. it happened in the 3600 block
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out of grant avenue. "action news" reporter bob brooks is live at the fire scene. bob, what's the situation there now? >> reporter: jim, not much left of this place and i can tell you there was a lot of people inside when this fire broke out. some senior citizens were in a pool doing physical therapy. luckily they all somehow made it out alive. behind me here you can see that's what's left of the building, not much at this point just a shell and crews are keeping an eye on it spraying it down right now to make sure no hot spots spark back up. witnesses say within minutes the aquatic and fitness center at 3600 grant was fully engulfed. and there was a lot of people inside. >> 75 to a hundred people. >> reporter: many were doing physical therapy work in the pool. they had to move quick leave their stuff before it was too late. >> i was walking in the water when the bell rain. vic de la cruz was one of those people rehabbing after a knee replacement. he figures he's luckily to escape the flames.
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>> i left my car keys, my wallet inside the locker. >> reporter: all in there probably burned. >> yeah, probably. now i got no way of getting home and getting my truck out of there. >> reporter: when crews got to the scene flames torched most of the building. that's when we met with kevin curb beach he says it started while he and others were doing work on the roof. >> i'm lost for words at this point. >> reporter: you guys were welding. >> yeah, torching, heat welding. >> reporter: heat welding. >> yeah. >> reporter: and popped some insulation. >> it just went up. >> reporter: how did you get through so fast. >> we had all kinds of ladders access points. >> reporter: in fact there's a pool inside meant there's chemicals used for it. fire officials say they sent a hazmat crew in and they've been removed. embers from the fire fell onto nearby lungs. yolawns. fire commissioner adam thiel says for those who live around here it is safe but asked to stay inside. >> if you're here you're fine. just stay in the house, close the windows and eventually this will all go away. >> reporter: another live look here at the fitness center.
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sad for so many people up here that use this place. the management has sent out a letter. they say they're going to accommodate displaced members as best as they can. they are also saying from the owner that they're going to rebuild the fitness center. they want to remain here in the northeast philadelphia community. reporting live in northeast philadelphia, bob brooks channel6 "action news." jim. >> bob, thank you. has ongoing coverage of the fire at the aquatic fitness center and the order to shelter-in-place. you can also find the latest information, photographs and video from the scene. >> ♪ travel ban 2.0. president donald trump signed reworked version of the travel ban that was struck down by the courts and there are some significant differences this time, even including the signing of the order. just a still picture of trump with nobody else in the photograph. quite a contrast to video of the oval office crowd scene the first time around. "action news" reporter john rawlins has more on the newly
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proposed travel ban. >> to your allies and partners around the world, please understand this order is part of our ongoing efforts to eliminate vulnerabilities that radical islamist terrorists can and will exploit for destructive ends. >> reporter: travel ban version two. it wasn't the president but cabinet members who rolled it out o the goal they say to impede the spread of the kind of terror strikes that have hit europe in the last several years. by subjecting those coming from six countries iraq is no longer on the list to tougher vetting. what is it about the six? >> three of these nations are state sponsors of terrorism. the other three have served as safe havens for terrorist countries, countries where governments have lost control of their territory. >> reporter: this new order goes into effect on the 16th. anyone with an existing visa or green card can come to the u.s. until then. it was the cancellation of existing visas and green cards that in part triggered airport
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protests with the original ban. critics who helped organize those protests not impressed by today's reboot. while more carefully worded version two still discriminates they say based on national origin and at its heart its intent is based on trump's campaign rhetoric about muslims. >> no, it's not different. this is exactly what president trump has been promising for months to do, which is to bar muslims from entering the united states and suspend and greatly decrease our refugee program. >> the new ban will effect less people but it still is discriminatory. >> reporter: john rawlins channel6 "action news." >> and just to be clear, holders of visas and green cards will be exempt from the travel ban. abc news coverage of the revised travel ban continues on world news tonight with david muir. that's coming up at 6:30 directly after "action news." 16-year-old sibrii davis
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remains in critical condition and his 19-year-old brother zibrii has died after a shooting in southwest philadelphia. police are still searching for the person who fired into their car yesterday afternoon. it happened on the 8100 block of lyons avenue. their white hyundai crashed into a pole as they fled the gunfire. investigators have not identified the gunmen. nurses and technical employees had a second day on the picket line at the dell county memorial hospital in drexel hill today. they are striking to protest alleged staffing shortages. the hospital says the staffing level is at or above the national average. all employees plan to return to their jobs tomorrow but they were told they cannot come back until friday morning the hospital management says it must give at least five days of work to the temporary workers who were brought in. new jersey senator cory booker and congressman donald norcross were at the katz jcc in cherry hill this afternoon. the center is one of three in
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the tri-state area that received a threat last week. senator booker says he is concerned because federal security funding for new jersey's religious centers is nonexistent. >> in our time of need, we're writing letters to homeland security secretary kelly and saying this makes no sense whatsoever. help our communities in our time of need. >> senator booker says we have the power to shape our communities and our nation. he says that in addition to reacting to these threats, that we also have to be proactive. federal investigators are still trying to figure out who hacked pennsylvania senate democrats. a forensic audit was performed and could help authorities determine where and how the breach occurred. friday's cyberattack left the party's computer network and e-mail system inaccessible. the system is still down. the hacker used ransom wear which requires the victim to pay before regaining access.
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so far democratic officials say no ransom has been paid. coming up on "action news" tonight, we will that find out how you can win tickets to seat nfl draft in person in philadelphia. and we'll meet the three newest residents at great adventure in new jersey. cecily. >> after our coldest weekend since early january temperatures climbed out of the freezer today. the next two days will feel like spring but then winter returns even with a couple opportunities for snow. i'll explain in the accuweather 7-day forecast. >> the flyers look to build some momentum as they move on to buffalo. ducis rodgers with that story when "action news" continues tonight. >> ♪ worl
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>> convicted child molester jerry sandusky has been moved out of a maximum security prison. the former penn state assistant football coach was transferred to a medium security facility about 70's miles southeast of pittsburgh. the 73-year-old sandusky is serving a 30 to 60 year sentence for molesting boys. the department of corrections has not given a reason for the transfer. five homes in wilmington, delaware, will be torn down after a fire this past weekend. fire crews returned to the scene on east 22nd street trying to determine the cause of the blaze. they brought in a k-9 crew to search the buildings before those structures were demolished. the fire broke out sunday afternoon. it started in one row home, then quickly spread to the others. fortunately nobody was injured. 12 people are now displaced. a 27-year-old man is facing traffic and drug
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violations after he drove a car into an upper darby yard and hit the side of a house. the driver ditched the vehicle and ran from the crash on the 1200 block of old lane street. a police officer captured him and found marijuana in the car. if you hoping to witness the nfl draft in philadelphia next month, now is the time to sign up. fans must register for the fan mobile pass for a chance to win tickets. the draft will be held inside a temporary theater they'll build on the art museum steps. the draft takes place april 27th to the 29th. the nfl is also hosting a festival where fans can meet players and play a lot of games. you can find links to the registration web sites at if you are on social media you may know that facebook has been focused for weeks on the expected birth of a giraffe at the bronx zoo in new york. closer to home, great adventure in jackson township, new jersey, is celebrating the recent births of three baby
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giraffes and today new jersey correspondent nora muchanic had a chance to meet them. >> reporter: say left lane hello to two mold own xena. >> we have three right here at six flags great adventure in new jersey. >> reporter: these graceful long legged long necked sad eyed giraffes entered the world with a plop. their moms remain standing while giving birth. >> 6-foot drop and as they fall that's how the umbilicus snaps and mom will immediately clean her up. >> reporter: giraffes stretch the usual concept we have he have basement when they're born they already weigh 150 to 200 pounds and can be 6 feet tall and no one's getting much rest. >> the babies may sleep three to four hours but moms are an hour. >> reporter: that's in an entire day. i guess there's no time to rest because at least in the wild giraffes spend 18 hours a day eating. the mom giraffes put away about 75 pounds of grain and
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hay a day here and they are champion chewers. chomp, chomp, chomp. >> the tongue is 18-inches long and they use the tong to get through briers, sticky things to get the levers they like. >> reporter: babies are too shy to come close but george xna's mom is all about the treats. she couldn't stay away when we had carrots to share. >> georgia loves food. >> reporter: she'll talk to anybody. >> to anybody. >> reporter: the three calves will go to any of the moms to nurse sometimes all at once and they follow their mothers around. these gals will grow up to be about 16 feet tall an and weigh 1500 pounds. in jackson, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news." pennsylvania means business when it comes
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chevy ireally...t awarded car company three years in a row. let's see how quickly you can read through all their awards. 2017 motor trend car of the year. kelly blue book 2016 best resale value... 2016 j.d. power highest quality breaking... ack. 10 best blah blah blah 2015... only about 90 more to go! that's a lot of awards! now through march 13, get 20% below msrp on all 2017 spark, impala and sonic models. that's over $8,000 on this chevy impala. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. >> flyers gain road trip noun it's time to step up. >> yeah, they've got an important stretch, a lot of tough teams on the schedule the next few days. the flyers four game road trip continues tomorrow night in buffalo. make no mistake this is a big
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week for the orange and black. the fires in a good mood. back home this morning for practice. they ship off to western new york this afternoon. next three games against teams that are either playoff bound or fighting with the flyers for that wild card spot. the flyers are currently three points back. >> yeah, every game on this road trip is a critical game. so, we got to make sure that we take care of our business starting tomorrow night we're playing a team that's two points behind us in the standings. >> playing buffalo, and boston, they're all teams in the race, they're all big games for us and it's good for the team, you know, we go on the road trip here and in this situation that we are right now, we need to find a way to play our best hockey. >> the sixers will soon head out on a four game west coast road trip of their own but not before they host milwaukee buxton night. jahlil okafor will not play
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due a knee injury. ben simmons continues to work out even though he's ruled out for the remainder of the season. the sixers gave up 136 points to the pistons in a loss saturday night. >> we're coming offer a game that's obviously we're not proud of. got to move on. we got a tough game tonight against a good team. just got to move forward and focus on tonight. >> the latest ap men's college basketball poll is out. villanova remains at two. kansas is still the number one team in the nation. spree in is getting set for the big east tournament. cats seed one will open on thursday. then offer to the ncaa tournament. we know how well they performed in last year. jaime apody recently spoke with coach jay wright. she asked him a very important question. >> can you repeat? >> we could. we could also get beat in the first round and we have to be humble enough and smart enough to know that. i think we do know that. i think we've been beat enough this year that we do know
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that. and i think it's going to keep us humble. i think it's going keep us hungry and keep getting better. >> temple has some work to do if it hopes to be in the ncaa tournament. owls sit at 15 and 16. they need to win the acc tournament to get in. coach fran dunphy has a message for his seniors. >> every game that you play now can be potentially your last and you sit there and say and if it is, what do i do, where do i go? what's now. what's my life going to be like without basketball and those kind of things so i think that weighs on you if you're a senior and i think that can be a healthy thing. >> use that as motivation. that's sports. >> thanks ducis. meteorologist cecily tynan with the accuweather forecast when we continues in just a moment. hi
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>> the week ahead from accuweather and meteorologist cecily tynan. >> we've got a tale of two seasons. springtime the next two days and then winter returns by the end of the week and the weekend. storm tracker6 live double scan showing right now we've a few sprinkles trying to move from from the west along with a warm front. a couple of those will survive mainly it's just a cloudy night and temperatures won't really be falling much at all. so, we are live on sky6 taking a look at spring mountain ski resort where that snow is going to be melting a bit the next two days but there are a you believe can opportunities for some snow by the ends of the week and even over the weekend. right now, though, temperatures pretty mild. 49 degrees in philadelphia, down from our high of 51 which is 2 degrees above normal. a lot warmer than over the weekend with temperatures in the 30's. allentown 49, trenton 45, cape
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may 42 and wilmington 43 degrees. satellite6 and action radar showing the clouds have flowed d in after a good amount of sunshine earlier today. as you look to the west you can see some of those showers. that's where the warm front that will be pulling through overnight. so, as it does, we'll see lots of clouds, a spotty shower possible. temperatures barely falling at all. 35 degrees in the cooler suburbs. about 40 for center city. so actually our overnight low tonight is going to be warmer than the temperatures over the weekend. future tracker showing that this front, though, will bring us the possibility of some rain for your morning commute. around 7 o'clock, you can see a band of some showers really just north and west of the i-95 corridor. looks like south jersey, delaware, you should be dry. this lifts north during the day and then the rest of the day pretty much dry but lots of clouds but temperatures will be on the warm side. then we have a cold front roll through in the wee hours of the morning on wednesday and that's actually a squall line of some gusty thunderstorms.
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wouldn't be surprised if we do get a rumble of thunder. the cold air will be arriving behind that system but it will be delayed by about a day. associatioso the next two days y warm. 63 degrees tomorrow. kind of al dirty sky cover, though. lots of clouds, a few showers. that fronts rolls through in the wee hours of the morning on wednesday. wednesday just as warm, 63. but it will feel cooler with the winds gusting and this boundary will stall to the south by the end of the week and the weekend. waves low pressure developing along that will bring us a couple opportunities for some snow. association the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, tomorrow plenty of clouds, a few morning showers. it will be breezy with a high of 63 degrees early wednesday morning again could get a rumble of thunder with that that front moving through. remainder of the day mix of sun and clouds windy but still mel pretty mild. 63 degrees. thursday temperatures step down. mostly sunny, 44 degrees. friday is when the first of
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two low pressures rise along that front. it doesn't look to be a big system but it could bring us some wet snow or rain friday morning could complicate the morning commute. 41 degrees. and what that does, it pulls down some very cold air for the weekend. looks like this weekend could be even colder than the last weekend. 36 degrees on saturday. mixture of sun and clouds. don't forget to spring forward one hour as we begin daylight saving time and sunday looks to be a more sizable storm. the big question does it miss us to the south or does it move far enough to the north to bring us accumulating snow? that's still literally up in the air, 35 degrees, whatever happens on sunday. monday stays cold with a high of 40. i'll get new information on an update on "action news" at 11:00. >> i bet you will. thank you cecily. there was dancing and singing in pennsville today. because a woman celebrated her 105th birthday. >> ♪ happy birthday
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erma humphries surrounded by family and friends at shrined's place today. a live band and a balloon drop made the celebration even more festive. erma was born in bucks county in 1912. she raised five children worked as an operating nurse at delaware state hospital. erma enjoys going to the salon and getting her hair done. she lover loves lunches with her family and live music. from all of us at "action news," irma happy birth day. world news tonight with david muir is next on channel6. "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl17 with brian taff sharrie williams adam joseph and ducis rodgers. then please join us for "action news" at 11:00 here on channel6. for cecily tynan ducis rodgers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardnerly we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00. >> ♪
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tonight, several developing stories. president trump says president obama wiretapped him. but offers no proof. and this evening, the white house now doubling down on the explosive claim. even as the director of the fbi reportedly pushes back. and we have the former director of national intelligence right here tonight. also breaking, the new travel ban tonight. president trump signs his new executive order to replace the one blocked by the courts. and breaking news tonight on obamacare. part of the plan to replace it now revealed. scandal inside the marines. current and former marines accused of posting nude photos of female colleagues. the man shot outside his home after being told to, quote, get out of hurt


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