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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 21, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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was elected to protect the interests of philadelphia as their chief law enforcement officer. >> chief prosecutor, seth williams is now finding himself on the other side of the law. williams is facing 23 federal charges including bribery, extortion and fraud. it's tuesday night and the big story is the indictment of essential williams and the troubling details of the gifts he accepted to keep others out of trouble. >> and now the bar association is calling on williams to resign immediately. dann cuellar has nor on the charges filed today. >> reporter: monica, and rick, shock with the charges go well beyond what people may have imagined. the chief law enforcement officer charged with 23 counts of indictment, extortion and bribery. >> alleging he engaged in a
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series of christmas transportations where he saw it and accepted bribes the charges were enacted by the district attorney of new jersey. that he accepted tens of thousands of dollars worth of bribes that he exchanged for official acts. >> in the form of money, expensive vacations, airline tickets, a jaguar qx 8 convertible. expensive furniture and other things of value. in exchange for his willingness to take official action as needed and in some cases taking official action on behalf of the bribe pairs. among the guests williams accepted was vacations to the punta cana resort and a sofa worth thousands of dollars and checks and cash in the thousands. >> mr. williams solicited and accepted from business owner
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number two, 16 round trip airline tickets. >> and a man known as business owner number one was asking for a lighter sentence for a friend who did not want to do jail time. >> saying quote, i am merely a thankful beggar but would gladly go. >> and that williams tried to press a police official to try to bypass airline security. but in exchange for cash and a jaguar, he gave businessman number two a special appointment. >> he appointmented him special advisers to the district attorney's office and gave him a special badge. >> federal authorities allege that williams pocketed thousands of dollars that were intended to go to pay for a relative's nursing home care. williams could be arraigned as
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early as tomorrow. no word on if he will resign and his office says they have no common and williams was out of the office spending time with his family. dann cuellar, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. now to "action news" reporter vernon odom live with more on williams' legacy and his alleged fall from grace. >> reporter: good evening moncashing he was always a politician and activists date can back to his days as a students at penn state. always a crafty promoter as he went around the state then and well on the way to the top and now seth williams looka peers well on the way to rock bottom. >> i offer my deepest and most sincere apologies. >> when he threw in the towel for a third term seth williams knew this day was coming, federal prosecutors had him surrounded and his supporters
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left him. ending once a promising political career where it appeared that the sky was the limit. and reform gave way to headlines of scandal after scandal as he was investigated by the fbi and the irs. all self-inflicted wounds his supporters say as they shake their heads. >> some work he has done has been truly progressive but on the personal end i'm disappointed. here is a man that made a meet you'ric rise. >> hypocrisy is blatant. did he think he would get caught.
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no. seth's life didn't change when he was a d.a. it just got more pronounced. able to raise more funds and lives like a king. taxpayers are paying for sporting goods and gifts for his girlfriends it's a pretty fun life. >> reporter: rick, one veteran philadelphia politician said to me today. it was also stupid. and also self-inflicted. live in center city, i'm vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> all right thank you vernon in the past 90 minutes, philadelphia mayor, jim ken my responded in a statement he said in part, it's deeply shameful that the city's chief law enforcement officer has been implicated in such a flagrant violation of the law in the time when our citizen's trust in government is at an all-time low, it's disheartening to see another politician give them a
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reason not to trust us. in the meantime, head to and go there for continuing coverage of the federal charges essential williams is facing. that includes the 50 page indictment against the embattled da we have posted in its entirety. and another twist in the philadelphia befr able tax. pepsi is pulling 2 lighter bottles off store shelves in philadelphia. they say because of the sweeten befr able tax and they say they are offering the products and package sizes families are able to afford. three people hurt were taken
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to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. police are sorting out who caused the collision. chopper 6 hd was over the accident here. a pickup truck overturned on i 95 and the driver is recovering from a head injury it blocked two lanes between bridge street and cotman avenue, the wreckage is now cleared away. from the delaware newsroom a man from north was arrested in kent county after police found stolen credits and a card skimmer in his vehicle. they took brian benjamin into custody after a stock for a traffic violation on south dupont highway. police asked benjamin for consent to search the vehicle and that is when they allegedly found several credit cards and ipads and a credit card skimming device. camden county police spending information about a law
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on overdoses. it's okay to call 911 if they or someone else is overdosing on drugs. this takes away the fear of them being arrested. they received toiletries and hats and gloves as par of the new awareness campaign. >> philadelphia court officials gave us a first look at the plan to restrict the use of cell phones in court. starting april 3rd. visitors at the justice center in center city have to place their phones in a pouch that gets locked upon entry. it can only be unlocked in the lobby as the visitor aims to leave the building. it is meant to stop witness tampering -- >> we feel that this is an effective way of dealing with witness intimidation and increasing safety and reducing courtroom distraction and disruptions without
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overburdening the community that we serve. >> several groups are exempt including jurors, lawyers, case workers and cjc employees. time for the "action news" traffic report. matt pellman is in the traffic center. lets give him a call. >> the traffic is locked up on the schuylkill expressway westbound side earlier there was an accident by university and now it's police activity. disabled vehicle that appears to be under 30th street station, so westbound lanes are still jammed from there through this point approaching the vine street expressway because of that police activity just the right lane is getting by. we have that awful accident in willis town township. chopper 6 hd high in the sky over westchester pike route 3, you see the vehicles involved and both directions above route 3 are blocked at 352 and dutton
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mill road. the fire crews remain on the scene and at least one tow truck there. hopefully they start to tow away some vehicles. and lets go back to the maps, stay up north on strasburg road and route 30 remains blocked. we'll check it again coming up in the next half hour. >> thank you. much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00, a tense hearing on capitol hill. lawmakers continue to vet president trump's pick for the supreme court. ahead at 5:30, the showdown for neil gorsuch. and bans on flights coming into the united states. and beautiful weather on the first full day of spring. temperatures near 60 and afternoon sunshine and tomorrow the winter chill makes a dramatic come back. i'll let you know how cold it
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looking live at philadelphia international airport tonight starting today passengers on certain airlines trafficking from the middle east and africa
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will have to check larger electronic devices that applies to only one flight into philadelphia but having a larger affect nationwide. >> back now at philadelphia international airport to explain about the restrictions. >> reporter: hi rick and monica, ten airports in eight countries telling passengers they can no longer bring on electronic devices larger than their cell phones. they did not say if there was a specific threat that triggered the restrictions. >> the new rule affects passengers traveling to the u.s. from eight middle eastern countries, including jordan and saudi arabia and the gulf states. laptops, cameras and dvd players and games, those items must now be checked in. what likely happened is that the u.s. government developed intelligence that a group or
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individual developed a device to get on an airplane using a laptop or other appliance. >> the department of homeland security is concerned about terrorists targeting aviation being met by mix reaction from travelers. >> like to use my laptop there, whether it's from entertainment purposes or work purposes. >> you can't do anything about it, have you to deal with it. >> officials hoping to prevent another attack like this one, last year a laptop full of explosives was smugged on the plane detonating after takeoff ripping a hole after takeoff while traveling over somalia. >> they will take an extra step to take anything that could have an explosive out of the cabin. >> the uk added similar
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restrictions for countries in the middle east and africa. they are giving the airports 96 hours to comply. the directive now has no end. channel 6 "action news" back to you. >> thank you. health check tonight a new study shows that gunshot injuries are a major cost for the u.s. health care system and hospitalizations amount to $700,000 a year for medical costs of those treated and released costs millions more and 40% of the costs were paid for by the government, and a quarter was paid directly by uninsured patients, the u.s. has the highest homicide rate of any developed country. >> well, with spring weather coming we want to be outside more of course, but skin experts say that the spring sun could be just as harmful than the heat of summer, in fact, since our skin
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is not exposed to the elements for a while and sunscreen and other protection is more important. get a little sun at the time and get a broad spectrum sunscreen and don't forget to reapply liberally for the next few hours. >> if you buy an 8 ounce sunscreen and reapply every few hours, can you go through a whole bottle between you and a spouse and a child in a day. >> before you automatically use last year's left over sunscreen check out the expiration dates, most are good for two years but only if they are kept out of hot sun or heat. >> still to come why app simone legree going red with a special version of the iphone, and a welcome home for the special works of art stolen out of a museum wall a decade ago. (man vo) it was may, when dad forgot
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nausea, vomiting, difficulty urinating, seizures, and worsening of lung problems. most common side effects are headache, diarrhea, dizziness, loss of appetite, and bruising. (woman 2 vo) i don't know what tomorrow will bring but i'm doing what i can. (avo) ask about namzaric today. it was a rough day on wall street as the dow jones and the nasdaq each posted their worst day in six months, certainly the worst in the trump era and investors are concerned about the house vote on the republicans new health care
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plan, the dow jones drop 273 points and the s&p 500 lost 29. your next iphone could be the color red. apple unveiled the special edition iphone 7 in the red color to commemorate the 10 year partnership between the company and red the company that helps to fight aids. the price is $479. children coping with autism will have a new place to play in new town bucks county. leaders broke ground on the new playground this morning, a $500 donation helped to get the project started. the unique playground will be incorporated into therapy for individuals with autism. two van gogh pains stolen more than a decade ago are being return to the museum in amsterdam in 2002.
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they were returned last year in a cocaine trafficking bust. they are in good shape and will be on display for a time before being taken for repairs. still to come on "action news" at 5:30 a check of the forecast for you. sky 6 hd showing you cape may, new jersey on the way to cape may looking good. cecily tynan has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast next. is this the year
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time for a check of the accuweather forecast at the "action news" big board. cecily tynan has a look at the first full day of spring. looking for skiers. >> spring mountain is not open right now. but this is a sign of what they have to do, they are fighting the high mark sun angle. last week it was covered in snow and now seeing a lot of bare patches. average high is 54 and we did about 5 degrees better than that. philadelphia 55 and allentown and trenton 58 and uniform temperatures 58 in millville and dover and atlantic city airport you get the land breeze, currently 60 degrees, today was the hop sit of yesterday yesterday we had the soon and clouds and today we had the clouds in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon but if you look to the north you see
5:26 pm
this band of clouds and snow showers this is an arctic front that is rolling through here. no snow or rain and behind it the winter chill makes tremendous come back tomorrow. so tonight partly cloudy and the wins picking upright around dawn, philadelphia 35 and allentown and trenton and reading below freezing be careful of refreeze there and wilmington 35 degrees and atlantic city 34. through the day tomorrow. we are looking at sustained winds generally more than 20 miles per hour. the windchills are calculated not on the wind gusts, we have wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour but on the sustained winds we have windchills stuck in the 20s for most of the day tomorrow. as you step outside i see a lot of people with the tops down, close the tops you won't want to have your convertible top down.
5:27 pm
24 in philadelphia at 7:00 and 18 in reading and through the afternoon windchills stuck in the teens and 20s and thursday morning the winds diminish but the temperatures drop. this is the way it will feel 7:00 thursday morning, 16 in philadelphia and windchill of 14 and 12 in lakehurst and feeling like 1 degree in the poconos. so winter is not done yet. now tonight's chill will only be reaching the mid-atlantic, last week remember the deep freeze all the way to the south, the numbers coming in $1 billion in crop losses including 85% of the south carolina peach crop and 80 per of it's georgia blueberry crop. and 39 degrees tomorrow and windchills stuck in the 20s and thursday chilly and 45 degrees, sunny and winds relaxing and friday the warm front moves through and clouds and a spotty shower and 52 degrees and the pick of the week saturday 72
5:28 pm
degrees and some high, thin clouds and sunday noticeably cooler 52 degrees with showers and some of them lasting into next week. we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast coming up with adam.
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5:30 pm
"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, jaime apody, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. philadelphia's tough talking top prosecutor is facing corruption charges himself accused of using his position of power for personal gain. >> a young man is on the loose and the victim's parents are pleading with the public for help on the case. and frustrated democrats are pressing neil gorsuch on everything from abortion to guns. and the top prosecutor is now charges with 23 counts including bribery, corruption and extortion. >> according to the indictment handed up today. williams allegedly engaged if a
5:31 pm
classic quid pro quo scheme involving two business owners between 2012 and 2015, in exchange for making himself available or personally handing legal matters he received gifts and clothes and a jaguar. >> and he took money that was suppose to be used for his family's nursing home care and using it for himself. >> today seth williams stands indicted on several federal charges. as the dime alleges he was willing to compromise his position of public trust for personal financial gain. >> federal investigators say there is no reason to believe that anyone else in the describe attorney's office is involved. >> walter perez is live now. how are people reacting to the news? >> reporter: the charges against essential williams are clearly serious and apart from that it was a promising political career
5:32 pm
cut short. >> this is a stunning fall from political grace. >> david thornburg, the president of the committee of 70, the government watch dog group says the sad part is what could have been for williams. >> he was rumored to be attorney general candidate in the commonwealth maybe a gubernatorial candidate or congressman or senator. there was a sense at one point that the sky was the limit for him. voters here in center city say that assuming the charges are true there is no excuse for that kind of behavior. >> if you are a public official and getting a salary for the work you are suppose to be doing and that salary is not enough, quit before you accept the job. >> that is basically how it goes, how the system is. this year alone it's on thin ice as it is from a federal stand point with republican and democrat, whatever it may be and
5:33 pm
this does not help the situation but make its more frustrating. >> the philadelphia bar association released a stern statement reading in part that it's imperative that d.a. williams resign immediately to maintain the public's confident in our justice system and the voters are the ones with the final say in situations like this. we have to demand and expect the sense of integrity and respect from these offices and if we don't see that we need to throw hem out of the office. >> and a bit more from the bar association, that goes on to say that the charges cast a shadow on the da's office and the legal community and the entire state of philadelphia. truly and embarrassment, end quote. >> thank you walter. our coverage of the charges against seth williams continues on there you can read
5:34 pm
yourself the full 50 page indictment against the embattled da and get continued reaction as well as on going updates as the story continues to unfold. breaking news now from philadelphia's fern rock section, a victim is in critical condition after a shooting happened just about 30 minutes ago at park and olney, police are on the scene trying to gain information and get some possible witnesses to the crime. the gunshots happen and police arrived and found a victim shot in the abdomen and that victim was rushed to einstein medical center and 20 minutes before that there was a separate call asking for an assist by officers, and they did stop a disturbance there and they do not know yet in the two incidents are related. the parentses of a 23-year-old man shot to death near his philadelphia home overnight talking about their son. police say that rich lewis was
5:35 pm
found lying on the sidewalk at fourth and rose land streets at 4 and olney. he was pronounced dead at the scene. his parents said he just finished with the keystone job corps and was looking for work and talked about going to school to be an auto mechanic. >> he lived with us and he prayed for him when he went out. >> lewis had a 5-year-old son and they don't yet have a motive in the shooting and the gunman remains on the loose. from our delaware newsroom, newcastle county, state trooper his to break up fights at design high school in christiana this afternoon it happened just after 1:00 p.m. there were 15 to 20 students involved and several were taken into custody. not year what started the fights or if anyone was seriously injured. >> and a driver is facing charges after chopper 6 hd was
5:36 pm
over the scene where police stopped a woman where she hit a fire marshal's car on the ramp at 413 and kept going. she will be charg with leaving the scene of an accident. a willow grove man is out on bail after child pornography charges. andrew lieberman allegedly shared 400 explicit photos of children online. and that he sent the files to an undercover detective, they traced them to his computer and arrested him on saturday. he was released on $25,000 bail. in washington day two of hearings for president trump's supreme court nominee neil gorsuch, is he facing tough questions from democrats about his prior statements and judicial record. >> supreme court nominee judge neil gorsuch is getting peppered
5:37 pm
with questions during his confirmation hearing. >> let me ask you about citizens united. >> does the president have the right to authorize torture? >> does a good judge decide who should win? >> quite frankly i was ready about who he would pick, maybe someone on tv. >> but president trump could not have done better in choosing you. >> a strict interpreter of the constitution but they are grilling him about the more conservative promises. >> the president said he would appoint someone that would overturn roe. >> the judge skirting around the answer. >> it has been reaffirmed many times i can say that. >> is a blanket religious test is that consistent with the first amendment?
5:38 pm
>> that is currently being litigated actively. >> and having to answer to the past, democrats still upset that republicans would not even give president trump's nominee merit garland a hearing? >> do you think he was treated fairly? >> i can't get involved in politics. >> will he hold the president accountable? >> no man is above the law. >> republicans are standing by the decision to not hold a hearing. saying it was an election year and the people needed to choose their leader first. >> president trump took part in a meeting with gop lawmaker about the fate of the american health care act. he told reports, that they quote, had a great meeting and will get a winner vote and he called the health care plan tremendous and he thinks they'll get the vote on thursday. u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson chose not to attend a
5:39 pm
nato meeting in belgium next month. it's unclear why he isn't going. tom shannon will represent the u.s. instead. the state department says that tillerson will meet with his nato counterparts in washington this week. the belgium meeting will happen before the china president visits the united states. and more on action at capitol hill including the second day of questioning watch that after "action news" at 6:00. and more on the highways on a tuesday night. >> nice afternoon for a drive, not so nice on the schuylkill expressway unfortunately. we have two separate accidents in the westbound lanes and one was here at university and the other up ahead at 30 and street and both have cleared now and the westbound traffic is quite heavy here as you pass university and head to the vine, and then slows farther west at city avenue and the conshohocken curve with speeds in the teens and the normal slow spots are
5:40 pm
out here on a tuesday afternoon. something abnormal in chester county. westchester pike route 3 because of a four vehicle accident, a bad one shut down at 352, at dutton mill road. but this isn't closed. northeast extension vehicle fire near landsdale long extinguished everything is back up to pace there. and now there is an accident by the willow grove park road. and a crash in burlington county on 295 southbound is cleared and starting to get back up to pace there. >> thank you again. see you tomorrow. still to come on "action news" tuesday night the plane full of passengers caught fire on the tarmac. what the pilot did that is calling him a hero. we are opening the door to
5:41 pm
some very cold air with this front coming in and the 20s lurking behind it we'll talk about the windchills in the next 24 hours in the accuweather forecast. >> going to be whipping up and jaime apody has flyers can and sixers.
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shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right. the pilot of this burning plane is called a hero, it caught fire after landing in south sudan in africa. and the pilot found the only door and got them out. only a few people are in the hospital and everybody else is okay miraculously. poor visibility was a factor in the accident. a devastating fire that hit a cancer town appears to be an accident. welders were doing construction at the time and embers floated over to neighboring homes and that set off flames that damaged 22 houses and the fire chief says that arson is not expected. everyone made it out alive. three firefighters are nursing injuries. time for sports and jaime
5:45 pm
apody is here and every game is crucial for the flyers. >> the flyers need all the cliches, they need at least six points on the road trip to have any chance in the post season. they will clinging to slim hopes two more teams on the chase in front of them and they play the winnipeg team they have beaten six times but know they have little margin for error. >> we'll try to him maze it more on the road and a road trip, every game is big and we have to get some points. >> we don't have a whole lot of margin, i'm not worried about the next 11. you can't start looking that far down the road right now. if you want to go as far as looking at this week and this road trip and how critical it is. but most importantly we have to be very ready. >> the sixers five game road
5:46 pm
trip continues in oklahoma city. last night they dropped the second of a back to back but not for a lack trying. robert covington tied things up in overtime with under a minute to go and the orlando had all the magic from there and sixers ran out of gas falling 112-109. >> trying to win on the road in a back to back situation with a beaten down team. those things are hard to overcome. we give orlando credit, we had our chances. but we just you know found it difficult to really sort of close it out and execute. >> apparently still fighting over kevin durant even though he is hurt. the warriors and thunder got into a scuffle, look who was at the heart of it. steph curry, he mixes it up during the second half.
5:47 pm
a few technical fouls are given out. not sure who won the fight but golden state won the game. herrera will return after spending a few weeks at the baseball classic and thinks he can compete for a batting title. last year he hit .348. and teddy went it-3 on the day. and herrera was 2-5 considering he went 2-11 and was taken out of venezuela's lineup. phillies came from behind to win 9-5. >> i'll take herrera coming close to .348. >> thank you. tickets are sold for the upcoming season of the philadelphia freedom tennis team and venus williams is coming to philadelphia to take on the freedom and she will play for
5:48 pm
washington, d.c.'s team when they play on july 24th. they play at st. joe's university and tickets are sold on the team's website. march madness provided a big time pay bonus for our west virginia man, he won $100,000 in warren buffett's challenge. exclusively for his employees. he picked the first 29 games of the tourney and missed out on the win, because he didn't pick south carolina's win over duke. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. maybe that's why we've been ranked highest in cutomer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement.
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septa riders got this classical treat at the suburban station, they played music by johan sebastian bach the way to sew seeds for classical music lovers and riders delighted in it. and adam is here and we are adding bach to wintry weather. >> and we are out of tune, spring going bye bye and winter making a return in the middle of the week.
5:52 pm
look agent stormtracker 6 live double scan no precipitation right now across the area and lots of sunshine this afternoon and the action cam was at the shore the last place to clear out with the morning clouds and even there a decent day, this in ventnor and the fishing pier there and we are two months away or so from the memorial day weekend, we have one person strolling there underneath the pier and temperatures bouncing back to and above normal. yesterday right at that normal for the first day of spring, 54 and today we did excel up to 59 degrees but it stops there temporarily as we kick it back down for the end of the week. 58 allentown and trenton and millville and dover. but as you get the wind off the chilly water, cape may 50 degrees right now and the atlantic city airport temperatures of 60 and beach haven 4 degrees, there is a front to the north and west here you see snow showers north and
5:53 pm
west of south bay from ottawa, canada and have you to think during the winter season spring interrupted winter many times over with all the records and winter is saying no, and winter is taking over for a couple of days. 30 in the suburbs and 35 for center city with the wind shift from the northwest and partly cloudy and the wins start to kick in gear here first thing tomorrow morning and take a look at these numbers, you won't look at the air temperature. look at the windchill tomorrow. this is how you'll want to dress. even in the afternoon feeling like the low to middle 20s with winds up to 30 and 45 miles per hour. all compliments of high pressure coming in over the great lakes and sinking down and the high is still to the west, the wins drain from the northwest 16 degrees below average and we do get wall-to-wall sunshine around here tomorrow. little in the way of clouds and that sun is not going to warm
5:54 pm
us. and as the high gets closer a chill in the air and we'll bring the winds down and temperature goes up to 45 degrees and chilly at 45 and definitely feeling warmer with windchills in the 20s for tomorrow. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we again have a lot of sun the next two days, 39 replaced by 45 on thursday, clouds build back in quickly on friday as the warm front arrives and spotty showers especially north and west of philadelphia. in the afternoon with the front and back up to 52 and as the front heads into new england, we soar into it's low 70s on saturday, the pick of the week. with the seven-day forecast and sun and clouds and everything collapses back down here on sunday and monday, rain arrives and starts to turn cooler here and the second half of the weekend a little on the damp side and a little of the same and breaking into more sun on tuesday of 52 degrees, saturday definitely. as you can see the pick of the
5:55 pm
week. >> thank you adam.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
the ocean city new jersey boardwalk has a new look by the end of the month. new decking in in place at the end of the 8th and 10th street. the new face of the new boardwalk and several new pavilions are expected to be finished in the next week or so. >> right now jim gardner is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. seth williams is facing fraud and bribery charges for taking $160,000 in luxury gifts and pepsi is pulling products from the store shelves in philadelphia because of the new beverage tax. and a push for a write-in candidate for a special election to fill a vacant pennsylvania house. coming up next. for adam joseph, cecily tynan, monica malpass and the entire "action news" team i'm rick
5:58 pm
williams have a nice weekend.
5:59 pm
"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. tuesday night and a 16-year-old faces charges for creating fake traffic tickets and surveillance video shows how two bandits pulled off a million jewelry heist but the big story on "action news" is da seth williams is now charged with 23 counts of christmas and according to the fbi his alleged
6:00 pm
conduct is wide ranging and corrupt. and it wases just a month ago when he apologized for accepting gifts and showed poor judgment and today a grand jury accused him of more than poor judgment. bribery, extortion and wire fraud. the -- says quote it's imperative he resign from his position immediately to restore the public's confidence in our justice system. first, chad pradelli is at the federal building to explain the details of what happened today. >> reporter: yes jim, you know the gifts are nothing new, seth williams has admitted to receiving those but federal authorities here is a he solicited those gifts in a classic quid pro quo. >> the federal indictment


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