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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 14, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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with the wintry mess from mother nature. >> the big story on "action news" is the taste of winter a week before the official start of spring. and live team coverage across our area, from the cities to the suburbs to the shore. "action news" is tracking the impact of the storm and what is next. our team of meteorologist is keeping a close eye on the forecast for you. we begin with meteorologist, cecily tynan. >> hi monica and rick the srm system that brought the region a combination of snow, ice and rain, double scan live showing the actual center of the low is over eastern long island. it's a wrap around moisture. at this point lingering snow showers few and far between, one band now moving through lancaster and route 30 and crossing 322 and coatesville. dropping snow showers and we don't expect accumulation with that. as far as accumulation it's a storm about location, m
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skiers delight. 2 feet of snow and allentown close to 14 inches and areas to the south there was mixing in with sleet and freezing rain that cut down the numbers. royersford 7.5, and philadelphia international airport 6, and west depford new jersey reporting 4 inches of rain. a bigger problem is this, the ice accumulating on trees and power lines, chris posted this on my facebook page from warwick township new jersey, a .10 to .30 of ice bringing down the good thing with ice is it protects the plants, temperatures drop quickly. currently the temperature feels like 22 in philadelphia and 18 in allentown and 13 in reading and 24 in millville. and tonight temperatures are dropping quickly and any slush is refreezing we'll have details in that coming up. now to the lehigh valley one of the hardest hit areas by the
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storm today. walter perez is live if allentown tonight. >> reporter: hey guys you know a little bit of everything here in allentown we went from snow to sleet to freezing rain coupled with the powerful winds at one point it was near whiteout conditions in allentown by the time it was all but over they started to move the mess put there my mother nature. >> i have been out here since 415 shoveling. >> 4:15? wow. >> this is my fourth time out here. >> sam was doing a great job but saw what this as an opportunity to do our good deed of the day and easier to do than expected. this part of our region was forecasted to get two feet of snow but they received 6 inch to a foot depending on location. fortunately most people heeded the warnings and stayed off the roads during the height of the storm and the snow removal
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effort connow. >> we'll have to do cleanup well into tomorrow. it's not over yet. among those that didn't heed the warnings was isiah of allentown whose car got stuck in the snow, his friend braved the bitter conditions trying to help pub him out but it was no use. >> it's pretty bad? >> and the sleet either. >> your friend owes you big time. >> no, he would have done the same thing for me. >> it's good to have friends. >> while we got off relatively easy from this whole thing, spots north and west of our region got clobbered and or wolf ordered 70 national guard troops to assist throughout the state. >> walter, thank you. down the shore now, it's concern wasn't snow today instead it was on flooding and just how high, high tide would roll in. and the action cam was in north
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wildwood where coastal flooding was a problem at the beach. and further north high winds ou shows an angry atlantic ocean and whipping winds as the gusts coming with the norrester that moves through. and we turn to meteorologist adam joseph with more on the shore. >> it's brutal down there with the severe coastal erosion and flooding and winds gusting near lewes, delaware 64 miles per hour and tucker ton 62 miles per hour. dover 60 miles per hour and fortescue over 60 miles per hour and atlantic city, not 60 but still powerful 47 miles per hour. blustery over here 30 miles per hour. and under the threshold tonight. and stay up in the early morning hours creating the harsh windchills tomorrow morning. for tonight as cecily mentioned
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there are scattered snow showers passing through and continued gusty winds and definitely want to clean up the cars before sunset here and you have another couple of hours and the driveways and sidewalks because it will be a hard freeze overnight. and even any standing water will freeze over if it is not treated. by tomorrow morning, icy spots are likely on untreated surfaces, especially the sidewalks and driveways, with windchills you won't want to be out there long trying to clean it up because it's rock solid only in the single digits. meteorologist, cecily tynan comes back she has the five-day at 5:00 forecast, with the temperatures not very warm. >> "action news" reporter christie aleto is tracking it's aftermath of flooding at the shore and continues coverage in atlantic city. >> reporter: hi rick and monica, the wind has picked up since the storm moved through and we are here on west end avenue at harrisburg avenue, you see this is one of the harvardest hit areas in atlantic city.
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this road was at one point earlier today blocked off because it was pretty much sub merged under water. >> the storm came up the coast it came up just exactly as high tide was hitting us. >> under a constant hammering of rain and wind. it seems to spare south jersey from the monster snow storm and water blocked black horse pike and swelling waves in north wildwood washed away some of the dunes on the shore line. atlantic city fire department made a handful of water rescues as drivers tried to test the rising waters. we were busy this morning. we assisted several people pulling them out of the cars and an elderly lady stuck with a good 10 inches in her vehicle. we were assisting ems.
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>> the storm has moved in and the sun is out. and atlantic cityric ireporting without power but the majority of them are county but west of this area. >> christie thank you. flooding was not the only problem in the garden state. farther inland the rain and sleet knocked down trees and power lines. sara bloomquist joins us with more. >> reporter: strange now the sun is actually coming out but we have problems here in south jersey with trees and wires coming down. this is why, on this bush it's completely encased in ice here right now. and it's bringing down trees and power lines, they didn't get a whole lot of snow in south jersey, what they did get is causing a lot of problems. pseg workers were called to multiple locations including property on
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grove street in haddonfield. it brought down wires and lands right in the street. it was a common sight in south jersey as ice glazed over frees and power lines. >> roadways are not clear and you are in a maze to figure out how to get hom out. in westfield, a tall pine tree fell on to two cars and cherry hill wires came down at maple avenue and here in national new jersey, a lar landed on a house in hession avenue. >> it was 11:30 in the morning we heard a big gigantic boom and the house shook and ran and found the tree on top of the house. >> back in haddonfield. rob ventured out with his daughter and friends to get to starbucks. >> hanging over and not a pretty morning. the kids don't care, the snow was just slick and compact enough they could sled without a
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sled. >> you jump and land on your belly and is it doesn't hurt and slide down. >> we look back at haddonfield. look at this tree over my head, every tree looks like this now so do the power lines encased in icicles hangs down, that is causing problems, treebs and entire trees coming down in the region at this hour. camden and gloucester county reporting 7500 plus customers still without power. if you see the wires down avoid them call the utility company right away. live in haddonfield, sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action u. in delaware the weather took a dangerous turn for the plow truck driver, it was part of a plow truck train, when the drivers moved over to make way for an ambulance in newark, in the process you see the plow ended up off the road. and the driver was reportedly
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injured and one of many accidents on the road today. and we'll have a full update on traffic in a few minutes. and "action news" will be on earlier again tomorrow morning to help you navigate the aftermath of the storm. join matt, tam, david and karen starting at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow's the day we'll play something besides video games. every day is a gift. especially for people with heart failure. but today there's entresto... a breakthrough medicine that can help make more tomorrows possible. tomorrow, i want to see teddy bait his first hook. in the largest heart failure study ever, entresto was proven to help more people stay alive and out of the hospital than a leading heart failure medicine. women who are pregnant must not take entresto. it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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and mobile 6 on the move tonight through the conshoh and this is fayette street and as you can tell. the roads look pretty good tonight. we mentioned the 4:00 hour though, the sidewalks and side roads, side areas there are still snow covered. that could make it difficult for pedestrians, right now no problems for motorists from the conshohocken area. >> this is from the winfield heights area clearing parking lots, and returning this area to normal as soon as possible as well. we now return to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> i'm looking for mobile 6 looking to result 23 front street by the marriott. the sun is coming back out and the roadway is mostly wet but if you look closely, this is the case on most of the secondary roads there is just a little bit of slush here and this is the
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problem overnight tonight. when we have the refreeze that will be icy and slick for tomorrow morning's commute. hopping on 476, the crash approaching landed dale is cleared out of the way and speeds in the 40s as you come away from plymouth meeting, not a volume problem. >> southbound delay to 55 and millville there is crash partially blocking ramp from 55 southbound to route 49. and still a bunch of mass transit issue, a bunch of buses are not running and a snow schedule. s septa bus routes not running and the regional rails are on a saturday schedul and wh delays. we'll check it again in the next half hour. >> thank you. the action cam at the philadelphia international airport which was a ghost town at that time. two airlines including delta flew limited service. others started to arrive in the
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last two hours. at 30th street station today. many travelers showed up to find out they were not going anywhere. amtrak canceled and modified service up and down the northeast corridor. bob and nancy came to town on sunday to see the flower show, they didn't leave as planned today but that was a good thing. >> because of the storm we can't drive back to rhode island and nancy can't take the train back to d.c. because everything is delayed so we get another play day in philly. are very excited. >> if yo in philly you are suggested to check with amtrak for changes in the is of. >> a good place to be. john rawlins is live in >> reporter: hi guys, things are getting better here. we split our time from here and phoenixville and nearby royersford in montgomery county. we didn't get the snow totals forecasted but still a miserable
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icy morning. the snow that fell heavy. >> thankfully not frozen to the ground that much because everything was cold but heavy and ice on top is a little rough. >> tough to shovel -- but easy to throw. if you have the right machine. >> it's not wet it's more like crushed ice. >> the storm tapered off about noon and roads in the western suburbs remain tricky to drive and the driver of this silver car that slid off 422 was glad a good samaritan happened by. earlier the snow gave way to hours of icy sleet. >> like shards of glass hitting you. >> the ice accumulated on roads and cars with all-wheel drive sometimed needed a push. you need to be careful and go slow. >> if you too fast can you start going into the wrong direction. >> have you to get to work when
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you are a nurse. >> reporter: well, back live again, digout continues here and the situation is improving and the sun has been out and the borough plans to lift the emergency situation here at 8:00 tonight. live in phoenixville, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news.." >> all right thank you. we want to look at photos and videos the viewers are sending in from today's snowfall. join the action too. tag your photos on social media with the #6abcaction. or email them to us at
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...of these benefits to help you get better dental check-ups. go pro with crest mouthwash. checkup? nailed it new at 5:00 a delaware woman is arrested forever falsely reporting a kidnapping and robbery to police apparently. brenda apparently told officials she was assaulted in a parking lot like other cases in the area. but found out her report was false. she was released on $500 bond. and the nor'easter mad for a tough go but not enough to close city offices but the action cam found plenty of folks braving their way to work and the city lifted their snow
5:21 pm
emergency at 1:00 p.m. and all normal parking rules and restrictions are back in place and trash and recycling pickup was canceled today but is back on for tomorrow. >> turning to health check. winter storms are not just inconvenient, they often spark an increase in emergency room visits in the days afterward, they looked at five years of hospital records in boston after storms that dropped at least 5 inches of snow. admissions rose 22% on the days afterward. >> everybody is trying to get out and do things, maybe doing things they shouldn't be doing or delayed the care they normally would have come in for but because of the storm they waited. >> dr. tom waters says that snow shoveling probably causes the most heart issues, think of it as exercise. if you would not run five miles don't try to clear all the snow
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and ice at once. >> makes sense. sky 6 hd showing you spring mountain and i'm sure there will be skiers here tomorrow. cecily tynan has the forecast when "action news" comes right back. hello, peco. hi. can you help me save on my energy bill? old appliances. like a hot water heater? it's around here somewhere. nope. nope. what is this thing? sir, have you looked in the basement? huh. oh, yeah. no wonder.
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time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board. meteorologist, cecily tynan is busy and she has the update on
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the forecast. >> hi monica and rick the storm system continues to pull away and we are getting wrap around snow showers. this one band of snow showers we are tracking is kind of sitting at the border of lancaster and chester county. heading towards coatesville and drifting snowily to the east and this won't drop more in the way of accumulation just a renegade snow shower left over. i am getting photos from the poconos and this is posted on adam's facebook page, this is jack frost heading to the ski resort. you see how the snow is almost to the top of that stop sign, they got two feet of snow in the poconos great news for the ski resorts. these are some of the highest amotslehigh county. 14 about the 5 inches andcounty town reporting 9 inches of snow. wind gusts now tell the story it isy out there.
5:26 pm
we h right now at 40 miles per hour in dover, philadelphia 37 and allentown 28 and the winds are out of the northwest. that is good news for the shore that pushes the water away but also pulling down some cold air. so the windchill feels like 22 in philadelphia. and 19 in trenton and the windchills are g be prettytomorrow. radar showing the storm system continues to spin up the coast. and right off the eastern tip of long island right now. the track did jog a little bit slightly to the west 20 mile ha and freezing rain, of the snow and tonight any of that slush will be freezing solid on untreated roads. degrees in the cooler suburbs and 21 for center city. factor the winds up to 20 miles per hour and windchills dropping down 5 to 10 degrees and through the day tomorrow we continue to have the winds, we'll see a few peeks of sunshine and mostly cloudy and snow showers are
5:27 pm
possible. look at the windchills starting in the single digits and only climbing up into the mid teens, you will have to bundle up tomorrow. the five-day at 5:00, showing the high only 28 degrees, mostly cloudy and a few snow showers, and windchills in the teens, thursday still bnd sunny, temperatures above freezing though. 37 degrees and temperatures though on thursday night. back in the teens, we'll get that melting during the day and refreezing at night cycle. friday for st. patrick's day partly sunny and 38 degrees and partly sunny and 46 on saturday. and sunday brisk and chilly and 44. and spring arrives on monday. will it bring spring like weather? adam will have the answer in the accuweather forecast. we deserve it right about now. >> fingers crossed. for llthere's a serious virus out there
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"action news" continues. >> hello again. here is what is happening on "action news" tuesday night. the snow and sleet stopped falling but freezing temperatures and dangerous conditions remain.
5:30 pm
also, along the jersey shore heavy rain sparking floodg and detours in coastal communities and even the villanova wildcats did no nor'easter get in their way of going f national title. >> this impacd our region in one way or another. it depended on location. the sky 6 hd pointed in atlantic city. people along the jersey shore battled heavy rain and rough surf and flooding and for residents living near spring mountain it was snow and lots of it. and reads in philadelphia and the suburbs a mixture of sleet and snow and blowing winds that made navigating treats messy and tricky today. the march nor'easter is pull ago way from our region and dangerous c remain. that means once the sun goes down that means the sidewalks and roads could refreeze. no matter where you lived
5:31 pm
whether it was snow, sleet or rain, taking it slow was the only way to go. trenton this morning crews brought out snow blowers bright and early and one resident took the bags and walked in the freshly plowed street. >> and a del/dot plow driver went off the road at route 32. it was part of a plow train and the driver suffered minor injuries, even those tapped with keeping roa drivable faced obstacles today. >> and "action news" in warrington bucks county neighbors were out clearing sidewalks and cars while the snow was still falling. >> and chad pradelli was live in wilmington and melissa magee in bala cynwyd and matt pellman is monitoring the roadways, but lets begin with adam joseph live at the big board with the latest on the
5:32 pm
>> reporter: the actual center heading into southern new england, taking the heaviest in northernngland at this time. and drier air to the west side of snow showers that are a continue to try to wrap around the system as it continues to wind up and move to the north but the windchills are brutal out t you see the center of the low here, the spinning nature with the winds around the low and as it does it pulls down the cold air and windchills are 3 below in burlington, vermont and 2 below in syracuse new york and those temperatures continue to crash and the gust we winds continue and temperatures 18 to 21 degrees with the northwesterly wind sustained at 18 to 21 miles per hour. and windchills 5 to 10 degrees tomorrow morning. when you take a look outside of your window venturing out to school tomorrow morning, there are only minor issues on the
5:33 pm
main road. if they continue to salt there won't be issues, but the side roads will be slushy and frozen over tonight. and slick sidewalks and driveways remove that nowyou can. those will freeze up solid tonight. and you don't want to be out there tomorrow morncleaning up . or the sidewalk, because windchills will only be in the single digits, that won't get much better, we'll look at the full exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast coming up in just a bit. now matt pellman with the latest on road conditions out there. >> the wind that a.j. just talks about is not our friend today. it brought down trees and wires and we hope it can help us out tonight and dry out the roadways, across the board, main roads and secondaries remain wet and some secondaries still have snow and slush. you see that as we look live at spring garden street by the museum of art over top of mlk
5:34 pm
drive and the schuylkill expressway over there, there is still a lot of snow and water as the win blows, you see the water rolls along the roadways, this will refreeze overnight and could create stretchrous conditions for tomorrow morning's commute and my friend. the main roads are okay like the route 1 oxford bypass but some a that is the case in the only in the burbs but the city. some side streets have not been touched with a number of streets with a number of issues, in northern delaware a bunch of downed trees and wires and kirkland highway to the south is an alternate. in clementon by the golf center stick with warwick road and blackwood, downed wires of. and downs wires in mount laurel,
5:35 pm
on hainesport road. and the njt buses remain suspended and patco on a snow schedule and 50 septa bus routes not running and everything is still a bit off this afternoon. >> okay. thank you matt. meantime, whipping winds and tidal flooding were the big he jersey shore because of the heavy rain that fell all day. police were forced to close the black horse pike and the white horse pike because of high water, many towns experienced erosion including here in atlantic city. >> chad pradelli is live in wilmington delaware for us. >> how are the conditions in the first state at this hour? >> reporter: it's cold and windy rick. and there is still quite a bit of cleanup here. we are here in wilmington, look behind me that tree came crashing down behind me crushing this car. we were all over the first state this morning and this afternoon and we saw tree after tree down.
5:36 pm
here in delaware it seemed to be raining trees and limbs in spots. on second avenue this mammoth tree split a pickup and temporarily trapped a resident in his trailer. >> pay attention and look up. the trees are wet and icy. >> from homes to vehicles, icy tree tops and strong winds whipped up a recipe for damage. this timber came crashing down at 10:30 a.m. >> i heard a big thump, i was like what in the world is going on and both trees fell. >> larry pierce is among those without heat and power and his vehicle is stuck between the tree and the downed utility pole. >> stuck can't get out no heat orlectric and i don't see any delmarva around. >> the del/dot pickup suffered heavy damage and this crew was picking up downed limbs on i-95
5:37 pm
when another limb came crashing down and fortunately nobody was hurt. >> here in the first state crews need heavy equipment forever the cleanup and those affected are hoping it happens sooner rather than later. >> how frustra you right now. >> getting ready to be cold andd block. >> what are you going to do? >> i don't know. >> you have any where to go. >> i can call my daughter. >> and we are driving around for most of the day. at last check the roads were in good condition in delaware but refreezing is a concern tonight. chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you chad. when the nor'easter hit a 23-month-old baby boy needed heart surgery, he got a two hour escort from east strasburg to eastern pennsylvania. a tag team effort courtesy of some of pennsylvania's finest.
5:38 pm
the facebook page shows part of the journey. >> penndot led the way with a plow train and state police went with the group to make sure they were safe. and the national guard followed up to make sure if anything happened they could help. and the local -- >> what an amazing story and good news everyone arrived safely and our best to that little boy. >> great to hear. in the meantime, melissa magee, is along city avenue in bala cynwyd tonight. how are conditions there? >> reporter: well, monica and rick, i can tell you that the conditions are better than where we were earlier today. we had snow and a later of sleet and ice on top of that. the roads are pretty good but mainly wet and i'm looking and we are talking about the main roads, we are still getting reports right now of the secondary roads and some side roaded still having issues with slush and also some slippery
5:39 pm
conditions as well. as far as the snow we picked up so far in philadelphia, officially 6 inches of snow and this is the issue, snow topped with a layer of sleet and ice, and this is going to be weighted down if you don't clear it. i want to show you this. this is the problem, as temperatures crash overnight. we have got a layer and sheet of glaze and ice. so if you don't get outside now and clear off the sidewalks and cars and streets, this is what you'll be dealing with tomorrow morning. that is the latest from city avenue, melissa magee, channel 6 "action news." back inside to you. >> all right thank you. and this reminder, "action news" will be on 30 minutes earlier tomorrow morning as you head back to work and school. matt, tam, karen and david will have updated information on condition on the roads as well as school delays, it starts tomorrow morning at 4:00 a.m.
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the gop health care replacement plan continues to cause concern with republicans and most democrats. meanwhile the white house continues to push back on the bill assessment and offering no evidence on the president's claim that president obama wiretapped his phones. stephanie ramos is live with
5:43 pm
more on this. >> reporter: well health care dominated the white house press briefing and the white house says that the president is proud of the gop's replacement plan and still intends on promoting it despite the report. today at the white house president trump sitting down with the saudi deputy crown prince. >> president reaction? >> the president not answering questions about the congressional budget office report that scored the gop replacement plan. the nonpartisan replacement plan will leave 24 million americans without insurance in a decade. and just how much could premiums change under the gop plan? the impact could be staggering. especially for elderly. >> if there was ever a war on seniors this is it. >> the attempts to estimate coverage are historically
5:44 pm
faulty. >> it's hard to predict, coverage when tnment stops telling you have to buy something you don't want. >> the white house is still dealing with the claims that former president obama wiretapped his phone, the department of justice missed the deadline monday to turn over alleged evident of wiretapping. and is asking for more time. >> the president tweeted about this and is clear he believes there was surveillance conducted during the 2016 election. there is sound evidence that the microwave is not a sound way of surveying someone and it was made in jest. >> sean spicer says that if the gop says that if the replacement plan fails in congress it will be difficult to replace obama care. stephanie ramos, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. world news tonight with
5:45 pm
david muir will have more on the republican replacement plan as well as the push for proof of wiretapping of trump tower, watch that on "action news" at 6:00. time for sports jaime is here and villanova made it to buffalo safely but we don't foe who they are playing until tonight. >> stay tuned. it will be new orleans or mount st. marys. villanova headed to buffalo to beat the snow and gave them time to get hammered in buffalo by a foot of it. jeff skversky is in the thick of it. you have gloves and "action news" coat. you are prepared for the snow and nova is ready for the big dance but in the ready for the snow? >> can he hear? >> i'm not much of a cold guy. it is cold. but not much of a distraction. i'll go out and throw a snowball
5:46 pm
at somebody. >> another spring day in buffalo. i lived in rochester for two years, i know what this is and i didn't expect anything different. >> it's cold. >> you are wearing short-slee short-sleeves. >> we are indoors but outside it's cold. we have time to bond as a team and watch film and be around each other. >> jeff skversky in buffalo could not hear us, but the wildcats in buffalo practiced today for the first time and find out who they play either mount st. marys or north carolina and hopefully someone gets him sweat pants because they were freezing. the sixers finish up the west coast trip against the warriors, kevin durant out with a knee injury. here is someone that doesn't need snow gear. that would be cozy. tonight. brock staffy hit his fiveth home run of the spring. give this guy a roster spot.
5:47 pm
they blanked the braves 9-0 and the flyers lost last night and their playoff hopes look slim. and maybe get jeff ear muffs. >> lets take a live look at spring mountain through our sky 6 hd camera tonight. plenty of fresh snow for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy and we'll have more on the snow totals when "action news" comes right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds.
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stan as look at stormtracker 6 live double scan the heavye stethe w parts o into eastern lancaster and berks county and these are an hour sore.up and they will notccumulat watch as the traturecold and thn horizon and it could create a few slick spots. a live look now at the shore
5:51 pm
another place battered during the day today. stal flooding anu see the oan still churned up here live on sky 6 hd in atlantic city. and even there, we are getting a westerly winhreat for floodin dowthere. fewd sleet airport we came in with 6 inches of snow and sleet combo, ewing close to that as well. hockessin delaware a inches and mount holly 5 inches and rain on top of the snow and sleet. we are sharing photos of the ice, of the snow, and photos here of the coastal his new jersey, dei center this in to the social media combinatio
5:52 pm
and cstal foding combined. in and the numbers continue tumble into the overnight hours and the center heading into new england 20 miles to the west where models were tracking this and that 20 miles threw in the warmer air in the atmosphere and prolonged the period of sleet. not a quick hit of sleet but longer period and those numbers were cut in half in locations. tonight a solid freeze up and icy spots where there is standing water. 19 in allentown and 19 trenton and 21 millville and 21 in dover. as we look at future tracker 6 tomorrow morning, snow showers to the north and west and peeks of sun to start the day and overall the clouds win out here on wednesday. a few snow showers around during the afternoon hours, no accumulation and you may see the flakes in the air along with
5:53 pm
cold, icy wind the winds gusting to 35 tomorrow and air temperatures below freezing and windchills at the peak of the day tomorrow only near 10 trgs, especially philadelphia to the north and west. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast these temperatures are really cold as you go through the end of the week. 29 tomorrow and more in the way of sun on thursday but still brisk at 37 and st. patrick's day it's cold but dry. and clouds increase in the afternoon way warm front and could be a band of rain developing friday night into the first part of your saturday. saturday mainly cloudy and 46 degrees and still below average on sunday and brisk and chilly and 44 and a lot of sun for the first day of spring. and some of that snow and that sleet is not going to melt before spring arrives, we start more winter like here, so to speak, 46 and back to the lower 50s on tuesday clouds and
5:54 pm
probably showers. don't be deceived tonight anything that looks wet could be icy and that continues into tomorrow morning. >> thank you adam. "action news" viewers bundled up and headed out for fun. they shared their photos and alicia vitarelli is at the big board with more of snowtographs. >> they are giving us great shots. you are sending us amazing pictures, some cute ones especially the kids and others showing the not so sweet side. james connor from maple shade, he had a bad morning to say the least. at 8:00 a.m. he heard a loud crash only to see this massive tree on top of his car. yes his car is under there. sorry about your morning james. and economy shared this picture from delaware, her 6-year-old son a.j. is bummed she wished it would stop sleeting so he could
5:55 pm
go out and play. he wished he was playing in havertown with this cutie. laura sent this picture of her snow bunny. so abhorable. use the #6abcaction and tell you do so safely especially as adam mentions, it's going be slick out there. >> we'll be right back. frh breathcrest o-he.of theu get bettental chec pro with cre.
5:56 pm
checkup? nailed it
5:57 pm
finally on this wintry night a hopeful sign that spring is here to say.franklin square wore snow off the carousel to stop any damage. there has not been carousel riding weather lately but there is hope because spring officially arrives next monday. something to look forward too. jim gardner has team coverage of
5:58 pm
the nor'easter coming up. from snow to ice how the storm ifferent partslley. for the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass have a good night.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. >>yes, it snowed and in fact most locations got quite a lot. but most didn't get quite as
6:00 pm
much as feared. what is interesting here is that we got exactly the amount of io more of it was sleet and freezing rain and that reduced the amount of ving this morn a st some our mch very cold weather. we have an impressive itinerary, "action news" reporter joh rawlins is i phoenixvil sara bloomquist in haddonfield. and christie aleto live in atlantic city and bob brooks is digging out in allentown. but first full story and all the facts and figures from cecily tynan at the big board. >> the nor'easter that brought us a messy combination of ice, rain and snow is off the coast of connecticut we are getting a
6:01 pm
few wrap around snow showers but nothing substantial. as far asnowfall a
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