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tv   World News Now  ABC  March 31, 2017 2:40am-3:59am EDT

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i think i can do it. >> celebrity chef gordon ramsay guest hosted the nightly show. they switch hosts on a nightly basis. because he is a chef, he gets a kitchen. gordon's show guest was british comedian frank skinner, now they have moved over to the kitchen. they are sitting there having small-talk, about to enjoy a smoothie gordon is about to make. what do we know about gordon ramsay? >> he gets mad. >> likes to swear. >> when things don't go right. >> where is my -- the knife, please. a knife. >> forgot the knife. cool, no big deal. we can survive that. >> we have another problem. >> imagine working with him. >> he's such a perfectionist. a good thing has he a comedian to offset it. >> two little fails in. the blender should be plugged in, right?
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>> thank you, guys. two seconds. >> it's a set blender. >> at home the popcorn is waiting. >> you win. >> on point with all his comedic relief. >> he'll be leaving with a knife in his shoulder blade. >> one thing you should never do. >> play this. >> that is brilliant television right there. >> the blender literally comes on while his hand is inside. there's blood everywhere. he falls to the floor. >> he actually believes this is true. i love this moment when he finally reveals he's kidding. >> yes!
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>> do not ever put your hand in a blender. >> if there's a message to take away it's that one. >> that's all for today's show. thanks for watching. go on over to for more or catch the >> police patrolled every bus stop tried to prevent vandal its m like graffiti tagging in cambridge. >> what are you then? >> i am not a man or a woman. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: mayor marty walsh had impromptu transgender flag raising ceremony at boston city hall to support the lgbtq community. >> when you deny the experience of transgender individuals you are denying the experience of basic human civil rights. in boston and massachusetts, we have better than that. >> i don't think that that, that kind of fluf id area of self
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identification is good basis for public policy. >> reporter: organizers want their bus, a platform, rein vague itting national discussions. >> they're staying we are preaching hate. we are just preaching our opinion. saying our opinion. >> they're the ones that are swearing at us and yelling, screaming. >> people should be respectful that that's their opinion. if it is not your opinion, so be it. it's a police to create a discussion. >> that bus is going to keep making stops. scheduled to stop in new haven, couldn't couldn't, philadelphia, baltimore before arriving in d.c. april 3rd. >> all locations. looking at the cities. the protests will be all over the cities. >> they'll face confrontation everywhere they go. >> exactly. >> coming up the woman breaking one glass ceiling. high in the sky. of what the detective is doing every day to help lift all women to new heights. including our diane macedo, got quite a view actually up there.
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♪ fly
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♪ fly love it fly >> we should always come back. >> yeah, my god. bring in the groove. >> flying to new heights. female new york city police detective breaking one glass ceiling at a whole new level. >> our own diane macedo closing out women's history month. this morning, with a high altitude police ride-along with one of new york city's most elite and ground-breaking officers. >> reporter: for most people flying in a helicopter is something to check off their bucket list. but for detective erin eagin, another day as the captain of the nypd air/sea rescue. >> you are in charge of an entire crew. responsible for everything as far as rescuing somebody and saving lives. say that's pretty intense. big responsibility. she is very good at it. >> reporter: i got to see firsthand how good eagen and the helicopters really are. here is the most high tech law enforcement helicopter in the country.
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right now, about 1500 feet off the ground. again, we can zoom in and see a car. a person. we can even read a license plate. >> reporter: even with all the technology, the job is far from easy. the most memorable rescue is, flight instructor and student. who had to ditch their aircraft in the hudson river in january. i remember it because it was, ice cold. the airplane had sunk. looking for head in the hudson river. think you would see that. you don't. we happened to see something orange. caught our eye. >> the lining of his jacket. >> yeah, yeah. >> very grateful he was wearing that jacket that day. >> he was. one of many missions, eagin was part of. including being first on the scene when cory leitel crashed a small plane into a manhattan high rise. >> you see everything inside. the hole. it was gone. >> the incident most famous for, one where she saved lives and nearly lost her own. >> obama was coming in for u.n. general assembly.
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jamaica bay. on our way back, get gas. we can grab lunch. very nonchalant. then a huge bang. catastrophic failure. had to make a landing in the water. in the water so quickly. then surreal. looking around. water. glass is broken. probably in shock. all i kept saying is there is glass all over me. glass all over me. >> despite impact and broken glass, eagin and her crew survived with minor injuries. something her colleagues call a miracle. >> like our own miracle on jamaica bay. don't do everything right. smack the water, break the helicopter apart. did a tremendous job. >> reporter: some say it is what she did afterward that is more remarkable. taking a long vacation not to rest up, but to give back. >> i actually ran across an ad in the flying magazine. looking for flight instructors to go to ghana. an organization, medicine on the move. they're teaching the girl to build the air craft and fly the ultralights. it was so they could get medicine and supplies all over the country.
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>> reporter: why put your life on hold and go so far away? >> it was about the kids. you are going to show somebody who would never think they could do this that they can do this. you will tell them your story. hopefully carries them on. happy to see that it did. >> reporter: the teaching experience stayed with eagin who shows pilots how to fly in little or no visibility. >> if you were in the cloud. really, really bad weather. and you could basically take off, fly, land, using instruments only. without really having to look outside and she is very good at it. >> finally, time to put eagin's teaching skills to the test. and put me in the pilot seat. >> go out. you are fine. you're fine. >> you are. >> of the simulator. >> all right. we got an emergency. oh, that's not. mayday. how do you work the radio thingy again? >> wait, wait, no, the pedals. >> too much pedals. >> do you normally drive this in heels? >> you did it. no, it wasn't pretty. but you did it.
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>> reporter: not exactly flawless. eagin left me with word of encouragement. >> i have faith in you. >> as she plans to retire next year. hopes to continue in a new career, writing children's books about female pilots to inspire girls like her daughter. >> we need nor females in the field. females make great helicopter pilots they're good at multitasking. >> amen. >> got it. >> diane macedo, abc news, new york. >> i am okay with the amen. unless my pilot says, woops. while we go into the hudson. >> well -- >> that's not what you want to hear from your pilot. >> no, no. i don't want to hear brace for impact from sully. >> they're cool. >> looking forward to the children's book. i love any girl power thing. little girls out there. >> love she has been able to balance her family life and this amazing life right there. flying for one of the best units arguably in the country. >> coming up "inso som""insomni
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2:55 am 30 days. breathe happy with new febreze. ♪ ♪ >> all right. time now for our "insomniac theater," previewing two movies opening this weekend. >> the weekend indeed. start with scarlet johannsen, as a cyborg. casting controversial. based on a japanese comic book. secret here, she is not jap nee anese. she faces a new enemy once terrorists figure out how to hack in people's mind. >> i saw some one down there. it wasn't human. >> he is a known terrorist. and he has killed again. >> they didn't just kill them.
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they hacked into their mind. >> he's everywhere. and nowhere. >> we'll find him. i will kill him. >> huh. critics are mixed. with, guy lodge writing -- but jordan mintzer isn't impressed. >> well put, jordan. >> would have been nice to cast a japanese actress. >> maybe tough to find. >> right. because -- there are so few of them. next, some fun. dream works offers up the boss baby. wears a suit. carries a briefcase and speaks with the wit of alec baldwin. when tim discovers that boss baby is a spy on a secret
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mission. >> usual procedure, sleep deprivation. very disoriented. but i think the kid might be on to me. >> hand up, baby. >> poop duty. >> i've got to deal with the k-i-d. >> you can talk. >> goo-goo, ga-ga. >> you can talk. >> i can talk. see if you can listen. >> get me a double elspresso an a place with decent sushi. i could kill for a roll right now. >> lisa kudro, jimmy kimmel, boss baby is not charming the critics. i'll take 97 minutes of pacifier. >> what most movies are. 97 minute pacifier.
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xx. this morning on "world news now" -- russia on attack. >> details on how russian hackers flood the web with fake news and how the president himself may have perpetuated phony headlines from his twitter feed. and hear what vladamir putin has to say. >> giving new meaning to hot-lanta, fiery collapse of a highway in atlanta, smoke from the massive blaze, visible from miles and the horrible morning commute ahead for drivers. >> hear what investigators are saying overnight. >> and, dramatic new images from down under as remnants of cyclone debbie leave areas completely underwater. the powerful floodwaters causing chaotic scenes. >> and somebody let the cat out of the bag or really the crayon out of the box. crayolla's big announcement on which color it is retiring.
3:01 am
scooped. was it the russians hacking this secret? and got it out to everybody? we'll delve into it later on. blame the russians for a lot. it is friday, march 31st. national crayon day. >> hooray. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." there is a national day for everything. >> there is a national. this its our national day of celebration. because mara is back with us on a friday. >> thank you for that. >> on a friday. exactly. delve into the fake news, whether or not alternative facts. what color crayola may have brought to us. >> big investigation. >> there standing by. something else, very familiar with the russians. and the ominous warnings we are getting abut them. running a sophisticated campaign to influence the election with the flood of disinformation, conspiracy theories and fake news. >> ranking member of senate intelligence committee called it
3:02 am
propaganda on steroid. and one intelligence expert accused president trump of using similar tactics. meanwhile, russian president vladamir putin is weighing in himself issuing a flat out denial. abc's people yierre thomas. >> reporter: stunning warning russia tried to hijack the last u.s. election but will try again. >> this know it fact news. this its ak sthael whs actually to us. >> reporter: believing the russians used a cyberarmy against the americans. >> russians used thousand of internet trolls and bot knelts to push out disinformation and fake news at high volume. focusing this material on twitter and facebook feeds. >> reporter: former fbi agent, even accused trump of engaging in disinformation himself. part of the reason active measures have worked in the u.s. election its because the commander-in-chief used russian measures at time against his
3:03 am
opponents. then candidate trump famously encouraging the russians during the election. russia if you are listening, i hope you are able to find the 30,000 e-mails. >> wikileaks, i love wikileaks. claiming trump himself is targeted. >> tell you today, gray outlets are soviet pushing accounts, tweet at president trump during high volumes when they know he is online and push conspiracy sheeries. >> what is most sinister, the russian campaign reportedly targeted voters in battleground states. wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. attacks hillary clinton's press secretary admitted was a blind spot that caught them off-guard. the attacks unprecedented, and ongoing. aren't we in the midst of a blitzkrieg for lack of better term of informational warfare conduct by russian trolls under the command of vladamir put-in designed to sew instability pit us against each other as americans. senator rubio acknowledging he
3:04 am
has been a target of the russians. july, 2016. and 10. 467895 a.m. both attempts failed. put-in aware of widening investigation and rejected allegations of meddling. read my lips here, said, no. republicans and democrats don't agree on much these days. but everyone agreed the russians tried to hijack the election. with stunning aggression. and yes they will try again. pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> breaking overnight, former national security adviser michael flynn has offered to testify before congress in exchange for immunity. general flynn's attorney says, flynn has ast sta story to tell. wants to tell it. president trump fired flynn last month amid revelation he's misled the vice president, mike pence about his conversations with the russian ambassador to the u.s. the house and senate committees looking into russian meddling haven't publicly responded to flynn's offer. >> there is also a bombshell
3:05 am
revelation surrounding the man leading the house investigation on russia. and the possible collusion with the trump administration. "the new york times" says, two white house officials, helped to give intelligence reports to congressman devin nunes. nunes briefed the president on the material that reportedly showed the trump team was incidentally caught up in surveillance. the white house refusing to say if it secretly fed the reports to nunes. but they're now inviting tom members of the house and senate intelligence committees to cam min the documents. >> well the u.s. is stepping up its fight against error in africa. the white house deemed somalia active areas of hostilithostili. that allows the poeg to go on the offensive group. u.s. air strikes would assist the somali government and forces. the area of hostility lasts 180 dates. >> interstate 85, one of two main arteries through the heart of atlanta is closed after a
3:06 am
section collapsed during a massive fire last night. it happened just after evening rush hour. there is no word on what caused the fire, but terrorism is not suspected. and it is believed there were no deaths or injuries. police had already begun to turn motorists back, fearing there might be a collapse. and official say people should still stay away from that part of northea atlanta. >> avoid the area if at all possible. we will be try to putting out alternative routes that people can take. but don't put anybody's life in jep deep bite, getting in the way. >> well the collapse callsed gridlock on area highways and roads and more transportation problems as you can imaginmagin. are expected this morning. get this, it may be as much as two month weetz are told before the overpass is repaired. >> learning more now about the deadly head-on crash between a church bus and a pickup truck outside san antonio, texas, all 13 people killed. were between the ages of 61 and
3:07 am
87. investigators say two separate law enforcement departments received calls about the pickup truck swefring. the driver and passenger survived. >> survivors of the month's train/bus trash in biloxi, mississippi filed slaw suits totaling $250 million. four people killed when a charter bus carrying seniors was hit bhie a freight train. the bus had become stuck at a crossing the scene of a number of wrecks. both the bus company and fralt company are named as the defendants. >> the storm system plagued much of the country this week. arriving in the east. heavy rain moving into the ohio valley. the mid-atlantic states. with snow in some parts of upstate new york and new england. severe thunderstorms are possible all the way done to florida. before leaving the south, the system created a -- a walter spout. in louisiana. one of several spotted along the gulf coast. in the deem south, today, residents will be cleaning up from the strong storms that
3:08 am
knocked down trees and power lines. damaged buildings. as well as the -- roadways. now, six people have died in this week's storms. and these aerial shots, show the scope of flooding in southeastern australia. that's the result of days of heavy rain after the cyclone there, named debbie, which came ashore this week. blood walter wrapped away parts of one bridge. 20,000 residents across the region have been ordered to evacuate. some cars were in undated by flash flooding. look at this scene. one was pulled out. this kid opening the door. letting the water flow out. the car then, rolled right back into the deep water. >> wow. >> you think it is totaled? >> yeah, i'm, safe bet to say you can't driech it now. thank gosh nobody was in there. >> exactly. >> uh00. >> water scares me in that way. here in the u.s. on a ligter note. national crayola crayon day. thank god for that. crayola, a big announcement
3:09 am
planned. but. >> surprise was spoiled. when this foe foe hilt -- photo hit the web. dandy lion is being retired. introduced in 1990. made the big time, nine years later by being included in the box of 24. >> crayola pre dulsed a video for the occasion. when the surprise was spoiled. it said dandelion decided to make the decision early. >> good way to turn it around. >> yeah. now going to introduce the exact staple color and call it like sunflower. or whatever. >> exactly. >> they need yellow, right? >> they do need yellow. >> primary colors. you can't make woumt yellow. why wutd they retire dandelion. just got used to it. had to cancel the parade for the announcement today. all that stuff. >> coming up. high tech fitness. how much is that wearable technology really helping you measure your fitness and calorie
3:10 am
burn? and how well do the fitness trackers guide you towards the right exercises. what our own measure. s reveal. >> the jail house confession by the allege ed get away driver i the stand your ground home invasion in oklahoma. what she is saying about her alleged involvement. you can find us on facebook. we have material. twitter. and abcwnn. you're watching "world news now" now.
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a weak tornado damaged a mobile home park in washington state. tipping over two trailers, one of them on to a car. thankfully no injuries. wind estimated at 75 miles an hour during the minute it was on the ground. it covered about 100 yards. washington state averages two tornados a year. >> we're learning new details that are surfacing in the dramatic stand your ground case. unfolding outside oflahoma.
3:14 am
it left three masked and armed teenagers dead. >> abc news sat down with their alleged get away driver expected to face multiple murder charges. here is abc's kayna witworth. >> reporter: stunning admission in the oklahoma home invasion that left three teens dead and this alleged get away driver facing charges in their deaths. >> i know what we did was stupid and wrong. >> 21-year-old mother of three, elizabeth rodriguez sitting down with abc news in wagner county jail where she is held on three counts of felony first degree murder. for her alleged involvement in the deadly botched burglary. >> we made really bad choices. i'm really sorry for the choices i made. and what i did in it. rodriguez says it was her idea to target that home when she and her friend planned the burglary. the teens first stole liquor, speakers and machete from the garage. awe thought we would get more.
3:15 am
we were greedy. we were greedy. >> donning masks, armed with brass knuckles and knife. three teens breck into the main home of zach peters. rodriguez and a female waited in the car. police say inside the home, peters shot all three boys. killing them. >> i've just been broken into, three men, two i've shot in my house. >> did you know that it was gunshots? >> yeah. because there was a lot. it was like -- first there was two. and then, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop, pop. >> are they bleeding? >> yes, i believe one's, one's down, one's still talking. knead to got here now. >> one of the teens running. making it all most to the car. he slid across the hood said i got hit. >> are you taking responsibility for this? >> i don't take responsibility for their murders. i won't. i feel guilty but i don't -- i
3:16 am
don't feel responsible. >> authorities are still trying to determine if peters' actions were justified under stand your ground law. also formal charges could be brought against rodriguez as early as monday. kayna witworth, abc news, wagner, oklahoma. >> she said it, they made some really bad choices hauchlt awe i would definitely say so. she said something interesting in referring to the rez didn't who shot three of her accompl e accomplices. she said, he did what by law he could do to protect his home. so all me as most she doesn't b for doing what he did. and probably looking at herself. >> complicated issue there. coming up next. testing fitness trackers. a lot of fitness trackers, how accurate are they. could they derail your weight loss efforts. >> comingup in our next half-hour. how much do you love ranch dressing? enough to wait for three hours for a table at a rest rant that has more than two dozen types of ranch dressing and ranch infused
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makewith instant moisture utes from k-y ultragel. ♪ ♪ >> oh. >> really happy to be here.
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because it means i am free. >> she is out. >> let me out of the chamber. i was there for 24 hours. >> that's insane. >> 9 x 11 room. >> gma did send mara back into the met bollabolic chamber. >> one visit. can't devote more than 24 hours. went back to measure how the on line apps do the job, reporting bmi and calories you are wearing. >> reporter: the tech tools for weight loss. online calculators and wearable trackers measuring fitness and calorie burn. but just how accurate are they? >> everything online, equations, and you know devices, they only predict an estimate. so its a rough guest mags. >> we compared their findings for me with the most precise measuring device available. this room, metabolic scham were at mount sinai saint luke's hospital. i spent 23 hours inside. i'm stuck in here for the next
3:20 am
day. to determine exactly how many calories i burn. by measuring my oxygen consumption, and carbon dioxide production. i use three popular online calculators that look at things look your height and weight. one finding my metabolism is 1,346 calories a day. another finding it's 1,345. one calculating it is 1,670. >> shocks me. much higher than i expected it to be. >> if this is what you do not eating enough. over time your body is going to slow down metabolism. >> reporter: next calculating bmi. body mass index. one of the best indicators of weight related health. according to online calculators my bmi its 25.6. in the overweight category. but after determining my exact body fat percentage, using this body pod, doctors at mount sinai found my real bmi is actually
3:21 am
lowe eer 23.4. within the healthy range. why, because online calculators don't account for muscle mass. take a look. the two people have the same bmi. clearly they' lly very differen compositions. >> very important. major limitations. if you are large and-up have a lot of fat, doing a good job. however we know muscle is more dense. if you have a lot of muscle your bmi is going to come high. >> last, we come pare our results with three popular fitness trackers. according to the chamber, i burned 3,240 calories in 23 hours. but all of the trackers significantly overestimated that number. one, off by 200 calories. another off by 300. and the last, saying i burned 624 calories more than i actually had. >> people need to real i that they may be burning less than what they actually think they are. the calculator that they use online or whatever the chart may
3:22 am
show us, based on the average person. right. you are not the have rarj person. everybody is burning different. >> you are special. not average. >> everybody is unique.
3:23 am
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>> folks in the uk haven't learned their lesson on trying to get public to name things. remember the case of betty mcboat face. they asked the public to name it. came up with boaty mcboat face. >> logical name. >> very logical. they put out feelers naming a floating bridge. they said, by april 7th. decide what the name, what are some of the top names. all most unanimously, right now, what do you think the name is? floaty mcfloat face is leading. look at that. the internet is going wide. so, they have learned their lesson. i would hope. >> no they're going to do it again. they love it. >> yes. >> this one, next is animals. i love these animal stories. big dog carrying a little dog in a bucket.
3:26 am
all there is to the story the okay. that's enough though. the video is enough. the dog looks like my dog. just need to find a big dog to carry her around. make her feel more pampered. >> big dogs playing this weekend. baseball. >> today, i consider myself, self, self, luck yeast, man, man, man, on the face of the earth, earth, earth, at yankee stadium. eddie leyton will honor us by playing "world news now" polka. ready, eddie? >> ready! >> take it away! ♪ ♪
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play ball! eddie leyton. have a great weekend, everyone. you're watching "world news now"! ♪ ♪
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this morning on "world news now," the collapse of a bridge, leads to a clogged city. commuter's nightmare in atlanta after the bridge crashed down under the massive heat of a fire. could have been much worse. >> march is going out like a lion. the deadly storm system that pushed damaging winds and hail through the south. threatens the northeast with nasty conditions. this weekend the forecast just ahead. >> new this half-hour, president trump's warning to fellow republicans. >> he took to twitter to call out conservative members of the house blaming them for the failure of the health care bill. how he intends to fight them as midterm elections approach. >> winter is coming. three months away. yeah, you heard me right. and "game of thrones" fans are freaking out over the first
3:31 am
teaser. this one that shows something. it's what you hear though that's sparking outrage among fans. it is friday, march 31st. what does it all mean? >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> you know, we say that was a long walk. it was actually "game of thrones" preview of what it will look like in atlanta later this morning. all through -- buckhead and midtown. >> long walk. >> lot of unhappy people. >> that and then some. atlanta bracing for what could be nightmare morning commute. even worse than the usual we are aware of. after the collapse of an overpass in the center of the city. take a look at these scenes overnight. this is i-85. which is a major, major throughway there in atlanta. it happened as massive fire roared beneath the overpass towards end of evening rush hour. police saw signs of deterioration.
3:32 am
stopped traffic on the artery. >> the overpass collapse did not only close i-85 in both directions it also jammed every other highway in atlanta and many local streets. it is believed the fire started in pvc materials stored underneath that overpass. >> and the black smoke darkened the skies over atlanta. and firefighters scrambled to keep the fire from spreading. >> it was huge. it was, we couldn't see like the sky from my apartment. we were terrified. >> it was going to spread over to the building. that was the problem. that's what everybody was nervous about. that's when it got chaotic. >> atlanta officials are ruling out terrorism as the the cause, but the morning commute would be a problem nonetheless. a hassle later for braves' fans. >> the team opens its ballpark tonight with an exhibition game against the new york yankees. the park is 15 miles away from the overpass.
3:33 am
though i-85 doesn't go past it. the closure is putting more traffic on other area highway s our man in atlanta, of course, steve osunsami all over the story, keeping it real in the heart of the bible belt there. >> yes, steve o keeping it real. jesus is really going to take the wheel in atlanta for the next few months. >> jesus might take the wheel. you might have to take marta. >> patience. patience, people, patience. >> also happening now, the storm system responsible for six deaths this week is now arriving in the east. expected to bring rain from florida to new york. and snow above interstate 90. it is not likely to have wind as strong as it did in the past few days. abc's stephanie ramos has the the story. >> reporter: in indiana, pounding hail causing a dangerous commute for drivers. in new orleans, torrential rain flooding the french quarter during a tornado warning. this water spout spotted over a lake nearby. strong wind in memphis, knocking
3:34 am
over massive trees on to homes. this is the 8th consecutive day of the severe weather outbreak. >> oh, my gosh. this thing is huge. more than 100 tornados reported compared to this time last year. a tornado tipping over these rvs in a washington state trailer park. in worth young brothers isaiah and alex lopez, electrocuted after storms brought down live power lines. the storm packed with electricity. fernando perez, giving the thumbs up now from his hospital bed. the 57-year-old was working on a roof when he was struck by lightning. >> destroyed his hat. split it into four, the lightning. want through his side and came out. >> the northeast bracing for a severe storm system. a miserable day ahead for washington, philly and new york
3:35 am
on friday. up to a foot of snow in new england's higher elevations through saturday. here in nashville, strong thunderstorms are expected across the area with wind of up to 60 miles per hour. up north, a tornado watch is still in effect for parts of indiana and ohio. kendis, mara. >> stephanie, mentioned it -- much of the east will see storms. >> let's get details now from accuweather's justin pavock. good morning. >> mara, kendis, good morning. a storm system over the southwest. heavy rain, mountain snow. and strong wind. problematic, i-40 north towards salt lake city and casper. southeast talking soaking showers. even gusty thunderstorms again from jacksonville to raleigh to outer banks into northern new england. snow kicks in. accumulating snows over higher terrain. mara, kendis. >> thank you so much for that. now to the republican infighting with president trump delivering latest jabs. the president went on a twitter rant taking aim at conservative
3:36 am
freedom caucus, the group that derailed the gop health care bill. he said they would hurt the entire republican agenda if they don't get on the team and he threat tuned fight them in 2018. some caucus members fired back. one tweeting it didn't take long for the swamp to drain donald trump. >> we're getting a disturbing glimpse into the extent of meddling in the presidential. cyberexperts testified before the committee about a sophisticated campaign to sway opinions of americans. they say russia used thousand of paid trolls to distort facts, spread fake news and push theories. one former fbi agent accused president trump of engaging in disinformation himself. >> absolutely. president trump makes these more effective because he uses a system very similar. he cites conspiracies, he cites falsehoods and uses them in a political way against his adversaries. as long as he continues to do that not only can we not counter russian measures, we're promoting them. experts also accused russia of
3:37 am
trying to influence elections in other countries. president vladamir putin, responded from moscow dismissing allegations as groundless. >> president trump meets today with former secretary of state condoleezza rice. this morning's meeting at the white house their second get-together since election day. rice did not support the president during the campaign. the two even traded some verbal barbs. no word on what is on the agenda. >> in the meantime, the president is predicting a very difficult meeting with the leader of china. trump will host him for a visit at his florida resort thursday. among issues to be addressed, trade, north korea, territorial disputes in the south china sea. during the campaign, trump accused china of unfair trade practices. >> south korea recently ousted president is an inmate. park guen-hye was arrested. put in jail overnight in seoul. entered detention facility before dawn.
3:38 am
while park is behind bars she will be charged with the corruption scandal. she can be held up to 20 days. park faces charges of bribery and extortion. >> new government list of the saltiest foods might include some things that surprise you. the top five are bread, peelt pizza, sandwiches, cold cuts, soup. the centers for disease control puts obviously salty snacks, chips, pretzels at number 7. it says americans consume 3400 mg of salt a day. more than double the recommended intake. according to american heart association. >> so -- >> speaking of salt. >> moral of the story is just have cupcakes and cheesecakes and all -- >> sugar just as evil. >> sweet potato pie. speaking of salt, small restaurant in st. louis has seen its business mushroom. and become the toast of the town. and all because -- >> where you are going. >> lots of puns. because of ranch dressing.
3:39 am
>> the twisted ranch serves 27 different kind of ranch dressing on everything from salads to deserts. how does that work? because of a video that went viral on buzzfeed, some patrons have waited three hours to get in the door. just for a ranch dressing drink. >> yes. >> i have already drank two of the ranch infused bloody mary's. to die for. >> everybody's guilty pleasure. why wouldn't you come? >> i am with you, sister. some customers drove as much as 7 hours to eat and drink at the twisted ranch. and it even ran out of food one day. the two most popular flavors are cheesy bacon and roasted garlic and buffalo sauce. >> i'm missing something here with the story. because, 27 kind of ranch. ranch on dessert, and in your cocktails. no, thank you. no. >> can you imagine ranch dressing in a bloody mary? >> i can, which is why i don't want to go there. cool ranch doritos, i draw the line.
3:40 am
>> oh, my god. one of the purists when it comes to ranch. >> give me sugar. don't need ranch. give me sugar. >> most dangerous place to do a belly flop. here in a pool infested with alligators. show you how it all ended up with this guy. >> because he can get reservations at the ranch. can you feel the love tonight? the lion king reboot is happening. find out who the director is trying to line up, in formation, to voice the part. >> yes. yes. yes. >> later in "the skinny." ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by -- nny." ♪ can you feel the love tonight ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by --
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3:43 am
>> liftoff! >> you are >> liftoff! >> you are watching a huge milestone for space x and space travel in general. the launch of a previously used rocket. the falcon 9 lifted off from kennedy space center bridging a commercial satellite into orbit. reusing rockets holds down costs making commercial space travel economically practical. this particular rocket sent a payload to the international
3:44 am
space station a year ago. >> that is awesome. to our animal block. you can strike one species off the endangered list. >> good news. the manatee, changed to threatened. there are 6600 manatees in the state. >> doesn't mean you can boat at will. >> have to protect them t. >> back on dry land. cows in st. louis were freeing to make a quick getaway from the twisted ranch. >> who can blame them. >> they know how that end up. six escaped from a slaughterhouse. police had to block streets in the area to round them up. it took five hours to corral all of them. a new jersey based sanctuary has offered to save the cows. also, gofundme account set up to try to buy their freedom. >> they're not running for no reason. they know what's up. >> they know.
3:45 am
>> like a real life sharknado, the bull shark was high and dry. following flooding by the cyclone. a reporter found it, covering storm damage. more horrifying, he said a river nearby is full of bull sharks. >> oh. sharknado. >> can't get back. >> next animal story just make you ask -- why? >> here is the answer. florida. >> florida. however. this guy in the blue shirt. >> oh. >> he is an alligator trainer. for some reason decide to do a belly flop in a pool filled with the huge reptiles. >> see the individually loops after six second. not sure what happened next. >> we presume that he is okay. >> he made it out. >> okay. yes. >> guessing those are well-fed gators or he wouldn't take the risk. >> i would hope so. look hungry. >>-to question the man's judgment in general. "the skinny" is coming up next.
3:46 am
>> including how halle berry, halle berry, almost broke the internet, show us what she would do just for a snack. >> for a snack. halle. protect.
3:47 am
3:48 am
♪ skinny so skinny ♪ ♪ skinny so skinny >> going to start friday "the skinny" with a sneak peek of winter in the middle of summer. >> apl released the final trailer for "game of thrones." showing -- help me out. i can't read these. >> cerce. >> denarus. >> john snow. i can pronounce it. >> you mispronounced it. >> no, i didn't. >> take a look. ♪ ♪ down, down, down ♪
3:49 am
down, down, down ♪ ♪ in sympathy >> oh, my god, they close their eyes. what does it mean? die hard fans already dissecting that song actually. >> the producers chose the song "sit down" by james, and getting a mixed review in the twitter-verse. >> one person said he disliked the song so much he stopped after 16 second. another said it felt like itunes accidentally started playing music from his computer his mom's computer for that matter. >> sure there was a deeper meaning. not an accident they chose the song. coming up, next blowup on twitter ignited by the one and only miss halle berry. >> halle berry. >> halle berry. there we go. >> halle berry. started so many songs. the oscar winning actress, the latest cry for attention involves this revealing photo of herself. wouldn't say a cry for attention. showing off. white lace dress. captioned it, me when someone
3:50 am
says i'm coming over and i've got snacks. >> as you can imagine the post triggered quite a response. because she has the most perfect eyes. i have ever seen. >> yes, her eyes are down there. >> her eyes are spectacular. including some love, i'm coming over and i've got snacks? >> lots of memes. >> me when halle berry says, come over, with a gif of usain bolt running. another. me trying to get snacks for halle berry. >> one keeping it real for all of us. halle berry is 50. i repeat, 50. >> would the lay's work. any of these work, halle? i got cheddar. in spanish. [ speaking spanish ] >> you have an assortment. >> bag of nuts. >> you might have a chance. >> doritos. >> we will miss the story on beyonce. i will not forgive you. >> halle berry.
3:51 am
>> beyonce, hello. >> speculation. our parent company disney's reboot of "the lion king" may be lining up behind beyonce. >> the report, beyonce is the top choice to voice nala in the upcoming remake. >> insiders say she has not made a decision being she is pregnant with twins. much bigger things to focus on. donald glover is on board to voice simba. james earl jones, reprising his role as simba's father. >> hearing production for the film is being fast tracked so beyonce would likely have to make a decision very soon. >> the lion king originally released in 1994, currently one of highest grossing animated films of all time. i can't get my daughter to watch. does not involve a princess with long blond hair. so far, earned $968 million. >> make a personal appeal to,
3:52 am
to, to halle berry. like, all of the snacks that you can, ever want, halle. >> that just did a number on my boy. >> all the snacks. doritos. >> the week is coming up. ♪ ♪ doritos. >> the week is coming up. the abuse. the mistreatment. the humiliation. it's time to treat them better. introducing tide pods plus downy. treat all your clothes better with tide pods plus downy. if it's gotta be clean, it's gotta be tide. you knmegared omega-3s... but did you know your eyes, your brain, and your joints really love them too? introducing megared advanced 4in1...
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so i know how important that is. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> closing out a week that was dominated by political headlines. there is still time for a lighthearted comment about, salad dressing. >> go figure. >> excitement ahead of basketball's final four. >> here now is our weekly friday rewind. >> i am not going to tell you where i was on the ground. those are classified facilities. >> chairman nunes is falling down on the job. and seems to be more interested in proteinuth. >> if the president puts russian salad on his salad.ill get to t bottom of this. get nothing from today.
3:56 am
>> we will make a deal on health such an easy one.need to fight as hard t wi hurt people. and take our ceen a very difficult day for me and for my children.ll not allow myself to be the scapegoat in this case. >> stepping ov upolice officer years. and many of them were multivictim. not 16.
3:57 am
never been anything like that. >> we are trying to clarify why they chose that house. randall or was there some other, knowledge that, that the suspects had, that they chose that. i know i am not alone. more than 100 women have come forward and shared stories that are shockingly similar to mine. ♪ singing in the rain just singing in rain ♪ >> went you gin me in a standing ovation to debbie and carrie. >> it's over. north carolina -- looking for redemption in the desert. >> upset city there. >> going to lot you ad-lib. not going to say a word. >> tomorrow, the final four action we will find out if it will be all carolina championship game. on monday, of course you have washington, of course. represented by gonzaga. >> naturally. >> duh. >> championship possibility. >> what he said. >> announcer: this is abc's world news now. informing insomniacs for two decades. informing insomniacs for two
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morning, ready to talk. the michael flynn, wants to testify meddling in i plus, allegations. we're belief in washington. critical interstate to collapse across atlanta. what it means for this morning's commute. new this mo the pentagon on and wreckage from inside the building. the never before seen pictures from 9/11 just made public. plus, on an american road. why this man was duyt taped to a


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