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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  May 30, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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tonight, breaking news -- abc news has learned that president trump's personal lawyer is now a focus of the russia investigation. tonight, he's refusing requests from congress to answer and the president's son-in-law jared kushner and reports he wanted to set up with a backchannel with the russians. tonight, did the president know and did he approve. also breaking tonight, for the first time the military intercepts a mock intercontinental missile. tiger woods' dui arrest. police finding him passed out behind the wheel. tonight, his explanation and authorities now say there's dashcam video the outburst late in court. the suspect accused of killing two men on a train, aim
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breaking news tonight, involving olivia newton-john and her health. good evening. great to be back with you after the memorial holiday. growing scrutiny involving president trump's inner circle. the investigation has now reached his personal attorney. the president's son-in-law is under scrutiny by the fbi. why did he meet with the russian ambassador and the bank? our own brian ross breaking the news today that the president's personal lawyer is under investigation, he's refusing to cooperate with congress and tonight you'll hear why. brian ross leading us off. >> reporter: the actives and future roles of the president's son-in-law jared kushner. another close confidant of donald trump, his personal
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lawyer, michael cohen, has become a focus of the expanding congressional investigation. cohen told abc news he's been asked to provide information and testimony about any connections to the russian government but is refusing to do so. i declined the invitation, as the request was poorly phrased, overly broad and not capable of being answered. trump came to cohen's defense earlier this year. alleged without any proof secretly met with russian spies in prayigue. >> it's a disgrace. >> reporter: now his refusal to cooperate sets up a potential showdown with congress. >> we'll issue a subpoena and he'll be compelled to come and speak. >> reporter: we also learned that the expanded congressional investigation is seeking to question enstein.
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he didn't anticipate that he would need to provide information or testimony. of more concern to the white house today was the growing interest in the president's son-in-law, kushner and his dealings with the russians. one of its new york officers was found to be a russian spy, his name can still be found on the bank website today. >> this was an actual trained operative spy operation in new york targeting human assets. >> reporter: now investigators are asking, if his meet at the bank is connected to his efforts to set up a secret backchannel with the kremlin and the trump transition team. >> that communication channel with the russians becomes a tool
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of the russians and unwittingly does their bidding. >> sources telling abc news, brian, one of the reasons to create this backchannel was to talk about syria policy with the russians, why would he turn to a russian bank to talk about syria. >> that's what they want to know. another headline breaking at this hour, the ap reporting michael flynn, former national secure adviser say he'll provide some evidence to congress, what do we know. >> yes, that's being reported tonight. some evidence is from the full cooperation that congress wants. today the white house as you know was pressed about the president's son-in-law and senior adviser jared kushner and any effort to set up that backchannel with the russians. the questions, did the president know about this and did he approve of it? here's abc's jonathan karl.
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>> reporter: under fire for allegedly trying to set up a backchannel for communications with the russians, jared kushner didn't get much help from white house press secretary sean spicer. >> i'm wondering if you can tell us when the president knew -- whether the president knew at the time that jared kushner was seeking to establish backchannel communications at the russian embassy to the russian government. and if he didn't know at the time, when did he find out? >> i think that assumes a lot. and i would just say that mr. kushner's attorney has said that mr. kushner's volunteered to share with congress what he knows about these meetings and he will do the same thing if he's connected with any other inquiry. >> reporter: spicer did not deny kushner tried to set up a backchannel through the russia ambassador. in fact, he pointed out that national security adviser h.r. mcmaster and homeland security secretary john kelly, both said that there's nothing inherently wrong with backchannels to foreign governments. >> you're asking if he approves of an action that is not a confirmed action.
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that being said, i think secretary kelly and general mcmaster have both discussed that in general terms backchannels are an appropriate part of diplomacy. >> reporter: but there's bipartisan concern on capitol hill. >> my view of it is i don't like it. i just don't. i know that some administration officials are saying, well, that's standard procedure. i don't think it is standard procedure. >> reporter: and the white house is dealing with some unintended fallout from the president's trip abroad, a fraying relationship with longtime u.s. ally german chancellor angela merkel, who after meeting with trump, said germany may not be able to completely count on others anymore. >> i think the relationship that the president has had with merkel, he would describe as fairly unbelievable. they get along very well. >> so let's get to jonathan karl live at the white house tonight. some of your sources telling you that some people, close to president are now saying it's time for jared kushner to take a leave of absence. >> i'm hearing from some people, quite close to president, at the
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very least, jared kush ne should scale back his duties here at the white house, if not completely take a leave of absence. david, there's no indication right now that the president himself believes that, in fact, the president issued a statement over the weekend, saying, jared is doing a great job per the country. i have total confidence in him. he's respected by virtually everyone. david. >> jon karl with us tonight. jon, thank you. breaking developments at this hour involving the u.s. military. for the first time the u.s. military has intercepted a mock intercontinental ballistic missile. this test coming as north korea appears to be closer its goal of building a missile that could reach u.s. territory. here's abc's martha raddatz. >> reporter: it was the first live-fire intercept test of an intercontinental ballistic missile in history. a critical test, at a critical time. the mock warhead, like this one used in a shorter range test in
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2014, fired from an island in the pacific. more than 4000 miles away, at an airbase in california, the interceptor, or "kill vehicle," launched from an underground silo. a little over an hour later, the pentagon confirming the test was a success. it has been called the "ultimate precision guidance challenge," hitting a speeding bullet with another speeding bullet. making this test all the more remarkable. >> this is a very difficult calculation, you look at its arc and figure where the intercept is going to occur. >> reporter: the missile intercept test was carried out after north korea successfully launched its ninth missile this year, a short-range ballistic missile, with kim jong-un watching. state-run media claiming it was more precise than ever. >> martha, the u.s. of course hoping the successful intercept will now send a powerful message
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to kim jong-un. >> despite this success no guarantee this will work in real-world circumstances. north korea will remain a very big threat. david. >> all right, martha on the late developments. next tonight, new reporting on the dui arrest of tiger woods. the police affidavit revealing they found him asleep at the wheel with his car running and tires blown. abc's gio benitez with new details from florida. >> reporter: tonight, new details into tiger woods' 3:00am memorial day arrest, the mug shot now seen around the world. new details in police documents. authorities in jupiter said they found his mercedes running with brake lights and a blinker on, stopped in the roadway, with two flat tires and damaged bumpers. woods asleep at the wheel and, had to be woken up. that his speech was extremely slow and confused, he did not know where he was. woods had back surgery in april and he told police he takes at
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multiple prescription drugs. and when agreeing to a breathalyzer. he blew 000's -- no alcohol in his system. overnight, woods releasing a statement saying, "i didn't realize the mix of medications had affected me so strongly." apologizing to fans and family. this is a guy who was on top of the world, and here he has so many years of setbacks. >> he wasn't just a great golfer for all those years, he was invincible. this is a guy who actually intimidated other golfers in a noncontact sport, and yet he suffered embarrassment, he suffered humiliation. >> reporter: now golf legend jack nicklaus is reacting too, >> i feel bad for tiger. tiger's a friend. he's been great for the game of golf. i think he needs our help. i wish him well. >> reporter: police tell us they have dash cam video of that arrest. >> gio, thanks. next this evening to the
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outburst in court late today for the suspect in the deadly stabbing of two good samaritans were coming to the aid of two women on a train in portland, oregon. is suspect allegedly on an anti-muslim rant. abc's clayton sandell. >> death to the enemies of america. leave this country if you hate our freedom. >> reporter: tonight, the man accused of the horrific rampage on a portland train, 35-year-old jeremy christian, made a belligerent first appearance in court. >> you call it terrorism, i call it patriotism, you hear me? >> reporter: also there, facing his alleged attacker, 21-year-old micah fletcher, stabbed in the neck. >> i feel very lucky. i wish i wasn't the only lucky one right now. >> reporter: fletcher is one of three good samaritans who stood up to christian for allegedly hurling anti-muslim insults at destinee mangum and her friend who was wearing a hijab. >> he told us to go back to saudi arabia. >> reporter: in the confrontation police say christian stabbed and killed
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23-year-old taliesen namkei meche and 53-year-old army veteran ricky best. >> two men who worked very hard to build lives to create connections, to have love lost their lives. and there's nothing more special than that. >> reporter: just one day before friday's alleged attack. police say christian was captured ranting on the same train. >> you got a problem with what i'm saying? [ bleep ] all you christians and muslims and [ bleep ] jews. >> reporter: his extremist views also on display at this april rally where he appeared to give a nazi salute. >> tonight, the fbi is investigating whether christian should also face federal hate crime charges. david. >> clayton, thank you. next to severe weather at this hour. powerful storms across parts of the southeast. 14 people injured in sampson county, north carolina. about a dozen homes destroyed. after an ef-1 tornado hit there last week as well.
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this funnel cloud in altoona, pennsylvania. rob marciano. >> reporter: david, the eastern half of the country, a broad area of unsettled weather with pockets of instability. you see it swirling around. strong areas in new orleans, across arkansas, georgia, tennessee and virginia, a severe thunderstorm watch still in effect for central new york. that line bringing some hail and damaging winds potentially. front coming in tonight. brief warmup tomorrow. we could see another thunderstorm or two in the northeast tomorrow. a jogger ran by here earlier, please bring some sun. we're working on it. >> rob, thank you we continue with other news this evening, the death of a navy s.e.a.l. here in new york city. new images of 29-year-old from colorado. killed in an air show show. here's abc's linsey davis.
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>> reporter: tonight, new video of the moment the crowd realized something had gone horrifically wrong. listen -- >> that one didn't open. all the way back there. >> reporter: that's 27-year-old navy seal, remington peters' parachute. >> priority one fall, parachute down. >> his chute didn't open. >> reporter: his chute failing to deploy, sending him plunging into the hudson river. the u.s. coast guard pulling him out, but he did not survive. one witness captured this haunting image of his empty parachute floating to the ground, landing in a parking lot. peters was an elite navy skydiver, two combat deployments, more than 900 jumps. he was performing with navy parachute team, the leap frogs, during a fleet week demonstration. his family released a statement describing peters' fierce loyalty to his friends, family, and his country. he lived life to the fullest, they say. and then there's this photo taken just one day before his death, helping a young fan to try on a parachute. >> reporter: the investigation
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into just what caused peters' parachute to fail is ongoing tonight. david. next tonight, the death of notorious of dictator noriega until he was ousted in a u.s. military operation in 1989. spending the rest of his life in prison. he was 83 there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday -- breaking news on olivia newton-john and her health. new developments in the deadly police shooting of tamir rice. news tonight about two officers involved. and you saw that water park scare, that 10-year-old boy flying off that slide. government inspectors are what they now believe. we're back in a moment. people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving
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25 years after it was first diced. here's abc's mara schiavocampo. >> tonight, olivia newton john facing a new battle with cancer. the singer and icon announcing on her facebook page this afternoon that she's reluctantly postponing her june concert tour dates after revealing her breast cancer has returned. initially postpones the tournaments because of severe back pain later learning her cancer had returned to her lower back. they can occur even decades after treatment. newton-john was first diagnosed with cancer 25 years ago. >> i'm a different person than i was two years ago. i go with my instincts. i trust myself now. i feel really happy. >> reporter: the pop icon who catapulted to stardom as sandy in "grease." has been touring with her new
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album, live on. ♪ live on >> reporter: inspirational songs in part about battling cancer. david, newton-john plans to go radiation therapy and wellness treatment and hopes to resume her tour later this year. david. >> mara, thank you. when we come back here tonight -- the announcement involving ariana grande and news about three mile island and that scare at an amusement park. tonight, the government inspectors are what they might believe happened. nnected busine. at&t network security helps protect business, from the largest financial markets to the smallest transactions, by sensing cyber-attacks in near real time and automatically deploying countermeasures. keeping the world of business connected and protected. that's the power of and.
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10-year-old boy flying off a three-story slide. the boy hitting the concrete but walking away with minor scrapes and bruises. three mile island is shutting down the facility near harrisburg, pennsylvania. suffering a partial meltdown in 1979. the company said the plant will rose in september of 2019 ariana grande returning to manchester england this sunday. for a concert benefiting the victims. when we come back tonight -- america strong and this quiz, can you spell what this 6-year-old is about to? ♪ ♪
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finally, america strong. the 6-year-old girl ready for the biggest test of her life. >> my name is edith abigail fuller. >> reporter: edith fuller from tulsa, oklahoma. in march, at just 5 years old, she became the youngest person ever to qualify for the scripps national spelling bee. >> b-a-e-d-e-k-e-r. baedeker. >> correct. >> it didn't even seem difficult for her. i couldn't spell the words she was spelling. >> reporter: it didn't end there. >> mesmerize. sarsaparilla.
6:58 pm
>> correct. >> it all came down to one word. >> jnana. >> reporter: a deep breath. the meaning of that word, knowledge. >> jnana. j-n-a-n-a. jnana. >> you're our champion! >> reporter: so, how did this all begin. >> we were just having fun around the table, one of use threw out the word restaurant and, she spelled it. how did she know that? >> reporter: edith, now 6, studying words in her dictionary, almost bigger than she is! tonight, arriving in washington after completing a first-round spelling test, she's now getting ready for her big moment tomorrow on the national stage. go, e dit. thank you for watching. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow. good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a math teacher from decatur, georgia... a legal news editor from springfield, new jersey... and our returning champion, a former attorney from denver, colorado... ...whose 3-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! hey, john. hi, folks. well, jon, our champion, got our week off to a great start yesterday, winning over $35,000. what will happen today against kerry and rand, we're gonna find out starting right now. good luck.


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