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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 23, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, terror in london. day one of the investigation and the man on a deadly rampage. the british parliament on lockdown. the new details about the hero cop who saved the lives and the raids overnight. we're live in london. republicans are trying to shore up last-minute support for the president's health care an this as the house prepares to vote today and the white house the woman who escaped the truck of her car and the man accused of kidnapping her. >> it was weird to spend five days thinking you're going to die alone. >> a woman stranded in the desert for days. hear how she got lost and the clues she left behind that
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helped save her life. and good morning to you. we begin with breaking news anns in the investigation. >> video coming in right now of at least one raids overnight in connection with the attack. police storming an apartment. this is the scene birmingham. investigators say at least seven people have been taken into custody. >> here's a live picture of london itself. you can see authorities are still blocking the entrance of the westminster bridge there. officials scrambling to find clues as to what drove this lone suspect to plow his car through dozens of pedestrians on that bridge killing three of them. he also fatally stabbed a police officer inside the gates of parliament. >> that officer has been identified as 48-year-old keith palmer. he was a husband and a father who was with the parliamentary protection service for 15 years. now, parliament was placed on
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lockdown during the attack and will be back in session later on this morning. we'll start our coverage with abc's molly hunter live from london for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. new information coming out this morning. police spoke just moments ago not identifying that attacker yet. no motivation given saying only that he was inspired by international terrorists. this morning the cleanup begins. investigators still on the scene as the sun rises over london. yesterday chaos as a knife-wielding terrorist went on a rampage using his car to mow down dozens of pedestrians on the city's famed westminster bridge. one woman falling into the water after being hit. she was later pulled from the river with severe injuries. >> there were bodies literally -- >> must have been about ten. >> 10, 12 bodies. >> reporter: the driver crashing into the gates outside parliament. >> i see that one car smashed through the wall and people started running all over. >> reporter: the attacker armed
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with a knife ran to parliament where he fatally stabbed police officer keith palmer. one minister tobias elle wood performed mouth to mouth trying to save that officer. police later ending the rampage shooting the attacker. these images show one officer seeming to point his gun at the suspect with what appears to be a knife under the officer's foot. the suspect is loaded onto an ambulance but later died. the british parliament was on lockdown for several hours. >> this house is not suspended but please wait here. >> reporter: outside the bridge brought to a standstill as bystanders risched to help the victims. the prime minister calling it sick and depraved. >> we will all move forward together. never giving in to terror and never allowing the voices of hate and evil to drive us apart. >> reporter: and this morning that investigation continuing. those injured remain in the
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hospital and here in the city life is back to normal and parliament is back in session. diane, kendis. >> we've seen photos of the attacker. what are we learning about that person? >> reporter: now, no identity yet. police do believe that he acted alone. last night, police said he was inspired by islamist related terror or islamist related. this morning they didn't say that. they said he was inspired by international terrorists. we should learn a lot more today from police about who this person is and what drove him to do this. >> all right. molly, thank you so much. we appreciate you being on with us this morning. the state department is earning americans to london to avoid that area during the investigation. >> this morning we're hearing from some of the americans who went from being tourists to eyewitnesses. they had an aerial view of the attack by the nearby london eye, the ferris wheel. >> as soon as we got pretty high up a quarter of the way up we
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could see something was going on on the bridge. that's how we knew and more cops and more sirens so i knew something big happened. >> so far no reports of any americans injured in the attack. president trump spoke with the prime minister there over the phone right after the attack offering both his condolences and the full support of the u.s. government. police are increasing security at potential targets here in the u.s. including new york city. the department here says it has deployed heavily armed police units to the british consulate, united nations and several other locations but police say there is no specific credible threat. and experts say cars and trucks have become the weapon of choice for terrorists. this he say they can document more than a dozen vehicle attacks including last summer's massacre in nice, france, and the deadly attack on a christmas market in berlin. they say it's the random nature of these vehicle attacks that makes them so dangerous. >> this method that he used is
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one that isis has said to their followers to go out, get a car, get a knife, get a rock, throw people off from a tall building and go out and kill people where you are. it's an incredibly difficult situation to try to guard against because it's very unpredictable. you almost have to start looking at putting barriers out a little further increasing and expanding that layer of security outside of these targets. >> and security officials say they've adjusted their training to include preparing for these sort of attacks but they admit there is no way to fully protect the public from them. the eiffel tower turned off its lights to pay tribute to the victims of the attack. three french teenagers were among the injured. both the french prime minister and president expressed their support for britain. in israel the tel aviv city hall lit up in the colors of the union jack. still ahead, why the president says he feels somewhat vindicated for those wiretapping claims. and we are hours away from a
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major vote on capitol hill to possibly replace obamacare. does the president have the support. we're live in washington with the late night negotiations. plus, reports after an entire city being evacuated after a weapons depot catches
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live picture of the capitol where a lot of action is expected in just a matter of hours. the first big congressional vote on president trump's administration hours away and seven years to the day after it was signed, the house can okay a plan to get rid of the affordable care act. >> there are some questions still over whether the gop's replacement measure has enough
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support. late night talks on capitol hill may not have swayed some conservatives, or did they? janai norman has the latest. >> reporter: it's do or die for the republicans' american health care ago, the bill that could undo obamacare but appears to be already clinging to life support. >> the opposition is still strong. they don't have the votes to pass this. >> it's not going to pass as it stands right now unless they make major changes. >> reporter: the original version of the bill would leave 24 million fewer americans insured over the next decades and some older americans spending thousands more in premiums. >> despite the desperate last-minute so-called tweaks and modifications trumpcare will still cause the american people to pay more for less care. >> reporter: with all democrats expected to vote no, republicans can only afford to lose 21 votes to pass the bill. but the numbers aren't quite on their side. >> did the house delay the vote? >> i think they'll have to.
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they don't have the vote. >> reporter: some have had a change of heart. law barletta negotiated a yes vote in exchange for the president's promise to support one of his priorities. >> i know if i held out long enough -- >> you'd get what they want. >> they'd send the big guy in to close the deal. >> reporter: the last count by abc news has at least 28 republicans saying they will oppose the bill as it stands, plus, a number of moderates and conservatives still on the fence. threatening to land a major blow to president trump on his first big legislative push. >> there's plan a and plan a. we'll get this done. >> reporter: it's already anticipated votes on the bill could go late into the evening and even if it passes some republicans have said the bill would be dead on arrival in the senate, so, kendis and diane, uphill battle either way. >> yes, they're saying there is no plan b so we will see what happens in washington. >> we'll see. president trump's former campaign manager paul manafort insists he did not work for the
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russian government. the denial follows an associated press report saying manafort had a $10 million contract with a russian billionaire close to vladimir putin. he reportedly offered to push putin's agenda in other countries and the white house says the president was not aware of that connection. to the growing scandal on capitol hill involving surveillance after the presidential election. republican chair of the house intelligence committee has revealed the government may have picked up private communications from president trump and his transition team. congressman devin nunes says it was legal but it may have been distributed improperly. democrats on the committee are furious that nunes shared that information with the white house and with reporters before sharing it with them. president trump says he feels, quote, somewhat vindicated by that revelation even though it does not back up his claim that trump tower was wiretapped. joe biden mocked president trump's wiretapping claims when he was asked by a reporter about
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the allegations. >> mr. vice president, did your administration wiretap the trump tower? >> five or six times. no, are you serious? >> reporter: well, after the typical joe biden response there a little sarcasm he called on president trump to apologize to former president obama for the wiretap claim. when we come back, a development in the case of a woman who escaped from a car trunk during a kidnapping. police have made an arrest and they are revealing new deal tails in the case. a woman gets lost in the grand can kwon for several days after her car runs out of gas. how she was finally located. n'ts get between you and life's beautiful moments. flonase allergy relief delivers more complete relief. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause all your symptoms, including nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. flonase is an allergy nasal spray that works even beyond the nose. so you can enjoy every beautiful moment to the fullest.
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in session this morning. this as police announce at least seven arrests in anti-terror raid as congress england overnight. >> chilling new accounts are surfacing from people who saw all of it play out including the woffords from a journalist who watched the attack unfold from inside the parliament there. >> this guy had got his knife above his head. he was coming towards the policeman. it was difficult to tell at that second whether he was actually intending to attack, though, clearly as it transpired that's what happened. at that point i ducked back into the room to share with my colleagues what was happening of the there was an attack going on. we needed to let people know. i stuck my head back out and heard several gunshots and sounded to me like gunshots and two people lying on the floor. police running everywhere. armed police shouting, clear the square, get out of here. >> not a typical day there in london. we'll have the latest on the
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attack with live team coverage later on "good morning america." we'll stay in europe. to the evacuation of an entire city in ukraine after several explosions overnight. reports quote a munition depot blew up and a massive fire sweeping the country. listen to that. traffic jams are reported as residents flee the area. no word on casualties but local reports say sabotage is suspected. and back here at home four people are dead including a police officer after a shooting spree in wisconsin. police say it start the as a domestic dispute at a bank and escalated to multiple locations. they were in a standoff with the suspect at an apartment complex that ended with gunfire and a police officer killed. the smurf is now in custody. overnight police arrested and made an arrest in the kidnapping and robbery attempt in alabama.
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britney diggs' escape from the trunk of a car captured on surveillance video. police say the kidnapping was random and the suspect was released from prison two months ago on a drug charge. the victim used the light from her insulin pump to find the trunk's release latch and made her escape. a texas woman now recovering from five days of being stranded in the arizona wilderness. authorities say she did everything right. after everything went wrong. here's linzie janis. >> reporter: amber vanhecke was sightseeing near the southern rim of the grand canyon when she says her gps instructed her to make a series of wrong turns leading her into increasingly rough terrain. >> i panicked. i drove around aimlessly. >> reporter: her car ran out of gas and had no sell phone signal. she says she constructed various signs like this one near the road and this giant plea for help they willed out in 20 to 30-not letters. all throughout recording video
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diaries. >> i just want to go home. >> reporter: it was weird to spend five days thinking you're going to die alone and come out and have no one know there was something wrong. >> reporter: after 119 hours, a rescue crew responding to that call first spotting her car and then that sign. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> very 12345r9 on her part. she was treated for exposure and dehydration and says she's feeling well in good spirits and can now mark riding in a helicopter off her bucket list so look on the bright side. >> there you have it. we'll move on to sports and the u.s. has won its first world baseball classic. >> whoo-hoo. >> apparently that's a thing. they crushed puerto rico, 8-0 behind the dominant pitching of mark cost strohman. >> the blue jays ace had a no-hitter going into the seventh and team usa celebrate the by planting their eagle statue
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mascot smack right on the mound. >> yes. take that. >> that's a pretty good-looking eagle. >> good statue. >> not a real one, is it? all right. in florida an iguana caused a racket at the miami open perching on top of the scoreboard and then running across the court. the little guy stopped play for several minutes as they tried to remove him. that was tough. >> eventually someone used a towel to grab him by the tail and carry him off. he's a pet somewhere. >> i don't think he liked that. up next in "the pulse," a cat caper. what we're learning about the little girl who grabbed the pope's hat right off his head. remember the teacher who came up with some hand shakes for everyone in his class. wait till you see the surprise he just gave his students. about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage.
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♪ time to check "the pulse" and the little girl from atlanta who is now an international sensation. >> talking about 3-year-old estrella who met the pope and when one of the attendants lifted her up she grabbed a souvenir taking his cap. everybody laughed. even pope francis who quickly grabbed his skull cap back. >> give that back. remember the story about the teacher in charlotte, north carolina, who had the special handshakes for his students. >> he became an internet sensation. we showed it to you on the show. it shows him come up with a different hand shake for each and every one of his students. >> this week he had another surprise by inviting zeus, famous globetrotter and he took over and performed each of those handshakes with the kids. >> how cool is that? >> that's pretty awesome. >> i like to be in that class.
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>> hello, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 4:27 a.m., thursday, here's what's next on "action news." we've details on a fight between teens and west philadelphia, a girl's hair was set on fire in the process. the house will voten the republican health care plan today. doesn't feel like spring, live look on sky6 live hd, that's the commodore barry bridge. meteorologist, david murphy is tracking temperatures in the 20s this morning. if you wanted to volunteer for the nfl draft in philadelphia, time has run out. you can still go, it's all coming up next. the northeast. a grassroots charity giving a new york teenager a new lease on life born with a set of legs that didn't work properly.
4:28 am
>> and tony yates from our new york station gives us more. >> reporter: christian was 1,000% on board with a deer suggested his legs be amputated. no tears, no fear. >> i had said prior when i was 7 i said why can't we just cut them off, get fake ones and be done with it. >> reporter: this was his life before born a twin in south africa. his mother left him because he was severely deformed. >> he was folded in half with his feet placed on his ears. and they left him like that for six months. they just thought he was going to die, 18 ounces, all kinds of issues, no nicu and he made it. >> reporter: he made it out of a south african orphanage by laura who worked years to raise money. he got these high-tech legs. >> these are my prosthetic knees. they're bionic. >> reporter: that will work with his brain and muscle memory to give him a normal stride. >> so i could go hiking in
4:29 am
these. i can get waterproof so when it's raining nothing will happen. i can go on hills in san francisco if i wanted to bartoletta but come at a huge cost not covered by insurance so echo, the emergency children help organization on staten island is joining the go fund me effort matching up to $0,000 to pay these legs off. >> christian is such a wonderful boy and happy to help. >> reporter: from this to now. no regrets. worth every effort that the 17-year-old port richmond high school junior is giving to raise the money. >> it just felt right and it is right right now and i couldn't be more happier with the decision i made. >> reporter: on staten island to to toni yaets, staten island. >> i do love his attitude. a smile throughout. did stay with us for "good morning america" and have >> gos
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4:30 a.m., thursday, march 23. here's what we're following on "action news," another fire near a septa station leads to girls setting another girls hair on fire. overnight police in britain carry out raids as they haven't the deadly terror attack. the u.s. house is expected to vote on the gop plan to replace the affordable care act and local republicans are no longer on board. >> let's talk about accuweather. it was cold last night, david, taking out the trash. >> karen rogers happy birthday, you've got the commute. >>


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