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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 21, 2017 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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it is march 21st. time for great viral videos "right this minute." tears of joy as a girl meets -- >> 11-week-old luna for the first time. >> why it took four years to find her perfect partner. a car rolls past a stop sign. what happens when it's go time in a bad way. a woman looks very pregnant but doctors soon discover -- >> she's not having a baby at all, you guys. >> see what is in there that had to come out. >> it's enormous. we've got christian, oli, charity, nick and gayle breaking down the best on the web, including the latest adventure for popular youtubers. see how the pros try to whip them into magic mike style shape. >> one thing is not like the other. this video posted to the
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fact efficient page. he is a big tv star and this is his daughter meeting 11-week-old luna for the first time. dave's daughter has autism. for four years they have applied all over north america to get an assistance doc. finally they were approved. and let's just say, those are tears of joy and happiness. >> don't cry. >> i got you, man. >> we're best buds, we're partners. >> she won't get to come to live with the family until december because she has to go through training to make her the assistance dog, but dave says, he normally doesn't post about his daughter on his page, but he has spoken out about autism and how we need to get treatment for those like his daughter. >> the timing is well. the other day they touched about this on "sesame street." it is great to help bring the awareness to people that
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understand. because there are millions of people with autism. and they are all so unique in their own way. so this dog will help with all kinds of things. >> she loves this dog already. >> no doubt luna is going to change her life. this dash cam mounted inside this tractor-trailer. behind him, about 80,000 pounds. there's construction up ahead with signs for miles, orange pylons, so why is everybody so stacked up when something like this could so easily happen? >> oh! oh! oh! >> 80,000 pounds -- wow! he stops on a dime. >> it could have been a lot worse. what you wind up having is a multi-car fender-bender. even there there was an accident, there wasn't a lot of speed wrapped up here. and then that one car gets knocked into the wheels of the other tractor-trailer. apparently, this was caused by a
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construction truck trying to pull into work up ahead there to the left. so people going a little too fast for the conditions. a little bit of luck to be had in the next video caught from security cap cameras on the house near this corner two. cars pull up to the stop sign. here comes a truck from the other direction and what are you doing? >> you're joking. >> holy moly, you have got to be kidding me! how do you miss that big old truck? >> that truck comes to a rest just down the road. two tires were blown as it ran over the front. thankfully, again, no serious injuries. you can see the whole action play out here, though. the homeowner takes his truck out of the driveway, the police show up and you can see the car is now leaking all their fluid in his driveway. and then the tow truck driver comes and drives all over his nice grass just so he can take both cars away. the driver of the small honda was arrested and released the same day with a $500 bond.
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preliminary toxicology results show the driver was over the legal limit. this man is a rapper. every monday he raps about all things medical. ♪ welcome to medical monday >> kakumba. come on, say it, kakumba. ♪ it is a very high number that will make you stronger ♪ ♪ kakumba will make you feel stronger ♪ >> he does have a medical monday series on the youtube channel. and this week's feature was the kukumba. ♪ put it in a jug of water overnight ♪ ♪ you know what you get for a fraction of the price anything
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but electrolytes ♪ >> he had an engineering job that fell through. so he decided to take to youtube and become a character, he said it is inspired by bob marley and his ways. and apparently, this is just a remix. his original without the music apparently went viral. 38 million views. >> who knew that? forget your mouthwash, just drink some kukumba. >> and now they will get a lot more people to buy cucumbers. i hear these are available in stores everywhere. the next couple of minutes, i want everyone at home to just assume this is a psa. it is so serious that we'll put it on the screen, don't try this at home. >> what? >> we'll start in chongchang,
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china. you can see this guy trying to take a spectacular photo. on the other side of the rock -- that is where he loses his grip and just disappears out of shot to the screams and concerns of everybody who is there. you can see he's got to somewhat learn his lesson, all kinds of cuts and bruises and scrapes as he tumbles his way down. fortunately for him, he didn't go any further. by the looks of it, he didn't break anything. >> so does that mean now i can laugh at this clown? >> you can absolutely now laugh at this clown. absolutely nothing funny about this next video. this comes to us from central russia. >> oh, my gosh! >> you can see a young boy they estimate between the ages of 10 and 12 standing on the 25th story of this building on a
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wall, that i should point out, is covered in ice and snow. >> dude. >> jumping down on the other si side, i do have a translation for what he's saying. he said, next time it will be cooler. >> he doesn't really say that, really? >> that is exactly what he's saying at the end of this video. now this video went crazy viral, all kinds of people sharing this video with the message that i dpaef you at the beginning, don't try this at home. that's new beauty product you never knew you wanted. >> nail polish. >> is it edible? yay. >> how a few coats will have you bubbling with excitement. and the dude wants to park the boat but -- this is his first time. see why the struggle is real and really funny.
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the ", artm video dash. download it now to watch the best videos. you can always count on your best friend. >> they are laughing already. >> it's going to hit that dock, isn't it? >> he's got it, give him a chance. >> the guy behind the camera is just snickering and howling. that's greg reeves. his buddy, chuck, here has never put the boat on the trailer. this is his first time those two posts you see up in the middle of the water are marking the edges of the trailer that he's aiming for. you can hear chuck putting it in reverse and putting it in forward and getting sideways. but the whole engine noise is drowned out by -- >> turn it off. >> what is that barbaric cartoon? >> mutley.
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>> yes, that's mutley all right. oh, man. he's learning. >> greg totally is helping. if i'm hysterical, you're doing it wrong. eventually, greg does offer a little bit of instruction. >> turn! the other way! the other way! >> you can now see the humor in the video because he did post it. >> it is like austin powers. the good news is you don't always need a boat to go fishing. these guys are using top water bait. this lure looks like a frog skimming across the water. >> that scared the crap out of me. >> did it work? >> oh, it worked. there was a big old pike they caught. >> i feel bad for the fish on the reel. you can see the first image
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of this 24-year-old mexican woman. she's going to have more than one baby they thought. she's not having a baby at all. doctors say this is an ovarian cyst. this woman was gaining 6 pounds a month. and what the cyst did is as it grew it was putting pressure on her other organs. she had a hard time walking and was at dangerous risk of having a heart attack because of all the pressure. it had to be removed. so after pioneering surgery, they were able to remove the cyst. and look at it now. it's enormous! >> wow! >> it is enormous, you guys. it weighed 73 pounds. >> okay, i think maybe she waited a little too long. >> can you imagine just what it must feel like for her the day after. you nearly lost 70 pounds. all the pressure is released. now you can stand up straight. >> but it is hard to believe that her body could hold something that size.
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this was over an 11-month period. finally, it was removed. now you can see the large incision she has down in her stomach once it is removed. but think about how her skin has stretched. women have ovarian cysts that burst all the time. something they are benign and nothing happens, but this is one of the cases where it grew exponentially large. here's something you never knew you wanted. froteco nail polish. it is smelling like froseco and apparently it tastes like froseco. >> with zero calories, hey. >> just what we need, people not washing their hands enough and going like this in the office, like they just finished eating fried chicken. >> you do not drink the nail polish. don't do that. it's just supposed to go on your fingers like any oer and just
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is good to lick the dry polish. >> buy this and try it. >> i may. it's available as a groupon production. they created this to celebrate mother's day. >> she's sucking her fingers, y'all. she just sucked her fingers. >> that's what i'm trying to tell you. it's not ghost that is have been taking the laundry. >> it's your cat. >> next "right this minute." and still to come, one man's boogie board and one objective. >> break it. >> exactly. >> see if he can take it to the breaking point, next. >> let's put it through the grinder. >> that's cheating. plus, why when it comes to a game of tug-of-war the dogs are changing the rules. >> go, boy, go. >> lucky work or hardly working? >> right. (clucking noises)
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albreakthrough withyou back. non-drowsy allegra® for fast 5-in-1 multi-symptom relief. breakthrough allergies with allegra®. like us on stay in touch all day long. now back to the show. if somebody says this is indestructible, what's the first thing you try to do? >> break it. >> exactly. now grady has himself a wave skater pro. >> wave skater pro gave me this indestruckab indestructible boogie board and told me to destroy it.
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>> it is a dog bee boabo boogies handling it. all right, that's the first pass. we'll see if we can use it as a wake board. will we break it then? >> no, that seems to go routinely. we'll take it to the airport and surf the baggage claim. >> let's put it under the grinder. >> that's cheating. >> i'm surprised they don't kick him off. >> yeah, you're not going to get away with too many shenanigans at the airport. that's pretty easy. >> if it's in the baggage claim, i will shred it. >> let's see how it handles to the wheels. pushing it and stomping all over it. but it improves pretty solid. >> shoot up in the air with the
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fireworks. >> well, those would literally blow up. >> exactly. that gets it to be the most likely fees when you can't stand up. two videos of dogs acting badly. although, in the first video that could be debatable because it is stink iing cute. one of the dogs is playing tug-of-war. and the other is playing dead. >> the one is smart, lay down, play dead, i win! >> this is sue fik for short. the other is --
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>> this is the look of shame, shame. >> unmistakable. the question is, what has this dog been up to? >> that cake has been enjoyed quite a bit. >> so you don't have any idea who may have done it? >> they are investigating, but the accused find er suspect is - >> a, they don't look at you after you do something wrong. the yes theory guys are stepping out of the box to try something new. >> like magic-mike potential.
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all right. okay. >> one more thing to clean, that's all i keep seeing with
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these things. ♪ i want to be a stripper. >> you heard that right. the guy there decided to try his hand at stripping. when i say stripping, i say magic mike-style stripping. they have teamed up with the hollywood men. and they started to be a little body insecure. >> oh, dang. >> and this guy right here, this is scott. he is the man who has the rights to the entire show. the guys sit down, hide in the back and enjoy the show.
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so there's no better stripping costume than that of the firefighter. my favorite part of the rehearsal is this part where you're like, one thing is not like the other. >> that is not fair. >> you're going to pay me. >> okay! >> you've got to give these guys credit. they really step outside the box every time. and it's fun to watch. >> once they sort of get into the costume of getting into character, particularly thomas -- the fbi is a fan. >> you can appreciate that on the side. >> let's get to the show, shall
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we? >> ladies, for your entertainment and pleasure, give it up for -- >> you can see the volunteer on the floor. she's going to be the victim. >> please! >> the crowd goes wild! they started interacting with a volunteer. they are just laughing at the attention from the crowd. they are absolutely loving it. they are pulling off their jackets, the guy makes it rain for them. the shirts have got to go. it's the finale, here we go. >> yay! >> all in all, that guy just had a great time. the crowd was awesome. and after the performance, you can see how much fun they were having. >> oh, my god, that was so fun. all new every day. that's us. go to to check out more or catch the next brand new episode of "rtm."
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franco, it's me. i'm just checking to see how things are going with jake. give me a text when you get a chance. bye. personal calls while on duty? how professional. i'm on break. when did you start doing rounds on this floor? since the illustrious dr. finn took a leave of absence without so much as a kopf hoch. his caseload was divided among the more responsible physicians, and now we're forced to pick up his slack. it's thoughtless, arrogant. typical. i'm sure he had good reasons. ah, there's someone who can give us some insight. excuse me? what's the reason behind your boyfriend's hasty departure? tracy: damn it, finn. finn! are you here?! finn?! [ sighs ]


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