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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 29, 2017 2:40am-3:57am EDT

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makewith instant moisture utes from k-y ultragel. thing uninterrupted, go to, click on tv show, or check it out on our mobile app. let's face it, bruno mars is the man. his latest album is absolute fire. and the video to one of his latest singles is interesting to say the least. ♪ i got a condo in manhattan ♪ baby you're what's happening >> he's known for his flair and "that's what i like" is currently number two on the billboard charts. this video is different than his others. and that's where this parody comes into play. ♪ paid too much money
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♪ so this is just me dancing ♪ we got squiggles like john madden ♪ >> this video posted to the youtube channel and it's awesome. ♪ we are truly fallen on the kind of balling ♪ ♪ what are you drawing ♪ your artistic skills have fallen down ♪ >> i'm going to embarrass myself here and say it took me probably about 30 seconds to realize i was watching a parody and not the actual video. >> i just said parody. >> but he does look exactly like him. the video is exactly like it. it is completely on the money. if you were squinting and not concentrating -- >> i bet there are some people at home thinking, huh? that's a parody? >> these guys kill though. i don't know if he did it all himself. it's not like a poor man's parody. it's really good. >> it's a parody that's equal if not better than the original while at the same time being a spot-on homage.
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it's amazing. >> he nailed the clothes, everything. the whole look. it's spot on. go back to the original? >> that was the original. >> i don't know what i'm watching anymore. >> it's so good, nick has no words. if you want to watch the entire video, head over to our website, click on tv show or use our mobile app. thanks for watching everybody. we've got a brand new episode of "rtm" coming up tomorrow.
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so this was a terrifying accident in the angelos national forest captured by the helmet-cam of another motor seeklist. he lost control on his bike on the winding road and flew off over the cliff. he and his bike got caught in a tree. had to be air lifted, see there, to safety. somehow suffered a broke ep shoulder. >> wow. >> high drama overdowntown los angeles as well. a woman scaled a 150 foot crane
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at a construction site. power to the crane was turned off. she couldn't do any, any harm, or any work as well. a swat team and firefighters climbed up. started communicating with the woman. she was taken to the hospital for mental health evaluation. >> ivanka trump key part of her father's businesses, presidential campaign. now moving into a new role at the white house. >> taken the position of first daughter into unprecedented territory. abc's karen traverse explains why it is so ground breaking. >> she has been a constant presence at her father's side and now ivanka trump moving beyond supportive daughter into the west wing. taking on a formal rolen her father's administration. >> it is my pleasure to welcome such incredible will when, including my daughter. president trump at the white house monday. crediting ivanka for helping lead initiative to promote women business leaders and entrepreneurs. >> i feel very blessed to have met so many of you over the
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course past several months and hear your personal stories and your journeys. ivanka will have a west wing office, security clearance and government issued communications device. one thing she went have -- an official title. unlike her husband jared kushner unpaid senior adviser to the president. ivanka will not be a government employee. in a statement she said she will voluntarily follow all the ethics rules placed on government employees. expected to focus onner use she personally cares about. paid maternity leave, child care tax credit plan. but front and center at a wide range of white house events. and there is really no press denlt for an adult child of a president to take on such a high profile role. the fact that she now would be in the white house have a desk there be more visible in the west wing. i think send a message that her opinion matters. and will have influence on him.
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>> reporter: there have been speculation that with melania trump living in new york for now. that ivanka trump could take on traditional first lady duties. for now, ivanka has the stayed away from ceremonial appearances focusing on policy issues. but her role here at the white house seems to be deliberately ambiguous and perhaps in the future, her role could expand. karen travellerrs, abc news. >> could a metabolic chamber hold the answer to weight loss. >> one of our colleagues went in to find out. that's next.
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♪ ♪ >> awful.
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just because there are no song as but closets. >> also not a closet. >> chamber. >> all about to make more sense. couple week ago we did aster about mara schiavocampo, voluntarily checking herself into a chamber for 24 hours. >> our guy, still in my brain. test a weight loss technique. so did it work? ♪ ♪ >> reporter: this tiny room is actually the most cutting edge way to measure exactly how many calories your body is burning. i spent a fall day locked inside the metabolic chamber at mount sinai in new york. to test some commonly held beliefs about diet and exercise. and learn a lot more about how my body works and what those lessons can teach everybody about how their body work. first up. a showdown between good old-fashioned cardioand high intensity interval training or hiit, one of most popular
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workout trend to. find out i did a 20-minute run at moderate pace of 6 miles per hour. four hours later i did a 30 minute hiit workout. brief period of intense exercise followed by period of rest. and burn more calories in less time. but of chamber says for me that is wrong. the slow burning, 10.7 calories a minute. 7 per hiit. almost 53% more effective. very, very important. for a lot of different processes in the body. however when you do high intensity interval training, you also are resting. right. for a long time. >> reporter: next up, measuring afterburn. how many calories your body continued burning at an elevated level after you have stopped exercising. though something goes on for hours. that wasn't the case with either of my workouts. i burned just 34 calories after the run. and 44 after the hiit workout.
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my body returning to normal levels within minutes. >> energy burned after the accident its not significant. >> how much time and energy does it take my bed to burn what i eat. to measure this i spent six hours in a different, much smaller chamber. >> hello? >> all it a high-carb, high sugar, 750 calorie breakfast of a blue berry muffin and sweetened coffee drink. my body burned through it quickly. in just four hours. using only about 80 calories. compared to a high pro fine meal which would have taken annest mated six hours to burn using almost 200 calories. more than double the high carb breakfast. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. okay. if i get to eat a 780 calorie breakfast as part of weight loss experime experiment. >> i'm in. >> it's called tuesday. >> what if i do it if i not part of an experiment? >> i don't know.
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how many calories do you burn. just singing. ♪ ♪ the closet e♪ >> what he is saying? >> he is opening the closet elt. i love you, couch.
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you give us comfort. and we give you bare feet... ...backsweat and gordo's everything. i love you, but sometimes you stink. ♪ new febreze fabric refresher with odorclear technology... ...cleans away odors like never before. because the things you love the most can stink. and plug in febreze to keep your whole room fresh for up...
2:55 am 45 days. breathe happy with new febreze. ♪ ♪ >> oh. >> recognize most of those. >> i didn't either at all. finally this half-hour, little boy who couldn't come home and couldn't see his friend for 18 months. for a lot of that time he was quarantined from his own family. david muir has more on the homecoming.
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>> reporter: take a close look at 5-year-old carter, that super hero shirt and smile and about to undergo a battle. diagnosed with cancer a year and a half ago, he was given a 5% chance of survival. but he was ready to fight. and for much of that time, he had to fight alone. quarantined for 100 days. kept in the hospital for 1 months. kept from loved ones for his own safety. because his immune system was compromised. family sending signs, we love you carter. he fought a tumor. six round of chemotherapy, surgery, two ben marrow transplants and 20 round of radiation. year and a half later he is coming home. what carter didn't know was that the whole town was waiting. >> here we are. cancer-free. as of yesterday. >> there he comes around the door. his batman hat, cape and star wars t-shirt.
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when he saw everyone, just look at his smile. the sheriff, fire department, neighbors all creating a parade. their shirt reading, carter strong. a family america strong. >> i could never be more proud of the young man that he is. and what he has taught me. and i pray the cancer stays away and he gets to grow up and live. and bea little buy right now. one step at a time. proving thit fighter is no match for cancer. waving from the firetruck. his parent sending us the photo. finally home after the whole town welcomed him. david muir, abc news, new york. so perfect. with his batman halt on. superman cape on. >> a big smile on his face. didn't take long for him to start smiling. >> nope. >> great. >> unprecedented abc news, honored. winner for the third straight year with edward r. murrow award for overall excellence in television and radio. every show, every
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this morning on "world news now" -- another round of destructive storms. >> millions of americans in the path of severe weather this week with overnight storms taking their toll on texas. multiple tornados are reported across the state. as the south braces for more damaging wind and hail. >> teenagers who were burglars shot and killed while breaking into a house in oklahoma. now the alleged getaway driver who never fired a shot is underarrest. charged in their deaths. >> a major shift in policy regarding your privacy and the internet. republicans in washington have voted to roll back an obama-era protection. so should service providers be allowed to sell your browsing history to advertisers? >> and, no highlights? no problem, man. we're tipping our hats to broadcasting colleague, don't
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know why i turned into jamaican. we got no problems on this wednesday. working around sports video regulations by getting creative with legos, showing how the losers laid bricks on the court by laying bricks on the air. it is wednesday, march 29th. ♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you all. we start this half-hour with off the severe storms in the south. large hail and strong wind gusts are continuing overnight and could interrupt traffic on major highways across the area. several tornados spawned including several lines of twisters north of abilene, texas. no reports of significant damage caused by storms themselves. there were storm-related deaths reported. abc's adrian bankort is in the region. >> oh, my gosh. my gosh, right in front of me! >> reporter: damaging wind. large hail. and tornados forecast nearly
3:02 am
every day this week. in the bull's eye much of central texas, southern oklahoma, and parts of the south. the threat of the storms turning deadly. three storm chasers, losing their lives in a crash outside of spur, texas. the news of their deaths coming just after a tornado warning was issued for dickens county. this latest threat following days of dangerous weather through tennessee. photographer catching the supercell through decaturville, residents blaechelief a tornado there, tossing this moenl home. >> the wind rolled it against the trees right here. completely flattened it. >> reporter: in leeds, alabama, ballplayers rushing to take shelter, hail pummels the field. and an eerie fog following the golf ball sized hail. those turbulent storms wreaking havoc. in denton county.
3:03 am
residents cleaning up. nicole had the the first ever new car for just one day. >> this has 125 miles. whole bunch of dents. >> this part of the state in the cross hairs again. fame laetz here a families are cleaning up. the structure flattened. sounded like a bomb went off when the storm rolled through. more severe weather expected this week. adrian bankort, abc news, decaturville, tennessee. >> where is the dangerous weather thou? >> details from accuweather's paul williams. good morning, paul. >> good morning, diane. it is going to be pleasant in the south east. severe storms will wreck wednesday afternoon into evening. severe storms will gain momentum throughout the daytime hours lead into the evening time. here is kpthe exact area of concern. strong wave of storms. dallas, houston. bisecting, louisiana, and arkansas, on the other side of it, wednesday night when all the rain will shift over. giving damaging wind, hail,
3:04 am
tornado thousands. >> thank you, stwich to wawe wi washington. the battle to overall health care is not over yet. during a white house reception for senators last night. the president predicted a bipartisan agreement will be reached soon enough. >> i know we are all going to make a deal on health care. that is such an easy one. i have no doubt that is going to happen very quickly. [ applause ] >> the president also gave a shoutout to house minority leader, chuck schumer and in another nod to democrats, he also promised to talk about infrastructure. >> president trump its expected to sane a bill repealing a series of the online privacy regulations issued by the obama administration. the house followed the senate's lead voting to reject the landmark protections. the measure clears the way for internet providers to collect and sell their customers browsing history. and other personal information. supporters of the repeal say the guidelines stifle innovation. kriltices say they will have their most personal details skrult nietzed and sold to the highest bidder.
3:05 am
>> governors of california and new york are vowing to push ahead with aggressive climate change policies after president trump's latest executive order. the president rolled back most of president obama's efforts to curb global warming. surrounded by coal miners he called it the start of a new era in energy production. environmentalists say the president went be able to deliver on his promise to revive jobs in the declining coal industry. >> it was a close call for passengers and crew of a peruvian airlines jet. the boeing 737 veered to the right coming in for a landing then skidded off the runway as you can see, burst into flames. all 141. and eyewitnesses say there may have been a string gust of wind at the air port. in those mountains east of in yesterday. the tsa pat down of a 13-year-old boy and the mother says has special needs.
3:06 am
>> the video posted by the mother online. now hearing from her as well as her son. here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: the patdown of the 13-year-old in a t-shirt and shorts enraged his mother. >> i honest leave felt look we were being target the. we were being treat the like dogs. awe all erin had not removed a laptop from the pack. the alarm leading to this. while his mother didn't call ahead to tsa she told the officer aaron has sensory processing disorder. >> i have always been like really sensitive to people touching me. whenever me touched me i got, started having hives a little bit. >> reporter: his mother posted the pat ydown lasted 1. 467891. earlier this month. tsa announcing rather than five versions one patdown protocol is allowed. in this case, the tsa says all approved procedures were followed. >> while the video may cause concern, amongst viewers, think
3:07 am
people have to remember that -- tsa screeners cannot afford to make any mistakes. >> the mother says tsa owes her family an apology. she filed a come plane but has not heard from the tsa. david kerley, abc news, reagan national airport. >> britain begins official exit from the european union today. prime minister teresa may has signed a letter to the boss of the eu, basically asking for a divorce. she will formally trigger a two-year pr ses of leaving the union today. the negotiations that are starting follow last june's vote in which the british chose to leave the eu, by a thin margin. >> let's get to what is seeming like epidemic here in the u.s. serious irk to, alligators invading golf courses. check out the monster. strolling around at celebrity golf tournament in south carolina. you can see everyone is keeping their distance. smart move i would say. >> while strolling through the
3:08 am
park one day. >> no, thank you. >> yeah he does. the gator follows the the one we showed you earlier in the week. hanging out there in florida and the golf ball made for a good lunch. >> the gator looked less relaxed. looked annoyed. here i am sun bathing, you idiots are hitting me with a golf ball. take that. >> i will have you for dinner. this might be might lunch. >> did a good job of blocking it with his head. ball would have gone into the walter otherwise. >> the monster. monster gator there. why i've don't golf. >> is that it? >> look at that. look at the size of the tiny people. like seriously. they're like mutumbo's size, and they lack like, just, what do you think scarier, alligators or snakes? >> aren't they the same thing? the same thing. it seems. >> all right, coming up -- speaking of which. we are heading into the jungle.
3:09 am
>> get the theme here. so, it is actually the amazon. the rain forest there. it's been the source of so many of the prescriptions that we use today. but what about these, unorthodox medicine, poison from a frog. why people are making the trip in search of healing. >> you go first. three masked intruders killed upon entering a home in broad day light. hear why the man living there, who shot them, may have been well within his rights. >> do you remember, you can always weigh in at facebook, and twitter. you're watching abc world news now. lysol max cover kills 99.9% of bacteria, even on soft surfaces. one more way you've got what it takes to protect. two kids barfed in class today. it was so gross. lysol disinfectant spray kills 99.9% of bacteria,
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so let's be clear: clearasil works fast on teen acne, not so much on other teen things. new mexico couple its facing kidnapping charges in an apparent revenge case. police say they abducted a 15-year-old who allegedly carjacked them the night before. cameras captured the kidnapping outside an albuquerque convenience store. in the video the teen runs off after a black car pulls up.
3:13 am
moments later, an armed attacker catches him. and then hits him with what appears to be an ak 47 rifle. the teen told police the couple put him in a hole. he escaped. now the teen and the couple are all facing charges. >> now to another complex case. this one unfolding in oklahoma. the woman police say drove three would-we robbers to a home where they were killed is now charged in their deaths. and authorities are deciding whether the man who shot them did it in self defense. here is abc's clayton sandel. >> reporter: police say it began when 23-year-old zach peters awoke to the sound of three masked teenage burglars breaking into this house near tulsa, oklahoma. >> well i thauflt ought it was funders. peters used an ar-15 rifle, shooting all three burglars dead. >> two were juveniles in the range of 16, 17. one an adult male. 1. two suspects we are kidding
3:14 am
armed. one was with brass knuckles. the other one with a knife. police say a fourth suspect. elizabeth rodriguez turned herself in and believed to beep the getaway driver. >> trying to clarify as the to why they chose the that house. wum was it random or some other knowledge the suspects had. >> reporter: prosecutors say oklahoma law allows for rodriguez to be charged with three murders even if she didn't pull the trigger. charges have not yet been filed. oklahoma's make my day law allows homeowners to use deadly force in self defense. but prosecutors have not yet decided if peters will face any charges. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> sound like attorneys and judge in the case will have their hand full. trying to figure this out. >> very complicated one. she did turn herself in after the incident. and just a 21-year-old, young lady. >> oklahoma law does allow people to be charged with murder if they participate in a krim that led to some one any death. >> complicated law right there. >> coming up in the next
3:15 am
half-hour. we have an historic deal, the powerhouse u.s. women's hockey team. has reached a blockbuster agreement after threatening to boycott the world championships. over their pay. >> but first. on the hunt for the fabled amazon tree frog. believed by some to cleanse impurities, cure cancer, help with depression. there is one catch, it's toxic. would you put it to the test? that's next on "world news now". make the most of a few minutes
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with instant moisture from k-y ultragel. ."
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♪ ♪ >> get down. okay. so you have new age daredevils using -- the, the junk m to get some of their inspiration. poisons to cleanse their body. and they're heading into those deep, dark, jungles of peru to find a creature that makes that poison. we are up all "nightline." >> reporter: we put ourselves at
3:18 am
the mercy of the untamed wilderness. ooh. in search of a fabled amazonian tree frog long used by tribes here. see how many hours it takes to find this frog. now, in high demand, thousand of miles away. in the hills of los angeles. ceremonies like this one, have become the latest cleanse trend. here these people are poisoning themselves with the toxins from that frog. it is applied to burned skin. absorbed into the blood stream. >> something very unknown. this process is not for the faint of heart. >> you can all most have a sense of courage to come here. >> here, somebody -- >> the effects shortly fade away. and practicing ears say it is worth it. >> i felt like superwoman. >> reporter: claiming the process can help cure depression, drug dependency. heart problems, high blood
3:19 am
pressure. right now there is no research indicating benefits to human health. and it's not officially classified as a medicine. there is no regulation of this treatment, by the fda or other authorities. >> do you think there are any dangers associated with it? >> like any medicine itch you take it, and do it with no knowledge there is obviously, more danger. >> it is legal in the west. and the people here seem to think it is working. so, we deep sided to travel to where this ancient process began. to the amazon rain forest to see if we could find the creature at the center of the kratz. as twilight settles time to start the hunt. almost three hours. we haven't been lucky so far. they decided to park our boat. and head on foot into the jungle. there it is. that its amazing. big, huh?
3:20 am
here we hit the jackpot. not one frog, but two. >> two hours, two frogs. head back to camp. tomorrow a big day. the camp owned by amazon explorer peter goreman the man who claims credit for bringing sapo to the united states. >> some how seemed to explode on the scene. the emerging stages of a small but legitimate phenomenon. the next morning, all most time for us to try for ourselves. but first, the toxins must be extracted. >> just have these four sticks. open up the legs with the strings. it starts sa kreegt iecreting t isn't. i get quality time with the frog. before he is released. cold, sticky, wet. hold it. not harmful. unless you how it and put it in your eyes or mouth. after making it all the way here. i can't back down. >> in 15 second.
3:21 am
i will feel it. blood is rushing to my eyes. my head. your heart is racing fast as if it, if you just ran a marathon. i think i might need to throw up. the question is why do people do this to themselves. i'm going to find out after how i feel. a few hours later, still a little lightheaded. but also, full of energy. all most become to there mall. miracle medicine, maybe not. but the magic and wonder of the amazon, undeniable. for "nightline," i'm maryanne van zeller in peru. >> so interesting. >> that's it. the magic and wonder is what he got at the end of all that. that, not cured of depression. cured of disease? >> well, why dent we test it out firsthand. i have some. >> no, no, no. no. no. >> what if the cures your depression. >> ready. >> you look beautiful.
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avoid a septic disaster with rid-x. time now for the mix. we will start with some ncaa basketball. so, a reporter in nashville, tennessee, had the task of reporting the tournament. as we do. one problem. couldn't get rights to any clips from the tournament. so, he made lemonade, got creative. check this out. he says, yes, i did make this. i went with things i found lying around my desk. >> there goes, the real basket. make shift hoop, come posed by a key chain ring. lego batman. one player. superman another. a rubber ducky involved. he says this is what happens when we can't show ncaa highlights. they leave me unsupervised.
3:26 am
>> at his desk. rubber ducky. >> also a good question, why i picked any of the teams i picked for my bracket. i, ladies and gentlemen, am busted. >> oh i survived. >> i am busted completely. maybe the first hint i wasn't going to do well. picked unc wilmington thinking chapel hill. this means i lost our bet. which, which, which was that -- revenge is a wonderful thing. >> i have to dress up as is' alma mater mascot. there is just one problem. >> state university of oswego its so poor. how poor? they can't afford a mascot. so just going to get creative. find something for you. all right. stay tuned. >> stay tuned. stay tuned. >> speaking of basketball for that. there is a cute 7-year-old girl. a phenom playing basketball. look at her. she has the the moves.
3:27 am
completely crazy. at, at, dribbling the ball. the globetrotters got wind of that. do some serious pushups as well. and surprised her at her school. and, and, did a little moves with her. after giving her the uniform. gets a uniform and everything. look at her skills. take a look. gets to watch her idol do her thing. >> yeah, you're pretty good. and then, she is like, oh. i got this. and what? >> 7 years old. they give her and her family to go see the globetrotters. >> picked this one for you. a 12-foot long cobra. paying a visit to villagers. let me know when you are done. didn't want to attack anyone. it was thirsty. they did what i am sure you would do. gave the cobra water. >> talk about the brackets. >> talk about the brackets. the
3:28 am
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this morn6ing on "world news now," the race to cover severe storms turns deadly. veteran storm chasers on the hunt colliding with each other. their final moments captured on camera as the storm threat continues today. >> on capitol hill, former gymnasts testify to lawmakers about the sexual abuse they say they suffered while on team usa. but, it was the deafening silence of who did not show up that is also making headlines. >> also this half-hour, hillary clinton in her most politically charged speech since the election. >> hear what clinton said about the trump administration's first few months in office and she rails against diversity in the washington leadership. >> just stay close. >> action packed "spiderman" swings in. i think my spidy senses are
3:31 am
tingling. is that what it is? or i am just lack of sleep? we're going to sling some webs in "the skinny" on this wednesday, march 29th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you all. we will start off with storms sweeping across the plains and texas. the monster system on the move right now. stretches thousand of miles. a thousand miles, rather, spawned numerous tornados, hail, strong winds. >> tragedy this morning that we are learning about. three well-known storm chasers, out tracking the storms, were killed in a collision in rural texas. this is the last few minutes of storm chasers, kelly williamson and randy yarnell's lives. >> we will stay on the storm we are on. >> the men racing through rain-soaked texas chasing tornados.
3:32 am
>> southwest of sparta right now. >> reporter: dash-cam captures second before the collision. williamson behind the wheel, running stop signs. they slam into a storm chaser on the hunt. and corben jaeger all three killed instantly. williamson ran a stop sign causing the accident in spur texas. just last week the famed storm chaser acknowledging the biggest risk that would end his life. >> biggest danger out there is the other chasers. the grandma trying to get her kids, the tornado sirens are going off. trying to get them to safety. you got to watch out for everybody out there. then the storms kind of come secondary. as long as you go out there and be safe. that's the main thing. >> keep going. keep going. >> reporter: they were stars of the weather channel's reality series "storm wranglers." both legends in the dangerous field capturing 37 tornadoes
3:33 am
last year. >> one of the things i really like about doing this, stream it live. people can sit at home where it is safe. we are out there getting the shot for them. >> reporter: true to form, the men live streaming what would turn out to be their last chase. >> weather channel did release a statement overnight. saying, kelly and randy were beloved members of the weather community. we are saddened by this loss and our deepest sympathies. >> gives you chills hearing him talk about that beg the most dangerous part, possibility of colliding with somebody else. >> watch parts of that entire two hours live stream that they did there. final live stream to. hear them say, okay, we are turning into spur, texas, the town that they die in was chilling. >> eerie. our hearts go out to their families and weather channel as well.
3:34 am
storms by the way, they're not letting up. there are more tornado warnings in effect overnight. the storm system its the strongest over western texas and oklahoma, extend into kansas and southern nebraska too. >> lubbock saw thunderstorms and hail, creating an icy river there. some of the hailstones were larger than tennis balls. four tornados were also confirmed, but there were no reports of significant damage or injuries. >> storm system will move a little east overnight. >> accuweather, paul williams is tracking it all for us. good morning, paul. >> good morning, kendis, diane. bracing for severe storms to hit texas, oklahoma, oklahoma city, going into arkansas, louisiana, wednesday, during the day. damaging winds, hail, between a half inch in diameter to 2 inches in diameter if yesterday is any indication. flash flooding and tornados. shift to the mississippi vally region throughout the evening time. the same low swinging to the
3:35 am
north will bring soaking rain throughout the midwest, causing flooding, kendis, diane. >> thanks. president trump made good on a promise to roll back president obama's climate control regulations. it wipes out restrictions mandating climate. the president said a newer era in energy production. >> how about this? why don't we get together. we'll go to another place. you will get another job. you won't mine anymore. do you like that idea? they said no we don't like that idea. we love to mine. that's what we want to do. i said, if that's what you want to do, that's what you are going to do. >> environmentalists insist the president is overselling the revival of jobs in a declining industry.
3:36 am
meanwhile, governors in new york and california are vowing to move through with aggressive climate change policies. chair of the house intelligence committee looking into russia's meddling in the election is facing criticism. congressman, now under fire for canceling a hearing in which former acting attorney general sally yates was to appear. nunes and the white house are beth both denying they blocked yates from testifying. >> overnight, sounded like the campaign season all over again. >> hillary clinton tinange of issues. speaking to thousands of business women in san francisco. clinton slammed the president over the shortage of women in top positions. she said the number was the lowest of any administration in a generation. and she urged vote tires resist some of the president's policies including those regarding refugees. >> we will need to fight back twice as the hard, not for the sake of politics but because the these are bad policies that will hurt people.
3:37 am
and take our country in the wrong direction. >> and clinton also took a jab at the president on health care. she called last week's failure a victory for all americans. >> two anti-abortion activists facing charges. the activists say the videos show clinic employees trying to sell them fetal tissue. planned parenthood says the claims are false. and the videos were edited and misleading. prosecutors accusing activists of privacy invasion, saying they were filming without consent. one of the activists calls the charges, bogus. some formal efforts to combat opioid addiction under way. the senator asked five leading drugmakers for documents about their marketing of opioid painkillers. she wants to know what the companies knew about the dangers of the drugs. new jersey governor chris
3:38 am
christie will play a role in a trump administration effort to tackle the opioid epidemic. expected to be part of the white house commission being formed. unclear when the effort will start. >> this morning murder charges likely in the deaths of three teenage home invaders in oklahoma t they were shot in broad day light by the adult son. the woman who drove them to the scene arrested on murder charges despite never firing a shot. under oklahoma's law, she is charged because the teens were killed as all four were allegedly committing a crime. police in california went to find a surfer showed his skills on a highway. this guy was spotted on outside of a pickup truck near los angeles. the surfer and driver face charges if they're ever caught. the california highway patrol called the stunt extremely dangerous. >> certainly looks it. >> it does. >> speaking of dangerous. how far would you go to stop a crime in the work place? home depot employee in kentucky
3:39 am
definitely went above and beyond. >> yeah, he did. this video comes from crescent springs. few miles from -- from cincinnati. there in northern kentucky. the guy in the red shirt grabs a toolbox and -- and took off. >> wow. so, a female employee takes off after him. outside he is driving away. and you can see -- that is the woman on the hood of his car. she eventually gets thrown off. and he drives away. >> and the woman suffered a concussion. and a bruised hip. >> just wow, right. >> i mean, a toolbox. >> the suspect is still on the loose. the woman was, working undercover for the store's asset protection team. so this was -- >> she is on the lookout for the stuff. >> that's, that's, yeah. i mean, we'll give her employee of the year award with it say don't do that ever again. way too dangerous. >> makes a quick recovery. coming up. a coach is in hot water after a tussle brock out following a softball game. he says it was all a
3:40 am
misunderstanding. others say it was an act of aggression. >> then in "the skinny," the most beautiful man on the planet. ryan reynolds has a fan who is staying true to his tweet after the dead pool actor replied to him. exactly what did the unusual thing the fan did, you are watching "world news now". >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by life alert.
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>> this i >> this is auburn university softball player, haley faegen you see there. didn't shake the hand of tim walton. walton seemed to lightly tap her on the shoulder. faegen pushed him in the back. they exchanged heated word. walton has apologized for the incident. saying he didn't intend to upset her. there is history that should be explained. her two sisters played for walton at florida but were dismissed from the team five years ago. >> they have a history indeed. >> today the u.s. women's hockey
3:44 am
team preparing for the world championships with an historic deal in hand. >> you may recall the players threatened to boycott the tournament unless they received better wages. they also wanted more support in and the four year deal triples top wages in a nonolympic year. go, girls, way to stand up for themselves. say we are not going to defend our title unless we get some -- >> show me the money. >> to the former gymnasts speaking out on capitol hill about the sexual abuse they say they suffered at the hand of their team doctor. >> they testified the usa gymnastics organization cared more about winning medals than about the safety of the children. here is abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: emotional testimony on capitol hill about sexual abuse in usa gymnastics. >> now i know i am not alone. more than 100 women have come forward and shared stories shockingly similar to mine. >> reporter: jamie dancher, jessica howard, recount alleged abuses teens at the hand of larry naser, team usa's doctor for 19 years.
3:45 am
charges he has denied. >> i trusted usa gymnastics. i was sexually abused. as were so many other athletes. >> dr. naser is awaiting trial on sexual assault charges in a case and pleaded not guilty. former gymnasts, not sexually abused, described humiliation. >> everyone around us knew that abuses were going on but chose not to act because it became part of the cultural norm. usa gymnastic is did not send a witness but this statement. we are dealing with a serious problem and recommit ourselves off to promoting a safe environment for our athletes. usa gymnastics and former gymnasts support a new bill which would make it mandatory to immediately report sexual abuse of amateur athletes to law enforcement. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> when we come back, the growing list of tv shows in line for reboot.
3:46 am
>> and another summer blockbuster trailer, just dropped. we'll show it to you. "the skinny" is next. i did everything i could to make her party perfect. almost everything. you know, 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> it is my favorite "the skinny," we will talk ryan. >> gosling? > need one name. actor, great bone structure of course, beautiful, smart wife. academy award consideree. nominated. tackles range of, use like this. people in l.a. are deathly afraid of gluten.ooyou would ro
3:49 am
liquor store in this city with a bagel. >> no one is safe. calls out friend, family. and, we mean all family. my daughter's only 6 months old and already drawing. i'd hang it on the fridge, but honestly, it's absolute garbage. >> that's just hilarious. ha-ha-ha. ryan reynold is awesome. well, one fan named dustin, took note of his tweets and sent the deadpool actor a message march 5th. your name on my butt. so of course, ryan reynolds rlier the tweet. in the week saying your wish is my command. and, check out the attention to detail with the black and red letters.comic sans font, tribute to dead pool.ou done for ryan?
3:50 am
>> if ryan, if ryan likes a tweet, i'll put out a tweet, i will match the tattoo.on you oe ha-ha.and no we are not talking kendis' apparent butt tattoo. a "twin peeks" and reality shows. revived. >> starting with "cash cab."rn . if you got three wrong, you oniy
3:51 am
>> really excited for "trading ac on tlc. >> fun. >> reboot of sorts. spiderman movie set to swing into theaters this summer. now sneak peek. new trailer, tto a villain wreaking havoc on new york city. ♪ >> these weapons are crazy dangerous. >> listen, forget the flying monster gift.ople who handle this. >> illegal weapons was at 2. 30. . you missed it! >> so, guessing he is probably going to save the city. the movie set to come out on july 7th. finally, the cast of fresh prince of belaire had a reunion. got my life got flipped, turned upside down. could this mean reunion?
3:52 am
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dentists worldwide. my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b!rany oral-b. brush like a pro. >> lite yesterday, and happening, we fannypack coming back, dwa the rock johnson, and, and jared leto. >> celebrities. >> wearing fanny p um, caleb tent tweets is this tomorrow's look on tech bytes,
3:56 am
the segment we do later in the morning. how did you get the photo of us inr tufanny packs. feel free to send us. >> the pink one. >> and missy elliott's song and same lyrics in reverse. birkhead, not the larry birkhead get serious. >> shirtless? >> look to have fun in the 4:0e hard news. we have got, sam, tweeting us, never stop singing on wnn, ian cd. >> i don't want the singing. pretty good. know every word.
3:57 am
>> oh. ♪ in west i spent most of my days chilling out max and relaxing all cool and shooting b ball outside of the school with a coupte od making trouble in the nehb little fight my mama got scared she said you're moving with auntie andbel-aire. i whistled for a cab when it came near there was a dice in o say, this cab is weird, forget it you're moving to i pulled up to the house around 7:00 or 8:00, your home smell you later looked into my kingdom and i was finally there my throne the prince of b>> we forgot the beginning . want me to say that. ♪ now this is a story all about how my life got turned upside ♪ just sit right there
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making news in america this morning, dangerous storms are triggering tornadoes and strong hail overnight. plus, we have details on the storm chasers killed while pursuing those twisters and where the threat is right now. thettled congressman investigating election meddling standing his ground t growing f white house as the questions >> the president his salad tonight somehow single presidet trump and ist loses control and flies over a


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