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tv   Action News Weekend 6PM  ABC  March 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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just ice it and i will be good. >> lisa: nothing to be concerned about? >> no. >> lisa: you shot 68% as a team. what is the key to efficiency? >> playing with pace. taking shots when we got them and attacking the basket. you know, offensively in the pick and roll, they were corralling me and double-teaming me. i trusted my teammates to get up the basketball. trefr had a great night. guys played well tonight. >> lisa: you got a lot out of your guys. lou william, 39 points off the bench. what is going on with him? >> he is is a great one on one player. he is going to take a shot and go to the basket. great win for us. >> lisa: describe the impact trevor ariza win v had. >> he knows how to win games. he came up big and a couple big plays. so a lot of guys contributed tonight. >> lisa: again, you led your guys to a lot of scoring but it's your name in the mvp race.
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and before the game, you said you actually enjoy this. you think it's fun. you check the numbers every night toe see what other guys are doing and how they are playing. how come? >> well, first, four guys i think that score more points than me. which is a credit to them. i love that. i love when they are playing well. but i think our know does is playing well but we have nine lefts before the post season. as long as those guys are playing like this, i like our chances. >> lisa: thank you, james. mike? >> mike: thank you, lisa. the two stofr v stars put up tremendous numbers and a good chance one of them is going to be mvp. another triple-double for westbrook. harden had his teammates in great spots. 12 more assists to go with his 22 points as the rockets win wire to wire and now frp the season, they are 51-22. well, abc world news tonight or your local news will be coming up on most of the abc stations except on the west coast.
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we have the best crew in the business and thank them. the outstanding bunch here at abc. for jeff and mark and lisa, mike breen saying thanks so much for watching here on abc, home of the nba finals. >> sunday night, sarah is off we have breaking news a store
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owner in north philadelphia opens fire on a would be thief. but the big story on "action news" is a two-alarm fire that's torching a commercial building in wilmington. crews have been fighting the fire for three hours at this point. christie ileto is live at the scene with the details. >> reporter: walter, that fire is now contained, but you can see this is the building in question. the apartment yiewfnts at the -- units at the bottom. four story. the fire has spilled out into the middle of market street. nobody was inside the store at the time of the fire. looking at the exterior of the buildings you can see it is a total loss. >> what the heck happened. that's what's going through my mind. >> reporter: 4th and market was filled with thick smoke
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billowing from the sneaker store. >> i came out and saw nothing but black smoke. you scoonlt see -- couldn't see up the block. >> kay on chaotic -- nobody we the store, but getting in to fight the flames proved challenging. >> the building had a extreme fire load, companies pulled out. we went to a defensive attack. >> i knew it was serious when the officers came over to the door and told us to come out. i'm glad nobody got hurt. >> reporter: that's right, fortunately there were no injuries. the cause remains under investigation. again this is a total loss, the fire chief told us for those who were living above the store they are displaced this evening. live in wilmington, christie
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ileto channel 6 "action news." >> thank you christy. moving on to developing news, the attorney attorney forg seth williams wants to withdraw from the case. williams cannot afford his services. he said he is not stepping down it would be a conflict of interest representing a sitting da. he is pleading not guilty. >> after enjoying temperatures in the 70s yesterday, it felt like winter once again today. it fellows cold and gray, much like pliefl. much like myself. melissa magee is here with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> reporter: never that walter, we were up yesterday and today we're down. the high in philadelphia yesterday, 77. today, 45 degrees, that's a
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32-degree temperature drop from where we had high temperatures across the region. looking at the 24 hour temperature change. what a big difference a day makes. 18 degrees cooler than yesterday. 32 cooler in millville. 33 in lancaster out to the west and nine degrees cooler in the poconos. as we go throughout the rest of the evening, mostly cloudy sky, 48. 49 at 9:00 p.m. him we tap into a westerly wimed later tonight. the -- westerly wind later tonight. we'll bump to 50 degrees. it is cloudy for the majority of the night. you look to the west we're tracking precipitation out of the ohio valley working eastward overnight tonight. we're expecting light precipitation. as we go throughout the rest of the evening, we have the rain overhead and early tomorrow morning. we're tracking an early-week
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warmup on the way. the runs of the 70s making a comeback him we'll have that in the seven-day forecast. >> we have breaking news from north philadelphia, where an other -- owner of a store opened fire on a suspect. you're looking at a live picture of the scene, the suspect, 40-year-old man was shot in the chest, a bystander, a 52-year-old woman was shot in the handle. both were taken to temple hospital. the suspect is critical, the bystander is stable. the oner is being questioned by -- the owner is being questioned by police. a person was struck and killed by a hit and run driver in a parking lot in bear. that vehicle slammed into a building expmghts when -- and ts
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when the driver took off near the nuevo rodeo on firedancer lane. the victim was taken to christian that hospital and pro announced a short time later. several people opened fire inside a crowded nightclub in cincinnati early this morning. appears the shooting started at a dispute earlier in the day and not described as a terror attack at the time. the club has a history of gun violence. the person killed was 27 years old. two of the wounded are in critical condition and one is extremely critical. authorities are working to identify the shooter. "world news" sunday will have more on the shooting and the people responsible. an animal shelter in delaware county has taken in five dogs rescued from thailand.
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they are here after an 18 hour flight. it is time for them to find loving homes. bob brooks is live in media with much more on the story. bob. >> reporter: walter, indeed, definitely time for them to find loving homes. i think the saying you lucky dog applies here. we just met the pups at the providence animal center. i can tell you what, they are wonderful little dogs. if you're looking to adopt new dogs, how about one from thailand makes for a great ending to a better story. these five pups are at the providence animal center in media. it started with a wonderful woman with a big heart. >> it's a lady who lives in new york she visited thailand and overcome with sadness for the dogs. >> out of her pocket out --
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over five thousand dollars to get the dogs to us, our job is to find them forever homes. >> they were all street dogs and at risk of experiencing horrible deaths or whether it's poison or pick up for meat. >> they will need time to adjust to the big changes they have undergone. >> reporter: do they understand give at all? >> you know the u.n. varies -- universal long for dogs is love. they are adjusting nicely because they know it is safety here and it's all good. >> reporter: it is certainly all good at the center.
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it closed at 5:00 p.m. so if you want to pop in tomorrow and check them out, you can see them. there are pleasant of other amazing dogs and cats at the animal center that you can take home. bob brooks, channel 6 "action news." >> some women who are being treated for cancer were treated to pampering at university city. "action news" trish hartman has more. >> we're going to put the foundation on. a 22-year-old woman of two has been looking forward to the makeup lesson. she is the model for the event in university city and battling breast cancer and undergoing chemo therapy. >> it helps you because it makes you feel beautiful. i don't have no ear or eye lashes. >> reporter: it raises money for the penn cancer center.
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the organizer behind it lost her mother a year ago to lung cancer, 6 days after being diagnosed. not long after she lost her mother she said they was contacted by a client who was battling cancer. she said at what a big difference a little bit of makeup made. >> we can give that back to them, let them know that the chemo and radiation doesn't steal their beauty or joy. >> reporter: dozens enjoyed brunch and makeup lesson, touching on issues during chemo and radiation. >> you want something to look different and the same, makeup does that for you. >> reporter: she said she will partner with the american cancer society to provide regular
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beauty days in memory of her mom. >> we can help people find their beauty and find their strength and continue to fight. >> reporter: reporting in university city, trish hartman channel 6 "action news." >> a churn in -- a church in north philadelphia honored women today including an "action news" women's day. they focus on the women and families. several other women from "action news" attended the service. much more the come on "action news" tonight. some of the best musicians from our area showed off their skills at the kimmel center. we'll tell you what makes this group to unique. a birthday celebration where everybody stopped by a business that's sharing it's
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success with the community. jeff skeverski has sports when "action news" comes right back. is this the year
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# # ♪ very nice 400 of the area's best young musicians went center stage at the kimmel center for the annual showcase. they performed the classical pieces. our own rick williams emceed the event. a bakery in south jersey celebrated its birthday by giving out cake. the bakery in woodbury heights cut up cake for everybody to enjoy. the team comes from family that's been in the business for generations. little eagles fans took over the link.
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the huddle up for autism. they took tours of the link and other events geared toward families with autism. it was to benefit the center for autism research at children's hospital of philadelphia. "action news" health reporter, ali gorman gave runners encouragement before the get you're rear in gear. they raise funds for research and patient care and screenings and indication in our -- indication -- education in our area. adam joseph was a run are in in delaware. the nation's oldest half marathon, 54 years old this year, the 7th time 54-year-old carper won the race.
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school basketball championship to announce mcdonald all american led the reading high school to a state championship 64-60. congratulations to the red raiders of reading displmplet time for a check on sports.
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6 errs in indiana. they lost 6 straight to the pacer, they have to do without okafor. the big man out again tonight in indiana because of pain in his right knee. okafor is out for the third time in the last four games, as the sixers are underway against the pacers. this time last year he had surgery on his meniscus. listen to what brown said today. >> i'm a complete prisoner to his body and medical moods and we'll react as the medical people 0 tell me to. >> he is a prisoner. .01% are the slim odds of making the playoffs. they have to win in pittsburgh
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and pray for a miracle. flyers take the ice against the penguins 8 points out of the final wild card spot with 8 games to go. making matters worse, pittsburgh is the best team in hockey at home. the season end two weeks tonight. here's where the flyers stand in the wild card standings they are five teams in front fortunate flyers, they have to go two head to head games against the islanders and carolina coming up. that could be their saving grace. phillies front office and coaching staff are meeting as we speak. the season opens in 8 days in cincinnati. the phillies bats have been ice cold today they warm up against the pirates. later in the first, andrew napp makes the team. he makes an impression, phillies
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win 63. will napp win the back up catcher game. >> we have tough decisions, fortunately for us the starting rotation is set, the starting lineup is set. we have tough decisions to make, the unfortunate part i have to tell the players they are not going to be on the team which is the worst part of the job. duke, wisconsin or florida coming out of the east. south carolina face theoga. we're back tonight at 11:45 we'll talk eagles, sixers flyers phillies a lot to get to.
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>> up next on "action news," we have a pair of triple digit birthday celebrations to share. melissa magee has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast when "action news" comes right back. stick around. ♪ leave it to the pros? i am a pro. i made this lawn from seed pride, and less water than you'd think. to those who'd say the grass is greener on the other side..
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>> time for a check of the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: we are tracking rain as we start the workweek. temperatures soar into the 70s. >> i like that. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar, you can see that no precipitation yet, but overnight we're tracking light rain that will be moving through even through the first half of the day tomorrow. we'll show you the picture outside, sky6 live hd temple university camera looking at the center city skyline, you can see city hall, as well. we have a cloud sky overhead. the clouds will stay pretty thick overnight tonight before the precipitation arrives. today in philadelphia, only 45 for the high. yesterday, 77.
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well below average today. normally we should be close to 56 degrees. we have an easterly wind in off the atlantic, 43 in philadelphia. same thing in lang. in lancaster. 32 in the poconos. wilmington, 45. wind stained anywhere from 9 miles per hour in beach haven. 15 in philadelphia, 14 miles per hour out to the west in lancaster, but again they are coming in from the northeast, there's a bit of a chill in the at. satellite and radar you can see we've got a mostly cloudy sky. off to the west this is the precipitation we're tracking. a frontal boundary will be lifting northward, we're tracking precip over pennsylvania that will be working eastward later on tonight. for the next 12 hours it's calm and cloudy. we'll be tracking the rain closer to the midnight hour. 46 in philadelphia for the overnight low. 41 in allentown, 44 in cape may.
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temperatures overnight, as the wind shift and become westerly, numbers will be rising. we're tracking an area of low pressure, morning rain on the way tomorrow. it will be a warmer afternoon as we south the warm front high of 72. as we get into tuesday we're tracking an area of low pressure closer to us. 72 for the high. 15 degrees above average. it will be a warm day and cloudy day and with the warmth overhead and front close, a shower or storm is likely. overnight tonight, showers in the northwest suburbs as we get into 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, slow going for the commute for areas north and west of the i-95 corridor from the poconos allentown, reading, lancaster. by 9:30 a.m. we have showers overhead looks like the moisture moves out by monday afternoon. so clouds will be breaking for
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sun. a couple of leftover showers, but numbers respond nicely. morning rain on monday. high temperature, 72. tuesday, warm with a late-day shower or storm. 72. cooler on wednesday, turning sunny, 65. no cool air behind the cold front. thursday, sun to clouds, 59. mostly cloudy on friday, high of 56 we're tracking evening rain developing that will last until saturday morning. high of 60 on saturday, 63 next sunday, walter, so a couple of showers to deal with in the morning and warm in the afternoon. >> in haddonfield, new jersey they celebrated the newest member of the centenarian club. william hanson delivered milk by horse and grocery store manager and manager for had you hadden son heating


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