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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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wound a passenger and cause a crash with another car thousands of customers are still in the dark after a peco sub station goes up in flames and that is next. ♪ action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ shots rang out in the 1100 block of east hanes street in germantown tonight and a passenger in a jeep was struck in the head. that led the driver to crash
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head on into another vehicle injuring three people. was this a targeted shooting, a stray bullet or a case of road rage. it is tuesday night and the big story on action news tonight is cuellar is there. >> police don't know the why but the how could be very clear soon because it's believed the crime may have been captured by surveillance cameras. investigators say it was after 6:30 in the 1100 of east hanes residents reported hearing gunshots police would soon learn two of the gunshots were fired directly through a rented jeep grand cherokee striking a male passenger in the front seat. >> after the gunshots went through the front windshield striking the 25-year-old front seat passenger it caused the driver of that jeep to lose
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control and strike an alley head on. >> reporter: the 25-year-old passenger in the jeep was transported by police to einstein medical center with a gunshot wound to the forehead, chopper 6hd was on the scene as the two occupants of the audi were also taken to einstein complaining of chest pains. >> we are not certain as to exactly where the shooter was standing when the shots were fired. >> fortunately there are several register registered face cam surveillance cameras in the area so detectives are trying to contact the owners of those businesses. >> reporter: now last word the 25-year-old passenger in the jeep was listed in extremely critical condition at einstein. he is on life support tonight. we are live in germantown, i'm dann cuellar channel six action news jim. >> dann thank you officials don't know what sparked this fire at a peco sub station in north philadelphia.
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75 firefighters battled the blaze in the 2600 block of west westmoreland the fire caused 36,000 outages at its peak, that is now down to 8,000, traffic lights went out at a big intersection causing gridlock for most of the afternoon. action news reporter christie ileto was live at the command center right now christie how have people been coping without their electricity? >> reporter: it has been difficult for many residents without power for almost ten hours and you can see through the fenceline some of that equipment that was burned in that fire and peco is still on scene trying to assess the damage and restore power to those without. >> it's very frustrating. >> reporter: pat green is one of thousands of customers still in the dark using battery powered candles she barely mobile. >> you don't have no choice but be still and quiet. >> reporter: authorities are trying to caused the peco station to go up in flames and leave as many as 36,000
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customers without power at the peak of the blaze. by late tuesday night less than a third remained off the grid. >> based on the configuration of the system we will switch and still working with back up generators whenever possible to get as many as possible back on. >> reporter: not knowing how long we are going to be in the dark, it's not knowing, like, you know, i have to get my kid ready for school tomorrow. >> reporter: the outage confused drivers and left them scrambling to navigate through dark intersections and businesses were forced to shut their doors. >> trying to get this last little bit of light. >> reporter: the sun managed to reach the setting sun and still serve customers. >> everybody else had to stop working. we didn't stop. we still here. >> reporter: still. >> what can you do? got to prepare for the worst. >> reporter: now fortunately with all the electrical equipment on site no one was injured battling the blaze now the cause remains under investigation and of course peco will be working around the clock
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to restore service to those without. reporting live in north philadelphia christie ileto channel six action news jim. >> christie thank you. a man was struck and killed by a car tonight in monroe township and chopper six was at the crash on cross keys at 7:00 and police have not determined why the pedestrian was hit. the search for the armed man who tried to assault a woman at her new castle county apartment complex in newark and tried to force her into her apartment but he ran off when an adult male opened the door, that was the woman's boyfriend. the woman thinks the man who ran off is the same person who sexually assaulted two women and forced them to take money out of atms and police need help to catch the attacker. >> this will not be solved by new castle county police alone. this will take the work of a
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resident who sees something suspicio suspicious who immediately picks up the phone and calls us. >> reporter: police say the suspect has been dressing in black and has been so well covered that surveillance video has been useless to this point. delaware county authorities are worried that admitted child sex predator had other victims they are not aware of and so they are urging anyone who may have fallen victim to 20-year-old hugh taussig-lux to now come forward, media police say taussig-lux plead guilty to 12 crimes against children having gavin teens and tweens with drugs and challenge and sexually assaulted four girls and hosted under age parties at east baker apartment between the summer of 2014 and may of 2016 where he crossed paths with most of his victims. the republican plan to replace obamacare is already facing stiff opposition among democrats of course but also from
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conservatives. various conservative groups are calling the plan obamacare light or obamacare 2.0. the plan replaces income-based subsidies with tax credits that may be skimpy for low income earners but conservatives claim the tax credits may turn into a new entitlement and certainly won't reduce the roll of government in healthcare. senator rand paul thinks the plan has no chance. >> i think the bill as it stands really is dead on arrival. i don't think it's ever going to arrive in the senate. i think it's dead on arrival in the house. >> reporter: president trump met with republican leaders and expressed a different sentiment saying quote we are going to do something that is great and i'm proud to support the replacement plan. pennsylvania governor tom wolf is blasting the republican healthcare plan wolf says it would leave thousands of seniors and families unable to afford access to basic medical care and affect drug addicts seeking treatment in the middle of an
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opioid epidemic and the plan threatens 1 million pennsylvania who have coverage under obamacare and medicaid and could blow a 2 billion hole in the pennsylvania budget. a major wikileaks dumps claims the cia is capable of spying on people through their smartphones tablets or even internet connected televisions. all of these modern devices contain microphones and often cameras, that could potentially allow the agency to hack into the electronics and turn them on remotely such as a program called weeping angel that can tap into samsung's smart tvs and bypass software on computers and get access to messages before they are encrypted on secure apps like tela gram and signal. another reveals a program the cia was working on to hack into cars either to listen in or crash them for assassinations.
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the cia refuses to confirm whether the information on wikileaks is legitimate, wikileaks did not say whether the thousands of documents came from a rogue employee like edward snowden or whether it's the result of hacking. much of the talk in washington continues to be about president trump's claims that the obama administration wire tapped him during the presidential campaign. representative devon noons chairman of the house intelligence committee says the media is taking the president's claims and tweets too literally. meanwhile noon's house and teit has the first public hearing for russia meddling in the 2016 election and invited to testify not subpoenaed but invited fbi director james comey and acting attorney general sally yates who was fired by president trump. 49 alleged drug dealers in chester county behind bars
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tonight following a massive sweep dubbed operation crushed ice and da says 27-year-old richard maytree was the king pin and run the operation doing time in the county jail and went from philadelphia suburbs to arizona and puerto rico and 48 of his alleged cohorts were arrested in the place. lumberton is asking to catch this bank robber who held up a teller with a threatening note at the pnc on the 700 block of airston road at 2:20 this afternoon nearby schools were put on lock down and fortunately nobody was hurt. a star-studded party is going on in center city philadelphia the sixers youth foundation gala is at the 23rd stream armory and it's cheer leaders were greeting
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people and owner and josh harris served as honorary cochair with his wife. >> giving people a safe place to play sports and giving them mentors, feeding them, ultimately helping them educate themselves that is what it's all about in terms of helping them to lead better lives so it's incredibly important. >> plus to be able to contribute to this and you know have our input and give our time i think is great. >> reporter: in addition to iverson we spotted dr. j mingling with the crowd and one channel six president and general manager bernie prazenica was there hoping to raise a million this evening for under privileged youth in philadelphia. still to come on action news tonight a horrific crime an animal intentionally killed inside a zoo we will explain why it was targeted. plus a train hits a tour bus with deadly consequences. we have the latest from the scene down south and predicting
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where 911 calls will come from before they are made. a high tech system is now dispatching ambulances in advance in south jersey. cecily. >> double scan live showing we have showers moving through right now, a more intense band of heavy downpours will roll through early tomorrow morning, by friday morning would you believe we have a shot at some snow. i'll explain coming up, in the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> and ducis rodgers with the playoff pursuing flyers taking on the sabers in buffalo when action news continues tonight.
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i didn't see it. (vo) what if we could go back? what if our car... could stop itself? in iihs front-end crash prevention testing, nobody beats the subaru impreza. not toyota. not honda. not ford. the all-new subaru impreza. more than a car, it's a subaru. a violent crash between a freight train and a charter bus left four dead and 40 injured and happened in buloxi mississippi carrying a group of seniors from texas when it became stuck on the tracks and witnesses say 52 car train pulled by three locomotives and spent more than an hour removing passengers from the mangled
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wreckage, firefighters battling fires in oklahoma texas and colorado and killed six people and countless livestock, in logan colorado flames destroyed five homes and charred 30,000 acres. a federal judge today denied the last ditch effort by native american tribes to stop final construction of the dakota access pipeline, today's ruling clears the way for completion of the nearly $4 billion project, oil could flow as soon as next week. meanwhile native americans from across the country today began setting up a tp camp sight at the national mall in washington and they plan to lobby for four days legislatures and protest president trump. poachers on the run after killing an rinersaurs at a location of a zoo in paris and the first instance of poaching
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in europe, the suspects broke in overnight shot the white rhino named vince, three times in the head, sawed off his horn. the zoo's two other rhinos were unharmed. the antidefamation league says new threats have been made to four offices along with six jewish community centers around the country from florida to chicago to new york police were calmed in called to investigate and 130 similar threats nationwide since the beginning of the year and meanwhile the reward this philadelphia jewish cemetery vandalism has gone up to $74,000. dozens of toppled and damaged head stones were discovered at the mount carmel cemetery on february 26. just days after announcing it was shutting more than a dozen locations in this area and 88 across the country, hh greg today filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy the appliance and electronics retail chain said it already reached a deal with
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anonymous buyer to purchase assets. a health network deployed a high tech system to try to predict where ambulances are needed even before 911 calls come in. it's called medcom and being put to use by virtua inurlington and see factors that look like a weather map and the darker roadwreds are potential hot spots and they can send 13 medic unit to those areas ahead of time so they can quickly respond. rowan university is taking new steps to ensure that its drinking water is safe, an independent firm found nine residential buildings on the campus that tested positive for high levels of lead and adding new faucet filters and water bottle filling stations and students will continue to
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receive bottled water, could have some snow in the not too distant future what is the story? >> a few mild days and old man winter is coming back by the weekend and storm tracker double scan the mild air is coming with some showers, we have a batch of some generally light rain stretching from dowlestown and philadelphia and millville is the steadyist off the coast and through the mouth of the delaware bay and this is an renegade batch of showers ahead of a cold front that will move through early tomorrow and ahead of the front the winds are out of the south and bringing us pretty mild air for this time of night dover 60 and philadelphia 58 down from the high of 67 which is 17 degrees above normal. allentown the cool spot 48 degrees and reading currently 57 so satellite six and action radar showing the showers moving through right now and here is the line of some gusty downpours ahead of a cold front, that
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front will be slicing through tomorrow morning before dawn and future tracker showing the best chance of seeing heavy downpours along i-95 corridor would be about 5:00. notice the poconos cold enough there it could actually get a touch of snow but this system is moving really quickly. by 7:30 just left over clouds, a few lingering showers and sunshine is back in full force by mid to late morning so most of the day will be pretty nice, 63 degrees although the winds will be picking up by late in the afternoon win gusts up to about 35 miles per hour. thursday high pressure builds to our south, that means it will be a bright breezy day temperatures still above normal, 61 degrees but then an arctic boundary rolls through thursday night with it we have what is known as a short wave it's a piece of energy to help supply the moisture the cold air moves in and also some of that moisture so future tracker showing wee hours of the morning about 2:00
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in the morning you can see south of allentown a band of rain and poconos starts the snow and over spreads the region in the friday morning commute. i really think this is a situation that is a lot about location. extremes of new jersey and central delaware this is mainly rain and you really have to get close to philadelphia areas to the north to get the snow but this will be fighting very warm ground so i think the friday morning commute most of the roads will be wet but there could be some grassy accumulation and visibility could be a factor. so exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast morning clouds give to sunshine and windy and 63, thursday 61, friday that morning wet snow and rain 41 degrees the high and that arctic boundary opens the door for very cold air for march standards to roll in. saturday only 33 degrees. don't forget we lose an hour as we turn those clocks ahead and daylight savings time is on sunday and looks like the storm
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should miss us to the south and maybe toss a few snow showers and 35 the high, monday it's chilly 43 and tuesday cloudy and milder with a high of 51 degrees and a chance of some rain so kind of an active week, friday morning i think the bigger issue when the road conditions and the visibility and it's more about the timing than the amount. >> thank you cecily. the weather cooperated for the schuylkill river cleanup today kids and adults met at the barchram in southwest philadelphia to pick up the trash and carried downstream in the schuylkill and ends up collecting on the banks the group managed to fill several garbage bags and hosted by united by blue. jimmy kimmel live coming up, at 11:35 after action news and here is jimmy with a preview of the show. >> thanks jim.
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updates and let's check in with ducis rodgers and some not potential games but real gains by the flyers in buffalo. >> fantastic against the sabers and will the real team show up? if tonight is the real deal the flyer also be just fine and flyers in buffalo, smell this for me. that is all i got for that. exciting second period and gostisbehere never scores but does there fourth of the season 2-1 flyers less than two minutes later sabers get that and the power play and game tied at two. later in the period now 3-2 flyers and captain nets his 13th goal on the season on the doorstep of a rebound and win 6-3 flyers and two back from the wild card spot depends on what happens with the islanders and the oilers inside of four weeks 27 days to be exact until the phillies season opener this afternoon a grape fruit league
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game against the tigers and kendricks had 2 and 17 at bat and gets two hits in this and an rbi single in the fourth inning and phillies win 11-6. a welcome sight in clear water that is roy halladay and is a staff instructor and the two time siyong winner will work with staff and is willing to impart whatever knowledge he can. >> what concerns they have if any or just talking about things that helped me be successful, so you know it can cover a range of things but you know i just for me it's just a pleasure to be able to help out. >> reporter: tonight the sixers held their second annual youth foundation gala in center city and caught up with allen iverson and on board how the sixers are rebuilding the team. >> it is a process. do you know what i mean?
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you have to give them time and be patient and taking part in the steps forward. we have then and the sky is the limit for us. do you know what i mean? we are playing here and there and everything will be fine man, we have to be patient and i know it's hard for the philadelphia fans but got to be patient. >> a lot to ask and still ahead college basketball and we will check in with villanova ahead of its conference tournament up there in new york. sleep is super important.
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villanova wildcats won a
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national championship and sthurs thursday they will open with st. johns or georgetown and the cats ranked second in the nation and decent shot at repeating and the coach says he likes his team. we are in as good of shape as can be and where their heads are spring break and really concentrating on basketball right now so far so good. >> a new season so win or go home and it's a one game tournament if you don't take care of business you will be open watching it. >> reporter: st. johns against umass and the hawks just completeed a hostage season and went 11-19 and had injuries and the coach marteli says the team is not feeling story for itself. >> we can prepare for this game, we can't worry about who we don't have or our bad luck, none of that. >> get ready to watch a lot of basketball in the coming weeks. >> girl scouts of eastern pennsylvania hosted the annual
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take the lead awards at the bellevue, the students learned their own lessons as emerging leaders. they organized the entire event, the girls also used the opportunity to sell some of their famous cookies to the crowd. don't miss that opportunity. jimmy kimmel live next on channel six followed by night line and jimmy has jessica and doug benson and music from lee ann rhymes and we will continue in the morning at 4:30 and for cecily tynan and ducis rodgers and the entire action news team i'm jim gardner, good night.
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from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- jessica alba. comedian doug benson. and music from leann rimes. and now, first things first -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there, thank you. welcome to the show. welcome, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the program. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. we have more to get to than we could possibly shove into one show. i hate to bring anybody down but i have a little pin to put in our collective balloon. "u.s. news and w


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