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tv   Action News Sports Sunday  ABC  April 16, 2017 11:45pm-12:01am EDT

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♪ tonight on sports sunday the phillies bullpen lays an egg again. it's gone. should the phillies hunt for a new closer? plus we are talking nfl draft should the eagles take a risky running back. >> the guy is a top five player. >> reporter: are the sixers ready to take a shot at the playoffs next year how good can they be? >> i don't know. >> reporter: hold on to your easter bonnet sports sunday starts now. ♪ this is action news sports sunday sponsored by audi. ♪ holy molly the phillies lay an egg in the ninth again and
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welcome to sports sunday i'm jeff skversky with mike missanelli from 97.5 the fanatic and hoping for 500 baseball this season and i know you are not buying it but in last place and lost eight of 12 games what can they do to fix it? >> they are not good and i don't know if there is anything they can do to fix it until next year when they have a lot of money and the position man is the most profitable franchise in baseball and have a lot of money to spend on the guy that crushed the home run we saw in the highlights as we came into the show. >> they may need 600 million dollars in that ballpark to sign harper. >> no excuse for them not to sign them they are in a position where they have to have a free agent and have to have a guy like bryce harper and a zillion home runs in the park and have to set an all time record with a contract to get to bryce harper. >> you thought the easter egg hunt at your house was chaotic
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and the bunny had way too much candy and bouncing off the wall out of no where and he is not steady and speaking of jumping the ball jumps off the bat on the 8th and phils come back and jason worth miss plays it and hernandez scores from first and phils within one and later in the eighth and tommy joseph with two outs bang the rbi single and tied up at three then in the ninth runner on third and nats with the infeed and freddy in second and matt drops the ball, run in, phils take the lead and benoit in for the stay and bryce harper 0 and 2 in the count with a 3-2 pitch mike right down the middle. >> he was sitting on high fast ball, he got it and he crushed it and one thing when you know where a pitch is going to come and another thing executing it as he did not miss it. he smashed that thing. >> benoit wanted the fast ball
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and phillies lose 6-4 harper is killing this team and we talked about it last sunday, what do you do with the closer's role and golmez blew it and benoit and do you stick with benoit or go to hecker? >> stick with benoit and the first he came in he was successful and second time not so much and a guy 0-2 and make the pitch and did not execute properly in the spot and worked it 3-2 and no choice to come in with the fast ball and murphy on deck and can't do that on second base and live with that today. jeff, you know we are trying to squeeze blood from a stone here, you know, the phillies are who they are and not a great team and don't have a great closer situation right now so we are going to have a lot of games like that and hector may eventually get the job if benoit doesn't do it but you have to give him a chance or a week to do it. >> hernandez has been one of the best second hitting basemen best
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hitters in all of baseball among second basemen and really in baseball right now he is a building block for the future? >> he is not the future because they had scott in the minor league they loved and 23 years old and impressed them and hernandez is not the guy for the future and may have for play in the future but like this scott guy and maybe can use hernandez for trading. >> last june the guy is hitting over 300 what else can you ask from the guy? so the nfl draft let's move on mike the nfl draft is in 11 days and eagles obviously have some major needs corner and running back and the glaring holes are running back and now what do you do in the scenario is the big topic oklahoma running back joe mixson if he is available would you dare or think about drafting mixson even though he punched a woman three years ago in 2014? >> no, my answer is no, it's always been no, i drew a line in the sand and sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand for
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moral reasons and i know he is a good player and eagles fans will say it will haunt and let it and we have to accept it, i don't want that distraction coming in my locker room and don't want the questions to be asked all the time and it's pressure on the other teammates i'm going to draw the line on mixson and say no i don't want him. >> eagles have taken chances and given other guys opportunities and given them a second shot like michael vic and espn analyst ron throws his two cents on the mixson debate. >> i watch joe mixson on tape he is a sensational football player and i think from a pure football skill set the guy is a top five player, i think he is that good so i'm really kind of torn i know what this kid is dead wrong, dead wrong but also people make mistakes and do you punish them for the rest of their lives for the ms. mistake they made so i'm kind of torn you take this guy or not take
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this guy, i know there are 32 teams that are struggling with that decision right now. >> he was waffling on that and i don't like it he is waffling on that a mistake, that is much more than a mistake he made and predisposed to just smashing a woman in the jaw and breaking her jaw, i don't need don't want it and need it in the town. >> they are debating and if the eagles do wait there are potential in later rounds and glassboro running back corey is scheduled to meet with eagles on wednesday they tell action news and projected as the mid round pick and sports sunday we are not done picking mike's brain are the sixers making the right move putting their number one pick at the point guard first melissa with awesome forecast. >> exclusive accuweather seven day fore cost not as warm on monday and breezy and nice in the afternoon 74 and cooler on sunday lots of sun at 64 cloudy on wednesday with a couple showers in at 62 and bump up the
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temperature on thursday to 75 and early showers on friday and clear out for the phils game and next weekend temperatures in the 60s action news sports sunday continues after the break. ned s. i ended up on the streets, where the drugs are cheaper and easier to get. i was a full blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. when i realized i needed help i didn't know where to go. but i got help and you can too. you're not alone. help is within reach. this is governor chris christie. call 844 reach nj or visit
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♪ action news sports sunday sponsored by audi challenge all givens. ♪ we are back on sports sunday talking sixers and ben simmons and the coach says his number one goal this off season is number one benson to be the point guard for next season 6-10 pushing 7 feet are you on board with simmons being the true point guard? >> i'm not on board with this and ben simmons should play the three and occasionally bringing the ball up likely bron where he handles the ball for a certain amount of time as point guard and he has to guard the other end and guard quick guard down
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at the other end if you put him in that spot and i know they say magic johnson did it, i think magic johnson did it and i'm going to get killed for it but did it when the league was not as athletic and quick and had kareen to cover up mistakes and it's a mistake to cover the point guard if he plays 35 minutes a game for defensive end they will suffer 35 minutes a game. >> why not draft the guy and pick up the guy in free agency and brown cannot promise this is the right move but is comfortable so they are giving it a shot listen to this mike. >> i think ben simmons has a chance to be a match up nightmare because he is 6-10 and they will have a 6-10 point guard if i say 6-4 like it doesn't sound as wild and so i'm really excited. >> he's a transformational type of player potentially at that spot. not dissimilar to what magic
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brought to the point guard spot years and years ago. >> i did a little homework. >> at least somebody on the show did free agents you can get next year as a point guard chris paul and you want chris paul kyle lowry and go george hill or jeff teague or you can go drew holiday if you are in a bargain basement type of hunt to have him play drew holiday and ben simmons sharing the point guard role and drew off the ball it might not be bad you have gordon hayward at porter if you are in the market for a forward and a couple free agents they can sign and don't have to jump the guard and add a free agent and did the draft with this. >> available in the draft and obviously the sixers they feel like they should be a team that is going to compete for the playoffs next season but listen
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to this listen to what brett brown says they sound like they are in no rush to make the playoffs. >> not going to blink and feel like rush to go spend stupid money on something that is going to get us a result that is below the line so that we can feel good about a single season. >> the future is out there and do we want to jump to the future quicker or do we want to have it happen organically and grow it the right way that will be something that we do have to decide a path. >> doesn't that drive you crazy, don't you want to hear them say playoff playoff. >> jump to the future now, that being said i don't think they will make the playoffs and will fall short because of the transition it will take for the new gets and ben simmons to get back on the floor, that is it for sports center i'm jeff, this is mike have a great night. ♪
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