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tv   America This Morning  ABC  March 29, 2017 4:00am-4:26am EDT

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making news in america this morning, dangerous storms are triggering tornadoes and strong hail overnight. plus, we have details on the storm chasers killed while pursuing those twisters and where the threat is right now. thettled congressman investigating election meddling standing his ground t growing f white house as the questions >> the president his salad tonight somehow single presidet trump and ist loses control and flies over a and we do say good morning,
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everyone, on a wednesday. we'll talk about severe storms texas and oklahoma right now. am over central texas and oklahoma as well as kansas with large hail, damangn and tornadoes all possible d e. here's a live picture of dallas where strong storms are moving through right now. at least two tornado warnings l overnight. these scenes in the meantime, all over western texas as several tornadoes move a no major damage reported but there were some deaths. three storm chasers hunting tornadoes colliding with each other instead. er the south. this massive tornado touching down west of dallas. >> you see that? >> reporter: a family inhelples twister heads for their home. >> on the ground. >> go get in the closet.
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>> the fire alarms are going off. >> go that way, please. >> reporter: theorcing the driver to pull over. and tragedy striking as well. these storm chasers killed in a car trash while intornadoes mom video was taken. >> we're going to stay right on this storm that we're on for just a little bit. williamson and randy yarnell racing through the middle of rain-soaked texas. >> southwest of spur. cam capturing the seconds before their fatal collision. williamson behind the wheel often running stop suddenly they slam into another storm chaser on the hunt, 25-year-old corvin yeager. all three killed instantly.go, . get going. get going. >> keep going. >> yeah. >> reporter: williamson and yarn "storm wranglers." both were legends in this dangerous field. >> one of things i really like about doing this we're able to stream it live and people can sit at homwe're out there getti
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shot. >> reporter: and true to form the men would turn out to be their last chase. >> what a horriblur, texas. now, authorities are still investigating what role weather may meanwhile, here's a look at the threat in th houston all the way through little rock and memphis by tomorrow it heads the embattled head of nd the house intelligence committee criticism over his handling into russian hacking. >> devin nunes is still refusing to recuse himself. o reports he blocked a key testimony allegedly at the request of the white house. abc's janai norman has the >> reporter: even republicans are questioning whether congressman devin nunes can lead an impart investigaonh the secrt source on white house grounds and then briefed the president with n telling his own committee. >> yeah, i think he owes it tel
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them who he met with and what he saw and let them look recuse yourself. >> i still don't know why. if you give me a reason to recuse myself i might consider white house are both denying reports the administration tried to block former acting attorney general sally yates from testifying before the house intelligence committee. >> suggesting any way, shape or form that we stood in the way of that is 100% false. >> reporter: yates who was a holdover from the obama administration was the first official to inform the white house that trump's then national security adviser michael flynn lied about his conversations with the russian ambassador. flynn later resigned and yates was ultimately fired for refusing to defend the president's travel ban. she was supposed to testify tuesday as part of the russia investigation but in a letter the justice department warned her conversations with the white house were, quote, likely covered by presidential communications privilege adding she needs to consult with the white house about whether she could testify. yates' attorney wrote to the
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white house counsel insisting she should be allowed to speak because top administration officials have already been speaking publicly about the matter. but she got no response and that same day congressman nunes postponed the russia hearing altogether. >> did anyone at the white house direct you to postpone the yates testimony? >> gosh, you guys ask the same questions over and over again. >> reporter: but did they? >> no, that's a total false story. >> reporter: and when house speaker paul ryan was asked if he thinks congressman nunes should step down from the investigation the house speaker simply said no. diane, kendis. >> janai norman for us with the latest there in d.c. and pre repealing a series of online privacy regulations issued bye lead voting to reject the landmark protections. the bill would clear internet providers to collect and sell their customers' browsing history. supp stifled innovation and were unfair since they didn't apply to internet companies a facebooy
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the move allows data to be sol highest bidder. sean spicer appears to be getting increasinglyllegations connection to the trump administration. spicer got into a heated exchge correspondent april ryan of the american urban radio networks when she broached the topic asking how theo revamp its imag. >> if the president puts russia tonight somehow that is a russian connection. question. the president, i'm sorry, please stop shaking your head again. but at some point the reality is that this president continues to reh have supported him, who didn't support him, republicans,decrat. >> ryan later said, quote, today. last night hillary clinton rebuked spicer and came toryan. she referred to that confrontation you saw there during a speech in san francisco
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saying too many women have put up with being off. she slammed president trump for a shortage of women in top administration roles and she celebrated the defeat of the republican health care plan. administration tried to jam through a bill that would have kicked 24 million people off their health insurance, defunde access to affordable birth control, deprived people with ed nursing homes of essential care, they were met with a wave of resistance. >> well, clinton urged voters to resist some of the president's policies including those regarding refugees. she said those policies will hu crt pountry in the wrong direction. government auditors are reviewing security at the president's mar-a-lagoescoressi for that review after reports that the president and japan's prime minister discussed akorea
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public dining room there. the review will also examine the taxpayer funded travel cost for when the president goes to florida. thos about $3 million per trip. still ahead right here,cery experiment. and a plane bursts into flames after veering 0 of a runway. see the new video of dramatic e plus, a standoff high above and locked herself inside.
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patented technology for faster healing. makewith instant moisture utes from k-y ultragel. incredible new images this morning of the race this crippled airliner in peru. passengers had to use the emergency 737 skidded off the runway and
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caught fire. officials say there were no injuries. miraculously local media reports say about two dozen people w ho. passengers report there were tw eyewitnesses say there may have been a strong gust of wind as the plane came in for the la that hard landing which is under investigation. they say the plane is a tot gym congress about being sexually abused. two dozen bronze medalists, jamie dant howard discussed abuse they allegedly suffered if a former national t that i'm not alone, more than 100 women have come forward and shared stories shockingly similar to mine. >> to put tougher sex abuse reporting standards in place for olympic sports. usa gymnastics is supportin whi manslaughter to immediately
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report sexual abuse of amateur athletes to anti-abortion activ are facing felony charges for undercover videos sho california planned parenthood clinics. the activists say they show sel them fetal tissue. planned parenthood says the claims were false and the videos re misleading. prosecutors are now accusing them ofg they were flipping without concept. a law there in california. one of the activistscharges bog. amazon is trying another way to sellst omers order in advanc then drive up and get the food in as little as 15 minutes. amazon fresh pick members getting a tryout at two locations both in d they also in that 15 minutes. be an amaz restaurant. when we come back a home homeowner's son shoots the suspected burglars. we have new details on the invest
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stronger or longer what advil. check this out, ever seen a gustnado before? well, you have now. a low levelotforms on the edge thunderstorm. this one was in midland, texas, yesterday. some residents thought it was a tornado butgustnado's winds usually don't extend all the way to the ground. there you go. >> now we no. roads in midland should be fine today but there could be flooding in much of the nation's midsection from the gulf nearly up to canada. roads will be wet in the northwest and watch out for snow in the rockies. >> if you're flying airport delays are most likely in kansas city and houston. a complex case is unfolding right now in oklahoma. the woman who police say drove thre would-be robbers home where they were shot is now facing murder charges. >> she's being held without bond
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while the man who authorities say pulled the trigger hasn't been charged at all. for him it may be a case of self-defense. three oklahoma teenagers are dead after a brazen burglary attempt turned fatal. >> it was a short exchange of words and then gunfire happened. >> reporter: police say three armed teens broke into this oklahoma home in broad daylight. >> i thought it was thunder. i just heard something. i had the doors closed. >> reporter: after an argument police say 23-year-old resident zack peters opened fire with an ar-15 semiautomatic rifle killing all three. >> preliminary investigation looks like it was self-defense. maybe a case of stand your ground, however, you know, it's still really early in the investigation. >> reporter: this morning peters has not been charged with any crime but 21-year-old elizabeth marie rodriguez, the alleged getaway driver has been arrested under an oklahoma law. police say rodriguez was the getaway driver. she's now in custody on three counts of first degree murder.
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under oklahoma law, a person can be charged with murder if they take part in a crime in which people are killed even if the person does not take part in the killing. we get much more now from our legal team coming up on "good morning america." a woman in los angeles is undergoing a mental health evstandoff in a crane. this happened at a construction the woman scaled the 150-foot crane and stayed there for power to the crane was turned off. a s.w.a.t. team and firefighter communicating with the woman. eventually she came back down.lm caught the moment a motorcyclis winding road in the angeles he guardrail and off however, he is lucky that a tree broke his fall his shoulder but that's about as bad as his injuries were. rescget him down to the hospita
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>> also very lucky because he just missed another >> watching that video, unbelievable that he survive, let alone got away shoulder only. the u.s. women's begins preparing. they threatened to boycott the tournament unless they rtter wa. a new four-year dealr top wages years and creates an advisory group to advance girls and u.s. now, how about some basketball? >> yes, we shall talk about closer but nba, we get the highlights from espn. good morning,a. good morning, utica, historical society. big fan, john anderson. two basketball highlights. john will go first. the rocket. very good game. in four days. first two meetings.that looks l making that shot.
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good the first quarter. whoops, and a dribble off the >> andre iguodala with the bou. steph was jus behind the arc but that was the old dagger. kevin there and dabbed him seconds left and caldwell-pope, not the actl not lead by two. now they lead by one. going to win but, no, at the whitesid jame up the seven-foot-tall guy like an infantsdz like he wasoim. >> in case it was locked. i don't have anything else. >> i got day.
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♪ time for "the pulse" and start off with alvarez in nashville. he wanted to do highlights last saturday's march madness games. >> that's when gonzaga played xavier andnsas. the only problem was, eric's station was on air at the time and didn't have permission to use the highlights so as eric said he got a little creative. >> number one gonzaga verxavier like batman versus superman.
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the bulldogs simply too fast fo and gonzaga brings an aerial assatits it 83-59 and ducks versus the jayhawks as oregon tries to guess what, th exactly what they did. oregon wins it, 74-60. >> so, at least he had a duck.i basketball hoop. >> he said all the props were just lying around his bigger qu he have all this on his desk. t comes up with for the final fraughters may have found their next star. she'll have to >> so getting into third grade might be a start. met 7-year-old second grader from brooklyn already with serious skills. look at her. wow. heard she's a really good socce threat there. >> quite an athlete.
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a dinner break for a police officer in suburban boston turned intoate ever. >> so while eating alone at a panera bread 4-year-old lillian decided to join him. chatting away as the sergeant ate his meal. >> afterwards he showed her his car and gave her a junior police officer sticker. the police department says this made their day. >> i like that. she said you're eating alone, i will join you. more news coming up after this. to think about. what about the people i care about? ...including this little girl. and what if this happened again? hospital, but wondered, was this the best treatment for me? so i asked my doctor. eliquis treats dvt anand pe blood clots and reduces the risk of them happening again. yes, eliquis treats dvt and pe blood clots. eliquis also had signthan the standard treatment. both made me turn around my thinking. don't stop eliquis unless your doctor tells you to.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, i'm tamala edwards. it is wednesday, march 29th. here's what's next on "action news." it's sentencing day for two former aides of new jersey governor chris christie. they were found guilty in the bridgegate scandal. new this morning a deal has been reached for women's hockey players. they have been negotiating pay and other issues right here in philadelphia. and the delaware county school that will be closed today because of what happened during yesterday's storm. we've got those stories ton some sunshine finally coming back in accuweather. that's all ahead on "action news." >> ♪ arkansas. we expect some snow in the rockies and a new storm system is moving into the pacific northwest. finally this morning, the first daughter is poised to take on an expanded role in her father's administration. >> ivanka trump is setting up shop in the white house and delving into unprecedented territory and abc's karen travers is at the white house.
4:28 am
>> reporter: she's been a constant presence at her father's side and now ivanka trump moving beyond supportive daughter and into the west wing taking on a formal role in her father's administration. >> it's my pleasure to welcome such incredible women including my daughter. >> reporter: president trump at the white house monday crediting ivanka for helping lead an initiative to help promote women business leaders and entrepreneurs. >> i feel very blessed to have met so many of you over the course of the past several months and hear your personal stories and your journeys. >> reporter: ivanka will now have a west wing office. a security clearance and a government issued communications device. one thing she won't have, an official title. unlike her husband jared kushner who is an unpaid senior adviser to the president ivanka will not be a government employee. but in a statement she said she will, quote, voluntarily follow all of the ethics ruled placed on government employees. she is expected to focus on
4:29 am
issues she personally cares about, paid maternity leave, a child care tax credit plan but she's been front and center at a wide range of white house events and there's really no precedent for an adult child of a president to take on such a high-profile role. >> the fact that she now would be in the white house, have a desk there, be more visible in the west wing, i think sends a message that her opinion matters and will have influence on him. >> reporter: karen travers, abc news, the white house. >> it's a family affair in the white house these days. >> that's right. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> do stay with us for "good morning america" and have a great wednesday, everybody. >> beautiful.
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>> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 4:30 now on this wednesday march 29th. >> here's what we're following for you on "action news." today is sentencing day for two former aides to governor chris christie. they learn their fate in the bridgegate scandal. >> despite growing calls to step down the chairman of the house intelligence committee says he intend to stay at the helm of that group. >> and a school bus stop mixup leaves a little girl all alone on a delaware county street corner and leaving her mother in a panic. >> we'll get to all of that in a moment. first up let's talk to meteorologist, david murphy d


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