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tv   Action News at 1230 PM  ABC  March 28, 2017 12:30pm-1:00pm EDT

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region, and we see rain and pretty strong thunderstorms and vehicles have their windshield wipers on as they drove through the rain and at times the rain was so heavy, it was hard to see the roadways, and looking live from sky 6 hd showing you a soggy philadelphia international airport and clouds and rain showers not sure if we'll see the sun at all today. hopefully tomorrow. stormtracker 6 live double scan radar scanning the skies, meteorologist, david murphy, joins us now with more. stormtracker 6 live double scan is busy this morning as we have a lot of thunder boomers coming through the region and some of them cracking good thunder and lightning. not a lot of wind but most of the thunderstorms pushing off the coast and what we have left is steady rain highlighted in yellow than gives you a problem on roadways. we'll start in the northern suburbs, allentown is about to get the heavier push of rain coming in. you had one cell a while ago but here comes more.
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and quakertown and reading where the heaviest rain is coming through and expect puddles and ponding on the roadways and slow goes. things are getting better in philadelphia, speckled patterns of precipitation and roads are no the in great shape but if you give it an hour, hour and a half maybe, you'll get into the drier pattern of air. and south jersey and burlington county there are heavier cells. we are lightening up and every now and then a brief dose of heavier rain but we are inthen go to transfer to drier air and on the wider view you can see it. a wide area there is just not as much going on. tonight a brief shower possibly. and early evening spotty showers will be gone and we start to dry out. temperatures now are still on the cool side. in philadelphia, 51 degrees. notice how the air is coming in
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off the water into about philadelphia's latitude that will keep cooler air in place today and probably only add another 9 or 10 degrees to the temperatures, down south the southerly flow and numbers are bouncing up a bit in the wrars away from the the ocean front any way. and we'll wind up milder to the south. this model has us at 61 and i'm going 63. either way cloudy and cool and not real breezy into this part of the day and we get into the evening and start to dry out. rick, i'll have a much better forecast for tomorrow. we'll take a look at future tracker 6 on how the rain will resolve and get out of here in the next half hour. >> turning to other news now. bullets went flying through a gentlemen's club early last night. a woman that worked in the area was shot at twice. a search for the gunman ensued
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with an s.w.a.t. team and "action news" reporter walter perez is live alonghere it all . and walter the search for the s hour. >> yes, no suspects yet in this case a random gun fire, or was this woman targeted by a sniper. the search continues for a gunman, opened fire inside of this unfinished a woman walking her apartment building if a across the street heard the shots and only to realize two bullets hit her car narrowly missing her and she ran behind her car and 911. it prompted state police to shu precaution, in the end nobody was found but they found an open window on t building directly across the
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street from the lot and investigators are back on the looking at surveillance footage for clues. the police chief says the woman was rattledshot. >> she was shaken up and she ane is really lucky because the bullets missed inches. >> others that heard the gun fire including construction building were inside at the time. anyone with information is to call central detectives. walter perez, channel 6 "acti>> after he said he tried to t rob his 15-year-old son in west philadelphia. police say that the sun and his market street at 1:00 this morning when a man with a gun took hire the teenager told him what happened and the father went to
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find the man and an hour later the police responded to the same scene for response to a shooting and they found the victim with gunshot wounds to the face. he is listed in critical condition and no arrests have been made. the next phase of repairs are happening at the vandalized mt. carmel cemetery in wissinoming. they are work to put scores of knocked over head stones back into place at the jewish cemetery and includes new fencing and lighting to ward off any future vanlism. >> we have the mason union and they provided ugs -- us with a crane and workers. >> and police are looking for the culprits that caused all the damage. from washington new questions are being raised about the congressman leading the investigation into russia and the presidential election.
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this following the revelation that he held a secret meeting at the white house. lana zach is live in washington with the very latest. >> hi there rick, there is chaos in the house intelligence committee. today democratic members say that all of their meetings this week with canceled by the chair the chair himself saying henot s no reason to meet. the c house intelligence committee nunez, will not step down or recuse himself from tinto russi. >> we are doing a thorough job, this russia for many, many years and we'll continue to be on democrats sae his impartiality after it was said he met w source at the white house. >> it could be the case that senator nunez was briefing the
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about an investigation in which >> paul ryan weighing in. >> should he himself? >> no. chairman nunez originally stood together with adam shift to d allegations of wiretapping by the obama talking about tapping trump towe we have no evidence that that took place. >> but that muddy lance e met with president trump claims were somewhat vindicated at the white house meeting with somebody but >> to make thing horizontal dramatic, t kushner is set to testify before the senate intelligence he had with russians including a bank executive
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to vladimir putin. lana news." >> thank you. back here a judge sentenced a bucks county man for sexualls inside of her home in middletown. 20-year-old patrick desks will plead guilty. in a letter written to the court the victim forgave dilks but wants him to learn there is consequences to bad decisions. and a fire over the weekend that destroyed a business and left five people homeless. crews are working to investigate the cause and clean up the damage. a sneaker store was at the bottom of the three story building and there were apartments above it. >> more ahead on "action news" at 12:30, our military is sending soldiers to iraq to help troops there in their fight to take mosul from isis.
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and another amazing feat by ice is. how they made a beating heart from spinach. when "action news" continues in just a moment.
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there are new details about the maryland teenager planning attack at her high school. she had trouble etch presentationing emotions and investigators found ammo and a gun and bomb making materials in her home and a journal detailing her plans. just days away from being executed. her parents found the journal and her pashs called police. she was taken to the hospital for an overhaul health evaluation. u.s. defense officials confirmed to abc news that up to 300 soldiers are being sent to iraq. the temporary mission is to
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support iraqi forces to take western mosul from isis. this comes in the wake of reports of massive civilian casualties. >> reporter: with the civilian death toll skyrocketing in mosul the u.s. is under fire. the u.n. calling on iraqi and u.s. led coalition forces to review their tactics to protect civilians and abide by international law. u.n. human rights chief says that bodies were showing up in buildings where isis reportedly held civilians as human shields that were later targets in air strikes. in a scathing report, they accused them of failing to prevent civilian deaths. and iraqis told civilians to stay put as they marched on the
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city. at least 112 bodies pulled from the wreck an and reports of many more and confirms air strikes in the area. and the army chief of staff speaking monday in baghdad saying it's possible that isis is to blame a tactic to delay the advance. >> we don't know yet, there are investigators on the ground. some degree of certainty will be known in the coming days. and trying to figure out what coalition will play on the uptick offivecilan deaths. a deal to replace led pipes in flint, michigan, goes to a final approval today. 18,000 pipes and water lines will be replaced over the next three years, the project is part of a sweeping deal to settle a
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lawsuit by residents that were exposed to contaminated tap water, until the repairs are made reads are asked to continue using a filter. and a team of scientists in massachusetts transformed spinach leaves in beating heart tissue. researchers say they came up with the idea over lunch. they used detergent to strip the leaves and then used human heart tissue and after a few days the muscles of the heart began to beat. the study is published in the journal materials. still ahead on "action news," a check of the forecast for you, as we look outside sky 6 hd showing us rain drops on the camera as they try to look at the commodore barry bridge and david murphy has the soggy forecast from accuweather.
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well, the phillies home opener is 10 days away. and we got a look at what is if you to nosh on. like a jersey shore hot dog topped with pork roll and hot sauce. and pastrami sausage and a new sandwich. and they offer premium hoagies. >> phillies opener in 10 days. >> good thing they are not playing today. i think they open up on the road on monday officially. stormtracker 6 live double scan we have rain across the region, it's less intense than it was earlier this morning. as we go in closer in philadelphia and parts of seasonal we are actually looking at general drying going on currently, if i just move this
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up to philadelphia itself. you are not far away from the breaks to start to come in. it will still be damp for a while but it looks like it is reducing at this point. as we go up north, obviously in and around allentown you start to see that last shield of steady rain popping through from the south and the movement of this is basically turning now from the south to the north-northeast. it won't be too much longer before things get better in allentown and getting better in south jersey and philadelphia. scattered stuff coming after that. as we look outside. the clouds pretty thick and they are low too, like the clouds are cutting off the tops. the center city skyscrapers. and low cloud cover and rain. temperature 51 degrees and winds are out of the east at 5, and easterly flow is going to suppress temperatures and after the rain thins out the temperatures bump a bit. probably into the low 60s.
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and 3:00 maybe a couple of showers around and there is certainly a chance of light rain showers for the evening commute and i expect roads in cases will be damp. by the time we get up to 8:00, 9:00, we start to improve. if we get the rain out of here the number will bounce. if philadelphia a chance of 63 if we shut off the rain for a while. and otherwise are you stuck close toward 60 and down south and to the west that is where the southerly flow is kicking in and are you getting a little bit warm. it's a weird day winds from the south to hear and coming in from the east to philadelphia and that will separate how things feel and where the temperatures go this afternoon. what to expect the rest of the way, the rain is dying down, we don't expect thunderstorms at this point. a couple popping up today and
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roads will be wet because of the intermittent rain. and upper 60s in a couple of spots to the south and west. in philadelphia if we hit the 63 it won't be until 3:00 or 4:00 and still the chance of a pop-up shower or thunderstorm. but not as much as earlier. and then we start to dip into the mid to low 50s into the evening, tomorrow we get a payoff and the cold front is out of the way. and we reemerge with sunshine and it will be breezy behind the departing front. 64 is still well above average and we look at a decent breezy afternoon tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shooting for 63 today cloudy and rain and maybe another odd thunderstorm here or there. and spotty activity from here on out. and it dies out in the evening. and partly sunny and breezy tomorrow and 64 and less wind on thursday cooler high of 57. and another system arrives and on friday we start out with
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clouds and break out some rain quickly in the morning hours and then we have periods of rain a comes in fast enough in the poconos you could get a period of wet snow. but it is rain in our neck of the woods and. after that the afternoon is dry and sunday and monday is dry. >> something to look forward to thank you. topping our people scene this afternoon. singer adele may be saying good-bye to touring. during her final show of her concert tour, she told the crowd touring is not something she is good at and doesn't know if she will tour again and applause makes her feel a bit vulnerable. the only reason she tours is because of the fans. and early injury plagues this season of dancing with the stars. and there is rumors of romance as well. last night was the first
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elimination night and nobody was laughing when they said good-bye to a comedian. >> reporter: chris and whitney. >> median, chris kattan is the first comedian to hang up the dancing shoes. >> i didn't think i would have this impactful of an evening. on television. >> chris is such an inspiration for so many people and that was his journey. >> the journey is looking a lot longer for singer -- and rashad jennings. >> you think you can win? >> i pray. i'm having fun though and i just want to grow. >> this is something new, each week i go into it super humble and trying to take on the art of each dance. >> one person that didn't dance, heather morris's partner, mak m
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maksim. >> and with good attention and good care we'll see. one thing being played up on the show whether or not bull rider and his partner sharna burges is an item off the show. >> lets talk about dance for now. for now sharna. over to you nick. >> don't think anyone is thinking we are a frontrunner at this point. and i think we have potential at a team. >> 11 couples return to dance another week and next week's theme is las vegas.
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a delaware county teacher is singled out for being one of the best in the country.
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carnie, a fourth grade teacher is one of four selected nationwide to receive the award. and students lined up to tell mrs. carnie what makes her a special teacher and how she makes learning fun. one more check of the accuweather forecast. david murphy is checking the rainy temperatures on the horizon. >> i may need to do this through you. there we go -- any way take a look where we are temperature-wise, stormtracker 6 live double scan of course showing you the rain pushing off to the north and it's still damp this afternoon. 60 degrees is where we are headed more or less in manufacture the northern and western suburbs. a shot at low to mid-60s in places like philadelphia and warmer to the west and 68 in wilmington and down the shore it looks like mid to upper 50s. >> heard you loud and clear, and here is stories coming up on
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"action news" at 4:00. the tsa pat-down outraged a mother and now the internet is joining in on her anger, that agents detained her disables son for more than an hour. and reaction from the action coming up. and this man takes off with a stolen tv. on "action news" beginning at 4:00. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for meteorologist, david murphy, sara bloomquist and the entire "action news" team i'm rick williams. have a nice afternoon. yeah, so mom's got this cold.
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