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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  March 31, 2017 7:00am-8:57am EDT

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tonight. a high of 48. look out for flooding, not only on roadways but also along creeks and streams and don't walk or drive through any flooded areas, quick driving tomorrow with sunny breaks later in the day. 52 on sunday looking great, 61. more rain late monday in through tuesday, dry wednesday and more rain and drizzle on thursday. this is actually what happened to us. >> president trump's former national security adviser michael flynn now offers to testify about his contacts with russia in exchange for immunity. massive inferno. a giant wall of flames taking over this atlanta interstate collapsing a bridge during rush hour. smoke seen for miles all five lanes shut down in both directions. the travel headache that could now last for months and the investigation this morning, what sparked the blaze.
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missing mom mystery. new questions about that so-called supermom who disappeared then was found on the side of the road with the story about a terrifying abduction. the newly uncovered police reports exposing her past. accusations from family members that she's faked an attack before. what her family is saying this morning first on "gma." ♪ baby love hi, baby. >> and baby, oh, baby, the biggest delivery of the year. april the giraffe go to go into labor at any moment. the livestream sensation viewed by millions around the world. we're live with the expectant mom at the zoo. and good morning, america. the question, will it be a happy friday for april the giraffe. >> this may be the most anticipated birth since prince george. i mean, everyone is watching.
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the internet is watching. >> internet celebrity april is amazing and could give birth at any moment. david murphy with an update. 48 is today's high, rain heavy at times through the afternoon, evening, and all the way up until about midnight. after that it's still showering a bit in the overnight hours, and a high of 48. it will be cool, windy and windblown rain really not a comfortable day, avoid flooded areas, as there's a flood watch. quick drying on saturday. 61 mostly sunny on sunday, that is the pick of the weekend. then monday more clouds, late rain 60, 56 on tuesday with rain at times and maybe a thunderstorm, dry wednesday and wet again at times on thursday. they have tried to make them go away but here we are another day, another headline about russia. this one, michael flynn's lawyer says he has a story to tell and he wants to tell it. president trump's former national security adviser
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general michael flynn this morning is back in the spotlight. fired by the president last month for not fully disclosing his contacts with russia. now flynn has offered to testify before at least one congressional committee investigating russia's role in the election in exchange for immunity. he certainly has a story to tell and he very much wants to tell it, flynn's lawyer said in a statement, but he is now the target of unsubstantiated public demands by members of congress and other political critics he be criminally investigated. no reasonable person who has the benefit of advice from counsel would submit to questioning in such a highly politicized witch-hunt environment without assurances against unfair prosecution. so far investigators are reportedly unwilling to cut a deal. >> we're alling its of a sophisticated and capable adversary. >> reporter: in the senate a public hearing on the topic.
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lawmakers from both sides of the aisle in agreement. >> this is not fake news. this is actually what happened to us. >> reporter: the findings so far. the russian government used thousands of internet trolls to spread fake news to undermine the 2016 election. officials say the attack is unprecedented and ongoing. >> aren't we in the midst of a blitzkrieg for lack of a better term of informational warfare conducted by russian trolls under the control of vladimir putin to pit us against each other as americans. >> reporter: the white house denying any connection. and russian president vladimir putin speaking out too. asked if russia was involved in u.s. election hacking -- he used a famous phrase in american politics to respond. >> no. >> reporter: read my lips, no. and that, of course, is a reference to george h.w. bush's no new taxes, quote, a famous
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broken promise in american history. president trump recently called this russian story, george, a hoax. >> thanks, cecilia. joining us from moscow, dmitry peskov, vladimir putin's joining us. we heard -- >> thank you for inviting me. >> we heard president putin said read my lip, there was no interference, russian interference in the u.s. election. as you no doubt no that read my lips promise was later overtaken by events. are you confident that president putin's denials will not be corrected by new evidence? >> we're quite confident. we're confident for 100%. this campaign, we've been saying from the very beginning that it was nothing else but slander and then all those fake news having nothing beneath and having no evidence were nothing else but slander and that's why we'll continue to suggest to everyone
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insisting that russia was interfering in this or that way in the domestic affairs of the united states. we will suggest them to read mr. putin's lips. >> one of the conclusions is that russia was trying to hurt hillary clinton and help donald trump. you said yourself that it's natural that putin would prefer trump. why? >> it's very simple. listen, for example, we have had a variety of politicians in every country, and we have variety of politicians in the united states. some of them are saying that we are in favor of re-establishing good relationship with russia. we think that we have lots of problems, and we are sure that we will not be able to agree upon everything, but we assure that we have to have a dialogue with the russians. is -- the ot those who say,re our enemy, and we arect with th
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and we don't give a their interests and thenje any cooperation eveoun w own intere a terror. so, which one would be more yo. for us the one saying, of thin we're going to this one is more so the reason is very sim >> so presidenttrump? >> no, it's not about ias are m close to you andmore welcomed i united states about president putinonly 9% of americans in a t poll have a favorable opinion of president putin. only 9% see russia as an ally.
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is that a problem for president putin? >> it's not a problem, but this is something that we're sorry about, again. we understand those figures because quite for -- well, for how many months, for more than a year american audience have been a target for severe entire russian propaganda and, of course, they felt victim of that propaganda and that's why lots of american, they do think that, yes, russian hackers are everywhere. russian hackers are in every -- this is not true. those are fake news and this is slander. >> we heard overnight that general michael flynn is now seeking immunity to talk to the fbi and also the investigating
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committees in the congress. his lawyer says he has a story to tell. are you concerned about anything he might say about his contacts. no, we're not. listen, we insist, we insist that any blaming that russia could have been interfering in domestic affairs of the united states is slander. and it has no evidence all. again, well, we understand pretty well that there are some people who d their utmost to keep the issue audience, before the audience is their subject. >> i pwain not to retaliate after those sanctions were interfere in our elections. did that failure to the
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message that general fly kislyao contacts. because none of either ambassador kislyak nor gen invo in decision-making. so, any don't know. naming sanctions -- let's remember, let's remember the, let's say, the decisions that were taken by the then administration during their last days in the white house. extra diction of russian diplom diplomats, i would even say occupation of russian diplomatic property in new york and washington, this is something
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that was never seen in diplomatic affairs in the world for lots and lots of decades. let's imagine, property of the russian federation covered with diplomatic immunity was occupied by american secret service agents. well, is it friendly? i' i'm afraid not and it's not friendly. it's not legal in terms of international law. so, of course, it was a very significant damage for our bilateral relations organized as a farewell party by the then administration in washington. >> if we're at the lowest point in history that means in we're in a new cold war. >> new cold war, well, maybe even worse. maybe even worse taking into account actions of the present presidential administration. >> worse than the cold war? >> well, of course, of i've be about this -- about this illegal
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actions against russian property in washington and new york, about extraditing russian diplomats and all that stuff. >> finally how can u.s./russia relations get back on track? >> oh, i think if two presidents meet each other, if they exchange views and if that they re-establish a dialogue, tne fo better. >> mr. peskov, thanks ver with jon karl. quite a headline there. out u.s and russia worse than the cold war. >> really something. when you asked about the steps placed, clearly he sees that as worse than what the united
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states did against russia during the cold war which raises the question, why didn't russia retaliate? and it seems to me the clear explanation, the plausible explanation is they expected that president trump would undo those sanctions, but it's also interesting, george, that he hasn't done that yet. >> he did not deny that the ambassador kislyak and general flynn talked about this. >> sounded to me like he was saying they did talk about it. >> there's this whole other side. calls for congressman nunes to step aside, the chairman of the house intelligence committee, amid reports that the white house actually aided him before he took to that press conference right outside the white house. >> this is an amazing story in "the new york times." it has some phenomenal details here. "the times" report, when he went to the white house the day before the press conference he was aided by two national security officials in the white house, so then the next day he runs back to the white house to give information that he got from the white house in the first place and it's a very strange episode. >> and then we've been hearing a lot from president trump via twitter, actually he just put
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out a tweet. mike flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch-hunt, excuse moore big election loss by media and dems by historic proportion and went out to call out members of the freedom caucus over his health care loss. >> this immunity tweet is really something else. because during the campaign, trump and flynn as well suggested that people close to hillary clinton who were requesting immunity in another case that that was basically an admission of guilt. only a guilty person would want immunity is actually exactly what flynn himself said and what trump himself suggested. >> there is a lot more to talk about on this. jon karl and you can see more of george's interview with president putin's press secretary and, of course, get the latest on the russian investigation sunday on "this week." michael. >> all right, thank you, amy. we'll turn now to that massive fire in atlanta. destroying part of a major interstate so many commuters depend on. the governor now declaring a state of emergency and abc's
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steve osunsami is on the scene. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, michael. we're standing underneath the bridge. the firefighters are putting out hot spots. the bridge inspectors are here trying to see if they can possibly re-open a portion of it but that doesn't look promising poking holes tet's take a look th lthe middle of rush hour tra under this were burning so greatly the flames surrounded the highway and at some point the heat was so great it forced a portion of the highway to collapse. luckily no one was hurt. no firefighters were hurt. this is going to create a traffic migraine for residents who live here. i live less than a mile away from here and my commutes to work will at least double. michael. >> thank you, steve. that's going to be one travel nightmare. >> i lived in atlanta for 13 years. my parents are there and i'm seeing that, i can't imagine what that is going to be like for the weeks and months to come. we have to move on to severe
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storms spreading across the south and midwest and that snow, say it ain't so, moving into the northeast, ginger. >> it is so. i'm sorry and i will get to that but first i wanted to show you, well, i don't have much behind me but i do have images to show you and perhaps we can take
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. you can see rain on the contest west of us beginning to fill in and we're in for a wet morning and particularly wet afternoon and evening with heavy downpours, there's the airport, visibility is not great and a lot of water on the roads. here be the seven-day.
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moving from temperatures in the 30's to a raw windy high of 48 with periods of rain heavy at times, maybe thunderstorm, look out for flooding on roads, creeks and streams and avoid those flooded areas. sherri papini's family accuses her of faking attacks in the past. all the latest on "gma." from nexgard. nexgard kills fleas and ticks all month long. and it comes in an easy-to-give tasty chew. and that makes dogs and owners happy. no wonder vets love it too. reported side effects include vomiting, itching, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. see your vet for more information on flea and tick protection you and your dog will love. nexgard. the vet's #1 choice. how's it going? oh, it's going good. yeah? yeah, it's going great. this is my jam. what is that? what? the moment you realize the gardening gene skipped a generation.
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the best almonds make the best almondmilk. last day in the month of march, and it's rainy >> lots of accidents looking live on the schuylkill expressway. this is the westbound ramp to the vine eastbound. we got penndot and a disabled vehicle, partially blocking the ramp and blocking the right lane of the schuylkill westbound on 676, you can see westbound onramp, hard to see with reduce visibility but you can see the flashing lights with this accident partially blocking the onramp. another accident there. in new jersey, another accident on a busy highway, 295 southbound look how jam you are on 295 southbound heading towards that area because of that.
7:24 am
another accident and this is 202 southbound approaching valley forge, an accident been creating problems partially blocking the ramp from swedesford road and police are on the scene with that one. >> we'll turn to meteorologist david murphy after the break.
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the rain is beginning t fill in. light in most spots. roads definitely getting wet. steadier stuff on the way by baltimore. also raw. 39 a bit of a breeze flowing in off the ocean and not comfortable today. your exclusive accu weather seven-day show as high of 48. the rain will grow heavier as we go through the morning, afternoon and tonight and flooding is possible too. avoid any flooded roads or creeks or stream areas, tomorrow we dry out quickly >> the phillies home opener is
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one week from today. read about the extremely grateful minor leaguer is going to be in the big league team.
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♪ baby love my baby love welcome back to "gma." that is baby love. you take the live look at april the giraffe who could go into labor at any moment. millions of people all over the world have been watching her. maybe she has some stage fright. we don't know. waiting to see the newborn. is it a boy? is it a girl? is today the day we finally find out. the zoo's owner joining us in our big board. >> i felt bad or april. i wouldn't want everyone looking at me waiting to give labor. >> any day will be the day. president putin's top aide says russia relations are worse than they were during the cold war. that happened in our exclusive interview just moments ago as the investigation into russian interference as it intensifies at home. georgia's governor has declared a state of emergency after that massive fire in atlanta that shut down a big
7:31 am
portion of the major interstate and created a commuter nightmare that could take months to repair. now to new developments in that missing mom case that made national headlines this past fall. sherri papini found on the side of the road claiming she was kidnapped and tortured but now we are learning of police reports raising questions about her past. abc's matt gutman has more from los angeles. good morning, matt. >> reporter: hey, good morning, amy. now, this sheath of police reports doesn't directly have anything to do with the kidnapping case, but it does shieven a light on possibly erratic behavior by sherri papini 15 years ago. her sister and father claiming that at one point she kicked open the doors to her house. her mother claiming another point sherri was self-harming and blaming her mother for it. this morning, a batch of newly uncovered police reports shows that sherri papini's mysterious disappearance last november -- >> a missing mother of two from redding -- >> reporter: wasn't the first time her name was mentioned.
7:32 am
in multiple calls between 2000 and 2011 and obtained by abc news, her own family members complained to police about sherri. in a 2003 call seeking advice from police, sherri's own mother apparently said her daughter was harming herself and blaming it on her. in an october 2000 call her sister reports sherri attempted to break in her home by kicking in her back door. that same day, sherri's father calling police telling them she vandalized his home. >> you have she's situations when she was a teenager and there's nothing to date that would suggest they're relevant as to what happened to her several months ago. >> reporter: none of those calls first reported by the sacramento bee resulted in her arrest. last november the 34-year-old so-called supermom triggered a national search after she disappeared near her northern california home while jogging. but on thanksgiving morning, she
7:33 am
was found on the side of a highway 150 miles from where she went missing. >> female needs medical attention. she is heavily battered. and it is going to be some sort of assault. >> she was there in a bed and her poor face. and i just hugged her. i just held her. i felt like i hugged her for 20 minutes. >> keith, a couple of times you said her face, her poor face. >> yeah. >> what did you see? >> the bruises were just intense, the bumps from, you know, being hit and kicked and whatever else, everybody gets a bruise once in a while but not these types. >> reporter: sherri told police she was ab ducked by two hispanic women who she says kept their faces covered and spoke in mostly spanish. keith says he believes she was telling the whole truth. is there a possibility that sherri is trying to protect you from something else?
7:34 am
>> what -- >> something she might know. >> oh, no, she would t anything. >> reporter: for the sheriff, some parts of the story never abduction. we're not saying it is not. could it be a voluntary disappearance or involuntary, we don't know at this time. >> reporter: and five months later there is still a lot police don't know. there's no composite sketch of the women would allegedly abducted sherri papini. there are no suspects, no persons of interest, no witnesses that we know of and in multiple conversations with the sheriff's office yesterday, i'm told the public should not be concerned about a gang of kidnappers on the loose in northern california. they tell me there is simply no evidence of that. in a statement released overnight now sherri's family weighing this calling the release of these reports of phone conversations from 16 years ago victim-blaming. amy. >> all right, matt, thank you. we want to bring in our legal analyst abc's dan abrams and
7:35 am
nancy grace and, dan, obviously the sheriff's department knew about the past instances. now that they've been forced to release them does it do anything to their investigation. >> well, look, let's talk about what doesn't party, right? it doesn't matter there is an allegation she kicked in a door or misappropriated funds from dad. none of that to me matters at all. does it matter that mom alleged one time that she hurt herself and blamed mom? you know, that does start to look a little bit like this case and that that's what happened but i think it is relevant in assessing the investigation. but maybe most importantly, people like me relied on the sheriffs who are coming out and saying, look, we are convinced, this is a while ago, that this was a crime, that what she is saying was true. and now they're telling matt gutman, well, you know, we don't think there's this band of criminals out there. well, look, this is not just the sherri papini case. this is also the case of that community. that community has a right to know if the sheriff's department
7:36 am
thinks that there is a real chance they could be at risk from these bandits as well. >> nancy, yes, fairly significant that the sheriff is telling the community there you don't have to worry. >> well, yes, i find that significant. but before we go down that path, i'd like to point out to everybody after having tried many, many cases, you take your victims as you find them. they're not always nuns and priests and virgins and altar boy, okay, the fact that she may have self-harmed in the past, that is a serious illness, a problem that she had and now it's being dredged up and used against her. i would suggest we look back at the evidence of her kidnapping, her alleged kidnapping and i mean she was covered in bruised and scabs. her hair was cut off. the bridge of her nose was broken. your own reporter, matt gutman, says she wasn't disfigured but he could hardly even recognize
7:37 am
her. plus, she was found 150 miles away. you think with the intense scrutiny on her disappearance she could get there on her own? what, hitchhike? so, all that together plus her husband passing a lie detector test does add credibility to her claims. i think this is victim-blaming. everybody can't wait to blame her. >> so, nancy, do you blame the sheriff's department as part of that? >> no, no, i don't. >> well, then -- you have to. >> i don't know why you're saying that. >> i'll tell you why. >> aim not blaming anybody but her abduction seems real. yes, she's got problems. i'm sure everybody around listen has problems. that doesn't mean -- >> why then when matt asked repeatedly if the community needs to be concerned, that the bottom line is if she wasnity d need to be concerned, okay, the bottom line is if strangers took her in a van off the street, the community should be worried.
7:38 am
so, why -- >> let me tell you something, dan abrams -- >> -- responsibility on the sheriff's department. >> there are multiple -- i'm not blaming the sheriff's department for her kidnapping or n nonkidnapping. they had nothing to do with it. but if you look at the statistics in that area, the nearby emerald triangle, there are many, many missing women that have not been recovered and i even made a list, stacy smart, amy ridgencamp, amy snow, it goes on and on. and i don't know why we're focusing on something she did in the past to suggest she wasn't kidnapped. i mean, you'd have to believe she did all of that to herself and managed to get 150 miles away from detection. >> you know, she was also branded, as well. so there was very significant injury, matt, i know you were able and your team was able to see some of those photos of sherri papini. you said that the sheriff's department told you they are 100% convinced they will solve this case. how does her husband, keith, feel about the investigation? >> reporter: well, one of the
7:39 am
things keith has been doing throughout has -- is cooperating with investigators and investigators tell me that sherri has been doing the same thing. they are in constant contact with the family. the problem is they have not been able to dredge from her memory anything that has led them to a suspect and it's also telling that they haven't even been able to put together a single composite sketch of these alleged abductors and one of the things that keith says is that, you know, it's going to be a long time before he and sherri are able to get back to normal again and one of the things they're focusing on is just trying to live a normal life but they are still so far away from that. >> i want to be clear, i'm not saying i think her story isn't true. i think that what's difficult -- >> oh, somebody is backtracking. >> hang on a sec, nabncy, reconciling the new statements with their old statements is the point i'm making and -- >> i will tell you one thing that's very troubling, dan, and i hate to pour gasoline on four fire, but it's always concerned
7:40 am
me that a report came out her cell phone that was found where she was allegedly abducted had the ear buds coiled up neatly on it and it was placed in the grass. that is a fact that's always bothered me. not what she did ten years ago. >> does that make you think keith papini had something to do with it? maybe the husband knew something he didn't tell the sheriff's office? >> no, he passed a polygraph. we need to move on. i don't think he had anything to do with this. you'd have to believe all of this was self-inflicted and that's hard for me to believe. >> yeah, well, obviously there's a lot to say about this. we're all still talking and that's one reason why matt will be on "20/20" with the story of another missing woman who survived five days stranded in the desert. that incredible story tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on abc. george, over to you. >> okay, amy, coming up here in just two minutes the new letter from the watcher. is there a stalker haunting a new jersey home? i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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and we're back now with a new threat from the stalker known as the watcher who has been haunting the owners of the new jersey home and sent a letter, as well. their lawyer says this is more sinister and gio benitez on the scene in westfield, new jersey. good morning, gio. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. this city has been called one of the safest in america but still the owners of that house say they're too afraid to move in. right now the big mystery who is writing those letters? this morning, a new reported letter from the so-called westfield watcher, a mysterious figure stalking this $1.3 million home in a tiny neighborhood in new jersey. the home's current owners, too afraid to reveal their identities or the address say this six-bedroom house was once their dream home. as soon as they bought it they say they started receiving menacing letters like this, all of the windows and doors allow me to watch you and track you as you move through the house. and, i watch and wait for the
7:44 am
day the young blood will be mine again. after receiving the threatening letters the owners say they felt too scared to move in and opted to rent out the home instead but less than three weeks after their tenant moved in last month a fourth letter arrived. court documents say it contains specific threats and is more derogatory and sinter than any of the others. >> it's a great house. this is a total tragedy and nightmare for my clients. >> reporter: the whole story is similar to the plot of the 2011 film "dream house." >> anybody who lives in this house gets killed. >> shocked with my wife, so, yeah, it was a pretty big shocker. >> reporter: last year the owners applied for permits to demolish the house and build two new ones on the land, something the town rejected but the family is fighting in court. in this newest letter, the watcher allegedly tells the owners not to follow through with their plan. and this is allegedly going on
7:45 am
for three years and place still haven't named any suspect but the family is now suing the previous owners saying they knew the watcher existed but never said anything. >> but what's going on with the renters living there now? >> reporter: well, you know what, the local newspaper spoke to someone they believe is the renter and that person said, not my issue. >> okay. thanks, gio. over to michael. okay, thank you, george. coming up on our big board, giraffe watch, april is set to give birth any moment now and the zoo's owner is going to join us when we come back. hang in there, april. . she's a world-class swimmer who's stared down the best in her sport. but for both of them, the most challenging opponent was... pe blood clots in my lung. it was really scary. a dvt in my leg. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. my doctor and i choose xarelto® xarelto®... to help keep me protected. xarelto® is a latest-generation blood thinner...
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you've got to learn all you can... help protect yourself from dvt and pe blood clots. talk to your doctor about xarelto®. there's more to know. ♪ baby love my baby love we're back now with our big board and we have the most highly anticipated pregnancy of the year. it is april the giraffe. >> yes. >> yes, she's expected to give birth very soon since the new york zoo began live streeping the mother-to-be last month, she's become a worldwide sensation with more than 15
7:48 am
million views and joining us now exclusively the owner of animal adventure park, jordan patch and, jordan, good morning to you. april's vet says she could go into labor at any moment. she is way overdue, so, what's the latest this morning? >> well, this morning, we've already actually had to call dr. tim to the park because april has progressed significantly overnight. >> ooh. >> by all means today is not the day to stop watching. we are there. we are close. all signs are go. >> i was going to make a joke about a watched pot but maybe today is the day. we've said it. you said it. it could happen at any moments. hundreds of thousands are watching at any given time. give us an idea how long her labor may last, i mean she's a pro at this. this is her fourth time. >> right, she's a pro and the neat thing about their labor they hide the labor signs because in the wild if they were making it very clear they were in labor, every hyena and lion would sit tight and wait for mom
7:49 am
to become vulnerable. in a captive management program she's hiding some of those signs but once in full labor it is a quick process and can be 30 to 60 minces before we have a calf on the ground. >> jordan, feed her, man. feed her. >> feed me, seymour. i know. >> i can tell you what, i've never heard of anybody hiding a pregnancy until now. >> i'm laughing because you're feeding her but i believe some people would suggest you feed her spicy food so you guys came up with a giraffe taco in hopes it would help? >> yeah, you know, our sense of humor is kind of what's kept us sane throughout the entire process and the other evening our veterinarian upon many suggestions to help us induce labor offered a giraffe taco. naturally it didn't do much, but it is a fun thing and it always keeps everybody laughing and on their toes. >> a little controversy, youtube temporarily suspended the viewing so what happened? >> yeah, you know, initially when the camera went live back
7:50 am
in the beginning of february, it was getting some viewership but then all of a sudden it got very, very popular and there are some people that fundamentally disagree with what we do here keeping the animals in captivity but there is a purpose for that, trust me, so, their tool to take down our cam to punish us or take it off air was to report it to youtube for having sexually explicit content. well, it did go down but only for about 30, 60, maybe 90 minutes then it was back up due to popular demand. >> thank goodness, jordan. wait, so it's pretty funny and all laughing about april's tongue. that's her cue that she wants more? >> yeah, well, by all means that tongue is their tool for grabbing just about anything so you could call that the begging tongue. >> we will be watching as will the rest of the world. thank you so much. >> i was hoping it would have happened right now when we were live but i guess not. >> come on. maybe, maybe later today. right? coming up a new health alert for you. how much salt is really in your favorite foods? the surprising new study. this morning when we come back.
7:51 am
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7:54 am
check this out... ...there's always king's hawaiian rolls inside. whoa irresistible kings hawaiian foods. coming this spring, barbeque sauce. (sfx: 2 kids scream) back here on "gma," super high winds in las vegas. back to fresno, california, where this happened. thanks to those sustained winds, anywhere 40 to even 60 miles per hour. the gusts up to 90 in the mountains and deserts. this segment brought to you by king's hawaiian. good morning, i'm mat
7:55 am
7:56 am
o'donnell. last day on the month of march, time to fire up the wipers >> slow down in your morning commute. look at the travel times, nearly takes an hour on 295 southbound to get to 73. is this is spot that's jam we got an accident in the worse possible spot 295 southbound near 42. it's taking about an hour just to travel that distance. if you're sitting on 295, that's blocking the right lane five miles an hour on 295. 55 northbound is 11 miles an hour. also an accident on
7:57 am
southbound. it's slow basically everywhere >> philadelphia international airport gloomy scene, let's turn to meteorologist david murphy. mist and drizzle on the terrorist. storm tracker 6 live double scan radar shows you the rain is filling in after a lull. every now and then it's somewhat steady. the steadier stuff highlighted in yellow. temperatures right now in the 30's in much of the region and even in the 40s it feels raw. exclusive signature stays raw, rain heavy at times especially later through the afternoon and most of tonight. flooding is possible along creeks and streams and roads, don't go into flooded areas. earlier tomorrow we dry out. maybe late sun tomorrow. seth williams is due back in court this afternoon, today is the deadline for williams to find a new lawyer for his federal corruption case, michael
7:58 am
diamond stein wants to quit because he's worried he will not be paid funeral of away away veteran takes place today in philadelphia, on 6
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and we have our exclusive interview with president putin's right-hand man. his press secretary takes on accusations about russia interfering to get donald trump elected president. says relations are worse than the cold war as the investigation here at home heats up. parenting alert, no more stranger danger. is it time to put an end to the common warning and give kids a new way of approaching people they don't know that could potentially keep them safer? new study revealing the top salty foods in the american diet. the most surprising revelations. how do you know if you're getting the right amount? dr. ashton is here to break it down. ♪ oh i want to dance with somebody ♪ "gma" exclusive, maks opening up after the injury that has thrown the dancing
8:01 am
competition wide open. >> i want to come back and win. >> will he recover? and make a comeback for his partner. ♪ soul sister plus, it's friday and we are ringing in the weekend with the great kate hudson live in times square. and she's saying -- >> good morning, america. good morning, america. happy friday. welcome to all of you here. >> and we also are excited that kate hudson is here. she's going to reveal her new project and how she's building a business empire. >> plus, we've got secrets to making your child a money genius. we all need to listen to this. even if you're not a money genius, that's the clue and, lara, you have big news about that. >> we have an exclusive. we know he recently on
8:02 am
"dancing with the stars" in rehear sal. >> morning rundown. the big story this morniis michael flynn ready to rye veal what he k any possible links to the trump immunity from prosecu testimony before congress. president trump fired him for not fully disclosing his contacts with russia. this morning the president tweeted his reaction saying, mike flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt by the media and democrats of historic proportion. the white house is not a " york times" report that the white house officials gave intelligence files to devin nun leading the house investigation concerns a's meddling in the russian president erference in vladimir putin's spokesman spoke to g u. and russia may be worse now than during the
8:03 am
dmitry peskov denied allegations that moscow tried to undermine the election. >> when any blamings that russia could have been interfering in domestic affairs of the united states is slander. and it all. >> peskov said for relations to improve, both must come together to reestablish dialogue. it could take months to repair a highway in atlanta from but a on interstate 85 to state of emergency was declared. the fire started in the industrial area below the highway. and the so-called strongest cov coffee is raising safety questions being called black insomnia and packs four times more caffeine. that is nearly double the daily recommended caffeine intake for adults. finally the game everyone is buzzing about, the players at this preseason baseball game in
8:04 am
arizona hit the deck. look at this. they were trying to duck for cover to avoid a swarm of bees that invaded the field. look at that. >> wow. >> i've never seen anything like it. even the umpire dropped to the ground. it apparently was a good strategy because no bee stings were reported. i didn't know that's what you're supposed to do. >> i didn't either. >> that's what i'm going to do. >> they forgot the roll part. >> glad everyone is okay. >> yeah. >> hguy, "pop news" time and i'l tell you -- good morning. allud coming out of "dancing with the stars" maks speaking out about his recent calf injury. we've got video of him telling his partner heather morris and his replacement about a procedure he had done to start the healing process. >> i still feel like, you know, we have a deserve
8:05 am
it and i want to give you 150% effort and, you know, be physically as, you know, as active as i was at my best when nothing hurt, so i want to come back and win. >> we don't know exactly what the injury was. he said it felt like someone punched him in the calf or took a back to his calf. he says doctors made a concentrate from his bone marrow stem cells and injected it back into his calf to start cells. i don't know if it was a tear, but, maks, we love you and wish you the best. you can see "dancing with the stars," of course, where, right here. who knew. also in "pop news" this morning, forget about high don't forget about it but listen, a new study suggesting hot bath may be as beneficial as a 0-minute walk. scientists, i know, i love this. scientists at a university in the uk tracked their theory by having a group of men do a
8:06 am
one-hour bicycle ride and take a one-hour bath in 104-degree water. perfection. the goal being to raise the overall body temperature by 1 degree and while they found that the bath wasn't the same as riding the bike in terms of it same amount of energy, 130 calories as going for a half-hour walk. that's pretty good. my workout. >> you know how many people are just going to go lay in the tub right now. >> you can have a glass of wine. zero sum game. >> i feel like that's -- >> ali is texting me, i told you, george. the analysis showed that passive heating as it's called is not only a good way to burn calories but wards off cardiovascular diseases. >> opens up your blood vessels. >> bath time for everybody. and then, amy, i'm following your lead spelling isn't every student's strong suit but with joe dombrowski you are guaranteed to learn a thing or two.
8:07 am
take a look. >> the next word is speaku. look, there is a speakus-p-e-e-k-s-l-m. there's silent letters. what's the matter. students were sick and i said what's the matter with you. w-a receive za-m -- that c-h-c-h. the kids psyched they got it right. a real test, ten words on it. not one of them was a real word as you can probably tell there. it wasn't until the bone fuss question, joe said how do you spell april fools and the class realized they had been bamboozled and many silent letters in bamboozled as well. happy april fools' day tomorrow.
8:08 am
that's "pop news." >> coming up what we learned in our experiment about keeping kids safe. and kate hudson is here getting ready backstage and will join us live coming up in just a minute. taled your brand new car. nobody's hurt, but there will still be pain. it comes when your insurance company says they'll only pay three-quarters of what it takes to replace it. what are you supposed to do? drive three-quarters of a car? now if you had liberty mutual new car replacement™, you'd get your whole car back. i guess they don't want you driving around on three wheels. smart. with liberty mutual new car replacement™, we'll replace the full value of your car. liberty stands with you™. liberty mutual insurance. here we go! tradition calls.
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it's "gotcha day!" best day ever. love you, dad. i love you too, sweetie. make it sweet. make it savory. make it creamy. make it crunch. make it overnight. ♪ make it yours with quaker.
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mohi teddy.s teddy. oh you're a hugger, huh? i'm a bear. say hello to teddy. a new treat baked to perfection using quality ingredients. like flour, milk and eggs. discover teddy soft bakes.
8:12 am
and we are back now with an important alert about the term stranger danger. the national center for missing & exploited children renewing the push for parents to use a different approach to keeping kids safe. t.j. holmes has a closer look and an experiment. >> hey. mom sent me to get you. >> bo awho are you? >> reporter: showing the potential threat commonly taught as stranger danger. >> so easy. it rhymes.
8:13 am
one phrase blanket statement. >> reporter: the national center for and exploited children want to put an end to it. >> we know when they're being abducted and stranger danger front fit the model. >> reporter: a child is more likely to be harped by someone they know and many don't understand the concept of a stranger and associate them with mean-looking people and -- >> oftentimes, kids are in a situation where they will need to reach out to a stranger for help. >> reporter: so we enlisted callahan walsh to conduct an experiment with ten children from central elementary school all familiar with stranger danger. >> you should never trust them. >> if they keep following you, you just run. >> reporter: we hired four arcs to play a range of roles set in a make-believe grocery store, a mom with a baby, a security guard, a store clerk and an average joe. according to walsh three of the four, the mom, the guard and clerk all come with identifiable
8:14 am
sides of baby, a badge and a name tag that signify a safety adult but in a dire situation a child should feel empowered to reach out to any of these strangers for help but would they? >> now, let's retend you're in way store shooping with your mom or dad and you turned around and they weren't there. and you couldn't find them. what would you do? >> reporter: meanwhile, i'm backstage with ten sets of parents. do you think she would know what to do if a situation came up? >> yes, but i don't know what she would do under pressure. >> this mother with kids pushing the stroller. >> no. >> no, not talk to her. take a look behind her. is he somebody that you might talk to? >> no. >> nope? what about the mother with kids here? >> no. >> is that somebody you might talk to? >> yeah. >> you would? >> this average guy over here kind of the average joe, no? not really? >> no. >> was that somebody you would talk to. >> yeah. >> reporter: at the end of our
8:15 am
experiment for the most part the children were not comfortable reaching out to strangers in a time of crisis but the person they deeped most approachable the story clerk. >> maybe like a store clerk with a name tag, would that be somebody you might go to? >> yeah. >> what about this woman over here. >> yeah. >> you would talk to her. >> yeah. >> okay. >> yeah. >> okay. >> reporter: there are times the kid needs to talk to a stranger but there are also some times when you need to stay away from a stranger. what are those times. >> when a child is approached by an adult. children should always be taught to say no to an adult that approaches them. >> reporter: the lessons learned by the parents. >> i think reinforced he should talk to the store clerk. >> it gives me something to talk about with him and my other children. >> not every stranger is a dangerous person. there are people you can ask for help. >> reporter: and we are joined now by t.j. and callahan walsh for the national center for missing & exploited children and, t.j., i want to start with you. we're both parents. losing a child is -- would just
8:16 am
drive us insane but if you lose a child their natural instinct is to come find you but experts say that's not what you should do. >> not always the best case. you want them to stay put. what you didn't see, some of those kids are independent. i mean, i've met your girls. you met my daughters. they want to figure it out on their own. i don't know that guy or that guy. you know what i'll do, i'll head outside and some of these kids wanted to go outside and wander around and try to find their parents. that's when the stranger danger could be an issue if you're so turned off by the idea you look for another option and some of those options. >> let's go back to the term of trusted adult. you know, a lot of these kids were confused about who to trust. >> absolutely so pardons should teach them to look for identifiable markers hike a security guard with a badge or a name tag on a clerk or even a mother with kids. >> all right, and when should you talk to your kids? when should be your first conversation, callahan, about this? >> never too early to start but around the preschool age is when
8:17 am
they can start grasping these concepts. important not to overwhelm or scare children. simple messaging is easy but that changes over time. that's why it's important to have ongoing conversations with your kids about safety. >> your daughter is that age, have you had the conversation yet. >> no, she's 4 and i wonder can you make them too friendly? we walk down the street and talk to everybody. talk to police officers all the time and say hi. can you start them too early? >> that can be the problem sometimes. some kids don't understand what the concept of a stranger is and think it's someone who is only mean or ugly looking. when -- it could be anybody, right? they -- just because they're buttoned up and look nice, that's still a stranger to that child so, you know, they need to look for identifiable markers. if they're in an emergency and might need a stranger's help, you know, if they're in a case like this. >> i tell you what, this is just a conversation to have with your kids after never too young to start. callahan, thank you for joining us and tell your father we said
8:18 am
hello and thank him for all the things he's done. t.j., thanks for coming in and doing your job today. we appreciate you. coming up, everybody, that surprising new study, going to find out which foods are really the saltiest and there she had, dr. ashtong is here next. two become one.
8:19 am
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welcome back to a friday morn .
8:23 am
lightening strikes developing west of baltimore, right now it's chilly and really uncomfortable, temperatures in the 30's, low 40's south, and this afternoon, we're going for a high of 48. rain all day heavy at times, there could be flooding along creeks, streams and roads, so avoid flood areas. rain ends quickly saturday morning. help. >> i'm upset i'm not up there. >> you have delivered many babies. she is very calm.
8:24 am
>> she doesn't have an epidural. >> let's get salty. >> on the show. >> this is a new report out of the cdc revealing the top salty foods and dr. jennifer ashton is here to break it down. surprising results. >> right. so this report highlights the massive problem we have in this country with sodium which we know can contribute to high blood pressure and deaths from heart attack and strokes. we're not doing so welch the average american getting about 3,400 milligrams a day of sodium. the recommended target, 2,300. if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, drop that number even more to 1,500 and 2,000 and the number one salty food. >> you're pointing because -- >> bread. >> it's bread. >> so, you don't think of this, but you have to now because you're getting a big amount of sodium from bread. >> so, what other foods surprised you? >> 70% of our sodium intake is coming from actually just 25 foods which is good because the more aware we are of that, the more we can minimize our intake.
8:25 am
the three that surprised me, omelets. these are -- i'm having one right after the show and that's probably in preparation of the omelet. they're putting a lot of salt in. cereals and then condiments. >> sweet foods. >> sweet foods but this is before you reach for the saul shaker so these are foods you don't expect to contain sodium and they do so we need to watch that. >> let's talk about the fact you're both a doctor and nutritionist. what's your take on sort of the common perceptions we have? >> this is controversial in medicine and nutrition because a lot of data shows what we call a j-shaped curve with sodium intake. those that take in little or a lot have higher risk of death from all causes, other studies show a straight line, the more sodium, the higher rick of death so be aware. >> is there a list somewhere we can get? 25 foods. >> i'll send it on e-mail and it's on the cd site. >> dr. jennifer ashton standing by for april and you're standing by because kate hudson is with us live. 8:27.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> i'm mate doornail matt o'donnell. a minute ago it was 63 travel time dropped to 53. but a loaning ride to get from 73 to takes about an hour toew jersey. there was an accident in aba sp. a new one on the atlantic city eastbound past wilmington, watch for that. look at the schuylkill. here's another eastbound traffic towards center city looking live. eastbound jammed from the blue route to the vine, westbound heavy, boulevard out to pennsylvania turnpike. 30, 32 minutes in either
8:28 am
direction, and on the big picture, slow speeds and light to moderate rain and still causing trouble >> and it's not ending any time soon. let's go to david murphy. enough to make the roads wet, storm tracker 6 double scan radar, steadier, and south and west heavier cells beginning to pull up. up to 40 in philadelphia, but raw and chilly do you want to bundle up and rain gear wouldn't be a bad idea. 48 is the high, pretty raw all the way. wind picking up and rain moving through heavy at times, there could be flooding on creeks, streams and roads. you want to avoid flooded areas, that can get you in a lot of trouble and the rain continues until about midnight gradually tapering often overnight. saturday morning, quick drying,.
8:29 am
a pedestrian struck by two vehicles, one of the drivers never stopped. the story on
8:30 am
♪ welcome back to "gma." and as you can see, i got to say we have an incredible friday audience here. give yourself a hand. there we go. [ applause ] and the only thing that could make this day better is this actress who played a rock star in "almost famous" and stole matthew mcconaughey's heart not once but twice and takes mine every time i see her. please welcome kate hudson, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] >> hey. hi, hi, hi. >> how are you? >> hi. >> nice to see you. >> mwah. >> okay. >> welcome.
8:31 am
>> i'm excited. >> we're happy to have you. >> you're early. you brought the energy. >> always. >> revved up the audience. >> i try. i try. >> so, we saw your mom in comin. >> with amy schumer. yeah. it's great. i saw it. it's fantastic. people are going to love it. it's just like the perfect mother's day movie. it's so funny. they're great together. it's exciting. >> and she's celebrating a big anniversary, 34th anniversary. >> yeah, 34 years. >> look at this photo. >> yeah, i did. i did. >> wow. >> so beautiful. >> '80s chic. they're hot. i just have to say. i have really hot -- >> i told you this before. i'm the biggest fan of your mom. can quote all her movies. she got a beautiful award. got the cinema icon award in vegas. >> yeah, i heard it was really
8:32 am
good. i haven't seen it yet. i just saw on her instagram her dancing with her makeup artist who is like her new soul mate so she's just like dancing around the world with joey. >> would you ever do a movie with your mom? >> you know -- >> look. >> you got it. that's hilarious. i love that. >> you know -- yeah, i would but i don't -- it's not something that we think about that often. >> i think about it. [ laughter ] >> i mean, it would be fun. but it -- it would have to be the right thing and, you know, we work more on my mom's foundation together and do a lot of stuff like that and that's kind of where our passion is and so, you know, with kids and mindfulness so i like doing that with mom and then it's the thing -- if, you know, if it happen, it happens. >> if the perfect script came along you wouldn't turn it away. >> right. >> we've been showing a lot of throwback pictures of your frami family.
8:33 am
randy bergman is 31 years old. when she was 13, she did one of those time capsule things and she buried it, and she dug it up and what she found was newspaper clippings with her favorite bands and celebrities. >> oh, yes. >> there we go. >> she also found the elastic on her braces from her braces. >> oh. >> i don't know if those are used or not but she found them. >> what was that. >> a list of her seventh grade crushes and had a cassette with one of our favorite jams. you remember this song, check it out ♪ i get knocked down ♪ i get up again ♪ i get knocked down >> my tape -- my mix tape looked very dfe and pearl jam. >> yeah. >> you know, i was -- [ applause ] i was like blur -- i was a '90s -- i like '90s, chili
8:34 am
peppers. tribe called quest. that was my -- >> bringing it back. >> and then -- >> outside of the music what else would have been in there? i'm curious. >> for me? a madonna petticoat. like probably my van halen 45 of "jump." >> musical theme that runs through your life. >> oh, please, that's all -- that's all i ever cared about was music, but and performing, but my family. i cared about my family too. >> got to throw that in there. don't forget. >> but what else? i mean, used to have these like mickey mouse mini tarts. they were like sweet tarts and came and were tiny and i just -- that was the candy for me. yeah. they were like
8:35 am
tarts. >> like that dipping stick. >> fun dip. >> it's still happening. >> all about fun dip. you know what else, those rubber bracelets. >> oh, yeah. >> the '80s. >> go for acid wash jeans. >> high waisted. >> totally. >> you mentioned music is huge to you, performing is huge but you're also quite the designer now. >> oh, yes. >> obsessed with -- >> fabletics, baby. >> yeah. >> where is that on my list of prioritys? my big priority right now. obviously i work on acting a lot but fabletics has become a huge part of my life, and the success has been amazing and i'm actually in new york because we're launching extended sizes, and it's something we're really excited about so we range from extra extra small to 3x and so -- >> literally when i go home and
8:36 am
take off our dress, every girl i know including myself that's what we live in. whether you work out or not you're dressed like you work out. >> it's true. it's true. >> it makes you feel better. to. maybe i'll'mtill wearing my legs and i think too that's really kind of what we wanted to bring a fashion perspective to athleticwear and athleisure and that's what we're doing and have a blast. all about our prints. it's a lot. we design a lot -- we're monthly. so we bring out new product every month. oh, hey. oh, my god. you're -- yes, i do. i see a fabletics pant. so crazy. >> that was not planned. that was not planned at all. >> and -- >> that was our chevron print. >> beautiful. >> but anyway, yes. >> being physical is a big part of your acting, as well. we've seen you do a lot of stunts but i heard there was one
8:37 am
with kevin hart in the bahamas that you were not -- >> oh, god, no, that wasn't a stunt. that was getting certified. we were -- we had to get -- we all had to get certified to scuba dive and everybody seemed comfortable but kevin and i were a little bit not as comfortable with the moment and, you know, there's nothing like being at the literally at the end of earth trying to get certified with kevin hart. it's -- it really was one of the great experiences for both of us and it bonded us greatly. so, but we did it. of course. >> if it didn't go well you'd go down laughing. >> exactly, exactly. which is the right way to go down. you're right. yes. oh, that was really funny. >> and forget about scuba diving. you're a karaoke singer and you can really sing, though. but -- >> not a karaoke singer. >> you can really sing then you
8:38 am
love karaoke. you have a setup at your house which i do too. >> you do? >> i'm not good, but you are. >> look at my baby. oh, look. a little caterpillar. >> he is. >> performing too. >> you know, turns out, interpretive dancing is his vibe. no, being -- yeah, actually bing is quite the drummer at 5 years old which is pretty amazing to watch. since he was literally a year old, it's just drum, drums, and he has not stopped but he sings, he loves to sing, ryder is more into acting, you know, ryder is already planning, you know, his -- >> oscar acceptance -- >> -- application to new york to go to tish and i'm like, okay. hold on a second. you know, but, yeah, they're definitely -- you know, you realize i guess when have you kids that there's -- yeah, certain things are just kind of
8:39 am
in the genes, you know, and you just hope that they work -- you just make it all about the work. just keep them focused on working on their crafts. >> we try. we try. >> yeah, yeah. >> we love you. thank you for coming. congrats on success and everything. >> thank you. >> tell mom we said hi. [ applause ] >> and very exciting news for you guys. thank you, kate. every single person is going home with a $50 voucher for fabletics. thanks to kate. [ applause ] >> very excited. >> i love it. >> how to make your kids geniuses in finance. coming up.
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heavier cells now and then, seven-day we're going from the current situation to heavier rain as we get to the afternoon, temperatures 40 right now, 48 later. head back to parents he. all of us are parents here including miss kate hudson joining us and important money lessons. best-selling author beth kobliner is here to share secrets from her new book called "make your kid a money genius." yes, please. beth. yes, please. so, what is the most important
8:45 am
thing parents should know? before we get to our lesson what's the most important thing they should know? >> the important thing, you have to start early and start when your kid is 3 because they understand basic concepts like exchange and like -- >> already failing. >> but by 7, some of those habits are already set according to research so it's good but it's never too late. >> all right, so we have some questions for everybody. we'll put you guys to the test and hopefully teach you all something in the process and we'll say a few statements then you tell me if you think they're true and false and beth will tell you what she has to say about the answers. numero uno, handing cash to your kids may make them spend le. true or false, michael, kate, amy. okay, what do you think? >> beth. >> i have to say true is correct. >> oh. >> i was hoping that. >> the idea is when you give your -- when people use cash they spend less than when they use credit cards or debit cards, in fact, when they use cards they spend almost two times as
8:46 am
much. it's sort of like the pain of paying when you're handing over dollar bills you feel like you're getting rid of the money and so it's better to use cash. >> but sometimes a kid spend it and just ask for more. >> yeah. >> well, i just don't -- >> another question. has a job by high school. true or false, guys.t your chil >> that's a hard one. >> -- has a job by high school? >> kind of going against -- >> you are 2 for 2. false. >> really? >> yes. >> why? >> it's, you know, great to have a part-time job where you're in high school to help with family responsibility. but, if your kid works more than 15 hours a week, their grades tend to drop. so, unless you could limit it to below 15 hours a week you might as well wait and have them work in the summer. >> did you have part-time jobs. >> i did 20 hours and had straight as. just saying. what about these expectations for the kids? >> i --
8:47 am
>> i had a job. >> i had a job, can't say i got straight as. it all worked out. it all worked out. but and i loved my job, yeah. i thought that was really -- >> i think it's a good lesson. 15 hours. >> but under 15 hours. >> okay, allowance is the best way -- allowance is the best way to teach your kids financial responsibility. >> the best way? that's a trick question. >> that's a trick question. >> the best way. >> allowance is a good way. >> okay.spsibility, allowance. >> right. well, when we ask it the tricky way you caught on to that. it is the best way i looked at two dozen academic studies on allowance from all over the world, and it found giving allowance sometimes is really good but sometimes it doesn't work so much. the most important thing with your kids is to be clear what the money is for if you give them some money, be consistent and don't tie it to chores. don't give an allowance for
8:48 am
chores. >> oh. >> i'm 0 for 3. >> really? >> how else will i get them to do the work. >> i'm glad my kids are in school and not seeing this right now. >> i give them money for the chores they do. why is that wrong? >> research shows when you give money for chores you're taking away self-responsibility kids need and actually kids who have that self-responsibility go on to graduate from school and start a career more. >> i have to say, so i have a starting and then if they don't do them i take money away. >> amy, you are -- >> you're sort of above average. >> amy has -- >> is it wrong? >> listen, so many other questions i wanted to ask. i feel like we're all learning from this. check out the book. our studio out against going home with a copy of it. "make your kid a money genius" is out now. a great job. thank you, moms and da .
8:49 am
careful joe, they've got you outnumbered.
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we are back with jimmy kimmel who talked to nick watt about "the boss baby" and parenting his own young daughter. take a look. >> reporter: the only thing stranger than alec baldwin playing a baby -- cookie down! >> reporter: -- is jimmy kimmel. >> not in real life but in this movie i'm his father. but, yeah, i am a dad, so it makes sense. "the boss baby" is a book that i would read to my daughter and they expanded it for this movie. it's really very cute. >> reporter: basically a battle between puppies and babies. >> people don't realize it because they're both cute but they hate each other. >> reporter: you were not aware you were involved in this sinister plot to suck up all the love in the world. >> i love that you have to ask questions like this. so you were unaware -- >> reporter: easy, kimmel. they made you interview the baby. >> what was the -- [ snoring sounds ]
8:52 am
>> power nap. >> my daughter has never been to the s before. >> it's like they're having their own meeting. >> i don't know if it's a good idea to put her in the theater to listen to dad's voice coming out of a cartoon character or it'll scar her forever. she knows i'm on television. she doesn't quite know what to make of it, especially with cameras now, you kind of think everybody is on television. we were driving by a billboard when jimmy fallon was hosting the golden globes and pointed and said, he's like daddy. >> you're a better actor than jimmy fallon. >> thank you. >> maybe playing himself. >> she sets the tone for the day when she wakes up in the morning. you can it immediately whether it'll be a good day or a bad day. today was not a good one, by the way. >> she'll like him after she sees the movie. it'll be a good day. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> go, you little -- >> look, the kids are finally getting along. >> that's nice. [ applause ] >> always love seeing jimmy. "the boss baby" hits nationwide
8:53 am
theaters today and we'll be theaters today and we'll be right back. dear fellow citizen, i know what it's like to want to relax with your family. but enjoying today doesn't mean losing sight of tomorrow. so while i invest in "the now" my mortgage, vacations i still invest in the future, like my children's college tuition and retirement. i can help you piece together your financial journey for today and tomorrow. if you have a question about investing, ask me. sincerely, amanda etheridge, fellow planner and fellow citizen.
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and before we go we have a very special announcement. marking 25 years of his famous song "we shall be free" garth brooks involving robin roberts sharing inspirational memories about freedom and equality. >> what a great idea. >> i love the song too.
8:56 am
by the way we've all been watching, april the giraffe all morning long, we want to wish her good luck and a special welcome to the newest member of our "gma" family, producer katie bosland welcoming paul. good morning, 8:56 on friday margin 31st, the first of what will be two wet morning
8:57 am
commutes. commutes in general. here's karen rogers. it's 73 is busy in new jersey and maple shade on a good day, this is my a good day, were he got the rain an accident in one direction and electrical repairs in the other, here's the accident on 73 at high street, crews on the scene and look at that traffic in burlington county, it's a mess, and southbound they're doing electrical repairs from an earlier accident. problems in both directions here monle shade. in new jersey on 55, northbound past 3 miles an hour there, raveling 295 is finally getting back to normal after the big accident near 42 early, we're at 16 minutes, not too bad. i95 at girard, slow and jammed but at least no accidents. david murphy in the rain. >> reporter: misty rain, storm tracker 6 double scan radar shows us heavier stuff is on the way in our direction, and we're
8:58 am
going to transition to heavy rain later in the morning and this afternoon, 40 right now in philadelphia, some spots in the 30's teverybody raw and chilly with a breeze from the east. 48 is the high and it will be raw all the way. heavy at times, flooding possible today and tonight and at your extent overnight. the rain shuts down a little saturdays morning and we quickly get drying and sunny breaks on saturday >> we're following the search for a hit-and-run who seriously injured a man in new castle county. the fbi is reviewing new information about a valuable norman rock well painting found four decades after stolen from a cherry hill home. i'm matt o'donnell from a great friday and a great weekend
8:59 am
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