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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  May 22, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. president trump landed moments ago in israel hoping to jump-start a peace deal. >> shalom. >> after that dramatic speech in the heart of the muslim world telling leaders to unite to wipe out terrorism. >> drive them out of the holy land and drive them out of this earth. >> now all eyes on his meetings with israel and palestine's leaders as he tries to strike the ultimate deal and move past the political chaos at home. >> nerd on a college campus. the fbi now investigating. a 22-year-old college student charged with stabbing a member of the rotc outside a dorm. what they're now learning about the facebook group the suspect now wrobelonged to. the first look at our one-on-one with billy bush. his first tv interview after being tired after that trump
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interview. >> how about a hug? >> absolutely. >> the moment one of his daughters saw. >> she was on the east coast and called me and was in tear. >> what he told her about it and his message this morning. ♪ and billboard's best, the hottest stars in music taking over las vegas. ♪ i waited for it that green light i want it ♪ >> drake's record-breaking night and cher stealing the show. ♪ do you believe in love >> celebrating her 71st birthday with a powerhouse performance. ♪ inside me say i really don't think you're strong enough no ♪ plus celine dion's emotional "titanic" tribute. ♪ wherever you are >> bringing all the stars to their feet, the behind the scenes moments you'll only see on "gma." >> good morning, america.
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>> we do say good morning, america. i hope everybody had a fantastic weekend. you know what, the artists are fans themselves. did you see celine dion dancing to cher backstage? >> i love that moment. >> what a great show. cher was amazing. >> she was terrific. big day for president trump. he has just arrived in israel. as you can imagine there is massive security there. this is the first time a president's ever gone to israel in his first foreign trip. >> as you know when you go on these trips there are a lot of rules in these big events. even world leaders seem to have confusion about where to stand. take a look at what the cameras caught this morning. >> they have all this protocol. we never know what it is. >>hais the protocol? >> who knows. >> had the same issue with obama. he has a packed schedule including a meeting with israel's president ruben rivlin and benjamin netanyahu. >> later he heads to europe where he will meet with the pope
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and other world leaders. jon karl is in jerusalem and has the latest details. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. president trump made history the moment his plane touched down here in israel. it is the very first time that we had a direct flight from -- to israel from saudi arabia. which is the birthplace of islam and has no relations with israel and no flights the president arrived in israel in pursuit of what he calls the ultimate deal. middle east peace. >> i have come to this sacred and ancient land to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the united states and the state of israel. >> reporter: no american president has visited israel so early in his presidency. but president trump started his trip in saudi arabia. the heart of the islamic world. there in the birthplace of
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islam, an image that not long ago would have been impossible to imagine. donald trump offering a message of unity to the world's muslim leaders. >> terrorists do not worship god. they worship death. this is not a battle between different faiths, different sects or different civilizations. this is a battle between barbaric criminals who seek to obliterate human light and decent people all in the name of religion. >> reporter: in the audience the leaders of more than 50 different muslim nations. >> i stand before you as a representative of the american people to deliver a message of friendship and hope and love. that is why i chose to make my first foreign visit a trip to the heart of the muslim world. >> reporter: the president's
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words and his tone dramatically different from the campaign when he proposed banning all muslims from entering the u.s. and portrayed islam as the enemy. >> i think islam hates us. there's something -- there's something there that is a tremendous hatred there. >> reporter: this time talk of partnership and cooperation in the war on terror, but he did challenge these leaders to take the lead in defeating the terrorists in their midst. >> a better future is only possible if your nations drive out the terrorists and drive out the treeextremists. drive them out. drive them out of your places of worship. drive them out of your communities. drive them out of your holy land and drive them out of this earth. ♪ >> reporter: and before he left saudi arabia, there was this incredible image, the president
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and the king hands on a glowing orb. what were they doing? opening up a new center in saudi arabia to counter extremists online. the president will be meeting here with israeli prime minister bibi netanyahu and mahmood abbas. for all the talk of a peace deal, the two sides at this point aren't even talking to each other about it yet. george. >> let's bring in martha raddatz to talk more about this right now as jon said, we know the meeting with the israeli prime minister will be today and he's got a good relationship with bibi netanyahu. >> reporter: you know, you may see these magnificent ceremonies and unshakable bond in public but there is a whole lot going on in israeli intelligence community behind the scenes. it's hard to imagine that the
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two will spend any time talking about it. it will be done in the intelligence communities, security communities but make no mistake this was a major issue and infuriated israeli intelligence. you're talking about putting the lives of spies at risk and israel will think twice about sharing that kind of intelligence, george. >> the president there with the israeli president reuven rivlin and he is getting invested in this whole issue of middle east peace trying to drive a peace deal between the two. many of his predecessors have tried and failed. >> reporter: it's one of the most complicated issues on the planet. i watched this process for decades and just when you think you have made progress, it comes to a screeching halt. always good to be optimistic but analysts i've spoken to don't see anything that president trump's team has done that gives them any great hope there will be middle east peace, in fact, i think they are less optimistic
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that it will happen under this administration, george. >> the president will try to prove them wrong. martha raddatz, thanks very much. the latest on the russia investigation. new questions this morning about president trump's meeting with russian officials and what he said about former fbi director james comey. our senior justice correspondent pierre thomas has more and joins us with those details. good morning. >> reporter: robin, good morning. allegations of name-calling from president trump only likely to fuel the war of words with the former fbi director set to testify before congress in the coming weeks. even as the president travels oversea, questions about russia and the firing of the fbi director remain front and center. >> these questions need to be answered. >> reporter: new reports say federal investigators are looking into whether there were ties between the trump campaign and russia are interested in a white house staffer. the staffer has not been identified and it's unclear what the investigators want. >> i don't know where it will go. again, we got to step back and let the investigators and the fbi and the others do their job. >> reporter: newly appointed
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special counsel bob mueller is gearing up for an investigation and many who know him say it will be broad and aggressive. this is fired fbi director james comey preparing to testify before the senate intelligence committee. "the new york times" reporting president president trump allegedly called him a nut job in the oval office during that meeting with top russian officials reportedly adding that firing comey took great pressure off him. >> is that what the president said. >> well, i don't remember exactly what the president said, the gist of the conversation was that the president feels as if he's hamstrung. >> reporter: the investigation into russia is not going anywhere and with the testimony it of comey on the horizon, more dramatic moments surely to come, george. >> okay, pierre, thanks very much. as those continue on capitol hill this week congress is going to get its first look at president trump's full budget and proms to balance the budge in ten years with big cuts in medicaid and mary bruce has details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're getting a new glimpse at
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the president's spending priorities and one of his top targets entitlements. his budget which will be released tomorrow will slash the safety nets by $1.7 trillion including massive cuts to medicaid, food stamps and other anti-poverty programs. now, as the president promised on the campaign trail he is not touching social security or medicare and called for a big boost in military spending, $54 billion coupled with cults to foreign aid and other domestic programs but already the president's plan is being met with a bit of a cold shoulder by members of both parties, but as always the president's budget just a jumping off point for negotiations up on capitol hill. >> just the beginning, thanks very much. let's talk about it more with matthew dowd and the description mary gave, this is the president doubling down on what we saw on the house plan to repeal and replace obamacare and that's not popular. >> well, no, and i think this plan is based on a couple of premises i think assumptions won't go right, one on the house plan passing in the senate which
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looks like it met a buzz saw and the other thing is these series of tax cuts that are baked into in that will somehow grow the economy and fix the budget. i think the problem donald trump has in order to do something this dramatic and draconian in many ways requires a lot of political capital and he doesn't have a full gas tank. he doesn't even have half. he has a third of a gas tank so tough to get it through. >> he does appear to be getting a break from the controversies at home on this first trip overseas. >> yeah, i think his first trip so far, i mean, one of the lessons you would think he learn is giving set speeches on a teleprompter usually gets you applause and usually gets you people so so far no errors. i don't know how many runs are scored. when you look at these foreign trips i recall a lot of presidential foreign trips that didn't do anything within the country. nixon made a trip in '74 and didn't change the public view and bill clinton made a middle eastern trip ten days before election day and was applauded and came back and dramatically
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lost elections. >> got wiped out. >> got wiped out. >> thanks very much. we move to the tragedy at the university of maryland. the fbi is now investigating a 22-year-old student for a possible hate crime after he allegedly stabbed another young student. abc's adrienne bankert is on the scene for us there in college park, maryland. good morning, adrienne. >> reporter: good morning to you, too, robin. the violence happening right behind us here at this bus stop at the edge of compulsion. there are a couple of candles still burning in memory of robert collins iii. while many in the college community are grieving some say they might be closer to a motive. a student behind bars this foreign for a stabbing and now the fbi is investigating whether 22-year-old university of maryland student sean christopher urbanski committed a hate crime identified and taken into custody he is charged with the first degree murder of richard collins iii, a
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university state senior. >> we came upon information within the last 12 hours that concerns us quite a bit with regard to it. >> reporter: investigators suspect the brutal killing was motivated by prejudice after police found urbanski belongs to facebook group alt-reich: nation. >> extreme bias against members of the jewish faith and especially african-americans. >> reporter: at around 3:00 a.m. responding university officers discover collins on a sidewalk suffering from serious injuries. collins' two friends say they were waiting for an uber at this bus stop at the edge of campus when urbanski approached and stabbed collins in his chest. he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. now, witnesses including collins' friends say there were reports that urbanski could be heard screaming at collins saying step left if you know what's good for you and when collins looked at him puzzled and said no, that's when
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reportedly urbanski stapped him in the chest but still waiting for more details about their interaction leading up to that attack. we know there are unconfirmed reports there could be a bond hearing scheduled today. centers on one and jury selection set to start in pittsburgh. abc's linsey davis is outside the courthouse with the story. good morning, linsey. >> reporter: good morning, george. here we are 300 miles away from montgomery county where the actual trial will take place. that's because cosby's attorneys were successful at arguing the point that residents there are too tainted. but the question now is can you find an unbiased jury anywhere in this country capable of determining the fate of bill cosby. the famed comedian is being tried on charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted former temple stufrts employee anya constand in his pennsylvania home 2004. she is 1 of more than 50 women
7:15 am
that came forward accusing the 79-year-old one time phone as america's favorite dad of assault or harassment many. the jurors will be sequestered during the two-week trial. the judge says he will allow testimony from one other accuser. now, cosby has all along maintained his innocence, if he is to be found guilty he faces up to ten years in prison. george. >> linsey davis, thanks very much. amy here with today's other top stories starting with a sad one from meteorologit. everest. >> an american doctor died trying to scale the mountain. dr. yearwood was trying to climb the tallest peaks. this was his second attempt to climb everest. he escaped an avalanche triggered by an earthquake the first time. north korea says it is ready
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to mass produce the missile it launched saturday. it's harder to detect those using liquid fuel and south korea says it throws cold water on peace efforts. vice president mike pence faced protesters as he gave the commencement address at notre dame. dozens of students walked out before the speech and he spoke about the suppression of free speech on college campuses. and some good news about the michigan firefighter seen in this dramatic video as part of a gas station collapsed all around him. look at that. he was trapped for two minutes until he was rescued. he has now been released from the hospital after being treated for burns, incredible. a management shake-up at ford. the automaker replacing its ceo hoping to boost its stock price days after announcing layoffs. jim hackett who led their efforts for self-driving cars is now expected to take over. a big stunner in the nba playoffs. woo says robin. the celtics his a last-second three-pointer to beat the cavaliers.
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there it goes. 11-108. they were trailing by 21 points in the third quarter but managed to hold lebron james scoreless in the fourth quarter. their rally especially remarkable considering they were blown out by a record 44 points on friday and they played without their star as we heard about on friday, isaiah thomas. woo. game four is tomorrow. >> cavs' first loss of the postseason. series on. >> series on. it's going to be a good one. still a long way before it's over. we'll see. now to that big good-bye to the big top after 146 years, ringling brothers and barnum & bailey circus packed up its tents and trapeze forever this past weekend and the purchases known as the greatest show on earth say low ticket sales and pressure from animal rights groups made them force to close and the show's emotional final mome moments ringmaster jonathan lee
7:18 am
iverson closed this way -- >> thank you very much. >> the circus had 500, you know, staff and personnel. 100 animals and the elephants were retired to its sanctuary in florida not long ago. >> to keep it alive in all of us. >> absolutely. woo i've been watching these pictures. ginger is on assignment. a special assignment, a scary one in the bahamas. ginger, ginger. >> oh, i don't know if this is let's get the weather, lower -- lorado texas, severe weather. alabama, water rescue, more to come this week.
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select cities brought to you by liberty mutual insurance. >> reporter: heavy rain has been centered mainly over south jersey and delaware over the last couple of hours. be careful in here, we have poor drainage area flooding on roads. we have a second batch coming up from baltimore that will get us wet in southeastern pennsylvania. more rain on the way. 68 is the high. west to east we expect drying.
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prudential. bring your challenges. edwards, 7:23 a.m., monday, may 22. let's head to karen rogers on this rainy morning with the latest from the blue route, good morning. >> reporter: roads are wet we have lots of accident on the blue route, southbound off-ramp to the schuylkill expressway. police and penndot warning everybody you have to stay to the left because of an accident blocking the right-hand side. tow truck on the scene. an accident bucks county took forever to clear, it was blocking both lanes, it is clear, we're seeing slow speeds 44 miles per hour on route 1. we're jammed in both directions of the schuylkill expressway, the earlier descend westbound
7:24 am
near henderson road is cleared, 37 minute westbound and 29 minute eastbound between the blue route and the vine. traffic is slow in the area. on the boulevard southbound heading toward the schuylkill expressway, traffic jammed on the boulevard southbound heading toward the schuylkill expressway, tam. >> thank you, karen we'll take a short break and come back to the details on the rain from accuweather. chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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right now, storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you heavy rain in parts of south jersey and delaware. there is more steady stuff on the northern side of baltimore heading toward gettysburg pushing in the direction of southeastern pennsylvania. so, more rain on the way. temperatures are cool, mid 50s everywhere. upper 50s down the shore. the 7 day shows a high of 68 with rain tapering off west to
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east in the afternoon. into the early evening at the shore. >> coming up on "g.m.a.," robin roberts sits down with billy bush. i guess i was born with a crayon in my hand.
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it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how. welcome back to "gma." looking at president trump and the first lady in israel. see him there with israel's president. later he will meet with the prime minister. he's also visiting the church of the holy sepulcher and busy day ahead. >> yes, he does. >> also right now gearing up for our big event. let's take a live look at the ray of hope shipwreck in the bahamas as you can see, it is teeming with sharks just waiting. >> ginger is getting ready to dive right in there. they're called caribbean reef sharks. ginger is gearing up to dive 45 feet below the surface to join them. on live television and for the first time ever you at home can dive along with her using live 360 virtual technology and
7:31 am
hundreds of thousands are watching on our facebook page. make sure you take a look too to see what she's going to be diving into. we can't wait to see her jump in from the safety of our anchor desk. >> she's always game but she was nervous. >> this is probably the biggest stunt yet taking all of her courage. >> i like doing it from the couch, though. robin, you got to bring us a look at your interview with billy bush. >> speaking out for the first time since last october when that tape came out from "access hollywood" that surfaced of him with donald trump and i sat down with billy bush, opening up about the moment one of his daughters saw the tape. here's a bit of a look. what was it line for you to go back home after the tape had been released to face your daughters, your wife? what was that moment like for you? >> well, the initial moments were total chaos, the paparazzi
7:32 am
were never interested in me before and now outside the gate and ready to go but once we settled and got to connect, there was a powerful moment my now 16-year-old daughter called me and she was in tears and she was really upset and i said, mary, it's going to be okay. you know, don't worry. and she said, no, why were you laughing at things that he was saying on that bus? why were you playing along, dad? it wasn't funny. i said, mary, i am sorry, and there is no good answer for that. >> wow. had to be the hardest part. >> it's one thing for total strangers or someone on twitter or social media but for your teenage daughter to say why? >> he has three daughters. >> that was the middle daughter and it was truly remorseful -- you know, truly -- makes no, no
7:33 am
excuses whatsoever, explains that moment, again, that was 11 years ago when the tape surfaced and he really was very open about discussing anything and everything and where he is now. >> look forward to seeing the full story tomorrow. >> see if he has talked with donald trump since the release of the tape so the full interview tomorrow here on "gma." right now we'll move on to president trump's first trip overseas. first lady and ivanka trump taking the stage as they travel and cecilia vega is traveling with the first family in jerusalem. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning to you. two days in saudi arabia and president trump never once publicly mentioned the issue of human rights. his aides say he pressed leaders privately behind the scenes. speaking to that room packed with muslim leaders, president trump made his message clear. >> we are not here to tell other people how to live, what to do, who to be or how to worship. >> reporter: it was melania trump who sent a different kind
7:34 am
of message stepping off air force one without a head scarf. in this religiously conservative count where it can be seen as a sign of disrespect the saudis welcomed her with open arm, a far cry from first lady michelle obama whose bare head sparked controversy in 2015. among her critics at the time, donald trump who tweeted, we have enough enemies. both the first lady and first daughter met with local women during their trip. ivanka trump telling a group of leaders their country's progress is encouraging but there's still a lot of work to be done. at an all women business center melania trump was asked about work/life balance. her response, you need to balance and find the time. but outside in the capital of riyadh we saw the harsh reality. as a woman in saudi arabia i wouldn't be allowed to go into this door at a mcdonald's. i would have to go through this side that says family section. completely segregated. there is a wall that keeps the women separate from the men.
7:35 am
and night. one of the basic rights that women don't have, they're not legally allowed to drive. most rely on a driver or even uber. even if president trump didn't publicly address the plight of women in saudi arabia, it was part of his visit anyway. country star toby keith held a free concert. american flags lined the stage but in the audience men only. women not allowed. and this photo of a sea of men at a technology event the president attended sparked controversy online. a saudi official fired back with a photo of his own saying the center does have women here on the second floor. yeah, women on the second floor there in that building. so, again, the president and his senior advisers tell us that the strategy for him was to press these issues very directly behind the scenes, george. they say his approach is to raise these issues quietly and to expect results. >> okay, cecilia, thanks very
7:36 am
much. let's talk now to anita mcbride who served as chief of staff to first lady laura bush, thanks for joining us this morning. you prepared for trips like this in the past but this one really unique, a high high-profile role for the first lady and first daughter. >> yes, and isn't the president lucky to have them as added surrogates and advocates for him on this trip? it is an important trip and to start in saudi arabia, we know, of course, it's the most gender segregated country in the world but they are making reforms and they're doing it on their own timetable and i remember king abdullah saying that to mrs. bush in a private meeting that he had with her, this has to be done according to their norms and culture. and the diversification of their economy moving away from oil has allowed women to enter the workplace and to contribute to their economy and that helps to give them a seat at the table incrementally and i think that's one thing the first lady and both ivanka trump alluded to in
7:37 am
their visits yesterday. >> right, they did speak out about women's empowerment but some critics say they didn't go far enough. >> you know what, i think there was one point cecilia said in her piece, the president was not there to lecture and americans really shouldn't be there to lecture but to push the point on human rights and women's rights if it's done quietly. that is appropriate, george and, again, it takes time for these changes to happen and they are and you heard the president of the world bank mention yesterday too that even this women's economic empowerment fund is taking off even a lot faster than he predicted and that is something that will help and contribute to women in saudi arabia. >> we did see the president trump criticize first lady michelle obama for not wearing a head scarf. >> he shouldn't have done that he shouldn't have done that, again, he was not steeped in the issues of protocol. he is not a politician and not a diplomat and he's learning and
7:38 am
clearly this is a great example of that and robin knows because she traveled with us in 2007 with mrs. bush. none of us wore head scarfs and we were talking about issues that were very edgy at the time, breast cancer, no saudi woman or man mentioned that word in public so, again, these steps are moving slowly. >> i remember being at the hotel with mrs. bush and i went to work out and i didn't know that there was a workout for the women. i went to the big gym. >> uh-oh. they came and got me and said, no, you have to go to another one and part of me wanted to speak out and part of me was i'm there with mrs. bush. i know what you're talking about but i did as myself go and talk to people but i could not do as much as i wanted to. >> right. as a western women we get back up on that but, again, i think even in the time since we were there, robin, the steps are coming slowly. women are able to vote in local elections. king abdullah who you had met
7:39 am
with us and mrs. bush really was committed to reforms but a timetable of their choosing, not ours. >> i remember that. >> anita mcbride, thanks very much. coming up, a terrifying moment caught on camera. a sea lion grabbing a young girl pulling her into the water. she is okay. we'll tell you what happened next. . for millions of baby boomers there's a serious virus out there that's been almost forgotten. it's hepatitis c. one in 30 boomers has hep c, yet most don't even know it.
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okay, we're back now. that incredible rescue after a sea lion grabbed a young girl who was sitting there on the pier. dragged her underwater and abc's gio benitez has more. thankfully she's okay. >> we can't tell you that enough. she's okay and seems to walk away unhurt but the video is frightening. how dangerous it is to feed a wild animal. it's the shocking sea lion attack caught on tape. >> oh, my. >> reporter: watch again as the mammal yanks her offer the dock and taking her into the murky
7:42 am
waters before. her quick thinking grandfather jumps into the water to rescue the girl pulling her back on to the dock to safety. >> didn't look like she was able to swim. i think she was about to drown but luckily for her her family member just jumped in right away like a second after so everything was good. >> reporter: the group was feeding the powerful sea lion right before the attack saturday. you can see it eating what looks like bread crumbs right there. >> just put up signs saying do not feed the sea lions. >> reporter: more curious and violent and experts say it could have mission pawsible taken the girl's dress for a piece of fish. >> you want to go the other way. they're massive animals with temper tantrums and can be aggressive. >> we've seen them engage with kids before like in this 2013 vierm video showing a concerned sea lion stopping in its tracks before a young girl fell. and while attacks are rare, aggressively curious
7:43 am
interactions with huchls have happened like this diver who had a close encounter. and this 2015 run-in with a fisherman in san diego. this was likely a california sea lion that can weigh nearly 900 pounds swimming up to speeds of 24 miles per hour staying underwater for as long as 15 minute. >> that sea lion was put into a bad situation. he felt the only thing he could do was to show his aggression. >> wow, experts caution people shouldn't get too close to these animals. just respect their space to prevent attacks like this. the harbor authority said it had warning signs but now they're adding even more, but, boy, oh, boy, that grandfather went right there to help. >> that was scary. >> that video is the biggest warning sign of them all. >> absolutely. >> and you know what, we'll switch gears and coming up on our big board exfrom cher to celine. the hottest moments from the billboard music awards and what you didn't see backstage that's when we come back in two
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7:46 am
we don't want to waste any time wane right out to our man t.j. there in las vegas, big night there at the billboard music awards, teej. >> yes, guys, and one of the coolest moments last might is one the viewers never even got to see at the arena. backstage i watched celine dion race to a monitor so she could watch cher's performance and then celine dion led all of us journalists in singing along to "believe." it was a night where we celebrated icons but even icons were music fans. sunday's billboard music awards celebrated the chart toppers. ♪ do you believe in love after love ♪ but it was the classic divas that took center stage ♪ turn back time ♪ if i could find a way
7:47 am
>> reporter: cher showed us she's still got it. ♪ love me like you used to do >> reporter: this year's music icon turned back time in a barely there outfit strikingly similar to the one she wore back in 1989. >> i've been doing it for 53 years. [ cheers and applause ] that's not an applause thing, i'm 71 yesterday. ♪ there's nothing i feel >> reporter: a wave of emotions for celine dion, once more giving us a powerful rendition of her classic number one "my heart will go on." ♪ you are safe in my heart and my heart will go on ♪ >> reporter: ending with a standing ovation. i caught up with the pop legend backstage.
7:48 am
>> everybody started to sing and i was holding not only that but my tears. i'm stuck with that song. but it's a good problem to have. >> reporter: and this incredible behind the scenes moment. one icon enjoying the other. ♪ do you believe in love after love ♪ >> reporter: there were plenty of new hits to celebrate too. ♪ >> reporter: nicki minaj kicked off the party with a show-stopping performance. >> for the first time with years on with pants on my big sister miley cyrus. >> reporter: miley cyrus showed off her laid back side. ♪ >> reporter: with so many stars packed in at this fan-driven ceremony we tried our best to catch them all. >> if you think i've been going
7:49 am
hard, be ready. >> reporter: there to close the night prince michael jackson naming this year's top artist. >> ladies and gentlemen, he has broken the record for the most billboard music awards in a single year, drake. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: the night's big winner drake taking home 13 awards and beating adele's record set last year. all right. and, again, yes, guys, you saw there drake won the record for the most billboard music awards in one night. as soon as adele drops new music she'll get it right back, he said so stand by. fun night. >> you were right there in the middle of it singing with celine dion and talking with her. what else did you see backstage we didn't get to see in that piece? >> that's a pin. yourself moment singing with celine but bts, you need to know them, a crone pop group huge on
7:50 am
social media and won a somebody award, only one of the seven members speaks english, we hung out with them for awhile last night and taught them good morning, america. after they won their award and came backstage and started saying good morning, america. good morning, america. they were so excited. it was cool to see that moment from them but it's just genuine -- some of these young a arti artists, fun to see them get into it. >> fun to see you enjoy yourself. >> thanks, robin. >> i love it. love it, love it. oh. did you hear about this, ginger is getting ready to dive live with sharks. >> ooh. >> how is it going there, ginger? >> oh, i'm feeling good. the sharks are right behind me. three, even nine-foot reef sharks swimming with me many i'm not swimming with them. they're swimming with me. going down for the first virtual reality 360 shark dive and go to the facebook page and please stay with us as i get in.
7:51 am
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about apoquel today. apoquel. it's itch relief worth barking about. bark assave 30% on paints and stains may 19th through the 29th.ale! there's a store in every neighborhood. find yours at back here on "gma," we are diving to 45 feet to the deck of the "ray of hope" a wreck on the edge of what's called the tongue of the ocean. that is an
7:55 am
7:56 am
>> good morning i'm tamala edwards, 7:56 monday, may 22. let's find out about traffic with karen rogers good morning. >> reporter: we've been remining everyone in new jersey where we have the pounding rain. we have an accident that's serious involving an overturned vehicle. there are injuries on the scene. it just happened on the atlantic city expressway westbound approaching 42. watch for that with two lanes being blocked, traffic crawling at 38 miles per hour. let's go outside live, this is what it looks like on the blue route approaching route 1. you can see how jammed the traffic is. 38 minute ride from i-95 to the schuylkill expressway, southbound a 36 minute ride so jammed in both directions right now on the blue route. here's a live look at i-95 cottman, not looking good here, either. 45 minute jam from woodhaven to the vine. you can see the southbound traffic heading toward center city jammed academy to girard.
7:57 am
a few accidents in the suburbs, up everybody providence south collegeville road. the main problems in new jersey where we have the heavy rain. >> let's look outside across penns landing we're dealing with the low cloud cover as we continue with the rain. it's sticks around on and off through the morning? >> reporter: yes, we have light misty rain on the terrace. the heavy stuff is coursing through south jersey and delaware, we're watching a batch north of baltimore taking aim on southeastern pennsylvania this morning. 57 in the city. 55 in allentown. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a high of 68. rain will grawrld taper off -- gradually taper off, get less intense in the afternoon. mostly cloudy tomorrow. >> jury selection begins in pittsburgh for bill cosby's sexual assault trial. the judge ordered the jury pool
7:58 am
to come from allegheny county in an attempt to find a panel that was less composed to previal publicity. cosby's -- pretrial publicity. the trial will takes place in june in norristown. coming up on "g.m.a.," pippa middleton's wedding.
7:59 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. president trump lands this morning in israel hoping to jump-start the peace process just one day after his dramatic speech in saudi arabia calling on muslim leaders to wipe out terrorism, massive security at this hour as trump looks to make good on his promise of peace. new this morning, the rhett alert about juice and your kids. how much should your children be drinking and why babies shouldn't have juice at all. dr. ashton is here to break it all down. and the brand-new details about pippa's wedding. the dress, george and charlotte winning everyone over. kate with the kids before the ceremony. harry and meghan caught on camera before the reception. well, this morning pippa and her husband spotted far from home on the way to their honeymoon.
8:01 am
shark dive live. ginger is about to take the plunge to swim with the fiercest predators in the ocean. it's the first time it's ever been done on live tv and we'll show you how to dive along with her. ♪ power of love she's looking for love, bachelorette rachel is here. i wonder which one she'll pick. she's here to say -- >> good morning, america. >> she wouldn't tell me. i tried to get it out of her. >> she does look happy. good morning, america. happy monday. welcome to all of you. [ applause ] and we are kicking off the week in an exciting way. >> we certainly are. ginger is doing that for us. get ready for our shark dive live. she's taking the plunge suiting up there to swim. with sharks. wow. >> ginger is the bravest bern here at "gma."
8:02 am
i'll tell you that. can you go to our facebook page and live in ourself with our special 360 experience. a record number of viewers have already tuned in. over 400,000. we have hundreds of thousands of people and all you can do to join is click like on our page and you can join as well. look at that. it's a beautiful view underwater. 360 view. >> beautiful is one word for it. >> ginger is was saying -- terrifying. i know. but the technology is such that you really if you guys are watching and go to our facebook page and watch, you see it in a whole new way. so we're checking out the technology, nature -- >> never been done like this before. a lot of good stuff coming up there. if that's not enough we also have brand-new details on pippa middleton's wedding and her honeymoon. she looked spectacular. we'll tell you who was there. who wasn't there. all those details coming up. >> looked like a fun time. we have a lot to get to.
8:03 am
first amy with the morning rundown. president trump's arrive in israel this morning hoping to use his dealmaking skills for a rare opportunity to bring peace and stability to the middle east. abc's jon karl was in jerusalem for us. jon, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, amy. president trump made history the moment he landed here in israel. it is the very first time that air force one has flown directly from saudi arabia to israel. the two countries have no diplomatic relations whatsoever and no direct flight so a very unusual event. he was greeted on the tarmac by both israel's prime minister and israel's president. >> i have come to this sacred and ainge chant land to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the united states and the state of israel. in this land so rich in history, israel has built one of the world's great civilizations. >> reporter: today he will visit two of the holiest sites for
8:04 am
christianity and for judaism. he'll visit the church of the holy sepulcher and the western wall. on this trip, he will also have meetings with prime minister netanyahu on the israeli side and palestinian leader mahmood abbas but these will be separate meetings. the president says he wants to achieve the ultimate deal, middle east peace, but at this point the two sides are not even directly talking to each other about it. amy. >> all right, jonathan karl, thank you. back here at home president trump's new budget is expected to call for $800 billion in medicaid cuts over the next decade being untrailed tomorrow and would slash the food stamp program with 10 million expected to lose that benefit. the cuts make way for a boost in spending on the military and infrastructure. well, a deadly stabbing at the university of maryland is being investigated as a possible hate crime. police say the victim was a black student from another college visiting friends when he was killed. he was set to graduate tomorrow and had been commissioned as a second lieutenant in the army.
8:05 am
police say the suspect belongs to a racist facebook group. well, bill cosby is expected to be in a pittsburgh courtroom today as jury selection begins for his sexual assault trial. he is accused of drugging and molesting a temple university employee but claims it was consensual. well, a circus performer is recovering after a frightening fall during the universoul circus. he was thrown 40 feet landing near the audience. witnesses say he was jumping from onewheel to the other. he was in stable condition after first responders arrived. finally the photobomb of a lifetime for some teenagers heading to prom. they were posing for pictures in vancouver when you see who is running right there yeah, that's prime minister justin trudeau out for a jog. you then see the stunned reaction of one of the girls and see what happened next. trudeau stopped to join their group photo. i'm stunned by the fact that he looks he could be going to prom
8:06 am
too. >> he's so young. so photogenic. >> he sure is. >> that was fun. what a nice moment. now i'll bring you another nice moment. >> "pop news." [ cheers and applause ] monday. a lot of stories out there this weekend. i'll get right to it. good morning, everybody. good morning to you. and we're going to begin with michael keaton. he has embodied iconic characters ranging from mr. mom to that guy beetlejuice, of course, his oscar nominated performance in "birdman." this weekend, though, a new real-life role. call him dr. keaton. very excited to report that michael has received his honorary doctorate of fine arts from karg nagin melon institute, his alma mater and call it one of the highest distinctions they can bestow on a person noting his achievements in film over a 0-year career that seems to just keep getting better. the man is good.
8:07 am
from the oscar winning "spotlight" last year, now coming up, the can you spider-man blockbuster. he plays the bad guy and be here with us to talk about it for his villainous role. i believe he's called vulture. we might have to call him dr. volcher. >> and he is such a nice guy. >> coming up in june. congratulations. good deal. oh, this story made knee so happy. nothing as you know that i love more than a good find at a flea market. this story not only fees my soul but my addiction. this funky ring purchased at a flea market that they do this london. car boot sales. people basically set up their cars and open their trunk and the boot. you put your junk in the boot. something sounds very wrong
8:08 am
about that. >> or junk in the trunk. >> there they put the junk in the boot. right out of that trunk, all of that junk. >> don't be looking behind me, robin, anyway. >> so we digress, very mature that we are. so, a woman buys this ring, $13, she wore it for two decades. totally happy with it. wore it every day. completely clueless. it wasn't an over-the-top costume piece of kwulry. a 26-carat cushion cut antique white diamond she got for $13. yeah, now that woman who wishes to remain unknown will get a serious return as it hit the sotheby's auction block, we can split it expected to fetch around $450,000. >> a great return on your investment. >> wow. >> i want to pack my car and head there. >>s that is why you -- ? that's why i brake for yard
8:09 am
sales, people. [ applause ] >> set you up. >> that's right. >> i thought about you -- >> you saw a flea market. >> you didn't go? >> i didn't have time. >> i bet it would be very hard for you to get a bargain. >> i put a cap in my treat and wear a cap on my head. >> i'm sure no one would know. a quickie i thought was funny. did anybody check out "snl" saturday, season finale. very funny. alec baldwin has nailed the comedic impression of president trump onsome and now offering lessons on how to find your inner trump but only to his 3-year-old daughter carmen. take a look. >> we go like this with our hands and we say, saturday. >> saturday. >> saturday. saturday. okay, everybody. >> okay, everybody. >> saturday. >> oh. >> love that. >> that's funny. >> alec's wife elyria posted
8:10 am
that on her feed. we're sure it's going to be huge and helped yield the highest ratings on "snl" for 23 years. congrats on another great season and that is "pop news," my friends. >> you know why we're watching "snl," my nephew, jeremiah who just graduated, he is an arc, he was an extra in the last sketch. he was in the back. totally -- the last sketch. just graduated. >> that's great. got to start somewhere. coming up an important health alert about your kids and juice and when they should not drink it. our dr. jennifer ashton will be here to talk about it. of course, we have our shark dive live. there's ginger, jumping in to swim with the sharks. she can't talk with us right now. she protected her ears against the extra pressure and will jump in and swim with the swarming
8:11 am
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8:15 am
we are back now with that important health alert for parents. before you reach for the juice this morning the american academy of pediatrics is out with new recommendations on how much they should drink and babies shouldn't have it at all and dr. jennifer ashton is here, a nutritionist as well. >> any time you see doctors weighing in on diet, food, nutrition, it's usually because there is a pretty conclusionive association between a food or beverage and a health or disease outcome. that's what we see going on right now. we have the country's top pediatricians weighing in on fruit juice for baby, kids and teens and while some 100% fruit juice can be okay, in general it doesn't pack the nutritional punch that a lot of parents think it does. >> tell us more why they're making these recommendations. >> i think from a nutritional
8:16 am
standpoint too much fruit juice in kids has been associated with poor nutrition and increased risk of tooth decay, we know that dentists know about that and increased risk of g.i. juices and unpasteurized juices can contain harmful bacteria and potential for drug/joust interactions. they do need to keep that in mind. >> should not rely solely on the juice. >> if you put the fruit juice version head-to-head with the whole fruit version as we have here, if you look at just eight ounces of apple juice you see about 114 calories, 24 grams of sugar which is a lot and zero dietary fiber. when you compare that the apple the big difference is in the finer. you're getting four grams of fiber in the whole fruit and that is really important for g.i. issues so you always want to reach for the whole fruit versus the juice. >> how much juice is okay. >> if you take a look at this
8:17 am
chertoff, this is pretty important. babies to 1 year of age really none unless recommended by a pediatrician which sometimes does happen. when you're talking about toddlers 1 po 3 years of age, 4 ounces a day, no more. four to 6-year-old, easy to remember, 4 to 6 ounces and 7 to 18, 8 ounces per day, no more. you want to go for the whole fruit version. >> i can sense them putting down the juice at home. >> step away from the juice. >> thank you very much. >> michael. all right, thank you, robin. new details just coming out this morning on pippa middleton's wedding. and, of course, we are live from atlantis in the bahamas where ginger is swimming with the sharks. you can go to our facebook page and see every angle just by swiping around. i'm going up, down. sharks. there we go. look up at that. got my license!
8:18 am
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8:22 am
we are back now on "gma" and i got to say we can't wait to see your exclusive with billy bush. just teasing us. >> did he talk to trump? >> you'll have to wait and see what he has to say about that. people want to know why is he talking now? it's been seven months, and i said, you know, people will think you're trying to get a job. he said had he talked to me just two months ago or a few months ago that probably would be the case but it's really a process and a lot of soul searching and he truly wants to help people but, you know, people want to know and he said it's kind of ironic, the irony of the fact he lost his job and donald trump is now president of the united states. yeah. >> tomorrow we'll hear a lot more on that. and for right now we got details on the big wedding. pippa middleton's wedding and honeymoon and abc's lama hasan is at kensington palace with for on it all. good morning, lama. ♪ >> reporter: and good morning, to you, michael.
8:23 am
yes, you can bet the younger royals living in kensington palace is probably breathing a sigh of relief that pippa's wedding went off without a hitch. as for the bride and groom, well, they are wasting no time. already on their honeymoon spotted at l.a.x. this morning. reportedly jetting off to a private island once owned by marlon brando. ♪ this morning, new details on the newly minted mr. and mrs. matthews's society wedding. >> clearly the wedding of the year. >> reporter: a look inside pippa's own fairy tale wedding, the church adorned with beautiful blooms of white and pink flowers. transforming this 12th century church into an enchanting garden. the creme de la creme of british society and, of course, the pint-sized royals and palestinians charlotte wowed as bridemaid and prince george had deers as he got a dressing down from mum and the couple driving off in a carriage of sorts,
8:24 am
their very own vintage e-type jaguar to mingle with their guests at their reception on pippa's family estate a lavish affair according to "the daily telegraph," military precision including the waiting staff reportedly hiring models. >> what they want to do is not have coupling sitting together. they wanted everyone to mingle. >> reporter: even prince harry who made the 100-mile dash to london to feschenko meghan markle and head back to the reception did not sit together. >> inside the huge glass marquee that was erected, that was the party house. that was where the younger guys, girls let down their. >> reporter: as as the sun was setting the wedding party enjoyed a spitfirefly past followed by a dazzling light display but the guests partied the night away. and with no expense spared, the middleton family reportedly
8:25 am
shelling out an eye-watering $800,000 on pippa's wedding in their own backyard and as you just heard with a dazzling light display which meant the wedding bash was going strong until 4:00 a.m., guys. >> it was a real knees up. that's a british term. lama knows that one, knees up. >> that's how you party. thank you, lama hasan. we appreciate it. that's how you do it. we've been teasing all day long about her adventure. here she is right now. let's go to ginger. >> oh, my goodness,
8:26 am
i can't wait to share this with you guys, for now i'm doing the first time ever underwater to say to a cut away. let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: it's wet in south jersey, but not like where you are. we have rain falling in south jersey and delaware. rain will clear west to east. rain at the shore until the evening. 68 is the high. all right, guys. i'm going in. stay with us right here.
8:27 am
>> george i'm tamala edwards, 8:27 may 22. it's a rainy morning that could make for a tough commute. let's go over to karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: it's rainy and gray, i-95 southbound at cottman you're jammed solid you can see the 48 minute travel time from the woodhaven to the vine. the schuylkill expressway not looking much better jammed from the blue route to the vine, westbound on the boulevard to 202. watch for that on the schuylkill expressway. heavy traffic in both directions. a couple of accidents causing problems in new jersey, atlantic city expressway eastbound past the airport the second accident on the expressway itself garden state parkway northbound
8:28 am
approaching route 30 blocking the left lane. we're getting heavy rain and lots of accidents popping up in new jersey. closer to the city it's not as bad, we're drying out on 42 northbound, but you can see more heavy rain coming. northbound traffic jammed from the ac expressway to 295 jammed from the black horse pike tam. >> oh, wow, thank you, karen. let's head outside to david murphy the rain continues. >> reporter: tam, drizzle on the terrace, storm tracker 6 live hd double scan shows a heavy band of rain trains through south jersey and delaware. out by lang you -- lang you cane another batch of rain. a lull in philadelphia but it won't last. this afternoon high of 68 rain will gradually decrease and shut off west to east. at the shore you may have to wait until this evening, for it to be completely dry.
8:29 am
68 is the high, tomorrow, cloudy and 71. >> we'll send you back to "g.m.a." to wrap up and see you in 30.
8:30 am
♪ 24 karat magic in the air welcome back to "gma." our live shot from our drone in the air at the linkin park resort in the bahamas. and we are live in times square as well with a great audience kicking off our week with us. and as you can see, we have a delicious treat that couldn't wait through the commercial break before you jumped in. these are conch fritters and these were sent to us from our friends at the atlantis in the bahamas. so thank you guys, very much, for giving us a little break fast and ginger is out there too for the first ever live 360 virtual reality shark dive. we give her a lot of credit. this is one adventurous many would. she is 45 feet under water on the "ray of hope" shipwreck
8:31 am
surrounded by sharks as you can see right there. don't worry she's also with shark expert and a master scuba diver. how is it going down there below? >> oh, my goodness, you guys are we are in it this swarm of sharks and at certain points in the swarm actually makes a current so i'm with liz parkinson keeping me anchored right here on the deck of "the ray of hope." i have to tell you, it's such an incredible experience. it's like i'm inside your aquarium or we are, the world's aquarium. liz, when people say this is crazy, it's not, right? >> no, this is -- it's an amazing educational standpoint, these sharks really are advocates of the ocean and every person we bring down here, we really hope become ambassadors for the marine conservation and everything we're doing to try to protect them. >> we're doing it the safest way possible. we have stuart over here.
8:32 am
he's going to feed the sharks in the right way, only feeding them grouper and what is natural to their diet so you'll get to see them feed. you'll get to see their gills move and, of course, you'll get to see us right here on our virtual reality camera if you go to "good morning america's" facebook page. some of these sharks have names, the joker shark i see coming right now and they actually look you in the eye. they are so almost friendly. is that strange for me to say they're friendly? >> no, it's great. >> yeah and liz is going to actually do something for us here. this is fascinating. she's going to go ahead and try to do something that's very difficult but it's immobility and a natural thing that happens to sharks to other fish and different parts of the sea. what she's going to do here is try to tickle kind of the snout of a shark and it will put it in a temporary hypnosis. that temporary hypnosis could help researchers to explain a little bit more about what's going on within the shark it's a
8:33 am
very difficult thing to do. we thought, why not try it live? you know, maybe we get it because i can then touch the shark without any incident. she obviously has chainmeal on her arms and stuart has it on his hands. but the swarm is getting very excited. she's trying right now. tonic immobility is very difficult, but, guys, it is so fascinating down here and it's actually at this point mating season so a lot of these sharks are pregnant and i asked before i came down, i hope that a lot of these sharks are not as cranky as i was when -- there she goes is there she's got a hold of one right there. [ applause ] >> look at his eyes look like they're rolling back in his head. >> walk us through all the safety measures you took, ginger. >> erc o. the safety measures are immense. you have to have your flippers, you have to be covered head to toe and then on top of it you obviously have to have your dive
8:34 am
certification and these guys have so many years with shark, they know how they work. they know what they're looking for and what they won't react to. they also have a very, you know, they've done research with teams from different universities and here she's got one, guys, oh, he got away. she got away. most of these are also female sharks. here in the bahamas they have a high population of female sharks which are typically a little less aggressive and bigger than males. >> and, ginger, can liz hear us as well? >> liz, can hear you as well. >> hey, liz, i have a question. how important for everybody thought there is shark conservation to our ecosystem? i know there's been a loss in population of sharks. >> shark conservation is super important to the ecology of the underwater marine life anywhere in the world, the bahamas the government made the bahamas one of the world's largest shark
8:35 am
sanctuaries so sharks are protected throughout the country. there is no buying or selling of any shark products, the apex predator in the ocean and super important to keep this natural circle of life going so that it balancing out the ecosystem. >> they get so close to us, michael, i can't even tell you. >> yeah. hey, keep those hands tucked in, ginger. >> ginger. >> they're in. >> half a million people are watching right now. over 500,000 on our facebook page. can you describe to them, they feel like they're there with you just describe to them what it's like to be where you are right now. >> the only thing you aren't feeling is when the shark actually looks you right in the eye and then touches you. i have been right now grazed by right now there's a tail hitting me because i believe liz has this shark in tonic immobility. guys, we did it.
8:36 am
it's happening right now so i'll touch the shark's tail if that's okay, liz. >> if you did that to me i think i would do the same thing. >> it works on my dog. >> so beautiful. oh, my goodness. oh, look at that. >> this is what you can't feel in virtual reality. >> so what's happened to the shark there? what happened actually? >> taking a nap. >> it happened right here and i'm telling you, i have his fin in my hand, guys. it's so soft and gorgeous and like so strong. you can feel the strength because every single part of a shark is working and you can feel the muscle and the cartilage and all of their body is cartilage except for their jaw and teeth so that they can whip around in the ocean so quickly. wow, this is amazing. oh. >> ginger. >> tell me when i shouldn't do this anymore, liz. >> ginger, how long will that shark stay in a catatonic state? >> it can stay in tonic
8:37 am
immobility for 15 minutes. oh, there he goes. there she goes. >> up to 15 minutes so we got it. i'm not supposed to put my land out. >> all right. way to listen up, ginger, linger, liz, thank you both very much. what an experience. we're not done yet. we've got more with ginger just ahead and jesse palmer, he's not too far away. he's at atlantis resort in the obamas this morning having the time of his life. look at this guy. but he's also with the dolphins and we have that coming up just ahead, as well. [ applause ] >> jesse! jesse! >> announcer: jesse palmer! cowboy? or co-host? >> i am an outstanding tortilla charrer. >> announcer: rach and jesse get their grill on with tacos!
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[ applause ] just saying this is so cute. i love that. >> thank you. >> international sensation priyanka chopra, she is the star of abc's hit show, we love her, "quantico" and hugely popular, both here and back in india and now she's making her hollywood big screen debut. i watched it last night, "baywatch." she plays a villain. she makes like it difficult for dwayne "the rock" johnson and his team of lifeguards. >> how many girls can say that? >> all of you, we're having an open house, meet the neighbors thing and, look, i know that the club is kind of fancy and probably not your scene, but you have a standing invitation. >> thank you. keep that in mind. >> whoop. >> whoa.
8:41 am
easy. you okay? >> yeah. i'll see you there. >> see you then. >> just so happens, ah. >> oh. oh. >> oh, okay. >> and he fell for it too. >> exactly. so this is your first hollywood film. >> yes. >> it must have been exciting for you. you've been in 50 films. >> "baywatch" happens to be my 51st film. but it is my first american movie and i'm very excited about it because, you know, after playing alex who is such a positive character in "quantico" i think to go completely in the other direction was a lot of fun. >> you do -- she does go completely in the other direction. it's delicious and had you watched "baywatch" as a child? >> i was 6 or 7 or something like that. >> okay, so -- thank you. >> but, yes, the answer to the question is yes and i used to love the show. it was one of my mom's favorite shows and when the music starts in the beginning, the da, da, da, da, dish. that sound and i remember that
8:42 am
used to be like our cue to jump to the couch and be like, oh, my god, it's starting. i believe that's what america looked like for the longest time. >> they were all back lit and running in slow motion. >> nobody had jobs. everybody would hang out at the beach, everybody is blond andin great shape and i landed in new york city at 12. not so much. >> not here in new york. we're proud. we're proud of new york and not hike that but we're proud. >> i'm glad people have jobs and everyone is not blond, you know. >> did you have so much fun playing the villain, though, because that's a little different for you. usually you play the good guy. >> i played a negative character in my indian films sometimes but i think what was cool here was victoria, my character was written for a guy initially. it was called victor leeds. victoria is so much better. >> oh, yes, yes. >> if i may say so. [ applause ] so that was cool to, you know, be offered a part which was initially written of and thought
8:43 am
of for a guy and secondly she's such a proud feminist and strong character that, you know, like i mean -- one of my favorite scenes she's talking to one of her henchman and her heel is inside his foot the whole time and she's like, you listen to me and it was things like that which was so absurd that there were so much fun. >> another role that is always played by men, james bond. i can see you because, you know -- [ applause ] come on, now. in the movie you have a line about you're not a bond villain yet. in you have about the bond villain. play james bond. >> i said that in a few interviews before but why not? i hope in my lifetime whether i play it or not someone like there's a female james bond, it would be so cool to see women take on iconic characters in entertain many. i would love that to happen. >> that would be great. we love you here at abc. thank you, "quantico" third season.
8:44 am
>> third season. [ applause ] >> when you first came on you were a little nervous if the show would take off. you have to be excited. >> i love playing alex and being back for a third season will be great. >> thank you, priyanka chopra, please. >> thank you. also mrs. >> and she does sort of have a dance scene because you foe for -- does sort of have a dance scene. you got -- "baywatch" hits theaters nce 1929, that's right s
8:45 am
going to get weather info in here, even under the water. we'll get a check closer tow home. >> reporter: pretty cool, ginger. it's wet in new jersey and delaware. heavy rain coming into southeastern pennsylvania. the high 68. gradual drying this afternoon and evening. ng out with the junkanoo band, right, jess. >> "gma" must love us. they sent us to the bahamas. i'm just feeding dolphins. another typical monday. having such a great time in the bahamas. there's really no place like atlantis. even before you go into the crystal clear water, there's so much beauty, so much culture
8:46 am
here. then once you get underwater it's a totally different world full of soma jest tick creatures like rescue dolphins you see right here you can find at dolphin key and have an amazing story. you have to check it out. it's a beautiful sight. a dolphin and her healthy calf. but this mother and son are nothing short of a miracle. back in august of 2005 hurricane katrina devastated this aquarium. the dolphins violently washed out to sea. >> the giant dolphin rescue under way. >> reporter: unable to survive in the wild they kept returning to their broken pen looking for food. >> some of the animals were out for three weeks. they had lost amount of weight. the whole industry came together to assist in rescuing these animals and atlantis stepped in. >> reporter: the group was separated placed in temporary sanctuaries around the country until they were transported to the bahamas on a specially outfitted charter flight. beside them the trainers and veterinarians they knew making them feel safe. and keeping them alive.
8:47 am
>> we were able to reunite all the trainer dolphins and now one big happy family. >> reporter: one year later that miracle baby we told you about was born and a new generation became the legacy of the katrina rescue dolphins. today, the dolphins are thriving including 3-year-old dolphin kalik. he is the first of a third generation of katrina dolphins, 1 of 43 residing peacefully a dolphin key. you know, it's really amazing, all of the work that atlantis is doing to help rescue these dolphins. we're talking about seven connected pools. there's over 6 million gallons of bahamian seawater. think about it. more than ten times required by u.s. regulations. i want to thank ryan for helping me out. >> not a problem. >> you got my dream job. i might be missing my flight back to new york city. let's go back to you. >> you know what i love ginger is swimming with the sharks and big bad football player is hanging out with the dolphins,
8:48 am
come on, man. more of the atlantis and the bahamas and there's the junkanoo band. look at these guys getting it in down there. get a girl. that's what i'm talking about. coming up, the brand-new bachelorette rachel lindsay is here live.
8:49 am
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say hello to internet speeds up to 250 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. ♪ > . all right, we're back now with the new bachelorette rachel lindsay is with us. and you know she brought us, yes, very happy to have you here and thank you for bringing us a sneak peek of tonight's premiere where she gets a big surprise. one of the bachelors is a blast from the past. she was his camp counselor. oops. >> i haven't seen you or talked to you in over 15 years. it's good seeing you again, rachel. >> it's good to see you again. give me a hug. >> i can't believe fred is here. i knew exactly who he was when he came out of the limo.
8:51 am
he was a very bad kid. [ laughter and applause ] >> was he -- but was he a bad boy? >> no, no, not in like a sexy way. >> as an adult. >> but you know we just saw that clip but the thing is you already announced you're engaged? >> i am. i'm engaged. thank you. [ applause ] >> well, i mean i'm so excited. i'm so happy and like i just couldn't keep it in so they were like you can announce it and say you're engaged. >> you can't say who. >> you have to follow -- in it could be. it could be someone else. we have to follow along on the journey. it's really exciting. you won't be able to tell. >> fun to know there's a happy ending at the end of it. >> you won't be able to tell. that's the best. >> michael had a picture with you up earlier with the cast, the most diverse group you've ever seen and you had a say in that. >> yes, yes, i went to producers and said, look, i date everyone. i don't have a particular type
8:52 am
and i would like for the men coming out of the limo the first night to reflect that and they did as you can see. >> do you think that will help viewership. >> i think you're going to see -- i'm hoping to attract a different audience and more people will start watching "the bachelorette" and, yeah, i think so. >> i just a man carrying -- oh, no. some of the entrances. is that a man carrying a dummy. >> yes. >> was he one of your favorites? >> you'll have to see. >> what was the most surprising entrance made? >> ooh. there were a few of them. i kept saying i wanted to be entertained. there was a guy blake that came with a marching band. he's a drummer boy so he was at the back of it. there was a guy will who came out as urkel. then he went back into the limo and came out as stefon arkell in a much sexier way and there was a guy matt that dressed up in a penguin costume. yeah. >> you went on a date to "the ellen show" with the guys and a
8:53 am
lot were in that chippendale style dancing. were you surprised by that. >> i was surprised and was mad no one came to dance with me. yeah, yeah. >> hindsight is 20/20. >> look at that. >> whoa. >> it sounds like we're in for a really good ride, a good season and i'm so happy to see you so happy. >> no, i'm not wearing it. i'm not wearing it. [ applause ] >> we'll be watching. "the bachelorette," everybody, premieres tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central right here on abc. and right now, pore from atlantis. the junkanoo band when we come back. work it. ♪
8:54 am
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everyone is talking about ginger there in the bahamas. great job. safely out of the water. get back safe to us, ging. >> jesse too. good morning i'm tamala edwards, 8:56 mud, -- monday, my 22. let's get a last look at traffic with karen rogers good morning.
8:57 am
>> reporter: we have a live look 295 at 168 a disabled vehicle was blocking two lanes that just cleared. 30 minutes from the 42 freeway to 73. we have an accident on the 55 northbound approaching 553 heading toward 42. in new jersey, garden state parkway northbound an accident approaching route 30, the accident was blocking two lanes on the ac expressway just cleared. you're traveling five miles per hour on the parkway. vine street expressway jammed westbound toward the schuylkill expressway. in a a little bit of a lull, but the rain coming back at you. >> let's go outside to david murphy to talk about the rain, good morning. >> reporter: dry on the terrace, but not for long. we see a line of heavy rain through south jersey and delaware, ponding and puddling and street flooding going on in the areas under yellow.
8:58 am
west of philadelphia, lancaster with the more rain. 58 in philadelphia. 56 in allentown. this afternoon 68 degrees during the afternoon hours west to east we'll see drying. it might take a good portion of the afternoon to get the heavier rain east of philadelphia say 3:00 p.m., 4:00 p.m. if you're down the shore you don't dry out until this evening,. we're staying on top of an investigation into a suspicious fire that killed a pregnant woman in philadelphia. big cosby is back in court this time in pittsburgh "action news" is there as the lawyers choose a jury for the you you -p coming trial. "live with kelly and ryan" is next.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> today from "bay watch" zac ef ron. and meet t >> announcer: and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest e. [applause] >> kelly: hey, guys. ♪ [applause]


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