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tv   World News Now  ABC  May 23, 2017 2:40am-4:00am EDT

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hi, baby girls. >> hi. >> how are you? >> good. >> ava and alexis, the mcclure twins as we know them. are having a chat with mom. they're popular for your insight and the way they view things in life. >> i wanted to share you that you're going to be a sister. you're going have -- you're going to be a big sister. >> big sister not very big. >> you're going to have another brother or sister. >> i do not have brother. >> no. >> no, you're going to ruin this, mom. the mcclure twins. end of story. >> they do not want any more of this happening in the house. >> because momma is having a baby. >> i don't want a brother. >> let's be clear. >> but aren't you excited to have a baby in the house? >> no. >> look at their facial expressions. that side eye is supreme. >> but i don't want a brother or
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a baby. not a brother. >> why don't you want a brother? >> because brothers are stinky. >> they already know. >> you'll have a little brother or sister. >> you don't get to order it. >> mom tries to explain that to them. but they're the mcclure twins. >> you don't get to pick if it's a boy or girl. >> but how to make a baby. >> they're a little young for that. >> you cannot just throw that out there and not have it come crashing back. >> me and dad made the baby. >> oh, how? >> we combined to make the baby. >> combined what? combined? >> that still doesn't register for these two. >> you guys were probably . >> just pay attention to when mom reveals the sonogram though. >> that's a baby? >> that's a picture of the baby.
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this is a picture of the baby. >> look at her on the left. i don't know what the heck that is. >> this is all just weird. >> it's like a picture. so they're expecting a picture. they have no idea what a sonogram is. they're like that's one ugly baby. thanks for chilling with us today. we appreciate it. we'l because your carpet never stops working
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there's resolve carpet care. it lifts more dirt and pet hair versus vacuuming alone. resolve carpet care with five times benefits what does life look like during your period? with tampax pearl. you get ultimate protection on your heaviest days and smooth removal for your lightest. tampax pearl and pocket pearl for on the go. this morning no claim of responsibility for the explosion end of the ariana grande concert in manchester, england last night. police are treating it as an act of terrorism. 22 people were killed including
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the bomber and dozen injured. the 23-year-old singer was not injured herself. but she and members of her dangerous woman tour as it was called. say they're devastated. president trump briefed on the situation as he visits bethlehem for this morning for talks with talks with mahmoud abbas. the president was hopeful eventually working out a deal for mideast peace. and talked about a unbreakable bond. >> the israeli prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, the president denied he ever mentioned israel to the russians something he was eventually never accused of. netanyahu added intelligence cooperation with the u.s. has never been better. president trump's first budget coming out today. packed with massive cuts to entitlements, $800 billion from medicaid over ten years. and additions as well.
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good morning, diane. kendis. president trump may be overseas. back here in washington, the white house is preparing to unveil his spending priorities. the administration today is unveiling the president's first budget which aims to balance the budget in a decade and does so with cuts to entitlement programs. dubbed the budget new foundation for american greatness $1.7 trillion in spending cuts over ten years. the budget slashes 193 billion from the food stamp program. and funding for foreign aid, epa and the corporation for public broadcasting. on the campaign trail, trump promised not to touch funding for medicaid. the cuts are drawing scrutiny from lawmakers. >> medicate helps 1.75 million veterans, provides services for americans struggling with addiction, a problem that affects so many. so if the reporting is accurate. these cuts to medicate,
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president's budget in the president's budget carry a human cost. >> reporter: where there are cuts there are add. increases military spending, $200 billion fund for infrastructure and $1.6 billion to start on the border wall. another big winner, a new paid family leave program championed by ivanka trump getting $25 billion. while his first official budget, still basically a blueprint. a wish list of sorts for president trump. it would be up to congress to approve changes to funding. we have to see how law makers respond later today. diane, kendis. >> thank you live from washington. coming up. details from manchester. >> you are watching "world news now". 1 i n 10 houses could get hit by most everything. you know, an expensive septic disaster. but for only $7 a month, rid-x helps break down waste. avoid a septic disaster with rid-x.
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we've been learning details throughout the morning in the bombing that killed at least 22 people in britain. right now the big question did at taerk act alone or part of a network. >> investigators trying to figuree that out now. our partner, bbc on the front lines of the story. since the very beginning. here is a look.
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>> reporter: witnesses to the pictures you are seeing now, described complete panic as nobody knew what was happening inside the arena. they heard this, loud explosion. we spoke to two young teenagers who felt the heat of the blast. one of the young girls, 17, had smoke on her face from the force of the explosion. these are young children. they turned around. they saw the people lying on the ground. the people being treated here. so there is absolutely disbelief about what happened. one eyewitness, a man called gary, who felt the explosion he saw his wife injured on the ground. got down, cradled her. did it nearly an hour. she is in hospital. when he got up from the arena she could see nuts and bolts on the floor. in previous suicide bomber attacks. the nuts and bolts and nails are placed inside bombs to widen the impact area.
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police confirmed they're treating this as a terrorist in dent. to give you a sense of the police operation here, we have seen two helicopters circling the city. very close by. this was an hour of this blast. we have seen, dozens of ambulances. counterterrorism. and the force here. taxis bringing in senior police office tires make their way here. unclear. security arrangements were when the doors open at end of the concert. whether or not people coming in were checked as well. police here are taking no chances. and something else as well. they will not be rushed in the investigation. this is one of the largest terror attacks in modern times in this country. they would want to know who was behind this. why people, did this. and, is there a network of people. >> the greater manchester police department put out a full statement.
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>> body like a back road. >> nice groove to it. talks about lot of curves. >> nothing wrong with that. >> not at all. performed it on billboard muse ache wards sunday night. >> so, moving on to, to a different topic.
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annual tradition for the outgoing freshman, of the u.s. naval academy. >> love this one. gather at a greased up monument. and then attempt to reach the top. the whole thing takes a lot of team work, a lot of endurance. and involves a lot of laughter as well. abc's byron pitts tells the story. >> torpedoes, full speed ahead. >> time honored tradition at u.s. naval academy. freshmen trying to scale the monument to remove it and replace with the hat. it represents transition from plebes to midshipmen and ends their first year at the academy. the 21 foot monument is greased with lard. and classmen with. and this year's attempt was live streamed. thousand tuning in to the riveting spectacle of team work, tumbles and triumph.
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fastest recorded time, class of 1972, clocked in at 1:30. but back then the monument was not greased. the slowest was the class of 1998, took just over four hours to complete. for the class of 2020. the challenge lasted 2:21:21. a valiant effort for the unrelenting, under classmen. byron pitts, abc news, new york. >> 2:21. >> in 2014. decide to leave the lard off the monument. safety concerns, climbed under 3 minutes. next year, the lard went back on. they say average takes 1 to 3 hours. >> oh, man. can you imagine? >> i think we could do a world news now. >> in 3 1/2 days.
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breaking news this morning on "world news now" -- a deadly explosion at an ariana grande concert. >> a massive blast creating chaos. young fans and parents running for their lives in the midst of confusion and carnage. >> the late dooes taist details analysis from home how it could change security at major events. you are watching a special edition of "world news now." we begin with suspected terrorist attack at an ariana grande concert in manchester, england. >> at least 19 people are dead, dozens injured. most alarmingly. many victims are the youngest aamong us. after an explosion at the end of the concert, police are treating it as a terrorist attack, and there is a report that device
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was nifilled with nail. >> injured were trampled as they rushed to leave the arena after the explosion. many at the concert keep in mind were young teens and preteens. abc's tom rivers has more from london. >> reporter: cell phone video capturing concert-goers fleeing the packed arena. after the last act by singer ariana grande. the pop star off staining when witnesses say large blasts rocked the area near the box office. [ explosion brgs. >> pandemonium inside and outside the venue, as the audience rushed the doors amid a sea of pink balloons. >> everyone just like running, people are screaming, crying. and weep just tried to look for the first -- exit. >> reporter: police quickly confirming a number of fatalities and dozens of people injured. >> the explosion went off. it threw me through the first stet of doo
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st set of doors. >> she tumbled over the seats a but three seats. >> u.s. officials briefed on the investigation say, the leading theory throughout the night, was that this was the work of a suicide bomber. prime minister teresa may saying it appears to have been an appalling terrorist attack. also, overnight an agonizing waiting game for parents and friends of people a. tendi iatt concert. posting notes and pictures of the missing on social media. asking for any one who may have seen them. tom rivers, abc news, london. ariana grande was not physically hurt, but different story. tweeting, she is broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so sorry. i denlt have words. >> her management team released a statement saying our hearts are broken words cannot express our sorrow for the victims and families harmed in this senseless attack. tmz reporting that the rest of her concert tour in europe has been postponed.
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>> joining us live is former fbi counterterrorism official and abc contributocontributor, steve take often during incidents look this. a different one. how do authorities make a determination a terror group is responsible? >> well once they have identified who the suspect is, and, especially a suicide bomber, they're going to dig into that person's life. build a pre fiofile as to what in the person's mind. were they doing this on behalf of a terrorist organization. was it something that they just wanted some attention for whatever reason. they're going to look at the social media, profile. and they're also going to be looking for any claims of sponlt from a terrorist organization itself. like isis, isis, like day or two later will, will claim responsibility. so those are the kind of things that they will look for in order to make the determination if it is a terrorist attack. >> steve, the ee motieg emotion reaction. grande's fan base. targeting kids. from an investigative standpoint
3:04 am
why did they choose the target? >> you look at the size of the venue. so you have got a stadium that can fill about 21,000. a high-profile event. ariana grande, known worldwide. followed boy bye so many people, include youngster, my daughter included. you also have, the fact that it is an area where from the stadium once you zbroit side the stadium, there is a train station that is not that far. so the terrorists or the suspects who committed at take. probably recognize between the stadium and train station, a lot of people leaving the stadium once it is over. and there would be a large crowd. and the crowd itself, is the target. for the terrorist or the person wanting to commit this attack. they're looking for mass casualties. high impact. that's what you got in the situation. >> well, that, that is a unique situation there for manchester. you do have the arena right there, next to, next to -- the train station. and you have it as well here in
3:05 am
new york. it would seem as if the terrorists, who ever that person was, knew perhaps they couldn't get into the arena. and picked this as the what is, hate to say it again, a soft target outside there. >> exactly. very similar to what we saw in france. when, when the, german french, soccer game and there was an attack. a bombing right outside of the, of the entrance of the stadium there. and you also see this type of vulnerability. with airports. the area that is, before the screening section of an airport. that is very vulnerable as well. we have seen a number off takes occur involving individuals that go up. and either start shooting or they commit some type of, violence. up to the point of the screening. >> any protection from an incident like this r in the u.s. though? >> people have to recognize that there are these vulnerabilities as you are going to a venue, large event. ball game, whatever it is.
3:06 am
concert. that ladying up to that place, where they start the screening, nobody is watching unless there are law enforcement officers both, in, in, gear, you know, with weapons out and everything. there are also probably undercover officers that are fleeting around. looking for people that are suspicious. so they just have to be, mindful, that there is a, vulnerable area. you can, may want to check out. going to a large event. is there security that is going to be in place. not only in the venvenue. >> need a screening area for the screening area. screening area for that jeani g screening area. tough to keep everybody safe. >> going back to theage of the people in this. one benefit, a lot had their cell phones out and they were recording all of this. how helpful will that be? >> that will be very helpful. a lot of the people are probably going to be posting that, that video, or information on, instagram, facebook, whatever social media.
3:07 am
they use. law enforcement will be scouring platforms to find information evidence. contacting everybody who was there, asking for them to turn in any individuvideos informati have. that interaction between law enforcement and all the concert-goers, also any body in the area outside the stadium. not only when the boom went off. but leading up to, several hours before, because the assumption is going to be the suspect was watching and waiting and once the concert ended and they saw people exiting, that was the time that, that the suspect. >> all right, that was former fbi counterterrorism official, abc contributor, steve gomez. love having you on. wish it was for better news. we love hearing your analysis. thank you so much. >> great, thank you. >> we will continue to have much more from manchester later in this half-hour including, how that community is now rallying to support people who were part of the event and witnessed the whole thing. some incredible stories out of
3:08 am
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19 people are dead after an explosion at an ariana grande concert in manchester, england. dozens injured. the blast may have been set off by a suicide bomber. the american singer herself uninjured. many victims were her young teen and preteen fans. no one has claimed responsibility. of course going to continue to stay on top of this breaking news story. >> president trump meeting ini bethlehem with the palestinian leader. >> after a warm reseptembering in israel, the president toured several sites. including becoming the first u.s. president to visit the
3:12 am
western wall. optimism about mideast peace during a press conference with benjamin netanyahu. >> the president surprisingly brought up the controversial oval office meeting with the russians. >> just so you understand, i never mentioned the word or the name israel. never mentioned it, during that conversation. never mentioned the word israel. intelligence cooperation is terrific. >> thank you. >> trump was never actually accused of telling the russians that israel was the source of classified information. but he still has then't denied sharing that information with russia. >> the president's former national security adviser michael flynn pleading the fifth. flynn is refusing to comply with a subpoena calling for him to turn over personal documents to the senate committee looking into russian election meddling. meantime, the ranking democrat
3:13 am
on the house oversight panel says, he has evidence that flynn apparently lied about his business dealings with russia and says flynn mislead investigators reviewing his security clearance about payments he received from russia's state sponsored tv not werk. >> supreme court struck down two congressional districts after they were remapped saying, race played too big a part how in they were shaped. the state's republican controlled legislature redesigned the two districts after the census in 2010. height court said too many african-americans ended up in the districts and weakened their influence in other areas. >> students in maryland gathered to remember a young man brutally stabbed in front of his friends. the school held a remembrance ceremony and candlelight vigil for the senior set to graduate as the the fbi is looking into whether this was a hate crime. abc's adrian bankart. >> sean urbanski before a judge
3:14 am
to face first and second degree murder charges in what the fbi says could possibly be a hate crime. police saying the attack on richard collins was unprovoked. >> lieutenant collin's life is important we need to give his family answers why was he killed not only who killed him under what circumstances. >> the 23-year-old rotc student was standing with friend amount the university of maryland bus stop at 3:00 a.m. saturday, when urbanski approached them, screaming. witnesses tell police he told collins to step left if you know what's good for you. collins was puzzled and said no. witnesses say that's when urbanski stabbed him in the chest. police say urbanski is linked to a facebook group, alt-reich nation that posts racest memes. >> shows exfreem violence against women, latinos, jewish faith, and especially african-americans. >> abc news learned the suspect has no cremmal record. his attorney says he was drunk
3:15 am
and incoherent. collins said to graduate from nearby bowie state university recently commissioned as second lieutenant in the army. >> he had dreams of going and doing great things, serving his country. loving his family. loving people heeft loved god. >> police are looking at surveillance footage of the stabbing while the state's attorney is asking for patience from the community staying they're gathering evidence and it is far too early to call this a hate crime. adrian bankart, abc news. >> mississippi law make ear poll jazzing for skments he made on facebook over the weekend. sparked widespread anger. first term representative, collin oliver posted leaders in louisiana should be lynched for removing confederal monuments in new orleans. well her ud a statement yesterday saying he deeply regrets his choice of words. oliver faces growing calls for him to resign. >> in the meantime, texas on the verge of passing a bathroom bill. similar to north carolina's
3:16 am
doefrl fr controversial law would require transgender students to use bathrooms that correspond with their gender at birth. the bill getz to the state senate. the governor expected to sign the bill if it reach his desk. >> the first robo cop ready to hit the streets. juf just introduced in dubai where it will operate. >> can shake hands. offer a military salute. on the beat. citizens can use tight report crimes and pay fines. >> does it come with arnold schwarzenegger? >> i -- from robo cop, yeah. >> guessing not. appare apparently, stands 5'5", little shorter. than arnold. >> if arnold starred in twins ta again. and danny devito character. >> 220 pounds. speaks six languages. and it can read facial expregss. with those interacting. >> look yck you in several languages. handcuff you. >> you have the right to remain
3:17 am
silent in six languages. transmit and receive messages from police headquarters. some comment from authorities there, they say designed to to help us fight crime. keep city safe and improve happiness levels. >> oh. not sure how it improves happiness levels offering you ticket and handcuffs. >> can't frown. doesn't have a mouth. >> there you go. >> comelinew information from t deadly explosion in the uk. new accounts from eyewitnesss. stay with us. you are watching "world news now." during your period? it looks great with tampax pearl. you get ultimate protection on your heaviest days and smooth removal for your lightest. tampax pearl and pocket pearl for on the go.
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just some of the horrific scenes we are seeing from manchester overnight. many witnesses are describing chaos and horror. children screaming. following fate tal blast at that arena there. >> we heard from phrases, come out of witnesses mouths like, a war scene. running for my life. now let's hear some more from the witnesses themselves.
3:20 am
>> it's shocking, what happened. just carnage everywhere. the whole building shook. definitely an explosion, definitely a lot of casualties. >> towards the last song, let helium balloons down, quite large. and this bang happened. >> that we were just leaving the concert. ariana grande left. the lights came up. suddenly a huge sound like an explosion went off. everyone stopped, turned around. and somebody shouted. it's a bomb. everyone just started running. everybody was trying to push people up the stairs. a lady in a wheelchair trying to get away. she was absolutely, people were just pushing past her. >> the most frightening experience of my life. total chaos. >> but the problem is, a lot of children there without parents. there was no one to calm them down. everybody was just screaming. and, crying.
3:21 am
and pushing. >> i was waiting, an explosion went off. it threw me through the first set of doors. about, 30 foot. the next set of doors. when i got up and walked around. there was 30 people, just, everywhere. some of him, looked dead, might have been unconscious. a lot of fatalities. >> when we first came up to the door, there was a guy covered in blood. terrify thing that can ever happen to day person. it is like, i will never forget it. >> every hospital. the place she is registered in as missing person. she is not registered at any hospital yet. and father is out looking for her. i have friend out looking for her as well. >> just absolutely heartwrenching thinking of the parents. young kids in some cases at the concert. now looking for their loved ones unable to find them. >> so many tweets, face book messages with people saying have you soon this person? have you've seen my daughter? have you seen my son? in many cases they're not getting any responses saying we have.
3:22 am
>> the bright spot, we have also seen people coming together in tragedies to help each other. coming up more of the messages of support. you won't see these folks at the post office.
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the better the fit, the better it protects. always. we're back with more on the deadly explosion at an ariana grande concert in manchester, england. any time we see attacks like this. we see the worst of what human beings are capable of. when we look deeper into the story. we often find also the best of what people are capable of. seeing the stories coming out of manchester this morning. and, security firm. that protects ambassadors has already take tune social media giving a shoutout to hotels in the area saying hotels have opened their doors. to children and other people that were at the arena. giving them free shelter. helping them to locate family members. beyond hotel rooms. random strangers have come
3:26 am
together and started using the hash tag room for manchester. because the trains in the area have been shut down for security reasons. >> remain so. many people stranded in the area. you have locals opening their doors and posting on social media. i have a room. i have a couch. so on, so forth. you got to see people come together help one another. >> 21,000 people inside the concert venue. so many people in the area. waiting for people who are inside. and probably couldn't make it home after that concert. the cabbies were also helping out. as a result of this. incident. take a look at the tweet. this, many of the manchester cabbies are offering free ride to general public. hash tag. manchester we are with you. improving to the hash drag. even the liverpool cab drivers. started driving over the manchester. you know football, liverpool and manchester. they're not. as you know. they're not necessarily friends. but, in times of tragedy. it brought them together. >> buried the rivalry tonight.
3:27 am
you know that is big. many of the local cab drivers started driving with their lights off. shutting off the meters taking people where they needed to go. particularly to the hospital. many are still looking for the loved ones. speaking of which. face book trying to help them. activated a safety check feature for that area. so people an go phone facebook. mark themselves as safe. let their friend though they're safe. for those who are looking for loved ones, you can go on facebook to try to contact that person. and ask them if they're okay. the red cross, has said this is a very effective way of finding loved ones in situations like this where many people have vanished in kate yoes. >> fairly new device. smart device by facebook. check the morning headlines in the meantime. you can pretty much understand that this would be the headlines here. a times here in london. just with familiar images of the lady, injaerd. being helped there by the authority to explosion at manchester, concert, this other one here, guardian also, from the uk, murder in
3:28 am
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this morning this morning on "world news now" -- concert carnage. a deadly blast. after a pop concert by ariana grande. >> police suspect terrorism in the explosion. young fans seen on video running for safety. >> we heard a bang. and i had to run for my life. >> overnight frantic family members searching for loved ones as leaders react to what could be britain's deadliest terror take in a decade. >> complete coverage on this special edition of "world news now". >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." we do say good morning to you everybody on this tuesday. what a rough morning to come to you with these details. an explosion at a ariana grande
3:31 am
concert. take a look at the scenes we are getting from manchester england. you can see the streets fairly empty outside the concert venue. manchester one of the uk's biggest cities. the investigation is on? going overnight. >> at least 19 people are dead. more than 50 injured by the blast. and then also, the subsequent panic as concert-goers tried to get out of the arena. ♪ [ explosion ] >> oh, my god. what just happened? [ bleep ] what's going on? you can see as the video continues a frantic rush for the exit. in the rush some of the injured were trampled. police believe that this may have been the work of a suicide bomber. one report says the device was filled with nails for maximum injury. many of the attending concert were teens, some preteens, some there without their parents.
3:32 am
and they have been sharing their stories throughout the night. >> well the lights came up after the concert. and everyone was getting up to leave. and all of a sudden there was a big bang. everyone started running, people were screaming, crying. and tried to look for an exit. we were at the top. we had to go around. >> even up to this point in the early morning hour. relatives and friend who have not heard from people who were at the concert are going door to door from hospital to hospital, looking for their loved ones. >> as you can imagine. throughout downtown manchester security is tight and extra police on duty. >> and rail stations near the manchester arena there in the heart of the city are closed this morning. there will be extra police at other stations as well as on trains and subways throughout all of the uk. abc's correspondent is there with more. molly, what are you learning right now? >> reporter: good morning, kendis, right.
3:33 am
this city is on lockdown. police across the country across the city. nobody going in or out of city. quickly this morning. now at manchester royal infirmary hospital where many victims have been taken it is a crime scene. forensic doctors going in and out. the investigation ongoing. you can hear the shock here the morning after. the chilling screams in the video not even 12 hours ago. around 10:33 last night after ariana took the stage when the explosion rocked the manchester arena for the 20,000 people inside you said. so many children and teenagers. just absolute chaos. people described the moment of terror, crying and sprinting. police are treating this as a terrorist incident. speculation a suicide bomber as you mentioned. reports the suicide bomber among the dead.
3:34 am
police have not confirmed yet. kendis, diane, we will learn this morning hopefully shortly police are expected to hold a statement, a presser, very soon. in london, british prime minister teresa may will chair a cobra meeting. >> let me cut you off, molly. >> the update has happened. we are getting a word from the greater manchester police chief constable, now update, and says death count has risen to 22. and a little bit more information about the bomber. at taker, a lone male attacker, they're saying, who died in the blast and was carrying an improvised explosive device. which he detonated. that seems to change things from what we were learning and make it more devastating as you can imagine, molly. >> that does. improvised explosion devices designed for maximum damage. most horrific injuries if that is the case, of course, i have not seen pictures of the device, actually the crime scene, but we are expecting i'm sure that,
3:35 am
could change if there are so many injuries, kendis. >> abc's molly hunter live from england. molly, thank you. checking in a little bit. >> once again, to recap. new details we are learning into the situation. once again, some 22 people dead. many are young fans of ariana grande. dozens of others injured. and, now an improvised explosive device. >> that's right. let's go over to abc troerroris expert. steve gomez. not sure if you heard of the breaking news. sounds like we are learning more about this device. what does this still you about this attack? >> well, clearly this individual who committed this attack was sophisticated enough to put together this explosive device. that was able to commit maximum casualties as we are seeing and hearing. this type of device, there is enough information online and through some of the terrorist groups, their propaganda they put out there, to teach people
3:36 am
who are abroad how to build a bomb. now it know it that easy to do. and a lot of people, they try it and they fail. some times they blow themselves up. and blow their hands off. their body. and so on. but, other times, these people will travel to other parts of the world and learn how to build a bomb from an actual bomb maker, and these terrorist organizations, isis, al qaeda, they tend to have these bomb makers that are very good at what they do and they train people if they're able to travel in and out. the question is did this person learn from watching something online or did they actually travel abroad to learn from a bomb maker then come back and build the bomb themselves? >> but, speaking of that bomb. i mean, we, we hear that term, ied a lot. talking war zones. what is the difference between that and a bomb earlier. earlier thought it was a backpack.
3:37 am
a bomb with nails inside. what's the difference between an ied and, and -- a run of the mill bomb and does that really change this situation and make it worse? >> it doesn't really change the situation, i mean, you, the difference is -- an ied is something that you are able to make yourself. it is improvised. that's where you get the name improvised explosive device as opposed to commercial grade type of bomb, grenade, explosive, that, say the military would use, here in the u.s. or say from a middle eastern country and terrorist was able to get access to such a device.
3:38 am
in this case if it is true that they included some nails or bolts, we have seen that happen many times before. so they basically use whatever they have access to, wherever they are, to create this device. and then they use the materials to cause tight go off and kill people. >> okay, all right. steve, we have so much more to ask you. keep you around another half-hour. steve gomez, former fbi counterterrorism expert and -- consultant. >> the concert explosion an attack on the most vulnerable. many of the young people there are sharing experiences on social media. >> abby mullen and her mother left the concert before the last song ended to try to beat the rush, actually may have saved their lives. >> the explosion went off yard in front of them. on facebook mullen showed how her pocketbook, shoes and clothing were just sprayed with blood. she writes that, she won't soon forget what she saw in the aftermath. how lucky she is to be alive. >> that image. heartwrenching for many. we'll stay on this throughout the morning and give you the latest from the ariana grande concert tragedy in manchester, england. we'll get to the morning's other major stories next including a surprise from the president in israel. >> o.j. simpson and possibility
3:39 am
he is just weeks from being released from prison. first, here is a look at tuesday's forecast. ♪ ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by -- kendis. >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by -- because your carpet never stops working
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3:42 am
♪ ♪ >> at least 22 people are dead, and dozens injured after a bomb went off at a ariana grande concert in manchester, england. the singer finished the last number. as the blast occurred. she was not injured. police are treating it as a terrorist incident. and believe it may have been a suicide bomber. one report says the device the bomber used was was filled with nail. so far no claim of responsibility. the latest we have heard is that this was one man that carried out this attack. no word yet on whether there were co-conspirators. this was an improvised device. >> the word we are getting right now from the white house spokesperson, sean spicer says the president has been briefed about the situation, of course, he is traveling right now in the middle east. he has a full agenda, beyond this tragedy, he is meeting
3:43 am
with, palestinian president, mahmoud abbas in bethlehem this morning. and raising hopes of jump-starting the stalled peace talks. >> we are going to have a lot more on, event in manchester, but, we do want to get a little bit to the news happening surrounding the president. he arrived in tel aviv yesterday. and made it clear that america's relationship with israel remains strong. abc's karen travers has more on that. >> reporter: another red carpet welcome. president trump exchanging, warm familiar greetings with benjamin netanyahu. >> i love my friend. >> welcome, my good friend. welcome our good friend. >> reporter: the president wasting no time of getting to the heart of his message here in israel. >> i have come to the sacred and ancient land to reaffirm the unbreakable bond between the united states and the state of israel. >> reporter: later it was netanyahu emphasizing the strong ties.
3:44 am
>> reporter: the prime minister dismissing any notion of tensions after president trump earlier this month shared with russia, classified information the u.s. received from israel. the white house insists, president trump didn't even know israel was the source. >> the word or the name israel never mentioned during that conversation. >> but nobody ever said he did that. before the diplomacy, president trump taking in culture and religion. visiting the church of the holy site where christians believe jesus was buried and resurrected. then the western wall. mr. trump the first sitting u.s. president to visit judaism's holiest prayer site. the white house says soon it wants to coordinate a meeting with president trump, abbas, and netanyahu. but right now, the conditions to make that happen just aren't there yet. diane, kendis. >> thanks to karen travers. who is traveling there with the president in the middle east. >> top house democrat says he has evidence showing michael flynn, former national security
3:45 am
adviser, apparently lied to investigators to get his security clearance renewed. congressman elijah cummings says flynn misled the pentagon about payments from russia, and he apparently failed to mention he met with russian president vladamir putin. meanwhile flynn is invoking the fifth amendment right refusing to comply with subpoena to turn over documents to the senate intelligence committee. >> i'm disappointed. i question whether there is real legal basis to not produce documents. we'll be looking into that. i think the committee will pursue options. >> flynn's attorneys say pleading the fifth is not an admission of wrongdoing. they say, an escalating public frenzy and the appointment of a special prosecutor create aid legally dangerous environment for flynn to cooperate. >> the white house unveiling president trump's budget today calling for deep cuts to entitlements. the plan includes -- $1.7 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade. it would slash medicaid by $800 billion dollars. the food stams program is also on the chopping block. with 10 million expect to lose that benefit.
3:46 am
a big boost for the military, infrastructure, and a new family leave program. >> jury selection resumes in bill cosby's sex assault trial. so far three men and two women have been chosen to serve on the sequestered jury. all five are white. the jury selection taking place in pittsburgh at the request of cosby's attorneys. but the trial will take place near philadelphia. cosby charged with molesting a woman at his home just outside philadelphia. he maintains that encounter was consensual. >> meanwhile, o.j. simpson set to get another shot at parole in july. the 65-year-old hall of famer spent nearly a decade locked in prison in nevada for armed robbery two of memorabilia dealers in a las vegas home. he has been denied parole twice. if he gets it this time. he could be set free in october. otherwise, his sentence runs until 2022. >> headline from the sports world. golden state warriors heading to their third consecutive nba final. steph curry scored 36 points
3:47 am
last night as warriors swept san antonio 4-0. 129-115 victory made the warriors the first nba team ever to start the playoffs with 12 straight wins. pretty good. well, now they wait to see whether they will play either cleveland again, or boston in the finals. that series went start until june 1st. and be here on abc. >> and the national predators are heading to the stanley cup final. defeated anaheim last night. 6-3 to win the nhl western conference championship. the predators will face either pittsburgh or ottawa, the penguins can wrap up the series however tonight. >> and, just want to say that the rangers will not be playing to night. >> they'll be playing golf. >> for those that are pretty upset. >> still playing golf. we'll be right back. upset. >> still playing golf. we'll be right back. 7 a month,
3:48 am
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3:50 am
we are looking at the latest in the explosion, manchester england, at a ariana grande concert. earlier they discussed how a group like isis is responsible for a single person. take a look. >> a lot of things they're focusing on. suicide bomber. the body of the bomber is going to give them an awful lot of information. a lot of forensic work will be done, collect information to see any signature on the bomb, cameras, cameras, ubiquitous these days. looking at cameras. and any informants they have that might be able to, give them, you know, real time information. >> once they know who it was, they will check the cell phone, mobile phone record.
3:51 am
they'll check the internet record. they will do a web. they'll go out and say who is his friend? who was he talking to? who was he talking to? third and fourth level. they will try to find out, is there a -- an on going threat, is there an on going network, that could do it together. what we saw here was, you can take a venue, and you can lock it down. you can pat everyone down. make everyone go through it. but just outside the perimeter there are going to be lots of people. those people are a target. >> does this point to isis you think? i know it is early on? >> investigative premesis, and this is something obviously put into the equation. you don't want to rule anything in or out at this juncture. >> this is the kind of thing, that isis teaches.
3:52 am
go for the soft target. go for, just outside the primster. the individual, individual who is activated and told on line how to build a bomb. i did everything i could to make her party perfect.
3:53 am
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3:55 am
celebrity world is taking to twitter with condolences and messages of love for those impacted by the terror attack at manchester arena. >> bruno mars posted here, no word can describe how i feel about what happened in manchester. i don't want to believe that the world we live in could be so cruel. >> demi lovato, first to tweet. tearing up imagining innocent concert-goers losing their lives. >> others spoke out at various events last night. here are a few.
3:56 am
>> it's devastating what happened out there. that's really unfortunate. so, my heart goes out to everyone out there. and i hope she is okay. i hope that her fans and, everyone involved is all right. >> we want to send our thoughts and prayers to all of those affected by the concert explosion in manchester, england. >> i also wanted to send my love and my sorrow, my heart is heavy tonight for the people who were hurt and killed tonight at her concert in manchester. >> so many celebrities speaking out. as you can understand of course, ariana grande concert. many of them, know her personally, because, they could just imagine the pain she is going through as well. >> we have heard from a lot of performers who are imaging in themselves in the position as entertainers, you feel responsible for your fans and almost responsible for keeping them safe. ariana grande herself tweeted out saying she is heartbroken and has no words. and, that outpouring on twitter and social media, has been inspiring, as well. some people in the area of manchester have been using
3:57 am
social media to offer up their homes. their couches. their cars. food, water, whatever people need. as the trains in the area have been stopped for security reasons. soap there are so many people stranded in the area. you are seeing the city come together to help all of the people. >> that area remains on lockdown this morning as you can understand because authorities are trying to figure out exactly what took place last night. the latest we heard that there are 22 people who are dead. some 59 others who are injured. they believe that they was an improvised explosive device that was used in this attack, itself. but, one question they still don't have an answer to. been several hours since that attack. was it only one person? responsible? are there others around? >> the latest it was one man carried out the attack with improvised explosive device no word on whether or not he has co-conspirators something investigators will be looking at quite deeply. >> something that many authorities in the u.s. are looking at as well.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, bloodshed at an ariana grande concert. >> an explosion rocking one of the biggest venues in europe. >> it's shocking what happened. >> the deadly blast treated as a terror attack. >> a suicide bomber hit after the concert was over as people filed out. >> ariana grande had left. when all of a sudden this huge sound which sounded like an explosion went off. >> overnight 9 singer and the white house reacting. the fbi on alert and the search to find who's responsible. we're live with the latest. and good morning, everyone. we're going to get to those breaking news developments this tuesday morning on that explosion at an ariana grande concert in manchester, engl


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