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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 24, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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making news in america this morning, health care showdown. overnight president trump's aides in closed door meetings hoping to sway republican support. the president giving an ultimatum after the delay. the vote today or obamacare stays. we're live in washington. remembering the victims in the london terror attack. the overnight vigil. new details about the american victim and the last picture of the officer who was stabbed to death taken just moments before the attack. plus, what we're learning about the killer and the missed warning signs. breaking right now, the desperate search to find two children. they were inside a car when it was stolen. the details just in. plus, this -- >> very, very luck y i could have went the opposite way. >> high school hero.
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the classmate coming to the aid of a choking student, what they're both saying this morning. that is definitely the person you want to have over to dinner with you just in case. >> good morning. >> i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm mara schiavocampo in for diane macedo. we begin with decision day for the president's health care plan. >> the republican overhaul of the health care bill is on the brink. party leaders spent the night trying to rally support after a vote for the bill was postponed yesterday. >> and now a new ultimatum from president trump. pass the bill today or obamacare is here to stay. abc's janai norman joins us now from capitol hill. janai, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy friday. word from the administration is that president trump is done negotiating and wants lawmakers here to cast their votes saying either the health care passes or they move on. it's round two on capitol hill
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as republicans prepare for a high stakes gamble on health care. the president who promised to get deals done has failed so far to make a deal. >> rookie's error for bringing this up on a day -- i mean, clearly you're not ready. >> reporter: it left republicans fighting to round up support. late thursday the president and vice president personally negotiated changes to the health care bill that split the republican party. >> i will probably vote no if the bill continues to be as it is bad for america. >> reporter: conservatives are basic health services like maternity care, drug and mental health treatment, wellness checkups and even ambulance services. >> i am still a no at this time. i'm trying to get to yes and i think the president knows that. >> reporter: but those changes are too drastic for moderate republicans who support the bill
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desperately needed. they need 216 votes to pass the bill. one republican congressman on msnbc explained why the math isn't adding up in their favor. >> in my district right now there's a lot of misunderstanding about what it is we're doing and once we get it done and then we can have the chance to really explain it. >> reporter: the outcome of today's vote hangs in the balance. but the white house is confident saying the president will pull out the last-minute win like he did in november. and it's at the president's urging that they'll make that risky bet. mar are and kendis, it can be seen as a negotiation strategy. president trump gambling that the possibility of failing to repeal obamacare will force lawmakers to vote yes. >> all right, janai norman live in washington, thank you so much. we'll turn our focus to the other top story that we're following. the new developments in the investigation into the terror attacks in london. >> a fourth victim has now died from his injuries.
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a 75-year-old man. hundreds of people gathered in trafalgar square for a candlelight vigil in a show of solidarity wearing flags, laying flowers and mourning the victims. the attacker has now been identified as 52-year-old khalid masood born in britain. he was also killed. masood has a 20-year record of violent offenses and has long been known to authorities as an islamic radical. isis claims he was a soldier of the islamic state. meanwhile, a british newspaper reports members of parliament were warned last month that security was weak outside parliament's main gates putting officers at risk. and we're seeing what's likely the last photo of the brave police officer who was stabbed to death inside the gates of parliament. a florida woman on a spring break trip to visit her son in london got a picture of herself with keith palmer, the photo was snapped less than one hour before he was killed. >> there were so many other american tourists there. we're learning about one of them. the american who was killed in that attack.
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54-year-old musician kurt cochran from utah. he and his wife were visiting there to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary of the he died when he was run down on westminster bridge and his wife remains hospitalized. >> just one of those guys, i mean, you just know you wanted to be a friend within five minutes and -- sorry. >> the cochrans were supposed to return to the united states yesterday. and there are reports this morning that as many as six secret service employees could face discipline over a white house security breach. earlier this month a man stayed on the grounds for 16 minutes. he even reached the white house door before he was finally taken into custody. those reportedly facing discipline include officers from the ununiformed area division and special agents.
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senate democratic leader charles schumer is promising a showdown over supreme court nominee neal gorsuch. republicans would need 60 votes rather than 51 for confirmation. republicans insist confirmation is a done deal no matter what even if it means changing senate procedural rules. devin nunes is apologizing for how he handled intelligence data involving the trump transition team and went public briefing the president and media before sharing that information with committee members. but democrats are still upset saying his actions threaten the committee's credibility. overseas a former russian lawmaker and critic of vladimir putin has been shot and killed in the streets of ukraine. he was once a communist member of the russian parliament and he fled to ukraine after fearing for his life. police say he was gunned down outside a hotel in kiev in broad
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daylight. ukraine's president is calling the deadly shooting a russian state terrorist act. israeli police have arrested a 19-year-old in connection with a series of bomb threats against jewish community centers and schools in the u.s. and other countries. the suspect is jewish with dual citizenship in the u.s. and israel. his lawyer says the teen has a brain tumor that could affect his behavior. police say the suspect's father may have been aware of the threats but he denies that. well, coming up still ahead, the new idea explored by twitter. would you pay to use the social media site? >> interesting. breaking right now an amber alert issued after a car is stolen with two kids inside. the details on the desperate search just coming in. an explosion levels a home. new video from the scene as witnesses describe the powerful blast.
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so, this is the dramatic rescue of a construction worker in biscayne, florida, who was left dangling 12 stories up after his scaffolding collapsed. the video was shot from a room inside the building. the grand bay club. the worker wasn't injured and the cause of that collapse under investigation this morning. breaking overnight in california a desperate search is under way for two toddlers missing after the car they were in was stolen. an amber alert has been issued for the boys who are 1 and 2 years old. now, they were in the car last night when someone jumped in and drove off. this happened in cathedral city in riverside county, california outside palm springs. the car's owner is the boys' baby-sitter who briefly left it unattended in that residential area. terrifying moments as a gas explosion levels
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pittsburgh. video from the scene shows the shouse in pieces. a gaping hole and debris all that's left. the homeowner was luckily at work at the time. neighboring damaged. witnesses report hearing a loud boom followed by several smaller bursts. >> gosh, making a sandwich in the kitchen and heard an explosion, shook the house. dogs were howling, scared to death and at first i looked out the back, saw nothing. looked out the front window and the whole front of the house was gone. >> miraculously two dogs somehow survived that massive explosion. >> the fcc is cracking down down on those frustrating illegal robocalls. about 2.5 billion flood america's cell phones and landlines. newly proposed rules would allow the phone companies to block calls that come from fake phone numbers. in the meantime some carriers offer free call blocking services and apps like
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mr. number also help filter those calls. twitter has announced it's considering offering a premium version of its service. it's aimed at professionals like marketers and charging subscription fees for the first time in its history. twitter is conducting a survey asking likely users if they'd be willing to pay. here's the answer, no. >> i wonder what the results of that are. the fbi returned tom brady's super bowl jerseys to the patriots. they were found in mexico in the custody of a former newspaper executive but no criminal charges have been filed. the fbi has not commented on the investigation. the jersey brady wore in last month's super bowl is valued at half a million dollars. and speaking of the patriots they'll be the first championship team to visit president trump in the white house. the super bowl champs will head to washington april 19th. at least six players have publicly said they will not be attending that meeting. >> and that's something tom brady did during the obama years
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as well. >> not the first time we've sign that. when we come back a firefighter saves a dog from inside a burning home. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. another bracket buster and march madness. the late rally leading to an upset. take one of those pillows and take a big smell.
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or how high the pollen count, flonase allergy relief keeps your eyes and nose clear. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances that cause nasal congestion and itchy, watery eyes. for relief beyond the nose. flonase. this is time-lapsed video of one of nature's great events and this is awesome. it is time-lapsed video of the southern lights. it was shot from a charter airliner from new zealand. passengers took the eight-hour flight just to get this view and the southern lights, of course, because it's in the southern hemisphere. >> wow, great view from the airplane. the best place to be. not that i know anything about these kinds of things. now for a look at morning road conditions. heavy rain could cause slick roads from central california to washington state. a mixture of snow and rain along the appalachians through pennsylvania may slow down the commute. flying you won't see the northern lights but you will have possible delays in dallas, kansas city, san francisco, as
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well as denver. turning now to other news, the number of teens reported missing in the nation's capital many of them black and latino is creating anxiety among parents and young people alike. >> but washington, d.c. police insist the numbers don't tell the entire story. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: alarming posts catching the attention of social media users across the country. nearly a dozen black teenage girls reported missing over the course of just days. >> can't go nowhere by ourselves. we can't do nothing because we worried about someone trying to take us. >> reporter: they're among 38 people in total listed as missing on d.c.'s metropolitan police site. many of them young black or latino teenage girls. hundreds of concerned citizens packed an emotional town hall meeting wednesday night worried all these vanished teens represent a disturbing spike in crime. >> there is no evidence that there's an uptick in missing person is just the exposure to the media has been increased.
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>> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, washington. we're hearing new allegations this morning about that 28-year-old army veteran accused of targeting and killing a black man in new york city. james jackson has been charged with murder as a hate crime. police say the admitted white supremacist traveled from particular to new york to kill black men and stalked numerous potential victims before killing 68-year-old timothy kauffman on monday night. prosecutors are calling the murder a hate crime. his attorney is hinting at a possible insanity defense. police have released decision turning dash cam showing a police chase ending the life of a suspect. madison dixon was wanted for a series of crimes when she exchanged gunfire with police during a car chase. she was still firing her gun after she jumped out of her vehicle and she was struck by a police patrol vehicle. three officers involved in the chase are now under
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investigation. then there was this piece of video coming from the west coast. firefighters in santa monica are being praised for saving this little dog's life. he was pulled out of an apartment fire overcome by heat and smoke, amazing images with no pulse and no breathing but after cpr and some mouth to snout resuscitation he was breathing and walking again after 20 minutes. >> great to see they were committed to saving him. turning now to wisconsin where a high school freshman is also being hailed as a hero for saving the life of a classmate who was choking by using the heimlich maneuver. ian brown was eating lunch when. >> we couldn't tell if will was choking or laughing and choking at the same time and eventually what started to give it away was the redness in his face and his kind of gave it away.
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>> i felt thankful i had ian, a friend, there that had the training to do what he did. i'm very, very lucky. i could have went the opposite way. >> brown says he learned to do the heimlich maneuver during first aid training at the local police station. moving now to sports, the sweet 16 is on its way to becoming the elite eight. >> so kansas the top seed in the midwest took on number four purdue. it was a jayhawks went on a 40-13 run and went on to98-66. >> in the west, top seed gonzaga met west virginia. the mountaineers led by three late in the game thanks to a three-pointer by carter but the bulldogs scored the final six and gonzaga moves on with a 68-51 victory. oregon and number seven michigan came down to the final shot. this is in the midwest second. the wolverines down one, walton taking the three with time running out. no good.
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oregon, victorious. the ducks will face kansas in one of saturday's regional finals. the big upset of the night was number 11, xavier taking on arizona. the wildcats were down two in the final seconds and they missed a possible game-winning three-pointer. the must tears grabbing the rebound and ran out the clock. xavier pulls off the stunner, 73-71. >> bill murray was in the stands of that game all happy and amid the celebration things got a little physical as you saw there for xavier. those two players, ouch, colliding on the court but they were too happy to even care. >> that's going to hurt in the morning. >> elite eight. up next in "the pulse" finally found a woman stolen while returned after eight years? the scientist's invention that every wine lover will be talking about. hritis hit... even the smallest things became difficult.
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♪ your friday "pulse" starting with a restaurant in pennsylvania encouraging families to put the phone down. >> they're offering a discount for putting the phone down. sarah's corner will take 10% off your tab as long as you keep your phones off the phone. >> it has to be a party of four or more and diners must put their phones in a basket on the table to qualify and the phones must be on silent. now to a missing wallet finally found after eight years. >> yeah, a woman in massachusetts says someone stole her wallet from her car back in 2009. courtney connelly was shocked to get it back with $141 inside and social security card as well. >> someone recently gave it to an officer and tracked her down through an old pay stub and the wallet still had a fortune cookie inside that said soon you will receive pleasant news.
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>> soon meaning eight years. >> wow. >> seems relative. scientists discovered a solution to a problem many can relate to. >> dr. daniel perlman invented a bottle that stops wine from dripping when poured. thank god for that. a simple fix. he engineered it with a groove below the opening speaking to manufacturers about using this idea. problem solved. >> i always just drink from the bottle. doesn't that solve the bottle also. >> you don't have to worry about it. if you drink enough wine you don't care anyway. despread pain drained my energy. my doctor said moving more helps ease fibromyalgia pain. he also prescribed lyrica. fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. for some, lyrica can significantly relieve fibromyalgia pain and improve function, so i feel better. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away
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>> hello, everyone, good morning, i'm matt o'donnell, 4:27 a.m., friday, we're following developing news, authorities in burlington county are investigating the death of two people at an apartment complex. >> does the president have the vote, the house is is expected to vote on a new healthcare bill today. looking at sky6 live hd, ben franklin bridge, the delaware river, david murphy has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, much more coming up on "action news," stay with us. torms likely across the plains and heavy rain from central california to washington. finally from us, the late night comics take on the news of the week. >> your "friday funnies." >> fbi director james comey
4:28 am
confirmed that the agency is examining possible ties between russia and president trump's campaign. when asked if they found anything yet comey said i can't comment on an ongoing investigation. >> can you imagine what donald trump would be tweeting if president obama or hillary clinton's campaign manager had a $10 million a year contract to promote the russian government? he wouldn't know what to do. the words wouldn't even come out of his twitter. he is's be so excited. he'd probably have to start using emojis. here's the tweet, bear, bear, handcuffs, white house, prison bar, russian flag, middle finger. devil face. babushka, babushka, babushka. he'd go off the rails. >> rex tillerson made a surprising statement when he told reporters that he didn't want to be secretary of state, but accepted the job because his wife told him it was something he was supposed to do. yeah. that's the attitude you want
4:29 am
representing the country, isn't it? hello, mr. prime minister. i'm rex tillerson. i'm only here because my wife made me. >> republicans have been scrambling to sell this thing ever since the cbo report came out that said trumpcare would kick 24 million off insurance so they're rebranding and introducing the three-bucket strategy. okay, since so many are losing health care they're just saying, quick, do the first three things on your bucket list. >> republicans in the house were forced to postpone their vote today because they cannot agree on what the plan should be. so it's back to the drawing board. unfortunately, trump's budget for education cut funding for drawing boards, so there's no board for them to draw on. >> very clever. >> yes, just imagine what all the antics of the last 24 hours and next 24 hours will give them. >> lots of fodder. >> that's what's making news in america this friday morning. >> stay with us for "good
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>> good morning everyone it is 4:30 a.m., friday, march 4. >> we're following a developing story. authorities are investigating the death of two people at an apartment complex in burlington county. we're live on the scene. a philadelphia police officer has been arrested for leaving dog for dead in a trash bag. >> president trump tells republicans vote on human being being -- health care or kept the current law. >>


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