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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 27, 2017 4:00am-4:18am EDT

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making news in america this morning, severe weather overnight. large hail smashing through car window, even going through a walmart skylight. new pictures of the damage and more tornadoes expected today. we'll tell you where it's all heading right now. at odds, after the health care collapse the republican party is playing the blame game. after failing to repeal and replace obamacare. who the president blames and pro-trump rallies turning violent over the weekend. breaking overnight high school students hit with an avalanche at a ski resort. the search for survivors right now. and talk about a hazard. a golf ball lands next to a gator. wait till you see what hapt.
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i'll take the penalty.ay good m this monday, a band of dangerous weather on the move. >> the radar shows it stretches more than 7 missouri and arkansas. pushing to the east. packing high wind, heavy rainso. >> well, they do say everything is bigger in texas including the hail apparently. look at what struck the state overnight leaving damage behind. >> oh, my god. >> overnight large hail hammering the heartland. severe storms near dallas bringing baseball size chunks of ice. car windshields smashed. suburban homes with inwindows and roof damage from the hail. even this skylight of a walmart. this shows how relentless the hailstorm was at times. all of it piling up on this trampoline. the wild night of storms that included a twister in oklahoma,
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the start of what's expected to be several days of severe storms according to accuweather's paul williams. >> we're looking for stormy weather to continue to be the case as we have a deep dip in the jet stream. unusually warm air to the southeast so that will set the stage for more storms. >> the weather even impacting the worlds world. columbus ncaa viewers blacked out from seeing the critical final seconds of the north carolina/kentucky game because the local cbs station suffered a massive technical failure amid a tornado warning. the station airing those final two minutes on a tape delay. we'll talk about what they missed in those final two minutes a little later on in the show but as paul said there, severe weather expected again today. the biggest concern is through memphis and mississippi valley. isolated tornadoes and damaging winds are expected. >> then a surge of warm air on tuesday for the northeast. nearly 60 degrees in new york city. 73 in d.c., 80 in raleigh. i can't wait. >> yep. all right turning to our
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other top story and new reaction from the u.s. overnight as russian police arrest hundreds of protesters. >> that massive crackdown was a response to anti-corruption demonstrations in dozens of cities. at least one american is among those arrested. abc's molly hunter is tracking the developments from london and joins us live. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, kendis. that's right. strong words from the u.s. overnight, reaction to this, just look at these pictures. it's the largest unauthorized protest in years. a rare sight in russia. people took to the streets in nearly 100 cities across the country. more than a thousand people were detained. now, alexi novolni called for these protests, at least one american journalist detained, alec lund who works for "the guardian." he tweeted i was released after 5 1/2 hours after being arrested at the navalny protest and charged with holding an
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unsanctioned rally. the state department released a statement saying the united states strongly condemns the detension of hundreds of peaceful protesters saying it is an affront to core democratic values and the u.s. is troubled to hear of the arrest of alexi navalny. they want all peaceful protesters to be released. >> it did take the state department quite a bit to bring out that statement but finally they did. right, the white house may be looking to hit the reset button after the stinging failure of the gop health care bill. >> the political blame game is heating up. republicans try to move forward with president trump pointing the finger at conservatives who refuse to get on board. abc's elizabeth hur joins us now. elizabeth, a lot of monday morning quarterbacking taking place. >> reporter: certainly sounds lying it, kendis. for his part president trump made it clear this is not the outcome he wanted but is moving on but the white house maintains revising obamacare is still a priority. the gop's health care bill, dead
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on arrival delivered an embarrassing defeat for president trump who is now blasting conservative republicans tweeting democrats are smiling. the head of the heritage foundation isn't backing down insisting the gop plan would not have lowered premiums. writing president trump, i agree with you. we can now get a better bill. the chair of the freedom caucus taking heat from the president responded on abc's "this week." >> he is blaming you for saving planned parenthood and saving obamacare. >> well, i mean at this particular point, i can tell you no one has been more self-critiquing than my -- than me. >> reporter: over the weekend rallies broke out from coast to coast, some erupting in violence between trump supporters and protesters. with tensions running high, the white house chief of staff told fox news, health care reform isn't dead yet. >> i don't think the president's closing the door on anything in regard to the issue of health care. >> reporter: the next step for
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the administration, coming up with a bipartisan solution. democrats agree to an extent. >> we're not going to pose things because the name trump is on it but we're not going to compromise our values away. >> what i say, i think and i want the president to hear me say this, we're ready to talk about how we can make some improvements in the affordable care act. >> reporter: well, some are now even calling for speaker ryan to step down claiming he is to blame for this epic failure. but the white house maintains the relationship between the president and speaker ryan is stronger than ever. kendis and linsey. >> i can just imagine what john bane ser thinking watching it all from afar. thanks. south korean prosecutors are looking to arrest the ousted president. a statement today calling for an arrest warrant to be issued for park geun-hye. park was forced out of office this month amid a corruption scandal. an arrest would be the next step before she can be formally
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charged. park has denied any wrongdoing. here at home, a musical memorial held for the utah man killed in last week's terror attack in london. 54-year-old kurt cochran and his wife melissa were the first pedestrians hit on the westminster bridge. he was killed when he was thrown over the bridge. melissa is still recovering from a london hospital. they were celebrated and he was remembered by fellow musicians and friends. >> i thought it would be better than i am right now. >> he didn't care about the personal attention to himself. he was all about empowering others to look and sound good. >> according to a statement from the couple's mormon church 11 members of their family are planning to hold a news conference later today in london. well, still ahead right here, the vote happening today, that could send an nfl team to las vegas. breaking overnight, a group
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of school students caught in an avalanche. desperate search to find survivors. united airlines under fire after telling two young flyers they can't wear leggings on their plane. the airline is now explaining why they enforce that dress code. you know your heart loves megared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain,
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breaking news overnight from japan where an avalanche roared into a ski resort this morning. a desperate search is under way for several people who arein a large group of high school students was caught up in the slide. at least s o were found unconscious. others were the group are among the missing. they were at the resort taking part in a mountain climbing tok place. back in this country police in las vegas say there is no apparent reason for a deadly shooting on a public bus. their words here.
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a man sitting in the back of the bus opened fire killing one man and injuring another while the bus was stopped on the famed las vegas strip. now, police say the gunman then barricaded himself inside the vehicle prompting a four-hour standoff and say the 55-year-old is mentally ill in custody facing murder and other charges. a new report shows north carolina will pay a heavy price for the stow-called bathroom bill. the law eliminates protections for the lgbtq community and an analysis by the associated press finds it will cost the state nearly $4 billion in lost business over the next 12 years. north carolina lost the nba all-star game and other events due to that measure fshlts the head of chicago's police union is expected to meet with president trump this week. the president has repeatedly mentioned the city's soaring crime rate particularly its alarming spike in murders. the union leader is also scheduled to meet with justice department officials following a report that found civil rights
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police force. and this accident in arizona is the reason that uber's pilot program for self-drivingly susp. police say a second vehicle failed to yield to the uber suv which was making a turn and ended up on its side. two p vehicle were not hurt. but uber says its driverless car will be off the roads in arizona, pittsburgh and investi. >> human error, not the fault of the car. another beauty offrom, of course, our $88 million in details in the disappearancteen. details in the disappearancteen. the big and small. details in the disappearancteen. the but when i feel my best, i am my best. and it all starts with a healthy routine. that's why i'm taking the activia probiotic two week challenge
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through the area conditions, wed airport delays are cincinnati police are staying shoot-out. thomas, her family releasing video of the 15-year-old. we're also getting to hear her voice for the first time. this come as authorities released new information on how thomas and her 50-year-old former teacher communicated in the first place. investigators say she and tad cummins left messages for each other on a school computer and then erased those messages. they've been missing for nearly two weeks. it's happened again. high winds grabbing ahold of a bounce house. this time it happened at a family day picnic the a church in orlando. several children were inside the house at the time. two children and an adult trying to hold the house down were injured badly enough to be taken to the hospital. church members say they thought the house was secured to the ground properly. okay, so overseas now there is word this morning two contractors are under arrest after a frightening incident
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involving an escalator. escalator at the mall starts moving in reverse and it's actually going double the speed. reports out ofinjured. the contractors arelar's parts. >> an animal hospital until that happened. the were actually in owner says i were o running ear a is decision day on whether the oakland raiders may bevegas. nfl owners are expected to approve the mov few more seasons in oakland whilebuilt. a move would make them the fran in the last few years. and 68 are now weekend may have been in memphi
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throws up the three with two guys even hanging on him. he hit it 73 with 8 left. >> then north carolina comes h at the long the second over the city,d, the tournament before this came reach the final four for the a reach the final four for the a gator gobblin
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those storiesnd seemed like that. trash it's now back on her trash when shannond with the kids.m vintage diamond with new york city sanitation t, >> reporter: shannon shifted a new jers fzon and we just srd struckol shannon and her husbanday >> live in the greatest city in happened. >> i cannot believe they fou ca >> cannot believe that through all that garbage. >> amazing that that and glad she had her ring back. if you lost your ring would you go diving for itone, here's what we're f would-be ror the suspect a way. seth williams under
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indictment for extortion and bribery. trump is expected to name e in the white house. >> let's turn to david
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