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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 15, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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it's march 15th. time for new viral videos "right this minute." you've got a busy town square and a guy strolling in with -- >> a large shotgun. watch out. >> hear from the hero who said no you don't! and a popular new york spot where she noticed he got wobbly and weird. why there's a good reason for those weak knees. one woman found a way around one glass of the trick that is an instant viral video. we have christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the latest viral videos. see this latest sneeze. >> oh! we are in a small town square in turkey.
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what you notice is somebody on their way to work with a large shotgun. watch out! >> holy cow. >> he walks up to the city government building and attempts to walk right through the door. that's when people say, oh no, you don't. there's a struggle outside. and that shotgun goes off not once but four times shots are fired. >> oh my goodness. one side of me is don't attack him. the other side is good for you guys. >> after one of the blasts you see people scatter, except for the guy with his hands on the rifle. then more people jump in and control this guy. the story behind it? apparently that guy is a truck driver for the city and was recently fired. he was on his to see the mayor. he was planning to go inside the mayor's office and take out his vengeance. he was fired on -- >> being a nutcase. >> in this video he appears that
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way, but he was accused of extortion. thankfully, no injuries in this case. and to ster england. with three other guys are going to work as well. going to work on this reinforced glass with a sledgehammer. if you look at the top right corner you can see this is inside a casino. three guys spent 20 minutes smashing away at that glass before it finally caves in. and they are able to jump inside the cashier's office. >> how did they get 20 minutes to do that? security should be there 24/7. >> in the u.k. the casinos are different. >> you can hear the guy's voice in this. they climb in they climb out. reports say they got away with a substantial amount of casino chips in different denominations, not cash. police don't have much to go on in this video. here you see a guy return and start spraying down the entire area with an unknown substance to try to cover their tracks even more. really the only thing officers have to go on here is the date.
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this happened on christmas day. that's another reason why you don't see many people around. >> the grinch. >> yeah. well kyla was 20 years old she met justin. they lost contact. met again on facebook and they went on their first date. flash in regard when they were both in new york for work. they died and went to various places around the city. here they are at rockefeller center. kyla says this is on her bucket list. >> this is romantic seeing things like that. it is somewhat iconic. >> and at this point in the video, their session is almost over. justin suggests they get a picture. as they set up for the picture, she noticed that justin got a little bit wobbly and weird. and she turned around -- >> did he slip? >> no he didn't slip. he was there on purpose on one knee with that little black box. and, of course, she said yes.
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she nodded her head. i'm laughing because this is part where i would have felldding more ice to the rink. >> yes, he is. he puts the ring on her finger. she's crying and laughing and says "unforgettable" was playing in the background which made this all sbeet.weet. at one point she heard someone yelling, that's my best friend. he had her best friend yale also fly in. and the rest of the night they spent hanging out toasting to a wedding that they are going to be planning here shortly. cats rule the internet. people love them but they have to be really weird. especially if they are finding to bring you a gift. >> hello smooch what have you got there? >> look humans. >> it's not moving anymore because it keeps pawing at the poor little mouse. >> you should be grateful. this mouse was most likely in your house.
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making more mice. >> or maybe outside. but in the -- we cheer with dogs when they play fetch. so the cat is like i can bring something in too. >> take that outside. >> eventually they brave up enough to grab a dust pan and then they take it outside. >> they are lucky, my cat used to just bring me parts of animals. >> yeah it seems like everything is fair game for cats. this one bit off a little more than it could chew. >> so this is a cat who has a snake hanging from her nose. >> and that is not a booker. >> did it slither through the cat's naval cavity? >> yes, that's the head of the snake coming out of the nose. it's got to be in pain. >> pull it out. >> they do grab the cat and gently tug. >> oh poor kitty. it's like, heck no! >> oh!
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>> that is the weirdest video we have had for a while. you can see the second half of the snake, which is chewed. it is almost like he swallowed the first half it slithered back down the nasal cavity and he's chewing on the back of it. >> that's why, even though this video is a little older, it is trending like crazy these days. >> wow. >> she was ready for that. >> she's mad. this is 34-year-old anna brown. and she has a big vivacious smile. but she says that she was bullied. she was called ugly and fat. and she did something dramatic to fit in. and that lefthere. what did she do? >> i went to the the liposuction doctor to get a tummy tuck. >> oh my gosh what went wrong? >> what went wrong is her incisions opened and an infection set in. but listen to what she has to say. >> i wanted to fit in like
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everybody else. >> did she go to an unlicensed doctor or anything like that? >> no she didn't. she did her research online and the doctor got four and five-star incredible pain and couldn't move. it felt like her skip was ripping apart. she goes back to the doctor he had never seen anything like that before and gave her an anti biotic. but her parents insist he do something, so he redid the sutures. >> things can go wrong. it's just so sad so see her wind up in this position. >> she had to go back. the doctor wasn't there, his partner was. the partner sent her home again, but her family unsatisfied took her to the e.r. the next day. she ended up spending 50 daysl and requiring five surgeries to r skin and tissue and skin grafts. and now she has this video out this question. >> is it really worth it? >> is it worth it? because she simply wanted to fit
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in. >> this could have killed her. she was really close to losing her life. >> this is her now. and she's posingandorts. >> it is good she shared her story. it may make other men and women think twice about altering your body. >> or make other people think twice about calling somebody fat or ugly. that is not your job to do that. and it's wrong. there's a debacle on the ice because -- >> someone thought the water was really frozen and it wasn't. >> see how this rescue operation requires a little extra muscle. >> they aren't cheap. and lindsey sterling channels her inner princess for a "beauty and the beast" inspired video. >> she imagined herself as belle on tour. >> why you definitely want to be our guest for this performance. brought to you by aveeno. naturally beautiful results. that's why i... ...make time for myself...
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this is me livin closed captioning provided by -- with icy hot® smartrelief™. starts blocking pain immediately at the nerve level. icy hot® smartrelief™. got a feeling that our viewers up in the northeast right now are thinking please don't show us any more snow and ice, we have plenty of it. but here we are on a search and rescue mission. what could they be looking for? >> a cow. >> another drone. >> yeah. i'm with him. >> none of those things. they are in the middle of the lake! >> what they areking for was left in the middle of the lake. they have been searching for two days with this drone trying to
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find it. they finally spot it. not whe it. there's our fishing shack that was blown away in strong winds. here it is resting on its side. they tell everybody, okay we have located -- here he comes on his three-wheeler speeding across the lake trying to recover his little fishing shack. >> and they are sure the ice is completely frozen for them to be up there on that trick? oh you're going to put your nose on me like we haven't seen those videos? >> on to the next video where someone thought the water was frozen and it wasn't. except in this case they couldn't call the tow truck. so instead they called -- a very expensive tow service, a helicopter hooked up to a -- one of those side-by-side offroad
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vehicles. >> they aren't cheap. >> and neither is this long line rescue with the helicopter. i can see the helicopter picking this thing up and out of what they thought was solid ice but no. that's one of our favorites, lindsey sterling but she's dressed like belle because dind the beast" action is coming to live on friday. she's reimagined herself as belle on tour. ♪♪ so she goes through some of the popular songs and sequences her own way in this video. she also does gaston, a popular song.
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besides "gaston," the iconic song "be our guest. " ♪♪ i find it amazing she can play after turning into this character, mrs. pots playing "beauty and the beast." there's a little shade thrown at lindsey because of this video. because if you see those people behind her, some people say they were not playing their instruments. so she has the video to tell you exactly what was going on. >> i'm going to post a version just so you can see, just so everybody can see what it really sounds like. >> they were really playing their instruments. >> funny, she was trying to keep a straight face on how they are playing. >> this kid is so talented man. she really is. and she's so engaging with her music, too.
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all these people made up to look like their pets. >> there's face art, there are costumes. >> see the final results next "right this minute." and still to come a few brave people see this unique arch and think -- >> incredible climbing to be had. >> see the heart-pounding journey around the curb. >> whoa. plus some household pranks that couldn't be easier to pull. >> guess what your kids are going to think when you come home. >> that you're a terrible person. >> exactly. >> why these tricks get them every time. >> dude dude dude no! what's wrong with you? but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. oh yes.... even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent.
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just because you are the five-time world cup winner and you have been out of competition for years, doesn't mean you can't go out and have some fun. that's what this guy and his buddy did. they were in china. why wouldn't you? this is an incredible archway. this whole area of china is notorious for the incredible formations you can see in the background. you can see the snow and mountains are so jagged. incredible climbing to be had. >> well, they are not enjoying the backdrop. >> don't you think they stop at some point and go oh. >> funny enough it's between the two. because these climbs are easy well for them. so they say. but to be honest this entire trip was more about the experience of experiencing the climbs on these rock formations. so obviously, they were looking around and enjoying themselves while they were doing it. >> easy because there are so
2:50 pm
many hand holds and footholds that it looks like the rock is jagged. so they have an easy place to hold on to. >> and a local climber would take them to find some really cool interesting routes. instead of having a guest, they had local expert knowledge and their own expert skills. and it all comes together in this pretty awesome video. today i'm with chase gillard. >> if you want to join your favorite favorite pranksters from youtube. here are some pranks to try on your friends and family. >> you need a glass bottle because you're going to be drinking out of it. then refill the bottle with the blue sports drink. >> dude dude dude no! what's wrong with you? >> that's terrible. >> this next one just stinks. >> this is perfect if there's a baby in the house. >> they are going to take the
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nutella spread and put it in the diaper. of course it looks pretty suspect. >> and still looks delicious. that's how much i love that stuff. >> you don't have kids. >> you ain't never smelled what is in the diaper. then it's no longer cute. >> look at the poo diaper. her first real poo. >> pretend like you just changed the diaper and then call the mom. >> nasty. >> that's not funny at all. >> i'm not sure if the baby is feeling too well. >> this is a good one. you take one of the kitchen sponges and put frosting all over it. then some sprinkles over it. guess what your kids are going to think when they come home? >> that you're a terrible person. >> exactly. >> i'm home. >> not before they are about to have a delicious little brownie. >> i would totally fall for that. the second i see goodies like
2:52 pm
that i'm like mmm, that needs to get in my face. this one is great or awful, i don't know. you fill a balloon with a ton of glitter. and then you make a water balloon out of it. >> oh! >> that's so perfect. >> you should fill it with something sticky. see, i know you didn't grow up around too many ladies or someone black, but why did you just throw a water balloon near somebody whose momma has to go back in to see what you did with the water balloon. but you got the glitter balloon, that's a double whopper right there. >> i'm sorry. >> don't try this on christmas. >> these are good ones. >> they really are. there are several more in the video. if you want to check them all out, head over to click on tv show or check it out on the mobile app. the one glass a day rule is
2:53 pm
no problem for this lay day because she's -- >> making her glass work for her. she's making it stretch a bit. >> see her clever solution for extra sips. >> we need to talk
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cheese there you go. >> i would go to jim's house any day for >> every time we hear you go woo
2:56 pm
woo-hoo! >> well, a comedian jam rock young is making her glass work for her. she's making it stretch a bit. there you see she's got that bottle of wine. she turns it upside down and it's a glass. >> okay we need to talk about what this means. >> go! go! go! go! go! she explains it's not a real bottle and it's not real glass. it's actually one of those bottles that is filled with chocolate. if you have ever seen them they are plastic and the bottom comes off. so she repurposed it for the joke and a little idea. >> it's funny. she's cute she's funny. she's hilarious. speaking of health let's head over to the gym. timothy here has a pretty unique way of using the treadmill. apparently he says it's a way to work all of the leg muscles.
2:57 pm
>> he already had his glass of wine. and now he went to work it off. >> well, if nothing else he's keeping it fun. because sometimes a schedule can get boring. >> sometimes? >> hop. you don't stop. thanks for watching. don't forget to tell all your friends you saw it here first. we'll see you next time on the next brand new episode of "right this minute." wendy's doesn't put up with mushy fish sandwiches like some do. their north pacific cod is breaded in crisp, flaky panko for a big... that's deliciously different. i love it even more than the sea. hey, don't get all mushy on us.
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