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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 15, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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drivers beware of what's coming off of the vehicle in front of you. that's next. ♪ "action news," delaware valley's leading news program with jim gardner. ♪ >> the are lucky to be alive. that's what police are saying about four people in delaware. they were almost overcome by carbon monoxide after bringing a charcoal grill inside and lighting it to warm the house
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during a power failure. . the big story on "action news" tonight, three adults, one child en the family dog sickened by toxic fumes. christie ileto is there. obviously, a close call. >> that's right, jim. this could have been so much worse. we spoke with a man that said his wheelchair bound wife and child were two of the four people inside the home. when they brought the grill indoors, their desperation almostd deadly. >> they called me and said they were trying to stay warm. >> three adults and one child tried to keep warm. >> they started with a gas stove, then went to a kerosine heater. that wasn't enough. they went to using a charcoal
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grill. they moved it inside the structure. >> that careless decision proved almost deadly for this man's wheelchair bound wife and child. he chose not to show his face. >> i knew they got dizzy but i didn't know it was to the extent it was. >> firefighters found high levels of carbon monoxide inside the home. everyone was rushed to christiana hospital. >> did you try to find safer way to keep your family warm? >> i purchased the kerosine lamps. >> then again, this could have been so much worse. fire officials spent the evening airing out the home and power wasd to the block. christie ileto, channel6, "action news," jim?
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>> thank you. woman were overcome by onoxide fumes inphiladelphia. a heater malfunctioned on the oh hi. at 8:30. the victims were taken to hospital and are expected to recover. >> peco has no remaining outages from the storm. psng is down to a couple hundred. "action news" found them repairing storm damaged utility poles and snapped wires. most of the outages remaining are delmarva customers, down from 10s of thousands yesterday after the storm. let's check in with meteorologist cecily tynan. it's going to be frigid with
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windchill in the morning. >> it is going to be. the official high in philadelphia, 31-degrees. that's the fifth coldest day this winter when spring is five days away, 21-degrees below average. all day long we had gusting winds, windchills in the teens. right now winds sustained at 60 miles per hour in philadelphia. the northwesterly wind bringing us cool air. tonight, temperatures tumbling again. the windchill, 17-degrees in philadelphia. clouds earlier today are beginning to dissipate. we keep the wind all night long into the morning. tomorrow morning, it's breezy. we see sunshine but at 6:00, 18-degrees, 8:00, 19. winds in the single digit, so bundle up the kids, hats and gloves. i'm tracking a gradual warm up. we have that in the seven-day forecast. jim? >> thank you, cecily.
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mother nature has been no help to ridents ofide o sheets of ice like the 200 block of windover street and paris and preston streets, it's been tricky for drivers to go down these roads, obviously, or find parking spots with shoveled piles of snow and rock hard ice. >> authorities closed the south side of market street between south and juniper 2:30 to 5:00 after ice fell from the lowe's hotel. cars were prohibited, septa busses prohibited and the sidewalk blocked. nobody was hurt. there is the problem of ice flying off of buildings and also off of vehicles. that's worrisome when the vehicle in front of you is going 60 miles per hour. dann cuellar is live at the 30th street station.
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dan, no doubt a lot of us have seen this sort of thing first hand. >> that's right, jim. a lot of motorists are seeing this kind of situation over the last couple of days, pieces of ice and snow flying off vehicles like this one. this is hard almost like concrete. as one motorist found out today in delaware, these can be like ice missiles causing serious damage. >> andrew of dover, delaware was driving5 south of the 295 split when a large piece of ice flew off of a tractor trailer rig and crashed through the wind were you scared when you sw it coming at you? >> yes, sir, shocked me. i tried to get the license plate number but i was more paying attention to pulling over. >> of he was fortunate that he
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was not injured. >> it not in delaware, but it's illegal to drive with snow and ice on the vehicle in philadelphia and new jersey. med truck in king of prussia. it had not been cleared and it a bump in the road. >> ppdceheehle. >> some had to do a lotf dodging. >> you better see it coming or you might get overtaken by it. >> in pennsylvania and new jersey, you could get fined up to a thousand dollars if ice or snow flying off your vehicle causes damage or injuries someone. >> take a few minutes to clear your vehicle. >> better safe than sorry. >> a warning to all motorists, beware of ice and snow that can
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come without warning. please, clear your vehicles before you hit the road. live in philadelphia, dann cuellar, xe hawaii. derri ruled amendment.ainst it would not apply to holders of u.s. or green cards. the case like travel to a panelf circuit which hawaii is a part. now the latest on the president's wiretapping cu against former president obama. the house intelligence committee acknowledged that tyn thent tru.
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fbi director james com comey wil testify. >> president trump had a lot to say about these two issues and more as they hit the road in michigan and tennessee. monica malpass, trump didn't hold back and his supporters love that. >> he started with the hawaiian judge who blocked his second travel ban. >> the order he blocked was a watered down version of the first order. that was also blocked by another judge, and should have never been blocked to start with. >> trump went further saying he will fight the hawaiian judge all the way to the supreme court
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saying the danger is clear and the law is clear to protect the people of nashville and america. >> trump continues to bless obama care saying his plan will be a big improvement. >> if we leave obama care in place, millions and millions of people will be forced off their plans. >> he continued to push american job creation saying the country added a half million mar jobs in his 50 days in office. that resonated in nashville and a testing plant in michigan. >> i ask you to join me in daring to believe that this facility, this city and this nation will shine with industrial might. >> he again promised to build the wall on the mexican border saying it's under design and
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every contractor wants to build it. >> don't even think about it. we'll build the wall. >> he was back in vintage campaign style mode. he would rather be there than the pundits in washington, but they are the ones he needs to help him pass the legislation. >> police and medics converged on the 1900 block of pal drive when the boy's mother called 911. >> an ocean city home went up in flames. the home along the 5200 block of simpson drive is a total loss. firefighters spent an hour
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battling the blaze that broke out at 6:30. a neighbor's home suffered heat damage but no one was hurt. >> coming up, investigators figure out who is behind the hack of the half million yahoo accounts and what their motivation was. >> the president's budget will be introduced tomorrow. cecily? >> we are not alone in the cold. we have freeze warnings all the way to the gulf coast tonight. the freeze will ease gradually. i have the details on that and track the winter mix over the weekend in the seven-day forecast. >> why villanova is not focused on the big pictureture. they are focused on the first game against mount st. mary's. >> the reason jeopardy host alex trebeck was in town tonight.
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that and more when "action news" continues. ♪ ♪
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dan >> we have been hearing a lot lately about russia's hacking prowess and c officials say they
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were behind the 2014 yahoo breach that affected a billion accounts. two russian intelligence officers and two others to hel them. three are inussia, therefore unlikely to face justice here. cyber crooks were in it to mak money whilehe spies were going after specific targets. >> the spies targeted officials dlug cyber security, diploma mi. >> by breaking in, millions of americans were caught up in the hack, their information stolen. >> interest rates are going up but on pace and in a controlled environment.
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the federal reserve says the economy is ready for a second rate in three months. fed chair janet yellen says if interest rates stay where they are now they'll be raised two more times this year, three times next year. >> there will be a matching bump within the next 60 days. now is a good time to lock in if an offer comes your way and if you are interested. auto loans are sensitive to competition. they won't go up as much. mortgages are influenced by different factors. they follow longer term treasury bonds. banks may offer better returns on your savings accounts and c.d.'s, but don't hold your breath. it could take a while.
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the dow gained 129 points to 2950. 2,950, the s&p 500 added nearly 20 points. nasdaq up 43. president trump will submit his budget to congress tomorrow. it is expected to include bad news for philadelphia. expectations are that the budget will cut the national park service running historical park. they have closed the home are thomas jefferson penned the declaration of independence. bathrooms around the park have been closedecse they can't hire workers to maintain them. >> sever police officers were shot in the line of duty were honored tonight by the fraternal order of police in philadelphia. susan young and jesse hartnet
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were given awards. both were a while in their patrol cars. >> the police academy will meet once a week for residents will have a chance to learn what officers do duringthy including crime scene investigations. >> cecily tynan, still cold out there. when is that going to change? >> we'll thaw out tomorrow afternoon, gradually. the cold air is in place. double scan showing a few lingering flurries. surf city, they are not amounting to much. they are moving out. skies are clearing. the big story tonight, the windy, cold air. wind gusts right now, this late at night, this is when the winds
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diminished. 26 miles per hour in philadelphia. 36 in cape may. reading and wilmington 31. it feels like 17 in philadelphia, trenton 17, lancaster 11 and wilmington feels like 14-degrees. satellite and radar showing we had a bit of sunshine earlier, then the clouds rolled in. we had snow showers and squalls. clouds are breaking, skies are clearing. we see the return of sunshine tortomorrow, but stepping outsi, the sun will not help. 11 in philadelphia, 4 in allentown, 4 in lancaster, poconos, 4-degrees below zero. temperatures struggle to climb to the mid to upper 30s. today's high, 31. no melting going on. tomorrow, 37-degrees. good amount of sunshine, clouds cropping up but on the breezy
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side. afternoon windchills stuck in the 20s. friday, finally, 40s. 43-degrees with high pressure off the eastern seaboard. we start the day with sun, increasing clouds and this system drags a warm front through late friday and that brings mixed prescription, rain in philadelphia, icy mix to the north. friday night, st. patrick's day, if you are out late partying, be careful. roads could be slick. the seven-day forecast, brisk and cold but not brutal as today. with the sunshine, feeling we better. 37 for the high. friday, st. patrick's day, early sun, increasing clouds, mix late friday night, the high 43. behind the system,ild saturday. lingering showers possible, 47-degrees sunday. monday, officially, spring arriving, but there is a chill
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in the air, 46 the high. tuesday, back near normal. the normal high for tuesday, 54. cloudy and showers with a cold front behind the front, chilly again wednesday with a high of 42-degrees. the calendar say sprin week, it's going to feel like winter. don't put away the winter coats yet. >> he's been host on jeopardy since 1984, the answer, who is alex trebeck. he was in philadelphia to meet with fans. he was at the logan center for a meet and greet for winners of our feb asked about his favorite shows and most memorable contest contestants. >> bianca's kids raid14,0 raised
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of all of the flyer's opponents, whom would you like to beat? >> the penguins. >> penguins, cats, rangers -- tonight the penguins. >> and they looked good. they have been fading, but tonight the flyers dominate t. flyer thes and penguins, quiet first period, picking up the action in the second. 1-0 flyers. five minutes later, wayne simmons on the powerplay. his 200th career goal, 2-0. nice uniforms. to the third, claude giroux, 4-0, back within five points of the final wild card spot. >> if we get the win, that's a shut out.
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we played well. we want to continue on. >> villanova now. the run toward a repeat tomorrow. 7:10 wildcats face mount st. mary's. cats are favored by 26.5 points. jeff skversky followed the team to buffalo. >> as a number one team in the country and number one in the ncaa tournament, villanova heads to the big dance. if they have a shot to repeat, they can't think of the shot. >> they have been through this enough to know, we can be beat by anyone. we have a tough team tomorrow. if we try to repeat, we'll be upset tomorrow. >> we are happy to be here. we are blessed. we don't take it for granted. come tomorrow, we'll b ready to
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go. >> a 16 seed has never upset a one seed in the tournament but mount st. mary's poses a problem even with the smaller player in the country guard robinson. >> everyone loves the underdog. when you are the 16 seed, there's a free and loose mindset. >> last time they faced, 2013 when josh hart was a freshman. he scored 17 off the bench in that game. they have another in the opener. jeff skversky channel6 "action news." >> still ahead here in sports, the philly's and yankees tango in tampa. the only problem, they leave their bats in clear water.
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>> philly's first baseman tommy joseph scratched from the lineup against the yankees. he's dealing with a bruised hand. t a dealingit abruised ego. they managed just one hitght. a home run by bird in the second inning. the phillies lose 3-1. >> one hit they managed. >> all right, ducis. funerally tonight the baldwin schoolnted its women on the speaker series tonight. tonight's speaker, zsa zsa fay, the director of digital operations at the jewish museum or she talked to students about her
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career the growingial media in business. the school is designed to introduce students with women is ontinues at 4:30.eiression. now for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the "action news" team, i'm jim gardner, goodnight. ♪ ♪
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, matthew perry -- from "chips," michael pena -- featuring jenny lewis and [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, there. hi, there, i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. thanks for everything, really. i want to send a warm welcome to those of you watching on the east coast where winter storm stella has not been as terrible as everyone seemed to think it would be. this was supposed to be a huge
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