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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  March 31, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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forecast. >> meteorologist cecily tynan keeping a close eye on storm tracker6 she's live at the big board with the details. >> hi, brian and monica. this is a powerful moisture laden storm system. double scan live showing what's going on. there's one primary low over the ohio valley. it's transferring its energy to another low south of our region what's known as a triple point low. well north of that low pressure they're getting heavy snow in parts of new england could end up with more than a foot of snow, south severe weather with tornado watches. in between we've got that steady sometimes heavy rain over our region and it's not over yet. zooming in, you can see there's one band of these heavy downpours, that's what you see in yellow moving through malvern crossing route one and it's really kind of moving right along the i-95 corridor heading towards philadelphia and there's a lot more moisture where this is heading and that means tonight if you're heading out you definitely need the umbrella, the rain gear. rainfall so far philadelphia more than a inch, wilmington more than an inch and a half, allentown 1.21, trenton 1.29
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and atlantic city little bit less closing in on an inch of rain. now, with the heavy rain, there is a possibility of some ponding on water -- on roads and also some of the smaller creeks and streams, the low lying areas there could be some flooding so an aerial flood watch posted until 2 o'clock saturday morning. if you live in an area that typically floods, it probably will tonight. so, this is what to expect. the rain lingers into tonight, ponding of roads, reduced visibility, slow it down if you're driving. a chilly breeze, up to about 25 miles per hour and then the winds will shift drying us out overnight. i'll talk more about the weekend and track more rain on the way in the accuweather forecast. monica. >> all right, thank you cecily. in other news one man is behind bars accused of opening fire on the parking lot of a philadelphia gentleman's club. 29-year-old lawrence mitchell is facing attempted murder charges after the incident monday outside delilah's. according to police he used an ar-15 rifle with a scope to shoot into the parking lot.
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those shots narrowly missed a woman instead hitting her car twice. police say the shooting appears to be random. >> philadelphia district attorney seth williams still says he will not step down but he has now voluntarily suspended his own law license. it is the latest twist in a legal saga for the embattled democrat who is now facing federal corruption charges. "action news" reporter chad pradelli live today outside the federal courthouse in center city. an chad you've got the newest developments here. >> reporter: yeah, brian, the voluntary suspension of his law license was a major development today but we also met his new attorney, tom burke. seth williams walked out of federal court to shouts for him to step down as district attorney. >> step down, will you step down as district attorney? any comment at all. >> today district attorney williams took the step to agreeing to a temporary suspension of his law license pending the outcome of this case. he will remain in office in an
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administrative capacity only. >> reporter: williams is accused of taking more than $100,000 in gifts and vacations in exchange for favors to two local businessmen. he's also charged with miss spending $20,000 meant for his mother's nursing care. >> the indictment does not contain a single allegation that the outcome of a single case prosecuted by my client's office was affect ad. >> reporter: he told the judge he was in it for the long haul. earlier this week, williams former attorney michael diamond stein petitioned the court to withdraw from the case because he said williams could not afford his services. burke seemed confident his client was innocent of the extortion and bribery charges. >> the united states supreme court has made clear that such cases require specific actions been taken in exchange for payment. those clear requirements are not met in this indictment. >> reporter: and we're expecting to learn more about
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what's next after a scheduling hearing on monday at 3:00 p.m. i'm live in center city, chad pradelli channel6 "action news." >> thank you, chad. coming up, new at 5:00 right now delaware state police want your help tracking down a shoplifting suspect who is accused of stealing more than $2,300 in cologne. according to police, the suspect hit three walgreen stores in wilmington and dover then tried to hit a fourth in magnolia in the past week. officials say he was able to unlock display cases in those stores but they're still not clear how. he was last seen driving a car white or gray four door sedan like that one. anyone with information is asked to call delaware state police. >> also new at 5:00 tonight law enforcement in new jersey has donahue tech to catch fugitives faster. one machine can do a year's worth of patrol work in just a matter of hours. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has the story now from hopewell township. >> every time you'll hear like a little deep -- beep and that's when it's getting a
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red. >> reporter: jim is on route 31 watching traffic and the leadout on his alpr, automatic license plate recognition system using infrared cameras mounted on the top of his vehicle the alpr can scan the plates of vehicles coming and going past his patrol car. >> it takes the read that it gets and it compares it to a bunch of different data bases that are downloaded in the system. if it comes up with a hit on the license plate it will tell -- it will say either unregistered or like a suspended driver or wanted person or a stolen motor vehicle. >> reporter: on march 20, the alpr was instrumental in the apprehension of two out of state suspects ernesto her rare row and diaz sanchez were wanted for the kidnapping and armed robbery of a truck driver in maryland. it took just a second for the plate reader to alert the officers they were driving a stolen vehicle. >> it was a good hit and if we didn't have the system, those guys might have still been out there. >> reporter: the mercer county prosecutors' office
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funded these mounted camera systems in 25 vehicles at police departments throughout the county. and it's clear the alpr is getting results many of officers still run plates manually but the automated reader does it in an instant. >> this picks them up a lot faster and you can get a lot more volume than the officer doing it. >> reporter: the officer says it will scan 30 to 40,000 tags. >> this is doing what we do in a year, this is doing it in a day. technology like this is a plus for law enforcement and allows officers to better and more efficiently do their jobs. in hopewell, i'm nora muchanic channel6 "action news". >> pennsylvania governor tom wolf highlighted local job creation at philadelphia ports. the governor and the state's top transportation official toured penn terminal in eddystone delaware county today. one of the company's latest deals added more than 500 jobs to the port. the move is expected to generate $9 million in tax revenue for the state. and pennsylvania's lieutenant governor focused on small business today. the action cam was at the parx
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casino in bensalem this morning where mike stack spoke to the greater northeast philadelphia camer were of commerce. >> a lannan speed up traffic heading to the shore has hit something of a ooh speed bump. cape may county was planning to install e-z pass by june 1st. now officials say that project has been delayed. the systems will be installed over the next four to five months with no set completion date. tolls will not go up on those bridges this summer. >> all right, time right now for a check of the "action news" traffic report friday night. >> let's do it. gina gannon in. >> we're starting off with a lot of issues on 95. a disabled vehicle on the southbound side of 95 right at cottman avenue. last we spoke we had an accident at academy road. that accident has since cleared to the shoulder. however this one is still out here causing some delays. again 95 southbound at cottman avenue and i want to show you the delay lying behind it. you can actually see the
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vehicle right around here in this shot but as you can see, that southbound side between woodhaven and the vine going to be very slow, about a half hour but you know what it's pretty much the same on the northbound side as well. if you're coming from center city expect delays from the vine out through to allegheny. schuylkill expressway, i mean come on, do we always have delays on the schuylkill? this is a live look for you right now at the roosevelt boulevard, so if you're traveling eastbound, expect delays really out into the western suburbs from just about gulph mills out through to the vine street expressway. and you're heavy as well on that westbound side but eastbound being your most significant delay. brian and monica. >> all right, gina, thank you very much. and there's much more ahead on "action news" at 5:00 to and night including life changing news for a 15-year-old boy. >> i was scared 'cause i wanted to have like a normal life. >> in health check the sudden disease that sidelined budding football star and how the phillies are helping give him a bright spot in his fight for life but first a traffic nightmare in atlanta after a scare on the freeway. the new time line to fix one of the busiest highways in the country when "action news"
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comes right back. >> ♪ ♪
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ing. >> folks say traffic is already a nightmare in atlanta and now its just going to get worse. the georgia department of transportation says it will take several months to rebuild this collapsed portion of
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interstate 85. this was the scene thursday during rush hour. a massive fire led part of that overpass to give way. federal transportation fishes have awarded $10 million in emergency funds to help repair that roadway. there has been a sighting a confirmed sighting in oklahoma of a 15-year-old girl who disappeared more than two weeks ago with her 50-year-old teacher. the tennessee bureau of investigations has surveillance image obtained from a wal-mart in oklahoma city show tad comings and elizabeth thomas buying food. the images captured on march 15th show cummings had altered his hair to look darker. thomas may have colored her hair red. >> rex tillerson warned nato allies they need to boost their defense spending or figure out another plan the next two months. tillerson says washington is spending "a disproportionate share on defense compared with its 27 partners." the u.s. contributes nearly 70 percent of the nato budget.
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tillerson asked every member of that state to step up contributions by 2 percent. germany has already said it is not on board. the alleged get away driver in a deadly oklahoma home invasion is now speaking out. elizabeth rodriguez admitted her role in a robbery in an interview with abc news. the were un-year-old says she was the mastermind behind the crime and that it went terribly wrong. she said she waited in the car with another female while three teen boys including her boyfriend wearing masks broke into this home. she said they had brass knuckles and knives but they were met by a 23-year-old in that house who opened fire with a semi automatic rifle and killed all three young men >> did you know that it was gunshots. >> yes, yeah. there was a lot. it was like -- first it was two and then just pop, pop and pop, pop, pop. just made bad choices. made really bad choices. >> rodriguez could face formal murder charges in the death of
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her three friends as early as next week. >> stocks closed on the downside on wall street today but it wasn't all bad news for investors. [cheers and applause] >> wall street major stock indices finished with strong quarterly results. the nasdaq posted its best quarter since 2013. as for the day the dow lost 65 points the nasdaq down two and a half, the s & p 500 losing just more than five. >> student in delaware county are getting ready to take pretty serious tests. so, they got excited with a little pep rally. >> ♪ >> children at chester community charter school in upland broke out in song to get ready for the pennsylvania school assessment. or pssa. good luck to all the students. some of delaware's brightest students put geography skills to the test in wilmington.
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the "action news" in wilmington for the bee. 70 middle schoolers answered tough questions in hopes of winning a spot on the national geographic bee in may. >> today's rock and return concert event in kensington was a culmination of a mentor program. students teamed up with volunteer employees from fs investments. they mentored the kids to help them with their homework but also taught them how to play musical instruments. cooly stuff. >> absolutely. all right coming up tonight on 6abc a harrowing tale of survival after a woman was stranded in the desert. >> earl earlier amber van heck followed her gps on a primitive road and then suddenly lost service. soon her spring break trip to the grand canyon became a fight for life. tonight she walks matt gutmann into the hours she searched for signs for help. >> all new on a 20/20 tonight on 6abc. "action news" of course follows that at 11:00 tonight. we'll be right back.
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>> it's coming and a local teenager is getting ready for the chance of a lifetime to throw out one of the ceremonial first pitches.
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health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman live at the big board with the details on this one. hi ali. >> hi guys. he's an athlete and optimist but he says he almost didn't believe it when he was asked by nemours a.i. dupont hospital for children to represent them on opening day at the ballpark. >> i was kind of like lost for words. and then like i was like whoa. >> that was 15-year-old fred's reaction when he was asked to throw out one of the ceremonial first pitches at the phillies home opener april 7th. i met up with fred while he was undergoing dialysis. he always tries to stay positive despite his health taking a scary turn recently. you see, just several months ago, he was at the top of his game playing football with the stanton steelers. you can see him here in an earlier video. >> it just came like natural to me. >> reporter: then in december, his mother says a routine physical revealed he had high blood pressure. when a headache followed, she
5:20 pm
took him to nemours a.i. dupont hospital for children. there he was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease known as fsgs. his kidneys were barely functioning. >> i was scared. i mean, a lot of emotion. you just want answers and sometimes you don't get the answers you want, you just kind of have to pick up the pieces and move forward. >> reporter: fred now spends three hours, three days a week at dialysis. often with his family including little brother noah by his side. melissa nicely with the hospital says activities like opening day help to reshape a kid's experience at the hospital bringing something more positive. fred is looking forward to it. >> i feel like i'm going to do pretty good. >> reporter: he's also hoping for a kidney transplant. >> to get to my normal routine and just have a healthy
5:21 pm
lifestyle. >> reporter: his mother is undergoing testing to see if she can donate her kidney. if. sgs is sometimes caused by an infection or as in fred's case there was no explanation. we have more information about the disease on fred says that he is practicing his pitch with his other brother, cameron, before the big day. we wish them luck. brian and monica, back to you. >> absolutely. >> we'll be watching. >> he'll do great. >> good stuff. >> terrific. >> ali, thank you. still ahead here on "action news" at 5:00 a check on the forecast. >> it is a wet dreary friday night. i don't of to tell you that but here's what it looks like in philadelphia, new jersey and delaware. we have three live pictures for you right there. not looking great but stay in there it's springtime. it's only going to get better. meteorologist cecily tynan with the exclusive accuweather five day next.
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>> time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. >> meteorologist cecily tynan we hope we'll drip dry at some point. >> we'll gradually dry out as we head through the night. any drought concerns are literally getting washed away not only with this rain but we have two more rain events next week. double scan live showing a pretty solid area of rain getting a bit of a break in the action in new castle northern kent county. heaviest band of rain moving right over the atlantic city expressway. you can see how that's lifting
5:25 pm
up to the north running along route 206 heading towards berlin, medford lakes, it's moving just to the west of hammonton right now. the i-95 corridor and areas north and west dealing with pockets of heavy rain, not quite as intense. one band moved through media earlier. this is beginning to weaken heading towards the schuylkill expressway so definitely a tough night for traveling and we have been seeing some minor flooding on local roadways so a flood advisory has been posted until 8:45 essentially for the i-95 corridor areas north and west, new jersey you got the sandy soil so you can absorb the rain a lot better and this advisory is in effect until 8:45 seeing a lot of ponding of water on roads. so, temperature-wise showing not only is it wet out there, it's also pretty cold kind of a miserable day. 42 indegrees in philadelphia, allentown 42, wilmington slightly warmer 54, atlantic city airport currently 55 degrees. a cool day and this is really
5:26 pm
been the trend this march. last day of march, the average temperature this month 42 degrees. that's one and a half degrees below normal. the first month with below normal temperatures in philadelphia since last may and only the second month below normal in the past two years. we've actually had a pretty warm trend lately. satellite and radar showing the system i'm tracking that triple point low is developing to our south, south of it we've got the tornado watches, north of it the snow across new england. here just that steady rain so tonight you're heading out it's still rain pretty heavily at 8 o'clock especially across south jersey. as we head later on tonight around midnight, the city rain lifting out. tomorrow morning i know there are a lot of 5k's tomorrow morning it's going to be cloudy, somewhat damp and breezy but the rain is out of here and late in the afternoon we should get to see some peeks of sunshine, temperatures holding in the 40's most of the day but as we get towards sunset, should manage to see at least partial clearing and temperatures should manage to make it up
5:27 pm
into the low 50's. so, the five day at 5:00 showing tomorrow it's breezy, it's cool mostly cloudy, some late day sunshine, 52 degrees but look at this on sunday the pick of the weekend, 61 degrees, mostly sunny. don't get used to it. it clouds up, rain arriving late in the day on monday, of 60. tuesday rain and thunderstorms, another soaking, 58 degrees. wednesday partly sunny, 64 but there's another storm later this week. next week i should say. adam will talk about that in the seven day, to guys. keep the umbrellas england will do. >> pesky april showers. thanks cecily. some new yorkers got quite a fright this morning when a manhole cover or several of them suddenly shot straight in the air. what authorities think caused that. >> plus a local rock band is doing more than living on a prayer. they're living a dream. they're opening for bon jovi fifty two tonight in south philadelphia. are you going to hear them but those stories and much more when "action news" comes right back tonight. >> pretty cool. >> ♪
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>> ♪ >> "action news" continues with meteorologist adam joseph jaime apody rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again. rick is off tonight. brian taff joins us. here's what's happening on "action news." testimony in exchange for immunity. president trump's former
5:30 pm
national security adviser says he has a story to tell the congressional intelligence committee but he wants something in return. the bucks county couple accused of killing a 14-year-old daughter of there's back in court. what? judge decided today. a 40-year-old art mystery solved. a painting done by name muss artist norman rockwell is now back in the hands of a local family. >> first at 5:30 we are continuing to track those soaking storms that have inundated all of us for much of the day. conditions pretty raw. winds and waves and rain heavy at times. >> folks are going to have to pack their patience when they hit the roads let's go to adam joseph with double scan. >> we're tracking a pretty sizable storm bringing severe weather into parts of southern virginia, northern north carolina right now a tornado watch. we're seeing the very heavy rainfall through our area and then also bringing heavy snow into central and northern parts of new england where they could pick up between six and 12-inches of snow near
5:31 pm
boston and even more than that in new hampshire and parts of vermont. but locally here you could see heavy rain in new jersey right now and parts of southeastern pennsylvania but beginning to break apart to the west and south of wilmington so that is where we're fairing a little better at this hour as we take a closer look at double scan live radar there you can see philadelphia some moderate rainfall right now and heavy rain along the atlantic city expressway through hammonton, 206 route 70 through burlington county where a lot of these pops of yellow passing through but breaking apart here we're finally at least stopping the rain temporarily wilmington through salem and middletown but we could even get a couple quick showers to pass through over the next hour or two but a flood watch in effect until 2 o'clock in the morning for the entire area for the possibility of some street flooding guys. when i come back we'll talk about a brighter second half of the weekend in that full accuweather forecast. >> thank you adam. let's switch to gina gannon for matt pelman for a check on conditions on the roads. hi gina. >> hi, monica. seeing such slow speed sensors
5:32 pm
and really high travel times. here's a look at the big picture. 13 miles per hour on 95 because of that earlier accident at cottman avenue but that delay has to run its course and it's rush hour and it's raining. expect to be sitting on the roads a lot longer. 12 miles per hour 95 northbound, the vine is heavy the schuylkill expressway and the blue route. here's the blue route itself. if you're traveling around route one you can see it is slow and those southbound travel times 48 minutes right now between 76 and 95 but it looks like the northbound side getting a little better only 21 minutes there. the roosevelt boulevard this shot just really sums up the weather. you can see just how rainy and dreary it is but you're jammed solid on that northbound side from 76 all the way out through to now ninth street. if you're traveling on that southbound side you're really go going to hit the brakes approaching 76. i want to show you your travel times. greater than normal travel times because of the rain out there. on the schuylkill eastbound 50 minutes right now to travel between the blue route and the vine. about 35 minutes on that westbound side and then if you're trying to head into south philadelphia on 76
5:33 pm
between the vine and the walt about 15 minutes. 95 southbound woodhaven to the vine 39 minutes so some more time needed out there for sure. the vine street expressway showing you again the mess that we're dealing with right now. so if you're traveling on that eastbound side you're jammed the length but it looks like westbound we're seeing some clearing. brian and monica, i'll send it back over. >> gina thank you so much. president trump's former national security adviser general michael flynn is now offering to testify in the russia hearings in he can change for immunity. also we're learning more now about who at the white house provided those secret documents to house intelligence chair devin nunes. abc's lana zak with more on all these developments. good evening, lana. >> reporter: hi there brian. developments is right. there have been tremendous developments particularly in the last few hours. it looked very unlikely that flynn will in factory receive that immunity. more people are expressing skepticism on that but the big developments really have come in terms of who might have
5:34 pm
been the person that provided nunes with those documents. white house officials michael ellis was involved in producing classified documents to house intelligence chairman devin nunes. >> i'm not talking to anything. >> reporter: the national security council lawyer previously worked for congressman nunes who faces calls to resign or recuse himself from the house investigation into russia. protesters greeting nunes in his home district. >> we'll continue to investigate russia. it's long been a focus of ours and that hasn't stopped despite what you may see in the national media. >> reporter: and at the white house today nunes' democratic counterpart adam schiff accepted the offer to review confidential documents shaking hands with ellis. questions remain if this is the same information that was provided to nunes the white house spokesman sean spicer wouldn't answer the multitude of questions about how he received those documents. >> it's not in our interests to talk about the process.
5:35 pm
what occurred between chairman nunes in coming here was both routine and proper. >> reporter: meanwhile president trump's former national security adviser michael flynn is asking for immunity in exchange for his testimony on russia. the president weighing in on twitter writing mic flynn should ask for immunity in that this is a witch hunt. excuse for big election loss by media and did he means of historic proportion. when asked if the president did support flynn's request for immunity as he tweeted. >> i'm not going to give mike -- mike flynn or anyone else legal advice from the podium but i'll tell you thes view is he should go up there, he should testify. >> reporter: and spicer received another question there at the podium. the question was were anybody in the administration the president or the rest of the white house concerned that flynn's testimony may be damaging to them. and spicer had just one word in response. nope. reporting live from washington, lana zak, channel6 "action news." i'll send it back over to you amanda. >> it's monica. but thanks. >> reporter: i'm so sorry.
5:36 pm
>>ood. ry of state hillary clinton took aim at president trump's proposed budget today. she spoke at georgetown university about roles women can play in international politics and peace building efforts. clinton says the president's plan to cut funding to the state department and other outreach agencies is in her opinion the wrong move. >> this administration's proposed cuts to international health, development and diplomacy would be a blow to women and children and a grave mistake for our country. >> clinton also stressed the need for spending on diplomacy by quoting current did he first secretary james mattis. she said cutting funds for the state department means he has to buy more ammunition. >> a series of manhole explosions in new york city rattled some buildings and a lot of nerves this morning. the first blast was reported just after 6 o'clock. the force so powerful that it shattered windows in three buildings in the east village. several smaller explosions happened about an hour later breaking even more windows. elevated carbon dioxide levels
5:37 pm
prompted fire crews to evacuate some nearby residents. investigators suspect a malfunction in underground gas pipes is to blame. world news tonight with david muir will have much more on today's top stories including the new developments with former nsa michael flynn. watch that following "action news" at 6:00. >> prosecutors in bucks county plan to seek the death penalty against a man charged with his girlfriend in the rape death and dismemberment of her r-old adopted daughter. 44-year-old jacob sullivan waved his formal arraignment in the july death of gra packer. prosecutors say 42-year-old sara packer watched sullivan act out a rape-murder fantasy they allegedly shared. the couple is accused of dismember, the teen's body and dumping it in ad wood area. prosecutors have already said they do intend to seek the death penalty against packer. both will be tried together next march. >> some septa riders were forced to evacuate during the morning commute today. this video from passengers show smoke filling the first two cars of the train at the
5:38 pm
north broad station in north philadelphia. commuters waited for another train and continued on with their day. officials say there was no actual fire here and they're still trying to figure out just what caused all that smoke. no one was injured. philadelphia mayor jim kenney stopped by the belmont block build to thank volunteers today. the organization rebuilding philly fixing up homes along the 4200 block of ogden street in west philadelphia. crews started working today despite all that rain out there and they'll continue right through sunday. >> terrific and still ahead on "action news" tonight, it was painted nearly a hundred years ago and seemingly stolen in the mid-1970's but tonight this missing norman rockwell painting is back in the hands of its rightful owners after a pretty incredible journey. >> plus a local rock band had its prayers answered. they are now living the dream because they're opening for bon jovi fifty two tonight in south in -- tonight. you'll hear from next. jaime apody with sports with eagles phillies and flyers.
5:39 pm
>> adam joseph returns with more on our soaking rain and when the sunshine will be here. that's when "action news" comes right back. i no longer live with the uncertainties of hep c. wondering, what if?
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>> a norman rockwell painting that was stolen more than four decades ago is back in its rightful south jersey home tonight. gray hall has more on the efforts to solve this art mystery. >> reporter: a family has wondered where this norman rockwell painting was. friday morning they got their answer and our cameras were rolling for the reunion decades in the making. >> i laugh and cried at the same time. i never had that experience before. >> reporter: turns out the person in possession of this piece for the last several decades had it in their art collection but had no clue it was stolen. when they discovered its history, through an fbi media blitz, they called authorities. >> my husband cried. he cried and cried and it was just -- fulfilling his dad's wishes of getting the painting back. one of the last things he said was go get norman. >> reporter: the prized piece purchased in the 1950's by the grant family for under 100 bucks was stolen from their cherry hill home back in 1976. the fbi says the person who had the painting all these
5:43 pm
years doesn't want to be identified but was not involved in the theft. >> really speaks volumes to the integrity and character of people right and they'll come forward and bring -- kind of knowing that this may be fairly valuable. >> reporter: a piece paint to tell a story is now the center of a story, the ending was always a mystery until now. >> my father-in-law bought this painting after he accidentally damaged it while playing pool. he had no idea at the time that the rockwell would become america's favorite artist. he tly loved this painting was very sad when it was stolen. now it's been returned a cahat he is probably smiling down on us right now. >> reporter: and so now if you are wondering what will happen to this painting we can tell you that back in 1976 it was insured. the family received $15,000 for their loss. it's estimated to be worth about a million dollars right now. the family tells us they will store that painting and then figure out what they should do with it. reporting in center city, gray hall channel6 "action news". >> jaime apody here with
5:44 pm
sports. eagles introducing a new bird in the nest. >> yeah, we love it. you got to love this guy, won a super bowl champ and son of a hall of famer decides philadelphia is where he wants to be. today we met the newest eagle chris long for the first time. long said his father howie long told him he'll love philly and love the people here. howie of course played at villanova a long time ago. a spot opened up when connor barwin was released. connor had nothing but great things to tell him about the city and the. the defensive end says it's a homecoming for his wife. grew up in moorestown new jersey as an eagles fan. >> when we were in college i tracked down a mcnabb jersey and got it signed and gave it to my wife for christmas present. and so like i think playing on the eagles is probably -- it's probably come full circle and, you know, it's -- she grew up an eagles fan, my in-laws they are all eagles fans so for me
5:45 pm
it's like everybody's happy in the family. >> good to hear. their bags are packed spring training is in the books the phillies are heading home. today the grapefruit league finale as they face the rays in clearwater. the concern continued for clay buchholz. they're all struggling. this game ending in the always exciting seven-seven town. the passing of ruben amaro today. the former short stop long time scout and coach in the organizationsly the father of former gm ruben amaro jr. he was on the coaching staff of the 1980 world series team managed by dallas green who died just last week. ruben amaro sr. was 81. flyers won but unfortunately guys they're chasing won as well and so the flyers need help and a lot of it. six points out five games to go they can be officially eliminated tomorrow when they face the devils. >> we did this to ourselves so
5:46 pm
for us it's just try to win every single game and hopefully were he can get some help. we'll just continue to go at it and continue to push our luck. >> we know we can be in a better position. that's on us but you know what, can't control what the other team is going to do. we can only control our games and like i said, we got to hope for some help but at the end of the day we got to play our game. >> shame too they're playing some of their best hockey and it's too late. they signed union college star mike vecchione. he's a former roommate of shayne gostisbehere who helped recruit him. he will suit up before the season is over. sixers in cleveland to face lebron james and the champs. cavs have won the last eight meetings between the two teams. jahlil okafor still out for the sixers robert covington out as well. norristown native auriemma can play.
5:47 pm
he nailed this underhanded shot before practice. his team has won 111 straight games. let's see him do that two times in a row. >> doing pretty well for him is elf. >> unbelievable. >> thanks jamie. thousands of bon jovi fans will head to south philadelphia tonight for the band's this house is not for sale tour. "action news" was at the wells fargo center this afternoon as the tour crew got the stage and sound equipment going. along with jersey rocker jon bon jovi a local band will be taking the stage in front of tens of thousands of screaming fans and how about that. mac 22 of philadelphia is the winner of bon jovi's opening act contest and hundreds of bans from around our region submitted original music videos voted on by the public and then judged mac 22 stole the hearts of fans and bon jovi and earned the right for them to open for the band tonight. >> pretty wild. pretty surreal. no words. i mean, it's like a life long dream, you know, just to be up on the stage and to open up for bon jovi, it's real like a
5:48 pm
childhood dream. >> in addition to their performance bon jovi fans should expect to hear all thes classic hits as well as songs from the new album. ranked highest in customer satisfaction by jd power 4 years in a row. and now you can love fios too. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone. all for $79.99 per month, for the first year with a two-year agreement. it's the only internet with equal upload and download speeds. cable only offers upload speeds that are a fraction of the download speeds. plus get hbo for a year and free multi-room dvr service for two years. and verizon wireless customers can stream tv on the fios mobile app, data-free. get the best. go to
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>> students in south jersey have been learning about the weather and today they got a visit from an expert on that topic our own meteorologist karen rogers spoke to the kids
5:51 pm
at pleasant valley school in mullica hill. the kids showed karen their own weather broadcast that they recently produced and she said you know what they did a pretty darn good job. karen talked to the students about how she prepares for forecasts each and every day. >> it has been miserable out there and preparing any of the forecasts. >> yeah, but at least we're going to kind of clean up the act here as we go into the upcoming weekend and sunshine by sunday but right now we still have a lot of rain falling from the sky. storm tracker6 double scan to the east of philadelphia right now we're starting to he sao it kind -- to see it break apar. lighter showers towards reading but as we head eastbound here and northeast of philadelphia, southern bucks county, mercer county, around trenton, florence, bristol, along route 130 off of the pennsylvania turnpike and the new jersey turnpike, a lot of water falling right now a lot of ponding on the roadway so slow travel in this region. as we go just to the south here in burlington county, camden county, route 70 here,
5:52 pm
there's 72, also dealing with some pockets of heavy rainfall. marlton you just got a quick burst that passed through and then it's lessening as you head towards berlin and philadelphia right now some very light rainfall but it is falling apart just to the west there or at least we're seeing a little temporary break with some grizz sell passing through the state of delaware. there is one river minor flooding occurring as of right now, the christina river at cooch's bridge. cresting a foot above flood stage 10.5 feet. it will slowly fall as we go through the evening hours. it is a rachially rain. philadelphia right now 49 degrees, 43 trenton, 42 in the lehigh valley and a little bit better, little warmer here 55 millville, atlantic city as well as dover and wilmington jumping up to 52 in the last hour. in addition to the rain in that chilly wind out of the east-northeast visibilities are pretty low across-the-board here. 1.5 miles in reading, 3 miles
5:53 pm
trenton, 1.3 miles at the atlantic city airport but what we're seeing that rain taking a break here from wilmington to dover. there visibility is a bit better between nine and 10 miles. low pressures down to the southeast of roanoke right noun that is heading to our south. you see some severe weather breaking out southern virginia northern north carolina with tornado watches there and this is all snow in central and northern new england and april fools snowstorm on tap for tonight and for the first day of april tomorrow up there and they're going to be measuring it in feet in some parts of new england. but for us at 8 o'clock tonight, still some pockets of light to moderate rainfall. most of it, the bulk of it finally heads out of here by midnight tonight with some lingering showers and drizzle. to start our saturday morning and throughout the day on saturday low clouds kind of stuck around the region. very late in the day we could see some breaks of sun with temperatures going back into the 50's here across-the-board but again, not the brightest
5:54 pm
of days but not the wet test test -- wettest of days. the seven-day forecast sunday is the best day here of 61 degrees. milder and again very bright. but then the clouds roll right back in on monday, rain develops late in the day of 60 degrees and then monday night into tuesday, another round of heavy rain, we'll pick up more than an inch likely across-the-board on tuesday even a thunderstorm of 58 degrees. we wedge in some sunshine here wednesday in between systems of 64. and then timing is kind of up in the air right now. sometime late thursday into early friday, another round of heavy rain to come in with temperatures at 60 degrees. so, it's almost an every other day type of event. >> goodness. >> pretty healthy systems coming through with quite a bit of rainfall. >> okay. healthy is one word. >> it's not snow. thank you. >> thanks. >> it is national dance marathon day and what better way to celebrate than to twist
5:55 pm
and turn. >> ♪ seniors the at the senior living community partied today to a deejay. they did the chicken dance the hokey pokey and there's the chicken and the electric slide. you are never too old to enjoy the beat and they certainly got in on the fun.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
>> right now jim gardner and the action team standing by with these stories. a man and would. found stabbed to death in a philadelphia home. >> plus, a suspected sniper under arrest for a shooting that happened near a gentleman's club and finish piece of a unique student art project is unveiled at a trenton school. >> for rick williams adam joseph jaime apody brian taff the entire "action news" team i'm monica malpass. have a good night and a great weekend. "action news" at 6:00 is next. >> good night.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rodgers, meteorologist cecily tynan and jim gardner. >> ♪ >> friday night. the pennsylvania horticultural society gives job training to former inmates and a 93-year-old woman is honored for her decades of work at a montgomery county supermarket. but the big story on "action news" tonight is rain and more rain in the tri-state area. and we're all waiting to find out when it will stop. it has been steady and it has been heavy throughout the area with some locations getting more than 2-inches so far.
6:00 pm
meteorologist cecily tynan is live at the big board with the latest information. >> jim, the system is loaded with moisture much it's very big. the center of the storm that's really taking over is south of our region and well to the north, heavy snow in parts of new england, more than a foot of snow and south some severe weather, tornado watches are posted and there's a tornado warning near norfolk virginia and we're actually detecting some of that circulation. you can see that cylinder there, that's what's known as a low level lock. it's reaching the ground and that's an indication of a possible tornado down there. fortunately here we're not getting the severe weather. we're getting the steady rain and zooming in on double scan live you can see that the steady rain is now really focused across new jersey along the new jersey turnpike and areas to the east. philadelphia getting a break in the action. west of philadelphia the steady rain has tapered off to showers. that's an indication the storm system is lifting away from us. so, we'll gradually be tapering off as far as rain
6:01 pm
tonight. whic


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