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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 17, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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you look at virtually any country that we do business with, it's not exactly what you call good for our workers. you look at the horrible nafta transaction, nafta has been a disaster for the united states, it's been a disaster for companies and in particular it's been a disaster for the workers. a lot of the companies just moved but the workers are strewn -- probably the reason i'm standing here. maybe number one that and maybe the military. building up our military which we will do and we will be stronger than ever before and hopefully not have to use it. but we will be stronger and perhaps far stronger than ever before, but it's probably the reason i'm here is when you talk about trade, so i think that we are going to be a very different country. i think we're going to be -- we're going to have great values, but in terms of our military, it's going to be much stronger and our trade deals are going to be good, solid deals,
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not deals that lead to closing plants and tremendous unemployment. okay. thank you. >> translator: when we speak about trade agreements and the european union is negotiating those agreements for all of the member states of the european union but obviously there's also input by the member states, they bring to the table what's important to them, we have underlined as german industry business community and made the experience that any kind of agreement that we have concluded for example, at the very latest with south korea brought us more jobs actually. people were very much concerned about losing jobs, for example, the automotive industry but in the end it turned out particularly south korea and in the end it turned out both sides benefited and i think it's only fair that's the purpose of concluding agreements that both sides win and that is the sort
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of spirit i think in which we ought to be guided in negotiating any agreement between the united states of america and the eu, i hope that we can resume the agreement that we started. we have just now concluded our agreement with canada and i hope that we will come back to the table and talk about the agreement between the eu and the u.s. again. mr. graf please. >> translator: madam chancellor a question addressed to you, we're talking about a trade, the president in the past always said that while he doesn't like mul multilateral trade agreements but prefers bilateral trade agreements. do you think from the eu's point of view, it is a bilateral agreement with washington on one side and eu on the other side, now is the problem that america, the president of the united states and the europeans have a basically different understanding of what the eu is
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all about, that's my question addressed to you and, mr. president, my question addressed to you, if i may -- >> white house claims that the wiretapping alleged on you, on the trump tower, on trump organization or on members of your campaign was that british intelligence was either responsible for it or involved in it? after these claims are reject what had is your take on that? are there other suspects, or do you think it was -- it was a mistake to blame british intelligence for this and, by the way, my second question, are there from time to time tweets thaw regret in -- >> very seldom. very seldom. >> so you -- >> probably wouldn't be here right now but very seldom. we have a tremendous group of people that listen and i can get around the media when the media doesn't tell the truth so i like
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that. as far as wiretapping, i guess by, you know, this past administration, at least we have something in common perhaps. [ laughter ] and just to finish your question, we said nothing, all we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television. i didn't make an opinion on it. that was a statement made by a very talented lawyer on fox and so you shouldn't be taunl talking to me. you should be talking to fox, okay. >> thank you. [ speaking german ] >> translator: well, i believe that the president has clearly set out his philosophy as to what trade agreements have to bring about for the americans'
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side as well. i personally don't think that germany needs to negotiate and not the european union. we've devolved our competences to the european union so the european union or rather the commission and negotiates on behalf of the member states so that's not going to be rendered from concluding agreements but would qualify as a bylateral "between breaths" the eu and united states if we had but the question is will it be of benefit to both countries or not and let me be very honest, very candid, free trade agreement with the united states of america has not always been all that popular in germany either. there have been less demonstrations against this free trade agreement in the united states than in europe and also in germany. so, i am very glad to note that apparently the sort of perspective on that has changed a little bit at least in germany too. >> thank you very much, great
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honor. thank you. thank you. >> thank you. >> well, there you have it. president trump and the german chancellor angela merkel, the president taking two questions each from german and american reporters. american reporters asking president trump about health care problems inside the republican party getting to yes on that the president said he thought it was doing well. it was the german reporters who asked about those claims he's made almost two weeks ago, claims with no evidence that he had been the victim of wiretapping by president obama and a pretty remarkable series of responses there from the president after ignoring the first question from the german reporter, he did take a question about the report cited yesterday by press secretary sean spicer in the briefing room where he cited a report on fox news that claimed that british intelligence may have been behind the wiretapping of president trump as well during the campaign. the president trying to say there sean spicer was not endorsing the claims by even
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though he read them from the white house podium, of course, there have been calls for the national security adviser and sean spicer in the last couple of -- over the last 24 hours to say that would not happen again. i'm joined by jon karl who was there in the briefing room. i guess the most remarkable thing you saw there was i guess the president tripling down on his claims by suggesting that maybe he and angela merkel had something in common, a coded reference perhaps to the idea that we now know from the wikileaks revelations that angela merkel had been wiretapped under surveillance by the united states, the president suggesting might have happened to him as well. >> reporter: yeah, in fact, we know that angela merkel's cell phone was, in fact, listened to during the obama administration and when it became public, of course, it was something that she was quite angry about and that the u.s. assured would stop happening, would not happen again. but the president seemed to be standing by the claims when asked specifically about the fact that sean spicer, his press
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secretary, read words from a fox news conservative analyst suggesting that sources were telling him that it was british intelligence that had done the surveillance and wiretapping of trump tower at the request of president obama. this has become an international incident, george, over the last 12 hours or so, the british angrily denying that anything like this ever would have happened. asked about that, the president simply said, look, this was said on fox news by a very respected legal analyst, that being judge andrew napolitano. but, of course, george, as you know, it's one thing when an analyst says it on a cable television show, another when it's repeated by the spokesperson for the white house at the podium in the white house briefing room which is what happened and, of course, which has the british so upset. but it was also -- it was also notable i have to say, george, to see that it was up to the german press to ask about the, you know, the big news story here regarding the wiretapping,
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both reporters mentioning it one getting an answer. >> that was really something, i agree with you right there. i want to go to pierre thomas. as the president was speaking we learned, pierre, that the justice department has sent up their response to the request from the house and senate intelligence committees for any information about this wiretapping. >> reporter: yes, we have, george. that letter information has gone up to capitol hill. trying to find out exactly what they are telling the congressional leaders. what we're being told is that it may simply give information about how they can get access to the information as we know, the fbi director has privately said he disagrees with the assessment of president trump in the tweets that obama ordered the fbi and others to wiretap trump of the. >> we know from those leaders up to now they have not seen any evidence that this took place, of course, everyone now looking forward to that testimony on monday morning, public testimony from the fbi director before the house intelligence committee. much more on all this tonight on "world news tonight" with david muir.
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tand this is meng treating back painn. with icy hot® smartrelief™. starts blocking pain immediately at the nerve level. icy hot® smartrelief™. marriage as the old ball and chain. >> i don't know what you're talking about. >> that's a smart man. >> jared and cassidy are celebrating three years of marriage. they are going to handcuff themselves together for 24 hours. >> this sounds like a great idea. >> lock them up. >> how bad can it be? >> i'm glad you said that.
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>> u think the hardest part is when when you're trying to grab something. >> how about grabbing the door to get in the car? >> how are we going to do this? >> this was not a good idea. i'm out. >> maybe you should just spend most of the 24 hours in bed. >> netflix and chill is not on the list. they are going to get out and about and do some things. >> next stop, the skate park.
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a 2046 hour. nap. >> those you can imagine the cuffs are starting to hurt at this point. >> they put them on way too tight. they move over to the guitar. they do a good job. >> they seem to have a lot in common. >> as evening approaches, they have to discuss how they are going to sleep. >> i will roll over this way. >> there's one more problem. >> i'm going to have to wake up and pe, in the middle of the night. >> that's when you wear diapers. >> did their marriage survive the test? >> i don't think many would.
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>> they did well. >> you should do this test before you get married. >> that's what i was thinking. if you get engaged, do this and then decide whether to say yes or no. they learned patience, communication and sacrifice. >> it's something i'm going to remember throughout the rest of our lives. >> please tell me there's not something inside that. >> this is jim mckenzie. how do you think he skuped his dog pen. then he has the dog come and starts free hand.
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his digits are working and he's replicating the face of his dog. that's because this it guy is super tallen epted. he works as an an mart and also a commercial director and fantastic artist. if you go to his website, you can see videos and sculptures and drawings that he's done. he's an incredible paint er. this guy can do anything. go and look at what he's done. apparently he does sculpture, which means he's probably the only person that could do that. >> he could do everything. he's multitalented. >> saving the dog from the freeway. >> he tried to escape. . and still to come, treasure hunters are on a mission to find
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ways. you guys have your green ob. on. in chicago they do it a little differently. right in the river. 45 pounds of environmentally friendly dye. that's pretty cool. you can see the boat go through and dump all the dye and a couple other boats come around and mix it up. >> it looks more fun. he was doing do nuts. >> may as well have fun doing it. >> the pictures are posted. this tradition was started in 1962 and continued every year since. it's kind of a fun thing to see. especially when you can see it happen right in front of your eyes in time lapse. >> chicago is such a spectacularly looking city, so when they view this, it's an iconic thing. youen can't mistake this city
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for anywhere else. the hunt for a treasure. in this video started with the pail that was told but his neighbor from the philippines -- >> during the world war ii he was a small boy here. he told me in america he's deceased now, that he witnessed japanese gold in a chest being buried. so he told me many times to come and dig it up. >> he says for the most part he just missed the story, but now he finds himself in the philippines and decided to reach out to some of the locals and said i've got some directions. >> this is the old foundation of some type of guard house. . >> her like what do we got to lose. >> this sounds fun. a real life treasure hunt. >> they are digging and dig.
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luck was on their side. he must have had some four leaf clovrs because watch this. there's a thump. it's incredible. they find something. >> that alone, i u b don't care what it is. the fact that you went b to the philippines, dug a hole for the first time and found something that's exciting. >> it's a legit treasure chest. now they are walking it back to the village. they are able to get this thing to a point where they can open the lid. gold covered chock las.
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>> it's so cool. >> he threw a party for thevill alkers after this. >> he's been dreaming about something big for years. >> the one thing he wishes he could do is appear on "ellen". see why he's come up with a perfect way to make his wis
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z1we5z zi0z y1we5y yi0y but i have never seen one like that. lucas is a motivational speaker, if you want something, visualize. . the one thing is to appear on "ellen." >> i would love to ib invite you to be here on my show. >> reporter: an invitation to the ellen show. he's making his way all the way
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over to l.a. right there. and then before you know it, it's that moment. >> how are you? >> oh, wait a minute. that's not ellen. >> that's ilene. he got so close. >> his whole approach, you want something to happen, you visualize it. he didn't just visualize it. he created it. he's posted another video 20 minutes long that shows you how hen went to the lengths of creating in its entirety a fake "ellen" show. they are looking at pictures of the set. you can see they began
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construction of that set completely building this thing from scratch. they even b have a language coach. >> you may notice if you watch the other video, they have been dubbed. they have an actual interview. he's like rve knows ellen. share the video and let her know. . the goal is to prove the point i might be able to get on the ellen show. we'll see you on the next brand new episode of "right this minute." thanks for watching, everybody.
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♪ [ sighs ] oh, my god, she's perfect. and you're beautiful, aren't you, scout? oh, my gosh. and your mommy and your daddy and all of us love you so much. oh, yes, we do. look at that hat. you are gonna be the most incredible daddy to this angel. yeah, i hope so. sam's done most of the work so far. right? i can't wait to congratulate her when she wakes up. oh, this baby, this precious little girl. she's a gift, you know. she's a gift. [ police radio chatter ] [ gasps ] scotty! [ door closes ] long time no see, buddy. and you haven't changed. you haven't changed your hair, either.


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