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tv   America This Morning  ABC  April 24, 2017 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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monday morning, happening today, congress back to work with a full slate of major issues to tackle, all thanks to president trump. our new poll showing the president holding onto his supporters as he nears 100 days in office. we are live in washington. and election anger in france. cars burning in the streets of paris after voters set up a high stakes runoff between two candidates with starkly different agendas. and a new threat from north korea aimed at the massive u.s. aircraft carrier that's steaming toward its shores. that threat following the detention of an american professor. and the bumbling burglar who found his way into a store but had a tougher time getting back out. >> oh. >> yeah.
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didn't quite think that whole plan through i guess. >> no. the escape route. good morning, i'm adrienne bankert. >> i'm kendis gibson. a jack packed week ahead for president trump as he approaches his 100th day in office. >> congress returning from recess with a full plate juggling health care, tax reform and that trillion dollar spending plan to avert a government shutdown. stephanie ramos has all the details from washington. >> reporter: good morning. it is expected to be a jam packed week here in washington. the president is expected to unveil his tax reform plan, promising big tax cuts. the house is set to vote on health care. what hangs in the balance is the budget. it's been almost 100 days since president trump took office. >> we're going to defend our workers, protect our jobs, and finally put america first. >> reporter: his administration heads into a tough week with lawmakers, all complicated by a
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potential showdown over that border wall with mexico. president trump demanding congress put up the money for it, but that could lead to a government shutdown. the deadline is friday night. >> so i think that's a fight worth having and a conversation and a debate worth having for 2018, but we cannot shut down the government right now. >> reporter: attorney general jeff sessions defending the president's request that american taxpayers begin paying for the wall despite promises that mexico would pay for it. >> i can't imagine the democrats would shut down the government over an objection to building a down payment on a wall that can end lawlessness. >> reporter: some democrats not buying it. >> to think that he would consider shutting down the government of the united states of america over this outlandish proposal of a border wall. >> reporter: but the budget deadline and possibility of a government shutdown isn't stopping the president from tweeting about it latest abc news "washington post" poll. he's got a 42% approval rating,
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the lowest of the last 13 presidents. trump posting new polls out today are very good considering the media is fake. as for vice-president mike pence, he is rushing back to washington cutting short his trip overseas. aides tell abc news he wants to be in the nation's capitol sooner to deal with all the issues facing the white house this week. >> the vice-president coming off a ten-day asian tour, thank you. there are some mixed signals from the trump administration about so-called d.r.e.a.m.ers, immigrants brought into the country illegally as children. president trump made it clear that people with status could rest easy for now. but on "this week" with george stephanopoulos, it was said that everyone who entered the country illegally is subject to be deported. james mattis is in
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afghanistan. the army chief and defense minister have resigned following this week's taliban attack that killed more than 100 military and personnel. overseas an american paramedic has been killed in ukraine. the man who has not been identified was working for a european security watch dog monitoring mission when his vehicle struck a land mine. a german and czech were also wounded. during his recent trip to moscow secretary of state rex tillerson said their continued aggression remains an obstacle with the u.s. tensions are increasing on the korean peninsula after a north korean detained an american citizen. tony kim was detained at the airport as he and his wife were leaving the country. kim is now at least a third u.s. citizen in north korean custody. and it comes amid a new threat from north korea to the u.s. about what it calls america's
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mad cap nuclear war provocations. pyongyang, officials there threatening to sink the uss carl vinson in the western pacific ocean. the pentagon is calling on north korea to end its own provocative actions and rhetoric. in france two die metrically opposed candidates remain in a runoff. >> many newspapers calling it the new french revolution. look at these scenes overnight. protestors in paris burning cars and clashing with riot police, rallying against a far right candidate, marine le pen, who wants to pull france out of the european union. she came in second, slightly to this man, emmanuel macron, a political novelist. abc's alex marquardt is in paris. >> reporter: the fierce brand of far right nationalism touted by marine le pen who is offered
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compared to donald trump carrying her into a runoff election. but cheers erupting as this crowd learning that le persn is edged out by 39-year-old emmanuel macron, starting his campaign from scratch a year ago, campaigning on a pro europe message full of hope and optimism. he also married his former school teacher who's 24 years his senior. these new york-based macron volunteers were motivated by trump's victory to come home to try to prevent le pen from doing the same. >> we wanted to do something and trump gave us the energy we needed. >> reporter: le pen voters are drawn to her anti-immigration, anti-globalist, anti-islamist stance, while macron voters responding to his youth and uplifting tone. >> he stands for hope and in these tough times people want hope. >> reporter: this race is far from over.
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the two candidates have two weeks until the final round. this is being seen as a blow to trump-style populism and the polls for now in this head-to-head matchup have le pen eventually losing out. two inmates on arkansas's death row are scheduled to be put to death tonight. both jack jones and marcel williams have admitted to murdering women in the 1990s. they've asked an appeals court to halt their lethal injections. the state plans to execute a number of inmates before the drug in the lethal injection expires. let's take a look at some trouble spots when it comes to today's weather. it's going to be a we ht monday across the southeast, some areas could get between two and four inches of rain. you may want to have your umbrella handy if you're in the northwest, northern california and northern rockies.
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there will be showers across the region in higher elevations. those showers could be mixed with some snow. that's right, april 24th and snow. >> nice. well, from one streextreme the other. wildfires are raging across florida but mandatory evacuation orders were lifted. this is the first time some homeowners had a chance to see the damage. about 120 fires have destroyed homes and businesses across the state. arson suspected in one of those fires but many were caused by drought. still ahead, uber reaction to accusations it is tracking users even after the app is deleted. one tech titan weighing in. new orleans begins removing several confederate
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caught on camera, a ferry boat crashing into a peer. look at that. in spain's canary islands. the vessel carrying 140 passengers, as many as 14 people were reportedly injured and cleanup of a two-mile oil slick is under way after that crash. the crew says the ferry lost power due to a technical glitch. a house fire leaves five people dead including three children. the fire ripped through a two-story home in queens. the youngest victim of that fire was 2, the oldest just 21 years old. investigators are trying to figure out what caused the blaze. the mayor says it's the deadliest fire in the city in two years. you apparently can't quit uber even after you delete the app from your iphone. the ride sharing service reportedly has been tracking former users even after they deleted that app by using a practice called fingerprinting.
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even apple ceo tim cook is crying foul over the move but uber is pushing back saying the tracking is a common industry practice used to prevent fraud. onto a story that's causing a lot of controversy this morning, the city of new orleans will remove confederate statues. police in bulletproof vests and crews blocking off liberty place monument overnight. it comes after the mayor announced that confederate statues around the city are going to be removed. this follows city employees and the contractors hired to remove the monuments receiving death threats. some say the statues are a symbol of racism. supporters say they are historic, holding candlelight vigils overnight. turning to a health headline for parents of young children. a study has found that regular bed times, meal times and limited screen time appear to be linked to better emotional health in preschoolers. the study suggests that structured family routines could
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also lower the chances of obesity later in childhood. researchers found a lack of a regular preschool bedtime in particular was a major predictor of obesity by age 11. i think the same goes for adults for all of those. >> right, exactly. we like the routine. a 600-year-old tree that stood in a new jersey graveyard is set to come down. >> the white oak that according to legend served as a picnic site for george washington will be cut down over the next few days. the mighty oak is 100 feet tall, about 18 feet around, and its branches span 150 feet. it was declared dead after showing rot and weakness in recent years. when we come back, the guy who dropped in uninvited and then had a tough time leaving when the alarms went off. and the young british royals head to the london marathon, william getting a little more than he bargained for. worrying about your big... about the client dinner. you gonna wear? hannah.
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project in northern ohio that didn't go completely as planned. watch as the smoke clears. crews tried to implode this bridge but only part of it came crashing down. it took another five hours to get the wiring straight and bring down the rest of that bridge. a look at other roads. a wet commute in northern california into the northwest and all along across to the northern rockies. some showers in the upper midwest and flooding is possible along the east coast. at the airport, delays are possible in charlotte and in washington d.c. former tennessee school teacher and accused kidnapper tad cummins due in court today facing arraignment in sacramento. >> the father of his 15-year-old student speaking out for the first time since his daughter's rescue. >> it's amazing to finally get to see her. >> reporter: anthony thomas relieved to have his daughter back. 15-year-old elizabeth missing for over a month. her former teacher, 50-year-old
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tad cummins in fbi custody, facing custody charges for kidnapping the teen. >> it's been a roller coaster for her. >> reporter: now new details about how the teen spent those final days with cummins at this remote cabin. getting her back, her father says, is just the first step in a long journey ahead. >> she's going to actually need therapy. >> to see her struggling with all this now, as a dad -- >> it's very hurtful. i'm sure as this goes along we're going to find out more and more things that have been done to her. it's very heartbreaking. >> reporter: eva pilgrim, abc news, nashville. >> eva will have more on "good morning america" later today. ousted fox news host bill o'reilly returning to his podcast today. it is the first time that he's speaking publicly since parting ways with the news channel. his no spin news podcast resumes this evening. that's his subscription-based website. he was fired from fox last week amid growing sexual harassment
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scandal. he went on vacation before he was fired. our first look at surveillance video of a bumbling burglar at a clothing store last week. the thief managed to drop down into the store through the ceiling, ransacking the place, then tries to climb back up through the ceiling again but -- there he goes, just falls down. yeah. all the time the alarm was going off. he eventually escaped out a back door. time now for some sports. >> yes, nba playoff highlights from our guys at espn. >> good morning, america. hello to utica. the can havaliers are through te second round of the nba playoffs. plenty other times are fighting to get there. >> like the thunder and the rockets. this is about two individuals and there's one of them, russell westbrook. there's another one, steven adams, intentionally misses the free throw, gets the board,
4:19 am
finds russell for a deep three. rockets get to the open floor. then gets behind the defense right there. dunk and the foul. a perfect 12 for 12 shooting. rockets win despite the westbrook triple-double. james harden had just 16. >> game four between the celtics and bulls. the home team has yet to win in this series, that wouldn't change. isaiah thomas one of nine from three. horford, look at the big fellow. celtics win. the series is even at two. the utah jazz the other winner. >> that's it for us. have a tremendous week, everyone, and again, good morning, america. >> good morning, and good morning utica. a baseball game in south carolina turned into a mess over
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the weekend but no one was upset. >> it was all really kind of silly thanks to silly string. the charleston river dogs ran silly string night as a promotion. looks like a giant spider web. that would be so much fun to take your kids to. >> who doesn't like it, the person who has to clean it up. up next in the pulse, reaction to new looks at mcdonald's. >> plus the guy who was knocking them down at record pace. on our facebook page, american airlines now apologizing for that incident on board one of its flight. all the details on so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo is specifically designed to open up airways to improve breathing for a full 24 hours.
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polo shirts and skerts under long gray aprons. >> those famous bright hughed arches barely visible. people definitely not loving it. >> exactly. right words for it. one critic comparing the uniforms to imperial officers and the death star in "star wars." >> they could be a little brighter. i think they need more yellow. maybe in the hat. next up an eventful day for the young british royals at the london marathon. before the race some runners got a pep talk from prince william and his wife kate as well as harry. >> the runners you see with head bands raised money for the mental health charity from the royals support. and then along the course they were handing out water which the runners needed on a warm day. one runner squirting water at william and kate. >> i don't know if he's laughing or wincing. >> i think he's wincing. >> his wife looks like she's giving him a dirty look.
4:24 am
but i think they were good humored about it even though you should not splash the royals, just saying. >> i agree. there's a bowler from central new york who now owns an impressive world record. >> it's hard enough to roll a perfect game but ben ka toll la managed to do it in 90 seconds. he tossed 12 strikes in a row running from lane to lane. >> he even does it with a unique two-handed bowl where he spins the ball and releases it at the same time. >> let's practice. >> i won't be able to do that in a lifetime. more news after this. what it's really like to lose weight on weight watchers? ♪ it's delicious! ♪ members have lost 15% more weight in the first two months than on our prior program! and by learning to manage what we eat, we can still eat the foods we love! ♪ join for free and get a free starter kit. hurry, offer ends may 8th!
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system breaking overnight, an argument inside a philadelphia apartment leads to gunfire. the draft in philadelphia days away we'll have a live report from the benjamin franklin parkway where moore closures take effect today. a taste is summer is on the way. if it is like yesterday, i'll take more of full accuweather forecast and more is up next. along the gulf coast. showers in the northwest along with some mountain know. >> a mixed bag weatherwise across the country. astronaut peggy witson has
4:28 am
always been a trailblazer. she was the first woman to command the space station and holds the record for the most space walks by any female with 8. >> let's celebrate her this morning because at 1:27 a.m. eastern time she set the record for the most cumulative days in space. that's more than any astronaut ever. 535 days in orbit. >> peggy tweeting it is one of those rides that you hope never ends. i'm so grateful for all of those who helped me on each of my missions. >> here's abc news gio benitez with more. >> reporter: they call it the peggy factor, mission control's code word for the way superstar astronaut peggy witson always gets the job done. commander witson making history with her record for any american. by the time she lands in september, her tally will be 666 days in space, with more space walks, currently 8, than any other female astronaut. she says what matters is the mission. >> i'm not here because of the record but i think having the
4:29 am
record is important because we have to continue to progress. we have to continue to take the next steps. >> reporter: whittson is perhaps a surprising interstellar star. growing up in iowa, she watched the moon landing and her dream was born. >> at the time young girls weren't supposed to do those kind of things. >> reporter: she earned a phd in biochem and landing a job with nasa. then overcoming the long odds, it was ten years before nasa decided she had the right stuff to become an astronaut. her favorite thing about being in space? simply seeing the earth. from north africa's reds to the caribbean blues from so far away. >> we need to do more to be one, one earth, one people. >> reporter: gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> making history today. >> yes, she is. and she plans to have a 20-minute-long conversation a little later on with president trump and that conversation and phone call will be broadcast on nasa tv. >> that's what's making news in america this morning. >> have a great monday and stick around for "good morning
4:30 am
americ >> good morning everyone it is 4:30 a.m., monday, april 24. here's what we're following for you, a car runs into a person on foot walking along bucks county roadway overnight. philadelphia police talk about the massive pot party they busted over the weekend. >> the stage is nearly set for the nfl draft in philadelphia this week. >> david is off, matt pellman joins us looking at traffic, karen rogers is tracking rain, good morning. >> reporter: on storm tracker 6 live we have quite a bit of rain to our south that will be moving in


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