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tv   Action News 6PM  ABC  May 20, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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philadelphia than it was the same time yesterday. 29 degrees cooler, and trenton than it was just 24 hours ago. and 35 degrees cooler in thomas river. satellite 6 along with action radar we have a ridge of high pressure. and a fair amount of cloud cover something to keep in mind, it will be mostly cloudy and cool. kickoff start of the day and start of that game and at 62, the temperature dropping down to 58. temperatures stay below average for the rest of the what i can do. dealing with the easterly wind and next week more changes tracking rain as we get to late sunday during the overnight hours sunday into the day on monday. so a lot of changes headed our way, details coming up with the
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exclusive accu-weather seven-day. the search this hour was called off for day for a teenager who fell into the delaware. it happened last night when four friend went for a swim. less than an hour later, three of them arrived on the river banks. the fourth is nowhere to be found. reporter annie mccormack is live on the scene with details. annie? >> reporter: walter philadelphia police were out here, about an hours ago they suspended the search for today, weather permitting they will be back tomorrow. >> the philadelphia police marine unit focused in this section of the delaware at the ramp at linden avenue in the torresdale section. police say after 10:30 friday night, a 911 call came in that a 16-year-old went missing after swimming in the water. >> his friends came and knocked on my door and told me that my son was in the delaware and they couldn't find him. >> the missing swimmer's father
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identified him as 16-year-old antwon fox. police say fox went in with three friends, a 17, 18 and 19-year-old. his father said the son doesn't know how to swim. >> my son would not jump over that gate to jump in nine, 12 foot of water and can't swim. that's the bottom line. >> when he went to under never came back up. >> reporter: steven smith was there and witnessed the moments the teenagers tried to find fox >> people swimming with him were panicking they went back in trying to look for him. i guess the current took him out >> the father wants details on what happened and says he's hearing different accounts. he's hopeful authorities will find his son. >> my son beautiful and a great kid, never hurt nobody and harmless, and i don't understand what's going on right now. >> reporter: according to philadelphia police, northeast detectives are currently investigating all avenues.
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they have is already spoken to the three teenagers that were in the water with the missing 16-year-old. reporting live in torresdale, annie mccormack, channel 6 action news. walter back to you. at least 200 acres torched in a brush fire in burlington county new jersey. started about 10:00 this morning in shamong township and burned most of the day before firefighters gained the upper hand. some crews battle the flames, others protected nearby homes and businesses. nobody has been injured. a 2-year-old is hospitalized after falling from a window this morning. it happened just before 11:30 at a home on the 2100 block of north 29th street in the strawberry mansion section of the city. it's not clear how or why the little boy fell from the window. he remains in stable condition at hahnemann. police in philadelphia are searching for the gunman who opened fire on a home in kensington last night leaving a 2-year-old in critical condition. the child was shot four times and his father was also injured. action news reporter bob brooks
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has more. >> we're getting a close-up look of the home where a 2-year-old and his father were shot last night. it happened just after 9:00 p.m. in kensington. the 2-year-old was shot a staggering four times. he's now in a critical condition at st. christopher's hospital >> i saw my son coming out of the house over there with the baby in his hand. blood everywhere. jumped in the car. and went to the hospital. >> reporter: they say neighbor didn't want his face on camera. he said his son was across the street with the two victims on their porch when two gunmen showed up on bicycles. >> he said this is my block. and then the next thing you know he unloaded the gun. >> reporter: we're told the shooters could clearly see child was on the porch and didn't care >> we're dealing with people knowingly opened fire on to a two-year-old >> they knew there was shooting at him. the little boy as far as what my son said was in plain sight on
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his chest >> we were able to count six bullet holes and marks in the home alone, that's not counting the ones that went through a chevy cavalier or the bullets that hit the 2-year-old and his father. >> he's a sweet little kid. innocent. and he so fragile and small. >> reporter: other neighbors told us shooting happens a daily bit a child is unheard of >> makes cry. at baby. >> devastating all the people that could have been around and it had to be the baby. >> reporter: we spoke with in this neighborhood, in the next coming days keep the 2-year-old and his father in your thoughts and prayers, bob brooks channel 6 action news. police gave us an update on the description of a gunman. first described as a black male 6'3" with braids, wearing a black shirt riding a bicycle. the second a black male 5-11
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light shirt riding a bicycle. if you have information, please call police today is armed forces day. they set aside to honor the men and women who served our country. ♪ . ♪ . mayor jim kenney was among those thigh turned out to pay trouble to fallen service members. they took time to honor the air men, the nation's first to african-american combat pilots. those that gave their lives were honored today in wilmington. volunteers with the friends of historic river view cemetery placed american flags on more than 1,000 veteran grave sites in that location. >> in delaware county, the 10th annual walk for the wounded event took place in rose tree park. this event is designed to draw attention to and raise money for the thousands of returning wounded troops and their families to help them with any financial and emotional challenges they may face back
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home. much more to come on action news, president trump kicks off his first foreign trip as president, some of the cabinet members taking part. a new beginning, welcome to the real world thousands of hard working students received their degrees at st. joe's university today. we'll take you to the some commencement ceremony. jeff skversky has sports when we come back chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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it can happen to anyone. help is within reach. all you need to do is ask. vanessa: i was a full-blown heroin addict, selling my soul to get high. but i got help, and you can too. james: i just know i didn't want to feel that pain anymore.
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i got help. you can too. aj: most people think addicts are beyond help. when i see an addict, i see hope. did he have before a president trump began his first foreign trip as president with plenty of feign fair in saudi arabia. the president received the royal welcome by king sampleman who greeted him warmly he presented him with the highest civilian honor a gold metal. he signed a 110 billion dollars
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arms package aimed at bolstering saudi security. among most memorable moments was this as the president took part in the saudi folk dance involving swords but the president was not alone. memberss of his did delegates took part. secretary of state rex tillerson and commerce secretary will bumper ross took part. world news saturday will have the latest on saudi arabia coming up at 6:30 right after action news news. today was graduation day at st. joseph's university, more than 2000 students received their undergraduate and graduate degrees and a few p h d. included top ceo madeline bell and core are a marie billings. one of founder of the black sister conference. it was celebration of pride in new jersey and pennsylvania. crowds lined the streets for the gay pride parade that began in lambertville and ended on the other side of the river in new hope, pennsylvania. the parade featured colorful
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floats, bands and a bunch of other organizations. many cultural attractions is now in reach for modest income families in pennsylvania, anyone who receives food, health and other benefits to an access card can visit any of the attractions for $2 a person. as national asian american and pacific islander heritage month continues, so do the celebrations across the delaware valley. and action news an anchor nydia hahn was at a festival. the festival is complete with drummers, traditional dances and, of course, some wonderfuled food. ♪. ♪ . >> breaking news.
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at least one person is injured following a fire at a laundry mat in south philly. they were called to the 1300 block of point breeze just after 3:00 this afternoon. the person injured was treated at the scene. no word how the fire started.
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this was no leashly bike race, through the streets of wilmington. approximately 300 professional cyclists competed in the wilmington grand prix, a separate race was amateur cyclists. the grand prix is considered one of the top in the country. time to check on sports and the phillies playing today. >> wins are few and far between for this ball club. phillies are looking to steel two straights from the pirates, that might not sound like a big deal against a last place team, the way the phillies have been playing, it's not going to be so easy. the last that time they won two in a row, nearly a month ago. these pirates don't look too intimidated. they're in last place, one is looking at a cell phone. are the phils going to win? tied in the fourth, david freeze solo shot just over the wall. just inside the foul poll. 2-1. he allowed a home run.
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and he valley add two-run single. four-one. he got to reach the seven and inning. the phils down 6-2 in the seventh inning. phils starter jeremy hellickson said the back is good and he is expected to make his neck start wednesday at home. hellickson left last night with a lower back injury after his at bat here in the 7th. millville new jersey mike trout is up in new york playing the team he grew up hating. the mets. trout, who has been tearing it up would love nothing more than to beat up the mets. since, of course, says a philadelphia phillies fan. >> i grew up a phillies fan. it's like, you know, if you ask me about the eagles and the cowboys. it's like, you know, obviously as a kid, you know, like anybody
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in the division, but, you know, that's that. favorite. i don't know >> i don't believe him. he knows exactly who it is. growing up in levittown, always dreaming co owner terry finely has been dreaming of winning the triple crown and he believes they have a legitimate shot heading into the second leg of the triple crown. it is a ten or steal to half the size of the kentucky derby, trying to become the third horse in the last four years to win the first two legs of the triple crown, the 1982 truman high school grad will be on the edge of his seat come post time at 6:45. >> we'll be nervous and our stomachs will be in knots and my stomach will be in knots. but we'll -- we'll try to be having fun, because those are moment that is are indelible in
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your mind. we should be strongly, you know, favored if we have a good day. we don't have to have a good day but we have a good day and there's no one else that has a great, great day, we'll win. >> good luck to always dreaming. shawn couturier yeah had a strong finish last month and he's carrying it over into the world hockey championship for team canada. a budge of flyers had teamed up. the flyers help outcome 2-0 hold. shawn couturier doesn't miss the spot. they will apply either sweden or finland nor that tile. the 81 have gone from not being able to win a match to unbeatable. in a matter of weeks, the union, undefeated are 3-0.
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the teams nine nil. they will try to win four in a row. tim curtain what is the difference in your soccer club right now >> we're covering for each other, balanced and the guys really worked hard to get the part right and you're starting to see how fun it can be to watch us play when we get things going like we have now. challenge is to keep another clean sheet against colorado who is a good team, well coached come in and fight for everything. >> when these are going horribly wrong for jim curtain and the union he stood by he said they were a very good team and they just stick with it, they will start winning matches and sure enough, they're showing that in the month of may. >> winning is fun like he said. you may have noticed something different about action news tonight because we moved to a new location inside the building. this is a temporary set. we'll be broadcasting from here while we build a new home for action news across the hall in our new studio. the new set will be ready in
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about a month and wait to show you. up next, meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu-weather seven-day forecast. when we come back.
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bag piper greeted hundreds who took part in the fallen hero's run, honors of memory of timothy simpson. check of the accu-weather forecast with meteorologist melissa magee seems like the
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summer respective is over. >> it's gone. right back into springtime weather with temperatures slightly below average. it was cool. pretty cloudy. we'll show you with storm tracker 6 live double scan radar. we're really not tracking precipitation, early this morning, we did have light sprinkles, we got a stiff easterly wind making for cooler conditions. and a fair amount of cloud cover overhead. here's sky tracker 6 live in hd as we're looking from our temple camera at the center city skyline we're locked in with the loud for the rest of the evening, turns mostly and partly cloudy in some locations. the high came in at 76 degrees. that's a little bit deceiving because for the majority of the day, temperatures were in the middle and lower 60's. right now, with the stiff easterly wind, it's 62 in the city, 61 for reading and allentown up in the poconos right now, 59, it's cool at the coast in cape may, 57 in dover we're coming in at 63. you look at the due point number, yesterday we had due
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point numbers in the 60's and 70's, you have that summertime oppressive air. the heat wave is gone and due point numbers are in the 40's. any time you have number at 50 degrees or lower. you got a pretty comfortable air mass. it is cooler today. some spots you can say it's a little bit on the refreshing side. here's satellite 6 along with action radar, clear skies across new england but the ridge of high pressure is to our north, we're tapping in to an easterly wind and that's why we got a amount of cloud cover across the midatlantic region, showers across the great lakes and the ohio valley stay away from our area. for the rest of tonight. next 12 hour, mostly cloudy, it is cool, we'll drop down to 50 in the suburbs is and 52 in philadelphia for the overnight low. we've got the constant east to north easterly wind makes it on the cool side and you have those clouds overhead at six to 12 miles per hour. we get into the second half of the weekend we got the barrel
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high pressure. ed lots of clouds overhead. high temperature of 68. that's below average. typically we should be about 75, it stays cool tomorrow. then we have this area of low pressure across the great lakes and this will be our rain as we get into monday, so really late sunday into monday, we're tracking precipitation. here the future tracker 6. 8:00 stays mostly cloudy, wake up tomorrow morning, few sunny break as we have the constant weaned off on the atlantic of the clouds bubble up as we get to sunday afternoon into evening and very late sunday night during the overnight hours we're tracking. the moisture off to the west. that works its way eastward, by 11:00 monday we got the rain from the poconos all the way down into south jersey and delaware and periods of rain will be with us automotive throughout the day, so good soaking on the way for the start of the work week on monday. here's the exclusive accu-weather seven-day forecast. we got clouds and a few sunny breaks tomorrow. i think you'll find the sun early in the day, then the
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clouds move back in, high temperature of 68. it is cool. periods of rain on monday, high temperature of 70. phillies back at home. on tuesday, we'll dry nicely. mostly cloudy by wednesday, high temperature at 72. we've got the light rain and drizzle that moves in as we get into wednesday. then thursday, which, by the way is the knives down the shortest season, i'm just saying. you got to tune in for that. we got showers and thunderstorms. a high of 72. friday, left over showers in the morning and sun. as we get to the start of the holiday weekend on saturday, what would, temperatures back up into 80's. we got nice weather coming our way. >> we're not even sure it's coming. >> it's coming. >> thank you, melissa. you can get the forecast detailed seven-day and a check of storm tracker 6 any time right there on your phone or tablet. the 6 abc ap is free.
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don't miss action news at 10:00 on phl 17 tonight and back here again on 6:00 abc at 11. now for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire action news team, i'm walter perez. we'll see you back at 11:00. flu
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tonight, the president's historic trip overseas. the saudi sit-down and the deal just cut. plus, president trump and members of his cabinet like you've never seen them before. ready to talk. the former fbi director james comey preparing to tell his side of the story, when he will testify in front of congress. cabin scare. new images and details on the passenger detained on a flight to hawaii. what happened with tsa before he boarded the flight. trapped. students stuck on a roller coaster in a thunderstorm for more than three hours. the terrifying rescue caught on camera. and pippa's big day. saying i do in style. the family drama and the high-profile guest not at the ceremony.


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