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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 10, 2017 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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good morning to you all. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. here are the top headlines we are following this morning on "world news now." state of emergency in egypt'locegypt'. isis claimed responsibility and warning there will be more. >> today judge neil gorsuch poise to officially become the newest member of the supreme court. filling the seat of late justice antonin scalia. gorsuch will be sworn in at the white house this morning. >> upscale shopping center, rocked by a double-murder suicide. a former employee returns to the south florida gym, moments later, after he was fired and allegedly opened fired killing two supervisors before turning the gun on himself. >> people around the world begin the holiday of passovers.
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celebrates the jews liberation from slavery as described in the book of exodus. the holiday continues until next tuesday night. those are some of our top stories on this monday, april 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." # it is holy week as well for christians. we'll start with the attack in, on a church, in egypt. they took place on palm sunday. beginning of this week for christians. >> two blasts killed at least 44 people, injured more than 125 more. isis has claimed responsibility. and is promising more attacks against christians. abc's alex marquardt has more. >> reporter: one of the holiest days of the year ending in tragedy. palm sunday services in egypt, torn apart by explosions. dozens killed in two separate terror attacks, both targeting the christian community. isis now claiming sponlt. it started at saint george's
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church, just north of cairo. this photo taken just minutes before the first blast. showing a full congregation inside. the explosion right in the middle of the packed pews. cameras focused on the choir, capturing the moment of detonation. much of the aftermath so graphic, it can't be shown. but the damage clear around the altar littered with debris. walls pitted and blackened by the blast. this man says people were waiting inside the church when everything went black. he passed out. then awoke. and saw several bodies. as survivors tried to rescue the dead and wounded, a second blast, the church in alexandria, captured on surveillance cameras. officials say the bomber tried to get through the entrance of saint mark's cathedral. police there turning him away. he then blows himself of in front of a metal detector. surviving worshippers, holding palm leaves stained with blood.
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leaders around the world condemning attacks including pope francis asking the world to pray during his palm sunday mass at the vatican. president trump on twitter. senate minority leader, charles schumer. >> and to blow up some christian churches on palm sunday, in egypt, is despicable, it shows the that we have to redouble our efforts against isis. >> show of solidarity on a day so full of sorrow. alex marquardt, abc news, beirut. >> authorities in sweden say the suspect in last friday's truck attack was trying to avoid deportation. the 33-year-old men who drove a truck down a pedestrian street into a department store apparently had application for residency permit rejected. just month as go. he avoided deportation by giving police the wrong address. that man is originally from uzbekistan, four people were killed in friday's attack. a second person has been arrested in connection with that incident. >> secretary of state rex tillerson may be in for a tense
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round of talks when he arrives in moscow tomorrow. russia is slamming the u.s. over last week's missile strikes on syrian air base. and making it clear that they're prepared to intervene. we get the latest now from abc's richard cantu. >> reporter: secretary of state rex tillerson arrived in italy sunday night en route to moscow where he hopes to mend fences. tough talking warning from military commanders defending the assad regime in syria says, the united states crossed red lines by attacking syria. a joint statement from russia, iran and hezbollah. and the commanders threatened to retaliate against any future military action. adding, russia and iran will not allow the united nations to be the only superpower in the world. >> the united states is investigating whether the russians were involved in the chemical attack last week that killed more than 80 syrian civilians. speaking to abc's correspondent, secretary tillerson sounded
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conciliato conciliatory. >> george, not seeing any hard evidence that connect the russians directly to the planning or execution of this chemical weapons attack. indeed that's why we try to be very clear the russians were never targeted in the strike. >> syrian base targeted thushz day, though damaged is now back in action. these russian made syrian war planes seen taking off. what does the white house have in mind for syria? united nations ambassador nikki haley suggested it might be regime change. >> we don't see a peaceful syria with assad in there. >> secretary of state says our priority in syria is defeat of isis. >> in that regard we are hopeful we can work with russia and use their influence to achieve areas of stabilization throughout syria. >> richard cantu, abc news, new york. president trump's dep see national security advise toir expected to leave her post. sources say, k.t. mcfarland will become u.s. ambassador to singapore. mcfarland former fox news
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commentator brought in by former national security adviser, michael flynn. her departure part of a shackup influenced by flynn's replacement, h.r. mcmaster. thousand turned out for the dallas mega march in support of immigration reform. marchers called for end to what they describe as an aggressive deportation policy. heavily armed officers lined the streets as well. dallas fire rescue personnel wore bulletproof vests. supporters of president trump gathered nearby. no arrests were reported. police in georgia on the lookout for a former major league baseball player. otis nixon. played for nine teams, 17 year career in the 80s and 90s. nixon last seen leaving his home saturday morning for a golf outing. but never arrived at the golf course. >> terrifying moments in south carolina as wind gusts send a bounce house filled with children inside into the air. at least five of those children were injured. two seriously.
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the organizer of church carnival say the inflatable went 25 to 30 feet in the air. empty inflatable slide hit power lines causing outages for several hour. >> two former presidents from foes to friends are hanging out again. president clinton and this photo, in houston with president bush senior. gave his predecessor pair of fancy socks to add to the collection. he said they talked kids, grand kids, old times, new times. >> yeah, that friendship makes us all very happy. >> like the picture of michelle obama hugging george w. bush. >> oh. >> everybody comes together. >> see we can all get along all. up he didn't say if he brought him a pepsi. >> may be what brought them together. good point. >> cautionary tale for any one who enjoys playing the slots at casinos. this guy, name was jan, at a casino in florida.
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>> jan had a friend with him, irena. doesn't want to be identified. with him at the slot machines. he let her hit the machine button for good luck. >> seems nice. >> well, good luck did pay off. they wound up winning, $100,000. >> really. great? >> but, by they i mean she. >> jan thought, he was the big winner, but when they went to claim the cash, that wasn't the case. >> upstairs, the eye in the sky says she touched the button. technically, we have to pay her. >> jan went ballistic. he started screaming in front of everybody. >> i said are you kidding me? >> irena wasn't kidding when she left with all of that money. and that's when she says he started sending her threatening texts. >> she says she offered to give jan some of the money. but after those texts, that offer is off the table. >> yep. by some of that money it was $100 for you.
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$99,000. >> one, two for me. >> one, two for me. >> pretty expensive text messages, jan. >> man. >> now we know. if you are the one putting the money in the machine. if you are not the one that pushes the button or lever. no dice. >> tough situation. >> yeah. >> coming up. inside the private world of prince. >> the late superstar's ex-wife is now offering up, opening up about the icon including the loss of their first child and the private struggles his adoring public never saw. >> family of the missing teen is taking unusual steps. in trying to bring their daughter home. as they make another plea for her safe return. first, a look at today's temperatures. ♪ snnd ♪ ♪ "world news now" weather brought to you by fisher investments.
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flonase. 6>1 changes everything. ♪ go johnny go >> johnny be good there as part of the funeral celebration for music legend chuck berry. gene simmons of kiss spoke passionately at the event how berry worked to break down racial barriers. simmons wasn't originally scheduled to speak but took the podium at some one else's urging. berry died last month. he was 90. >> big news on janet jackson. abc news confirmed the singer
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split from her billionaire husband. her spokesperson noted the two are not divorcing just separating. the news comes three months after the 50-year-old jackson gave birr toout their son. first child. the couple has been married for five years. this is jackson's third marriage. >> disappearance of a 15-year-old and former teacher accused of kidnapping her taking on urgency this morning. a month after both fled their tennessee homes. >> elizabeth thomas, her family is now taking legal steps to find her. abc's eva pilgrim has the more. >> reporter: the family of a missing teenager is turning to the court in its fight for answers. >> i know you are keeping up with all of this. and filtering, not letting her see, how much, how much people out here love her. you are depriving her of that. it would make better sense for you to turn yourself in. >> reporter: court documents accuse tad cummins of using
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guilt and fear. the two disappearing weeks after another student reported seeing the two kiss. with few leads to their where where abuts filing a petition against cummins, to question any one other oath. >> we have concerns that there are people that have been told not to talk. >> the filing detailing an investigation by her father's lawyer saying she was a conflicted teen who began feeling guilty for cummins suspension from school after the reported kiss asserting that elizabeth became fearful of cummin' reaction to his suspension. >> this is an authority figure. 50 years old. took advantage of a 15-year-old girl, freshman in high school. this is an abduction. >> reporter: the two gone for four week now, last sighting two days after they left. the pair on surveillance camera buying food at wal-mart in oklahoma city. almost 700 miles away.
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cummins gray facial hair dyed brown. elizabeth's hair darkened red. >> elizabeth, that man may be telling you nobody is looking for you. or may be felling you that nobody wants you home. don't listen to that. he is nothing but a liar. we all need you home. >> eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. >> all right, coming up, prince's ex-why opening up about the superstar. >> she reveals quite a bit about his life behind the spotlight. we'll give you more on that when "world news now" returns. i thought i got everything. almost everything! you know, 1 in 10 houses could get hit by a septic disaster, and a bill of up to $13,000. but for only $7 a month, rid-x is scientifically proven to break down waste, helping you avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks.
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♪ i want to be your lover ♪ i want to turn you on >> enjoying prince cover there. it has been, believe it or not. nearly a year since prince's death. we are learning new details about the notoriously private pop star from his ex-wife.
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>> the belly dancer turned author is now letting us in on their private moments together. here is abc's nick watt. ♪ purple rain >> reporter: 1984, the year prince smashed into our collective consciousness with the purple rain movie, album, and motorcycle, the heels and other worldly aura. >> i don't know other man that could wear eyeliner, heels, and be a cool dude. it's, it's not going to happen again. partners in life and music together. mata garcia made the video for the morning papers here in griffith park. ♪ ♪ >> i'm honored to have known him. and -- and shared what we did together. >> now nearly a year after prince died of an unintentional overdose she reveals her side of their story in her memoir "the most beautiful, my life with prince." >> reporter: you talk about him
2:49 am
not being lucid, aspirin overdose. there were some signs there? >> there were signs. >> once she says he was taken to the er after what he convinced her was an aspirin overdose. >> reporter: you never saw him taking drugs? >> i never saw him taking drugs. i never saw him drunk. marijuana, never. and the aspirin, i believed him. >> reporter: i felt bad for you during parts of this book. >> i know people would probably be angry with him. i hope that i, that i turned it around and made you appreciate and respect prince. >> reporter: prince is the kind of guy i just can't imagine having an everyday life. tuesday morning breakfast? what is he like? >> his mornings were sometimes, 2:00, 3:00 in the afternoon. disclaimer right now, not your average guy. but he loved driving in the car, he loved tostitos. >> preince was private & sunny
2:50 am
was pregnant. there was something wrong she claims. prince declined medical intervention. >> the faith that he had, just made me believe that everything was going to be okay. >> reporter: it wasn't. their baby amir died of a rare genetic disorder at just one week old. she did become pregnant again. but suffered a miscarriage. >> i think that's what drove us apart. three years later, prince married. >> i think he thought because we lost our two children, two babies, that i wasn't the one. prince and mayta drifted apart hadn't spoken in years in late 2015. got a call. >> he wasn't doing well. i felt the need to try to reach out. but once you are out of the circle it is hard to get back in the circle. later she got a text from his second wife that read, simply call me. >> she is the one that told me he passed away. first thing i thought about was that he was alone. that was, that was beyond
2:51 am
heartbreaking to me. >> the genius who gave us five number one singles. the first in '84 "when doves cry." ♪ ♪ this its what the sound like when the doves cry ♪ >> died from an accident drug overdose. >> when he got on stage he owned it. felt look he was per forring for me. >> maybe he was. >> a lot of people there. ♪ it's about that >> reporter: in this book she gives us a glimpse of a man who rarely let us in. what would he think of your book? >> i think he would have liked it. >> why? >> coming from a loving place. >> reporter: nick walt, abc news. >> wow, little peek behind the kur curtain. >> little bit there. she will point out, four days of celebrations planned at paisley park, old hem in minneapolis. >> that will be quite the event. >> pricey. tickets going for $600. >> going to buy me one?
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>> no. >> we can honor him at home. singing purple rain. we'll play purple rain at hope. >> that's it. >> that's it. if you've got a life, you gotta swiffer this scarf all that's my left to rememb... sayonara. what. she washed this like a month ago! the long lasting scent of gain. now available in matching scents
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across your entire laundry routine.
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♪ ♪ >> he is still doing well out there. >>ed they're they were releasing a limited sing along version. >> oh, my god. >> which makes me wonder weren't all the versions sing along versions. didn't everyone sing along. >> fun to go to that. >> your monday motivation in case you need it. comes in the form of a woman lost both legs but making grade stride. >> drawing in spir rae ining in managed what many once thought was impossible. abc's david muir has her story. >> evonne llanas was a teacher, principal, devoted mom of four. 12 years ago a freak accident
2:56 am
change her life, leaving her with injuries so serious both legs had to be amputated above the knee. she would learn to use a wheelchair. >> i was depressed. sad, mad at the world. i wanted my life back. i wanted my legs back. >> reporter: after nearly ten years in that wheelchair, a promise she made to her late father, brought her here. >> the boot camp for amputees in oklahoma city. >> i met a group of amazing amputees, they were up, and they were walking. >> yeah! >> and they were out of their wheelchairs. and i was just incredibly amazed. and i told myself, i want to be like them. >> reporter: she was on her way. stomach crunches part of her workout. wearing pros thetic legs. after months of determination and hard work, evonne, inspired by the amputees she was
2:57 am
determined to get out of that chair herself. >> i had sat in that thing for nine years and 7 months. i was going to get up. get on with life. >> reporter: just this week, evonne was back at the clinic, this time, she is the one inspiring others. >> i want to -- be able to, to show people that it is never too late to get up and live out your dream. >> david muir, abc news, new york. >> and on that note she now says at 4 years old she hopes to start running so she can inspire others. >> i think it would. i mean, i will never feel lazy again. >> sound like she has inspired others. >> she has.
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this monday morning on "world news now," isis targeting christian churches. >> two suicide bombings left dozens dead in egypt. surveillance cameras capture the moments leading to the blast, the attacker detonated a vest at security checkpoint. islamic state is now warning of more attacks. >> tragic incidence of work place violence. of a trainer at an upscale gym was fired hours later he returned walking through a shopping center armed with a gun. before firing several fatal shots. >> thousand of acres are scorched as more brush fires flare across florida. residents forced to evacuate. including a large group of girl scouts camping for the weeken. the fast-moving flames sending smoke in the air for miles. >> he is the master of suspense. sergio garcia donning the green
3:01 am
jacket at augusta national after nearly blowing it. the match coming done to a shootout. garcia's other match, that is getting lots of attention this morning. it is monday, april 10th. good morning. we start with at takes at two egyptian churches. the u.s. is calling it barbaric. >> isis claiming responsibility, promising more against egypt's christian community. the country there, egypt declared a three month state of emergency as it looks into how the attacks were carried out. abc's alex marquardt with the details. >> reporter: on one of the holiest days of the year this massive blast killing at least 17 at one of alexandria's most famous cathedrals. security cameras capturing this man, suicide bomber approaching the church. told to go through a metal detector. he pauses next two to police
3:02 am
officers and detonates his explosives. the pope, head of the church had been inside. but escaped unharmed. ♪ that followed another suicide blast, just hours earlier. in the middle of palm sunday mass in the city. [ explosion ] the video feed cutting out as chaos erupts. church-goers frantically searching for survivors. i got up and saw body all around me this man said. i climbed on to the pews and got out using a side door. then, i heard screams. all told, at least 44 were killed in the twin bombings, and more than 125 wounded. isis soon claimed responsibility. and warned of more attacks to come on egypt's christians. bloodied floors and shattered pews mixed with shock, tears and screams of worshippers giving
3:03 am
way to anger at security forces. >> translator: the authorities have received warnings before, that the church is being target the this man said, why weren't proper measures taken. >> in response, the egyptian president announced a three mun the state of emergency. what that likely means significant crackdown on a country basically a dictatorship with rampant human rights abuses. meanwhile president trump who met with the egyptian president last week, tweeting i have great confidence that the egyptian president will handle the situation properly. alex marquardt, abc news. the u.s. is facing tough talk from syria allies as tensions rise over last week's missile strikes. russia and iran released a joint statement accusing the united states of crossing red lines with the air strikes. they will not allow the united states to be the only superpower in the world. they vowed to support syria. meanwhile there are mixed signals from the trump
3:04 am
administration about its exact stance on syria. >> in no way do we see peace in that area with russian covering up for assad. no way to we see peace in the area with assad as head of the syrian government. >> now, while u.n. ambassador, nikki haley suggested regime change. secretary of state rex tillerson said there is no change in military posture towards syria. heading to russia tomorrow. tillerson said the strike were in response to the chemical attack. >> judge neil gorsuch will be sworn tine day. survived bruising political battle that ended with republicans changing senate rules to barack a filibuster. from now, supreme court nominees will need a simple majority for confirmation. gorsuch replaces the late justice. that means the court will continue to have a conservative majority. >> police say a deadly shooting at a gym near miami was not random. police say the gym fired a traper on saturday.
3:05 am
moments later he returned to that gym and killed two of his supervisors. abc's eva pilgrim has more. >> reporter: new details on what led to a deadly work place shooting spree at luxury health club in south florida. police say a recently fired employee gunned down two former bosses before turning the weapon himself. >> i noticed he wasn't clean shaven. i noticed he wasn't looking at his best. >> they say a former trainer at this equinox gym, walked in at 1:00, and shot the general manager and the fitness manager. the gunfire sent people running for cover. shutting down this upscale mall where the gym is located. >> all of a sudden the alarm started sounding. >> get inside. get inside. ran inside. locked the door. >> reporter: investigators say wilson was fired earlier in the day for work place violence escorted out of the gym. police say he went home, got a gun before returning. >> obviously everybody is,
3:06 am
connecting the dots, it was, his firing that caused him to do what he did. >> equinox chairman releasing a statement on facebook saying there is nothing i can say to lessen the searing pain we all feel at this terrible moment. homicide the fourth leading cause of death in the work place here in the u.s. according to department of labor, nearly 2 million americans report being victims of work place violence each year. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. nationwide manhunt intensifying for a wisconsin man accused of stealing high powered weapons from a gun store and sending a manifesto to president trump. police say the 32-year-old has expressed anti-religious views. and may be planning to target churches. he was filmed mailing the president the manifesto which detailed hatred for police, politicians. the man who made the video is cooperating with police and not charged. >> in florida, fast moving brush fires causing problem as cross
3:07 am
the state. lightning ignited, dry rush, her noon dough beach, north of tampa. the fire is 650 acres, but 50% contained. 165-acre brushfire near orlando forced more than 100 to evacuate. a girl scout camp. most campground was destroyed. a fire that started outside of miami is under control. it grew to 7,000 acres. >> golfer sergio garcia wake up this morning with a new addition to his wardrobe. after playing in a record 70 major tournaments without winning he finally got the coveted masters green jacket. >> what, came with so much work. beautiful scene there in augusta. he was tied with his friend, justin rose. but all garcia needed was one sudden death hole in one to win. his final stroke of the tournament. birdie putt. and then you saw it there. he just let the years of emotions just flow. he is the third spaniard ever to win the masters. >> he got that green jacket from
3:08 am
last year's champion, and now, he can look forward to automatic entry in that tournament for life. >> it was a hard week. but it was one very, very enjoyable. i will never forget. i get to call myself master champion. that is amazing. >> another perk with the win by the way. he now can pick the menu for next year's dinner for form ter champions. >> what should we have? >> pizza skittles on it. >> he is getting married by the way in july. the color scheme for the wedding be changing to green as well. the question many are wondering about? >> have you received your invitation yet? >> not yet, sergio, where is it? >> odd, must be lost in the mail. >> so, this is a cute little moment. >> yeah. >> the celebration between. that's his fiancee over there. did you notice they both kind
3:09 am
of -- did the same sort of celebration moves. >> watch him crouch down. watch her too. >> she courouched down as well. like they choreographed it. >> they didn't. destined. >> they're just cute. >> doesn't it make you feel warm and fuzzy? >> if i had his millions i would find some body named destin too. >> coming up paying for your newborn, maternity leave that is. asking friends for help. not just friends. in some cases perfect strangers. >> you'll meet one couple turning to the internet help, financing chair parental leave. find out how much they were able to raise. >> check out a swift takedown by police. >> oh. >> in a college town. the department is now defending the officers' actions. but what happened leading up to this encounter. >> do you remember you can fine us on facebook, and twitter@abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." ♪
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oh, man. >> whoa. >> whoa is right. video of a landslide in new zealand. in the regional park. the tail end of cyclone debbie brought heavy rains causing massive flooding and mudslides there. the deadly storm left a trail of destruction in australia. >> police in fort collins, colorado, facing accusations of excessive force over an arrest caught on tape. take a look at this. in the video an officer seen slamming a young woman to the ground outside of a bar. police say they were responding to a dispute between two men when the woman allegedly interfered. the video went viral after posted on social media. >> all of a sudden she was being like thrown to the ground. and, i of course one of the things thought too she was wearing super tall heels. she was falling right on to her face. couldn't catch herself. >> the woman is facing assault and obstruction charges.
3:14 am
police say the video is being investigated. a police spokesman says the video does not capture the incident. the officer was wearing a body video, being reviewed, not released because it is an open investigation. the troubling part about that. people were laughing though, no matter what might have led up to it. they're recording that. >> very odd. >> delta passengers are dealing with serious travel headaches this morning. the airline canceled 150 flights on sunday after more than 3,000 cancellations last week. >> all of this for one thunderstorm. really weird. abc's adrian bancort describes what happened. >> flight frustrations. first wild weather. now spring break. creating a disastrous dom knee effect impacting delta. >> i was issued two more tickets that day. boarded three separate aircraft. all of which, either were ground stopped or never left the gate. >> severe storms wednesday struck the airlines hub in
3:15 am
atlanta, canceling 3500 delta flights. at least 275 today alone. >> with delta delaying flights every 30 minutes until they cancel them. i opted to rent a car. she was rescheduled on different flights for five days straight. >> been driving two hours. gps says i have less than seven hours to go. but, moving faster than delta. >> mallory and so many others stuck because of the surge of spring break travelers with storms forcing planes and crews out of position. passengers, venting on line. todd chrisley, i was proud to say i only fly dell tachlt the fact that i now have to say used to is sad. delta releasing a statement. while we can't control the weather. we understand the resulting recovery has not been ideal and we apologize for that. >> travel waiver extended through the weekend whose passengers travel plans are flexible.
3:16 am
>> yeah, things kind of spiraled. start of the week talking about doing a good thing. prwise. whole bunch of pizza boxes they delivered to the flights. >> don't know if pizza will cut it this time. i have a friend booked to fly out tonight. she, accepted the offer of a voucher if she scant make her flight tonight. assuming she is going to get out tomorrow. not so sure that was the safest. >> take the voucher no matter what. i like it. coming of in the next half-hour, the sex scandal involving the governor of alabama, impeachment proceedings get under way. >> crowd funding your maternity leave. a growing trend helping mom and dads spend more time with their kids. not without critics. we will have the details ahead. you are watching "world news now." i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
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♪ a little help from my friends ♪ ♪ i get high with a little help from my friends ♪ >> yeah, a little new version of the song. >> yeah. >> so. >> i thought it said i get high from a little help from my friend. that's what's tripping me up. >> i get by with a little help from my friend. >> paid family leave, a hot political topic. instead of waiting for the government to step in. some parents taking matters into their own hands.
3:19 am
>> crowd funding maternity and paternity leaves. we're up aall "nightline" with abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: thousand of parents are turning to crowd funding, baby list and go fund me seeking financial help to subsidize parental leave. >> families asking for between $500 and $10,000. on average people are asking for $2,000, $3,000. >> reporter: the united states is the only advanced country where paid leave isn't government sponsored. under the current federal law, new mothers can take off 12 weeks. but only 13% of them will get any compensation. >> nationwide, women are having to get more creative how to fund this really special time in their life. when you think about it as a special time, it really becomes an experience and something that, friend and family can give. >> taylor and ross reikendifer desperately wanted bonding time. started saving up early before they got the news their son aiden would be born nine weeks early. they turned to go fund me, the
3:20 am
popular crowd funding site where friends, family and members and even strangers started pitching in. >> how did you make the decision to crowd fund the maternity leave? >> you know, nobody gets pregnant thinking they're going to have a sick baby. nobody gets pregnant thinking they're going to be sick. we went into the whole pregnancy saving money. we both had good jobs. we, we did it all the right way. but, clearly that wasn't the plan. >> ross, what were your biggest reservations? >> we had a health crisis. we had a baby. very intimate details of our lives we were sort of putting out there for family, friends, public consumption. kept thinking about it. it occurred to me, my pride, our privacy don't outweigh taylor and aiden getting the chance to spend time together at this crucial part of our lives. >> reporter: the critical bonding time between parents and babies has become a hot button topic in the work place.
3:21 am
big companies, luring talent by boosting parental benefits. last year, etsy began offering all parents 26 weeks fully paid. and in 2015, netflix began offering a whole year of leave at full pay. taylor and ross' go fund me campaign ultimately raised more than $6,000 out of their $8,3400 goal. >> it enabled taylor to take 11 weeks off with aiden. time she says is better than any gift on any registry. >> the point is to be able to spend those couple of precious weeks with them. when they're brand new. and we were blessed that we got to do that. >> for "nightline," i'm rebecca jarvis in redmond, washington. >>y yea f y ycreative problem s there. >> if i knew by having kids you can get a went fall. i would have had kids a long time ago. >> it is not a wind fall.
3:22 am
>> and your friends help you pay for the timeoff. >> don't think you got the poenlt point of the story at all. >> sign me up. >> please don't have children. ws to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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3:25 am
♪ ♪ all right, time now for the mix. when you are stuck on an airplane, inconvenient, not feeling well. can baep a dre a drag. >> a new mother must have been conflicted starting having contractions at 42,000 feet. got to be excited about the birth of your baby. doesn't get more inconvenient. in terms of location. the turkish airlines flight crew jumped into action. helped her deliver her baby. healthy. noer use. the airline landed. everyone made it out okay. and now they have -- >> the baby is born. at 40,000 feet in the air. >> the air lean says mom and baby are doing great. if not a little exhausted.
3:26 am
>> must have been a scene on board the flight. can you imagine? >> question is what nationality is the baby, if they're born over international airspace. >> at that pin the are you allowed to complain about the crying baby. >> wonder if they get promoted to business or first-class after that. >> hope so. >> does mat take you want to have a kid. >> if you get promoted to business class, yes. just time it perfectly. okay. okay. we'll induce labor at 35,000 feet. >> just move on. just move on. oh, boy. >> back on earth. what cities do you think have the most handsome men? >> new york. >> um, okay. >> because your husband is here. any city that. >> san diego? >> ryan reynold is in. >> company. came up with the scientific theory. on, on finding out that most handsomest men. based on personal care services, products. personal care, the amount of money men spend on personal care, on shaving, fittest cities. number one is -- seattle.
3:27 am
seattle. >> seattle. >> let me get this straight. the more money you spend on your shaving cream and razors determines how handsome you are? >> yep. >> you must be up there. a lot of shaving going on. >> lot of shaving. san francisco was number two. which are two of biggest hipster cities. portland is three. they spend a lot on shaving products. >> don't they grow their beards out. >> you would think. most of them if they have him in a headlock. >> talking problem solving. people with problem solving skills. suppose to go on a trip with a friend. backed out. so they, decided to put it out there. and invite a stranger on holiday that happens to have the the same name. can't transfer a ticket. so, they just found a friend with the same name. recruited. off he went. they all want to anytogether. turns out they said, trip was awesome. >> that's
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now" -- the next step for syria. many are wondering if american involvement will grow after last week's missile strike. as various countries intertwined in the conflict react to president trump's military action. will the focus be on assad regime or isis? >> isis is busy these days claiming responsibility for two separate suicide bombings in egypt. suicide bombers targeting chris christian churches at the start of holy week. >> we have new details this half-hour in the manhunt for a suspected gun store burglar with a manifesto. the self-described revolutionary can be seen on video mailing a letter to president trump. find out why authorities have stepped up the nationwide manhunt. >> what cause a news anchor to make this face on air? we'll give you a little hint. it's not much, actually. a full explanation ahead on this
3:31 am
april 10th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning to you everybody. on this monday. start this half-hour with the showdown over the u.s. missile strikes in syria with allies of president bashir al assad issuing a warning. "air force one" touched down in washington as president trump returned from extended weekend at mar a lago. on the flight home the president called to personally thank the commanding officers of the "uss ross" and "uss porter" the navy destroyers that fired the tomahawk missiles at a syrian air base. abc's david wright has more on the growing tension. >> reporter: new images of syria's russian-made fighter bombers taking off from the same air base struck by u.s. missiles. the u.s. and russia now increasingly at odds. ominous warning from military commanders defending the assad regime. echoing the president's own language.
3:32 am
the united states crossed red lines by attacking syria, reads the joint statement from russia, iran and hezbollah. commanders threatened to retaliate against any future u.s. military actions, adding, russia and iran will not allow the united states to be the only super power in the world. that warning comes even as u.s. officials work out exactly what the administration hopes to accomplish in syria. u.n. ambassador nikki haley suggested regime change may now be the goal. >> we don't see a peaceful syria with assad in there. >> reporter: president trump in his week ly address, was a bit more vague. >> our decisions will be guided by our values and our goals. we will reject the path of in flexible ideology that too often leads to unintended consequences. >> reporter: the president had hoped for closer cooperation with moscow. >> if we have a good relationship with russia, believe me that is a good thing. >> but his air strikes in syria
3:33 am
have pushed the two nations even farther apart. this week, secretary of state, rex tillerson heads to moscow hoping to mend fences. british foreign secretary, boris johnson, canceled his planned trip at the u.s. request. that prompted this withering post on the russian foreign ministry's face book page. under a unflattering picture of johnson, the russians accuse britain of fundamental incomprehension or ignorance of what is happening in syria, of russia's efforts to resolve that crisis, and of the point of diplomacy in general. >> reporter: the kremlin has clear goals when it comes to syria. they want assad to remain in power. the white house, not so clear on that issue. so it is a diplomatic challenge for secretary tillerson as he heads to moscow tuesday. david wright, abc news. tensions are escalating with north korea as u.s. relocates an aircraft carrier to the sea of japan closer to the korean
3:34 am
peninsula. national security adviser h.r. mccaster, says the decision to move the uss carl vincent was prudent given the northern, north's pattern of provocative behavior. secretary of state rex tillerson warned that if any country violates international agreements, at some point, a response is likely. >> a three month state of emergency is now under way in egypt following a pair of deadly palm sunday church attacks. security cameras capturing a suicide bomber approaching a christian church in alexandria. he is told to go through a metal detector. he pauses next to two officers then that took place. detonating his explosives. earlier another bomb exploded inside of a church in a city. both incidents claimed at least 44 lives and wounded 125 people. isis claimed responsibility and promised more attacks against christians. >> new details now about the suspect in last friday's truck
3:35 am
attack in sweden. the 39-year-old man who drove a stolen beer truck down a pedestrian street into a department store had his application for residency permit rejected. that man is originally from uzbekistan. swedish authorities say after the application was rejected he alluded, avoided deportation by giving police a wrong address. four people were killed in friday's attack. a second person has been arrested in connection with the incident as well. >> in norway, a 17-year-old asylum seeker from russia in custody in connection with an explosive device found near a busy subway station in oslo. police diffused it before it exploded. when it was found the area was evacuated. norway on high alert after the stockholm attack. >> police are stepping up patrols around churches in southern wisconsin as they search for an armed suspect. they say he sent a manifesto to the president and stole a cache of weapons from a gun store. more from adrian bancort. >> reporter: as the manhunt intensifies for the self
3:36 am
proclaimed revolutionary, potential new sightings. officers stepping up patrols at places of worship. after they say a man possibly matching the man's description walked into the church asking unusual questions. parishioners canceling palm sunday services. you have extra patrols heading into easter sunday? >> we hope we have him in custody before sunday. >> reporter: the 32-year-old on the run since tuesday. he stole high powered handguns and filmed mailing this manifesto to president trump. detailing hatred for politicians and police. >> y'all have no idea what's about to happen. >> reporter: deputies questioning the man who filmed the video. you hear him talking through out the recording, but don't see him. >> remember this face. >> gym time. >> there he is. you'll never forget this face. >> all right. here we go. >> duo walking from inside the post office off to the mailbox. agents investigating more than 400 tips. and releasing this photo of him
3:37 am
jakubowski from a wisconsin gas station. asking any one who has seen him, to call 911. >> police tell us that the man who filmed the face? book video is not being held nor is he charged with any kind of crime. we are told he is cooperating. adrian, thanks. now to a disturbing discovery that is in florida. two people were eating a prepackaged salad when they found a dead bat. fresh express is recalling organic marketside spring mix with -- use by date, april 14th. salads were shipped to wal-mart in the southeast. federal and state investigators trying to determine how the bat got in that salad. >> sure it wasn't a mesculune, some times they can be a little darker. >> no, they stay decomposing bat. >> sometimes, a salad, will be there for days. it will smell a little -- little -- off. >> no. no.
3:38 am
this was so beyond that. they were eating the salad when they found it. >> oh, my god. >> not like they opened the bag and it was in there. >> oh. >> that's going to be awesome lawsuit. >> the company says they worked quickly with wal-mart to get all product, as precaution off the shelves. they say whatever problem happened it affected this one, one line. >> yeah. >> products. >> decomposing bat. >> i don't know. i don't know. all most as as the pizza we created. >> the moral of the story here is don't eat salads. >> don't eat salad. go for the cheeseburger. >> news you can use. russell westbrook is the nba's new triple-double recordholder of all time. he had 50 points. 15 rebounds. 10 assists. against denver. that completed his 42nd triple-double of the season breaking oscar robinson's 55-year-old record. >> final points were a game winning buzzer beating three pointer to top everything off. that also ended denver's playoff
3:39 am
hopes. the final week of the regular season. playoffs start on saturday. not a bad way to get into the playoffs. >> not at all. mvp. >> here is something that, that kendis and i, really anyone who has been in a tv anchor chair can relate to. >> comes to us from friends at abc news in australia. >> now to sport with meredith shayan. >> so the video is going viral. you might notice fidgeting with something. as happened to so many of us. sometime, for one reason or another. you don't realize that the shot has changed and you are back on camera. some times you don't get a cue, or you are sort of, busy, you don't hear the cue. but usually, we either just sort of, play it off like nothing is wrong.
3:40 am
or you kind of say excues me. move on. kind of poke fun at yourself. melanie's reaction was to completely panic. >> make it obvious. try not to. >> from now on i will try to. thought was a happy obvious look. >> now i can't do it without smiling. we feel you though, melanie. >> we're here with you. we're here with you. >> don't sweat it. >> i can't do it either. >> that's just. >> hard to do without smiling. >> yes, coming up. braving icy waters. save a friend. >> a man doesn't miss a beat. tried jumping in after his dog falls in the icy waters. human's last name that is proving his heroic pedigree. i don't understand what that really meant. >> if you can't get a date to the prom. don't worry. there is always a chance one of the kardashians might ask you. find out why kylie jenner decided to go after missing her own prom. um, but first a look at today's forecast.
3:41 am
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daring rescue in alberta canada. without a moment of hesitation, the man jumps into an icy cold pond to save his precious pup. this is after the dog, french bulldog fell through the thin ice. get this the dog owner's last name is mcgyver. of course like the tv show's famed problem solver. he said most people would probably do the same thing for their dog. cosmo and his owner are warm and dry this morning. >> shouldn't cosmo have been able to save himself then? i can get out of this icy pond all i need is a matchbook, a piece of gum and paperclip. >> and mcgyver would have all of those. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> cosmo never should have had to jump in. anyhow, moving on. >> alabama's governor caught up in a sex scandal, facing new troubles. after being accused of abusing his power carrying on an affair with an aide he may lose his office. >> impeachment proceedings get under way today. with calls for his resignation growing. abc's gloria riviera reports.
3:45 am
>> reporter: alabama's governor defiant and determined as impeachment hearings start monday. >> i do not plan to resign. i have done nothing illegal. >> republican governor robert bentley came under fire in 2016, for his alleged affair with top adviser rebecca mason. this audio recording provided by his former wife, of 50 years, to investigators, looking into whether he violated campaign finance laws by giving supposed mistress state employee perks after she left office. a scathing 131 page report by the house judiciary committee detailed allegations of extensive abuse of power in covering his tracks. at one point allegedly sending a police office tire his own son's house, to try and convince him to turn over the recordings, made by his former wife. the report concluding the governor was clouded by increasing obsession and paranoia. subjecting career law enforcement officers to tasks intended to protect his
3:46 am
reputation. his ex-wife diane claims he once sent her a text that said i love you rebecca. >> governor bentley repeatedly denied allegations of an affair calling the issue a private matter. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> going to move on to the latest hollywood hunk to become a dad. >> stay with us, "the skinny" is next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ five-second rule protection. new lysol kitchen pro eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without any harsh chemical residue. ♪ lysol. what it takes to protect.
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3:48 am
♪skinny so skinny >> start your monday skinny with this huge news. two pretty people had a baby. >> bradley cooper and irena shayk, are know parents.
3:49 am
a source tells "people" magazine, the couple welcomed their first child two weeks ago. they kept this under wraps for a little while. >> just learning about it now. "people" magazine reporting. a 2016 victoria secret fashion show run way model. he of course is best known for his blue eyes. and yeah. >> basically their baby is going to be the most beautiful creature ever. maybe competing with tom brady and gisele. >> or gisele's first kid. >> no word on the sex of the baby or name of the child. >> we want more information, bradley. onto a funny surprise for high school students. so a student who had been rejected by his perspective prom date, asked a girl, she said no. started a campaign trying to see if he could find a backup date. he did.
3:50 am
that backup date, sur pried everyone. >> that my friend is kylie jenner. who after these fliers asking for him to find a date went viral, she apparently saw it. responded and said. i'll go to the prom with you. >> i think he won the prom. >> turns out kylie jenner missed her own prom. too busy being fabulous, famous. said, hey, why not. get my chance to go now. >> she took a private jet to the prom. >> didn't you? >> and i mean, i guess. i did. she looked amazing. and the person who rejected the kid in the first place, actually took it kind of cool. posted on twitter. when the guy you rejects backup for prom is kylie jenner. >> laughing. >> she apparently said the reason she rejected him she is friend with his sister. thought it would have been awkward. not because she doesn't like him. >> that's no excuse. >> hash tag, just not that into me. >> basically. yeah. chrissy teigen update. news.
3:51 am
chrissy teigen. fabulous, all we love about some body for the skinny. >> now a fairy godmother. she saw this post from a woman named mercedes edney started an on line fund raiser to, raise $6,000 for school. sunny got pretty close to the goal. >> raised about $300. >> pretty close, not very closer. that's okay. because the -- >> because chrissy stepped in. and paid the rest of it. for her. and she thanked her on the twitter saying, thank you so much. i didn't know how to thank you right now. chrissy said i'm excited to live out your passion. >> can't wait for tomorrow's chrissy update. >> huge fans of bill murray of in here. he apparently is even charming while trying to bribe umpires. that's what happened here in
3:52 am
this, in this game going on. this is at charleston river dogs game. co-owner of the team. he was set to throw out the opening day pitch. not before prying to sway officials with cold, hard cash. >> what he did with the cubs last year. definitely jelly. it's already coming out. does tuesday work? treat your clothes better with new tide pods plus downy. cleans and conditions in one step. it's got to be tide you won't see these folks they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to
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we are back with an we are back with an amazing story of strength and perseverance from a young florida mom battling an inoperable brain tumor. >> she refused to give up and took her battle to social media where a chance connection gave her a second chance at life. abc's tom llams has her story. >> reporter: for this 2-year-old mom it all started with headaches. >> there were points where i laid in my bed and cried. i was in so much pain. i went in for an mri.
3:56 am
they said there was a lesion in my brain. and that about a minute later that translated to a brain tumor. >> but instead of crying, this tough mom from florida, started writing. blogging about her fight to beat this tumor. >> the more people that started following it the more encouraging everything got, the more prayers we were getting. >> reporter: doctors told her surgery was not an option. what was that like to be rejected by doctor after doctor? >> i feeling of hopelessness i feel. but it got to the point where, we were like okay if this is inoperable. this is obviously in god's hand. >> reporter: she kept blogging. people kept reading and sharing her story on social media. it caught the eye of one doctor, nearly 1,000 miles away in oklahoma. who told stephanie, he was willing to try if she was. four days later, stephanie was ready for surgery. it wasn't going to be a complete fix, but would improve and prolong her life. >> the patients are a lot braver than we give them credit for. but before the operation,
3:57 am
stephanie got cold feet, what if it didn't work out. she told her husband she need a sign. >> a clear yes/no. looking on walls, buildings, everything i could find. five minutes before they took me into the operating room, one of the nurse said, i am just going to write yes on your head. i just looked at my husband and smiled. i was like, third is. >> reporter: that was one month ago. stephanie says she feels better. still going through treatment, but is happy she didn't give up. and that she found a doctor that didn't give up on her. >> i learned that there is always hope. and to never give up. >> tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> very cool. what of the odds of all the people that see her facebook post she find a surgeon willing to do the operation. >> wonderful way to get through her pain and blog about it as well. fantastic. worked out at least for the time being. don't miss our updates on the story and others on our facebook at >> just write yes. >> no, no is the answer. >> this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. >> this
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, new fallout from the air strikes in syria. we have the latest on the ominous threat from russia and iran as secretary of state tillerson heads to moscow. plus, american warships now heading toward the korean peninsula. a violent tart to the holy week with isis bombing christian churches on palm sunday. another round of severe storms where large hail and possible tornados are expected plus the summerlike temperatures heading east. talk about an unwanted houseguest. a california family got quite the surprise when they found a mountain lion in their home. hear how they finally got it out. it's a long time coming. sergio garcia finally winning a major and it's a big one after an epic final round at the masters.


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