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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 13, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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accuweather and breaking news another woman has been attacked in delaware next. ♪ action news delaware valleys leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ we will soon be fighting a two front weather war with the storm front from the south meeting head on with the storm front from the west and when they join forces watch out we will be clob
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clobbered by a monster storm and people are moving to shore up defenses at the hardware store and the grocery store, it is monday night and the big story on action news tonight is the blizzard warning for parts of the try state area and warnings everywhere else and new jersey declared a state of 'em 'em and pn -- pennsylvania and wolf is deploying members of the national guard and the city of philadelphia has a snow emergency which began two hours ago and the city and acchdiosis have been closed and others scrolling on your screen and christie lleto is in allentown expected to get hid very hard and chad pradelli is in norristown and janette reyes is live at the salt yard in juniata park and first we go to
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metrologist cecily tynan and adam joseph cecily let's start with you what is the latest from accuweather? >> showing the snow is breaking out right on schedule philadelphia areas south and west most of it is on the light side and we do have a little bit of some mixing in with sleet, south of dover and cape may beginning to see a little bit of rain, i want to show you the water vapor imagery so what this is it shows the moisture content higher in the atmosphere and the atmosphere works from the top down so this shows that piece of energy all cross the midwest and shows earlier that low pressure that was across the gulf coast that is now beginning to form off the carolina coast and see it coming together that is called phasing with the northern branch of a jet scream phasing with the southern branch and cold from the north and warm from the south creates a nor'easter and showing it is coming together, the storm right off the coast from the border of north and south carolina and this will be really hugging the
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coast as it moves up very close so what this means it will pull in some warm air from the atlantic but it only gets so far north and west so the areas getting hit the hardest are under the blizzard warnings the far and west lehigh and poconos will get thumped and looking like a lot of rain and wind and to break it down let's go to adam joseph. >> in our viewing area some could say two feet of snow other areas getting 2" of rain in a very short window here of real estate so as we break it down when you wake up tomorrow morning you can see the heavy snow and philadelphia points to the north and west there is that sleet line in between the mixing line of rain and snow and very heavy rain in southern new jersey and central and parts of southern new jersey as we go in the morning hours and then in the late morning hours as the colder air wraps in places that changed over to sleet and rain
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start to change back over to that sleet and snow and staying all snow north and west of philadelphia so the key times especially where you see the snow you want to stay off the roads, stay indoors between 4:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. is really the height of the storm the heaviest precipitation the strongest winds and reduced visibility so lehigh valley and the northwestern suburbs region by region heavy snow 1-2 feet and around difficult the heart of the valley wilmington to trenton snow going to a period of sleet and back to snow with an 8-10" range in central delaware and southern new jersey brief snow changing over to rain and heavy at times and a big cutoff just an example between rocks bureau and millville there is going to be a foot difference in just 45 miles jim so very fickle storm with a lot going on in a very short again real estate. metrologist cecily tynan will come back and throw numbers up for you and let you know what comes after the storm. >> location location location
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all right adam thank you and let's go live to action news reporter janette reyes in the park and what is the battle plan for the storm? >> well jim things have already started to pick up and a live look behind me at the salt yard trucks and seen them line up to load up dipping into the 50,000 tons of salt that has been made available most of them though are already positioned and ready to go. one by one large trucks at the highway yard in juniata park loaded up on salt and brine ready to hit the road by midnight and people moved around with a sense of urgency and did the same stocking up and preparing for the impending snowstorm. >> we are here to buy salt for the sidewalks and keep safe for the storm. >> reporter: snow shovel racks were cleared and piles of salt quickly shrunk and adam fox and sun charlie were at home depot
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getting supplies and if you don't like snow don't look to charlie for the silver lining. >> i think it's going to be pretty bad, it's going to be bad. >> reporter: city officials were not sugar coating things either. >> due to the severity of expected conditions avoid nonessential travel tomorrow. >> reporter: septa says because of the storm buses will be operating on weather related detours and regional rails will run on saturday schedule. >> this is a very fluid situation and close to the tipping point for septa to make additional services suspensions. >> reporter: issued a stern warning about towing on emergency roads beginning at midnight and the costly game of cones using objects like cones to reserve the spot you worked so hard to shovel your car out of. >> if you get your car out of the street and the other primary and secondary streets are not plowed you are not going anywhere so rather than clog up the plowing operation walk to the supermarket.
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>> reporter: cones and towing aside the storm gives them something else to worry about. >> it's going to be interesting to see whether or not i have a couple of dings and dents on my car. >> reporter: and one important thing to note here trash and recyclie inine ining collection tuesday has been cancelled next week and wednesday is still up in the air, officials say it all depends on just how bad this storm is. reporting live in juniata park janette reyes channel six. >> hundreds of flights in and out of philadelphia have been cancelled for tomorrow airport officials will deploy nearly 500 employees tomorrow to clear ice and snow from runways and taxi ways. the airport has stocked up on 162000 gallons of airplane deicer. and amtrak will run a modified schedule on the northeast corridor and no excella express service between boston and
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limited between new york and washington d.c. and it's the calm before the storm. emergency proclamation from pennsylvania governor tom wolf authorizes the state to take several actions such as protect citizens from potential price gouging and activated the national guard. >> and third i have authorized 695 national guards people from pennsylvania national guard to be strategically positioned across pennsylvania to be in a position to help if we need anything. >> reporter: in addition the governor says with travel expected to be treacherous he is also implementing highway restrictions which took effect just within the past hour and let's go live to chad pradelli at pen dot in norristown and how is pen dot getting ready? >> reporter: picking up at the pen dot yard and the precipitation the snow began 15 minutes ago and the trucks are loading up with salt and has
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been quiet for the past several hours and most of the trucks are in position getting ready to lay the salt now the snow is falling they will begin dropping the salt reloading and getting ready to attack the storm. as the sun went down and the storm began to move into the region pen dot was busy loading up the final trucks. for this storm it's all hands on deck. >> we are deploying every truck that we have in our contracts and in our department forces groups which is excess of 400 trucks. in nor'easter will dump several hundred inches with the storm and pen dot will be ready and roads will be snow covered at times and why the governor announced speed restrictions on major highways and roads. >> speed restrictions on area highways are expected to go in effect after 10:00 p.m. and speeds on the highways will be reduced to 45 miles per hour. >> reporter: inside lowe's in
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plymouth people were getting supplies. >> i'm going to get a shovel and salt. >> reporter: casey bypassed the shovel selection and went right for the snow blowers the heavy equipment is needed for a storm like this one. how much did this set you back here today? >> 799. >> well worth it with a storm like this. >> i think so if it's going to be 12-18 like they say go for it don't want to throw my back out and in laws and get it done. >> sold 18-20. >> that is a lot. >> it is and spring is next week. >> reporter: and a message from pen dot if you can stay off the roads if you have to go out wear a seat belt and drive slowly live in norristown chad pradelli. >> it could be immense and allentown is deploying every resource and christie lleto is
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at 7th and hamilton and christie what is the story there? >> well, jim it has been snowing steadily for the last hour and again like you said we are 7th and hampton which is essentially the heart of allentown now you can see the sidewalks that the snow is sticking here but fortunately it's not sticking to the roads. they are passable. but for crews who are working overnight that means they will be working around the clock and have a long night ahead. >> a big snowstorm coming and we are going to be out all night for 12 hours. >> reporter: responsible for keeping 1500 lane miles clear it's all hands on deck for allentown's street department. >> we presalted the roads with the brine and want to keep the roads open for emergency vehicles. >> this is going to be a fairly significant snow event and looking at winds up to 40 miles per hour so blizzard conditions. >> reporter: are all the stores running out? >> yes. >> reporter: at lowe's salt was scarce and snow blowers and
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shovels sold out by early evening and some were desperate and resorted to gardening tools. >> out of shovels and looks like i have to buy this cheap metal one here. >> about to try another lowe store and the 7-11 to see if they have shovels. >> reporter: allentown under a snow emergency and residents are bracing for the worst. >> very busy, we had a lot of calls people prepping for the storm calls that block drains and leakages. >> with all the snow coming down what they predict it may be a long night ahead of us. >> reporter: long night indeed for those trying to clear the streets. now city officials are asking residents to keep the roads clear and even opened up some downtown parking garages for those residents who live downtown to park in them while the street department can keep the roads clear but if you have to be out drive carefully, live in allentown christie lleto
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channel six. >> new jersey governor chris christie declared a state of emergency and closing all state offices for nonessential employees, commuters are being asked to stay off the roads unless absolutely necessary but governor christie says the state is ready quote most of us have been through this drill before and new jersey has toughed out worst storms that this one. the atlanta city boardwalk was nearly all gone and sea grass and waves calm and will be different in the coming hours as winds gust up to 16 miles per hour and they will arrive, atlantic city emergency management expects tidal at 9:00 in the morning, they are keep agree eye on the ocean and with a nor'easter beach erosion is a threat here and this storm looks to be just like that, the county
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says 200 workers are coming in at made night, the emergency management center willfully activate at 6:00 in the morning with extra dispatchers handling calls and prep preparati prepa centers and governor john carney has a driving warning for new castle encouraging people to stay off the roads without a need and workers loaded up salt trucks in cristiana and crews brined the roads yesterday so they can relax and get ready for the big one tomorrow. midwest is digging out from the storm headed our way and a foot in milwaukee and those roads obviously dangerous. a chain reaction crash involving three semis and a dozen other vehicles shut down the interstate. chicago is also dealing with its first blast of winter since december. the snow resulted in slippery
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commutes, slippery conditions for the first time in 85 days residents had to get out their shovels. action news morning team will begin early tomorrow at 4:00 a.m. tracking the storm and its impact on local schools and travel so we ask you to join them for continuing coverage through the morning commute. we are inviting you to join the action just send pictures or videos as you get ready for the storm and as the snow starts to fall in your area just use #6abc action or mail your videos and pictures directly to us at join the still to come on action news tonight a new breast cancer drug has been approved plus the insurance impact of the republican healthcare plan. and breaking news has it happened again? we will have details from another attempted kidnapping at a delaware apartment tonight. plus the violent confrontation with police where they had to use a water hose and then things
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took a turn for the worst, cecily. >> double scan live showing moisture moving from the south and the storm system will intensify overnight but what you get depends on location and we will break it down and a time map where you live in the accuweather forecast. a familiar face returns to the eagles and the flyers fight for play off hopes and ducis rodgers has the stories when we continue tonight.
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office has not been kind to the house republican plan to replace obamacare. the cbo late today said that 14 million americans would lose their insurance coverage next year and 24 million americans would lose their coverage by 2026. that compared to what the rules would be under obamacare. health and human services secretary tom price emerged from the white house to say the report is simply wrong. quoting price our plan will cover more individuals at a lower cost. on the money side the cbo said the gop measure would reduce the federal deficit by $337 billion over the coming decade but that is largely because the plan would cut the federal state medicaid program that helps low-income americans buy health insurance. senate democratic leader chuck schumer says insurance talk for everybody is an empty promise, trump administration missed a
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deadline to provide evidence to the house intelligence committee of president trump's twitter claim that former president obama wire tapped trump tower and the deadline is march 20 and if the justice department misses that deadline the panel might subpoena information. but today press secretary sean spicer seemed to soften the president's accusation against obama. >> the president used the word wire tap in quotes to mean broadly surveillance and other activities during that. he literally had it in quotes and said they were in quotes and referring to surveillance over all. >> reporter: president trump has not commented on his claims since his original tweets on march 4th. let's get back to the accuweather forecast metrologist cecily tynan it's going to be very very difficult up in the lehigh valley clearly, philadelphia and the immediate northwest suburbs get less but a storm. >> lehigh special and the ski
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resorts in the poconos will love it and heavy rain in the coast and philadelphia is in between with snow and sleet and double scan showing the precipitation has arrived right now where you see the pink that is the snow that is falling at a more moderate pace and we do have some of that in south jersey right now millville, salem you had one band move through, midford lake and around the coast surf city to atlantic city and the ocean is 41 so that really does play into this forecast. it's going to be rain along the coast but be do have a lot more on the way as the storm system intensifies and further to the north we do have heavier bands moving through lebanon, philadelphia still pretty light even a little bit of grapple mixed in and temperatures beginning to drop and philadelphia down to 30 degrees allentown 28, wilmington 29, millville 30 and along the coast and again with the ocean temperature 41 cape may 37 degrees atlantic city airport it's 34 so that is pulling the
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warmer water off the atlantic. satellite and radar showing the storm system is really in its infant stages and low pressure off the carolina cost and a piece of energy moving in from the midwest and also a piece of energy moving from the deep south so these really will combine to pull in plenty of moisture and as it intensifies it will also be pulling down colder air from higher in the atmosphere so this is why areas north and west are going to see some pretty heavy snow future tracker showing 3:00 in the morning we have heavy snow around philadelphia areas north and west that rain across south jersey and delaware a little bit of sleet close to wilmington as we head to about 7:30 looks like that rain-snow line really creeps up to right along the i-95 corridor so philadelphia we are looking at snow and sleet south jersey delaware it's rain and far northwest suburbs it's snowing it's pretty heavy then as the storm system starts to lift to the north and east we get that wrap around cold air. by 11:00 that change over starts to happen around philadelphia
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with the sleet east of philadelphia heavy bands still across the lehigh valley by 4:00 it tapers off to snow showers so expected snowfall the lehigh valley the poconos northern berks county you are getting a lot of snow, 16-24" and then we have a very tight gradient south of that, north of philadelphia 12-16, we move philadelphia the immediate suburbs into south jersey into the 8-12 to allow for a little bit of the sleet mixing in and a brief change over to rain but south of this 4-8 bridgeton and hammerington and millville 2-4 but most of this happens before that change over to rain, that rain will wash it away. the problem along the coast will be the fact that we are looking at very strong winds 50-60 miles per hour winds coastal flooding and beach erosion and an inch and a half of rain and exclusive accuweather forecast power full nor'easter and behind the system it's windy and cold for
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wednesday some snow showers 29, temperatures still cold, thursday and friday we are stuck in the 30s so this will be a slow melt by the weekend temperatures back in the 40s, 43 on saturday, sunday 46 and monday mostly sunny with a high of 48 degrees. so this is a storm system much like actually march of 93 when some areas got heavy rain, some areas got very heavy snow and of course we will continue to track it early tomorrow morning starting at 4:00. >> thank you cecily. >> fire tragedy struck this afternoon and dosed the smoke and flames in a two story home, this is 6300 block of green way avenue but once they got inside they discovered a body, investigators have not determined the cause of the blaze nor have they identified the victim. federal investigators looking in a deadly fire in harrisburg sparked by a charging hover board.
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three-year-old asanti hughs died from injuries saturday the first fatality from the popular gadget more than a half million hover boards were recalled last year because the batteries could over heat and start a fire. a knife-wielding man was shot and killed during a traffic stop in california, the violent confrontation was caught on camera, video shows the 33-year-old smoking in his car. there is also a gas can inside the vehicle and officers were concerned he might start a fire they broke out the passenger window and sprayed him with a hose. the suspect eventually climbed out the window and began a scuffle and people are heard yelling the world knife before two shots rang out. police recovered two knives at the scene. two former penn state university officials face prison time for not reporting sexual abuse allegations against jerry sandusky, former athletic director tim curley and former university vice president gary
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schultz plead guilty to a misdemeanor child endangerment charge in exchange felony charges were dropped but they face up to five years in prison when they are sentenced. the old atlantic club casino will be getting new life as a family water park in atlantic city. the property has been sitting empty since 2014. there is or was the first in a wave of closures to hit atlantic city but today vetner based r and r group announced he bought the site with intention of investing 135 million and will renovate the hotel and build an indoor water park and hope to have 100 rooms open by the fall. vice president joe biden stopped for the launch of the biden institute and he is founding chair and the founding chair of a research and policy center at the university of delaware. the biden institute will be focused on domestic issues including economic reform,
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environmental sustainability, criminal justice, and civil rights. >> the biden institute will be nonpartisan, nonpartisan and will be a nonpartisan institute and my hope and expectation is we will be able to track political leaders both present and past from both parties. >> reporter: biden is hoping the institute will attract business leaders and leading voices in the media. health check at 11:00fda approved a breast cancer drug for post menopausal women and called tiscalon only for women who have advanced stage of hormone receptor her2 negative but a study by the drug maker novartis taken with another drug reduced cancer or reduced death or cancer getting worse.
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by a margin of 44%. and with tomorrow's heavy snow we can't tell you how important it is to treat shovelling with care, you know that, heart attacks spike in the winter and shovelling and pushing a heavy snow blower can be more strenuous than going full throttle on a treadmill there are tips to change your routine first do not shovel first thing in the morning do not drink coffee or smoke before because they spike your blood pressure and heart rate. and don't eat a heavy meal beforehand since that diverts heart from the to the stomach and warm up walking or marching in place before digging into the snow. please be careful. jimmy kimmel live coming up, after action news and here is jimmy with a preview of tonight's show. >> thanks jim and hello philadelphia the show is about love so you have not discussed like your wedding plans or anything yet? >> have not had a dinner reservation yet so we will do
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that first. >> baby steps. >> you're having a baby? >> no. >> whoa.
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and now you can love fios too. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. get the best. go to trying to come up big it did not happen. >> need to play with a sense of urgency and have not seen that lately tick tock and time is running out and six points out with 15 games to play and flyers fall behind 2-zip and second period on the power play but the fliers is one for eight on the power play and game tied at two. midway through the period travis
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that is his second of the night and gives the flyers a 3-2 lead looking good right and 3-all the third period and on the power play and flyers lose this one 5-3. to the eagles and chase daniel is no longer a bird, he asked for and was granted his release from the team so who is the back up quarterback now? how about nick foles. returns to the eagles with a two year contract foles was lights out for the birds back in 2013 he had 27 touchdowns and two interceptions and had a probowl appearance and last season he was a back up for the chiefs and speaking of the chiefs they are approaching the eagles roster and ben logan has a one year deal with 2 1/2 sacks last season and drafted by the birds in 2013. ahead in sports a phillies prospect continues to shine plus villanova heads to u buff
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buffalo and the ncaa tournament.


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