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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  March 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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removal efforts there. >> they have done an okay job and you see here on this pile of snow i'm standing on it, so heavy and icy it's nearly impossible to move this snow around. look out on third street it's down to the pave many but down to one lane as well making for slow going. look at the edge of 3rd, the piled up snow very icy making it difficult for people to traverse the sidewalks and get their cars out. it's not an easy day for people to get around. ice is a problem in the city today. one day after nor'easter brought wet snow and the owner of a northern liberties cafe cleared the sidewalks yesterday and found them covered again today after people shoveled out their cars. >> overnight they shoveled they are cars on to the sidewalk that we cleaned. >> cars have carved out paths for most streets but it's one
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lane and slow going especially on side streets still covered with hard packed snow. i would give drivers patience when navigating the streets. it's nasty out and there is a lot of ice on the streets and hard to get out of parking spaces and we are philadelphia we make it work. piles of icy snow covers the curbs and some sidewalks are coated with slick snow and catching a bus in old city meant waiting in the street. >> you clean your sidewalks and there is snow on it. >> in north philadelphia parents set out early to get kids to school on time. >> my son almost fell walking but he got there to the school. >> and in manayunk neighbors help neighbors get out. and some say stuck on smaller snow covered street. >> no parking and covered cars, we need someone to put salt all over the street.
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>> looking back live here now, i'm standing on new street actually an old street, a cobblestone street. it's still quite snow covered and icy and slick in spots. if you live on a street or see a street believes needs to see a snowplow or some salt. the city wants you to call 311 with you they are asking you wait until tomorrow to do it. sara bloomquist, channel 6 "action news". power crews fanned out across newcastle county to restore electricity knocked out in the storm. the weight of the snow and ice and wintry rain mix brought down trees and power lines. delmarva power brought in crews from philadelphia, chicago chicago and washington, to assist their crews to get power back to affected customers as soon as possible. crews made significant process restoring power today. delmarva has 158 outages at this
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hour. peco was down to 189 customers without electricity. ac electric is down to under 1600 outages and pseg is restoring power to just over 1600 customers. >> a morning head-on crash killed a person in salmon county. two vehicles collide the at 5:00 on north hook road in pennsville township. the 51-year-old driver of a honda civic identified as robert piotti was killed. a woman and 15-year-old boy was kes rued from the van and taken to the hospital where none life threaten injuries. >> bucks county lawmen made 11 arrests and looking for two other suspects in the bust of a heroin ring selling up to 400 bundles of heroin a week.
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jeff is live at the building in doylestown, what are the details here. >> jim, authorities say this ring helped to fuel a widespread here oh win addiction problem near the toward to brothers that they say started the organization in 2013. >> it's alleged that the people at the top of the pyramid made up wards of a million dollars a year in selling their heroin to the people of bucks county. >> bucks county da announce the at rest of shamus and casey mccarthy, the brothers are accused of operating a complex heroin ring in a remote area in quakers town. >> the dealers at the top brought it into bucks county and repackage it and retribute it to other dealers. >> it involved eight other low level dealers. he says that the suspects made frequent trips to philadelphia
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to buy drugs from their supplier, antoine harris and they used a second decoy car to avoid police. >> in case the first car containing the heroin had police suspicion, the decoy car could then violate the traffic laws. >> they sold under miami, protocol and fresh and led to at least two deaths and police arrested 11 of the 13th suspects including the mccarthy's brother, thomas. he admits the case is not a slam dunk, prosecutors have been unautomobile to get a search warrant for the family home and will rely largely on testimony. >> we didn't have the actual pot of gold, so to speak and that will present an issue and a challenge certainly at trial. >> the brothers are facing a long list of racketeering and drug charges, the judge sets
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bail at $15 million cash each. if you know anything about the two men on the loose, you are asked to call quakertown police. reporting live in doylestown, jeff cherco, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. and orlandos in gloucester county announced an arrest of a beating of a homeless man last year. 33-year-oldmal contyson was arrested for the murder of sylvester buttons combs. comb's body way was deserved last april in an abandoned trailer where he often stays. he was charged with an arson that occurred days earlier and the investigation led to the charges in combed death and atlantic city police officers clocked in for less money and fewer benefits, all part of a plan to cut costs in atlantic city which of course is under a state takeover. the city is hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. on monday the talks between the police union, pba local 24 and
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the state broke down. the state wants to cut the force to just 250 cuts. >> salary cuts and cutting the force deeper down 24 additional cops. now they want to cut that deeperer, i don't know how that doesn't affect public safety. >> they say every day under the old contract costs the city thousands of dollars and without new savings, the balance budget will be impossible. and temple university may walk back the claim that philadelphia's beverage tax is partly responsible for the increase in its meal plan for next year. john rawlins has that story. >> in a statement late tote temple president said that mayor kenney raise the valid concerns to the numbers related to the impact on the soda tax to temple
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student. room and board to go up for the 2017-2018 school year the cost of a double standard room to go up almost 4$400 a year, $136 of that hike tied to the cost of the controversial beverage task. and current students surprised and not pleased. >> to raise the price because of the fact of the sweetened beverage tax is scary, what else am i going to do? go to fresh grocery now. >> i won't get it next year. i get the lowest one already and the price increase is not going to be good. it's unfortunate. >> yesterday a staffer for the mayor blasted temple accusing the city as a scapegoat. and they will review the tax before enacting the meal plan fee. >> other colleges are examining the tax impact and la salle says
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it has not decided what it might do, still working on the budget and drexel is not raising its board because of the tax but may raise prices at their retail locations. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> still to come tonight, philadelphia's historical sites are feeling the squeeze of anticipated federal cutbacks ahead the locations with limited hours. jeff skversky with the villanova wildcats on the eve of the team's march tour repeat championship. >> reporter: villanova is the number one overall seed in the ncaa tournament again and are they ready to make another title run? again? we'll hear from the wildcats in sports. in addition to the cold and wind we have snow showers and squalls moving through and most of them across south jersey and spring arrives in less than a week though and we'll let you know if it comes with spring
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like temperatures in the accuweather forecast. >> we should mention from jeff skversky is reporting from buffalo.
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president trump anticipated budget would cut the money to the parks significantly. >> reporter: independence hall the birth place of the nation. nearly 5 million tourists are drawn here every year pumping millions into the local economy. since march 1st fallout from the
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white house hiring is freeze is causing employees to walk the equivalent of two blocks for a public restroom. these are closed because there is no one to clean them creating a spectacle in the hall where the continental congress once made. >> women are changing diapers on the floor of the hall because there is nowhere else to do that. >> the old print shop at 3rd and dolly madison's home, all shut down. and where ben franklin wrote the declaration of independence is all closed for the distant future. >> who knows what will come out tomorrow. tomorrow we are suppose to get the numbers for the budget and everything we have seen from the union standpoint we are on the hit list. epa is number one. >> all of this federal budget
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uncertainty is generating anxiety among local tourist promoters, a difficult situation for the park service and i don't know what the resolution or if it's sight but i hope they get it fixed before the summer when people are there in great great numbers. >> the budget proposal is expected to be released. in independence mall i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." a new study is showing that philadelphia's green spaces are translating into green. for the regions economy. the study was released today for the philadelphia flower show. the author has called philadelphia the garden capital with 30 public gardens in the 30 mile radius than title is semmingly well deserved and that it supports 1500 jobs and generates sales for local
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villanova itching to get started. >> me too. i can't wait. villanova's run at a repeat begins tomorrow night. the top seeded cats open with mount st. marys and the game will be played in buffalo with jeff skversky standing by. >> hey ducis, villanova tips off the tournament tomorrow with the most wins ever by a defending national champion. at 31-3 they are expected to blowout mount st. marys in the opener but they are not taking the win for granted. lets look at the villanova wild qualities after practice and after every single huddle they shout one word "attitude" they are not focused on the big picture in the big dance but worrying about mount st. marys but not worried about repeating.
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that is what they are sticking to. >> we are good enough to win the next game and focus on one game at a time. as long as we do that, we have the opportunity. >> one game at a time because at this point at the time you lose your season is over. and for seniors our career is over. we don't take any game for granted and take one game at a time. >> a 16th seed has never upset a number one seed in the history of the tournament but jay wright is taking this seriously because people around the country want to see villanova lose and people like an u and villanovatant hish ight "action news" at. marys. jeff skversky channel 6 "action news." >> na is 26.5 point vorite.
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to the ice the flyers shoul. tonight they host sydney crosby and the pittsburgh penguins. the captain claude giroux is beginning to sound like a broken record. >> it won't be easy but we have to start one game at a time. and you kno we are playing some good hockey but not winling games and not having results we want and tonight we'll have the same attitude as the other games and play our games and try to have the result. to spring training the phillies and yankees play under the lights in tampa, there is no question the big story is staffy, batting over .400, he knows he has to play every game like it's his last. >> exactly. as great as it is going tomorrow is a knew day and come to the
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field anda way to get better. >> that is a look at sports. >> thank you. members of the delaware 87ers took a break from the basketball court to help families in need. the athletes teamed up with the company high mark to volunteer at the food bank in newark. and spent tking and sorting boxes of food and the 87ers of course part of the national basketball developmental league.
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you said this would not be a fast melting storm just cold and
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raw. >> we got a few additional snow squalls adding more. stormtracker 6 live double scan is showing they are beginning to peter out. we had snow squalls across south jersey and now light snow showers, this one batch working closer to trenton and crossing 206 right now and 130 as well over pennington and another batch of snow showers a little bit farther down to the south over the garden state parkway heading towards beach haven. generally these are winding down and really the big story today the cold. our high today struggled to hit 30 degree, that is 22 degrees below average, the fifth day coldest day this winter. it felt colder with windchills in the teens. we are not alone in the cold. the deep freeze is expending all the way to the deep south. freeze warnings in effect all the way to northern florida and this likely will have a big p, .
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gusting at 28 miles per hour and lancaster the wind gust 40 miles per hour and dover 44 and wilmington 38 and the winds are westerly pulling in the cold air and the concern windchill if you step out tonight you need to dress in layers and cover everything up. feels like 18 if philadelphia and the same in wilmington and feels like 16 in atlantic city and 15 in allentown and reading and the poconos it feels like 1 degree below zero. satellite 6 along with action radar showing the reason we are seeing the snow showers and getting the winds, we are under the influence of the nor'easter, it's moving out and we get the wrap around winds and a troth in the atmosphere bringing united states the clouds and snow showers and tonight it's still breezy and the wins are diminishing somewhat and the snow showers are over and overnight low 21 in philadelphia and 15 in allentown and 19 in
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wilmington and atlantic city 24, factor in the breeze, windchill dropping down to 5 to 10 degrees. tomorrow it's cold and still somewhat windy and not as brutal as today. we'll see partly sunny skies and that is good news with winds up to 20 miles per hour. feeling like 9 and 19 degrees by 1:00 and windchills it's amazing when this is not that bad. windchills making it feel like 29 degrees, not as bad as today. friday we start the day with sunshine and weak bubble of high pressure over us. 43 degrees and melting on friday and a clipper moving in. it moves in initially as a warm front friday night and if you are out celebrating rain showers around philadelphia a mix to the north and snow across the poconos and this is showing around midnight. and this could be a few hours earlier. and this causes slick roads and
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temperatures in the mid up to upper 40s of the weekend. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast bright sunshine tomorrow and briskp cold though. the high is 37 degrees and a little bit of melting going on tomorrow. and friday we start with sun and increasing clouds and the evening mix moving in and 43 degrees behind the system milder on saturday at 48 degrees and sunday a shower or two and clouds and sun and high of 46. and monday when spring arrives there is still a chill in the air 46 degrees and finally on tuesday, the first full day of spring we are back to normal. 52 degrees but mostly cloudy with a few showers and behind that system temperatures drop again on wednesday, plenty of sunshine with a high of 42 degrees in the next seven days we have one day with near average temperatures. >> but partly sunny for every day in the forecast. what is not too bad.
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thank you. postal carriers from south jersey were honored today for reaching a maim ser milestone. eight letter carriers from the depford post office were recognized for driving a million miles accident free and the drivers received a plaque for the impressive milestone today and fewer than 10,000 postal carriers nationwide ever achieved the accident free million mile marker. abc world news tonight with david muir is next on channel 6. and "action news" continues at 10:00 on phl 17 with brian taff, sharrie williams and ducis rogers and please join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team. i'm jim gardner we hope you'll join us for "action news" at 11:00.
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tonight, several developing stories. fbi director james comey on capitol hill. lawmakers demanding to know where is the proof of president trump's claim that president obama wiretapped him. what our team has learned. critical condition? the white house battle to save the plan to replace obamacare. and tonight t e, the eye-openin new number. how americans just signed up for obamacare. a. the fbi bombshell tonight. the justice department revealing. an arrest, and the hunt for three others. russian spies among them. hacking into hundreds of millions of e-mail accounts, everyday americans. the manhunt tonight. the shootings on an american highway, the suspect in his car, taking aim at two different drivers. both of them hit, the urgent search. and the headphones in flames in mid-flight, amid warnings about certain electronics and batterieon


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