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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 6, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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them a lot of fun cash. one of those provrngsers jake paul is doing something really awesome. >> logan himself is pretty established in the youtube realm. >> see that key they were holding? >> it didn't look like a key. >> because it's a fancy key for a fancy car like a lamborghini. >> are you kidding me? >> which jake just bought for logan. >> no, no. what is this, bro? >> wow. >> look at this. >> like, how expensive is that? that's six figures. >> yo, stop. stop, stop, stop. jake, bro. >> heez are the modern day rock stars. >> it's a prank. >> and there it is. >> this should be a prank. >> yo. stop. jake, jake. >> god, it's beautiful. >> he breaks down crying. >> no! >> they even have a video with their mom talking about this.
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>> i'm waiting for the shoe to drop here. let me see the title. i want to see the paperwork. >> finally he realizes, no. this is really my car. my bro really did just buy me a lambo and he starts krieg like a baby. >> oh, my god. >> even if it is a prank, you have a key to a lamborghini in your hand right now. go now. >> don't cry. >> i'm not crying. i'm sweating from any eyes. >> you've been onto it the whole time. >> is he for real? >> is when it is going to turn into the worst day of his life. >> april fool's man. >> it was nothing more than a big april fool's gaubecause apparently his birthday falls on april 1st. >> oh! >> you go back to the beginning, they show you how they pulled it off. but he still does kind of get a
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lam lambo. >> every year i forgot it's my birthday own april fool's day. >> thanks for joining us. we'll see you on the next brand new episode of
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the toronto blue jays, nicknamed superman. for any one needing a reason why. he runs face first right into the wall to rob baltimore's manny machato which would have been a run, if not a home run. and gave up his body in a losing cause. the orioles won a game. >> the wall would have been penetrated. he could have flown. >> fine. fine. and the masters gets under way today. the world's best golfer may not be able to play. dustin johnson injured himself. may not be okay enough for the 2:00 p.m. tee time. his agent said in a statement he took a serious fall on the stairs in the rental home in augusta yesterday. he landed hard on the back. had been on a roll, having won the last three tournaments. many thought he was it for the tournament.
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design. and contracting companies across america are waiting to find out if they have been chosen to build the president's border wall. >> this comes as a drop in immigrant trying to cross the border illegally. here is marci gonzale zblal els. >> reporter: a sharp decline of people taken into custody crossing the border illegally. 33,000 last year. to 12,000 march of63% drop. yet plan for president donald trump's signature campaign promise of building a border wall are still moving forward. >> physical barriers do work if they're put in the right places. homeland security secretary, john kelly testifying on capitol hill it won't be a full wall across the border but rather a combination of wall, fencing and surveillance. still unclear how it will be paid for, proposals from companies hoping to get the coveted contract to construct the border barrier, are all now
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in. all keeping with the administration's guidelines it be at least 30 feet tall, impossible to climb over, or dig under for at least six feet, also, that the side facing the u.s. be in the administration's word, aesthetically pleasing in color. but from there, each company -- >> the side here. >> brings its own variations. >> this is high end stuff. >> one designing a wall made of solar panels. this arizona company proposing carpet from land fills fused with concrete which will cut material costs in half. >> we think will be a benefit in building border wall. >> those companies hoping to get the green light for the while bracing for backlash. >> i would hope they understand that we are builders. and that's what we do. we're not politicians. >> reporter: next step from here, several companies invited to build prototypes in san diego. from those the final design will be chosen. marci nz
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for decade, of course that made the whole world sing. both on radio and tv. he is now on the latest cover of "people" magazine. >> barry manilow has opened up about an aspect of his life he has been trying to keep private nearly 50 years until now. here's abc's chris connelly. ♪ at the copa copacabana ♪ >> reporter: for nearly 50 years as a hit maker and entertainer with flare. barry manilow delighted devoted
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listeners. ♪ i can't smile without you >> reporter: giving them a steady stream of easy on the ear love songs since his 1974 ballad "mandy." ♪ you came and you gave without taking but i sent you away oh mandy ♪ >> reporter: now 73 and he says off the road for keeps after a 2016 tour, barry manilow has news to share revealing in people that he is gay and in 2014 he married his long time love and manager gary keiff. >> barry told us looking act his husband saying i love you in front of their close family and friend was much more meaningful moment than he anticipated. ♪ i'm ready to take a chance again ♪ >> reporter: rising to stardom in an era when revelations were thought to be career threatening, he chose not to share his sexual orientation with his fans earlier because he
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says, i thought i would be disappointing them if they knew i was gay. >> barry remand mum on his sexuality for years and something he never talked about. >> reporter: in a career that began with writing well-known ad jingles. ♪ there is nothing so clean as my burger machine ♪ >> do the jingle. >> like a good neighbor state farm is there. >> served as music director for bette midler in 1971. ♪ going to the chapel and we're going to get married ♪ >> on to the mainstream sing-along melodies so many have savored. ♪ i write the songs that make the whole world sing ♪ >> reporter: those who love manilow and his music have never been disappointed. ♪ looks like we made it >> chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> i found out something way more surprising about barry manilow. he did not write the song "i
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time for our "inbox segment" where we stop telling our stories to tell your stories. >> in essence you telling us about ourselves. flooded our inbox is the pizza-palooza took place. this dream sequence. >> jeez. >> it wasn't real life. there has been controversy about all these, peelt zbla, that's, whthat's, -- pizza, what is wrong with some of the pizza. put an end to it. >> outdoing themselves with gross pizza. hoping to come up with the grossest concoction. you had strong reactions. classic kendis won't eat a gourmet meal on television but eats his own self-created
2:56 am
monstrosity. >> i made it. >> how do you feel about your culinary art called monstrosity? >> it was a thing of beauty. as steven of philadelphia was saying. you will eat the bottom of a garbage can? >>y, you are right. >> i love pizza, but this -- >> you didn't taste the peanut butter on top. wonderful. >> you did put peanut but r on it. >> diet coke. the sauce. yum. good friend, colleague, gio benitez, he is handsome. equally perplexed. garnering four lolo. >> that's what you choose to eat on air? >> yes, gio. >> we had folks asking for proof that you did eat the pizza didn't just sort of take a bite off camera spit it out. what proof do you have? >> i was sick all day long. and if there is any proof on instagram, had to run immediately afterward. if you can see, look at the slow-mo. then it was also -- wow, that
2:57 am
is, wow, the slow-mo, oh, my god. >> you know what you look like you were really enjoying it. the first time you have eaten in a while? >> it was awful. awful. >> this. >> i can actually act as your witness in this one. he did legit natalie eat the pizza. >> hadn't eaten in decade. >> i know. that was for real. no spitting it out. >> "world news now" survivor. >> next, diane's new life as a bear. >> yeah. we made a little bet. with our ncaa brackets. you probably guessed. saw the bracket. i lost. and this ended up being the payoff. >> on twitter, announced that we are going to replace them for ted three. >> got a new gig out of the deal. >> buddies for life. >> rich made a funny observation. noticing the staff behind us. he says the funny part. people behind us had zero reaction to >> important message
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this morning on "world news now" -- tornados and severe weather battering a good part of the country. >> residents dealing with golf ball sized hail, high wind, several damaging tornados and there are more thunderstorms and flash floods on the way. for today. we'll show you where. >> and the horrific war crime in syria. that may have finally pushed the world to respond. president trump's reaction suggesting that a broader response to atrocities could be on the way. but what would that mean? >> good m who drove into the water. hear how the striver who said ht want to be saved. >> then, the truth about digital dating, more than 30% of newly married couples say they met onf the industry's mostte gets an f
3:01 am
business bureau. we'll find tout wout why and ho protect yourself on this thursday, april 6th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." check your tinder profiles. make sure everything is in order. >> it isn't. >> can't keep track of how many match, what are the other ones -- >> i wouldn't know. of course. >> that's true. as you flashed the bling. many out there. delve into that.eople are talking about. >> talk more about that. we start our top story off, thif severe weather stretching all the way from florida to the great lakes. >> one system located right there on the carolinsee, anothe from georgia up into west virginia and ohio. 60 million people in the danger zones today.
3:02 am
expecting tornados, destructive winds and large hail. one large tornado, half a dozen weaker ones reported. in southeastern alabama a but two dozen homes were damaged or destroyed. residents report seeing, several tornados there. >> large hail fell 200 miles to the north of that. between birmingham, heavy rain flooding in eastern georgia. ma that was cut sthort because of bad weather. the course likely off to still be wet for today's first round. >> busy day at accuweather. here is justin pavick. >> kendis, diane. thanks. tracking more dangerous thunderstorms as we go throughout the day. notice severe threat. d.c. philadelphia, richmond, norfolk. heavy soaking rains, points north and west. rain and the snow heading out toward detroit. we are tracking severe weather like i said down into the eastern portion of the country. all the way done to eastern
3:03 am
north carolina. looking at again all modes of severe weather being possibility. di >> thanks. president trump has the world in suspense after emphatically denouncing the chemical attack in syria calling it an affront to humanity that cannot be tolerated. >>tihede changed toward syria and its president, bashir al-assad, not offering details on how the u.s. might respond. e house. >> welcoming the king of jordan chemical weapons attack in syria. placing the blame squarely on the syrian government. >> terrible. >> later at a joint press conference in the rose garden, he suggested there should be retaliation. >> these heinous actions by the assad regime cannot be fol rated. >> in the past, again and again, donald trump said the u.s. should not get involved.
3:04 am
tweeting, syria its not our problem. when president obama proposed protecting civilians. and after assad's massive chemical weapons attack in 2013, he tweeted do not attack syria. fix usa. adding if you do, many bad things will happen. and from that fight, the u.s. gets nothing. but now the president says the horrific images have changed his news views on the assad regime. innocent civilians suffering from this week's attack. more than 80 dead. here a father clutches twin 9-month-old babies. both of them killed. at the white house, talk of a changed syria policy. >> i do change. and i am flexible. i am proud of the flexibility fee. i will fell you that attack on children, yesterday, had a big impact on me. big impact. and -- it is very, very possible and i will tell you, it is already happened, that my attitude towards syria and assad
3:05 am
has changed very much. >> trump blames president obama for the humanitarian crisis. but acknowledges it is now his challenge to solve. >> i now have responsibility and i will have that responsibility and carry it very proudly. i will fell you that. it is now my responsibility. >> quickly ask you if the chemical attack crosses a red lean for you? >> it crossed a lot of lines for me. when you -- kill innocent children, innocent babies, babies, little babies, with a chemical gas that is so lethal people were shocked to hear what gas it was that crosses many, many lines. beyond a red line. many, many lines. >> reporter: he gave no indication of what he may do? >> one of the things you have notice add but me is militarily i don't look to stay where i'm going and what i am doing. i'm not saying i'm doing anything one way or the other. but i am certainly not going to
3:06 am
be telling you. >> king abdulla made it clear the world is looking to president trump. >> i believe under your leadership, we will be able to unravel this very complicated situation. >> the president while blaming his predecessor is promising to take action. >> the world is a mess. i inherited a mess. we are going to fix it. we are going to fedex ix it. >> the president chaired a meeting of the national security council here at the white house wednesday about the chemical weapons attack in syria, a sign that figuring out a way to respond to it is high on the agenda. jonathan carl, abc news, the white house. >> president trump taking aim at former national security adviser susan rice suggest she may have broken the law. rice acknowledged as part of her job she had asked for the identities caught up in surveillance. and sources say it stemmed from investigations into russia's election meddling. when asked if rice committed a
3:07 am
crime, the president said yes, i think. but he offered no evidence. a spokeswoman for rice said "i'm not going to dig nignify the president's ludicrous charge with a comment." >> the president is heading to florida to welcome the chinese president to his mar a lago estate for a two day summit. expected to pressure the chinese president to rein in north korea over its nuclear program after warning earlier the u.s. could act alone. as a candidate trump repeatedly accused china of abusive trade practices. >> air national guard pilot got quite the scare when he was forced to ditch his jet in a d.c. suburb. f-16 on a training mission when the pilot bailed out. thankfully he was able to ditch the fuel tanks steer the jet away from houses before eje ejecting. the plane crashed in a wooded area, 200 yards away from homes. but, then residents also reported hearing gunshots. the shots are suspected the
3:08 am
ammunition the jet was carrying. the pilot made it out with minor injuries. and nobody else was hurt. >> this morning, we are hearing from one of the heroes in an amazing rescue caught on camera in central florida. ruls russell aaron in his car when he saw an suv plunge into a lake in winterhaven. aaron and a man jumpeden to save the driver. a good thing. water was up to the man's chin when hey reached him. and aaron says the man had given up. >> i said, man, what's going on. got to go. got to go. he looked at me calmly, and said please will you let me drowned. i said, no, not today, bubba. >> aaron and the man pulled the driver to shore. he is recovering in the hospital. but aaron says he doesn't think of himself as a hero. he says, he soaps some one would be willing to do the same for him. >> we can hope that young man gets some help. >> yes, we hope aaron never needs anybody to do the same for him. >> yeah. >> from a life saved to a game who appears to put a lot of
3:09 am
lives in danger. >> elmwood gutshell, iii, was picked up for dui while wearing lives. t-shirt said drunk lives matter. police say his blood alcohol was 2.17. >> wow. >> sorry, .217. >> in addition to dui, he faces a number of other charges including, driving on a suspended license, no judgment on the t-shirt. >> wasn't incognito. >> no. >> there is that. navigating pitfalls of online dating. >> if you haven't lived through it yourself. then you have add least heard the horror stories. there isplenlt -- plenty of eternal love to be found. may not want to pay for the help. off awe grab your corkscrews, pop open a bottle. our drinking h ining habits hav justified. can drinking wine exercise your
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check this out. talk about some one who needs anger management. a customer, at a convenient store. his card was denied. in southern california. that was his response. >> he went crazy. taking out his rage on the clerk. cash register as well. what did the cash register do to you? this wasn't some big ticket purchase either. listen. >> 75 cent bag of m & ms. his card was what got declined. he took it out on the person, just there working trying to make a living. >> yeah, now luckily, the clerk is just fine. the guy though will face assault and vandalism charges if he is
3:14 am
caught. he still has not been caught. but, the candy promises not to melt in your hand. don't say anything about meltdowns. a a doesy mi >> sur prprised the clerk didn' try to sock him in the face for putting a bag of m & ms on. >> from the meltdown. different meltdown. playing out at fox news channel. >> more than 50 advisers leave o'reilly factor. o'reilly is finding a powerful ally in the white house. linsey davis has more. >> you are about to enter. >> reporter: as embattled star of fox news faces a firestorm, the president is coming to his defense. in an interview with "the new york times," president trump said i think he is a person i know well. he is a good person. fox news is facing growing calls to fire o'reilly.
3:15 am
nearly 50 companies have pulled their ad from his show, since it was reported the network and o'reilly paid five women almost $13 million in settlementments over claims of sexual harassment or other inappropriate behavior. the president says personally i think he shouldn't have settled. you should have take in it all the way. i don't think bill did anything wrong. it's not the first time he defended a fox titan. last summer when former ceo roger ailes faced multiple allegations of sexual harassment, candidate trump defended his friend. >> they're saying these horrible things about him. it is very sad. he is a very good person. >> reporter: just a month before the election, it was trump under fire for that infamous access hollywood tape where he talked about groping women. >> when you are a star they let you do it. you can do anything. >> not going to play too much of it. it is crude guy talk. >> candidate trump gave o'reilly the first tv interview in the whack of the explosive tape. >> first of all, locker room
3:16 am
talk. most people have heard it before. >> he apoll joyed for remarks. more than a dozen women came forward accusing him of inappropriate sexual advances and groping. allegations he denied. as for o'reilly. he said in a statement over the weekend. his fame makes him a target. so he has to put to rest any controversies to spare his children. president trump's defense of o'reilly days after the president acknowledged april as sexual assault and awareness month. linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> all of that not impacting ratings at all. up week to week. 20% since the scandal came up. >> lot of people tuning in. >> just under 4 million people watching every night. >> in our next half-hour, talk about the new business deal that might put richard simmons back in the public eye. >> wait, he is a round? >> he is around. >> looking for love. why the honeymoon bay soon be over for one particular outlet. the story is next. make the most of a few minutes
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with instant moisture from k-y ultragel.
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♪ ♪ >> you know that great singer, buckwheaton "saturday night live," sang looking for love in all the wrong places. looking for love. apparently, buckwheelt ahead of his time when it comes to online
3:19 am
sites. >> that's right. the biggest of them all. is coming under fire getting a failing ground by better business bureau. and looking into this. kendis would look to know all about this. >> plea, give me, looking in all the wrong places. >> good morning, i have all the details. really surprising findings. claims to have led more singles to marriage than any other site. but are they more interested in love or money? >> mom, i met someone. >> i met someone. >> touts its love connections. >> three or four of my friend got married to people on match. >> reporter: according to better business bureau, the dating powerhouse is the second worst rated company of more than 5 million. >> i felt scammed. really felt scammed. >> shane has one of 1700 unanswered customer complaints. >> there is a pattern. again it has to do with the auto billing. >> when consumers seen up for
3:20 am
the three menth offer they assume they're making a one time payment. so in very fine print at the very bottom of the website. you would have to scroll through several pages, to get to where they note that they auto renew without any warning at all. shane says she felt deceived when her $88, 12 week subscription was renewed. she called match to ask for a refund. i said, well, you know i don't remember ever clicking a button to hit, omt pt in. shouldn't i have the choice to opt in to auto renewal. they said that's not how we do things. that's it. one of 11 dating web sites. including tinder, and okay cupid owned by the group. many of them have f ratings. is match in the wrong in terms and conditions if they're protected there? >> tell you bbb code of advertising speaks to the point. if the company wants to be transparent. instead of opt out, they have opt in. a spokesperson tells abc news,
3:21 am
we are working closely with the better business bureau to address all past complaints and plan to be back in good standing soon. we encourage all customers to contact us directly via the help portals on our site with concerns. shane says she is looking love offline. >> try meeting people in the real world now. >> is it working? >> not yet. >> the better business bureau says other complaints against match and tinder include fake profiles, catfishing and difficulty canceling subscriptions. the key here, proceed with caution. >> yes. >> there are, the better business bureau gives some tips if you are looking on dating web sites. basic things. protect your identity. don't use your name, birthday. as grueling as it, read terms, conditions look at refind policy. cancellation. check to see if criminal background checks are run. typically they're not. >> you have no idea who you are talking to. don't give money or take money.
3:22 am
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just one softgel delivers mega support. ♪ ♪ >> not that we needed an excuse. we have a reason to enjoy wine. >> whoo-hoo. >> cheers to that. somebody got to mine beforehand. so there is a scientist, neurologist, brain people, at ya yale. brain people who came up with the study who says that drinking wine is like burpees for the brain. helps your brain. the deal. wine, haven't had enough of it, actually doesn't have any flavor. so this scientist, gordon shepherd says it creates a sensation that we perceive that taste, our brains are the ones that are, perceiving the taste. so, our brains are working all this time. the parts of our brains working
3:26 am
drinking wine helps with memory, pattern, recognition, pleasure. minor sips. the stuff you and i do at 5:00 a.m. >> minor sips. how many? >> true. >> minor sips to the bottle. >> i have pretty good sip. could work. >>ness time do burpees for my workout. grab the wine. >> brain burpees. >> on to, there its a few memes going around. when mom its away, what will dad and the kids do. would mom approve? so on. one in alabama may have taken it to a whole new level. decided to play photo shop pranks. started like this. looks like he has a piece of hair shaved off. said it wasn't my fault. he moved. then here its the son, hiding in shame. finally the dad decide. one may to wake his son feel better. they both shave their head. yeah. >> and just as his wife is just totally freaking out.
3:27 am
he finally reveals. just kidding. >> my god. >> such a great photo shop job. >> really good photo shop. thought they both lost is:son played in with the look. >> of course not there is anything wrong with the look at all. >> the ball look. >> all the cool kids are doing it. >> that's what i was told t hasn't grown back since. >> this wasn't a photo shop prank. >> photo shop fail. let's go down under, tasmania. not a devil, crazy guy there. record setting slack line walker. lucas, walked above that -- huge, valley there. >> on to a dog who may outsmarted us all. perfect way to eat popcorn. check it out. there he is. golden doodle. enjoying popcorn. >> looked like the puppy we had >> looked like the puppy we had here,
3:28 am
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this morning on "world news now" -- democrats and republicans are on a collision course as the battle over president trump's supreme court nominee expected to go nuclear. we'll tell you what that means ahead of the big vote over a year in the making. >> as president trump respond to the crisis in syria, we're getting more and more horrible images that are too difficult to ignore. parents having to bury their children in unmarked graves. will this be the moment that something is finally done? >> new this half-hour, how a group of highschoolers ousted their principal. >> students at the school newspaper were putting together a feature story on the incoming administrator, what they uncovered led to that
3:31 am
principal's resignation. >> and -- hear how britney spears is shaking up world politics. america's princess of pop just did that is forcing a rare move by election officials. that's coming up in "the skinny" on this thursday, april 6th. ♪ ♪ there's no escape ♪ ♪ i can't wait >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." ♪ you're dangerous >> don't know what this was. not a britney spears move. that was -- >> it worked with the song. other moves that britney was exhibiting there in that airplane. >> can't do them on tv. >> not quite. not sure you can do them on an airplane aisle as well. >> true. >> true. we'll get to that and the explosive details. to the explosive showdown looming over president trump's pick for the supreme court. >> after weeks of bitter bipartisan fighting confirmation of judge neil gorsuch just one day away. democrats set to make history by
3:32 am
blocking gorsuch with a filibuster. but republicans are ready to fire back. >> abc's correspondent has the latest from washington. arlette. >> reporter: good morning, guys. democrats preparing to do something never been done before. successfully filibuster a supreme court nominee. but republicans are countering with a move of their own to get president trump's nominee on the supreme court. they're ready to go nuclear. supreme court nominees need 60 votes for confirmation. democrats are so oppose to judge neil gorsuch they summoned enough votes, 44 of them to block the nomination. that's where the so-called nuclear option comes into play. mitch mcconnell says he has the votes to change senate procedure requiring a simple majority. 51 votes to confirm a nominee to the supreme court. that move could have far-reaching implications on the makeup of future supreme courts, leading to potentially more ideological nominees. even some republican whose support the change are warning of the repercussions. >> what we are poised to do at the end of this week will have
3:33 am
tremendous consequences and i fear that someday we will regret what we are about to do. in fact, i'm confident we will. >> now, the senate has gone nuclear before. back in 2013 when democrats were in control, they altered the rules to ease confirmation for lower court nominees. today's rule change paves the way for the senate to confirm judge gorsuch on friday. that vote expected to be largely along party lines. the whole process another sign of just how partisan the senate has become. diane, kendis. >> to quote mccain by the way, he says, who ever thought going nuclear was a good idea, is a stupid idiot in his words. only the way john mccain can say. he is going to vote for it in the end. >> straight shooter. >> president trump coming face to face with his chinese counterpart for the first time. >> the president hosting the chinese president at his mar a lago estate in south florida.
3:34 am
they will dine with their wives. and will focus on north korea. trump presses china to rein in the north. the men are also expected to discuss trade, another point of contention. >> death toll from suspected chemical attack in syria climbed to more than 85. >> we are now seeing some more heartbreaking images like this one. devastated father holding his 9-month-old twins. they were killed along with dozens of other men, women and children. >> as mourning continues, president trump condemned the attacks and change of heart about the syrian regime. we get more from abc's richard cantu.
3:35 am
assad regime cannot be tolerated. >> u.n. ambassador nikki haley going further during an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council holding up pictures of syrian children, affected by the suspected chemical attack. >> when the united nations consistently fails in its duty to act collectively there are times in the life of states, times in the life of states, that we are compelled to take our own action. >> president trump though giving no indication what that action might be. >> militarily, i don't look to say where i'm going and what i'm doing. i'm not saying i'm doing anything one way or the other. but i am certainly not going to
3:36 am
be telling you. >> assad and his russian backers claim the attack was the work of terrorist groups. like isis. but secretary of state rex tillerson pointed responsibility at assad calling out the russians too. >> the russians need to think about their continued support of the assad regime. >> president trump claim he inherited a mess but says now it is my responsibility. richard cantu, abc, new york. a member of the secret service has been suspended. the agent a member of vice president pence ear detail. the arrest reportedly happened at a maryland hotel last week. cnn says, police caught the agent who was offduty at the time after he left that hotel t once he was charged he told the secret service about the incident. >> also breaking overnight. we have more severe weather in the south. moving up the eastern seaboard. there are two strong storm systems right now one extending north from georgia to pennsylvania and ohio. the other sitting right on the coast, but also slicing across northern florida to the gulf. so much rain fell in columbia, south carolina, yesterday, that the downtown flooded. starbuck's customers, actually stranded inside the store. mean while, it will be another day of cleaning of in goodman, missouri where a tornado
3:37 am
destroyed the elementary school or damaged or destroyed other buildings. >> woman trapped underneath a 1500 pound boulder is expected to survive. rescues from a mountain in golden, colorado. took two hours for crews to get her free. she was in critical condition. unconscious. her legs had been crushed. however rescuers said her vital signs appeared to be good at the time. now crews don't know how she became pinned. but they think weather may have been a factor in that boulder initially falling there. >> weather a factor in the unusually large swarm of icebergs in the north atlantic shipping lanes now. coast guard reports 400 have drifted in, forcing ships to slow down or take long detours. average for this time of year is 80. >> shout out to group of journalists at a high school newspaper in pittsburgh, kansas. >> yeah, students found discrepancies when researching
3:38 am
the background of their new principal. among them, she claimed graduate degrees from a school that doesn't really exist. diplomas. and the student newshound took their findings to the school board and a conference call with the new principal. >> their story was published last friday. four days later, that principal resigned. praise for the six student journalists pouring in from all over. going to add ours along with theirs. who ever teaches any journalism class in that school also, deserves some props. they even got a shotout from members of spotlight, "boston globe." they got contacted by them. basically saying, great investigative journalism. >> find out how they did it or why, later on when they appear on "good morning america." i'm sure, brian ross unit is interested in hiring them. >> coming up, the pepsi ad that kind of lost its fizz. the soft drink giant saying about the ad starring kendall jenner after one day of intense criticism on social media. >> why the opening scene from "lala land" is inspiration for a high schooler getting ready for
3:39 am
the prom. ♪ in the valley of the sun, sun, sun, sun ♪ ♪ in the valley of the sun >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by fisher investments. ♪ ♪ stments. ♪ ♪ good morning!
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>> north on crockett. and dash cam video from a small town in north east, texas, police chased an 18-year-old who stole an ambulance. the guy was a patient in the emergency room. jumped into the ambulance. and took off. and speed getting up to 90 miles an hour. and then this. >> get out of the vehicle! get on the ground! [ sirens blaring ] get on the ground! so the 18-year-old is charged with dwi, evading arrest, and reckless driving. he is being held on a whole lot of money. $115,000 bond. >> looks like richard simmons is headed back into the spotlight. for decades known for the over the top fitness videos and tv appearances.
3:43 am
but lately, he has apparently been reclusive. there even been public concern about his well-being, a whole pod cast revolves around that. well now he has signed a new deal with a company will handle his company, endorsements and launch a line of motivation products. no time line on when he may start promoting the product. >> welcome back, richard simmons. pepsi trying to hide from the spotlight right now. after heat the backlash over the ad. featuring kendall jenner. >> the soft drink giant is apologizing for the ad critics say trivialized black lives matter protests. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: pepsi's edgy web ad features a diverse crowd, led by reality star, kendall jenner. ♪ we have the moves disarming tension between police and protestors with the help of a beverage. the similarity with this iconic image offended activists who accused pepsi of trivializing
3:44 am
the black lives matter movement, the daughter of dr. martin luther king jr., shot dead in memphis, 49 years ago this week, tweeted, if only daddy would have known about the power of pepsi. pepsi apologized to dr. king's daughter. and pulled the spot. ♪ i'd like to buy the world >> coke famously keyed in on turmoil in the 70s with its hill top ad, madison avenue moment so successful, it served as series finale for "mad men." ♪ like to buy the world a home >> but pepsi hasn't had don draper's touch. >> come on. which one is he? >> few years back the company pulled this mountain dew web ad featuring a rambunctious goat. in a police lineup. with black men. pepsi does have regrets. the company notes a commitment to diversity. 42% of the company senior executives are people of color.
3:45 am
the company says its new ad was frying to project a global message of unity, peace, and understanding. adding, clearly we missed the mark. david wright, abc news, new york. >> i do wonder if the controversy would be there if it was some body other than kendall genre. if it was a, a black woman, actress, would there be the outcry. >> people do love to hate that entire family. so maybe, anyone other than, some one from the kardashian clan would have garnered less anger. but, pepsi apologizing. hopefully bounce back from this. >> let us not what you think. would it make a difference if it was some one else. or more like a jenner thing. on website. facebook page. well when we come back, we will speak about somebody else, britney spears. who is meddling in an election. kind of. >> there is also an epic prom-posal taking a page out of "lala land" have to see it. "the skinny" is next. ♪ it.
3:46 am
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny we could have started with britney spears remix to "the skinny" song. we are starting off "the skinny" with america's princess of pop. she is shaking up politics in israel. >> yeah, that israel. ♪ can't you see >> britney spears apparently set to perform in tel aviv july 3rd. same day as the country's labor party elections. >> well that conflict was enough to force the party to move elections to the next day. >> they apparently. >> july 4. >> they think it's toxic. party's primary concern was that one main polling locations is right across the street from where spears' concert will take play. the concert is apparently
3:49 am
already stretching security personnel thin. >> at least one israeli public suggested there may bea few party voters whey want to watch britney do her thing. >> sleep in. >> maybe a good way to lure people to the polls. britney spears will be performing next to the location. >> come on in. don't think so. response from britney was like, oh, oops, i did it again. next, never too early to learn how to beat box. so bad, just going to move on. sorry. sorry. pretty sad. >> check out the 2-year-old son of alicia keys, and he is proving to all of us this morning, we are just not really all that talented. check out this post from his dad on instagram. >> hey. hey. hey.
3:50 am
hey. one, two. >> ha-ha-ha. >> cutest thing ever. >> just december. may recall that swiss bates, a proud dad showed off musical talent of their other son, 6-year-old egypt who wrote performed a song "super boy." >> stop, just stop, stop it. it is not fair. >> 2-year-old, 6-year-old. not only very, very cute kids. they're talented as well. >> ready. >> there is egypt. >> i think he is his mama's kid. he has like a piano. >> everything. >> they're also just beautiful little boys. >> yeah, they are. congratulations to alicia. congratulations to swiss bates. congratulations to the boys. thank you for making us feel bad about ourselves.
3:51 am
>> please, can i sign you to my label. >> no. moving on. >> say it not spray it. >> amateur performer. going viral. >> seen epic prom-posals, a teenager in scottsdale, asked actress emma stone to his prom. he put together a parody of "lala land" with the help of friend and classmates. rewriting and singing the lyrics himself. ♪ emma stone i think if you came i'd go insane ♪ ♪ i hope you'll want to come on down ♪ ♪ i'll see your face how i got so looky ♪ >> so far, jacob hasn't heard back. doesn't call by april 29. he has a backup date. >> scottsdale, arizona, stone's hometown. maybe he stands a chance. >> i got it. >> no, no, no.
3:52 am
♪ he stands a chance. >> i got it. >> no, no, no.
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> so the next story will truly touch your emotional level. if you are not choked up by the end of it. i don't know what would work. >> a mother from texas melt three people given a second chance at life thanks to her son's organ donation. here's abc's david muir. >> reporter: a mother's laughter, smile, knowing the gift her son has given. in fort worth texas, so many student wearing aaron singleton's, number 33. a profound lesson in giving. aaron grew up living sports, up at bat, playing for the joshua all-stars. later baseball and football in
3:56 am
high school. too many medals too many award to count. >> track. baseball. >> it was last november, aaron suffered a serious head injury during a game. he di not survive. his team, his community, heartbroken. >> i wish more than anything for him to be here with us. playing by our side. >> reporter: in the commune fee a lesson about life and the gift from number 33. his mother made the difficult choice to donate his organs. and you are about to see the moment aaron's mother meets the three people who are alive today because of her son. 32-year-old dustin early receiving a kidney. >> you know, do just about anything i want to now. i am grateful for that. a mother, brenda flores receiving a kidney and liver. >> i am so glad to meet you. so grateful. >> me too. >> two mothers brought together. >> mike norton from houston, receiving aaron's heart. >> i'm so sorry for your loss.
3:57 am
but i am very appreciative of your gift. >> you are welcome. >> thank you. >> everything i do the rest of my life, aaron is taking me there. >> along with the hug, she hears her son's heart. a mother's strength. a son's gift. and three strangers grateful. david muir, abc news, new york. >> what a powerful image. listening to her own son's heartbeat. >> that's got to be really, really odd and thrilling for her at the same time. she says his legacy lives on. through all of the people. also, two people had their sight restored. >> right, three other donors in total weren't able to make tight that event. she did quite a beautiful thing there. >> don't miss updates on at >> this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades. at >> this is abc's "world news now." informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning, president trump is facing some serious foreign challenges. the world is watching for his broader response to the chemical attack in syria and he's just hours away from a high establishes meeting with his chinese counterpart. we're live in washington. happening today, going nuclear in the senate. republicans ready to change the rules in order to get president trump's supreme court nominee on the bench. but even some republican lawmakers are warning against it. we're watching the severe weather rolling toward the northeast. the storms have already caused plenty of damage and more could be on the way. we have your forecast ahead. the brainy brothers, quadruplets off to college, each with a tough choice to make. harvard or yale.


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