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tv   World News Now  ABC  April 24, 2017 2:30am-4:00am EDT

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good morning. i'm adrienne bankert in for diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. >> president trump five days away from a key marker. his 100th day in office. looking for a big legislative victory as congress juggles health care, tax reform and trillion dollar spending bill to aindividual a shutdown. >> former president barack obama back in the spotlight today. he is holding a townhall-style discussion with young people on community organizing at university of chicago. his first major public appearance since leaving the white house. >> two outsiders defeated the mainstream parties in france, two advance to a presidential election run-off in two weeks. macron first with the pro-europe message followed by far right candidate le pen echoing views
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shared by president trump. >> today is funeral for former new england patriot and convicted killer, aaron hernandez. services take placenis -- in his hometown of bristol, connecticut. officials are saying he committed suicide last week. here are some of our top stories on this monday, april 24th, 2017. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we begin with a big week ahead for president trump. under pressure to deliver more promises as he approaches his 100th day in office. >> all of this with the prism our new abc news/"washington post" poll. which finds president trump with a 42% approval rating. the lowest of the last 13 presidents. but you see that number. 96% of the people who voted for him say they would do it again. >> the president is facing an uphill battle in congress pushing to add funding for his border wall to a massive spending bill to keep the government running. here's abc's david wright.
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>> reporter: donald trump may be the least popular president since the great depression at this early stage. >> doing a good job for the workers. >> reporter: but if the election were held today he would win the popular vote. that's the conflicting message of this new poll. and it is a reflection of two things. first, the president's core group of supporters, stand by him. second, the democrats have a popular party problem too. two out of three americans say the party is out of touch. more than half of americans say trump is a strong leader. he gets especially high mark for pressuring american companies, to keep jobs here in the u.s. we're going to defend our workers, protect our jobs, and finally, put america first. >> three out of four voters including many liberals approve. but 61% disapprove of the high profile jobs he has given his daughter ivanka and son-in-law, jared kushner.
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45% say trump is off off to a poor start. >> in the grand scheme of things it is marathon not a sprint. >> reporter: this coming week, major challenges. including a tax reform package that is sure to get picked over by both parties. and, the threat of a government shutdown midnight friday. the budget battle may hinge on trump's border wall. democrats say they will refuse to pay for it. >> when the president says well i promised a wall during my campaign. i don't think he said he was going to pass a billions dollars of cost of the wall onto the taxpayer. >> can't imagine the democrats would shut down the government over an objection to building a downpayment on a wall. >> reporter: trump insisted the wall is in the budget just so we can get started early. insisting. mexico will be paying in some form. david wright, abc news, washington. >> speaking of the immigration policy for the administration. it appears to be like mixed signals about so-called dreamers. immigrants who were brought into
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the country legally as kids. >> president trump made it very clear people with dreamer status could rest easy. for now. but during an appearance on "this week" attorney general jeff sessions did not make any promises that they would get a pass. >> there is no doubt the president has sympathy for young people who are brought here at early ages. >> they can rest easy? >> we'll see. i believe that everyone that enters the country unlawfully is subject to being deported. however, we have got, we don't have the ability to, round up everybody. and there is no plans to do that. but we are going to, focus first, as the president has directed us, on the criminal element. >> taking the dreamers cases, case by case. sessions comments followed by a lawsuit filed by a 23-year-old man who said he was deported to mexico despite having the dreamer status. >> turning focus overseas now. tensions are rising as there is
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new rhetoric on the korean peninsula after president trump ordered uss carl vinson to sail into waters off korean peninsula. pyongyang, the capital, responding with a threat to sing the carrier which is now starting joint drills with two japanese destroyers. in the meantime, the president held separate phone calls overnight with japanese prime minister, shinzo abe, and the chinese president. abe told reporters he appreciated the president's forceful stance against north korea. president trump speaking with the -- chinese president, about north korea, reiterating china's resolve to achieve stability through peaceful talks. heartbreaking tragedy in queens, new york. five people killed in a fast-moving house fire, including three children. >> youngest victim just 2 years old. we know the oldest was around 21 years of age. the mayor saying the deadliest fire to hit city two years. a deadly inferno explosive
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flames shooting from the windows as a fire tears through two homes. killing five. three of them children. the first call for help coming after 2:00 with reports of people trapped inside. fire fighters arrive as the blaze quickly freds to a second home. both properties charred and gutted. neighbors pouring into the streets to find out what happened. in shock. and in tears. >> incredibly difficult moment for people on this block to see a family literally destroyed before their very eyes. >> fire officials just beginning their investigation. >> now all of the victims were from the same family. but we do know that one person survived by jumping out of a second story window. again the cause under investigation. >> wildfires are raging across florida. but mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted. it was the first time some
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homeowners had a chance to survey the damage. some discovered they had lost everything in those flames. about 120 fires have gutted homes and businesses around the state. arsonists to blame for one of the fires. many were caused by a drought. some much-needed rain, helped firefighters battling the flames over the weekend. >> in illinois, sailor killed in the attack on pearl harbor has finally been laid to rest. navy fireman, first-class, michael galatic was aboard uss oklahoma december 7, 1941. his remains were recovered, but were only recently identified. thanks to improved dna technology. they received full military honors when they arrived in chicago. >> honor where honor is due. it appears benjamin franklin's advice, early to bed early to rise. has scientific backing for the health of children. researchers at ohio state university found regular bed times, regular meal times, and limited screen time, appear to be linked to better emotional
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health. for preschoolers. the study also suggests such structured routines, could also lower the chances of obesity. later in childhood. >> now to a bumbling burglar caught on camera. police in new orleans released surveillance video of a robbery at a clothing store last week. watch as the thief drops in from the ceiling. >> okay. >> the thief ransacks the store. >> uh-huh. >> tries to climb back up through the ceiling. falls. >> that's tough. yeah. >> that's a, long fall, too. >> it is. >> he did escape out of a back door. >> well. that would have been the obvious -- >> ha-ha. >> obvious thing to do. >> well. no one ever said he was bright. >> problems. >> in the nba playoffs. boston celtics. >> yes. it is. >> the chicago bulls are trying to get a leg up on another. >> bull center, robin lopez took things further. lopez loses one of his size 20s under the basket. >> 20?
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>> yeah, jae crowder tosses it away. then low petz gets revenge. then lopez gets revenge. >> he loses his shoe. crowder throws it behind him. he grabs crowder. have never seen a referee stop a game honestly. to let the guy put his shoe back on. now he unties, crowder's shoe. you have a lot of stuff going on. all we need is a mascot over there. for lopez to fight with. >> oh, my goodness. >> kind of interesting. >> size 20. wow. >> speaking of mascot fights. the utah jazz mascot. jazz bear wasn't having it when an l.a. clippers fan, messes with the utah fan during an on court contest. oh. >> yeah, jazz bear takes a start. wiping the fan out. i'll show you who pushes you. >> he said that just like that. >> sound like a nursery rhyme for mascots. >> that series tied at two apiece. clippers/jazz. >> coming up. she is out of this world. the nasa astronaut making history overnight, setting the
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space duration record. what she says is her favorite part about being up there. >> and, as her alleged kidnapper faces arraignment, this morning. in sacramento. what the father of 15-year-old elizabeth thomas is telling abc news exclusively about his daughter's physical and emotional condition since they have reunited. >> but first, here is a look at today's temperatures. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by lysol. ♪ five-second rule protection. new lysol kitchen pro eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without any harsh chemical residue. ♪ lysol. what it takes to protect.
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clean-up of the two mile oil slick is under way. after a ferry boat crashed. the vessel carrying 140 passengers when it slammed into a pier. as many as 13 people were reportedly injured. the crew says the ferry lost power due to a technical glitch before hitting the pier. officials say the will cost $2 million to repair the dock. >> dramatic high-speed chase at sea. the coast guard cutter, in spur suit of suspected drug smugglers. dumping cargo in the pacific. coast guard officials say a 3 month operation hauled in 13 tons of cocaine. it has an estimated street value of $390 million. at least 41 suspects facing prosecution here in the u.s. >> accused kidnapper, tad cummin due in court.
2:44 am
facing arainment in sack ramon tow. >> this comes as the father of his 15-year-old former student speaks out exclusively to abc news. here's abc's eva pilgrim. >> reporter: the father of the missing tennessee teen speaking for the first time since being reunited. >> some times, she'll be happy and laughing. and back to the same old girl. and then -- she'll be, some times, just -- just in a fetal position crying. it is a roller coaster for her. >> reporter: 15-year-old elizabeth thomas missing over a month. former teacher, 50-year-old, tad cummins facing federal charges for kidnapping the teen. >> what did she look like? >> looked like she had been through a lot. she was very atalkative to us. something was not quite right. >> you said she lost some weight? >> yes, apparently hefeeding he. eating things they would find. >> reporter: the family saying getting her back is the first
2:45 am
step in a long journey ahead. >> she is going to actually need trauma therapy. she has had to spend over a month getting ready to just, you know, bolt from wherever she is. and, you know, she still feels like, very uneasy. >> reporter: to seep her struggling with all of this now, as her dad? >> it's very heartbreaking. i know i am going to have to really brace myself for things i am going to hear. because i am going to hear some things that are very uncomfortable for sure. and they're going to hurt. >> reporter: the family advised by counselors not to ask elizabeth question as but what happened to her. at this point they're focused on keeping her healthy and helping her move forward. eva pilgrim, abc news, nashville, tennessee. >> amazing work by her, eva. >> thanks to eva. diane sawyer's one-on-one with caitlyn jenner. >> two years after she revealed her very personal decision to the world. how has she been? ♪ new lysol power & fresh 6 goes to work flush after flush
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♪ ♪ caitlyn jenner opening up about what it is look to live as a woman. two years ago, remember, after her exclusive interview with diane sawyer. >> in their latest one-on-one taurks t talk, the former olympic champion revealing how her priorities have changed. >> reporter: almost every day, some one goes roaring through the hills of malibu. there, a woman in a dune buggy. and there she is again, flying her plane over the houses of her children along the beach. >> caitlyn, have a great day.
2:49 am
>> same to you, bye-bye. >> you can see her two times a week at the supermarket. turning strangers into friends. >> how are you today? >> i kind of come around the corner. and this guy goes walking by. he goes, good morning, ma'am. i went -- good morning. kept walking. i just go, how wonderful is that? >> two years ago this is where it began. are you a woman? >> yes, for all intents and purposes i am a woman. >> reporter: bruce jenner, olympic athlete, famous dad on a reality show, waiting to stun the world by announcing inside he had always been a woman. >> that's very hard for bruce jenner to say. because why? i don't want to disapin the people. >> reporter: then last year in the midst of a contentious election, caitlyn jenner again in the spotlight. on her tv show her transgender friend are horrified by her republican politics. >> republicans, your people,
2:50 am
they don't like us. >> here is the deal. yes, i did vote for trump. >> she says she believed donald trump was personally inclusive and that he would surprise everyone on lgbt issues. here at the convention. >> i will protect our lgbtq citizens. when president trump saw her at his inauguration. >> he wanted me to come play golf with him. >> but just 34 days into his administration, she was shocked. he revoked an obama directive designed to strengthen federal protection of transgender kids on their bathroom choice. >> this administration for me it was, extremely, extremely disappointing. here's the deal breaker with the republican party. and the deal breaker is, you mess with my community, you don't give us equality in a fair shot i'm coming after you. >> reporter: she says since coming out she has been lucky to have the money to change her
2:51 am
appearance. jaw line. forehead, her breasts, and she has just announced in the book, that she has become one of the 12% of transwomen who go on to get what is called final surg y surgery. >> it's what is between your ears and who you are as a person. it's your soul. >> no regrets? >> none whatsoever. >> as walk into the hall, a table with a lifetime of award. she says she wants to concentrate now on raising money for transgender, use. do you think in your lifetime, my lifetime, that we will see full acceptance? >> no the i don't think we will ever see full acceptance. is it going to get better? i hope so the i help that i am part of that. i want to fight this fight. >> our thanks to diane sawyer for that exclusive interview. >> we should point out that caitlyn will be on gma live today talking about, what all has changed in those two years? >> very rapid in terms of the
2:52 am
transformation. >> her new book "secrets of my life." all coming up. the smimilestone happening in se right now.
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♪ ♪ no stranger to first, the first woman to command the space station. she also hold a record for most space walks by a female astronaut with eight walks. >> yeah, yeah. but she also now holds the record for most cumulative days in space for any astronaut. officially breaking the record at 1:27 a.m. 535 days in orbit. >> how about -- a hand for peggy. nice job. so peggy tweeted. it is one of the ride that you hope never ends. i am so grateful for all of those who helped me on each of my missions. >> the international space station tweeted. at astro-peggy broken at
2:56 am
astro-jeff's record of 534 days in space. wish her well. hash tag congratulations, peggy. >> president trump will call peggy to congratulate her on her achievement. >> pretty cool. let's get a closer look at her out of this world career. here's abc's gio benitez. >> reporter: they call it the peggy factor. mission control code word for the way superstar astronaut peggy witson always gets the job done. commander woodson making history with her record for any american. but the time she lands in september, her tally will be 666 days in space. with more space walks currently eight, than any other female astronaut. she says what matters is the mission. >> i'm not here because of the record. but i think having the record is important. because we have to continue to progress. we have to continue to take the next steps. >> woodson is perhaps a surprising interstellar star. at 9, growing of on a farm in iowa, she watched the moon landing and her dream was born.
2:57 am
>> at the time, young girls weren't supposed to do those kind of things. >> reporter: she persevered. earning ph.d. in biochemical, and landing a job with nasa. overcoming long odds. ten years before nasa decide she'd had the right stuff to become an astronaut. her favorite thing about being in space, simply seeing the earth. from north africa's reds to the caribbean blues, from so far away. >> we need to do more to be one, one earth, one people. >> gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> again, congratulations to peggy. >> making history. >> her 20-minute call will air live on nasa tv in case you're interested with the president. >> all right. >> that's the news for this half-hour. >> remember to follow us on facebook at have a great monday.
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this morning on "world news now" -- american killed on the front lines. >> as fighting continues between ukraine and russian-backed rebels, an american died from a landmine monitoring the conflict in the region. as north korea offers new threats overnight, we'll have details for you ahead. >> florida still under state of emergency as wildfires continue to burn there. rain providing some relief. residents returning their homes, destroyed, while others are discovering how close they came to losing everything. >> a passenger gets into it with a flight attendant after alle d allegedly rough handling a child's stroller. the distraught mother triggering a backlash from fellow passengers and the airline responding. >> could this be the greatest bowler in history? or the lonliest man at the alley? he knocks down strike after strike and accomplishes, in less than a minute and a half, what
3:01 am
you or me will probably never do. so we will pick up a spare on this monday. april 24th. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." impressive. >> wish i could do that. >> couldn't do it over a lifetime much less 1:30. >> on my bucket list now. >> see if you achieve that. get to that later in "the skinny." >> right now, we begin this half-hour with sad news, death of an american in war torn ukraine. >> yeah, that american working for a european security watch dog monitoring mission when his vehicle was struck by a mine. >> you can look at the car completely tore up by the landmine. happened in eastern ukraine where 2015 cease-fire with russian backed separatists violated. the state department confirming the death. officials saying they're shocked and saddened. last december, members of the armed services committee, including john mccain, rather, visited the region.
3:02 am
mccain saying the u.s. stands with kiev in their fight against putin's aggression. the death of the american in eastern ukraine comes as another american is detained in north korea getting ready to leave the country. after wrapping up a one-month university teaching assignment. >> well adding to that. new bellicose threats from north korea, abc's bob booed rouwoodr the region and joins us from seoul, south korea. >> reporter: american detained in north korea. the private north korean university where tony kim had been teaching for several weeks, tells abc news the 58-year-old was taken into custody at pong yong airport trying to leave the country with his wife. kim's detention brings the number of americans held in north korea to at least three. >> i have made the worst mistake of my life. >> including 22-year-old, uva student, now a prisoner more than a year. the north koreans say this security video shows him stealing a political banner from the hotel.
3:03 am
where he was staying with a tour group. he was sentenced to 15 years hard labor last year. >> plaez saease save my life. please think of my family. >> reporter: the third american, businessman, serving a ten year sentence. >> whenever tensions with the u.s. get stronger, they heighten, they, they take steps like this. as bargaining chips. these are three american bargaining chips. that they now have. >> reporter: this as the rhetoric continues to escalate. north korea quoted as saying it is ready to sink the uss vins top. n aircraft carrier expected in the region in the next few days. to complicate this, north korea will celebrate its 85th anniversary of the people's army. now in the past they have used these kinds of celebrations to flex their muscles. so it is possible kim jung-uncould once again use it to launch another nuclear test. bob woodruff, abc news, seoul.
3:04 am
>> we'll be catch upping the situation there in seoul. now the crucial presidential election in france. the stage set for a run-off between political novice and a far right populist after they edged out the mainstream candidates. macron celebrating, first place finish, running on tolerance and united europe. a 39-year-old investment banker. and former finance minister who has never held an elected office. >> le pen came in close second with french first platform. le pen, often compared to president trump wants to pull france out of the european union and crack down on immigration and radical muslims. the major parts are unifying to make sure she loses in the final round next month. >> back in this country, president trump has a big week ahead as he nears his 100th day in office on saturday. the president is pressing forward on tax reform, health care, while trying to avert a government shutdown. a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows his approval rating
3:05 am
stands at 42%. that is the lowest at this point for any president since the great depression. but, president trump took note of the same poll, pointing out in a tweet, that nearly everyone who voted for him in november, say they would do it yet again. >> congress has until midnight friday to reach $1 trillion budget deal to keep the government running or will shut down as the president hits the 100 day mark. the president wants the spending plan to earmark money to pay for the promised border wall. democrats are pushing back they say he never said anything about taxpayers footing the bill. the president says eventually mexico will be paying for the wall in some form. >> much needed rain helping crews battling wildfires in florida. sunday thousand returned home after evacuation orders were lifted. but much of state still burning with homes and businesses destroyed. abc's maggie ruly has more. >> reporter: florida in a state of emergency.
3:06 am
120 fires still burning statewide. but for the first time in days, mandatory evacuation orders are lifted. residents returning home. off to see what's left. lee county resident, 15-year-old daughter was home alone as the flames got closer and closer. >> she started panking. started crying. dad, there is smoke everywhere. you can hardly see out of here. >> reporter: this was their home before the fire. now they lost everything. meanwhile, this blaze burning near naples, only 50% contained. >> our whole street kerney avenue engulfed as a tunnel of flame. >> reporter: this backyard still smoldering. and near orlando, 700 acres charred. firefighters are gaining the upper hand. but from the sky, you can seep just how close this fire came to scorching these homes. burning brush and trees, right up to their front doors. >> the fire suspected to be arson. now, 75% contained. >> just keep praying for rain. because it's, been a huge, huge
3:07 am
fire. >> that huge fire burning so hot it turned this roof into nothing but piles of twisted metal. collapsing in on itself. >> awe a lot of speculation this morning, following the miss tear-up death of actress erin moran, 56-year-old actress, primetime television staple in the 70s and 80s. playing joanie cunningham on the abc sitcom "happy days." found unresponsive in southern indiana over the weekend. the cause of death still not known. neighbors say she had been more reclusive in recent months. >> italian born author and conservationist, kuki gallmann was wounded by a gunshot. the 73-year-old gallmann author of best selling memoir "i dreamed of africa" turned into a movie. gallmann was air lifted to the hospital. neither the hospital or family
3:08 am
are commenting on her condition. >> okay, really happy news now, or at least fun news. london marathon runners got a greeting. prince william, and kate, duchess of cambridge, officially. offering handshakes, cheers and medals with prince harry. runners, competing for heads together official charity of the year's marathon. the mental health charity supported by three royals. playful runner, dousing the future king and a few splashes. looked like giving him the stink eye. >> no, not my man. >> william laughing it. >> shy did get splashed. >> playful. >> definitely. >> not like the gatorade bucket dousing them. >> no. okay. perhaps the most vicious thing. this guy. >> tempting runners with, a slice of terrible looking pizza, i would say. >> come on, guys. >> most resistant temptation. until. you know you want it. >> yes, you do it. >> that's the smartest man right
3:09 am
there. the london marathon over the weekend. i would say. >> why terrible? so small? or cheese falling off? >> because the cheese is not falling off. doesn't look melting. it's hard. not drooping like new york pizza. >> who doesn't like cold pizza? i love cold pizza so yummy. >> just did not. >> you could never have a terrible piece of pizza if it is pizza. >> preach. word. >> with ranch dressing. anyway. moving on. >> pineapple. >> mm. >> coming up. more sports. can you tell we are hungry? >> including -- the reason this guy, doesn't have any one to join him. on his bowling team. >> he doesn't need anybody. >> plus, in-flight in dense involving a mom and flight attendant. they got an earful from a fellow passenger. but what really happened? >> remember to weigh in on facebook at and twitter --@abcwnn. you're watching "world news now."
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check out this video of a brazen smash-and-grab at a watch store in california. the thieves dressed as construction workers, clearly, spraying the owner with something in the face. the other is there smashing a display case with a baseball bat. but the owner reached for his weapon and scared off the robbers. before they took anything. police this morning searching for the suspects. >> they were so violent. to not get away with anything. >> yeah. >> wow. brave shop owner there. well this the latest aviation altercation caught ton camera. this time an american airlines employee grounded after witness say he violently grabbed a stroller from a mother. >> the flight attendant is facing a lot of controversy after all of this. we get the latest from gloria riviera. >> reporter: american airlines investigating a flight attendant
3:14 am
for this confrontation. >> hey, bud, hey bud, you do that to me and i'll knock you flat. >> you stay out of this. >> the crew member suspended with pay after facing off with a passenger. the female passenger seen sobbing with her young children. american airlines tells abc news, she was told by the flight attendant she would have to gate check the double wide stroller she tried to fit down the aisle. >> you don't know what the story is. >> some passengers say they saw that employee grab the woman's stroller, out of an overhead bin. accidentally hitting her in the head. and just missing her kids. >> i think the right course of action to take at that point, would be, for the attendants to try to be able to calm her down, rather than more forcefully or aggressively trying to just get the stroller off the plane. >> reporter: but the flight
3:15 am
attendants unioner ewing eit is federal law to threaten a flight attenda attendant. we are sorry the actions of our team member do not reflect patience or empathy. >> according to faa policy, that passenger could face a fine up to $25,000. so far, there is no word on whether anyone is pressing charges against him. gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> you know, we have been covering the story all weekend long. i just received an e-mail, not too long ago from another passenger on board the same flight. in fact he included boarding pass to prove it. he is saying totally different story than some of the witnesses we have heard from. while they have said the flight attendant was aggressive lly yanking the stroller. he is saying the flight attendant calmly asked her to gate check that stroller. she started screaming at him. that's when he started escorting her and her family off the plane. and she began sobbing. so, american airlines piecing all this together the they have
3:16 am
apologized giving the woman a refund. >> did a good job of pr with it as a result. >> should mention before all that happened. talking to friends at dell tachlt a -- delta. they don't look at incidents and go it's not us. they feel they're so undera radar. everybody is looking for an opportunity to record them on camera. behaving any sort of way. >> it is not easy to be a flight attendant nowadays for sure. not that easy to be a passenger some time either. >> not at all. >> coming up in the next half-hour. the 4-year-old girl hanging on for dear life, the back door of the vehicle swings open. she falls into the middle of the street. see that man right there. how a good samaritan saved her life. >> thank god. heading to the hoop. nba playoffs in full swing. which team fir tooufs most to m? a complete sports roundup. you are watching "world news now."
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♪ new lysol kitchen pro eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without any harsh chemical residue. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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>> what is that? new sports music? >> wow. >> i'm feeling it. >> all into it. nba playoffs rolling on tonight. that's what the music means. with games in toronto, atlanta, portland. one series ended. one pushed to the brink. two are tied. >> one of those, yeah, this was
3:19 am
a big deal. utah, l.a. clippers in the fourth. jazz down one. and star gordon hayward out with food poisoning. that's tuchough. and the three. utah wins, 105-98. game five tuesday in l.a. series that is over. cleveland/indiana. lebron james hitting the go-ahead three late in the fourth. finished with 33 points. ten rebound. paul george's desperation three at the end is going to fall short. cavs sweep the pacers. 106-102. golden state warriors, stever k may been doubt for the playoffs. some reports say his career. pain from complications due to back surgery forcing him off the sidelines. he says he won't return until it's gone. >> this is not going to be a case where i'm coaching one might not coaching the next. i am not going to do that to our team and our staff. >> the back pain forced kerr to
3:20 am
miss the first 43 games of last season. he refused to go into detail on the symptoms. >> he is in his 40s. to be going through that. he had back surgery two years ago. still dealing with that. >> that's tough. >> so, and it also means nhl playoffs. the league's top team in the regular season. the washington capitals. moving on to round two. >> yeah, caps trying to knock out young toronto maple leaf squad. washington down a gel in the third. when a shot trickles past the leaves goalie. fred wreck anderson. go to overtime. and over six minutes. washington's justin williams with the series winner. caps advance. 4-2. 2-1 win. good day all around for teams from the capitals. washington nationals looking for a sweep of the new york mets. jack is jazzed. daniel murphy. grand slam. first inning. nats win, 6-3. >> seven in a row. >> all right. retired fenway favorite. making his way become to boston. we hear the applause. for a special fan.
3:21 am
last year, david orti zplchz, pd a home run for maverick. a little boy with a rare heart condition. big papi delivering on the promise. two-run blast against the yankees. this weekend the two were reunited as co-recipients of the courage award from charmed foundation. it raises money for medical research. thank you so much to big papi. >> yep. a bowler from central new york who owns an impressive world record. >> enough to roll a perfect game. ben catolca, did it in just under 90 second. got to be kidding. ran from lane to lane. managed to toss 12 strikes in a row. >> wow. that's impressive. >> do you bowl? >> i bowl. >> not like that. >> i can't score that when you have the bumpers. does it with a unique two-handed bowl. take a look here. kind of spins it with both hands. see that. nice. how does he do that.
3:22 am
just with practice. i get one. i'm excited. >> look at mcdonald's next in their uniform. next. lilly.
3:23 am
3:24 am
she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
3:25 am
get it. get it. get it. >> time for "the mix." >> time for "the mix." >> barack reak it down. mix, mixing up the message from mcdonald's and the uniforms. let's see what you thing. couple designers. one who worked in the fast-food chain at some point. i actually did as a kid. greg up. worked at drive through. first broadcasting job. >> where you got your start? >> where i got my start. look at this. do these look post apocalyptic uniforms to you? >> kind of look like the hunger games. don't they? >> kind of. guess a lot of people are hating on them. not so much loving it. many people trolling the burger joint's dark tdenim aprons sayig not what we want to see when we pick up quarter pounder and
3:26 am
cheese. >> kind of depressing. >> they're too gray. >> by designers to redo uniforms. >> for fit, functionality. more conpeople toprofessionalis. >> give me fries. >> super size me. >> extra dip. >> young lady in florida, whose prom dress is going viral, photo of it. she wanted to convey a message. custom ied her prom dress. photo on the front right there. that is an image of trayvon martin's face. she also included other, other people in the black lives matter movement. including, sandra bland, tamir rice, all over her prom dress. 17-year-old, milan bolden morris, she says, yes i'm black, yes i am 17, yes, god is using me to convey a message bigger than me. >> tell you who she is conveying a message for. her daddy.
3:27 am
watch, and make sure she comes home. sister does not look 17. that is the message she is conveying. keep it real. >> the next story. >> not going to ticht. a -- i can say it, little sister. >> set off on a wild adventure. wild, mean determined to ride his bike two years around the world. ambitious time line fell to the wayside. he realized how long it was going to take him to traverse the globe. his journey came to emotional end saturday. arrived home in england. yea! >> nice. congratulations. >> hopped off the bike. jumped into his mother's arms. >> in england, meantime. you have a 7-foot great dane getting attentiontion. for real. take a look. this dog, weighs the same as a baby elephant. 216 pounds. that is just as, amazing. eats 35 pounds of meat each week. >> oh, my. >> kidded britain's biggest dog. >> the
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
this morning on "world news now"-- the french revolt. the country's two major political parties shut out of the presidential election strong showings for the woman, drawing comparisons to president trump. but could this be the beginning of a frexit from the eu. >> back here at home, president trump facing uphill battle over funding the border wall with mexico. congress heads back to work today and another government shutdown looms, what's at stake with the new week beginning. >> new this half-hour, shocking video of a young girl falling out of the back of the bus. >> watch this, happened on a country road. good samaritan's dash cam capturing the moment. >> marking her territory, amber herd posted a cheeky photo with her billionaire boyfriend, elan
3:31 am
musk. her dark lipstick planted on the side of his face. all the pda details coming up in "the skinny." if it's monday, april 24th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." i don't know what i think about that picture right now. i don't know. >> it's fine. >> so romantic. >> a billionaire. i would mark my territory too. >> amber looks like, uh-huh. what? what? >> i got this. >> it's mine, what? >> you bet, back off. >> boy, bye. >> get to that later on. european newspapers are calling it the french revolution, france of course prepares in two weeks to choose between two opposite presidential candidates. macron won the first round with united europe platform. he face off with le pen. looking to pluck france from the
3:32 am
european union and close its borders. alex marquardt from paris. >> reporter: may be a french election reverberations are felt around the world. >> ripples could be felt across europe and the world. >> there are candidates who would look to see france pull out of the european union. >> reporter: fierce brand of far right nationalism. touted by le pen, carrying her into a run-off election. before the results. trump tweeting, very interesting election currently taking place in france. but cheers erupting as the crowd learns that le pen is edged out by outsider, 39-year-old macron, who never held elected office. starting the campaign was scratch a year ago. campaigning on a pro-europe message, full of hope and optimism. he also married his former school teacher, who is 24 years his senior. >> this is a big loss for le pen leading in the polls so long. now many anti-le pen forces will ban together to make sure she
3:33 am
loses. >> new york based macron volunteers were motivated by trump's victory to come home to try to prevent le pen from doing the same. >> we wanted to do something. trump gave us the energy we needed. >> le pen voters drawn to her anti-immigration, anti-globalist, anti-islamist stance. while macro voters, responding to his youth and tone. >> he stands for hope. in this time, tough times, people want hope. >> reporter: this race is far from over. the two candidates now have two weeks until the final round. this its being seen as a blow to trump style populism, and the polls for now, in this head-to-head match up, have le pen eventually losing out. alex marquardt, abc news, paris. >> the gravity of that is so huge. imagine if democrats and republicans. >> were pushed out of the election. >> completely. >> independent then perhaps some one from the green party. >> this was forecasted.
3:34 am
predict the this could be dire. the situation here. >> it was. >> maybe its dire the right word? >> not sure it is dire. but just such a seismic change. >> ground breaking. >> in european politics. amazing to watch. >> affects everybody. specially what we saw with brexit. just going to be interesting to see what the world's reverberations will be, domino effect. >> yeah, in the meantime, other issues around the world reverberating at this hour. >> yeah, tensions heating up in the korean peninsula with yet another provocation by north korea directed at the united states. >> north its threatening to sink an american aircraft carrier beginning joint drills with two japanese destroyers in the western pacific ocean. north korea warned on state television of america's "mad cap nuclear war provocations." now the pentagon spokesman responded, calling on north korea to end its own provocative actions and rhetoric. >> war of words as north korea detained an american citizen as
3:35 am
he tried to leave the country. after a one month university teaching assignment. 58-year-old tony kim is now at least the third u.s. citizen in north korean custody now. 22-year-old, university of virginia student is serving a 15 year sentence. american businessman, is serving a ten year sentence. warning from defense secretary jim mattis and pirates in the waters off somalia. mattis and u.s. officials say such attacks are increasing. in recent weeks, there have been six pirate attacks on commercial ships. mattis addressed the issue, visiting a base near the gulf of aden. officials say piracy attacks have not reached crisis level of five years ago. and we learned just moments ago that vice president mike pence is returning home early from his overseas trip. he is heading home tuesday a day early.
3:36 am
aides say pence wants to be back to washington sooner because the white house is tackling multiple issues this week. >> one of the issues is a looming government shutdown as president trump is wrapping up his first 100 days. traditionally, a time to take stock. our new poll reveals the lowest approval rating of any modern president at this point in his term. but it is also giving the president something very, very positive to tweet about. more from abc's richard cantu. >> with day 100 of his administration looming. saturday, president trump has some other numbers to ponder. he has a 42% approval rating. the lowest of the last 13 presidents at this point in their administration. the good news, mr. trump retains the support of his base. only 2% of trump voters regret voting for him.
3:37 am
53% of americans say he is a strong leader. and, perhaps the biggest surprise. if the election were held today. trump would win the popular vote. why? one reason, weakness among democrats. 67% of americans say the party is out of touch. and 3 out of 4 voters approve his america first policy on jobs. including many liberals. we're going to defend our workers, protect our jobs. >> reporter: on the downside. 61% disapprove of the high profile roles he has given his daughter ivanka and jared kushner. 45% say the president is off to a poor start. that's where the president stands as he heads into a big week. he promised to unveil tax reform plan including massive tax cut. on friday, at midnight, the eve of his 100th day in office, saturday, the president faces the threat of a government shutdown. he is demanding that congress put up the money for his wall at the mexican border. democrats say, no deal. >> i don't think he said he was going to pass billions of dollars of cost of the wall on to the taxpayer. >> mr. trump said the wall is in the budget. so we can get started early. adding mexico will be paying in some form. richard cantu, abc news, new york. >> california's attorney general
3:38 am
is ready to fight the trump administration over its threat to cut funding to so-called sanctuary cities. he told abc's this week he is in the business of public safety. not deportation. he insists that the u.s. government cannot order a city or state to change their approach. his comments follow letters from the trump administration to several cities threatening to pull grant money if they continue to limit how much police can cooperate with immigration officials. >> former teacher accused of kidnapping his former student, has a court date in sacramento later this morning. tad cummins caught at a cabin in remote northern california thursday. his 15-year-old former student. elizabeth thomas was rescued. it ended a nationwide search that started in tennessee, five weeks ago. cummins faces federal and state felony charges of kidnapping and sexual contact and ten years in prison. >> former fox news host, bill o'reilly returns to the airwaves, expected to resume pod
3:39 am
no spin news pod cast later today. that's his subscription based website. the popular anchor fired from fox last week amid a growing sexual harassment scandal. it is the first time he is speaking publicly since parting with fox. >> concerns over a popular fitness device. milwaukee woman says her fitbit flex 2 bracelet exploded, the device melted on her arm. she had to be treated in the emergency room for second degree burns. the company is investigating but says the first fitbit safety complaint they're aware of. >> my goodness. last half-hour showed you the royals, handing out water at the london marathon. here in the states. different competition. with spectators handing something else out. snow balls. look at t-rex going down the hill. >> ha-ha-ha. whoa. >> oh. >> yeah, that was good stuff. the t-rex pelted by fans in
3:40 am
winter park, colorado. last day of the season. ski resort. pond skimming contest. >> idea is make it across the water on your skis. apparently, dinosaurs are not so buoyant at all. >> good video. like the red bull. >> come on. >> contest. >> go, go, go, make it. >> t-rex doesn't have the wings. >> up next, frightening moment when a little girl tumbled from the back of a moving bus on to a high way. the hero who came to her rescue. >> coming of in the skinny. john cena celebrating, oh, with his birthday. in his birthday suit. >> oh. >> oh, my goodness. can we put this on television? >> too late. is it sweeps weeks? it is, later on this week. first, a look at the forecast. anything for ratings. >> tmi. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by
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3:44 am
and you came to celebrate this minneapolis. show them your love, y'all. >> do it. park in minnesota to see, prince's proteges, the time, pay tribute to the late artist. prince was found dead in his home a year ago last friday. an autopsy determined from an overdose of a powerful pain medication. >> shocking. >> great tribute. >> a scene that would make any parent's heart stop. a young girl falls from the back of a moving bus on to a busy highway. >> new questions about how this could have happened. abc's phillip mena with the story. >> reporter: a heart stopping moment playing out on the highway in arkansas. keep your eye on the white church bus ahead. out of nowhere the back door swings open. clinging on for dear life is a 4-year-old girl. second later, the girl falls to the ground. unaware of what happened.
3:45 am
the bus driver keeps on down the road. witnesses say, it would be 15 minutes before the bus returned. the little girl now motionless in the middle of a state highway. >> i saw it happening. and, it, it blew my mind. i was kind of like i wasn't seeing what i was seeing. looked like it was a movie. >> ryan ciampoli, emt and fire fighter, hatch penned to be driving behind the bus. his dash cam rolling. that's him rushing to the little girl. cradling him in his arms. moments later the 4-year-old regains consciousness. he carefully lifts her up. the girlfriend on the phone with 911. >> once adrenaline and shock kicked in, in her little body. started kicking, screaming, where is my mommy and things like that. stuff look that is heartbreaking. >> miraculously, the little girl suffered a broken jaw, but she is expected to be okay. meanwhile, the church tells us they're no longer using that bus. but no explanation as to how that door flung open. phillip mena, abc news, los angeles. >> wow, very lucky young woman.
3:46 am
when we come back, john cena celebrating his 40th in the most john cena way. >> kenny g plays on a plane. whether you want him to or not. "the skinny" is next. ♪ ♪ john cena way. >> kenny g plays on a plane. whether you want him to or not. "the skinny" is next. ♪ ♪ helps keep your laundry pacs safe and your child safer. align, press and unzip. ♪ new lysol kitchen pro eliminates 99.9% of bacteria without any harsh chemical residue. lysol. what it takes to protect.
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3:48 am
skinny ♪ ♪ so skinny ♪ ♪ skinny ♪ ♪ so skinny >> we are talking about so much love, if that's what you want to call it. "the skinny" time. ha-ha. starting with the new couple alert. actress amber herd, johnny depp's, ex, and elan musk spotted together recently. the pda on full display. they have gone instagram official. >> then really official if they have gone instagram official.
3:49 am
the two enjoyed dinner in australia where she has a track record. but she is filming a movie when she posted this pic saying. cheeky. the caption. if you look closely enough, you can see, that she has marked her territory. her lip mark on musk's cheek. right there. >> yeah. >> that's so sweet. >> that's cute. >> no judgment. just saying. >> that. it's -- >> you may remember. >> yeah. >> you may remember herd's contentious divorce from johnny depp last year. finalized in january. apparently, elan musk's divorce was finalized a few months before. >> they're single. >> just so sad. stuff breaks up. anyways. >> we will move on. >> okay. i can move on. >> john cena. so you know, he has been winning lately. he won at wrestlemania. 33. with nikki bela. turned the victory into wedding proposal for her.
3:50 am
>> very nice. >> yes. now turning 40. not that we can tell. >> that's him dead listing 602 pounds. 602 pounds. >> oh, my goodness. that's amazing. >> as a 40-year-old. >> well you know. >> like a champion today. >> also, follows through on his beds. he and fiancee, nikki said they would strip if they reached 500,000 youtube subscribers. >> my gosh. no surprise they did. and they kept their, promise. >> wait, where is your sign, way too much information. >> see the giant aquarium. >> didn't know where you were going -- >> you see the giant -- aquarium? >> i'm not looking at an aquarium. now we have seen everything. now my tube is on youtube. yes, you are right. >> what? >> that's what he said. >> this is not -- this is not a family moment. okay. >> anyways.
3:51 am
>> that's how a family starts. >> ha-ha. >> so. just saying. go, okay. we have been hearing all the horror stories about flying. a story to lift you up. music to your ears. famous saxophonist, kenny g., famous saxophonist, gave an impromptu performance on a delta flight. sitting next to a woman, raising money for charity. play for donation. managed to collect $2,000. >> twitter exploded. kenny g gives an impromptu performance on an airline flight. frankly, rather be dragged down the aisle. >> mean. >> united and american airlines, we screwed up. at least we didn't put people on a plane and force kenny g on them. delta, hold my beer. >> yes. and of course, kenny g gave an impromptu performance mid flight. could you just go back to the beatings instead? >> you should not say that. that is not nice.
3:52 am
we like kenny. i'm -- >> it's own form of torture. >> coming up. surprising new survey that, that gives you some light about tinder as if you needed it. lilly.
3:53 am
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♪ oh oh oh oh oh >> okay. all right. okay. >> don't hurt anybody. don't hurt them, kendis. >> so the dating app, tinder. >> just dated yourself. >> totally did. completely screwed it up. so, tindr, lot of people say for the casual fling. >> the hook-up app. >> turns out recent survey shows that users are actually looking for love. >> how sweet. now they're giving advice on huh to get more people to swipe right on your picture. here is abc's nick watt.
3:56 am
>> reporter: here is the headline. apparently, 80% of tinder users are actually looking for a long term relationship. really? tinder? >> kind of instant reaction when you think of tinder, the instant reaction is oh, that's just for hooking up. >> oh, my. >> our data tells us that you're wrong, nick. >> in-house sociologist. their survey. can't vouch for methods or results. >> if you discovered tinder users have zero interest in commitment you would have kept that to yourself. >> as a social scientist i have a responsibility to talk about data in a way that is meaningful and accurate. >> reporter: education and age are what people care about most. 82% of men on tinder believe fidelity is important. among offline daters, 71%. >> all that these myths that we have about modern dating are really hooey. >> tips. >> don't wear a hat. diminish likelihood of being
3:57 am
swiped right on by 12%. obstructing your eyes. glasses are going to lead you to be less swiped right 15%. smile. you're signaling you are kind and approachable. increase likelihood of being swiped right on by 14%. >> reporter: what will tinder look like in another five years? >> you may be walking down the street and siri or tinder assistant speaks in your ear, says sean there is a girl down the street that we think you might be interested in. you're beth free tomorrow night. want me to set up a date. what happens after that is still the same thing that shakespeare has been talking about. >> reporter: nick watt, abc news, los angeles. ♪ >> so been using tinder all for the wrong reasons? >> true. >> i got to delete this now. not looking for love. >> either light a flame or your relationship will go up in flames. >> that is so negative. >> you can spark a flame, i said, an option. >> uh-huh. surfboard. ♪ >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now" -- informing insomniacs for two decades.
3:58 am
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monday morning, happening today, congress back to work with a full slate of major issues to tackle, all thanks to president trump. our new poll showing the president holding onto his supporters as he nears 100 days in office. we are live in washington. and election anger in france. cars burning in the streets of paris after voters set up a high stakes runoff between two candidates with starkly different agendas. and a new threat from north korea aimed at the massive u.s. aircraft carrier that's steaming toward its shores. that threat following the detention of an american professor. and the bumbling burglar who found his way into a store but had a tougher time getting back out. >> oh. >> yeah.


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