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tv   Action News 11pm  ABC  March 29, 2017 1:35am-2:01am EDT

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if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer
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♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's l with jim gardner. ♪ >> thi five-year-old alexis
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warfield. she is suppede her school bus home to clifton heights everyday. it didn't work out that way today. sheas in the city of chester and no one knew she . the big story is the mix up thay street corner and her mother in panic. >> dann cuellar is little girl should have been dropped off in clifton heights and an ordeal for everyone involved. >> that's right,every parent's a five-year-old doesn't come home, nobody knows where she's at. it h a mother in clifton heights. >> i started panickinas waitingr five-year-old daughter alexis f. she was at the bus stop at 3:30
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waiting if are theumber 10 bus to arrive. it left at 3:15. her heart sank. >> alexis didn't get on the bus. called the school, she wasn't there freaki. >> for 30 minutes, no one knewa. they had moved from clifton weeo the on the new bus. there was no adult ther up. a relative w old home picking up her the corner and was like, is that the relative? >> h down the bus driver to find out what >> finally, alexis was reunited.
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ifr-in-law wasn't there and they would have left heromody could have took her. she could have been hit by a car. they have to get it figure out a system. they to get it figured out. i'm transferringe school. she's not even going tol is blas company. the bus company is blaming the r because the good news, alexis is jim? >> swat officers home in north philadelphia where thes holed up. no one was inside recovered a handgun. i 17-year-old was shot 17th anda.
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the hunt for the gunman the sprinkler system the evacuation of a nursing home tonight. taken to an or wheelchairs.y many needing no one was hurt. >> a fire the 100 block in the locust hillfighterr control in half an hour. a team of firstd good samaro save an children from a fire in the do gooders rescued the her n upstairs unit. she sufre inhalation.
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then they saw a man and three children on second story balcony. the only way to save them in me to drop them to the rescuers the smoke e balcony. >> the marshal determined the fire was an accident but ha. president trump signed executive orders obama era efforts to curb global warming, effectively eliminating domestic energy producti coal. trump invited coal signing saying, we'll put the miners back to work. >> my putting an end to the war on coan coal.
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with today's executive action, i'm taking steps restrictions on american energy, reverse government intrusion an. >> trump's promises counter to market forces converting plants to cheaper burning natural gas. e a republican congressman has called on devin knew deven nuneg a public hearing of the committee. critics s demanded the cancellation because they didn't want formery yates to testify in public or private. iladelphia police union boss was one of those invited t.
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john mat at the table with the vicetorney general. trump thanked the police for cad pledged tofe again. >> district attorney sety with three days to getye a he was charged with 23 count in a and his current attorneyndstein wants off theliams doesn't have the money to pay ts to opening picked from chester county because ofe to te ambush of two state troopers. trooper dickson was killed,.
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on a manhuntnjured. before being captured. >> shot an charges but the suspects quinones held up te laundry center sunday. the owner chased after and shot him twice in the chest whe. during the cha cash which was scooped up by bystanders. >> specialists begin repairs at the cemetery in philadelphia.
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200 gravestones were damaged at mount last week. it's expected to beprocess becat spaces between the head cause me damage. should last several weeks. music but members of the choir today made their by protesting. rider owns choir college but today announced t to sell the college all together on their campus in princeton and f. commissioners dubland heard concern about a se site corner of
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welsh road. promenade would consist of apa. promenade would in tax revenuee many left>> one of 81 children enough to be adm leadership acas >> exciting. >> this is the >> the first one you applied>>i? >> no. >> more than 1300 students
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for a spot in the enrollmentthig methods. >> children want trehe because t type of teaching but they also dissatisfied with philadelphia public education te neighborhood school and don't have the choice to pick aol aro. >> i'm excited. excited. i want to come with my i saw evg in. i'm glad. >> the favor. >> yes. >> others were disappointment. >> last year too. she didn't get in thenl get in e wait list have a getting in.
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the lesson for parents, don't give ileto, channel6, "action news." >> still to a new drug to treat eczema. the coast guard ss off half worth of smuggled cocaine. changing the rules for privacy. what can be sold without knowing? cecily? >> more rain is on the way. impact on your weekend. i explain in the seven-day forecast. >> flyers taking it to a shootout " continues. ♪
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>> three retired star gymst thef
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emotional and sexual and v of a gymnastic official before the judicial committee. ze athletes dating back for 18 claim they were abused years. 2000 medalists shared their stories. marred by what happened behind closed door abused me in califoa and all over the world. >> the committee is considering a bill suspicions of abuse to report i. the bill would prevent perpetraa different gym. an oklahoma woman for a deae
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invasion though she didn't the trigger. 23-year-oldp to three breaking into his home. he teens 16-18. >> we are determine why they chose the house. >> 21-year-old elisabeth turnedf at the hse she heard gunshots. day law allows dead force in defense. >> a woman is upset at the tsa after a pat down to her son. her son was searched
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forgot to remove a laptop from his bag. sensory disorder. >> i have always been sensitive to people touching me.d touchini started to have hives. hi down took two point., they spent 45 minutes they want an apology. >>ublican house voted to undo protections created under president obama. if signed by presid trump, service providers like comcast and verizon can track what onlis you use and advertisers withoutr consent. lawmakers say google and facebook track you
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unfair to require comcast and verizon to permission. google and facebook are there are alternative options. >> wells f pay $110 million to lawsuit.accounts were opened wit customers knowing and customer'. the wells fargo new ceo says this is arney to make things right with their customers. >> the coast showing off its haul of cocaine, 16-tons seized at sea during a 26 day deployment. they unloaded it today in forte. the drugs worth $420 million wholesale. all of the the eastern pacific ocean off of
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the central and south american coastlines. coast guardcan see the smugglerg palettes of drugs into the ocean in an attem escape. 30 suspects were caught and hauled in. >> the a new eczema drug a different approach to treatment. it ise medication and is mentality for chronic eczema when other medical caightses work. it comes with a high cost, $37,000 a year. s can include cold
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sores. >> a lightning strike in havertown, forcing an evacuation that sent students home ea withf this, but school has beenomorro. e sunshine tomorrow.lly is >> we had more than an inch with thunderstorms thismoing. it's been since last thursday since we have had a full sunnyws change. two for now -- or later, by wel. storm tracker 6 double scan showing we have showers moving off of ocean county. the last of it hrile, until friday. the action cam tonight in p fnse the roads are wet. it's still damp outa dramatic iy tomorrow morning. right nave shifted
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out of the west. of 54. temperatures not dropping reading 49. wilmington 51. cape may currentlyellite and raa spin in the atmosphere pressure that brought us rain oe building in. tomorrow morning, the onl i sun. take the glalszs sunglasses espy headed east. by 8:00, mostly sunny and 62 in philadelphia, allentown 59. wil, atlantic city, 60. we keep things dry thursday, next system. it's pulling outright now.
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it's been causing severee thunds and watches across texas. thisin friday into saturday morning. future tracker showing itriday h the day friday, into friday night. tailhe bon jovi concert friday lingering into fy morning. the of seven-day forecast before that, we have two bright sunny days. tomorrow, 62 on the breezy sides late thursday. thursday night, 55-degrees. chi. most inch and a half of rain. steadier soaking than today. mostly cloudy of the two days is sunday, 61. monday, partly sunny with a high
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of 63. tuesday, we cloud up wility of . april showers tuesday with a high of 64-degrees. the good news is, we have t giva break and more rain moving in on in bensalem showed off in front of parents the charter school has been teaching balance and motion. they got to knowledge with parents and brothers and sisters. there was handsotion relating to the student's most there was handsotion relating to the student's most recently completed science unit,
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first order of 1-0. heth pay for it,in 3-2. controld rams,e long of eagles agree to
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robinson, the up with j.c. penny to fit the s. >> it's know that they things ts the right direction. they say they'll do something and they do it, itof trust and e organization. i truly believe we are headed somewhere special and soon. >> still ahead, the sixers play , plus aaron
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>> the sixers are down to thehe. pick up action in the thirdmcco. my goodnes three. 90 seconds to ball. covington, 21 points, 13 rebounds, sixers win 106-101.e d pitcher alec asher to the played later. >> aaron nola strikes the first.
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second inning, different storey. tagged for five runs, two phillies go down 10-4. >> news out of villanova basketball, josh heart has been american and baker dondunleve, has been namedontint 4:30. for cecily tynan, ducis rogers and the entire "action news" team, i'm jim gardner. ♪ ♪
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